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7/28/20: Coronavirus Numbers Hard to Believe as Polling Collapses

2020-07-28 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Coleman Hughes, Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, Contributing Editor at City Journal, and host of the podcast Conversations With Coleman, joins David to discuss Black Lives Matter, bias in policing, American culture, race relations, Trump and Biden, and much more...

--The latest coronavirus numbers are increasingly suspect, leading to serious questions about their trustworthiness

--Donald Trump can still defeat Joe Biden, and nobody should lose sight of it

--Joe Biden is polling ahead of Donald Trump by 7 points in North Carolina and is ahead in other key states

--Donald Trump becomes totally divorced from reality at a press event in North Carolina, insisting he's leading multiple states where all polls have him losing

--Donald Trump reportedly pivoted on coronavirus because he was advised that his own supporters were starting to catch the virus and die

--It turns out that Donald Trump completely fabricated the entire Yankees first pitch situation

--Furious Trumpist voicemail caller Jimmy from Philly calls to ask David for a free microphone

--On the Bonus Show: Trump's executive order on drug prices, gym to require masks at all times, the reality of "hygiene theater," much more...

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This is an unofficial transcript meant for reference. Accuracy is not guaranteed.
The David Jackman Shell, David Tagamet, died card, so I have to start today with potentially the major major scandal and the scandal. Is the growing possibility that the Trump administration is now lying about corona virus case numbers, and this is extraordinarily serious. If true, this is potentially the Trump Administration doing what Trump attacked China for doing, which China pretty cool, we do this. Does not mean China didn't do it? This would mean that China did it and now, potentially, the United States is doing it. So the
were of cases appears to have flattened in the United States since the exact day on which hospitals were told dont, send your data to the CDC anymore, send it to Donald Trump Alex Aser who runs healthy, in services and on the date of this happened is this happened July? Fifteenth sixteenth, I said, We now have to look skeptically at a decline nine or levelling often cases, because now the reporting is going to the politicized Department of Health, inhuman services, instead of the CDC and even more stunningly, as I will show you in a moment, a complete review sullen case trends took place in the states that trump one in twenty. Sixteen exactly on the day that this change in reporting took place. So there's excellent video on Youtube about this by a guy named Jeff Hester.
Who goes into a lot more detailed than I will today I'm going to talk more about the political implications, but we're linking to Jeff's video in the description for this Youtube. Video so you can see him it out, but the gist of what's going on is that on July, sixteen, the first day during Data was no longer sent from hospitals to the CDC, but instead to due to the Department of Health in human services case, nationally started to flatten immediately now without Looking into this in more detail, maybe it was a coincidence. Maybe something was done. Policy wise, maybe there's another reasonable explanation as to why cases seem to have been on an aggressive up slope up until this day and then right when the reporting change happens, the cases level off, but what Jeff Hester then does is brilliant. Jeff separates cases in states one by Trump and twenty. Sixteen
cases and states, one by Hillary Clinton in twenty sixteen, and when you do, that, what you see is stunning, cases nationally had been trickling up since MID June. Now it had been a slight uptake in the Hilary States and a massive growth rate in the red States about three times the growth rate in red states than blue states. You had, starting in MID too late June, up until July, sixteen on July. Sixteen nothing changes in the case growth rate in blue states. Just that continued. And in Red States case growth. Actually, Those negative forget about slowing growth. They start to see decline. Fines in new cases in Trump States. I need people to really understand this on exact
leave the day, that the CDC stops receiving data from hospitals, and instead data goes to Hs and then comes out from their hs run by Trump tool. Alex Aser, you have a reduction in the number of new cases in the trumps states. This is a camp Lee believable slope for blue states just cook everything stays roughly the same, slow growth and it is a complete we unbelievable change and slope in the red states. Given what we know. We know that it takes eight to ten weeks to flattened the curve before you start seeing a decrease. In cases. What you see as social, distancing, unmask wearing and shutdowns work. You see the growth rate start, the slow down in that takes four to six weeks. Eventually, you had a peak, and then you see the decline start so in this case. We see just a straight up reduction in new cases in red states. So there's this
speculative part, but I don't I don't want to get to the speculative part. Quite yet. First, let's just focus. What we know and let's try to find other explanation, see what other explanations we can come up with. We cases on a trajectory leading into July. Sixteen very, very large growth. We No real policy change on July, sixteenth. In any case, it takes a couple weeks to see policy changes. There were no real power, see changes around your life first and then on the day that the one thing that does change is that data goes from hospitals to Asia yes, instead of hospitals to CDC, we see that the numbers dramatically improve in the red states had stayed cases start to decline. While there is no change to the growth rate in blue states, what explanations could there other than corruption and lying in the red states, exactly as we predicted this would leave itself open to when we announced this policy change weeks ago. Well, maybe the red
Dates are being more cautious, but that's not true. Red states are being less cautious when it comes to social, distancing policies and masks, and so on and so forth and again that chain would have had to happen weeks before to see the effect starting on July. Sixteenth we can get in speculation about the weather or humidity, but these things have been idly debunk than they really don't explained the data anyway, and then you realize, and then this is still just fact for now they lie all the time. That's just a fact: they lie about crowd sizes. They lie about hurricane maps, the Trump modify, and with a sharp iii we have the most and best testing. Fifteen Kay His will soon go to zero, not necessarily a lie, but completely untrustworthy, so we have to consider that this is corruption, and these are fake numbers and it looks like we may well be lied to. Well, you could say David, you know it's weird, because
even if a chess is doctoring, the data, the CDC, is reporting the same numbers as the age as Hs is the CDC also lying well as far as we now know CDC is getting their data for major gaps. In other words, yes, CDC and Johns Hopkins there all right wording the same numbers, but the numbers are now going hospital to Hs Hs does whatever and then Spitz data back out, which is the data that everybody else use so that doesn't really prove anything or serve as a defence. So I don't have anything more for you today in the sense that route we need to figure out what's going on here. It is not plausible that you would. See a reduction in new cases this quickly in red States, given what we know about policy, given what we know about lag times, and hopefully, if there are some, level whistle blowers that will be able to shed light into this. We will hear from them soon and indeed we must call out the corruption in it.
This, but understand that if they're lying about cases they're going to have to lie about deaths at some point, because we know that case. Spikes lead to death spikes and, if you I about only the cases. All of a sudden, your death rate relative to cases is gonna go way up, so if their life about cases at some point they're going to have to lie about deaths. Just not true. Thing doesn't make this go away, but not reporting deaths certainly doesn't make it go away, but for a desperate cornered president who sees himself potentially losing to Joe Biden, I would put nothing passed him to try to win the selection, given that we ve caught him lying. What twenty thousand lies in misstatements per the Washington Post, XX, streamline disturbing and exactly as we worried what happened when this policy change took place, so as we get into the middle of the week. This week We are now really just five weeks from the start of the first thoroughly ballots in absentee ballots in various states. So I,
want to have shorter The very sober conversation with you, so We don't all end up surprised and it stated on November fourth, if Donald Trump wines, we would obviously still be devasted it'd, but I dont want, is to be surprised, despite all of polling that we ve been looking at these great poles for Joe Biden in states nationally etc and will look at some of them later. Donald Trump can still win reelection here. When you look at the historical per didn't. It looks really bad for tromp. When you look at being a hundred days out in past elections, knowing come has been re elected with this level of disapproval, combined with the level of chaos in our country and in our economy, looks historically disastrous for Donald Trump Trump can't get past forty percent approval? Two thirds of the country grown a virus is getting worse. Unemployment is at eleven percent. Trumpets underwater in just about every battleground state trump is
handling the three most important issues to voters. Today, voters say the most important issues are corona virus economy and race relations and they prefer by over Trump two different degree: he's on those three issues, and yet Trump can win now Of course, we all know there could be a so called October. Surprise, and a lot of the questions I get about how Trump could win are, what kind of October surprise could turn it around? Okay, we get a cure, and vaccine and trump takes credit for it, and some people fall for it. Maybe a trump lies about corona virus numbers to justify reopening the economy and economy improves, even if temporarily in Trump gets. Credit takes credit. Ok, yeah, trumped there's cancer or something like that. Trump goes to war either with another country or with law enforcement in port or or Chicago as we are seeing, but the thing We don't actually even need a so called October surprise for Donald Trump to win. What can happen has a lot to do with us and a lot to do
Donald Trump so on their side continue, anger at the way. Trump has been treated, Trump has argued, he's the victim he's just treated so terribly, and some people will fall for it. And they could actually say I'm going to turn out because Trump has been treated so unfairly only in some of those close key states and from Kitty this out, I'm talking places North Carolina Pennsylvania, Florida places where there is certainly a lead for Biden right now, but not necessarily an overwhelming one, then add to that. The poles could be slightly too favourable to Joe Biden. So this is not the poles are wrong, but imagine that the- margin of error, which is therefore reason skews towards Donald Trump, so when Biden is plus for he's really plus one right now, so if binds really plus one, you don't need that much for it to be a trump win by a small margin like we saw in a bunch of states and twenty two when Bide Miss plus three right now. Maybe that's really a tight, and that could push this even closer.
Then the left could do self inflicted damage to itself. I talked yesterday about Let's postponed some of the policy disagreements that don't make a difference right now, until after the election, less focus on winning. As an example, I mentioned the debate between Medicare for all and a public option. Important debate signify debate so important to so many people's lives, but in the next three months it doesn't do anything for Biden is not in favour of Medicare for all most Senate Democrats are in favour of it and with trumpet not getting either Medicare for all nor the public option. So what's the point of debating that for the next three months, when the focus should be get out, the vote, the most important thing we can do is run as if were three points behind. I'm sorry run as if were ten points behind, but out as if our vote could decide the states in which we are voting. I know my votes not going to decide Massachusetts, but I'm operating the mindset of my vote is as important as it would be. I'm taking
seriously as I would if Massachusetts could one vote to trump or by vote to Joe Biden, if we all actually do this week, It end up with a historic rebuke of the Republican Party, not just the White House, but also the Senate. If we don't the devastation on November forth, It's going to be overwhelming vote early vote, absent see, if you can, I've already requested my absentee ballot? Consider the bedding websites, which generally tend to give Joe Biden about a sixty four that chance of winning right now remember Hilary on many websites had a seventy percent chance and twenty sixteen and she lost so jobs. And having sixty percent means. Trump has forty percent those aren't great odds for anybody to decide to stay home. If, when I see those numbers, I dont say I'll sit back and be an observer here now I'll be a participant, so the messages Trump can win. Trump can win from
and when no complacency, no smugness or satisfaction from the polling data. The polling data is a signal that tells us we have an opportunity. That's the way I see it. North Carolina looks like it's Biden, plus seven I'll talk about that later. That means by now an opportunity in North Carolina. That's the way we read the polling until election day. That's all the polling tells us, which is why this ass, to be the message until November. Third, let me know Your thoughts on twitter at the pachmann. We will take a very short breakin, be right back The David Pakman Shell, David Pachmann, Dotcom. One of our sponsors today is cuts clothing offering them. High quality men's tee, shirts you'll be able to find anywhere and they are giving you fifteen percent off when you go to.
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should serve to do nothing and other than to reinforce the opportunity that we have to remove Donald Trump in November. If we all get out and vote This is a stunning new pull out of North Carolina, which puts Joe Biden seven points ahead of Donald, This is not a democratic leaning, pull in fact it gives Bide Nepal. Your advantage over Trump two recent left, leaning, poles from change, research and ppp, which respectively, have Biden plus One and plus for this pole, a registered voters, says Biden is winning by seven and, as we approach election day, I've said before we will see a transition from registered voters model, being used in pulling too likely voter models and what s interesting is that, the admittedly democratic, leaning change research ball. A likely voter model and may actually be more accurate and Joe Biden Lead in North Carolina, if, indeed, it exists, may be significant
smaller than the seven points that we have most recently seen on average, Binds lead in north. Carolina is now three now as a reminder in twenty sixteen Donald Trump one North Carolina by a little more than three and a half points Certainly losing North Carolina would be a really bad signal for Donald Trump, and one that pending on the numbers we might know about relatively early on November. Third, North Carolina being on the east coast. Voting closes earlier. Lot of other states and if it's not even close in North Carolina, we might know that very early in the evening, and that would be unimportant. Sir nor about the way the election is going to go now, just as important out of North Carolina based on what we were talking about yesterday, the democratic Senate can Cal Cunningham has a nine point led in the same pull over the incumbent republican Senator Tom. Tell us this would be a huge victory.
This would be tremendous in the context of Democrats may be taking the Senate, as we were discussing yesterday. So now, it's time for a word of caution, that is different than my warning from earlier about, everybody has to vote, and Trump can win those general sort of word of caution. Now I want to be a little more specific. We see Joe Biden winning on average by almost eight points in Florida six and was Johnson aid in Michigan, seven in Pennsylvania. For in Arizona this should remind us that we can't underestimate Donald Trump. Remember that twenty eighteen, a wreck, a number of Republicans voted in the mid terms and because Democrat Also had record turn out. We picked up a bunch of seats in the house, so if Democrats in twenty twenty left, leaning independence, merely match prior turn out. We could easily loose
So, as we see these numbers as important as they are a signals about, I to unity, to not only to feed Donald Trump and maybe take the Senate and grow the majority in the house. We should be reminded that, when rob Black and see this polling. They may become more voted motivated about some may write these poles office fake poles, but not all of them meaning we need to not just match but exceed our biggest ever turn out, and I believe we need to dramatically exceed it as we approach November. If the ministration is indeed lying about corona virus numbers. If you see successful efforts to restrict absentee voting by male closed polling places. Fair paramilitary troops intimidating. Voters like, if you add all of this stuff up a little bit a little bit a little bit death of a thousand cuts
we need not just to exceed prior turn out, but we need to dramatically exceed prior turn out in order to not allow this to be a missed. Opportunity may be Trump won't get out. The vote great. We benefit. Ok, maybe trump Be able to suppress the vote because judges or a court you who knows will prevent fantastic whatever we can't control that an What we can do devote ourselves and get out the vote make sure that we are so overwhelming turn out that the dirty tricks can't work there. We'll be dirty tricks we're already seeing them, there is no question that there will be dirty tricks. The quest it is well they matter, because If we really boost turn out in a way that typically nobody does everybody talks about. Boosting turn out and rarely does it doesn't really happen to the degree that I'm thinking about, and many people are thinking about. Only if we do that can we say the dirty tricks one. Work, the dirty tricks won't be enough and that eggs
actually what we need to hope for now. In the meantime, Donald Trump I dont know if this is a good strategy, I'll talk about it down, Trump is just insisting. The poles are fake and that may act, we be a counterproductive strategy for him. I'm going to talk about that next, so Yesterday Donald Trump flew to North Carolina. I covered at life on earth areas, live platforms. The new strategy appears to be straight up. Indefensible lies there totally divorced from reality, no longer even trying to catch the lies as being even remotely Plausibly believable Trump was asked about the fact, and it is a fact that he's behind in the polls nationally and he's find unimportant, important states and trumped up responds, I'm winning everywhere, and he doesn't just say I'm winning everywhere and leave it at that Trump actually lists states in which he claims he is winning. Despite what the poles say taken, Look at this visibly sweaty Donald Trump lying, uncontrollably once again
I think your number suffered in recent months you're going on here now today. What's your plans owing to the rights of all members, are very good that both numbers, we have a very good, were leading in North Carolina, we're leading in Pennsylvania, we're leading in Arizona our numbers were leading in Arizona were leading nicely in Florida. I think up. All members are very good. We're leaving, Stanley in Georgia May we get a lot of suppression pause? We get a lot of fake pose. Just like we have fake news admit it's a terrible thing when you look but I had the same thing for years ago now I've said: listen today I spent what a bunch of the show reminding you Trump can win yet Trump can win, but here here Simply like pull numbers are good. I'm leading a North Carolina. He says he's leading Pennsylvania. Arizona Florida in Georgia
substantially, the numbers right now averages in these states are that binds up by four in Arizona binds up aid in Florida, which is incredible from is up by three in Georgia. I don't know that's overwhelming, but he's up by three Biden. A paid in Michigan Biden up three North Carolina binds up seven and six in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin respectively, so of course Donald Trump is lying, but my question is Is this a good strategy for tromp from the standpoint of get out the boat and what I mean by that is if true, followers believe Trump, the poles or fake and trumps winning. Aren't they less likely to go out and vote? In other words, if you want from to win? Are you not more motivated to get out and vote if you believe Trump may actually lose your stayed now, I'm not giving them advice, I'm thinking out loud. What Trump be better off, saying something like we're. Taking the camp
ain't seriously in every state. I plan to fight for every state because I think I'm better for the people of all of these states than my opponent, raw there then saying were actually winning, because it seems me that saying were actually winning my suppress his own turn out. I just don't understand the strategy, and maybe it's not really strategy its trumps personality, trumps, narcissism and trumps. Delusions of grandeur that force him to do this now, later on. During the same event, Trump hilariously says: how could I be using Florida there's a whole of boat owners in a man, IT lake that have trump flags that they are flying proudly take a look. When you look at Florence as an example, we have thousands of boat out and about boats out of the ocean out the intercourse till you look it up, states were likewise. You have thousands of boats and they're all wave the Trump sign Trump pen sign and they are so proud. Thousands and thousands you ve seen it. We have bikers for Trump with
lines that are miles long and highways going along on weekends. It is more spirit. Now then, this ever been for my care. And that includes twenty. Sixteen were obviously there was great enthusiasm, great spirit. We had great spirit. I think, there's more today, because what we ve done nobody's ever done before nobody has ever rebuild them. Military cut tax, is the most in our history, created the greatest economy we ve ever had. The focus on bikers in boaters is just weird me we trump doesn't understand poles, verses anecdotes. I don't know what, a key moment from the short question and answer period that trumped did and try. This is a common thing. Trump has brought back, The corona virus press briefings, but he takes very few questions. Very very few and of course he never actually answers them. Trump was asked, you know, You spoke to Vladimir Putin earlier today. Did you bring up there
russian bounties and of course, Donald Trump would not say. Midget talk with russian President Vladimir Putin, and I wanted to ask if you did bring it up the reports of Russia having found peace on our soldiers and everything very productive place, Trump offhand let's just dismisses it as I don't talk about what we discussed. That's not true often you do and often there are redoubts where we learn what it was that was discussed and in this case trump is saying what I am hearing is. No Donald Trump did not call Vladimir Putin out about russian bounties, obviously, and that story has been very well buried. I've posted on Twitter a few times over the last month. What exactly
happened with the russian bounty stories. The responses from the right tend to be something about a conspiracy. I don't know it's Obama committed. Some crime tends to be the response, not very coherent. But the story has actually been successfully buried and we are going to make an effort to allow that to persist, make sure you're following David Pachmann show on Instagram at David Pachmann show I really overdue for a new urban garden tour mice, Chinese or out of control. I've got ten inches insurance out there. I have actually already picked one. It's crazy, my cute sir star, to come in my Tomatoes are like nothing. Anybody in my back yard has ever seen before. Follow me on Instagram Davidoff happen. For the latest from the urban garden. If you care about that sort of thing otherwise, right after the short break com and joins
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the doktor they gave me is really perfect fit for me again. That's steady, empty dot com, slack Pachmann there's no risk, no commitment to get started, that's S tea! a d, why empty dotcom forward, Slash p, I am an welcome back to the David Pachmann. Shout it making with common Hughes, whose a fellow at the Manhattan Institute and contributing editor at City Journal also host of the podcast conversations with common thanks for doing this, hoping we were gonna be able to do this at some point, and I guess the time is now glad to be here thanks for having me. So I guess to start with, the portion of
audience. That's not familiar with your your work in preparation for this interview. I was seeing you know things written about you things. You ve done your podcast et and frequently your referred to as a black conservative intellectual is that term conservative being. Scribe to you, do you consider yourself? Conservative? Does the traditional left right spectrum even really mean anything to you at this point, or is that our youth sort of operating outside of it? Maybe I'm curious, whether that sort of word resonates with your views on know. I've never thought of myself as a conservative. I grew up during the Bush era laughing at the you know the crane in this of the religious right instinctively and instinctively
identifying as a liberal and I've, I find many of the things I say are things Obama would have said in two thousand seven or two thousand eight, and so no, I don't think. There's lots of conservatives I've read and admired. There's lots of liberals, I've read and admired, but I dont think of you know what I say in my ideas as being either liberal work or conservative. I don't really think too much in those terms when you look right now, and this will probably serve to get us, to some of the things I know you ve been commenting on lately, when you look now at the political lines that sort of exist in the United states either around the police protests that works. In these issues of troops in Portland and other cities and different folks, either focusing on
on the legality and constitutionality of protests versus troops and others focusing more on the reasons for the protests does anything in particular resident with you from any of what is in the sort of political discourse and or does anything particularly repel, your seem to you is misguided or incorrect, you're speaking about the discourse coming from protests yet coming front jet catalyzed by protests, but not necessarily strictly from the protest stores, but from the entire discussion of this issue in society. So what resonates with me about the discourse that is catalyzed by protest is The frustration with the fact that police aren't held accountable one day, mess up or do wrong, not to say they are never held accountable, but they are generally not held accountable
You just look up any new story of a police officer, shooting You know some, regardless of their race, regardless of the rays of the officer or the person, shot the odds that they were even this planned much less prosecuted is close to zero and that only the only times, that's not true, is when accomplice, like shoot someone in the back, while they're lying face down something truly withers, truly no possible justification, So I resonate with that kind of frustration with wanting to get to a place where those kinds of things happen: or extremely rarely I dont resonate with D You know the general
general attitude towards the cops as bad people or as racists. I dont think. I think that is untrue. I think you know. Broadly the I've been to several black lives matter, protests four eggs employers and the typical chance or like Nypd suck, my dick and something I have no really. I have no sympathy with. I don't think it's it's ridiculous, needlessly antagonistic and serves no body. I also don't resonate with the defined idea, I think, that's a sort of misplaced. I very much resonate with reform smart reform, so that's a picture of kind of what our resonate with it I know one thing you mentioned, which I think might be interesting to hear because there's so much
debates about who is racist and whether something is an example of a racist individual or left or a racist symptom or a by a racial eyes, vestige of something from the past. How so good way to determine whether an individual is racist and you is it possible, because sometimes I'll read a petition. It says really what you're talking about his mind, reading, if you're trying to figure out what, even if even what someone says, wouldn't necessarily tell you what is it in their mind, and so we have to focus merely on the social repercussions of upon see and getting away from talking about whether an individual is racist question. One is, does racism individual level matter and terms of the way you're. Looking at these issues, a number two out, what's a good way to think about whether an individual is racist, I think so. The word races is a moving target. It's not unique! There's a lot of words like that or what it means
sixty years ago is and what it means today, and you can you can fight that, but at the end of the day, that that's how long works were always sort of updating these terms. So I think that, but that does present a problem, because if you want to have a deep, a deep and an opinion on what it means to be racist, that Sir survives even a ten year time period, you have to find some other way of thinking about it other than just accepting. You know desired iced and I think the important, but the way to do that is to ask of any particular person what kind of world do they want to live in if they had the power, what would they make? American society look like what they wanted.
Oh look like the Jim, Crow, south or even less extreme. Would they wanted to look like slum living conditions for black people? And you know the kind of less than you know: a kind of less formula but equally severe segregation, or would they want us to live in an integrated and wealthy society where people have lots of opportunity? That's the important question. So if you,
If you fall on the right side of that question, I have trouble calling you any kind of racist or I have trouble thinking of you as a racist in in any sense of that word. That should really matter to me at the glee. Even if you like, laugh at a racist joke or like you know, have some kind of subconscious bias cuz, I think, frankly, almost everyone does, if you could, if you could have a perfectly transparent, look into every person's mind as Bill Burr. One said you know if we did that on Friday, we'd all be fired by Monday. If we, if we're being honest, I think so the kind of racism
that is worth worrying about is is the kind of racism that guess the wrong answer to the question of what kind of world do you want to live in? Are there specific systems in the United States right now that meet that criteria, for you that you think have to be changed? I guess the context of that question is you said in your expression of the frustrations you have with policing You said you, it is not at the top of your list that a large swathes of individual officers are racist, so maybe to go further is: is there some system that you believe in practice is even if not by definition, racist is having a racial eyes? The fact today, which you believe, needs to be changed, so I guess my top candidate, for that would be the war on drugs in in practice.
What it has meant for various reasons that not all which have to do with racism but in effect in over the effect, is sort of the same? What is meant is that a lot of young black boys, you know, spend a day in jail, come into contact with this system over having an affair of drugs that is truly negligible and that, if it were a my mom smoking weed and allay no one would no one would care, there's been a you know it at any. Given time very few people in prison are there only because of we'd, but because the site, Chances are so quick and people just spend a nightingale. There is a revolving door effect were just over overtime. Huge amounts of of people go in and out over things that shouldn't be crimes to begin with, and that in Embitters to the police in bidders them to the system, and it is here
we're for the relationship between the cops and civilians. I think a lot of cops don't even want to enforce those laws. It's a drag for them so that in its fallen disproportionately on black and hispanic men in particular, so we can go into the reasons for that, but The reasons are less important than realizing that it it's not serving our society and understanding that we should end it as much as as quickly as we can. If you think about reforming that, specifically, I have not heard you talk about this in particular, but something I've been reading about and I'm wondering what your thoughts are. There's a lot of discussion about traffic enforcement as a catalyst that opens the door to a lot of those war on drugs type.
Her actions where there is a significant amount of discretion like you're talking about a wine mom versus a young blacker hispanic kid. As an example option. Is a lot of discussion around traffic enforcement where you could be if the? If the officer decide you could be let off with a verbal warning and no inquiry about searching a vehicle or if the officer decides, maybe they say this is the vehicle I want to search or a tale light out. This type of thing do you think traffic enforcement may be a focus- Where we can eliminate an area of significant discretion among officers that could lead to these disparities, so I'm curious one that would look like in practice, but by eliminating officer discretionary, in having someone else do the job, or do you mean having them followed a kind of stricter ruby, so the two most popular things I'm reading about or either or a combination of
placing a lot of traffic enforcement, not do you, I, but a lot of traffic enforcement stuff with cameras, stoplight infractions, speeding, infractions of certain kinds etc or having some differ part of or non police individuals handle certain types of traffic enforcement either or both of those ideas. So I like the first idea- I mean selfishly, I as a driver who you know occasionally wants to speed like like everyone else. I think the idea of having more certain enforcement of it through cameras is obviously unappealing, but from the point of view of society as a whole, like obviously a camera is going to do a better job it's completely unbiased. It's also more and more certain kind of punishment. Sir Sir, and I mean like in
that you're gonna get punished a hundred percent of the time, if you, if you, if it catches your license plate, which means that one ever laws. Its enforcing are gonna, be better enforced. Change, reject one thing, they're comin, that the way in which the cameras could be biased is based on where they are placed obviously you can imagine ways that you choose the selection of where the cameras go. That could still have a very biased fact right and I imagine that would be in the hands of state and local authorities my very wildly in their competence. Yes, Sylvia. There is definitely here at anywhere that humans are in the chain, human error and human biases possible. It's a. I guess. It's a relative question of whether that would be better worse than the status quo.
It would be interesting to test it out in a particular location. As for substituting someone besides the cops Fer, you know pulling people over, I dont know. I think I am curious. Why that would be better or worse, those people wooden encounter, wouldn't be subject to the same errors and and dumb Beyond errors, like ingest
is that cop to perpetrate and why they wouldn't be subject to the same the same sort of challenges that cops face. You know you, you look, look up a video of Youtube of a cop trying to pull someone over pull down the window, shoots and leaves instantly, whoever, whoever the car, whoever we get to do the cops job It's gonna be stuck in the following situation: one they want to do their job. If there are good person, they want to do their job without needlessly harming the person that they're pulling over.
To, they understand that, even if one in every thousand people they pull over is psychotic. That means, if they do their job long enough, they could get a bullet in their skull and they have to treat every interaction so as to guard against the pass the one in a thousand possibility. A cop gets shot. Something like three hundred cops get shot every year in America, which again is not a huge number, but you know it just fifty on armed Americans getting killed every year changes the way that civilians feel when they see a cop.
Certainly three hundred cops getting shot every year changes the way a cop feels when he's pulling over a suspect, even if he knows he is not likely to be one of those three hundred. So whoever we get to do. The job is going to encounter what what I'm saying is the job. It is no accident that the job is lead cities kind of things. Yes, there are the horrible bad apples like like Derek Jovan, but more broadly, the job is inherently difficult because of the nature, The job we're going to pause my conversation with common Hughes there and we will post the entire discussion to the Youtube Channel at Youtube. Dotcom, slash the David packed and show will go to a quick break and be back right after the day the document Shell, David Pachmann dad come. If you love feeding
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Fiction. Categories and a subscription is only about eight bucks. A month and you get access to the entire library, but you can try it totally free and get twenty five percent office subscription. When you go to blinkem dot com, slash pachmann that's be ally and k, I ask tee dot com, slash pachmann the David said, Michel David TAT means I can so Donald Trump recently changed his rhetoric on grown a virus, and reportedly it is not because he realized. This is a serious problem. It's because a AIDS Wayne to him that his own supporters are getting sick and dying. Last week we saw would have noticed the change and Donald Trump tone on corona virus, like as an example, he restarted, these corona virus press briefings and at the first one
he regularly pulled out his mask. He has the mask, with a sort of as a prop now talked about the importance of wearing mask set. It may get worse before it gets better, which you know any admission that anything that everything is not perfect is kind of a big step with Donald Trump, who is suggested everything's fine. Since the start of this pandemic up. However, it see MRS though the reasons are different than the ones, maybe we imagined our initial analysis was just a simple frumps, desperate he understands he's losing in the polls, despite publicly insisting that he's not losing in the poles and the poles are fake We actually know that internally, Trump has been furious about pulling in which he is losing the Joe Biden, but now According to a new poor report from the Washington Post, people close to Trump claim
that's. The reason trumps tone has changed on corona virus is because advisors of broader maps, and they have explained that our people, as they call them trump voters, are disproportionately getting sick and dying, and they actually showed Trump. Some projections that if we continue to see these spikes in battleground stay Minnesota not so much a battleground state anymore, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc that it could disproportionately hurt Trump because It would be more of his supporters that might end up getting sick and dying. Now there are a few things here that are completely outrageous. The first is a the total lack of empathy. We know Donald Trump seems almost constitutionally unable to experience. The and indeed, if one thing gets him to change his too. On corona virus. It's getting told that his own voters may be the one that die from the virus. It's another
indictment of Donald Trump personality and morality and total lack of empathy. But the really wacky thing here is I've been asked. Essentially this question for months on Friday, questions on live calls the email voice, males people say David, the leftists, are more likely than the right wing. To wear a mask to observe social distancing to take the virus more seriously. Is it possible that this will lead two more trumpets dying from the virus and maybe effect the election in November? Now, it's of course, theoretically possible and even plausible, but the numbers to flip a state would have to be really bad to the point where you have such a degree of death. And so much more among would be Trump voters than would be Biden, but voters that it could really impact the election results. But it's
he was that this is actually becoming a consideration within the term campaign. Republicans ignoring guidelines that are being followed by Democrats could kill. Just additional republicans that it hands Donald Trump along. Ass in some state in November, and what's notable there is the partisan difference in the care that different people are taking and the seriousness with which our side is taking the virus and its becoming Paul equally relevant. This is really no different than when you know an anti gay republican changes their view because they have a kid whose gay or nephew or a niece or something like that. It's just on a grand scale. Trump is changing course. When it finally impacts him directly out of person
a selfish reasons and November could be an absolute rebuke of this absolute lunatic, and we ve got to take the Republicans in the Senate down with us, because this is nothing short of a death death call at this point and they have to be voted out on November. Third, there is really no other alternative and what has finally gotten trumpet. Pay attention to corona virus is that his supporters may be dying at greater rates than Democrats are dying, and you know a few people emailed me this had. If Trump loses in November, he will always have Verona viruses, the excuse, Trumbull say I handle corona virus beautifully. I was the victim of circles. France and the reality is that it is true. In a literal sense and from we'll never realise and certainly never admit that he was simply a disastrous president. His delusions of grandeur, his narcissist, would not allow anything else. He'll say he lost.
Does the virus happened during his presidency? The truth is actually quite the opposite. National emergencies often strengthen the humble, and there are many world leaders right now who are more popular than ever because they took this seriously and they handled it. Well, it New Zealand comes to mind been, and Ireland is a whole list of places, trumps approval rating actually went up. In the pandemic, because of that rally around the flag effect, George W Bush benefited from it in two thousand one after the nine eleven attacks Bush school pondered it by going into a rack after a group of sound, Arabians attacked us Trump again had the opportunity squandered. It didn't take the view. Seriously. Until, like ten days ago said, fifteen cases will soon be zero, everything's fine, we have the most investing economies coming back, etc, etc. This is a president who turned
a health crisis into an even bigger national catastrophe and the reality is had he handled it well, he would be safe link to re election. Today, we have to make sure he doesn't, and after all this, if he were to get reelected we ve just wasted a really unconscionable amount of time. Let's not allow that to happen, this is unbelievable or maybe to too believable. It turns out. The Donald Trump was never invited to throw out the first pitch it Yankee Stadium, which he claims to have cancelled, It appears he was simply jealous that Doctor Anthony found she was invited to throw out the first picture. Yankee stadium saw opener last week, and Trump first said, I will be invited, and I will be doing it sooner than later. He said he was going to be too busy. This is actually the clearest explanation. This is not the most important news story, but it puts together a bunch of really important things, one of which is Donald Trump jealous disdain for Doktor Anthony Fouche III.
Which led to Trump tweeting nonsense about food. She, in the middle of the night last night, Trump completely lacking, focus on anything important bring a pandemic while he's golfing tweeting and be jealous of Anthony Fouch in thinking about first pitches, but let's get caught up first, so know what we're talking about last week, Donald Trump claimed he would be throwing out a first pitch at Yankee Stadium on August fifteenth trump, then tweeted, cancelling it. Saying quote because of my strong focus on the China virus, including scheduled meetings on capital, the vaccines, our economy and much else I won't be to be in New York to throw out the opening pitch for the Yankees on August fifteenth. We will it later in the season, and I speculated trumps worried he'll, look stupid because
he looks really dumb throwing a baseball around last week. He doesn't want to be ridiculed for a bad first pitch or trump doesn't want to get booed like he's been booted other stadiums, which was just wrong of me to say, because there's no crowds right now, baseball games or Trump doesn't want to be rebuked by all of the players, because overwhelmingly major league baseball players have been kneeling during the national anthem if trumps there. Well, that's going on. That's not going to look particularly good for Trump I was over analyzing. The truth is, there was no first pitch. There was no first pitch to cancel Trump made it all up. When Trump announced this his own staff knew there was no such thing on schedule. The Yankees knew there was no such thing. On their schedule, what happened was that Trump was so jealous of Anthony Falchi, that he told his staff call up my friend at the Yankees and tell the tell him I want to throw out a first pitch. There was no
actual date behind the scenes. Chaos ensued and ultimately, Trump ended up cancelling an event that never even existed with the tweet that I showed you earlier and it all goes back to trumps uncontrollable jealousy. It's really envy of doktor Fouch When Trump said he was invited to throw out the first pitch. It was an hour before doktor found she actually throughout the first pitch. Fragile trump was triggered and was just lying. That's it that's the explanation. Should this surprises no, the lying, certainly not trump likes to lie regularly about easily disproven things. He knocked the size of his crowd, corona virus testing. He lies all the time about everything. The really dangerous part is the weapon ized jealousy of doktor found she found she's a doctor and Trump isn't, and yet Trump is in some kind of bizarre competition. Without you,
As if they have equally valid opinions on medical issues which they don't, I should, I can't believe I have to clarify that, but they dont Trump is petty, to the point of being delusional, and that has been normalized over the last three years. Remember when Trump tweeted, Time magazine Cuba's something like Time magazine called me and said I was probably going to be a man of the year person of the year whatever last year, but I would have to me too? Do like an interview and a major photo shoot and its I've just too busy. So I passed completely up I'm just fabricated out of thin air then Trump ended up being mad. That Gretta tune Burg ended up being times person of the year. It's all insane. It is what nice envy it is delusional. Ignorance is a global laughing stock, and we are not even going to say it. You know what we have to do. We do it in three. And then we move on, and we start returning to normality, normalcy normality,
I prefer to say normality, despite it, maybe not being a word. We have smell number that number two thousand one hundred and ninety, two David p. You guys are going to love this. I have this furious trumpist Jimmy from Philly who calls him and he is very much like an Anti Bernie Sanders Anti left type guy, he doesn't like handouts. He wants people to pulled himself up by their bootstraps at all that typical stuff, He heard that I was getting a new microphone and indeed, if you're watching today today is the first day with my new sure s m seven b. I know it doesn't sound perfect yet, but we were working on it, and so Jimmy called and he's hey. Can I have your old microphone for free? Take a listen to this, gave it me some, I'm I hear you're getting a new microphone right. About. Let me have we all want
said yeah, so Jimmy once free stuff. What is Jimmy Dungeon earn my Evie Twenty, which I've used for ten years. If I'm going you get honestly we ve been thinking. Should we action off, but the I've used that microphone for ten years. It still works perfectly, I could sign the microphone with a sharpie or not. I mean people don't want it. We could auction it off, for example, and do something interesting, I'm going to send it to a furious trumpist who I've had to kick off of my phone lines for his virulently homophobic statements. That's who I'm going to send a five hundred dollars microphone to so Jimmy? First of all, why not figure out how to pull yourself up your bootstraps and get yourself a microphone. You don't have to spend five hundred bucks like on an easy army. Twenty migrant newgate, a twenty dollar microphone. Ok Jimmy! So that's! First, when you turn off the come begging me for handouts and number two
I'm gonna give the microphone to some one second and give it to someone who calls in and says such disgusting things. You know I appreciate hearing from people from all sides Jimmy and your calls are welcome, but a free microphone come on. It seems like it's a little bit of vine entitlements that I'm hearing there so no maybe we will auction it often, maybe Jimmy will win, but I am unable Jimmy Send you a free five hundred dollar microphone. I apologise for that on the bonus show today. Donald Trump signed an executive order or executive. As I've heard, some people say I say: executive order on drug prices, a planet, fitness, a gym, chain is now going to start requiring members and guests to wear masks in their Jim's at all times so this is infuriating alot of Jim goers, and we will
So talk about what summer, calling hygiene, theatre, Hygiene theatre? Now I'm not talking about masks, but I'm talking about some other elements of hygiene that or even medical experts in this is hygiene theatre. If it makes us feel better okay, but from the standpoint of actual science, some The things that are being done, Donner recommended around the virus, are merely theatre merely optics. We will talk about that on the bonus show as well. How do you get access to the bonus? Show beautiful, perfect question two ways: number one get a membership. I join pachmann dotcom number to become a patron at Patria, on dot com, Slash David, packed and show you can get the bonus, show the commercial, free, audio and video streams of the show, and
so much more today later today, I will likely be live streaming. If you want to join me on Youtube or twitch and very exciting, we are scheduled to surpass nine hundred thousand Youtube subscribers today, by the time you here today show listen to this episode we may already be there then, the race to a million begets, and I will talk to you more about that on an upcoming programme
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