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8/11/20: 60 Million Trump Voters and Coronavirus Lies

2020-08-11 | 🔗

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--Nicholas Carr, author of several books including "The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains," joins David to discuss the concentration crisis and deep learning deficit caused by the internet, social media, and modern media. Get the book: https://amzn.to/30N6PLO

--Regardless of who wins the upcoming Presidential election, more than 60 million people will be voting to re-elect Donald Trump, and we will still have to content with them after the election is over

--In this upcoming election in particular, "running up the score" in terms of the popular vote could prove to be more important than ever, in advance of likely claims of a "rigged" election from Donald Trump

--Donald Trump crumbles as his mind turns to mush during a bizarre press briefing, including on the topics of coronavirus, pre-existing conditions, the 1918 flu pandemic, and much more

--Donald Trump has realized that he may well need election fraud in order to win the upcoming Presidential election

--Russia is once again trying to help Donald Trump win the Presidential election

--Voicemail caller says we are no longer a democracy in the United States, but rather a dictatorship

--On the Bonus Show: Trump considers Gettysburg backdrop for convention, total chaos at massive motorcycle rally in Sturgis, Puerto Rico's primary was historic, much more...

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The David dragged Shout David Cameron died. Guarded so we unfortunately have to have today what is a very real but admittedly depressing conversation, and it's really about the future of the United States, be it by dinner Trump who wins in November, and I want to this from a slightly different angle. So let me let me sort of set it up for you at the starting point. Is that in all lightly more than sixty million Americans are going to vote for four more years of Donald Trump in member they're going to see they will have seen what we
saw for the last three and a half years and they're going to say I'm going to vote for former years of that and the important context here. That certainly pending on who wins. The election. We are changing the direction of the country in the sense that if Donald Trump gets another four years, that's one direction. If Joe Biden replaces Donald Trump, that's a completely different direction, but I was having a conversation yesterday with the former producer Louis, and we were talking about sort of the outlook for the country. And inevitably these discussions come up about. You know fine wines than this or if the Senate goes to Democrats than that or if Trump in this other path goes forward and, of course, the Novo your election results are going to have major consequences. We ve been looking at policy differences over the last several months and when you look at tax Paul see. Yesterday, Donald Trump during his press
the thing saying that he would actually be cutting the capital gains tax, whereas Joe Biden wants to tax capital gains as ordinary income, which would be. I mean these are really large differences in policy. Look at green new deal elements that Joe Biden is including in his climate plan verses. What Donald Trump has dynamic just look at almost any policy, and you see that these are very different trajectories, but There is a really big difference in terms of outcome: versus the make up of the country and when it comes to voting in all likelihood, More between sixty million and sixty six million people are going to vote for Donald Trump and maybe the range is a little bigger. Maybe it's like at least fifty eight million, and probably no more than sixty eight million people are going to vote for Donald Trump. Around sixty million people are going to say this is the guy I want so. The point I am making is
even if we set the country on a different path in January by electing Joe Biden in November. If Donald Trump is indeed removed somewhere around half of the voters will have voted for Donald Trump, and this is not trivial. This has real consequences. Data day for you and for me beyond what the present it does So certainly, if you think about climate putting in Biden instead of Trump will make a massive difference, but repenting on where you live. Half of this cool committee you might be involved in will be made up of Trump voters: police officers, doctors, accountants, the p bull that we are going to be interacting with on a daily basis, even if Joe Biden X out a win over Donald Trump from the standpoint of the electoral college, these looks, aren't going away and their ideology doesn't get changed or fixed, because their candidate
is the electoral college and I don't know what the answer to that is, and we ve talked before in these, Myths about Trump ISM, doesn't end when Donald leaves office, be it in January or January of twenty twenty five, that's not just a catchphrase. It's not trivial! It's not unimportant its extraordinary really. And how do we start thinking about that, because it's such a the issue and in others this phrase, that's often mentioned something like a trump didn't: create racists but they're, just more comfortable out in public now much along the same lines, Donald Trump did not create anti into actual ism or pseudo intellectual- is- and we ve done interviews in. I have explained to you that those ideologies have been around since eighteen, hundreds and in some form, proximity what we have today and they have coalesced into a sort of voting block at this point, we side with George W Bush- and we see it even more with with Donald Trump and so did,
is a bigger picture issue. There is no doubt that much more than George W Bush Donald Trump has sort of key will. Last and emboldened do this non thinking crowd, but once Theo actions over and hopefully Trump leaves this January. It might not be until January of twenty twenty five. It remains to be seen what happens with that anti intellectual none thinking from pissed ideology that doesn't go way what happens in the Senate happens in the House of Representatives. This is not trivial and something that we really have to think about and what would no matter Who wins the presidency? There will be somewhere around sixty two sixty five million people who say what I saw the last three and a half years. I voted for more of it, hopefully
they won't, get it, but will still have to deal with those people, and that gets me to the next topic. I want to discuss with you today, which actually relates to the popular vote sort of in this context: so, let's talk about that next in the immediate there is, better time. The now to talk a little bit about the plans for people who are voting in very blue states and in very red states who may be Europe adding to both third party, maybe planning not devoted all because the outcome in your state is essentially determined now, as most of you probably know in the United, we don't have a national popular vote. We have an electoral college. So if you win a state as a presidential candid by just one vote. You get all of that states, electoral votes and in no impact on what happens in other states. It's really fifty individual elections because of that system that we have really,
The election is determined by a dozen or so battleground states or swing states, as their sometimes called. So these include places like Wisconsin, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, etc, and it very common that people in very blue or very red state who were on the left will say to me, I get these phone calls. I hear from people in person, Et Cetera, they'll say you know I live in Utah bindings, not going to win. I might vote third Party or I might not vote or whatever and then oh here people and states, like my state of Massachusetts, who say Biden, is winning by what is it at this point? Thirty, four: it's crazy! What binds winning by in Massachusetts. It doesn't really require my vote to make sure Biden gets Massachusetts electoral vote, so I might vote maybe I'll vote Green Party to give them some support or whatever. If there was ever an election, where that is not the approach that we should have it is this one
if there was ever in elections, were every blue state and red state voter needs to make sure or that you are voting for Joe Biden. It is this one: you probably can guess why I'm going to make this point, there is a very real possibility that Donald Trump claim that the election wasn't fair, that it was rigged, that the results are wrong and in, particular if it's very close nationally or within the key states that end up being the determining factors, we may have a situation where not only do we not know the results on November third Emmy with the number of male imbalance we're going to have it certainly reasonable and not a problem for me that maybe we, No, the result until November sixty or seventy seventh. I want the right results rather than the fast results, but put that aside for a second, we could again up with a situation where the Supreme Court gets involved here, and some people sent me a clip of sand cedar recently talking about the same week,
not know who one on Tuesday and Trump will in all likelihood claim that he one law suits, may start in a variety of different states. And it could be a never ending battle, so we need a large margin in every single state and also we want largest possible popular vote margin. Why? Well? Because if it does get to either secretaries state or Supreme Court justices the more overwhelming the defeat is of Donald Trump. If we are going to get one the more difficult it's going to be for Supreme Court justices to justify funny business will leave it at that. Could end up handing the election to Donald Trump. There is no guarantee numb. As we know, this court is liable to do anything at any time. But the point is meaning the popular vote by three million votes, which is roughly what Hillary Clinton did in twenty. Sixteen, while still seeing Donald
become president with an electoral college victory, that's just going to be too close, and if this extends you days into weeks because of lawsuits and on and on into the Supreme Court, particularly while Donald Trump is trying to kneecap the postal service, to try to prevent vote by male absentee ballots from being delivered, we need to do everything we can to avoid some margins anywhere, we want to have small margins in the states that will be close. We want to avoid small margins or smaller margins than we could have in California. In Massachusetts, we need to run the score up and if the election comes down to a couple of states- and the popular vote is clear- sir, rather than less close it better enables Donald Trump declaim, whatever the hell he plans to claim. If we overwhelmed the vote so much. That Trump is crushed in the popular vote
Claims are just slightly harder to make seriously. California has millions and millions of Democrats and Joe Biden clearly going to win. Who cares, go out and vote and run up the score California, Massachusetts will easily go to Joe Biden you'd, better, I'm going to be voting and encouraged everybody I know who of Massachusetts to be voting. Everybody has to vote because we have to, I dont know of a better term than to run up the score and then and only then, if we succeed, in removing Donald Trump. Then we go back to what I discussed earlier, which, as we will have to deal with Trump ISM and the sixty sixty two sixty four sixty six million p all who will have seen the last three and a half years and will say yeah gimme another four years of that, following Sam cedars logic on this, which I think is sound. It's possible overwhelming margins could margins could sway one Supreme Court, justice ethernet. If it's going to be five foot.
In some decision over some lawsuit that Trump files, if it's going to be five four an overwhelming popular vote. Big victory, swinging one of those nine votes could make all the difference in who ends up being president, as of January twentieth, twenty twenty one in voting, is something we can I'll do it's all right? Let's exercise it by August! Twenty third is the fifteen. Year anniversary of the David Batman show we will have a huge member ship special. I can't say any more about it, because it's borderline illegal, certainly immoral, but maybe even illegal in some states be notified of this great membership I shall by grabbing a membership, I'm sorry by getting on her Muse letter at David, packing dot com. You will then, on August, twenty third be notified of how to take. It
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Money will save you, forty percent, yesterday's press briefing with Donald Tromp was outrageous. His mind seem too turned to mush before our very eyes, with bizarre claim. After bizarre claim, I'm going to give you a very little led up and just get right into the clips. I've gotten some complaints recently David get to the clips talk about them after so, let's just do it clip number one the place, I guess you must have some ministers well said that issue and executive order to ensure that health insurance companies prevent covered people with the three existing conditions, and you said that that had never been done before. But that's that's not the case, because that is the law affordable there. So my question is why DVD should exert Lysander over law? That is already I didn't. I said as an executive order, as you said, set as an exact
the border it hasn't been done before we want to. We want to be able to reassure people. That pre. Existing condition is always taken care of this truly one of the dumbest things. I've I've heard Trump say an Jeff And you might remember- I just dealt with this yesterday on the show Jeff Mason, the rapporteur, a spot on pre existing conditions are already covered in the United States. They ve been covered for ten years. They must be covered by insurance companies, you can't be denied coverage because of pre existing conditions because of Obamacare do not need an executive order for something. That's a law and trump comes up with, This idea and as you can see, when he's pushed to come up with stuff on the spot, it doesn't go well trumps as well. I want to redouble it because it's never been mandated by executive order, so we just want to be like extra sure. This is absolutely ridiculous. This is like saying you know murder is only illegal by law. We ve never outlawed murder by exit
of order. We sort of need and executive order from president against murder, because otherwise we only have a law against killing other people. We don't have an executive order Ike, I ever hard time, imagining a dumber argument for why you would need an executive order for something: that's already: the law tax fraud, only illegal by law. Why hasn't trump past and eggs? gave order saying we are not going to allow tax fraud in the United States, it makes its as dumb as it sounds? Ok, its continue. Now on the topic of a hundred and sixty thousand american deaths due to on a virus, sixty thousand people have died on President Obama's walk. You d think you would have whole resignation, no, You have done that. I think it, sir, Think it's been amazing what we ve been able to do. If we didn't close up our country, we would have had one
for two million people already dead. We ve called it right now. We don't have to close that we understand the disease. Nobody understood because nobody's ever seen anything like this, so the question is a good one if corona virus hit one bright Obama was president and we hundred and sixty thousand deaths. Would you Donald Trump, because for the resignation of Barack Obama and Trump says. No and of course there is a tweet for everything is actually for five tweets, but just to show you one Donald Trump did call for Rock Obama's resignation, big. As one guy with Ebola got it to the United States, through an american airport Trump tweeted back and twenty fourteen days before the twenty forty mid terms- and you might remember that the day after the twenty forty had terms, we never heard another word about Ebola because it actually was not an outbreak of importance in the United States, a Trump said if this doctor, whose
recklessly flew into New York from West. Africa has Ebola, then oh boy I should apologise to the american people and resign, but really fine over a hundred and sixty thousand dead. No, he would never call for that, because why its trump this time? That's actually the only difference next again with nineteen. Seventeen listen close, we did this one is closed thing, is in nineteen seventeen they say right these, the great the great pandemic get. It certainly was a terrible thing where they lost anywhere from fifty two hundred million people, probably ended the second World war. All the soldiers were sick, it was That was a terrible situation and so again with the nineteen seventeen stuff. No, of course, the nineteen eighteen flu was
nineteen, eighteen. We ve interviewed historians who are experts in the nineteen eighteen pandemic. I asked in very clear and simple terms: is there any logical reason you can think of why Donald Trump would call it The nineteen seventeen flew no reason that we can think of. But then Trump says the nineteen, seventeen flu, we is really the nineteen eighteen flew, probably ended world war. Two now you if you are even remote, connected to time and the fact that it moves forward. As far as we know, with our human understanding of it, world war, two decades after the nineteen eighteen flu pandemic. I can't make any sense of it. Maybe he meant world war one which would also be wrong, but at least it would be in the ball park in terms of the right decade. Trump asked about one hundred thousand kids, nearly one hundred thousand kids testing paused, four corona virus in the last two weeks of July, that's a very short period of time and
insists schools should open and yes, he insists that children are basically immune ninety seven thousand children in July for me to give you any rules reopening for, because the native as you would qualification, maybe a case but is also where there is a tiny, tiny fraction of death tiny fraction, and they get better very quickly they have. They may have it for a short period of time, but, as you know, the the the seriousness of it in terms of what it leads to is, is extraordinarily suave, very, very much less than one percent Essentially, I think that for the most part they do very well at midday, they dont get very sick. The truth,
is that every week We learn more about kids action being very efficient carriers of corona virus. Now some get very sick. It's not that common. That's true, but kids can be huge. Vectors of riding the disease and in fact there was a no now if it was like it might have been. Some kind of Christians nor can buy remember exactly somewhere in the MID West and they big outbreak and as they tested the kids, the younger cohorts had more and more corona virus. So you know if you take like the thirteen seventeen they had less than the twelve to eight to twelve, and then the really young kids had even more so. This appears to be completely wrong, but the facts: matter, they really don't matter, and unfortunately, it's not just to trumpet They don't matter, they don't matter to his followers either. So now, let's get to trumps new stuff
energy to try to say how great were doing on corona virus. I'm not going to tell you what you're going to see here but see if you can spot the strategy, including the short term, in the lab tests lab just like a little bit longer and tuberculosis me a little while ago that we're down two days in two and a half days on getting a result on the laptop ass, the other when you get him in five minutes to fifteen minutes exciting but country. In every gardner. Seeing increases in cases in recent days, cases of rapidly increase in Japan and Australia. Unfortunately, and are now experiencing higher pigs are they did in March to the south, a border of our border cases continued to surge in Mexico Jill America, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Brazil and throughout latin casually too hot spot posing a major challenge for this continent
Latin America is now the region with the most number of confirmed is by far despite a relative scarce if testing so Trump mentions Japan and Australia, Japan and Australia are having second waves. So everybody's in trouble in the. U S really isn't that bad off, there's actual, a lot here to understand snow? First of all, when you look at a country like Australia, strictly has, as of this morning, three hundred and thirty one corona virus deaths total. That number is be giving you a double take. Could that really be true? Yes, total through? hundred and thirty one Australians have died from corona virus. We often have five hundred deaths in one day a thought in deaths. In one day, fifteen hundred deaths in one day at the peak, we had even more Australia does have a recent optic in cases, but only up to a few hundred cases per day, we have
Forty thousand cases a day, sixty thousand cases a day, eighty thousand cases a day, but the real difference is that asked really has immediately started. Shutting back down and extending guidelines. Whereas in the United States, when we have forty six eighty thousand cases a day you get people parroting talking points like we have a lot of cases because we test so much and we certainly dont need to close anything trump mention Japan very similar? Japan has a population of a hundred and twenty five million. That's about thirty five percent of the. Population of the United States. Ok, a thousand deaths, total total, ok per capita Japan's death rate, is dramatically lower than the United States and trumpet Japan is seeing more cases over the last ten days. They have a fraction of the cases,
you do per capita and they are immediately expanding guidelines and shutting things down. So comparing the? U S to Australia and Japan. First of all, to be done on a per capita basis, but most importantly, they are seen cases go up and they shutting down because they are taking it seriously. We are not one little clip here about car companies, this out well billion or One million above expectations pretty remarkable. Today we had great reports on new job openings. There is clearly a housing boom which has been incredible numbers in both housing and an automobile boom rarely seen anything like it, and it's going on right now in America. Inventors are at rock bottom, you car sales are record levels and we will have rebuilt, we're doing a building, like nobody's ever seen so big plus,
or manufacturing and construction, so constructions, getting close to record territory. Manufacturing is doing very well. The car companies and doing great, very before Michigan, the state of Michigan, we have a lot of car companies. Moving in a lot of plants are being built in bandit in Michigan and Ohio. Now, just about every tromp says there is a lie, ah claiming ever thing. Is it a record high constructions at a reverie everything's just doing better than ever, but he makes the very specific claim that Car companies are moving into Michigan and Ohio. I looked around. I was able to find no evidence of that, and you know their rights. The aren't that many automaker. So when you make a claim like automakers moving into Michigan and Ohio and opening stuff up. It's really easy to fact check because there are, that many automakers, quite frankly and again, approvable lie here. One will brawl introduce a little bit more Trump card, your policy question that was not just kind.
Ran about corona virus for two minutes, and he just can't discuss I'll see in any depth whatsoever. He has nothing to say this. Is a brazilian reporter check this out? Do you have to see you bastards reveals in Brazil? We everywhere discuss that too much, but at some point we probably will be, and there we don't want people tariff percent of they terrifies. Although I must tell you have a very good relationship with President Wilson, our he's got is- and I hear is doing well. He is recovered from having covet having covered nineteen, as they say. And that's great and send a my regards? I think that as far as Brazil is concerned, if they do tariffs, we have to have an equal is
ocean of terrorists, and we we are gonna, be presenting something having to do the terrorists and fairness in fifty hours, because we have many countries for many years that had been charging us tears. He just matters corona virus ball scenario. We have a good relationship, covert. Nineteen, as they say, say hello to him. For me. If they do tariffs, we do tariffs now oh ability, what so ever to discuss policy in detail, and then here's the last one trump again with his predictions, the future of corona virus and people should vote like they did in World WAR one in world war. Two numbers will be ninety days or less, your numbers will be very good. I think much better on the card virus or the China virus, but something
to look about look at an and say this is just crazy. This just came out half a million incorrect ballot, applet patients sent all over the state of Virginia. So before changing topic, randomly their trump says in ninety days. Things will be good. This is the guy who was it March or April, where he said fifteen case. Are soon going to be zero. He has no idea about any of this stuff, nothing he predicts can or should be. Taken seriously, and you really saw during this press briefing Donald trumps, mind becoming mush. There's there's just nothing there, there's no critical thinking, there's no analysis. There is no connection to the facts and sadly, as I mentioned earlier in the show, sixty sixty two million sixty four sixty six may be. Sixty eight million Americans are going to vote for four for years. If that doesn't motivate you to vote regardless of state you live in there's. Probably
Nothing that will motivate you develop, will have or coverage of this on the David Pachmann show Instagram, which is that David Pachmann show you follow me there as well as David document David Pachmann Shell, David Pachmann, dot com
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fantastic to check it out on blink. Ist blinkers has books on politics, philosophy, science- they have twenty seven different nonfiction categories and a subscription is only about eight bucks a month and you get access to the entire library, but you can try it totally free and get twenty five percent office subscription. When you go to blinkers dot, com, slash, Pachmann, that's, B, L, I and K: I s, t dot com, slash Pachmann, welcome back to the David Pachmann show it's great, Welcome to the programme today Nicholas Car who's, the author of several books on technology and culture, including the Pulitzer Prize finalists, the shallows what the internet is doing to our brains are so we too have you want? I really appreciate your time. Thanks very much David's, my pleasure,
to start with. I think there's probably allow people in my audience, who generally have the sense that maybe over the last many years, it's become a little more difficult to do sort of a deeper, deeper learning, focusing on one task for an extended period of time. There's some vague notion that maybe there's something about social media and two hundred and forty character posts that may be so retraining, our brain to some extent. But how do you generally characterize the way that the modern internet and and technology have change. The way that that we mostly do our thinking, I think human beings have trouble, concentrating have trouble. Screening out, distractions in general were very destructible. You really do have to practice that in train yourself to concentrate and focus, and I think what the internet, dozen general, certainly social media in particular- is it doesn't give up
either the opportunity or the encouragement to train ourselves and end peace This skills of attentiveness, because it just floods us with within from information, that's interesting to pressing grabs our mentioned, but in little chunks, and so my argument is that essentially- what we pay to get this abundance. Fast flowing information is our ability to concentrate. We can tap into those deeper more attentive ways of thinking is theirs something. That's adaptive from an evolutionary standpoint about being easily distracted in the sense of your builder fire, but there's a thread often distance, and so your mind goes to that shiny option actor moving object or something along those lines. I did, I think, that's exactly it. You know you. Can can understand how in the distant past
where to stay alive in order to survive. You need to know everything that was going on around you, particularly anything new, which might be a threat or might be opportunity to eat or or whatever so are, the way our brains work is that were rewarded. With dopamine and other ways, little pleasure producing chemicals to gather information, and I think its exact, not that this is an evolutionary instinct that, unfortunately, we bring over into this new digital environment, where there is no end to new bits of info nation to grab in briefly hold our attention. One thing I've read and heard from some folks is the idea that there the time in human history, not that long ago, really where would be a big debate over a fact because we did not have fast. So readily accessible on our phones and I mean this. A very sort of utopian outlook now that the facts dont need to
argued about. We just find them. We can do more time, thanks to the internet and the ready availability of facts to thinking about the implications of those facts or the future of humanity, how we should interpret that information or whatever the case may be. It feels in who actively like that's, not what's going on. But what do you think about that idea? Anyway? I think you know I think it does go on some time really ogre are. There are good uses of the Barnett in and not so good, that there are a couple of problems with that that we ve learned one. Is that actually having a super abundance of information available means anybody can find support for any kind of belief, even though even if it's totally wrong. So the idea that we'd all share. This basic facts turns out not to be right. Human nature gets in the way and then the other problem with it is, I think, when you're distracted all the time when you're constantly taking in information, you don't
time in your own mind to make connections in associations between all the different pieces of formation around you in its though associations and connections that are required to give you the bigger context to feed new information into in that broadened. You're thinking deepened your thinking, so some yeah we can google all sorts of on our phones or on our computers, but we're losing our ability to fit in who information into a bigger context and, as a result, we're just kind of turning into. I would argue information gatherers that dont sincerely have an ability to engage in a deeper ca, precision with one another or in a deeper train of thought within ourselves. There some trusting articles. I reminded of about this idea of the police go, hobbyist, which seems very much related to what you're talking about witches
given so much free access to information about what's taking place in the world politically comments from elected official there's a lot of of data, so to speak, there is arguably aid less effective political activists that comes out of it because they are just consuming information sort of his your pointing out and not actually taking that information and doing something with it to politic poet we'll differences aside. It try to influence sort of community and their surroundings is. Is that sort of the idea of what you're saying when you talk about information overload, which may not be particularly useful that I'd yeah, that's that's definitely part of it, I knew what we know about people is that if you give them an unlimited amount of information, though go out in cherry pick, the information that reinforces existing biases weather, biases, are based on factor or or fantasy your fiction or whatever, and so what happened to our hope,
we. U time, we started out with a net with the web. Was that we have. A broad array of information that people would would go out and sample different opinions, different points of view, as you say, become better able to hear other point, other people in influence them or be influenced by them. But what we found is that that rarely happens. Unfortunately, what what what does and, as we all go out in our little bubbles in in its entirety, there the information that supports our exe steam biases, which ends up making those biases even stronger than we find a lot of you. That share those biases and in that has a lot to do, the polarization we see today. Politically and socially, and an inability to talk beyond the group of people that that shares our point of view to use a sort of economic term there. Arguably also a diminishing, marginal utility to information,
for decision making purposes in the sense of you know if you're buying a car is an example that that first information that you were you obtain about. You know you probably have a budget rights of the price of cars is very important, but you need it or Ford or a car, or a Sudan or Suv over hi the aid national information seems to be less and less useful to actually getting to a decision right when you get to what are the spark plugs? What's the the life of of the Alley DE bulbs or whatever- and maybe that's also an idea to consider here yeah, I think I think here definitely onto something- and I M really considered that. But in what happens I think then, is one of two things: either you become so obsessed by the details that you kind of you, spend all your time gathering more and more or less and less valuable information
in a prevent from actually acting began. You. You suffer information, paralysis and then the I think it is the dignity that deeper. You dig for talk about political speech, the more reasons you find too, to put other people at a distance. From the more points of difference you start on cover, even if their trivial points they they loom large. As you gathered, there keep gathering more and more information without without necessarily As I said, city net information and understanding that information as part of a bigger, broader context. Yet that's something: I've not even thinking about, for example, like the political divisions within the left, where she or you have some on the left, who are almost moderate? Republicans, an example- and you have some others on the left, who are truly socialists but real There is probably no pick a number eighty five. Ninety I don't know what it would be.
There's a lot of overlap about sort of what the majority of those who consider themselves on the mainstream american political left would want. And yet, when you look at the discourse on places like twitter and others, it seems overwhelmingly focused on the relatively small differences yeah in it. Some ways: that's nothing new people. People have been you know some dividing themselves jobs even within or even when they share a broad understand for a long time, but I do think the internet seller rates or exaggerates that already common occurrence it it. It provides not only all sorts of ways to find new points of distinction, but to find ever narrower groups that share your precise interests in your precise views and as soon as you have that guy, formation, then even other group
to share a lot of your views, seem like outside or seem like the enemy. In the end, I do think that's part of the fragmentation we see even within within groups groups of people who, you would think, would focus on four points of agreement. To go back where we started about the effects of the internet, on our brains and deep thinking, etc. When Victor viewed either. Do you tell Newport previously in and read some of his books, and he to some degree believes that these are issues of sort of training and thinking of the brain like a muscle, and that, if you condition the brain to you know you really you close a room, and you just read thirty straight minutes that you're build up a muscle essentially, and that this helps to push back against the instincts that may be pushed on us by sort of the state. Quo of western technology and the internet. It is your turn
that the solution is a systemic one that it at the individual levelled absent one. It has to be the other. What what's your thought ANA? I certainly think it's. I certainly think at this point We ve created a set of social norms in social expectations. Tat bad assent surely tell us, we should always be online, always monetary new information always sending out are receiving messages. You get that from employers. You get that from schools. You get that. Certainly from your friends for young relations. So think it's a systemic issue at this point in that doesn't that doesn't mean there is not an individual component and I think cow Cal Newport analogy to building. You know building muscle is is the right one of what we know it. Neuro plasticity plasticity these days, range malleability. Is that you really do have exercise. Ways of thinking, if you want to retain them, otherwise, you're gonna, weaken over time and
Millie disappear and I think, as individuals A long time now we ve been training ourselves to gather information very, very quickly to pull in. Bits of dad in lots of overlapping forms. Him we're getting good at that, but we have starved ourselves in effect or not exercised the ability to pay attention, which is for us to do as much as I said. So, I think I think, if we want to change. You certainly have to pay attention to individual habits, but we also have to recognise that society is handy in these very powerful messages tell all of us stay on line gather as much information as you can in don't turn the flow of information and in practice the more attentive or contemplative ways of thinking that are possible for your mind, but our dont come naturally to us
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Straighten, isn't even hiding it anymore. There's a new report which I encourage you to read in politico explaining trumps AIDS, Trump staffers, people around him know this. And there are now looking at any way they can come up with to suppress the vote, curb vote by male disenfranchise as many people as possible when they are people that are likely to vote for Joe Biden rather than Donald Trump? Now you I remember. Last week I told you we shouldn't be that confident in Joe Biden Lead and that's true that hasn't changed. If you look at polls that Biden up, nine and use that there is a margin of error of three and a half that mean Yo Bide might only be up by two Hilary one by two in twenty. Sixteen in the popular vote and still lost the electoral college that analysis from last week is true and in particular, if anything
changes between now and November that helps Donald Trump. Slightly improved economy will talk about Q, three GDP numbers, which we will get literally four days before the election we could see a one or two points wing away from Biden and towards Trump and from gets reelected. So that's all true, but it is also clear that it's too close for comfort and the report in political points, that there is a complete and total commitment from the Trump campaign to us. Strategy not of improving the country not of improving the economy, not of dealing with corona virus. The strategy is essentially fraud to suppress the vote so that will of the people is not accurately represented there this is not the type of fraud by the way that they claim exists tromp now has spent two three months. I guess pushing the idea that there was in. Listen voter fraud back in twenty sixteen and twenty twenty there will be
vote by male fraud. If more people vote by male remember Trump has not accepted the popular vote result of the twenty sixteen election, which had him winning the presidency trumpet one elect orally in twenty. Sixteen. He lost the pot our vote by millions of votes. He still has not accepted that and now he insists. If we increase mail in voting in twenty twenty, it will be a fake, fraudulent rigged election. The real there will be fraud, but the real fraud is what Trump is doing to suppress the vote. The real fraud is what Trump is doing to prevent vote by mail Anthony CAP, the post office and were already seen seeing bins of male overflowing and post offices across the country as postal workers are restricted, being able to work over time to get the male delivered. If you want fraud in the sense of some one point ending the will of the people from being done. It's what Donald Trump
and people around him are doing and they have gone fully Mass scoffed they're, not even pretending otherwise, and when you actually look at the full list of what they're doing it should be criminal. Now, the if we want to give trumpet consequence, its removing him in November right. What he's doing should be criminal but Emily. Forget it right. The debts, going to be. Wade's handled you, ve got a massive effort in a bunch of states to file losses to change voting rules when it comes to vote by mail in voting absentee that includes a Minneapolis Minute Minnesota, rather Pennsylvania and Nevada. Aids are trying to figure out Executive orders confront sign to unilaterally. Curb mail in voting through any possible means there looking at, how can they stop mail in ballots from being counted after election day? As many of you know, depending on state, as long as the postmark date of e mail and ballot is before the
action or no later than election day. It would still we counted, and usually male within states, doesn't take more than a couple of days to be delivered in those vote, but by ballots would be counted in the couple of days after election date is looking to limit that and trumpet also looking according to AIDS speaking to politico trouble looking at. Could he tell the postal service now? to deliver certain ballots. That states send out. All of this is on the table now Here is the really important message. A bunch of experts in voting have looked at everything they are planning they ve looked at. All of these ways in which Donald Trump could suppress the vote and the come to the conclusion that these techniques can we do so much. In other words you. Slow down mail delivery, ok you can delay it. But if people vote early enough, for you send in Europe absentee ballot to three weeks before the election. It's going to get
there before election day. Even if trump slows down the postal service to some degree, a lot of this stuff is done at the state local level, so that take away, is slowing down the male finding it gave orders to hamper delivery of mail and ballot all of these different stuff. It can only do so much and if we overwhelm the vote, it's gone to be more powerful than anything trump can do from what's been floated so far. So yes at the state and local level. Between now and November. We need to do everything we can to push governors and election official how to run the election properly to not allow these dirty tricks to actually take hold. We need to do everything we can. Yes, at the federal level, we ve got trumps Master general, who needs to continually be dragged before. Committees to testify and to be put on the defensive about what he's doing, but he still might get away with some of this stuff but in the end the cumulative
fact of all of these techniques. All of these ideas, It can only do a little bit of suppression. If our turn out is low. It could hand the election to Donald Trump. If our turn out is high, it will not make a difference if we overwhelm the vote, and that includes you can safely vote in person doing it when you can by male sending in your ballot two three four weeks early, meaning if it takes of extra five days to be delivered. It's not going to be a problem. These techniques cannot put trump back in the oval office. If, if, if, if, if we vote and that's the Good NEWS now, we also can ignore The foreign meddling peace and that's what I want to talk about next. I hope that were to have this next conversation as adults and please watch
the entire video listen to the entire story. Before commenting, I'm begging, you I've. Actually I hate to admit this, but I've delayed talking about this for a few days, because I know that even bringing it up triggers some people off a cliff into a rationality, but at this point I would be doing a disservice. If I didn't talk about this so of a minute break it down. As simply as I can Russia is once again meddling in the election in order to help Donald Trump now disclaimer, listen, listen very very carefully here This does not mean Donald Trump is actively participating or coordinating anything with Vladimir Putin. This does not mean that Russia, is coordinating with Trump, what This means is that Russia is doing what they do all over the world and what they done for a very long time and The United States does all over the world. This is a really important message here: I'm not alleging
I'm not alleging anything. It's the intelligence community. It is now being alleged. Russia is doing anything special right now. Russia has a long history dating back decades, really like a hundred years of using a series of tactics depending the situation to exert influence on foreign elections. Now for everybody, let's go through some of the responses. People are going to send me what about, China and IRAN I'll talk China and IRAN in two minutes. So let's wait. What about the fact that the U S also metals in elections, you're right, but I'm not an did. Of course, the? U S, metals! In elections, that's not this story is about. This is about our election being meddled in. If you are against Trump. And you want the will of the people to be heard and for it to be the will of the people that determines the next president right. Now we are talking about russian meddling to help Trump in the next three months. That's the topic of this
Laurie. It doesnt mean some other thing: isn't a valid story a merry. Gins meddling in Nicaragua decades ago is true, interesting and important. Historically, it's just not what this story is about, so dont distract with that. So what Russia, is pushing their standard disinformation campaigns targeting Joe Biden, their spreading did. Information to hurt Joe Biden them again, intelligence community has been briefing elected, elected officials about this now for some time rush is working to help Donald Trump by attacking Biden and meanwhile yeah kind and IRAN are working to hurt trump This is not just Russia, but you deny the Russia peace. That's the import thing. Russia prefers Trump China and IRAN prefer Joe Biden based on everything. We know right now doesn't make anybody better or worse it simply what is taking place right now, the russian interference is
not merely about Trump per SE It's not even about Trump, specifically its about Russia's bigger plan to destabilize western democracy. Anybody who thinks Russia's preferences are specifically about Trump as a person. You're you're mostly missing the big picture. Russia plays a big picture game. The game is so discord in western democracies to make people within those countries and around the world. Think, while in a democracy, does seem to be working so well in these countries The more that western democracies lose credibility, the better of Russia looks in comparison. That's the idea. Making it a reality. Is another story now in terms of their reactions to this nationally Democrats and report. Hens are just not the same on many issues. If you ve been watching, this programme. Listening to the podcast, you know that I point out here is an issue on which
There is very little daylight between Democrats and Republicans, and when that's the case, we talked about it on this issue since two thousand and sixteen Democrats have sought time after time to stop and prevent this type, of meddling. Republicans have gotten in the way of trying stop this type of meddling Mitch Mcconnell has gotten in the way of dealing with this. Donald Trump has done nothing about it, so please, Understand: there's not anything conspiratorial here, powerful countries try to Fluid selections around the world, zooming. You agreed that's true. There is no particular a reason to doubt Russia having a preference and that preference being Donald Trump, because coherent with their geopolitical strategy dating back for decades. The? U S, does it you're right, trying does it? Yes, IRAN does it absolutely, and so does. Russia does no reason that we should be particularly
Skeptical of that. Why would we deny it? It doesn't make any sense. The flame once again. Just as a reminder is not that Trump and Putin, are working together right now, the claim from the intelligence committee that the U S election is just another one and Russia's interested in the outcome. China's listed in the outcome. Iran is interested in the outcome. They have different preferences, Russia's preferences for Trump to win, and Russia's tactic. Are likely more sophisticated than those employed by China and IRAN, because Russia has been doing this for a very long time. Don't be defensive in the sense that accepting that doesn't mean you have to accept anything else. You don't have to accept anything that goes into speculation, but there are people that get very defensive when this is brought up and they start talking about red scares and all sorts of wacky stuff it just it's very straight there's nothing unique here- let's identify it for what it is:
we have a voice mail number that number to one nine to David P, here's an interesting they smell that came in this morning. I gave a German York again are, you know, have actually nervous about the production. Do what you did ya gotta disrupted some matter was more at home because we'll never get a dictatorship that democracy is Jack. It's terrifying much democracy than an idea about my granddaughter who found nine months old is gonna grow up and, finally, that the country, but I did the manufacture or you or you, reporting I'll, be ok, so, but listen I get the frustration. We have a president with dictatorial authoritarian and tendencies and Sort of wish, for that is a wanna, be you war correct, that
of the democratic institutions of this country are in crisis and they are in jeopardy. But to go further right now and to save this is a dictatorship is, is simply not accurate. I do think it important to me. On the one hand, warning people about signs and symptoms, but on the other hand, we don't want to be hyperbolic, but the frustration I'm with you. We have opportunity to do something about it very soon. Let's actually do it, we ve got a great We must show plan for you today. We will talk about the upcoming. Our answer and Dnc conventions in our plans for coverage. We will talk about this masculine rally of motorcyclists in South Dakota and much more get instant access to the bonus show by becoming members at join Pachmann. Dotcom I'll, see you there.
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