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8/11/21: Infrastructure Passes and Andrew Cuomo Resigns

2021-08-11 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Jesse Dollemore, host of the Jesse Dollemore YouTube channel and co-host of the "I Doubt It" podcast, fills in for David

--MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's cybersymposium to prove voter fraud in the 2020 election gets delayed after he claims the event was hacked

--Dominion Voting Systems is suing Newsmax, OANN, and former Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne for defamation

--New York Governor Andrew Cuomo finally resigns over a number of sexual harassment allegations

--Some judges are expressing that the January 6th rioters are not learning any lessons because they're being let off too easily

--Ted Cruz goes on Fox News and argues "liberty" is a solid argument against COVID mandates, even though not having them violates the liberty of others

--Rand Paul pretends like he's the "resistance" against new COVID restrictions

--The US Senate votes 69-30 to approve a $1 trillion infrastructure package

--Fox News host Tucker Carlson goes on yet another racist rant about how immigrants are destroying the country

--On the Bonus Show: DeSantis still ruining Florida, calls for more Trump investigations, 5 items in the infrastructure bill, and much more...

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Welcome to the David Pachmann Show. I am David Pachmann if he died his hair red and got stung by a thousand bees. I am Jesse Dollimore thanks for joined in me today again, I want to thank David for asking me to co host, but dead substitute this week. It's I'm flattered, I'm honored I would appreciate it if you would follow me on social media. I am at dollar more distant about everywhere from Youtube Twitter, Tik Tok, I'm all over the place just at dollimore. Today I want to talk about friend of the programme MIKE Lindau or as David call him MIKE Pillow the Cyber symposium that has been talked about for
seemingly ever started today, and it was postponed because he was hacked according to MIKE Lyndal, which obviously cannot be trusted, because he is a drifter charlatan. A liar recover from this article in the independent. Briefly, in that play a couple clips from the madness that in sued today. My pillow excuse me my pillow c, o Michael and Del delays. Start of Cyber symposium, claiming he has been hacked conspiracy, theorist claims. There was more evidence of election malfeasance in November and December than any crime in history. That say in a lot considering the the crimes that we have witnessed throughout history, that dog
tromp lose in an election was the biggest. It says a lot about, not just where the right is right now, but also where Michael and Dell is, and before I go on, I wonder, would manage everybody that it was an I'm a guy. I dont mind and a few insult. fling and a few names here and there, but to impugn this man, because he is a former drug attic, I think, is misguided need to come to MIKE's defence like MIKE, like we're friends, but addiction is it. These addiction, isn't a moral failure and if you're gonna pick on somebody for something that shouldn't be it poor area ammunition to use against Michael and Del that doesn't involve his struggles with addiction. Having said that, I want to read a little bit from this article. My pillow. c o and pro trumped conspiracy theories, Michael and Del delay. This of his court on quote Cyber symposium after claiming that the
whole technology was attacked. I guess I could do the the Michael and L voice for the quotes, the whole technology was attacked, ya guarantee is like a cat or from the movie Fargo we get the word out because they blocked the thing. Technologist futurists understand her of modernity and technology. They blocked the the thing this is part of what I am going to talk about today. This is a cover up. This is the absolute cover up of the worst in history, Mr Lehne Del towards told a crowd in South Dakota. On Tuesday, the audience had gathered to hear evident Some were the baseless conspiracy theory that the twenty twenty election was stolen from former President Donald Trump, Mr Linda claimed that his symposium will show that China has the election to make sure that Joe Biden, one theirs evidence of this election
Security experts have said that the twenty twenty election was one of the safest in. U S, history now I will remind you, I'm sure, you're. You remember that in Member Donald Trump OWN Department of Homeland Security declared this election. The safe first and most secure in the house story of the country that saying something, but still These conspiracy, Ding dogs, are running across the country hosting I've or symposium with their fake nonsense, theirs dreaming data of just merely metal data and attempting to continue to whip the right into a frenzy into a conspiratorial range that we already witnessed. Violence at the hands of these people, who believe Donald Trump lost are the same people
stormed the capital harming over a hundred and fifty police officers the same people. So this isn't just a fan. simple thing of some wing not out there in South Dakota there are real world ram, vacations to this. Real harm can be done. Real lives can be ruined. Here's a couple, video clips, the fur is when he's announcing the postponement, these short postponement because of the dreaded hack, but we do have a back up plan. It's terribly probably another five minutes.
I want all of you guys. Are you guys to know that out there that this is? Why? Because I need to get the word, I we can't even get the word out to the people that are praying speech, dot com because they block the thing are blocked with big. But this is part of what I want to talk about today. This is the cover up. This is the absolute cover up of this of the worst crime in history and we're gonna talk about all this today. This is and you're going to see it.
Kinds of things, were going to educate everybody, we're going to show them that they are we're going to be run in Australia. Here see this down, that's run in their at cyber down. From from what I've got to see. If a moment, please stop it's, not Roach ending up with theirs that go in an endless stream for days and we put six states up there, but I guess we're not gonna start the regular programme, though, because I want to start that's all educational and are all goes in sequence. I will say this: everybody tonight, you're gonna, see something at seven o clock that damn it's gonna change. The world
and then also tomorrow. That applause seems a little tepid for the announcement to come on the heels of the announcement that it's going to change the world without the cheap change world. I give you look lap. The other part of share with you is laughing bath. Wake as it is, hilarious. This man is a funny person. He is objectively goofy Someone came to him and said that we're gonna go to lunch and he refused. In fact, he he got aggressive
and I'm not general launch. I'm gonna live stream, just bizarre. They had kept me. They buried it. We think about that, but they get something you want to show. You ask agents of chemicals. We have some love stage, so we're live streaming. No, so you want to talk but think we're gonna I think we're set up for a break, and maybe it we're gonna talk a little bit right. When we get back there, we're going to go into we're not going on a break. Put up that movie again run the movie, there's no brakes mistreatment, seventy to our lives, dreamy so round the world. This stabber star step no guns category. That's fine, but not the stereotype. Here there are seventy two hours but poor. They ruin our signal over the buggy. Ladies and gentlemen, What is now available in the back hallway? Thank you. We're gonna put the morbid up again. If everybody administered, I want to go to the movie up emulation
and then, when I come back from the movie eighteen, we're gonna have doktor Frank is three argument used? get out there and do its presentation, but so is the movie guy came together. Is that stresses that Moby overt about this morning, where this movie, so no lunch for Lindau, he's too focused on the task at hand. To, cover the world changing data at his cyber symposium, which, by the way, is being live streamed by like Steve Bannon on Real America's voice. You know not fake America's voice, Real America's voice related to all, this election misinformation DIS information propaganda? Is this news that dominion the voting machine company, is Not only have they sued Michael endow. Not only of this Rudy Giuliani. Not only have they been sued Sidney power there.
now suing news MAX Oh, I am, and Patrick burn as the ceo of overstock dot com, so someone who is fundamentally committed to anti democratic principles, Patrick Burn owns a company out there that you may or may not do business with, and you may may not want to know or have, that information reading from the insider demand. Ensues news, backs away and and overstock C, O Patrick burn for promoting election, Conspiracy theories, dominion, putting system sued news backs and what America NEWS that work on Tuesday. Accusing far right, media organisations of defamation for pushing far fetched conspiracy theories that the election technology company rigged, the twenty twenty presidential election Republicans love corporate a ton of me publicans love to treat corporations like people, so they have to be on board,
with this lawsuit, no, wouldn't you think tuesdays lawsuit against away and accused of engaging quote in a race the bottom with Fox and other outlets, such as news max to spread false and manually Shared stories about election fraud. End quote: dominion quickly became the focus of this downward spiral of lies, as each broadcaster attempted to outdo the other making the lies. More outrageous spreading them further and endorsing them as strongly as possible. The lawsuit said it added that, although the law, eyes promoted by the o n were quote verifiable false. They were still devastating two dominions reputation and this on its face, seems logical, it seems reasonable. It seems like common sense, that their direct station would be impugned and their bottom line affected by this. They have to show damages because before
the twenty sixteen election. Could you have named voting a cup That ran voting machines I could not, and it is because of that publicity is because of that coverages B cuz of these pernicious and sinister conspiracy theories that we do know their name. This lawsuit does seem to have merit d, in also accused away in host Chanel Ryan, not her real name and Christina Bob of amplifying and spreading false claims about dominion, the network, deputized, Riad as an in house spokesperson for all dominion, related content. The lawsuit said dominion. Began in January by suing Sidney Powell, as I mentioned earlier legally Giuliani, who can. Dominion has secret ties to the regime of now dead, venezuelan dictator. Hugo Chavez and develop technology that flipped votes from them
President Donald Trump too. Now President Joe Biden Dominion as an aside also suit. My pillow c o MIKE Lyndal, who pushed versions of that false who so MIKE Pillow and all of this. These cut this cohort of of dumb dams and purveyors of conspiracy theories. There all in the same camp and they're all doing damaged the republic. These are, these are fake 3s. They claim to love the country they claim to cherish our freedom, they the they ran along about the constitution of the United States and having taken an oath many of them, and they violate that off. They violate the the the possibility that they have respect for democratic rule when they are actively months after
a free and fair election months after they are continuing to spread gossip and misinformation whipping there. Their followers, their adherents into a frenzy such that they attack the government such that there is a view. Violent insurrection at the United States Capital where people died where they, like? I said yesterday erect a hangman's gallo chanting, hang MIKE Pence talking throughout the capital grounds Nancy Pelosi. Where are you ominous dangerous on american and die democratic. And where is their leader to quell this, where Donald Trump, who certainly not a short for words. Not short on media appearances. He could end this just like he could have ended.
pandemic early on, in said he so doubt about masks. Donald Trump could go on Fox. He could make the rounds to these idiot that works. He could go on Fox news he could go a news max. He could go on one american news and say stop at everybody. We need to come together Insurrection and violent revolt against your government isn't the way forward. We will beat them at the ballot box next time, but you know what Donald Trump doesn't have the metal Donald Trump doesn't. Have it any himself to do the right thing, because the right thing would mean taken a step back from the spotlight. The right thing would mean not me
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I did a story yesterday, where I talked about the differences between Republicans and Democrats, especially related to holding our own accountable, and in that video I discussed Andrew Cuomo and that there was at an unavoidable march toward impeachment that wasn't going to be able to be avoided unavoidable. He couldn't avoid it. That's how it works and how language works dumb guy. So this morning. Press conference was held just about nine thirty, my time here in southern California and Andrew Cuomo. I almost call him Chris again, dumb guy Edric, Homer reside, or you gave us two weeks notice.
few moments in his press conference in his announcement video, his live stream that I want to address because, yes he's doing the right thing, he's leaving he is doing it to save himself. The shame being the only governor of the state of New York to ever be impeached and removed from office. But here Doing it in a very recalcitrant way, its aggressive, it is trying to give- reference to the eleven women who have accused him of misconduct while also saying I didn't know The rules have changed, I'm an affectionate guy now, don't believe that is acceptable. It certainly a post me to era, but it's not acceptable for a leader for a politician for someone.
Who is in charge of policy decisions, especially related to sexual assault and sexual misconduct. He is a man who should be intelligent enough to understand consent, the you don't get to just kiss people without them. Saying it's. Ok, to touch me. It's ok! To put your body on mine, let's cut to this first clip where he's talking about this thing that he does didn't know, I take full responsibility for my actions. I have been too familiar with people. My sense of humour can be insensitive and off putting I do hug and kiss people casually women and men. I have done it all. My life. It's who why been, since I can remember
In my mind, I've never occur asked the line with anyone bought I didn't realize the extent to which The line has been redrawn. There are generational and cultural shifts that I just didn't fully appreciate. So Andrew Cuomo would take on the old Grandpa approach to him. defence here I am old man and I didn't know that rules of change colony these hunting in sweetie kissing among the cheeks. This doesn't pass the smell test for me anyway. I think in many ways Andrew Cuomo has been a stand out governor. I think he got a little too much praise for his covered response, especially in the wake of scandal where they lied.
about nursing home deaths as bad as a mechanism to stave off an investigation. That's the that's the excuse! They gave. That's not what I'm saying they said that, but this is not an acceptable excuse that kiss a lot of people, a hug alot of people. That just me, listen, I'm an affectionate guy, I'm a hunger I'm a touch her, but it is common sense that you don't impose yourself upon some one else before getting consent being told it's ok, just that's the way it is, and especially, if you're, the governor of the state of New York, knowing
The immense power and in an influence and authority that you have in that position, you have to walk a little bit more carefully because of that power. The aura of authority around you. Not Joe who works down at the Jiffy Lube, who gets a little fresh with a client and doesn't know it because he's Joe who works down of the jiffy lube you're, the governor of the state of New York. Next up is again, while he apologizes and says I Didn't know these each cow chinese hedging his his apology in an end his admitting to what he did with this is a political witch hunt. It all smacks very much to me like a trump excuse now. You know me.
I'm a new Yorker born bread. I am fighter, and my instinct is to fight through this controversy, because I truly believe it is politically motivated. I believe it is unfair. And it is untruthful- and I believe it is demonize is behaviour that is unsustainable for society. If I could communicate the facts through the frenzy new Yorkers would understand. I believe that, but when I took my oath as governor, then it changed. I became a fighter, but I became a fighter for you.
And it is your best interest that I must serve. Those are all words then have crossed the lips of Donald Trump many times how unfair it is that its politically motivated which is just another way to say it's a witch hunt that that that its truthful. These are lies. if they are lies Governor Cuomo than why. Indeed, sir, are you resigning? If this is baseless? Why are you resigning? You can't have it both ways that its political witch hunt but then also admit that a lot of women were offended, that they were uncomfortable. They were made uncomfortable by you and your advice
since its not to mention the fact that some of these accusations rise to the level of criminal prosecution reaching under women's blouses and touching their breasts running your finger along the belly button or- Or to the side of the hip, where the weapon is carried on your female protective duty state trooper. This isn't just I didn't know I'm a hug guy now and then finally, moment where he says he's going to resign, and I think that, given the circumstances, the best way I can help now is, if I step aside and led government get back to governments and therefore that's what I do. because I work for you and doing the right thing.
Is doing the right thing for you because, as we say it's not about me it's about we and in the wake of this, the female lieutenant governor of the state in New York will be sworn in about two weeks or so to be the first female governor of the state of New York. I find my I'll, say in this a lot but its twenty. twenty one. We are on the heels of twenty twenty two, and this is the first female governor in the history of the state of New York. We can do better than that. We can absolutely do better than that and listen. I know I ruffle alot of feathers over on my own channel when I, when I wheeled criticisms of Democrats, when I have things to say that our critical of Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi, or in this case Andrew Cuomo, reasonable, reasonable people can disagree agreeably in
cynically, and this might be one of those cases. A lot has been made a lot of when said a lot has been suggested about these sentences, that are coming down of being handed down or the matter with which the jet January six insurrectionists are being treated in federal jail. There is no federal bail system like there is in state courts or local municipalities. It's either you're you're you're you're, released on your own recognizance or your put on the house arrest with an equal, monitor or your remanded in custody and tell trial and a federal judge. This is a political headline. Judge success. Feds are too lenient towards January six defendants, the chief judge of the federal court, and why She can raised questions about why pleading guilty a misdemeanor was permitted to resolve certain cases. Now
Many of you don't know who I have, but I happen to have a close connection to the January six insurrection, my wife and co host of my podcast. I doubt it one of them. This Dingus my wife's high school boyfriend. I just I just got him. Why has got and accountability I was the first one I hopped down in the chamber, and I was the first one to see it as a that bitch. Her how her she's she's a traders who treasonous save the condolences This is a long time ago. It's not like she escaped some quality relationship if they were kids, but this is the kind of of of people. Then I was rounded by growing up in Idaho, Josiah COLT, who also related
this story is being allowed. All kinds of plea deals for his promises to turn states, evidence and and and testify against his conspirators. There are absolutely deals being made, and I think this judge has an important perspective. A federal judge jested Monday. That federal prosecutors would we're being too lenient in their handling of cases stemming from the storming of the United States capital as lawmakers were convening on January six to certify Joe Biden, victory of the presidential race Barrel howl, the chief judge of the federal court in Washington deluged with more than five hundred fifty prosecutions from the capital riot raised questions about why some defendants were being permitted to resolve their criminal cases. by pleading guilty to a misdemeanor and why
the amount of money prosecutors are seeking to recover through those plea deals was based on a relatively paltry estimate of about one Wait. Five million in damages caused by the rioters. Howell aired her doubts during what was spected to be a routine morning. Hearing to take the guilty plea of a capital riot defended, Glenn Croy of Colorado Springs. Colorado Croy was rested in February on charges that he and another man, Terry, Lindsey, you legally the capital building on January sixth final paragraph here under a deal prosecutors. Croix was seeking to plead guilty. To a single misdemeanor charge of parading or picketing in the capital. Carries a maximum sentence of six months in jail and a fine of up to five thousand. to overuse a term again. This does not pass the smell test. They weren't just their picketing. It wasn't a protest,
They weren't holding a parade. The intent of everyone there who entered the capital was to disrupt the counting of votes, the certification of the twenty twenty presidential election to overturn those results. To strike in Stoke fear in a terrorist act manner in to the hearts and minds of of legislators tasked with constitutionally tasked with certifying the boat electing, in a peaceful traps for a power that Ex president of the United States, so I'm with barrel howl. I agree hard questions need to be.
Just as we delve into these particular prosecutions. They shouldn't prosecutor should not be too too quick to allow plea, deals that will lighten the results and the consequences for these insurrectionists One of our sponsors today is blue to a unique online service, delivering these same active ingredients as Viagra and see Alice in a shoe obol form and at a fraction of the cost you're, giving my audience and entire month supply for free. So if you think you could benefit from an extra boost of confidence, all you have to do take a short quiz on their website. A licence. Doktor approves your prescription, the men creation. Come straight to your home within days in a discreet package, no driving around to the doctors office or the pharmacy no waiting around. No
conversations with your doktor all of blue choose tat what's are made in the USA. The entire process is just a few clicks go blue dot com. The link is in the podcast notes and they'll. Give you an entire months supply for free when you promo code pachmann, that's p, imagine all you do is pay five dollars for shipping. The corona arrests and the onslaught that has been foisted upon the american people, and indeed the world his really laid bare some very sinister aspects of the republican Party that they have completely jettisoned any concern for the american people and the health and welfare of them, even their constituents
this beating the drum of self Reliance and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and personal responsibility, while romantic to Republicans does play when we're talking about an invisible virus that can spread without anybody know in it. So it's not like a helmet. Law. When you write a motorcycle that if you crack your head open and spill Europe Trains onto the interstate you're only hurt yourself; they can't make that argument I ran nonsense only so far, but when you try to practically apply those ideals to a pandemic, they fail. Let's talk about TED crews and an appearance he made on Fox NEWS on Hannity, show,
really extolling the virtues of no mandates for anything watch. This remarkable be ass in a time of crisis, people's characters revealed and end the character of MC rats, whether it is Joe Biden whether it is Andrew Cuomo, whether it is built plaza whether it has got it. We have a new some, the character from their perspective that they do not respect your liberty. They do not respect. You are right to make your choices about your health care about your children about your lives My views were very simple: there should be no mandates zero. concerning cove it. That means no mass mandates, regardless of your vaccination. Stay that means no man, no vaccine mandates that that means no vaccine passports and I've introduce legislation a bill to ban vaccine passport.
This week, I'm introducing a build, a ban vaccine mandates and this well I'm a week, I'm introducing a building in mask mandates now that doesn't mean. Is the media likes to characterize that I am opposed to vaccines actually think vaccines are terrific I've taken the vaccine. My family's taken Maxie. But I believe in individual choice, individual responsibility. You can make the choice for your family, these men sir coming in and in, as you noted a few minutes ago, talking about doktor fancy. What they are talking about is political, it's not tied to the site, it is political now, TED crews, because of you, because of your colleagues, your republican goofball colleague, who have made this political, and it is remarkable to me Senator crews that you list all of these people that you act like are
are not concerned about Americans, liberty or lives or or health or welfare or well being, and it's all Democrats. You named no one on your side, the bomb drawers the gym, Jordan's, the the Holly from Missouri the ink mergers of insurrectionists username anybody there but to two Pooh Pooh mandates mask mandates that absolutely curb the transmission of the virus. Without a doubt fact to two in one breath. Talk about that got the vaccine, and it's it's safe and its good, but also say, but no one should be forced to get it. The reason were in a position to even talk about having it.
The mandate MAC Vaccines is because you have the vilified and demonized the giving of the vaccine. So so that there are millions of Americans men, of whom already very, very peculiar Your area of the country where this kind of recalcitrance is common, in the south. Then you, you ve gender fear all couched in personal responsibility, all all couched in Mamma Mamma, more liberty. It is nonsense. It is nonsense because if you go to the grocery store in you refuse to get
back scene and you're, a symptomatic for the corona virus, and you pass it on to someone who is who is immune, compromised and unable for valid medical reasons to get the vaccine and you give them covered and they die your rights do not exceed do not extend beyond where you can swing your arm. Have you heard that before TED Crews, this is dangerous? This is disgusting, and this is political. That's all. This is from TED crews, One of these vaccine Mandate- Nair Dwells- is ran Paul from Kentucky Assent,
Suddenly, a man of medicine and ophthalmologist, although not board, certified he created his own licences organization, to license himself these people. He took to a video to explain it a very aggressive manner, how he will not be bossed around you're, not the boss. A me Nancy Pelosi watch this it's time for us to resist the can't arrest. All of us the can't keep all of your kids home from school. It starts off in grand fashion, LUCA kill all of us. They can't arrest all of us. They can't persecute all of us. This is what this is boiled down to. Four, these types ran Paul, who is absolutely
eradicated any credibility he once had. If he had any at all, he has become an absolute trump lackey, a Trump automaton hazy. Facsimile of Donald. Rob. Roy, especially related to this particular topic we will unleash. generally. Let him continue. They can't keep every government building closed We will lose the closed closed or my Otto keep closed. We don't have to accept the mandates locked out and harmful policies of the petty, tyrants and bureaucrats. We can simply say no, not petty tyrants and bureaucrats. Petty tyrants, Turann, Paul and many who follow him. They believe that a that a that letting public health measure to keep children envy the infer
and people who are especially vulnerable to infection, that keeping them safe and healthy is tyranny. I would love to see a rand Paul put back in time travel across the EU ovens too, to a time when
there were revolutionary machinations in in the colonies and see how he would have stood up that they too there's a lot of talk about. Our founding fathers risk, their treasure and their reputations and their sacred honour to enter into the revolution to free us and make us independent from great Britain is this? Does he have the metal? For that? I say no Nancy policy. You will not rest or stop me or any one of my staff from doing our jobs we have either had covered. Had the vaccine or been offered the vaccine, we will make our own health choices. We will not show you a passport, we will not wear a mask. We will not be forced into random screenings intestines, so you can. All this means is we will
care for our fellow Americans. We will not be concerned with the health and well being of our neighbours. We don't care about that were too busy owning the lips. I daresay ramparts neighbour did not go far enough. Continue, you're, drunk with power reign over the capital. President Biden, we will not accept your agency's mandate or your reported moves towards a lockdown. No one should follow the cdc die science mask mandates, and if you want to shut down federal agencies again, some of which aren't even back to work. Yet I will stop every bill coming through the Senate with an amendment to cut their funding if they don't come back to work in person, because this is pattern in practice for ran Paul. I'm gonna I'm at a gum up the works, because that
All, I'm good at I'm. In a vote against this, I'm going to vote against amendments. I'm gonna offer amendments that have no chance of passage in order that I slowed down the mechanism of the Senate to slow any progress that might be made in the course of signing legislation into law by the president, unbelievable the temerity of this man, bureaucrats and union bosses. We will now allow you to do more harm to our children again this year, children are not at anymore risk from covert than they are from the seasonal flu. With this doctor drew over here, we are witnessing a massive spike in infections of children of hospitalization
and of children, and he stands here purporting to care about kids while doing everything in his power our to ensure that those spikes only increase that we see more death, more destruction. More may him at the hands of the Mai arrests, giving that little assist from republican politicians everywhere. Every at all who works in schools has either had the vaccine or had their chance to get accelerated. There is no reason for mass mandates. Parttime schools or any locked down measures children are falling behind in school, are being harmed physically and psychologically by the tactics that you used to keep them from the classroom during the last year. We won't allow it again in the school system attempts to keep children from full time in person school.
I will hold up every bill with two amendments, one to defend them and another to allow parents the choice of where the money goes for their child education. Do I sound fed up to you? That's because I am I'm not a career politician come on man Paul. You can do better than that brother, I'm Career politician since when guy even in the Senate along time you ve been in government a long time. See you step in a way to go work on eyes, anytime, soon, you're, absolutely a career politician again you're only move your go too is to threaten to come up the works to threaten obstructionism. That's all you got you're reactionary, ghoul, Watchin millions of Americans get the virus. Hundreds of thousands of them
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it seemed like infrastructure week was every week in perpetuity materialise in to nothing and we passed less than we wanted less than we need, certainly less than we deserve, but better than nothing. ring from this New York Times, article entitled Senate passes one trillion dollar infrastructure bill and invite a partisan win. The approval came after me of negotiations, and despite deficit concerns, reflecting an appetite in both parties where a long awaited spending package. So the vote in that being sixty nine to thirty, which is telling that they were able to get nearly twenty Republicans on board even Mitch, Mcconnell. In fact, the Senate gave overwhelming by partisan approval on Tuesday twenty one trillion dollar infrastructure bill to rebuild the nations.
deteriorating roads and bridges and fun new climate resilience and broadband initiatives deliver in a key component of President Biden agenda the vote. Sixteen Two thirty was uncommonly by partisan, the yes votes included, senator much Mcconnell of Kentucky the republican leader and eighteen others from his party, who shrugged off increasingly shrill efforts by former President Donald J Trump to derail. It is the last part that sentence, because that was indeed the the ammo has been the ammo prompt and Republicans for a long time. I am still weary of what is happening. Wary scares me of what's happening here. What is to take place? What's the? What machiavellian motivation
do they have for overwhelmingly or for Republicans its overwhelming support of this bill, the historic investment and Structure is what I believe you, the american people, want what you ve been asking or for a long long time. Mr Biden said from the White House: does he think Republicans for showing a lot of courage, because in today's day and age it is courage to support and infrastructure building is desperately needed as our bridges and our tunnels and our roadways and our infrastructure is literally chrome, Mr Connell, who publicly declared that his priority was stopping the Biden agenda, setting the statement that quote I was proud to support. Today's is historic by partisan infrastructure deal and prove that both sides. Political I'll unfilled. Come too
gathered around common sense solutions. If it were coming from anybody other than mutual Connell, I might believe it The measure faces a potentially rocky and time consuming path in the house where speaker energy policy and a majority of the nearly one hundred member progressive caucus had said they will not vote on it unless the Senate passes a separate even more ambitious three point: five trillion dollars social policy build this fall that could put the infrastructure bill on hold for weeks, if not months, and that the method by which they intend to press the Senate to pass that three point. Five trillion dollar appropriation is through reconciliation where they told me they can bypass the filibuster bypass.
republican obstructionism here is a little larger contacts, a little longer context of what Joe Biden said in his speech. First of all, I want to thank the group of Senators Democrats and Republicans for doing what they told me. They would do. The death of this legislation smiley premature as report. They said their role in work and a bipartisan manner, and I want to thank them for keeping. There were just what they did after years and years of infrastructure weak we're in the cost of an infrastructure decade that I truly believe will transform America, so it was a good day for the country, certainly a good day from agendas agenda standpoint for President Biden. There was another side, though, that is the side of Might Lee.
Publican from you Tom. He is TED crews without a beard, not quite salacious, he's a little bit more milk toast. But certainly it obstructionist, certainly someone who is whose agenda is marked by his ability to not vote for things. That's his that's his his pride and glory is his ability to not moat here's likely. People are still digesting it. Members of the Senate are still digesting it. Look we're in a period of great inflation, brought on by a period of almost unfettered unrestrained federal spending. It bears no connection, it seems to laws of mathematics or to the amount of money.
That were brought in this bill would spend a staggering one point: two trillion dollars. It would be yet another inflation bomb in an economy- that's already banned carpet bombed by other inflation bombs. I I grasp the fact that its difficult to put together a bipartisan package. I have nothing but respect for each of our colleagues who are part of this effort. I also willing to acknowledge that the build does a lot of good things and would help a lot of deserving beneficiaries are a lot of people who would benefit and a lot of ways from it that there is a huge problem with it. It is not paid for the reason that we know that that's a problem that it's not paid for is that the one consistent refrain that you hear from its sponsors other than the fact that its by partisan, which will which we know and in which we re
That is the fact that its paid for they'll say over and over again that this bill was paid for. But when you look at the pace the pay force they dont add up when you have pay force that don't actually pay you're just going to add to the debt and deficit in this isn't a good time, to be doing that. It never ceases to amaze me and never will cease to amaze me these Republicans, who. who pride themselves now on on warehouse who's gonna be paid for harrowing, ever gonna pay for those were suddenly our children with deck, as though this is a house hold and debt means the same thing as you own, a car and having credit card that it is not the same thing but to where was mightily during the Donald trumpet
restoration that was running up one and one and a half trillion dollar deficits. While things were good economically in the country. Where were you MIKE Lee? Where were you? You just rings hollow now listen, I would I would be lie. And if I didn't say that I'm a little nervous about the aggressiveness of the progressives in Congress, the squad who I am almost universally phantom, but if, if they push this too far- and we get nothing and they give
Republicans an excuse to back out in and not vote poor for whatever conference agreement they come to on a bill. Then we ve lost. Then we get nothing. We don't even get the one or one point two trillion. We get zero and we're back to square one with the infrastructure weak week after week, kind of us awaken, not good. Somebody talk about a lot of my channel is the existential threat that white supremacists play in America, the threat that they pose, talker, Karlsson, being chief among them. I rather famously by was famous column, allow little cute names a little pet names, and I really
believe he is a googly I'd feather duster. He is a haircut. He is a trust fund goon. He is a soft skinned, smooth brained cloud, but he also holds a position within the Americans. I guys that is is an undeniable hosts, the the Popular cable news show in all of cable news history. The most populous show on Fox NEWS right now. By far in their most popular ever cavities ratings don't hold a candle to top Carson's bill, O Reilly in his heyday. Nowhere near talker Carlson's
And they keep em around, even though he has just draining on their budgets, because who advertises protector Karlsson, no blue chip companies up until a few weeks ago. It was just that my pillow guy and a few others, but Tucker Karlsson, isn't it is advancing, has tossed away the dog whistle and he is advancing the conspiracy theory. The racist conspiracy theory of the great replacement theory of white genocide, which used to be talked about all we in the literal white supremacist circles like at NEO, Nazi camps and area nation up in Northern Idaho, my home state, and he has taken it to prime time he has taken it to the morning- shows, which is what I want to talk about today. Even a Fox news, Fox that fox and friends,
the friends over Foxen friends and was extolling the virtues of the great replacement theory and believes in spiritual fashion, that Joe Biden is trying to destroy these are his words, destroy the country by In June the demographics of America watch this enemy, You know this tells you honestly, the what's happening at the border is not. Crisis, a crisis is a flood in Bangladesh. It's an act of God. This is intentional act. This is the administration bringing felon Violent criminals into our country on purpose Why would you do something like that? Only to destroy it, I mean there's, there's, there's no other. Explanation, for this is not an act of compassion, its active hostile. eighty against the United States, in order to change it forever. I think this is the the scandal in my lifetime. What's happening on the border right now
Absolutely, although you ve heard secretary, my Yorkists Tucker says the strategy is working which wonder what is strategy right. Well. The strategy to change the demographics of the country now when you say that they have a heart attack and they call you names, but they say it out loud I mean they say it on the floor of the Senate Durban didn't two weeks ago, this country is changing in a way that benefits the Democratic Party, more democratic voters. There's no other upside This policy by the way, doesn't help the people coming from around the world as a humanitarian disaster unfolding thanks to bind administration only beneficiaries of the people who run the Democratic Party, and this is an effort to change, the country, and we should be honest about it and not being bullied Into silence, as they take our country away in port violent criminals, what there is a lot there there's a lot there to be sure not only are is Joe Biden in this administration. Purposeful,
trying to destroy the country. This is the great scandal in his lifetime. These, publicans or use a lot of this hyperbolic language surrounding Joe Biden that it's the worst of this, greatest crime. This is the that the group. this scandal of all the scandals of America in the course of Tucker's. Fifty years on the plea There are many, this isn't even a scandal, but in order to whip his audience into a frenzy and the the larger Fox news audience and seize on fox and friends. He has to use this kind of language, but to rat alone about changing demographics. It really does put everything perspective during Donald Trump campaign. There was a lot of analysis around make Amerika great again the campaign slogan, and the question was asked
when, when was this moment that they harking back to its it. Certainly pre, nineteen fifty when schools and american life was segregated, they they pine for these these these nuggets of history? This is when they believed America was great when white dominance in this country was absolutely unchecked, and that is the time for which Tucker Karlsson yearns. He watched that again and the fact that the country's demographics are naturally changing when you're a beacon, light and a beacon of hope to the world as the Republicans and of Yemen out about four years. That's what you get people come here for
better situation, a better life for themselves and their posterity. That scares talk Karlsson in it. He is intending to scare an audience filled with people who also yearn for them tops interesting, though, that he he has a critique about. The word cry. And then at the very end there. This is a Mediterranean disaster, you wanted so badly to say crisis, but he couldn't because he just poohpooh the word and then, of course, ass the the refrain about taking our country away, whose country Tucker Is it not also my country Is it not also people of color their country?
is no longer safely a white country than that. The melting pot. Meme has really been over used, but it because it is what we are. We are diverse country, diverse, culturally, diverse ethnically, diverse, racially diverse, ideologically. And there are certain ideas that are no longer welcome. Why supremacy being among them talk Karlsson? maybe it is you who has trying to take away our
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