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8/20/20: Obama Triggers Trump as "Russiagate" Confirmed

2020-08-20 | 🔗

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--Thom Hartmann, talk show host and author of the new book "The Hidden History of Monopolies: How Big Business Destroyed the American Dream," joins David to discuss the history of monopolies and antitrust in the United States. Get the book: https://amzn.to/2E2xf41

--Former President Barack Obama speaks at the Democratic National Convention, very aggressively criticizing Donald Trump, which instantly triggers Trump and leads to another Twitter temper tantrum

--A Senate Select Committee report confirms that what was written off pejoratively as "Russiagate" by some was very much not a hoax, confirming multiple key elements in a report not getting nearly enough attention

--Notable discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit, including about QAnon and anti-vaxxers

--Donald Trump shockingly praises QAnon during a belligerent press briefing at the White House

--According to former DHS Chief of Staff Miles Taylor, Donald Trump floated the idea of swapping Greenland for Puerto Rico to get rid of a "dirty" and "poor" place

--According to a new study from the University of Southern California, 52% of those who did not vote in 2016 but plan to vote this year are voting for Joe Biden

--Voicemail caller asks whether Donald Trump could or would run in 2024 if he were to lose to Joe Biden in November

--On the Bonus Show: Mexicans slam Trump's border toll idea, flu vaccine will be required in Massachusetts for public school students, the wacky MyPillow guy, much more...

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This is an unofficial transcript meant for reference. Accuracy is not guaranteed.
The David Jackman Shell, David Tagamet, died guarded night was night, three of them the product National convention and former President Barack Obama gave what was by all reasonable assessments, are very solid, Dnc speech in support of Joe Biden and Comma Harris and very strongly going after Donald Trump and Barack Obama. Me listen, you don't have to think he was the best president. You don't have to think that Joe Biden, the best candidate but Barack Obama,
did not show up with kid gloves in criticising Donald Trump you're going to sea cliffs in a moment, but Donald Trump within minutes, if not seconds of Barack Obama's speech, starting was completely and instantly triggered, starting to send out outrageous tweets in all caps more the behaviour of a child really that in you'll, never mind an adult who happens to be the president of the United States? You can imagine seen trump sitting at the White House. Obama comes up on his screen and starts. Mandolin Donald Trump, pointing out his failings and his funding and a lack of capacity for the job piece by piece by piece, Trump grabs. His phone turns on caps lock, as so many trumpets often do when it's time to tweet and
tweets. He spied on my campaign and got caught, referring, I guess, to the supposed biggest political crime in history, which I can even say it with a straight face which we still haven't gotten the details of or been able to. I D If and then just moments thereafter, as Barack Obama continues, speaking in full sentences and putting together coherent thoughts, which is a very. Unusual thing from a president at this point in time, trump tweets again, with caps lock, still engaged. Why did He refused to endorse slow Joe until it was all over and even then was very late. Why did he try to get him not to run so? The second part, why did Obama try to convince Joe not to run that's Bs but the reason Barack Obama decided not to endorse Joe Biden or anybody.
During the primary was the calculation Arguably, it's a politically astute calculation that if Barack Obama gets involved in the primary, and then whoever he supports does an end being the nominee, it could end up being divisive and it could end up. Hurting Barack Obama's ability to then endorse and campaign for the eventual nominee to political calculation. You can disagree with it. Ah, but that's all it is Barack Obama's. Priority was and is to defeat. Donald Trump and Barack Obama made the call he's a better player in that car does by staying out of the primary and getting involved in support the eventual nominee, which is what he did- there's really nothing controversial there, but if you want to go in that direction, we should ask the question: why hasn't George W
Bush gotten involved at all in helping Donald Trump get reelected and, of course, George W Bush is not supporting from in the sense of publicly, as we heard in a statement from of a staff of George W Bush is, and certainly is not helping. Donald Trump get reelected. What about that? That is a question that should be asked now. Bravo bomber speech was followed during night. Three of the Dnc, vice presidential pick, Comma Harris Democratic Senator from California and Donald Trump, also triggered by her and treating a radically still with the caps lock engaged saying quote, but did she call him a racist referring to Camelot and Joe Biden didn't. She said he was incompetent some clips from Barack Obama speech.
That wet right after Donald Trump. This is probably part of the moment that most triggered Donald Trump Donald Trump hasn't grown into the job, because a cat and the consequences of that failure hundred. Seventy thousand Americans dead millions of jobs gone while those at the top taken more than ever, our worst impulses on We are proud reputation around the world badly diminished and our democratic institutions threatened like never before Obama treating.
From almost like a little kid saying I you know, I had hoped that he would take the jobs. It's like the the the hopes were so pathetically low people were hoping Trump would take the job seriously and he didn't people were hoping trumpet growing, the job and he didn't and then Barack Obama continuing. I never expected that my successor would embrace my vision or continue my policies. I did hope for the sake of our country. The Donald Trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously that he might come to feel the weight of the office and discover some reverence for the democracy that had been placed in his care.
But he never did for close to four years now. He has shown no interest in putting in the work no end. In finding common ground no interest in using the awesome power of his office. Tell anyone but himself and his friends, also going after the Trump administration on the basis of their playing very fast and loose with democracy. Work will continue long after this election. Any chance of success depends entirely on the outcome of this election. This administration has shown it will tear our democracy down if that's what it takes for them too.
So we have to get busy building it up by pouring all our efforts into these seventy six days. So overall Barack Obama speech was fine. It emphasised Donald Trump failings. Ah, and the constitution the weight of the office of the presidency and the responsibility that comes with it. I think it was a good speech. I actually think Michelle Obama, My speech on Monday night resonated more in terms of sort of light the fire about the acute nature of this situation, the emergency of a total deficit of morality and decency and empathy and the White House, so in a sense, certainly Iraq, Obama, a master orator, Michelle Obama also a great speaker, but I actually thought that, overall, maybe Michelle Obama speech was better suited for community. The urgency of the situation. Although listen, I missed
hearing complete sentences from president. We heard complete sentences from Barack Obama. His, although the bar is, I mean hearing coherent thoughts expressed in those complete sentences, and we some from Barack Obama and you know we're really talking about details now now last thing about the Obama speech Obama mentioned that, even when the democratic system appears not to work. Our ancestors, our predecessors, may be better said will manage to use those arguably flawed system successfully to effect change. This was this didn't get a lot of attention from the speech. It is so poignant right now, so I want to play this. About ninety seconds from Barack Obama speech, listened very closely to what he says here. I think this is really crucial. What we do echoes through generations, whatever
our backgrounds. We are all the children of Americans who fought the good fight, great grandparents, working in fire traps and sweat shops without rights or representation, farmers losing their dreams to dust, Irish and Italians nations and Latinos told go back where you come from Jews and Catholics Muslims and seeks made to feel suspect for the way they worshipped black Americans, chained and whipped and hanged spit on for trying to sit at lunch counters beaten for trying to vote. If anyone had a right to believe that this
moccasins did not work and could not work. It was those Americans, our ancestors, they were on the receiving end of a democracy that has fallen short, all their lives. They knew How far the daily reality of America strayed from the men and yet, instead of giving up they joined together they said somehow some way we are going to make this work. We are going to bring those words in our founding documents to life. This is so key right now, because we are trying to fix a problem with a system that we don't have huge confidence in postal service.
Code or suppression, reducing early voting, if all the stuff we ve been covering and were We have a real problem that we ve got a fix, but part of the problem needs to be fixed with a system that is poor, of what needs repair. As well will a broken system allow us to actually fix it and Morocco a very poignantly says, prescient says, if any one had a right to believe that this democracy didn't work and could not work? It was our ancestors, those Americans. Who were on the receiving end of a democracy that fell short, and he said They knew how far, daily reality of America, strayed from the myth of Amerika and they didn't give up. They didn't bail and say screw it.
They join together and said, let's figure out how to make this work? That applies to this situation, which is we have to use a system that Donald Trump has manipulated for his own gain to get him out, and the answer is. You know what I'm going to say. We have two so overwhelm the vote that the ways tromp has fixed and by fix, I dont mean repaired. I mean a sort of rigged. The election, will not be enough put him in the oval office for an additional four years. We have to figure out how to do that. We can use this system to remove Trump. We really have to come out in force and alone. Later on. We are going to talk about how twenty sixteen non voters are looking at this election very interesting, so that was night. Three of the Dnc join me Tonight for night, for the final knight of the Dnc
This is really important. This next story when there's a conclusion of sorts to a major story. It the important to follow up on it and this week, what some previously dismissed with this stupid term, Russia Gate has been confirmed as very much, not a hope, and you know it never gets as much attention when the report comes out because you ve got a read it. The corrections never get him attention is the headlines. We know this is a reality and media, but the Senate Select Committee has published its what about russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election? And it confirmed a lot now, I'm not expecting apologies from the lunatics who personally attacked me and me, stated what I claimed was the situation. This is not about me, but I hope that we can get into the record all of the things that were not a hoax and were very much true, and what the Senate report found is a direct situation of where Robert Mothers Investigation, arguably stopped short and
didn't go far enough. We got the fifth and last all of the report on Russia yesterday and it shows without a doubt that There has been no vindication of Donald Trump, whereas campaign Now we know well. Let me back up We already knew from the Mulder report that Donald Trump was exonerated on obstruction. We knew that for mothers report, but this report from the Senate so committee. Go so much further remember as we dive into this. This is a Senate country by Republicans right now. This is not some left wing partisan perspective, although certainly democrat market, honor played a big role in seeing this through Republican. Richard per seems. Have behaved relatively morally in all of this, but even without full cooperation from the White House, and whoever else what the report on covers is extensive and it's just not getting the attention it deserves. Despite Paul man affords lies throughout the investigation. They confirmed that palm
afford an Konstantin, kill him. Nick, a russian agent were in daily contact during the term campaign. They were coordinating period. They were communicating through encrypted technology design to automatically erase their correspondence after it took place. Well, that's interesting, but The real bombshell here is that kill him. Nick was likely a player in the Kremlin plan to hack and leave the Hillary Clinton emails. Yes, oh legendary Pasqua was connected to the hacking, but Vladimir Putin Direct, the way in which the hack was going to be weapon, Ized and carried out yeah. This is what the report found Putin New and was, erecting at a high level. This is, according to a Senate committee, told by Republicans yes Rogers Odin and Assange from Wikileaks were intermediaries to all of this, so you can come back and say, but David Trump and Putin didn't personally said anything up idle
no, who alleged that they did certainly not on this programme, Roger Stone New as early as August of twenty. Sixteen that Wikileaks had hacked John pedestals emails, and when the access Hollywood grab him by the you know what tape came out. They decided let's dump these now, because the timing is opportune. The report exposes that Trump lie. In his written testimony to Robert Mauler about remembering conversations with Roger Stone, of course, since then tromp has commute, the sentence of Roger Stone in stones, conviction so again, expectations and avoiding hyperbole, we by that I mean reasonable people. Like me from day one guys that this is not going to re led to Donald Trump removal. If your expecting the Russia probe to uncover video, of tromp red Handed colluding with Putin. Personally, that was now
we're going to happen because it didn't happen. If you were expecting trumped to be wrong, because of the investigation that was never going to happen, but if, You believe- and I think, as early as April of twenty seventeen. I was saying that, but if you believe that Trump basically has a thing for Putin and other dictators he's just easy to manipulate and the Trump campaign was connected to Russia through Wiki leaks in this house. King and a lot of other details, the Senate report finds that it did happen and don't forget Trump asked on live TV that Russia hack here resembles they did that wasn't trivial that actually you don't have to look to deep. He said it publicly and it's what happened and men of Fort was in touch with, kill him Nick and it it all happened. Okay, so then the question is: what nothing. I mean they're not going to be held accountable, just put it out of your mind. The accountability would be voting
from out in November, relegating trump to being a one term. President who leaves after one term, with a disastrous record and embarrassed. Of course, he will because His narcissism find some way out of it, but who cares for the good of the country? That's what we have left either Trump is me, the one term president or try is rewarded with another four years: that's what it is Sunday is. The fifteenth anniversary three of the David Pachmann shall will be doing a one day. Membership special, I hope, you'll partake, nine onto to our newsletter at David, Pachmann, dot com and Sunday afternoon, you'll get an email telling you how to take advantage of this insane possibly illegal certainly immoral membership discount just kick grab that newsletter subscription for free. I David Pachmann Doc
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David Bagman, Shell, David Paxman, died caused. Today's new members of the day are Malcolm's reordering and Laura Cow all thanks to both the EU and also an extra special thank you to Richard Wilson, whose today's long time sustaining member of the day Richards been a member for almost five years. You can join right now, really nothing holding you back at Join Pachmann Dotcom. We have some discussions happening on the David Pachmann show some bread it, which you can find it David Pachmann, DOT, com, slash, read it interesting, leaving of what the next story is. One user Ethan A says. It's time, David does a deep dive into Q, Anon and Ethan rights at
first, I understood the sentiment of not wanting to give these unfounded insane beliefs. Any attention, however, That can no longer be the case and the youth and argues that, because so many people are now believing in embracing the queue and on stuff that it's time for me to do deal with it well. Donald Trump seems to also have embraced it yesterday during a press briefing, and so we're going talk about it today, in fact, use Katy all the time asks? How will the? U S deal with the Anti Baxter's fusing the vaccine. When it comes out saying one of my fears once a vaccine for the corona virus comes out, is that a cigar Picket minority will refuse it soon. The and he maskers will turn into the anti vaccines refuse the vaccine, if, let's say thirty percent- of the. U S, population refuses to take the vaccine How will the EU s respond? Well, I hate to burst what is already a very bad bubble: Katy, but forty to fifty four
of Americans as of right now say they will not take a corona virus vaccine so I know the answer for corona virus heard immunity based on its level of contagion. We need about seventy sent. Immunity in the United States if three or four percent of the country gets the virus. You gotta get immunity and builds natural immunity. If, indeed, that's the way it works, you need about sixty five sixty six percent of the country to get vaccinated. If only forty percent, plan to we have a real problem. I don't have an answer here in Massachusetts. The flu vaccine is going to be mandatory this year to attend public school. A lot of people are furious, their say, This is opening the door to mandatory vaccination. We're going it about that on the bonus show. But you are completely right and in fact Katy I think you were under stating the problem, because it's not thirty percent. So far that have said I probably won't get the vaccine, its forty or even fifty percent in the polls that I've seen over the last couple of
ugly ugly ugly stuff joined the discussion on the day good Pachmann Show sub. Read it at David, Pachmann, dot, com, slash, read it that's r e g d, I'm He lets now deal with this q and non stuff. So we have reached a new low where Donald Trump will praise any one. Absolutely anyone, who says anything positive about him. There is this thing I hate to even call it that called q and on some people call it Canaan. Some people call it cannon. Some people call it one in anyway q and on cue Anon is a radical right conspiracy. Theory. It involves a deep state plot, suppose it against Donald Trump, a group or person or an entity named Q claims to have classified information about it has made all Lord of allegations, it real
he hasn't been worth our time to cover, but it is slowly infected trump rallies and it is slowly infected Trump ISM and it is spread through Trump supporters, and it got to the point. Where yesterday Donald Trump was actually asked about this during his press, briefing and Trump seems to like Q and on and almost endorse q, and despite claiming that he doesn't actually know anything about them. Take a look at this during the Panza. He would not move thing appears to be gay hours time about what you think about, that is to say to people who are following this movement now will ever know much about the movement other than I understand they like me very much which I appreciate, but I don't know much about the movement. I have her, that it is gaining in
philanthropy and from what I've hears. These are people that they watched the streets of Portland, when they watch what happened in New York City and just the last six or seven months. But this was starting even four years ago, when I came here almost four years, can you believe it? the people they don't like, seeing going on in places like Portland in places like Chicago York and other cities and states and I've heard these people to love our country and they just don't like seeing it. So I dont know really any about it other than they do supposedly like me and- they also would, to see problem These areas, like especially the areas that we're talking about, go away. I've heard people love our country. This is really close to one endorsement of q and on, if
can imagine something so outrageous, then reporters smartly follows up and has well you know, Q and on claim. That you Donald Trump saving the world from a say, tonic, cult of pet Ophelia and cannibalism. Is that something you're doing and trump still sort of says: hey. You know me, as the saviour of the world that that sounds pretty good trump can't get away from anybody who says Annie thing positive about Trump, no matter how outrageous or laced with conspiracies take it. Every day this belief that you are secretly saving the world from this by telling called had a filed and cannibals. Does that sound like something you are behind? I haven't. I haven't heard there but it's supposed to be a bad thing. If I can help save the world from problems will
to do it, I'm willing to put myself out there and we are actually where saving the world from a radical left philosophy that will Roy this country, and with this country, is gone. The rest of the world would follow the rest world will follow. The president is Certainly not saying that Since saying- and I denounce it- ok the president- certainly not saying anything that day say about me is false. What from this saying, is they sound like good people they like me, they love our country and they say, I'm saving the world from things. Well, I m saving the world from things that doesn't sound so bad. I read We hope that people understand how absolutely outrageous this is. This is similar to a president endorsing pizza gate. This is similar to a president.
Embracing birth. There is oh, oh trumps, o yikes, ok, yeah, while birth tourism that that too, I read that JEB Bush was horrified that Donald Trump seem to endorse. Q. This is not just bushes republican Party, any more, but JEB Bush does bear responsibility for this being the report. Again party as of today, and I think that that's really where I want to focus our time. This is I keep bringing up that after Donald is gone whenever it is whether it January or January of twenty? Twenty five or its trump recently suggested getting a third term January of, twenty nine, that's a joke by the way, the Republican Party really going to have to figure out what do we do with the trumpets if Trumpet This is in November, he will lose despite sixty million are sixty two or sixty four or
these six million people voting for him. What does the Republican Party do with those sixty plus million people who want Trump reelected? What is the country do with the sixty million people is a different question, which I don't have an answer to, but as far as the Republican Party, this is what- and when you welcome any lunatic who is willing to vote against Democrats for decades, the anti abortionists come on in the homophobia come on in the cartoonish libertarians, come on in the white Nationalists, the conspiracy theorists there, let us not selling silver solution right area. Come on in well here now and they selected Trump and the twins Sixteen primary and the region what they ve shown and ode now. Job Bush doesn't like it colon doesn't like it as far as JEB Bush. If JEB Bush is concerned about what is hearing from Donald TRY,
come out publicly and say we have to vote for Joe Biden. Where's George W Bush, we know George W Bush is not endorse, Trump he's not participating in the presidential election and is reportedly disturbed by Some of the things Donald Trump has done and said. Why doesn't George W Bush come out and say for the sake of our country? We must all vote Joe Biden this time around and then. Lastly, on the press briefing just like a cherry on top a trump still seems to think that stealth- aeroplanes, which of course their invisible to radar trump still seems to think that there visible to the naked eye. Take a look at this very difficult. Those asking a pilot. What do you think is better this when this one that, when talking about Russia, Lions Chinese Blanche, these were the advantage we have, as you can't see it, so we were fighting. They can't see us. I say sounds like a really big advance. To me
This is where we are today Missus Roby today and we may have for more years of this, the real possibility it's up to us, to prevent it we're going to have more on this on the David Pachmann show Instagram, which is David Pachmann, show on Instagram you can follow me on Instagram. Why would you follow me? I don't know, but you can see pictures and updates of my been garden MIKE Fuchs and my soups I've got eight in can ensure split longs. It's crazy! What's going on out there with my Cubans, Luke's follow me into the ground David. Our tactics, David Pachmann, Shell, David Pachmann, Dotcom, one of our sponsors today, Sven Chimera, watches and they're, giving you up to thirty percent off everything in their store when
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flash Pachmann. Welcome back to the David documents, show it's great to welcome back to the programmes. Hartman, who's, the host of the Tom Hartman Programme and also author of the new book, the hidden history of monopolies, how big business destroyed the mare can dream Tom as always great to see you. Thank you. Do workers forward by Ralph near to which is the forward is almost worth across to the clock. Back I think I've actually spoken to Ralph Nadir about about this issue and a made many people I mean it may be a good place to start, as I dont know that everybody understands how far back monopoly
these and monopolistic behaviour by firms in the United States goes. You talk about dating all the way back to two the revolution, which may surprise some people yeah. The Boston Tea Party was a revolt against stay monopolistic competently. India company was the largest monopoly in the world at the time. They had been awful eyes tea in the United States, along with a lot of other things you, it was illegal and ineffectual. Fine clothing in the United States, for example, certain types of weaponry, certain certain types of furniture- they all had been ineffective in England and important via these Didier company, and so, when the depression or recession of one thousand seven hundred and seventy hit the cheek, the EAST India Company petition the british government for basically some cash. They were stretched and the I remain said, will give you a refund on millions of dollars were the tea that you ve got in today's dollars that you have in an image. Work has stayed there back than a tax when they receive the tea from India, not one they sold
And also the east and you're gonna get this huge multi million dollar tax rebate that allowed them to drop their price on tee into the United States and compete with the with american smugglers, which made the american people just furious and thus the tea party in our nation was birthed in a revolt against corporate monopoly. When we think about the different times. In american history, where has been more of a focus on trust, busting and going after monopolies are their certain industries have regularly sort of skirted the the scrutiny that may be. They deserve while there are some industries that have been better rather than others to test it have to do with how much political power they have, which is usually a consequence of either when actual power or essential industry and our banks are pharmaceutical companies, for example, but you know that
the simple reality is that just like cancer in the body is when one cell decides going to take over the entire body and starts growing and growing growing without limit and redirecting all the resources, the body to itself until it ultimately kills the body monopoly is cancer within capitalism and our bodies have enemy and system were constantly everyday. Work are visor. Producing cancer cells. European system is gobbling mark. This is just a normal part of our biology, while, similarly in a we developed, enemy and systematic capitalism's, really in its minor formal about three hundred years old and back in the eighteen eighty see here in the United States, we develop
did immune system following on what had been done. A new Europe just before to that cancer of monopoly, which was the Sherman antitrust ACT and then later in the nineteen, thirty Clayton antitrust ACT and then the night, if you six antitrust x, Ray I'm an awful lot and work to work fairly. Well but the problem was nineteen. Eighty two nineteen eighty three Ronald Reagan ordered the Justice Department, the Assisi and Commerce Department to stop enforcing those laws and that led to this explosion of consolidation that mergers and acquisitions mania. Those people Not you remember it. It was a wild time. Michael milk in and we agreed, is good knowledge stuff and all these companies being GM together and the workers being fired, the pension funds, funds being stolen, boasting remember the airlines did everyday eastern than in other got got it this way, but it happened in every sector of american business and now here, forty years later, there is
not literally not one single industrial sector, a major sector of the american economy, lab What is not dominated by three to five large companies that control sixty to eighty percent of the total revenue and operate as functionalism monopoly, a tactical you call it in the as result of this. The average american families is about five thousand dollars a year more for the goods and services that they buy. And they would, if we didn't have. A monopoly. Internet service, for example, in Europe, is typically twenty five to thirty dollars a month for in a one gigabyte up and down here in the United States? You pay two to three times that, because we ve got just a handful of internet service provider, Now I want. I wanted to ask about the five thousand because they think that that's interesting so when we You right in the book that the minutes We in the United States, essentially Ex expand. Your increases, the amount that the average family spends on a yearly basis by five thousand dollars and what you're talking about there would be well on it
It might be an additional sixty Dollars a month times, twelve there, you ve got seven twenty. What what are the other areas, where all the services pharmaceuticals in a basically everything except cheap junk from China and end up in, and what the cheap junk from China has succeeded in doing is running out of business literally thousands of american american companies.
In essence, the nineteen eightys we ve been losing in on average. Seventy outer factor is a year, in some cases, thousands of factories a year. We were up to losing five thousand factories a year. You know, after the soon after signing, NAFTA and and each one of those factories represents hundreds of thousands in some cases, even tens of thousands of jobs which, according to the Commerce Department, according to our official statistics, we ve lost millions of jobs to to work to this kind of monopolistic behaviour. All in this case, the monopoly is another country and a little help from Wall Partner, friends so right across the board David. How has the m, when you look at the latter? appetite to. Really deal with this in the United States dating back for some time? You talked about Ronald Reagan. You ve talked about it in the eighteenth century. Is it as
simple as a sort of version of regulatory capture and a calculation from those in power that this is just not where their regulatory oversight is. What women an area that they want to focus or is this? Is there more to it than that? Well by and large, that's how is played out, but there either As usual, the story is, is a little more complicated in a little senior weirder back in the nineteen sixty is Milton Friedman was teaching at the University of Cargo and are was at the University of Chicago in one of his students. Robber Bork got all inflamed about this idea all here on fire up this idea that he had learned from Milton Friedman that the
we shouldn't a traditionally America had viewed a corporation is having multiple constituencies corporation, had a responsibility to the community in which it operated, do not mystery bacteria polluter to its employees, to pay them well in and then serve thou to its customers. Measures. Customer. Were ripped off a bird to the institution of the corporation itself and to its shareholders and senior management and work came along and said all that is nonsense. You guys have complicated this way too much. It's really simple,
consumers pay less? Then it's not a monopoly and in a people thought he was a crackpot the sixtys, but he persisted. He wrote a book about it, justified a congress in engaging and multi year. Major lobbying campaign and by the time Reagan tried to put him on the Supreme Court and we discovered that he would not only was a crackpot but also a racist, an olive of by that time, the Supreme Court in the nineteen. Seventy isn't a case. Google to use of area had concluded the Borg was right and that below and that Reagan was right and that we're going to set all the stuff aside and were only going to enforce the answer monopoly laws based on whether prices are going up for consumers, a core sensing and prices have caught up and consumers demand is late, but you know basically the enforcement was killed, So we're back right now, where we were in nineteen hundred did open and in our faced with a situation like the one that Teddy Roosevelt lame our task
took out a correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that that the corona virus pandemic has really accelerated the consolidation of market share for the players that were already some of the biggest players I mean we're seeing with Amazon Walmart places that immediately a scaled up. Particularly those that are that that use. They're using these third party spy dear vans to deliver stuff. That is a sign if you work backwards, that those are the key players that are increasing market And I just dont like We would need a total rethink of the economy to prevent that from naturally happening in a situation like the one we find ourselves in right. I mean if it from my perspective with the virus exposed, was that a bunch of the economy, is significantly more fragile than what we like to believe on a day to day basis and as soon as that became clear, those that were positioned to seize on the opportunity have done so
yeah. I mean the reason why so many AIDS patients die of car policies are call a cancer is because their immune system has been shut down and it also cancer could grow in the by the reason why monopoly has seized America, our economy is being run by a couple hundred billion airs is because that is because Ronald Reagan stripped away our immune system. He gave us the business equivalent of AIDS and am in our country is suffering terribly for it. We ve got to bring back that of the UN system, got to be pushed, back against the cancer monopoly, so what's the infrastructure that you think needs needs to be put in place? Is it a simple is just enforcing what is on the books, or do we actually need a new framework in which we are going to approach this issue
well, as is so often the case with with in a proper structural problems in modern America. So much of this goes back to the Supreme Court. Ah, you know my last book was all about that in an act of the book before less and between the court and seventy eight. Seventy six and seventy eight giving billionaires corporations the right to own politicians and entire political parties and calling it free speech, combined with the gdp of any a case where the court we re, understood explicit monopoly Lausanne him anomaly was explicitly talk about these moments. Stimulants is determined in everything. And a gorgeous at all? You know we're going to ignore all that go with rubber work. We need legislation that includes a court stripping provision which I read about my report, one that overturns the that Supreme Court decision and the ones that have followed and that re regulates american
in a way that prevents it from being cancerous, if you have the idea that, if Joe Biden, winds in November and what somebody like Elizabeth Warren who has spoken about the issue of monopoly as Monetary of commerce, for example, or or in some regulatory role. Is it naive to think that that alone might make a difference. Leg is this just way bigger than that? I think that America is voiced on the edge of the possibility of a couple of another great renewal. It seems like roughly every eighty years we go through a crisis and then, as we come out of the crisis on the back and weeks, we experience in a renewal explosion, seventeen. Seventy had led to the american revolution. You had the crisis of the civil war in the oligarchy in the south and that led to so
war, but also lead to all the changes of civil war changes very positive changes. You happy the group, the great crash of nineteen, twenty nine, their public and great depression that led to the new deal and all those changes in the US all or crisis the assassination of Jack Kennedy led to manicure medication. Right Jack Voting Rights, act, etc, and I think that the crisis of the trunk presidency in this giant drifted on job. The billions have been running us has set the stage for a renewal. The question is number one: can we get a Democrat elected now has dropped so corrupted. Americans, America's electoral systems that that he's gonna turn us into a drop a stamp and number two if we do get a democratic administration, whether they will have the vision and the boldness to go ahead?
if, if eluded warrant is at the helm or is you know, has a substantial say and wherever that may be, and, however may play up, I'm very enthusiastic and very excited and very hopeful. Is she gets marginalized and it becomes in o, basically a reinvention of the commitment of all the presidencies that were deeply in the pockets of large corporations. Then you know I'm unconcern, but that's it. That's a debate and discussion. We can have once more once we have put our in our house, is on fire right now, young at the fire out your first, you put the fire before you figure out how to do how to fix what what what's been burned up. Scarp discuss our ain't that right, a right yet with searching for that analogy in and if you found it last lasting on this theirs entire political movement in the United States, which heavily fetish eyes is the idea of eliminating regulation, which is hampering and restricting business, etc, etc. How much
this is going to be an uphill battle until that starts to be dealt with as well. Well, this is where we ve got a big job to do in educating the american people, because the simple fact of the matter is that there is only one force on earth there: can constrain or restrain a billion dollar corporation when it wants to pollute the water but poison in the air. Kill people with crabby products or press workers and rip off their employees is only literally one power on earth could fight back against that that's government and other the right wing billionaires dinner. The coat brothers in their bodies back in the day knew that they understood that and when their boy wrong Reagan, gon elected they re in his first inaugurated,
in his four minutes after he was sworn in office. His first speech he said government is not the solution. Your problem government is the problem he laid the that you set the table for the destruction of America has been going on for forty years and In other words, it is some serious repair work that needs to be done by think of enough people wake up and realise how badly we have been harmed by this bizarre, small government ideology that was only promoted over these forty years by people who simply want to be able to pollute and poison and rip off it with impunity. Then I think that there is some. Several hope. The book is the hidden history of monopolies, how big business destroyed the american dream. We ve been speaking with the books author, Tom Hartman Tom always so good to talk to you. Thank you David there's not a luxury
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dot com, slash, Pachmann, David Pachmann, Shell, David Pachmann, Dotcom. This next story is sort of the perfect. The pity me of everything that is Donald Trump. According to the former Department of Homeland Security Chief of staff, MILES Taylor, Donald Trump loaded, the idea of swapping port Rico for Greenland in order, get rid of some of those poor porter. Weakens from dirty, Porter Rico YA. This come by and like three or four different story. So first, of course, is trumps. Obvious disregard for Porter Rico. We saw this during hurricane response in the past. You might remember Donald Trump, showing up and Porter Rico and shooting roles of paper towels like basketballs, then there's
idea of the asshole country, which mostly are countries with brown people and and there is the idea of Trump being interested in acquiring Greenland, which is something that came up. I dont know if it was six months ago or twelve months ago. Just time feel so strange at this point and law sleep kind of tying. It altogether is Donald Trumps completely deranged world view. His delusion of grandeur. His now system has complete lack of empathy. So let's first go to the tape. Here is miles. Taylor for Department of Homeland Security, chief of staff, telling story himself on MSNBC tear the border itself I wonder what is the most in conversations, you're involved in disturbing idea or thought or discussion that you heard from president round. That is resonating in sitting with you still today, but we could probably go on for days bout that, although I'm gonna tell you one thing that just popped into my head: Halley there was it
I'm when, of course, we were spending a lot of our days down in port. You go after the hurricanes red devastation down there he was, islands and in other places where there was a trick, we made down there in August of twenty eighteen- and I remember before we went the president- said something and viewers are gonna, be somewhat familiar with this. The presents talk before about wanting to purchase Greenland, but one time before we went down, he told us. Not only did he want to purchase Greenland, he actually said he wanted to see. If we could sell Puerto Rico, could we swap? Where do we go for Greenland, because in his words, Puerto Rico was dirty and the people were poor? These are Americans, Halley, talk about our fellow Americans that went so this is really pretty wild and come ITALY unconscionable and really something to contend with it, that it has to be an anecdote for some kind of hall of Fame. Although I dont know what we
be commemorating in this hall of fame. It wouldn't be anything good, but it seems like that. Anecdote is historic in some sense, and I am reminded of what Michelle Obama told us: during her Dnc speech on the first night of the Democratic National convention Monday, which was, if you think things couldn't possibly get any worse. They can and they will, if we don't make a change this election now, merely thought experiment if Porter Rico got to become part of Denmark The way Greenland is part of Denmark now Porter weakens might surely be better off, because my guess is Denmark wooden due to Porter Rico or Neglect Porter Rico, in the way that Donald Trump has neglected. Porter Rico. So from this standpoint of the porter Rican. People may be interesting to them to actually become part of Denmark. But of course this is completely crazy. In every sense- and it's very far
to hear the right continue to insist that latino voters are just that they're on the verge there, so close of becoming Republicans and bending the Democratic Party, then you here this and it's very hard to fathom that that's the case and, of course, Cubans are the Most conservative latino group in the United States other than Cubans. There is every little republicanism among Latino Board Voters Porter weakens odd, Dominicans Mexican sergeant so on and so forth, and and then by the wave everybody who talked about, we need a business person running the country like a business. This is why, you get. This is what you get You have some one who says if a piece of my business isn't interesting if a p p of my business is a loss leader if it's not profitable or whatever. Let me see if I can find some succour to off
two or sell it to an end: That's how you get a president who says. Maybe I could trade Porter Rico for Greenland? We I use the term earlier. We are reaping what we ve zone, and that is exactly what you see in this story: There is a very interesting new Paul from the University of Southern California, which is making headlines because Joe Biden is waning by eleven. I don't want to talk about that. I have already told you you know Joe up alive then, with a margin of error of three and a half means may be Joe, is only up for and, if truck picks up a point between our November. You could have the exact same outcome as in twenty sixteen, so I dont care about Biden up by eleven. What I care about in this pole is that it looks non voters from twenty sixteen, ok in the United States, embarrassingly, tragically disgustingly only about fifty
five percent of eligible voters vote. Forty five percent of those who could vote did not vote in twenty. Sixteen, the turn out was the five percent, the preliminary data from the university of in California, Paul fines among those who didn't vote in twenty sixteen, but plan to vote this year. Fifty two percent plan to vote for Joe Biden, while only thirty two percent plan to vote for Donald Trump. And another. Sixteen percent say that they would vote third party now. It's also notable among those who voted third party in twenty. Sixteen they are also leaning towards Biden. Forty one percent of those who third party and twenty sixteen are going Biden, while only thirty percent of twenty stiens Third party voters are going for Donald Trump, that's huge and of the people it when you buying that sir, seventy one percent of third parties
leaders from last election are not voting third Pillar be this time around, which I think does go to the understood significance of this election, but I to focus on the nine voters? Ok twice Sixteen non voters who are going to vote are leaning towards Biden. The obvious question is how many people is that right if there is a hundred thousand non voters. From last time who are going to vote, that's very different if there are ten million non voters from twenty. Sixteen who plan to vote, if, indeed, fifty two of them are going to be voting for Joe Biden and just as importantly, how many people are there who did vote in twenty sixteen and don't plan to this time around no data on them. Another important question, but this is another signal that our instinct from and a half ago continues to be proven. True, we are way better off. Trying to just mobilise people to vote
Then we are trying to argue with trumpets to get them to change their minds. It's very or that a majority of those who didn't vote last time if we can get them to participate that helps Joe by just finding non voters from twenty. Sixteen and getting them to vote helps Joe Biden. If you can target, to people who are already on the left, but didn't vote. That's the win spending. I'm arguing with trumpets whose brains turned to mayonnaise is not a goods electoral strata. And then we get to the problem of voter apathy and the United States there is no question in our when, when forty five percent of the electorate eligible voting public doesn't vote, there is no question that part of the problem is we are not in graining civic engagement and the importance of voting from a young age where, if people are growing in households where, of course, you vote is the default. If kids you're not hearing,
in school, as early as whenever we vote. That is what you do if peace, if that as the situation, our turn out would be far higher than fifty five percent. That's one part of the problem our voting system is also part of the problem, and we can ignore that the system we have dissuades voting and if you look at other countries without mandatory voting, I would sing. Vacantly higher turn out. You see that sometimes they have different elections Stems New Zealand has a mixed member, proportional system, their turn out. Last election was almost eighty percent Germany has a mixed member proportional system, their turn out with seventy six percent. We have a first past the post system. That purpose. Wait the two party do happily and dissuades voting at all How many of you have called me during live calls, and you say David, what the hell's going on with third parties. Why can't third parties get going in the United States? Part of it is the spoiler effect of the first past. The post post system and part of it also is campaigning.
Not so, there are many problems here. I dont believe that the intent of the founding fathers was to create a system that dissuades participation but it's what it's become in the modern voting era. From the standpoint of this election, let's talk those who didn't vote last time. It's a good idea. The data banks it up. We can't bank Non voters showing up some of the least reliable voters are people who didn't but last time, unfortunately, but The numbers are on our side, argue with. Trumpets is a waste of time and the number show non voters from twenty. Sixteen much more likely to support Joe Biden than Donald Trump think it's an interesting area to focus bought on up, particularly in battleground states from here on out,
we have a voice mail number, which is too one nine to David P. Here is yet another question about twenty twenty and Donald Trump adequate question irrevocably by anyone. Now, yes, then, or you're, going to be even more good. I run for president again and others at her later legally. Do that within the country. Within our lot of honor. Yes, you can so let that the question is: if Trump loses now and Biden, President four years could trump run in twenty twenty four. He could. I don't think he will. I think, if listen, if Crump loses, he is narcissist. He will have to I defy his loss, he can't just say I lost. I lost because people to want me I lost because I messed up trouble. Just The fight and say I didn't want it anyway Do you guys I've got better things to do, etc, we'll be nearly eighty in twenty twenty four trumpet
I'm going to run in twenty twenty four if he loses this. Is it ok? This is the opportunity we can get Trump out and that will be it for Donald Trump. Now Don Junior or Eric or even go who the hell knows. That's. Another story will cross that bridge when we come to it. But this is it if Trump not president the next four years. That is it for trumps presidency. We ve got a great bonus show for you today, so many great stories. I hope you'll join me on the bonus, show and remember that you can get instead. Access to that world famous bonus show by becoming a member at Joint Patman dot com,
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