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8/27/21: Trump Riot Committee Heats Up, So Do Anti-Maskers

2021-08-27 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Donald Trump is desperate to keep documents from the January 6 Trump riot committee and will try to assert Executive Privilege to keep them private

--Anti-maskers around the country continue to humiliate themselves with bizarre, delusional rants and tantrums

--Caller has a question about media literacy and primary sources of news

--Caller wonders what success in Afghanistan would even look like

--Caller asks if anyone is pushing Joe Biden to the left

--Caller questions if there's any hope of convincing anti-vaxxers at this point

--Caller wonders when the US should have left Afghanistan

--Caller discusses the next pandemic

--Caller suspects Donald Trump could win in 2024

--Caller doesn't know if he's fully vaccinated

--Caller asks how to deprogram people from believing wacky conspiracy theories

--David responds to emails in what could become the next regular segment of the show

--On the Bonus Show: Dozens dead after Kabul airport attack, Supreme Court ends Biden's eviction moratorium, and much more...

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Welcome to the show, let's start with the latest updates from the January Sixth committee, this is different than the January six commission remember. The commission was going to beat this big by partisan commission. to investigate the Trump riots, which would include five Republicans chose by Republicans in five Democrats chosen by Democrats. You'd have a democratic chair and a republican vice chair and they'd have to sign off on every subpoena, and it was all going to be great, except Republican. said no, no, no, because they wanted it to include looking into things like when Steve Police was shot in. I think it was twenty seventeen and the George Floyd Protein some things that really had nothing to do with the tramp trump right, so that didn't happen, and eventually we got
Committee that had for police officers. Capital police officers testify about him The girl and its now contain to move forward and the new battle lines on this appear to be request for documents from Donald Trump and Donald Tromp is panicking and Donald Trump is desperate to hide those documents. Former President Donald Trump has called the select many investigating the January six capital riot. A partisan shame. Remember that It is what it is because Republicans refuse to participate in the original Big Commission and said, ass did that he will invoke executive privilege as the committees sir trove of documents Trump issued. statement on Wednesday, slamming the leftist committee after it sent its first request for doc. Relating to the events of January. Sixth, these requests included com. Negotiations with within and among the White House and executive branch agencies. The committee is cheap,
by democratic representative Benny Thompson and includes republican representatives, loose Cheney and Adam Kinsey are both critics of the former President Trump statement said. The leftist Select Committee has further exposed itself as a partisan sham and waste of tax or dollars with a request. That's timed to distract Americans historic and global catastrophes brought on by the failures of Joe Biden and the Democrats. Unfortunately, this partisan exercise is being performed at the expense of long standing, legal principles of privilege executive privilege will be defended, not just on my behalf on behalf of my administration, in the patriots who worked beside me, but on behalf The office of the President of the United States in the future of our nation everything's delusions of grandeur these damn rats only have one tired trick: political theater and their later
request only reinforces the pathetic reality. So the under the reading here is Trump is desperate, desperate, not to have Any documents related to hammer administration presented to the committee. Now he may well exceed, or at least I this up in court long enough that it goes absolutely nowhere and that's that that's disturbed, A more on this from CNN, which wrote the ministration has already declined to assert exit, privilege oversight, Simone related to January six telling former justice depend. officials. They were free to provide unrestricted testimony, but the admitted Russia has not waitin on whether the can you should have unrestricted access to records and documents from the Trump Whitehouse. The document requests from the House Select Committee echo those previous the issued by other house committees in the aftermath of the January six riot, while significant
broadening the search to other areas and people inside and outside government, specifically, the Select committee, is asking for records from the Department of Justice Interior defence. Of the director of National intelligence FBI Nash oh counterterrorism, centre, Department of Homer security and perhaps most them Currently, the national, archives, the custodian of the Trump Administration Whitehouse records. Now, as has been the case with Donald Trump for years If you really believed you were not guilty of what you're being accused or suspected. You would want documents to come out which would prove your innocence? If you believe you ve done nothing wrong. When it comes to your taxes, you would want given all of the ways in which not releasing your taxes has dragged down. You would want. To come out that everything's fine with your taxes. This is fundamentally not the way. An innocent person behaves and unfair
in because of the way things have gone, and I know every time I'm real with the with the audience. Somebody gets mad and says David here you're. Not here did you you should be telling us it's all gonna happen. I think there's a really good chance that Donald Trump prevents these documents from being send it to the committee or delay long enough that it won't matter or makes it so that their they are rejected. Documents or whatever the case may be. I unfortunately think that it's completely plausible that that by the way that it goes so we're gonna continue covering the January Sixth committee. If there our committee events in testimony that you think I should or I may miss it, I'm trying to keep an eye on a lot of different scheduling, things Biden, stuff, Trump, stuff hearings. All these different things feel for, should an email to info. It David darkened outcome when the for police officers testified. It was very informer
and very illuminating and worth the worth covering live. So let me know if you see any of that. I want to go with you today, a few different clips of the strong, narrowly childish. Humiliating and He mask tantrums that were seeing around the country on yesterday show. I had coverage of this anti vaccine mandate rally in New York City. Many was crazy are also now more and more school districts as school has already started for the fall in some places and is within a week or two of starting in other places. There are more and more places that are now having hearing school board hearings of various kinds, and there are furious. Parents showing up in saying no masks for my kids. Now, I'm not gonna belabour this point, but I've made it before and I tweeted about it and many of you seem to agree, I'm imagining. If I'm a nine year old in school and I am told there
are going to be a mask requirements in school, but dont worry little Johnny, I'm going to go crazy, demanding they not force you to wear a mask. I think that the wearing of the mask? Wouldn't be that bad? compared to knowing my mom is going cuckoo for cocoa puffs on zoo meetings and at a school board meeting right. I think that that would be far worse for the kid, but at the end of the day I am not apparent, so I guess I can say for sure, but that certainly my instinct, let's take a look at some examples. Here here is an anti masker at the Shannon How would I know that the word is probably it it's that the root of it seems to be the same as Shenandoah, but it's the different spelling. I believe it's pronounced Shenandoah how're central school district meeting in New York? Maybe it is just pronounced Shenandoah, even though it spells we have not seen before. Ok in any case here is some crazy scenario where apparent says its power,
I suppose that the masks will lead to sexual assault. My guess is that date they say because you wouldn't know who it is because their wearing doors come there ever since the district hallway about rape is their walking carefully by passing students and teachers were the students in future smile again soon be back behind him. Ass. You see the smile they disappear child has finally raped. What we do know is that the rapist had told your child that if he or she said a word to anyone as they're walking, they would tell them. What we didn't know is that your son or daughter was smart enough to melt the words help me They were being went away, I see and serve their wearing a mask, they wouldn't be able to mouth. That
all the while we were smiling at his victim behind our mask. The victim was trying to communicate their distress to us without the use of vocal words trailer, star daughter knows moments and they were raped, we could have stopped such a violent act from occurring, but our choice to be complicit. it's it's, it's kind of like a weird disaster porn. I mean that's an insanely specific scenario. I don't I don't know really what to make of it other than if you have to come up with such. Crazy scenarios to justify why we're just the kids shouldn't all wear masks to prevent the spread, especially since their mostly not vaccinated. Yet you probably reaching beyond what makes sense is is sort of my instinct. Here is another one. This is an anti masker at Hinkley, unified school district in Gilbert Arizona. The video is very dark. I dont know why it's just a video. We have
and she says science is ridiculous. I can't figure out by now the science is ridiculous, linear, probably driving around in your car, with a mask on by yourself, and I can't help you at this point. Nor do I want to it's, not my job. I appreciate what you want to do for you and your family. I would appreciate it if he respected what I did for me and my fear because that's where we live, the United States of America, God bless America, the end thank you, and I am, as this served by the applause that this stuff gets. as I am by the content of endless really funny thing, the woman sort of has a look like Roseanne BAR and Roseanne Bars, former of former husband Tom Arnold, whose a supporter of the David type and show the first response on Twitter is. I swear, Roseanne used to be funny, This is. This is really really bad. Really
the bad and, unfortunately, the amount of support it gets his, maybe the scariest out the scariest part altogether and then. Lastly, here here's an anti masker that completely loses his mind. at a meeting of the board of commissioners in Ottawa. County Michigan. Let's listened in them banned as lag your comes down That's my father in law right there speaking on behalf of my his Graham kids, that day, prime interface, if you thought it right now, could you smell it? That's all! but this is. we're playing games with people's lives. Now let me address that, because there's this is a talking point: that's been spreading and its spread the commission had not not intentionally using upon this. Is it in point. That's been floating around witches is that if you can smell something through the mask as the as the gentlemen here, astutely points out and indecorous Lee points out, if out a few, can smell effort through the mask than it couldn't
really be protecting you from covered? This is this is actually so simple. This smell from afar caused by some version of methane. I think it's called like myths, Anthea all or something like that and eat it, sulphur containing molecules. The point is the the molecule that contain the fart smell, are really really small, their way smaller than corona virus. Corona virus droplets are up to thirty four thousand, percent larger than far side while carrying molecule. So it's such a stupid topic but at the same time it keeps getting repeated. If you can, smell through the mask, clearly its doing nothing. No, no! No! Let's look at the size of the molecules and, of course the knit of the mask also makes a difference us into a little more this guy, I'm sick of it. I represent these hardworking guys. I can't be here today look. I didn't you now. At this moment
does anybody But there is a lot to do so. What can it be not him. He would never do that that he's not threatening us, but he's just letting us know other people do stuff if they were all against groups, now. It's gone completely states, can I even I can't even listen to any more that so that's it going on and if these people put five percent of the, energy into helping to end the pandemic that they put into things that would help prolong it. We I'll be out of it by now Let me know your thoughts find me on Twitter. It d Pachmann.
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I would like to hear from you. Matt from Virginia. You are on the air Matt, I guess no matter, Virginia. Let's try! Oh, I don't know how Bout Kevin from Seattle. From Seattle. You are next up, go head! Yes, Oh oh awesome, thanks. So much for taking my tall question, but before it gets, Mercosur first want to say that that you're content, your content creation, is proficient followed. You fairly steer and kept go work. Thank you
that said. I have been following left over bluff contact creators, for probably figures that Everson Son countenance he said they were talked around twenty fifteen. That's what is our politics Serve our politics and is it tonight and my my word is that there are, in my opinion, there are problems of endorsing it, gives it consecrated and creators. If not Thurston is, can you of its content. Creators mostly just sit in certain nature of of, unlike the like there. There are all applaud its own problems like France principles, its
a king? Well, listen to like a content. Creator were proceeder, wasn't here from people within that serve keep you said it like said Tackleton, for example, where a stadium tricks I'm getting the pink I'm getting just stay opinions, footsore from stayed the content creators, but nothing beyond that, and it becomes a low but difficult to of wonder outside opinions for people with it within the community to accept up outside opinions.
Like all for supposing simples. But I think that, because of my experience at my decides, you'd like changer much- I am I decide to like region ears and serve falling content creators and then said nothing by borders. Politic incurred events is expanded at its personally and is personally have benefited me ass. My question I note in your show. You talk about. Media literacy has only like for the purposes of ITALY. Media literacy person spoke content consumption. If it's a good idea to life.
The Jews it doing, because consumers should reduce the density of Kant, of Hitler, utopians for copper, these online content creators. Do you think they should produce a bad job that I'd forgotten since its inception, save this just written needs Kevin. Thank you for the question. I I have said many times before their sort of a media consumption pyramid that I think, makes sense. I think the base of the pyramid, really reading, nonfiction books, history, economics, political philosophy, etc that be the base of the pyramid. Next, after that, it goes to reading report in newspapers and periodicals and then the top of the pyramid would be concern. in contact like minor or that of others. I think that makes for the most well rounded media diet, where you're coming in to opinion programming, like my show, a with a base of understanding his
Ray philosophy. Political etc. Then you are reading, ideally as close as the wrist to just reporting about, what's going on and You feel that, in with with shows like mine, I think that's the healthiest media diet sites like Twitter, exactly a pink internationally, Kevin I've got a ton of people waiting, so I'm gonna. Let you go. I appreciate that we were able to get to the question. Thank you very much. Let's go next to Sam from new you City SAM from New York City. You are next up. What is on your mind today my friend.
SAM from New York City you're on the air, it knew her me now. I can often hydrogen I've Edison. That call and ask another question about Afghanistan. I know I've spoken a lot about the past few days on the show. Yes, numbers wandering year from now onwards. Success- vision that like to you, are you using. If we had delayed this for a year or just, why do I having die? I'm say, love some stuff gone right. I've got along the path you base. If we look ahead to you know the summer of twenty. Twenty two, given what we have already done. Why, ideally, you think Afghanistan, but look like you know a year from now. If U S foreign policy successful, I think that the framing of
completely wrong. I think U S. Foreign policy has failed. We ve been there for twenty years. We did not create at if we leave. It was our goal to create us. sustainable self governance infrastructure in Afghanistan we fail. To do it. So U S? Foreign policy has failed. The hope for Afghanistan would be we get out. We deal with evacuating people. Our people, refugees. We figure out how to end pathetically, take care of people that are in a worse situation, because we ve they're for twenty years, in an ideal world. Afghanistan goes in opposite direction of being a failed state, it goes in the direction of being a working state and there is
peace and there is sensible self governance, but the idea that we failed its go. It would be happening despite american intervention, not as a result of it, and I I just disagree with the framing of that, because we are, our participation, has been a disaster. Ok Sam from New York City, apparently, if Lummix by my response and so we're going to move on, let's go next to Christian from
how the foreign you're going to the opposite coaster, Christian from California, let's hope you're on muted. What's on your mind today, I didn't hear it. I can hear you fine, I so I have two questions. I guess about the way your show has been running the past year. I remember pre election, twenty, twenty you talking about how they want to be binding, the ministrations you would be doing a lot of content focused on point by limitation to the left, and it seems that nowadays your content is, I feel, like I'm most of the time, I'm out like a zoo, but rather than looking at animals, I'm looking at, like things conservative say as wondering.
You ever see yourself, maybe getting back to more and more a video in segments focus on like implements impressive policy. Yes, we continue to do a mix of things during the covert relief bill. I would word to the left of Joe Biden on infrastructure. We ve been to the left of Joe Biden, and you know every day is just doing a mix of different things and I think we will continue to you that you're, my expectation, because this is the weights always been as the mix I'll, always be wrong for a significant share of the audience. So I try not to be guided too much by that, and basically just do the show. I feel like doing every day. That's really really all that is. There is no bigger, you know there's, there's! No there's! No real big influence. Other then, what's the show, I feel like
Doing today and that's been the guiding principle basically since day, one very strongly, said, Lady Harriet, I beg you Christian from. California very much appreciate it, let's keep going, let's go next too. I guess it might be Rachel or reach Rachel a rate whichever you by you are you're on the air. What's goin on. Rachel you're on their right, no Rachel, that's unfortunate. Let's try stead Zack from Saint Louis. I feel like it's been a while, since we ve heard from anybody from from Saint Louis Zack Frontline saint Louis you're on what's going on today, David Lakes were picking on me.
a preservative due by the way. Thank you I in regards to cover this is a conversation. I've been having frequently with family and friends. You know Calls in Afghanistan for a minute is how do we come back from this edge were on in others there's a sort of people who and I've I've does I've come to look at the anti mask anti vaccine people as two camps? Ok, the people who are going out of the way to do everything possible to move the goalposts in our never going to do this and then their sceptics and I think, with all the year the FDA approval and U turns on the horizon for that, as well as giving a Hopalong sceptics blights the people who are anti like these, might be rather die, then get there but things you don't even understand what it is in their body. The gap is shot in. I I'm completely he's just garb smacked of my family and friends as to how we unfortunate, I think these people can be programmed
the cold, but they can be programmed it. I just don't want to bring it back yeah I mean on Fortunately, I agree with you. I wish it were different, but I did a segment earlier this week called sorry guys the trumpets or too far gone. I do believe that there were p some people who, in good faith, were saying if and when this guy, full approval, I'll go and get the vaccine to take the approval issue for a second. I think there were people who, in good faith, were saying that- and some of them are going to go now and get back to me later because it was fully approved. There are other we're just always looking for whatever just out of reach requirement. They can put in place to avoid getting there sedated, I don't think there's any bringing them back and unfortunately it is going to lead to death. It's not gonna be just their death. It's going to lead to death among some p. Who do get vaccinated, but they get infected by these people anyway, because the vaccines are one hundred percent effective. I want to be convinced by some one in the audience that there actually is. That can be done to bring these people back. I don't really think there is you one thing
comes to mind is weaken, play really dumb childish, reverse psychology with that right, like hypothetically, if it came out, that Biden was Going to ban the vaccine, I think many of them would they are meant to go and get it screw Biden. But that's very I mean you can't really run a country that way you know when it's only those types of ideas that I think would work to convince them sadly ride in it, and I think in my biggest sphere- and I am not a pessimist- I'm just a realist. I guess AIDS is going. and violence. Unfortunately, because I don't think I've ever gonna come on politically suicide himself in You mean why mandate the federal mandate on the vaccine. I think progress was already seemingly endless. Use requiring a star CBS Corporation is requiring it etc, etc. See more and more of these mandates of the business corporate level to kind of squeeze people more right. I'm afraid that once be squeezed out,
Injured animal into a corner or they're going to lash out, and I feel like it's only going to end in violence because they aren't able to be brought back from that edge I worry that you're right. I hope that your wrong, but I worry that your right and right now there's nobody who's. Talking me out of this belief, I increasingly I'm thinking that your analysis is spot on. Let's hope that we're both wrong, you know no get involved. That'll do for me that you again for Adam Yon, I'd appreciate it perfect audio, perfect question very much good to hear from you. Let's, next, the Stephanie in Dallas we're going Try again in Texas Stephanie in Dallas you're next up. What's on your mind, I gave it. Can you hear me, I can hear you fine, Stephanie, fantastic, I'm glad you guys. I had a wonderful if I get a great Japan Spain crack just like you just wonderful, I'm glad you guys are healthy. That's great news, and actually I called in a couple months ago back when our governor listen
the Mass Mandy just and here we are in august- and things are looking tiny, Graham right, yes, there
I can agree with the last hour. I had some concerns like they did you about the that I don't know. I gotta go there's a reckoning coming wetting, unfortunately, and I'm just have a lot of five some time to process the venture. A lot of people are right now and one thing I want to share ideas that we went to over the summer. My family night had already trip from taxes at through Tennessee and oh excellent basin. We went up that statement him back down through civil war sites. That was our trip. I want a fine, but the one thing I really am responded to. Our trip was that you know just going all civil war site, especially, I think my favorite was what is that a Harbours ferry and that's where you think I started. We were listen. Pike ass about my appearance is fascinating, but then I realized than the thing that may be so kind as to depressed is that over two hundred
We ve been doing what we're doing and no one is chains. Unfortunately, I think that there has been little a ray of hope here and there, but I just feel like it's been. You know it's if this pattern that still going on and on about people better wealthy elite, you know a cook came controlling the smaller the majority of the people, initials it's it's. It was made really read other than in the US and in the history of kind of gleaning from everything and all I see what you're saying here I mean, I think I think you're right about that kind of superstructure, but I think also a lot has changed. When you look at Have you know everything from the civil rights movement do technological advancements to the standard of living? Overall, I am obviously you don't. We want to be realistic and point to things that that have improved and and things that haven't, but the superstructure your pointing out certainly still exists right and nothing I mean it's detain it to me. His cell,
disappointing is that than in that now in the southwest, and fortunately where I live pretty the virus. You know that, but my community and where I go and when I got run my hands during the day icy, allow people stowing. still less tell ball and my family are all back finance. Let's were trying to do our part, but I still can't drive around I Souci polio, competitive wives, dickers unobstructed I like yeah. You know, I would hope that I don't know and that's nothing, I'm kind of like not just with the covered. You know I'm argument to divert the division that people have in this way. The like just all the divisiveness is like it's starting to become a little to be working all too comfortable in our being. A friend about their there there you know the racism and are in the hands of hoping that, and the thing is, I think people are being of people are getting wait. You comfortable with the fact that they think that just
Sir Green with all empirical evidence in science is, is just a valid opinion and it's just as valid is disagreeing about a favorite color. You know that's a real programme as an empirical crisis, I would say right at a hundred percent, and but you know that nothing from coming all of this is that I think I think I'm raising an active, as my daughter is becoming very radical, which isn't that the enemy lives up to others. Parents acquire point our heads in the direction that we want them to go, and I should like sanction a startling, elaborate at school, cut, the diversity cloud and and and I'm hoping that light through little little the internal death things like that, so hopefully be able tat unless other people- I will now I'd anomalies and biting herself, seem more criticism are white, but probably both we both her thanks, honey, appreciate hearing from you again. Thank you. Take care right, there's stuff,
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a few more people, the discord you can join it David, Pachmann, dot, com, slash discord, let's go next it You ever from Boston either from Boston. Your next up, going on today. What's on your mind, even can you hear me? Yes again? Ok right So you know I'm having a good day, my first time getting on calling you so unhappy, I'm getting the chance to request about Afghanistan. So since Saudi Arabia recently started Things are doing more progressive, not where we would want them to be, obviously, but you know their allowing women to drive. You think that if we he'd never went into Afghanistan or if we left maybe ten years ago, that they weighed naturally progress towards progressively as we see a lot of these, like more conservative countries, tend to do over the years and Additionally, what major legislation Wade you do
that money, if we never winter Afghanistan or we left after maybe ten years, while the second part is, is you know there's no specific legislation. It's all the things we ve been talking about already that they to say, will how are we going to pay for that they'd be saying in any way, but you know we're talking about expanding healthcare, improving education dancing, alternative and renewable energy that the list would be the same. It's just. We would have one more one- were sort of like see tranche of money available, but they would still say we don't have the money to pay for it in terms of whether Afghanistan would have sort of now, naturally on its own liberalized, had we never got in or left ten years ago. It's an impossible question. I think it's, it's completely impossible to say there are some trees were that has been the direction and others where it hasn't, but I think it's important to know about saudi Arabian. I recently read a good book about it about the rise of Mohammed been salmon. Is that there is a
big component of it, that's basically marketing and optics where it's in order to be able to get Saudi Arabia, wants to diversify away from oil and they want take the oil money and invest elsewhere, like in Hollywood, films and dot com, start ups, tech start ups, etc, in order to be better seen in that world they ve done some the liberalization, and so I am not saying it's not in good faith or that it is, but I think there's a big aspect of this. That's to their advantage for their financial goals, and so I have no idea in Afghanistan is a very different situation, but I dont think we would any worse off. Had we left ten twelve fourteen sixteen eighteen years ago, yeah I mean might have preferred to see us leave me never have gone in, but I don't know I was too young to really understand what was going on in that time by things were taken
My call I love seeing people of eleven culture represent themselves, especially after the changing senses and really excited. I hear about that either and last question: what's your favorite lesser known mexican bitch, as minors and maneuver. I dont know that I do. I am not fully a connoisseur of mexican food, so I dont know that I have anything unique to really put forward there, but I, like all of it thanks so much Tara thanks, Eba even from Boston Great to hear from her. Why don't we go next to theirs, so many people here, why don't, try Nathan from Rhode Island Nathan. You are on the air. What's going on today, it David Gimme, your second great, so going back to the pandemic. I have a question about the future.
Sure the Washington Post put out a couple of weeks ago, an article or talking about how devastating future pandemics could be. The w h or in December came out with a report saying future pandemic should be even worse. Than this one, given that one points One point: seven million people have died as a result of the pandemic globally and we have concerns the considerable media. Push resenting evidence of individuals have an anti backs who have been hospitalized and died. Some of these events republican and concerted activists. My question to you is: what do you think it would take bore the typical antigovernment folks are taken national crisis years. They are global crisis seriously. If not you not even the individuals who are dying can convince the people that they have cultivated in these these vehicles too, to move forward and get the vaccine
but what you have to understand is some of these people are genuinely just stupid people. That's that's one aspect of it: the up there the contingent here that it's not really even about the specifics of the crisis. It's just their philosophy is governed shouldn't really be doing stuff. They see a government not doing anything as a good thing. That's that's what they one day they enjoy that. They think that that's what makes the most sense. So what you have to understand is it's not really about even convincing them. Acts is serious. It's you have to do. abuse them of the ideology that starts at government. Probably shouldn't do anything period and that's a really difficult thing to do, which is why I and many others are questioning whether we really have a path out of this type of nonsense. Yet bedewed two degrees. You believe that there is a segment of population who are just the contractions your who are probably in a community surrounded by people,
who are like minded like that So how do we or do we convince the folks who might haven't had a light of seeing because, because they know they say go vote day, they advocate for some of them advocate for policy, not recently, but you know they. They see my day. They understand the government has a place even if they say. Oh, I love small government. A government should be the size of the bathtub or whatever be able to be rounded up after day there. Their actions speak that desk and has a role. How do we convince them that that public health specific We on a societal level is one of the the foundational aspects of a functioning society and we ve been doing this is there's a few disown? So that's it! It's really a more general question of how do you convince people to re, examine their belief, so one one approach would be you ask them a sort of standard socratic way how they came to hold the general philosophy see about government that they hold, and then you should.
them that their philosophy is compatible with public health being a valid area for government to be involved. You try to show them that you don't even have to change your beliefs. You just need to stand that your beliefs point two this is an area where government should be involved because it's too big for it to be dealt with locally and it's eating whatever right, you're gonna have to fit show them. This is one of those areas where government should be involved with some people that might work with others. It's the personal connection, with some of the When someone they know, does get sick and or die. That's what's going to do there's, no one answer to that and that's what makes it very difficult, but all of these are approaches that can work awesome. I presume you time thanks David, my appreciate the call it's it's. an important question. I just wish there were clear answers right. I think that's the difficulty let's go next to Jamie from LAS Vegas Nevada place with
up until recently extraordinarily high case positivity Jamie. What's going on, there then get a hairy. Yes, I can ask yeah, I saw me my wife. We dig backs vaccinated and I know I do know soon that did not get back. Snail need did dig. It appears the odious, pre, devastating, burning, up, anti mask and anti back scenes color, I guess he said how sick did they get that drivers? Have a quick question really merit? How do you really think twenty twenty four would turn out that the present eleven. Yes, I think is surely to know up. So much of it depends on what happens in twenty twenty two and sort of the very best felt is if the people trump supports and twenty you all do well and Republicans take the house. There is a much
shot trump runs in does well, and maybe even his unopposed in the republican primary. If the people trumps supports Lou you're, a bunch of them, do. I think it'll really weaken trumpeted diminishes power within the party and you'll probably start to see in twenty two and twenty in twenty three and the early part of twenty four Republicans maybe move away from Trump and go in a different direction. So I think we just don't have all the information yet that we need in order to predict that understandable and I think it was shocking refer trump. Would we be elected to get another term? I hope you're right, but I fear that he could. I fear that he could, because his followers have shown that reality, in fact, just don't affected and so I worry that he could get re elected. Absolutely do give it. I don't know if you ve ever done in the past, but would you consider lights Canna gone into more like what It is a sort of socialism like Canada.
Gonna? Yes, we shall we wish we ve done one long form, video sort of about that we have another one. That's been scripted up and we're gonna be recording it really really soon. It's gonna be about exactly that. So we have a big video, probably a fifteen twenty Montevideo forthcoming on that yeah I know that you know Fox NEWS News Max they totally here. Use that word and housing, but of course, what is They have no it, or at least they pretend not to you oh yeah, through further. The Van bather audience exactly. exactly they everytime. I write a priest Jamie from LAS Vegas Great to hear from you lot of strong, very, very strong calls today, Why don't we go next to help Jonathan from Palm Coast Florida. What is palm coasts Florida the Gulf Cider Atlantic. Jonathan from Lord Lop ear. It
yeah we're we're his palm coast, a pop goes it between Jack's Bone Orlando. There I live in that area. between biodiversity is even on the water is Orlando's like in the middle is most likely. It's like near Jacksonville, Ok, so that's atlantic side, right, yeah, yeah, good good, are able what's going on here. I. What does your question about the vaccine of its good job? Well, I took this. Two shots the vaccine. Already. I took the Pfizer one, but I want to ask you a question: I'm not pulling back tonight cuz. I heard that the FDA is approving the third shot of vaccine. Does that mean I'm not fully vaccinated? Yet I get confused what they me about. I have to approve third shot of vaccine? That's a great question? Okay, so here's the deal right now, what The FDA has approved is a too
those regimen, meaning that, ten to fourteen days after your second dose, your considered fully vaccinated separate From that there is now a recommendation for people to get a third dose eight months after their second doth. So when did you get your second dose at sixteen of August? good so you're considered fully vaccinated until April of twenty twenty two at that why you would be at eight months and as of right now, the recommendation would be you get a third dose then so there's nothing else. You have to do right now. You are fully vaccinated right now. Aga makes sense right that beggared forgot David are no problem. Thank you. You asked the question I'm giving the answers. Your Jonathan, but I prefer the other two, to answer anyway, very good, ok, let's let's he who
We can talk to you here, real quick. How about how about calling from Oregon call in a year on year. I can hear me of it. Yes, I got Mr Patten, it it's good to see you again. I was leisure about education. If that's ok, ok, listening to this, this long conversations without everybody, I'm concerned, what do you think american education needs to do to stop things like people buying into conspiracy theories, people absorbing lies? What does the education system need to do to adjust our strategy because we're kind of we're gonna too late now we're gonna have to do some back levelling a little bit. But what can we yes, but how do we get the Paris on different there's different problems with different solutions? there are some school districts. Texas is famous for this were the case. Ricky alone is insanely politically biased.
leads to people who come out of school. Prone to all sorts of disastrous beliefs, because that the curriculum is biased, that's one problem and the solution. There is one. On the other hand, there is lots of school districts where, first of all the curriculum is. Just not rigorous enough, in particular, when it comes the people understanding how to think for themselves and so producing critical thinking media literacy and probably philosophy classes, pretty early, I would say probably six or seventh grade, if not earlier. That would be important and potentially a solution, and then third, there are parts of the country and parts of culture and society where location itself is seen as liberal indoctrination and no matter what it is. That is in the curriculum. If that's your butt,
leave going in you're going to resist it, and that's going to also lead to ignorance and people. Are you say that by into stuff so there's a lot of different problems in the solutions are not exactly the same for all of the problems. It really unfortunate because I'm a teacher and our religious cotton. Little of all this mass unmasked stuff, you know shorter, go flora, governor saying you can't wear masks and then my governor saying you have to, and I live in an area where everyone's up in arms and everybody else, good freedoms are being an unjust dude. I just I blocked it. Teach my kids right now to be buried at this, right right now. It's! I can't even imagine how difficult that is, and, unfortunately you cog in the wheel in this sense right, so you run off. can do is the best possible job. With the kids sitting in front of you, I up you're you're, just Mr Cousin said that there was a member that came out about Donald Trump Junior set, comparing educators to the Taliban. What do I look better
I appreciate you. Thank you for your time today. Thank you appreciate. I. I hear the frustration and your voice there all right thanks? Everybody who called then that's gonna do it for today we will take calls again very soon and I hope to hear from you. Then, if you ever feel like you, just don't have enough time to read all the books. You want to read: you have to check out one of my favorite apps called blink. Ist blinkers takes thousands of popular nonfiction books and distills. Each one down into an e book or audio book that you can get through in just fifteen minutes where you're getting all the key take away from the book, Joe imagine how you'll be able to expand your horizons knowledge by being able to soak up all of the important insights from ten different books in an afternoon. Obviously, it's perfect for exposing yourself to a new book you up
I wouldn't have time for or you can use it to revisit a book. You ve already read or use it to preview, a book before you by the full version and I recently read a brief history of time, of course, by the great Stephen hawking. This is a book that I have been aware of for so long and other things got in the way- and it was fantastic to check it out. Unblinking blinkers has books on politics, philosophy, science: they have twenty seven different. None fiction categories and a subscription is only about eight bucks a month and you get access to the entire library, but you Try it totally free and get twenty five percent office subscription. When you go to blinkers dot, com, slash, Pachmann, that's, B, L, I and K: I s, t dot com slack pachmann. Alright, let's try something a little bit different today. Instead of three audience questions, I'm gonna run through a few emails. I've received over the last week or so really over the last few days. Just
spawn, give my thoughts. This will give us an opportunity to touch on a bunch of different things, and maybe people will like getting and encourage people to send in serve thoughtful questions and anecdotes, the email. So, let's ART. This was a message I receive from John Brown, John brought Brown wrote to me about Iver Mechlin, saying David. My auntie vaccine Uncle told me he has the floor. Number for a doctor in Florida who will prescribe by respecting over the phone. I know I know I try to avoid him, but if I get covert, I'm supposed to call him and he'll call this quack for a prescription thanks David best regards John yes, it is like three different layers to this. First of all even the company that makes I've met in work is saying this. It do not take take this recovered. Its doesn't work for covered its unapproved recovered. Do not take this recover. That's number one number, two up there are people who are getting this from veterinarians because a typically in different solutions
remarked, is for treating worms in various types of animals elements of animals, including a half hour is mares and stallions in this type of thing and then three there are some doctors who will proscribe it and then over the phone is just sort of like you know on another level, right just sure, take it here's a prescription for Iver MAC than so. I would be extremely careful with that it seems john- has a good head on his shoulders, hear and understand that this is not something you want to be doing. The vaccine the vat mean, is now fully FDA approved. If what was holding you back was. There was not full FDA approval. Now there is ok. So eggs John for letting you know about that. Tristan wrote to me: on Sunday and said. Dear David, I monoplane from Rome to New York and multiple people, including two right next to my wife and two across the way. With masks under the mouth, or just off completely just
unbelievable. We have no hope thinking. It may be time to start staying home again, yeah I flew back last week, as many of you guys know. I flew Lufthansa and there people all over the place with no mass. Now I will commend the Stanza flight attendants because, like one one very angry guy boarded with no mask and complain, about where I had my luggage and was saying no. This is my seed. Your luggage should be there and, I said, did but were at the front of the plane it it's all empty, room, there's so much room lighted. Why does it matter where my luggage is sat down was wearing no mask within thirty seconds of flight attendant came over and said, Sir Sir? Did you need to give you a mask and the guy was annoyed and he said he had been walking quickly whatever, but right away. So a lot of it is its incumbent upon the flight attendants. If they allow people to not wear masks.
People are going to not wear masks and I totally understand just saying I'm not gonna travel for the time being, but no surprise- and you know my my approaches in its? It is really annoying to wear a mask. Plain, the entire time I get it Lufthansa input geller, they didn't even let me where my comfortable mask. They gave me like a surgical one and the bans by in my ears. There there rubbing and they're pulling I dont like it, but right now, if I'm choosing to fly, I'm gonna play by the rules and the rules. Are you keep your mask on, and so when they, Sir Food, I take it off I eat, and then I put it back on, I'm not playing any mask games and that's the least we could expect from people ok, oh user, a viewer named LEO sent me a message regarding Jesse Petersen Cindy, I'm a seventy. Six year old, canadian living in Ontario, I happened to fall upon a Youtube clip of you on the Jesse Petersen Show
how you remain so calm under his barrage of insane talking points I think here has eight puts you up. There would saints or a brilliant journalist in communicator, never lower yourself to his level again by being the same room. Is him please? sincerely LEO yeah. I appreciate that, but that that's not my approach. I see those appearances, basically as performance art where I'm I'm just not taking it seriously, but unpretending too, and there were a few people who saw my interview with MIKE Pillow, Michael and of my pillow a couple weeks ago, and they wrote and they were sort of upset. I wasn't yelling and screaming at everything that MIKE was saying I explained on air that that's not really how those interviews work. Well, it's not. These are not, people who are even connected remotely to the real world- they're, not gonna, see reason. So if I just start arguing at every opportunity, the interview will go. Nowhere and so my approach is to pretend, as though I'm taking it seriously and just let them kind.
mean themselves in into into oblivion, and that's been my approach, not everybody likes it, but that was my approach with Jesse Lee and I thought it was at a good time. I have to say I would actually appear in his studio again one of the funniest things and I've told the story before was when I went so First of all, I don't even know where to back up and start, but so Jesse we Peterson as a studio and counselling centre in allay now the term counselor is an unresolved the term you're not saying you're a therapist where you have do you have a sigh d now. I see s w or eliminate, see. Counselor is sort of like coach and what he does is it basically like a christian ministry. Coaching type thing, and he, I guess, has clients that go to him for help, so it's this whole
operation, but the funniest part was the staff on his show, at least not on them, on the coaching ministry side. But on the on the show side they all seem to be put, big fans of the David Batman Show in a bunch of the mass for pictures with me and what not so is actually kind of funny. I don't even know whether they take them seriously idea you only have no idea, but it was quite an experience and I certainly be willing to appear again. Ok also The email of your named Andy wrote to me and said David hope, your vacation went well and you enjoy you break. I was hoping you could it s on the Arizona audit. It seems to have fallen away since all the crazy stuff that happened in the last ten days. Thanks for your and always speaking the truth. Well, nothing. Is going on with the audit in the sense that it was never really an audit, it was effectively up. It is effectively just a pr thing
and you know at one point: they were looking for bamboo fibres on the ballots, which might be indicative of the ballot having come from China he had a very powerful lights and heat which they were going to inject. The Oh it's, whether whatever terminology they use. It's always been a joke, it was never going to do anything. So it's not a surprise that, like with many of these things it just kind of fades, hey and then you don't hear about it again. Now there may be some follow up. We may hear some last gasp effort to say something like oh somebody they in feared, or they only gave us copies of the ballots, not the originals, and so we were unable to really do what we were supposed to do or whatever. So we may hear about it again, but we may not and A real site of cults and cult like thinking, that's very much like the kind of Apocalypse Rapture type Christianity. Is that the,
eight at which something will happen, keeps getting pushed and pushed and pushed, and that's what's happening with the trumpery and statement because remember I mean go back to election day November of twenty twenty. It was gonna first, it was. We won three days later media says Joe Biden. One then it becomes by this. Member by Safe Harbour Day or whatever was December fourteen through something. This will have become trumps win and then it was by January six, and then it by January twentieth and then it was by March than it was April than it was August thirteenth. We heard that now it's By the end of the year, it's never I mean eventually it'll just be maybe try comes runs again and if you want him to be president, you up for the guy, but it's a very, very typical of called behaviour. interviewed in fact, some of these apocalyptic people where they say the rapture is happening on May fifth, and then it doesn't
say: oh yeah, our leader, miscalculated and also Mercury was trade and Alpha Centauri was slut, five percent less visible owner who the hell knows what, and now they haven't. You dated typical, not surprising whatsoever, Lastly, throwing in just a little bit a hate mail. This is a viewer who has been adding to me under two names, Susan and Chris, they ve probably sent us. I don't know maybe a hundred and fifty email over time and effort, what they always use. Ipads and Susan appeared in my email this week and said: hey how's, that Joe Joe by dint of yours, doing I'm thinking you're in Argentina millennial ass. So not very substantive, that's basically the gist of this viewer hooray,
under two names, Susan, as well as Chris, always the exact same syntax always sent from Ipad. They share a last name. So that is that, I would be glad and really thrilled to include your emails in subsequent segments like this one, you can write in two info at David Pachmann, dot com and I hope to include one. You re males soon also make sure you sign up. In tackling dot com because we do have the show and then we have the bonus, show and I would love for you to watch or listen to the Lord winning World famous financial one of many member benefits when you sign up. If you unpacking dot com
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