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8/31/20: Trump Playing Arsonist & Firefighter

2020-08-31 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Donald Trump is campaigning for re-election as if someone else has been President for the last four years

--Donald Trump's favorability actually decreased after the Republican National Convention, but Trump can still win re-election regardless

--Donald Trump's new coronavirus Scott Atlas is pushing for the dangerous strategy of going for "herd immunity" without a vaccine, an approach that would likely lead to more than 2 million total deaths

--Donald Trump almost falls to the floor while walking up to the stage at another disgusting, unhinged rally, this one in Londonderry, New Hampshire

--Donald Trump supporters drive their cars into people, shoot people, and much more around the country

--Outgoing Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway admits that Donald Trump sees violence as helping him win in November

--Donald Trump loses his mind in another outrageous overnight tweet storm, tweeting out fight videos, conspiracy theories, and wild attacks on his political opponents

--Thanks to Donald Trump's mishandling of coronavirus, Americans are now trapped in the United States in more ways than one

--Voicemail caller erroneously asks about the "21st Amendment" to remove Donald Trump, likely referring to the 25th Amendment

--On the Bonus Show: More troops planning to vote Biden than Trump, college parties and coronavirus, 2nd Amendment sanctuaries, much more...

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The David dragged Shout David Cameron, died guarded it welcome, come everybody one of the things were going to spend some time talking about today. Are the recent protests and unrest and violence and the way that people have been trying, take advantage of that violence and unrest, but before we even do that one things I want to talk about. Is this broader context in which Donald try been running for president as if someone else has been president for the last four years, and that's just one aspect of what I want to focus. On today and in that particular aspect is really unlike anything we ve seen
in the modern political era, for president's running for reelection, most President's have run for reelection. Very clear early on I've been in charge for four years, we're going to get another four years that will be similar to the last four and that's good Donald Trump is doing. Something very, very different, and that's what I want to talk about now before we get we get into that. I guess it's important dimension. I'm leaving a lot out of this analysis in terms of things that Donald Trump is doing. Of course, This has been one of the most dishonest presidencies. The lie count is off the charts and Donald Trump has been doing a lot of lying to justify his re election is well ok on the issues. Donald Trump has failed to deliver on a bunch of different campaign issues, the wall replacing the healthcare system, on and on and on, but there's a reason that I want to focus on this particular aspect, because it relates to the sort of
A gas lady nature of the campaign, as well as the Inn actually compromised element of Donald Trump Electorate, which is that Donald Trump is framing his re election campaign as if you need to choose him instead of what we ve had for the last four years and, unfortunately, its work hang on a lot of people, as evidenced by some of the interviews when you go to these rallies, that Donald Trump has been doing the Aral Sea, etc. And the language that Trump is using suggests somebody else has been in charge for the last four years, in order to fix that Donald Trump must be elected when you look at this phrase, make Amerika great again again, that is predicated on. The implicit understanding that Trump one in twenty sixteen and
While he was great and he made Amerika great again and then that sort of fell apart meeting with corona virus and the economy. And now we need to elect Trump in order to make Amerika great again again, because it's almost like Trump hasn't been the one in charge. For the last six or seven months. We have to put trump back in power to fix problems that were actually created during Donald Trump Presidency, as if he was not in charge during that time. This is going to be a big factor in our discussion about protests and unrest. Donald Trump has been talking about the mass protests and the unrest with the framing of Democrats, cities, as he says, run by far less mayors, anarchists or anarchists, as he calls them Marxists and others. The reality is that its trump himself, who has generated the unrest we didn't, have unrest like this winter
Biden was vice president for eight years, and I'm going to come back to that. In a little bit up, there has been Donald try. Mishandling of so many issues but Trump is running as if other people have been in charge for the last six months, and in order to get things back under control, you need to elect Donald Trump. Now, of course, any thinking person would realize. Trump is saying things out of control with me as president, so reelect me to fix it. But of course, why would we do that? Why wouldn't trump just be able to get things under control now? In other words, why is he saying that only in his second term will he be able to get these under Control and, of course, when you realise that he's been what's been Jenny, reading the unrest and the discontent, the Tire argument falls apart in, in some sense, Trump is almost running against himself, but putting in
Joe Biden as a proxy to take the hit for Donald Trump Zone failings, and I wish it were the case. There is really no way to say this without offending some people, but his supporters that are eating it up are eating it up in great part, because they are intellectually compromise. Now some of them know it's bs, but they want Trump reelected. For other reasons, and they're just jumping on the bandwagon, but a lot of people are actually falling for this stuff. Now, there's a few different thoughts about why Donald Trump is doing this one thought is that there is some kind of four dimensional chess he's taking credit for successes but painting failings on Joe Biden or undemocratic mayors or whoever the case may be, and it's all kind of calculated to him as the underdog. Despite the fact that he's the incumbent right, we could go into some kind of more complex analysis. The other explanation
is way simpler, witches trump, so one trick pony he doesn't know how to run as the incumbent and He is running the exact same campaign that he ran as the supposed political outsider and twenty. Sixteen he's just running the M campaign, ignoring the fact that he's been the president for four years We really have not seen anything like this and its praying upon the most ignorant voters, but that is I guarantee that its going to fail to work it very well cuts it could succeed, and this is why I, sounding the alarm now for several weeks saying, we can't write off what to me any of us seem like obviously terrible strategies as ineffective because it may work Donald from genuinely expects that Americans are going to fall for this. Plenty of Americans are falling for it now. The other thing on top of this, which we have to remember, is that
Joe Biden was sort of in charge for eight years. In other words, when Joe Biden was vice president, oh Cape Barack Obama was the president, but we didn't have in Obama and binds America Kay and unrest, the likes of which Donald Trump is now preemptively assigning to Joe Biden. Yet you had tea party who sometimes protested you you had Ferguson, which was very different thing than than what we have going on right now. You certainly had shootings, but that was a gun problem which we have not fair. But things were actually far more calm during the era in which Joe Biden was vice president to the President of the United States, and so at an even on the facts. You don't even have to high path size what it would be like if jobs were president. You can go back and see what things were like when Joe Biden was vice president and we're going to get into later on in the programme
Why is it that Trump benefits from chaos and unrest? You would think that if people were thinking clearly, they would say. Oh if there's chaos and unrest, wild trump is president doesn't make sense to vote for him again. Exit. We should vote for someone else. That would be a logical assessment, I'm going to to you later on in the programme out. Why it why that does work or or in other words wide up for Donald Trump, does benefit from the chaos and why he's trying to incited, but before we go to that? Let's talk about the after effects of the Republican National Convention So up, we learned from a new ABC News, Ipsos Paul that Donald Trump favour ability has actually declined since the republican convention by a little bit now to understand why this is important and then what the limits are. We should first talk
but about what normally happens when there are convention. So if you, if you go back many decades, but the way that it typically works, is the Incumbent Party has their convention second, but regard bless. You see that whoever has their convention first gets a little bit of a bump in the polling and favour ability, and then the number, that'll back down and whoever go. Second with their convention gets a little bump in the pulling in favour ability, and then it comes back down and by the time we get into September and debates and the October and all of the things that huh but in the two months leading up to an election, the effective the conventions is centrally sort of zero out. Things returned to the mean, that's the normal situation. A core to a new Paul from ABC News and Ipsos Donald has not even gotten the bump in favour ability. Donald Trump now has thirty one percent favor. Billy in the United States, and he went into the
republican national convention with thirty two percent favour ability now, what's really important to remember about that, is that there are many people who have an unfavourable view of trump and are still going to vote for him. Much like there are people who have an unfavourable view of Joe Biden but are going to vote for him because they accurate. Recognize that he's a better choice than Donald Trump. So, even though trumps favour ability is in the low thirty's, Donald Trump is certainly going to get forty something per cent of the popular vote in no Burke and exactly where in the forties he falls is going to do and whether he gets reelected or not. If we look at the internals of this favor ability decline, from favour ability during the convention or since the convention dropped. Four points among republican, so Republicans were were particularly not thrilled with what they say,
during the covert convention on individual issues, corrupt a virus continues to be a big problem for Trump, where sixty three percent of Americans dis proof of his handling and then just for comparing and Joe Biden. Favorability went up six points from predisposed convention, forty percent to forty six percent. Now it's will not great, and this is one of the reasons why, if you want to compare this election to one from times past, you look at twenty. Sixteen, where you had to candidates. In twenty: sixteen, it was Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and twenty twenty. You have Joe Biden Donald Trump, neither of whom has fifty percent favorability. Now the difference between Biden at forty six and trumpet thirty one is signify, but, of course, its ultimately going to come down to a handful of five to eight or so a battleground stew,
and we're going to talk about that in a little bit now, in terms of who watched the convention, we talked last week in the week before during the convention coverage about her, is this really for we learned that seventy two percent watched very little or none of the conventions, so it continues to be clear that voters who watched a lot of the convention's over the last couple of weeks, our voters, who are already definitely voting and other They were definitely voting even before the convention's started. They weren't convinced to vote by the conventions and number two are almost certainly already decided, and that is Important thing to think about in terms of the room views of the convention's when Donald Trump brags that his speech was very well reviewed or someone else has trumps speech was bad Biden, was good or whatever the case may be. Most people who watched these conventions
are already very much decided and a lot of people are simply not watch. Them at all. So what really matters is for us to step back and look at the trends. If you look at why trend, like the gallop presidential approval tracking pool interesting there, that Donald Trump has never hit. Fifty percent approval. And even one sampling of the gallop presidential approval track. Paul during his entire presidency. Donald Trump never hit fifty percent, but half the country does not vote, which means that even without fifty per an approval, even without thirty five percent favour ability. Donald Trump can still win inaction, not voting an action, it has an effect and it is never never been more dangerous than it is right. Now, in many swing, states die hold. Tromp is doing ok, shockingly, if you're paying attention to what's going on you, you should be shocked by this. In many swing states, Donald,
approval on corona virus has actually started to take up, even if it still one of the biggest areas of liability for Donald Trump nationally. So when we talk about if Trump, and what will it mean yeah, it will mean that there are lots of easily manipulable people in the country. It will mean that there are lots of cognitive. We compromise people but Democrats are going to have some responsibility to bear. I mean if Democrats lose this with trumpet thirty one percent approval you can't just blamed trumpets were being done that. Be a complete lack of self awareness. It would partially be the inability to control the narrative against Donald Trump, the inability to actually put together, but it doesn't even have to be perfect messaging, just good enough messaging to beat someone who's thirty one percent favorability rating is historically low, get out. The vote will have been a failing for sure
or because we know that non voters from twenty. Sixteen overwhelmingly favour. Joe Biden, if you can't get them to vote you're going to have some responsibility to bear as well. There are lots of elements of this feeling like twenty sixteen and when you look at these numbers, when you look at the polling data, I looked at with you last week, the law, think any of us should be doing is thinking. Joe Biden got this in the bag. It's not reverse gas lighting. It's not concern trolling! It's looking a lot like TAT, sixteen in many ways. Hopefully it ends up differently. Let me know what you think: I'm on Twitter department, the David Pachmann, show David Pachmann Dotcom. One of our sponsors is served shark, which is a vip and service that I trust protect me online and they're, giving my audience eighty five percent off a two year plan. This comes out to under two bucks a month plus you'll get three x.
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David Pachmann, shelled David Pachmann, God cost just because the idea is to had does you mean that it won't continue to get more and more oxygen and become more and more prevalent. If it politically. Advantageous or serve somebody's political interests, and we are seeing the very strong return of the idea of pushing for heard immunity when it comes to her when a virus in the United States from the Trump Administration Donald Trump has brought on a new. I guess the keys calling on the corona virus adviser. His name is Scott ATLAS. Now the guy is a doctor, but he's really more of a political figure than a medical figure, because he is a Neuro radiologist which, as you might notice, does not have very much to do with infectious disease and panda
Science, but he is a part of the conservative, think, stick a think tank. The Hoover institution he's increasingly talking about going in the direction of these Sweden model and even beyond into the herd. Immunity bottle- and there is a lot to talk about here. I want to make sure Everybody understands why this is so pernicious and dangerous, so heard. Immunity is the idea that, once enough of your pop nation of a population is immune to a disease. You have a sort of group resistance to it. Enough will are immune. That it is on likely that the reproduction rate of the disease is going to become a high enough to create a pandemic type situation, because there aren't just there just aren't going to be enough. People left in the population susceptible to the disease. Now, typically the way in the modern human era we achieve
immunity is through vaccination. A few vaccinate, a large swathes of the population- that's how you generate heard immunity you're, not typically generating it through people just getting sick covering naturally now, depending on how contagious disease is. The percentage the population that needs to be immune vary so, for example, were putting up on the screen. Sort of a scale of diseases of different levels of contagion if you look at measles measles is so contagious. It has a reproduction rate between twelve and eighteen that enough to get hurt immunity. You need some where between ninety two and ninety five percent of the population to be immune either having recovered from the disease or vaccination Orton usually it's a combination of the two, you looked so in the middle. You ve got mumps months has a reproduce. Rate and are not of forty seven so because its less contagion then measles you need somewhere
between seventy five and eighty six percent of the population to immune to get hurt immunity and, as you can see, if you're looking at this chart Corona Virus- is estimated. They have a reproduction rate of somewhere between two and six meaning that somewhere between fifty and eighty three percent Other population need immunity, for us too. Of what we would call heard immunity. So that brings us to this Neuro Radiologist Scott ATLAS, who Donald Trump, has brought in and he's cheering and saying it so great to have Scott involved what he wants more of this Sweden model and more of us four heard immunity as a way to get beyond corona virus and the pandemic. The number is, if you think, about them are really really ugly. So I told you that we for corona virus to reach heard immunity. We need between fifty and eighty three percent of the population to be immune. Let's just picking
number that's right in the middle there, ok we'll call it sixty seven percent for just to pick a number. Let's assume for a second remember we have to assume whom that recovering from the virus gives you immunity for a significant period of time, we're still trying to figure that out a number two let's even assume. Officially, we ve had six point. One million cases in the United States lets him agent, we really had twice as many ok Let's imagine we ve only found officially half of the cases. So, even though the official number is six, Let's imagine we ve had twelve million cases in the United States with with three and thirty one million people in this country. If we ve had twelve million cases. That means right now, three point: six percent of the population is immune, presumably if nobody gets the vaccine in order to get to her
immunity, which means sixty seven percent of the population. That would be two hundred twenty two million cases right? Two thirds three thirty one million is to twenty two. If you on stand that we have about a one percent death rate. That means that to get to hurt immunity, the, U S would suffer two point two million deaths. So far, only a hundred and eighty seven thousand have died on unconscionable number, but less than ten percent of what we would expect. If we were to go to hurt immunity without a vaccine, so would mean that if we do what Scott ATLAS once and the other, heard, immunity advocates we still two million deaths to come now. What might change that number if we get really good at treating
the virus and we can reduce the death rate, for example, from one percent to point five, percent. Then we would have one million more people die on the way to herd immunity, now problem is that there is another side to that, which is, if we have this many cases over a relatively short period of time, because we just open it back up and let it rip the hospitals will be come overloaded and what do know is that the death rate goes up when hospitals get very very full, so this is sort of again going back to this. We ve We tried nothing yet and we're out of ideas. We ve not right We had a coordinated national lock down. We never really did a six week serious shot down and now we're heading into flew season and what many infectious disease doctors ex expect to be at this point, calling it a second he doesn't even makes sense, because we ve never really gotten down below thirty thousand cases,
for months and months. But this is the approach that, We now have now on the other side, remember nobody's calling for a forever. Shot down or forever closures or anything. What we're talking about right? now in a modestly optimistic scenario is another few months we expect some vaccine to be approved in the next couple of months we expected to start being available by the end of the year? We expect that it will be reasonably affected and we expect that most of the population in the? U S? Who wants the vaccine, which has a whole other problem, is to be able to get it by the start of the spring of twenty twenty one that may change but there's. Nobody understand delayed gratification here we are getting closer and the approach that Donald Trump increasingly wants to take of pretending that this, basically in the rearview mirror, while put
four heard immunity through some of his followers and staff is a very danger. Siberia and the simple numbers explain why hey Donald Trump almost fell flat on his face at a recent rally in Londonderry New Hampshire, again raising questions about Donald Trump Balance and other of supposing symptoms that could connect to cognitive decline nine or front o temporial dementia or other conditions that their there are discussions of Donald Trump having, but even before we get to that. Donald Trump is now just having rallies he's having rallies as if there is no pandemic. He had fifteen hundred or so people at his orange speech, no masks, no testing, no social, distancing and not only was the rhetoric of the currency indicative of a pandemic. That's in the rearview mirror of the actions,
were as well and Donald Trump now is simply resuming rallies. Large rallies rallies without social, distancing and rallies, of course, with some arrest, A number of different arrests taking place after Donald Londonderry New Hampshire Rally, but first and foremost, so here is Donald Trump walking up a set of stairs to give his speech and, as you can see, Donald Trump sort of losing his balance and just narrowly avoiding falling flat on his face and, of course, as people watch this a lot of speculation about Donald Trump ones and fitness we all remember, Donald from being helped down a ramp when he spoke at West Point just a few months ago, speculation about cognitive decline, all of these questions continuing to run rampant and certainly Donald Trump, almost falling down, it certainly could be nothing I ll be the first to tell you it could just be bad bad said Come stances taken a wrong step or whatever, but
only with everything else has been going on with Donald Trump bragging about his great score on a cognitive testament. Only to identify very serious signs of cognitive decline, dementia etc, not particularly inspiring of confidence. Now, once Trump got on the stage, it didn't actually get anywhere Donald Trump ranting and raving about all sorts of bizarre things, another one of these just humiliating events that really this much of an indictment of the crowd who will clap for anything at this point, as much of an indictment of the supporters as it is of Donald Trump, here is Donald Trump, with a very strange rat about protesting ass. You you're, not miss hearing me talking about his ass. This is the president, ladies and gentlemen, making no sense it out. I say protesters your ass. I don't talk about Meyer
so this is an extremely low level of discourse. It's a crowd that will cheer for anything. I don't really like this term. I think it's one of these stupid terms that trumpets latched onto for a little while, but the idea of the NP see a non pliable character from a video game that just repeats the predictable pre programme. Actions, no matter. What's going on around them! That's what I think of thanks to trumpet too produce me to the term. That's what I think of when I see people clapping for anything that done from says later, in the rally Donald Trump said: people have no choice but to vote for him and that He really doesn't have to be running for praise, anyway. I guess he is continuing to say that this is a favor he's done. The american people. I guess, take a look at every family
every neighbourhood, and we will fight for every vote we have to win. We have no choice. Can I be honest, work in our work, and I don't have to do this. I could get off that beautiful play that used to be black and white with a red strike that was by, but that serve worse one I get off that beautiful play. I could come up and say, ladies and gentlemen, you have you, have no choice. You after for me, because, if you you'll be put in radical lefties you'll have a depression. No, of course remember we have an economic recession, russian. Now under Democrats, these are just the fact we could debate how much they matter we can do correlation versus causation. But if you look historically under democratic president's stocks do better, but stocks are really an indicator of the economy at large.
Unemployment is lower under democratic president's gdp. Growth is high under democratic presents. Job creation is busy strong, her under democratic president's. You can argue correctly on too many issues. There are not real substance of differences between your ass a Democrat and your average Republican. That's affair discussion to have these numbers are clear, so the fearmongering that the stock market will employ. If Joe Biden as President that The economy will implode that your fora, one case will be worth nothing, that unemployment will explode, that taxes will quadruple. Now None of it is borne out by the by the facts. Another Example by the way of how easily the trump crowd will just do whatever Trump says Trump, attacking or mentioning Chris Wallace from Fox NEWS, the crowd booing there they will,
the drop of a hat turn on whoever take a look at this one person, I think we stress Wallace NICE guys actually does he said that he did not have the same energy and the speech that he usually has. Well, that's a different kind of his tonight, I'm in New Hampshire, weaken wing. It so notice how Donald Trump in time, air base aiming for four years. Fox news was their friend Fox NEWS. Was there ally and mostly Fox new, still carries water for Donald Trump, but notice how quickly the entire base turns on whoever, including Fox news. This is a sign of a cult that what the leaders says is not questioned and adhered to. We spoke to cult. Experts Stephen Hassen a few months ago, and it was one of the signs that he talked about and then lastly, Donald try
insisting that the protesters aren't protesters and data even know why their protesting at not broadcast those are abroad. Does our energies? agitators their rioters their loaders. Then you know you say that some of the people not all of but some of the people. Back though I do, how dare you these are friendly protesters readily just looking for trouble has nothing to do with George Floyd has nothing to do with everything they don't even know. George Floyd. Is there no joy? They have no idea we ask of whose George Floyd they couldn't even tell you, he's just bad people troublemakers
and they should be representing our country at important events, and we ve got to stop it. So we're going to talk about the protest. The end citing to violence of protesters by the Trump administration. In more detail, later on in the programme. But what you have here, fundamentally, is hostility towards people exercising rights under the first amendment, in a way that DOT Donald from doesn't like that's what this is and I'm going to talk later. I don't want to get ahead of myself of why citing them to violence, is beneficial for Donald Trump, real action. That's coming up later make sure you're following us Instagram at David Packaging show for more on this and all of the other stories today's shouted David. Michel David Pachmann, dot com,
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for years, like the last four or do we need something different. That's the contacts that we should be applying to the upcoming election and so in Portland Oregon, we saw a pro Trump mob drive through the city. One person was shot dead we ve seen, clashes involving mace spray and paintball gun We saw trucks, firing projectiles into crowds and driving into people here is a video of CUP, trucks from flags and american friend wise, a pepper spraying people and driving into individuals. A union building was set on fire video from people, shooting paint, balls and pepper spray at other individuals who were protests me, I'm just absolute complete, in total chaos and suing, and then there's a couple different layers of this- that we should really discuss. The first is
what are the realities in the facts about the protests themselves and then the police go impact which I think is far more relevant and and actually it's something we can discuss and much more tangible terms, even though the it's, the political impact is more speculative than the facts on the guy. And I would argue, it's actually a much simpler and more straightforward conversation to have so. The first thing is in terms of the the realities like what is happening in different cities. Cities are being Bobo filled up with Trump people and protestors, who are protesting police brutality, black lives matter protesters, etc. Donald Trump is insisting he needs to be re elected to stop the chaos in cities that doesn't pass the sniff test and we're going to talk about that. But before we do that
I think it makes sense for us to maybe get on the same page about what, are the conversations that we should be having on line on social media and which conversation should we probably skip, and a lot of the debates are over. What portion of the unrest is coming from the left and what portion of the unrest is coming from the right and I'll. Tell you it's completely fraud to go down that road and what I mean by that is the following. If the violence that we are seeing not protesting protesting is for being protected by the first amendment and the pro testing is not the problem, although some people will tell you it as if the violence was ninety five percent trump people and five percent black lives matter or if the violence was ninety five percent black lives matter and five percent trump people. It really doesn't make a difference in turn,
if the political impact and it's a debate that you will never be able to get agreement on and people are going to be fine seeing only on that the UN's, The reality is that more chaos and more violence helps Donald Trump, and I know that there are some people on the left who disagree with me on this. There is people on the left, who are insisting wait? A second people will see violence under Donald Trump, and they will blame trump at least partially further violence. Its counter intuitive trump is president now and there's chaos. Now how this violence and unrest help Donald Trump The narrative has been lost and remember: half the country doesn't vote, and so a lot of this is who do you get to go and vote? Ok now, in that context, chaos in the streets favours the person support
by the military gun types, regardless of whether it makes any sense. I hate that this is the reality. I really do. Seems to realise it and later in the programme, I'll talk to you about how Kellynch Conway is admitting it and the more chaos there is. Either way its beneficial to Donald Trump. Unless we really in the vote out now again, I'm getting all when I've been tweeting about this, including over the weekend. People write to me in say David you're, wrong people see violence under trumps watch and it hurts him. I do not believe that that is correct. The chaos activates trumps base. This idea of dangerous Democrats Cities has been effective for activating Donald Trump Base and again the election will be influenced by
People who changed their minds, but it's mostly chuck my interview with Rachel Bid Coffer, it's mostly going to be a reflection of who is activated and who chooses to go out and vote. The framing up from Trump, of course, is that it's mostly violence by black lives matter against white people, Trump supporters. What The unfortunate reality is that that's the wrong area to be focusing the debate, because imagine that we get out there successfully the narrative that It's not mostly violence from black lives matter. Its most leave violence from trumpets. Well, then, no just say well, yeah the trumpets have to have to be out there because there's chaos in the streets. You saw it with Kyle written House now there debate will Kyle written house. He was actually didn't
the gun across Dateline somebody gave him the gun in Wisconsin, awoke Kyle Rittenhouse was filmed two weeks ago, sucker punching a girl, so with it, when you start making the debate about that, you lost in the weeds, and the unfortunate reality is that Trump benefits on this. No matter what I hate to say it because it activates certain people, it pushes certain buttons for lack of a better term if its chaotic people might be less likely to want to change horses midstream. If Trump stops the violence, he will take credit and get it from some of the people who would be predisposed to be open to that type of idea if Trump sends in the troops, activates his base, it's a real sort of roar, shock test or an inkblot of possibilities, and the next thing want to talk about is Kelly and Conway straight up admitting this and also What is more about the dynamics of why this is beneficial to Donald Trump? Okay? So we all,
we talk a little bit about the unrest that we saw over the weekend, indifferent cities across the country clashes. Everything from pepper spray from trucks with flags drive into people may we just saw sort the different stuff, and the point I tried to make was that arguing about what per The of the unrest and violence is coming from from either side from each side is not really an effective use of time and that, even though its counter intuitive, I believe that chaos and unrest helps Donald Trump secure reelection if it does anything at all, well, outgoing, I'm adviser, Colleen Conway was recently interviewed and she said that from her perspective, the more chaos there is she used. Words, anarchy and vandalism, the better it is and in terms of the choice, between Trumbull Biden on public safety and law and order. Now I happened to agree with her. I think she's comply.
Lee Wrong on the facts, in other words, Frumps pray. It now and the chaos he's pointing who is happening now that doesn't really to find electing trump. So I disagree with her that it actually illuminates who would be better on this issue by Vice President Joe Biden was vice president for eight years. We didn't have this type of chaos, then, but from a political standpoint, and in terms of who supports which candid I believe she is right. Let's take a look at what she had to say. As I heard, if there is a clear today from a restaurant or and was Keyser thing, are you from just trying to get down John reelected. He knows full time, and I guess mayor pianos knows full stop. The more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence range, the better it is for the very clear choice on whose best on publics
DE I law and order. One of that I was informed Montgomery less so illogical person would say, wait, wait! A second trump is president and its chaotic. You don't expect that same president to fix the issue you change president if you want the issue fixed, real, electing the guy during homes during whose presidency there is chaos, isn't going to stop the chaos The reality is that they are creating these images of chaos with footage from Portland. Its being strategically disseminated. Look at some of the usual suspects, some of the so called enlightened centrists on the internet, who claim to be unbiased arbiters, but who are furthering this exact narrative that things would be far less chaotic if Trump, its reelected. They use this to rise up their base. Trump has been doing it for a while. We
site during the orange see using the phrase violent, anarchists or anarchists as Trump often says, mispronouncing it up Marxists. They talk about socialist, communist, etc, who are out there they want to hurt the police and they want to hurt people and all of this different stuff. This is called chaos, pr CHAOS, public relations, and it is counter intuitive, get that its counter intuitive, and I understand why some in the audience don't agree with me of let him or Putin has used this stuff. Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel privileged to previously used more what we would call fear power, relations than chaos, publicly public relations, but it certainly related, and the eye de it is that When your. Let me let me see how I can explain this that in the clearest way when your poppy, when your cat constituents
are the ones more likely to be activated by chaos. The fact that the chaos, happening under your watch, doesn't hurt you, and if there are a whole bunch of people, remember half the country doesn't vote but there are a bunch of people in the non voters who would support Biden if they voted and theirs. Whole bunch of people in the non voters who would support trump if they voted for. You can find an issue that disproportionately activates your side. It really doesn't matter if its idiotic to suggest that hey it chaotic under my watch, reelect me and I'll: stop the chaos, the lack of of logic in that actually doesn't matter The binding campaign is increasingly understanding. This trump step binds deputy Campaign manager, Kate Betting Field, said over the weekend. Trump is due liberally inciting violence and I believe he is
because he believes it will benefit him. The United States globally has become a joke under this presidency, and Donald Trump is doing something that should be laughed out of office, which is trying You get reelected by God Ass lighting people about the current state of affairs Trump had failed, corona virus response. It cause chaos, it cost medical chaos, cultural chaos, economic, us Trump then blames the chaos on the left and says reelect me and I'll fix this wait. A second you caused it. Trump is essential trying to be both the arsonists than the fireman right, create the crisis and present himself as the hero who can fix it and to that end He is manipulating the bases of both parties and getting the bases of both parties to play active roles understand the I dont want to call it genius, because I dont know that it's calculated by what Donald Trump is doing by inciting violence and unrest is he's activating,
so called line order, people on his side to get out and vote any is also active, It the people on the left who were furious about. What's going on to go in protest and while most of the protesters are overwhelmingly peaceful, it is going to foment the narrative that he wants of an angry out of control, anarchist left, which is not accurate, but it is doing things to both bases that I believe benefits have now. Unfortunately fact checking this won't help. We ve been fact checking it for a long time. It's beyond fact checking and two we oughta- I am assuming you don't have to say this to you. When the incumbent president believes, that generating more chaos in the streets, retweeting videos of St Fights as Trump over the weekend. Which I will tell you about- it- is not a good situation.
When that is what the incumbent president believes, we'll get him reelected, it's even worse. When might be right and, of course, this strategy disproportionately works on people who can easily be bamboozled, there are a lot of those people in trumps constituency. So the question is what we do? I dont have an answer for you today I am going to about it and hopefully Oh, oh, but you later this week. If you have thoughts, I do want to hear from you can let me know the Twitter act. It happened, David Pachmann, Shell, David Pachmann, dagger, privacy, dot com is one of our spawn
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the sea is giving you five dollars to spend just for signing up when you go to privacy, dot, com, slash, Pachmann, David Pachmann show David Tagamet, dot com. So we already discussed earlier- and I mentioned to you- that a man was killed in Portland Oregon over the weekend and this as well as some of the other events of the weekend, despite not stopping Donald Trump from God. Thing did set him off tweeting completely. Uncontrollably for hours in the middle of the night and he's really were the ratings of mad man and there you know it is not normal for anybody to behave. This way. Social media is not normal for anybody to be tweeting this much on she'll media, most people don't have this much time to be spending so much time tweeting and reach
getting things on social media and having listened, went when I see someone tweeting at messages at me so frequently I just meet them immediately and we have the president doing this and each of these tweets work We look at our so riddled with lies. We get analyze all of them in detail. I am only going to do a couple. Many of these sort of illuminating or informative in some way. I think there's something we can. We can get from them so One of the questions that have been coming up is: why isn't Joe Biden critic using the violence and unrest in the streets and of course he has, but Donald didn't really matter to download from Donald Trump tweeting quote when is slow, Joe Biden going to criticise, criticise the anarchists thugs and agitators in and for when is he got and remember twenty thousand killed anyone when, as you
to suggest bringing up the National guard in badly run and crime, infested, democrat cities and states. Remember he can't lose the Crazy Bernie Super liberal vote. Well, Biden did actually do that denouncing and its trump who has refused denounce some of the individuals and some of the violence that has actually taken place over the last four days. Job Joe Biden put out a statement about this and in that statement he said quote. I condemn this violence unequivocally Ike, damn violence of every kind by anyone whether on the left or the right- and I challenge Donald Trump to do the same- will trump hasn't. It does not matter if you find the political views of your opponents. Abhorrence Annie, loss of life is a tragedy. Today there is another family guy giving in America and Jill
and I offer our deepest condolences, but it doesn't matter to trump. It's the narrative that Biden denounces and things will be even crazier if Biden as President and its working on a bunch of people Trump also had a to tweet ran about Joe Biden will go through some of the law here. Joe Biden is coming out of the basement earlier than his hoped for ten days, because his people told us he has no choice his pole numbers are plunging. Now, that's not true. There is a titan, in some areas, but binds numbers aren't, plunging Trump on going to Pittsburgh, where I have helped industry to a record last year, that's a lie and then back to his basement for an extended period. His problem is interesting. He must always be weak on crime because of the Bernie Sanders radical, left voter so amazing on this, is that one of the primary critiques from the burning laughed about Biden is his.
Balls meant in the ninety nine these crime bill, which, even though it was almost thirty years ago, still is mentioned as Biden being too it's like a Republican on suppose it law and order and crime. But in any case, you can't talk sense into these people. Trump going on. If he loses them like crooked Hilary did, he is toast and many a vote for me because of trade. Bernie was good on trade. Joe must always be weak on crime. So this is now in the basement stuff continues in the Joe Biden is weak. Stuff is, is continuing, but it's also completely diskin did from what Joe Biden is actually doing. Joe Biden actually has been more visible. Lately, Joe Biden is going to be speaking in a few places. Crowbar Joe Biden, Aren, T, speed, Dnc speech rather pair to transparency speech was tethered to reality, unremarkable, but completely reasonable
from then going on to tweak the only way you will stop the violence in the high crime Democrat run. Cities is through strengthened, I remember whatever violence is going on now going on now when trumpets President and Trump insisting that too, stop the violence that's happening during his presidency. You need to re, elect him, doesn't pass this if test, but as I talked about in the last segment, the chaos helps trump big picture that scary trump, also retweeting a bunch of differ, fight, videos believe it or not. This is the president of the United States Trump. Also tweeting attacks on different people for sample tweeting TED Wheeler the way, key radical left do nothing Democrat mayor of Portland who has watched great death and destruction of his city during his tenure, this lawless situation should go on forever wrong,
Portland will never recover with a fool for a mayor. Remember Trump is president. Now, if from can stop the violence. Why isn't trump stopping the violence? saying he won't do it until he's reelected, very, very disturbing that that is not raising a red flag with tens of millions of from voters Trump also tweeting law and order in all capital letters multiple times over the weekend, hundreds of tweets and retreats outrageous behaviour from a sitting. President of the United States. We have really crazy situation in the United States Here, because of the mishandling of corona virus by the President, Americans are true. In the United States. Now this applies to healthcare Many of you probably know it.
Common that Americans will go to Canada for insulin, where it can be obtained much less expensively its common that Africans along the southern border, will go to Mexico. For I dental care, I've shown these maps before. But if you look, for example, at the Mexican, a town, small city of Lhasa. You got on ass. You see that it is just filled with eye and dental clinics why this it's because Americans cross the border to get high quality affordable. In dental care, except that now because of corona virus Americans are allowed all nowhere around the world. We have a care system that is such a fiasco that regularly people will escape the United States for medical treatment will now they can in addition to just met,
or treatment. Many people leave the United States for education to go someplace where colleges less expensive, that's increasingly difficult to do now with corona virus I have friends who have figured it out who, for example, they were be in Europe to get away from what's going on. Europe is not me Countries are not allowing Americans, and so they go to the UK, where you can quarantine for fourteen days if coming from the? U S then you're in and you can travel to other european countries but this is really a major issue more than two million Americans regularly by proscriptions abroad, but that's mostly Canada and Mexico, and somehow are horrible. Healthcare system has made even worse by restricting ability of Americans to essentially flee to other countries with more affordable health care and you still have people who don't recognize that we need drum. Attic and drastic systemic change to the american healthcare system. Now, if you want,
go beyond medical. We ve become the world pariah. We were the laughing stock. We now er. The pity of the world and people are also angry at the error, sponsor ability of what's going on in the United States, and you know I mentioned a few weeks ago- it has occurred to me to just get out of the: U S in the fall for what will likely be a very difficult public health situation and part of reason that has held me back from confirming those plans is. I am not that interested in being seen in other parts of the world as the irresponsible Americans who are just travel, around and potentially spreading corona virus. Obviously I would be careful, I would wear a mask. I would get a test. I would quarantine, would do all of that stuff, but but I don't want to be seen that way, so Donald Trump called has gotten what they wanted. They essentially gotten close borders. We have closed many of our orders from people coming in, although that starting to loosen- because, let's be honest, the problem is increasingly
here not in other countries and the United States is now on a blacklist. In most parts of the world, we taken a hundred eighty seven thousand dead in order to get those borders closed, so that Americans increasingly can't leave the United States now, just as a reminder on healthcare back in July, Donald Trump told Chris Wallis during that interview within two weeks. Will sign a new health care plan into law, never happened and trumps that it would be done by the end of August. Well, that's today, it's not gonna happen every single day. Trump should be pressed on that because it is another one of those failed broken promises. Unfortunately- and this really is horrible for Us- and I know you know- people write to me from all over the world who who watched the programme- and they feel bad- mostly the? U S, this feeling more and more like guilty ad the world described by Margaret Atwood in her to novels Handmaids
hail and, more recently, the sequel testaments, it's very bad. It is very, very bad Americans, trapped in the united its. We have a voice mail number. That number is too one nine to David P. This is a real funny Voice, voicemail, see can pick up on what money about it. Take a lesson down. I was just wondering if you dont bother, while twenty first murmur right yeah. This is so funny so the twenty fifth amendment provides a mechanism for removing Donald Trump or any president for being unfit hilariously. The collar mentions the when he First amendment which ended prohibition which was put in place the eighteenth amendment, so I know I'm so it getting around. I know the collar means the twenty fifth amendment, but actually started thinking
Is there any way we can use the twenty first amendment to justify removing Donald Trump? I can't think off hand of how we would do it, but a funny idea, but no, it is the twenty fifth amendment that could be used. It will not be used. Donald Trump, it has no interest in removing him, no matter how clearly unfit for office he is, we will have a great bonus, chauffeur you today, we will talk about whether it is fair to blame college parties for the spread of corona virus or not. We will also talk about so in amendment sanctuary cities you may or may not have heard of that- and we will also about an interesting shift within the american military. The American military now, but men of the military expected to vote for Joe Biden over Donald Trump. That is, the way things use We go in history with the military vote, so all of those stories and more on today's bonus show getting and access coming a member at joint pachmann dot com,
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