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8/4/21: Nina Turner Defeated as Vaccine Requirements Hit NYC

2021-08-04 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Mike Lindell, CEO and inventor of MyPillow, joins David to discuss his claims that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump

--Nina Turner loses to establishment candidate Shontel Brown in the Democratic primary to represent Ohio's 11th Congressional District

--The Center for Disease Control and Prevention issues an extension on the ban of evictions into October, but it may not stand up to court scrutiny

--New York City becomes the first municipality in the country to issue vaccine mandates to go to restaurants, gyms, and entertainment venues

--New York Attorney General Letitia James says that Governor Andrew Cuomo violated federal and state law as more sexual harassment allegations unfold

--A MAGA rally organizer named Matt Braynard announces on Steve Bannon's show that they will be "going back to the Capitol" on September 18th

--A concerned citizen from Dothan, Alabama sends us video secretly recorded of Marjorie Taylor Greene hinting at using guns to shoot door-to-door vaccinators

--Voicemail caller accuses David of "suppressing" the truth

--On the Bonus Show: Missouri governor pardons gun-waving couple, FDA aiming to give Pfizer vaccine full approval next month, Japan starts naming and shaming quarantine rule-breakers, and much more...

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We have so much to talk about today. So let's get right into it. Last night was an especial primary election in Ohio, eleventh district, and it has ended up as a major major disappointment for the activists left. I'm going to give you my analysis. First, we will look at the results and Fortunately, I am reading a lot of what I think are. I would just call them all early, dramatic analyses about this race from some on the left. So I'll give you my sense of what I think happened in a moment. Let's first look at the results again who's, the Ohio special election primary, the Levin Congressional District democratic primary. This was an election to replace Marcia fudge
joined, Joe Biden Cabinet. Now the establishment candidate, the candidate anointed by the establishment, Democratic Party was Chantelle Brown. There were hopes that activist Nina Turner, would come out ahead and it did not go that way. As of this moment, the results were last updated, learn very early this morning, so nothing nothing strange for some time Sean. hell. Brown coming out ahead of Nina Turner. By about six points Just a hare under six points, only about four three two hundred votes separating the two remember: this was a democratic primary in the eleventh congressional district, so a relatively small electorate, so Those are the results and
I want to give you my analysis of what took place, but first I want to talk about some analyses that I think are dismissing the mark here. There are narratives being pushed about what happened here in certain circles that just don't make thence to me: I'm not against these being possible analyses, but when I look at them they don't make sense. One is this was a racist. Against Nina Turner now, if you look, you would notice Sean tell Brown need eternal Opponent, who one is also black, so it just being raised, ism, which have seen a couple of of hot, takes just, doesn't make sense to me. So then, when you dig deeper, some people will say well what we mean by that is shown Brown is not as black as Nina Turner in a lot of ways so really weird argument to hear people on the left making. It sounds sort of colorist to me and I understand what what they may mean by. That is that need Turner has more
issues of particular concern to the black community as part of a platform than Chantelle Brown, but this issue until Brown is not really is black as Nina Turner, that's a very good thing. I can't get behind that. So then it gets too well Chantelle Brown had significantly more white supporters. That's what we mean white who didn't vote for Nina because his black, but they voted for. Chantelle Brown, despite Chantelle Brown being black, that's really weird to me it again. Most of the district is black. This is a primarily it's like fifty three will look at the numbers in a seven hundred and fifty four percent black district. That's that's a strange and to say to me that that doesn't really make sense, so then another one I'm seeing is that Israel picked Sean Tell Brown and Israel for did Chantelle Brown because mean a bit Nina. Turner is a for palestinian rights.
This one's also kind of weird and their there aren't that many Jews in that district. It's mostly black district. Fifty four percent, some of of the white voters are jewish, and some of them are Democrats and some of them voted in the democratic primary. So I think what they're getting at is that a group called the democratic majority for Israel supported down over Nina Turner and that's true. Now there is the perception and rightly or wrongly, that need a turner is is like against Israel's existence. I've not seen evidence of that and Nina Turner has denied that Nina Turner so came out against the Beady S movement, but she's also against legislation to curb beady S, Nina Turner, said it's ok with military aid to Israel, but wants it to be conditional. She tweeted and depart hide during the last flare up and that's it that's a controversial term when it comes to the Israelis.
Indian convict you dont have to adjudicated and eat it. It just is controversial and in some circles, so that the truth is that that group did support Chantelle Brown, that's accurate now to go further, and This has Israel's hands all over. It starts to get conspiratorial and at borders on an anti semitic trope, this particular group, which is an american group, supported Chantelle Brown. That's true, say, Israel real picture until brown overrunning turner starts to get a little bit but anti semitic. So what do I really think happened? I think that the explanation here is really boring. I think Ohio Democrats are mostly relish. Lee okay, with Biden ISM. For now you might say they wrongly think Biden. Ism is good for them that that's ok, you could you can make that argument, but as far as there are concerned, I think there more or less ok with Biden ISM right now, and they pick the candidate that sort of more in line with Biden. As am, I really think it's that simple. This is a district, that's mostly black most,
working class without college degrees, median household income of forty two thousand, that's well below the national median and just sort of ok with a more moderate approach, It is Ohio. After all, no one other thing there are claims, Brown went negative with lies against Nina Turner, but that actually there was some of that on both sides- there was a Nina Turner ad in the final days of the race which claimed that Chantelle Brown is under an ethics investigation which was assert without evidence now that that there may be an investigation, but there was mudslinging on both sides. So to me, this is not this incredible crossing the Rubicon, blacks, one type of event really similar to Bernie Verses Biden. I would like the demo MAGIC party to be more progressive than the average voter actually is, if you on read it in Twitter. It seemed like Bernie had a lot more support than he ultimately did. Likewise, if you look
read it and twitter, it looked like neat. Nina Turner had a lot more support than she actually did. Turner did pretty well, she lost by sea, in the end right now, this Ohio district is relatively happy with Abiden sort of Democrat and they elect if someone along those lines. I think it's that simple and I'm gone had to have my mind changed if folks disagree, aright very big news yesterday and we have to give praise to Congresswoman Corey Bush for real pushing for this that I would call this a progressive victory of words, even though it may be struck down by the Supreme Court relatively quickly. The CDC has extended the eviction moratorium. We talked about this last week. We talked about this a bunch of times because it's a really important issue, the seat see, has issued a new eviction ban based on the pandemic effective through October. Third,
The former moratorium expired last month is recovered. There were eleven million Americans behind on rent as the delta variant surges of this be targeted at areas of the country experiencing high levels of infection from corona virus. It will last sixty days until October. Third and the protection could cover around ninety percent of renters. Now this may be struck down, and I that way. You know I'm giving you both sides of it. This is really a progressive victory. Inquiry. Bushes deserves a lot of credit. She was instrumental in pushing this to happen. At the same time, there is a big supreme court threat that this will not hold the There is a political article which calls it a potential clash with the Supreme Court, and what's at issue here is where there, the CDC really has the authority to do this,
and it may well be that the answer that the Supreme Court comes up. with maybe no Joe Biden yesterday said he went to constitutional scholars to find out about the CDC Legal Authority and what They do that is most likely to pass muster constant nationally and Biden said the bulk of the scholarship suggested This would not pass muster in the courts, but there were some scholars that said it could. This targeted moratorium comes after the White House, insisted for days that the CDC doesn't have the authority to act and that Congress must pass an extension. The house has left multi Wick weak recess, after failing to pass an extension with Pelosi, another top Democrats, areas at the White House for putting this at their feet, so bottom line there may not hold- it- appears The opinion of the Supreme Court is that the city
see cannot do and eviction moratorium that, it must be from Congress and Congress is out of session. Let's hope, that's not the way it goes down, but I think we have to be prepared for the reality that it may. Of course, this is an absolutely crucial thing to do. There are people who even in normal non pandemic situations can't afford an unexpected. Four hundred dollar expense, something like half the country can. So if you have to think for five, even more months of rent stacking up and all of us, the protection against getting evicted goes away. You're, a real risk of get it getting evicted now. What does one other thing? I don't believe that nearly the eleven million or even eight or nine million would actually get evicted. There are things taking place at the state level there are, other programmes that are available to some of these people so that the number really at risk of getting evicted like in the next month, nowhere near the eleven million, it doesn't change the importance and significance of doing this, and now we have to see
if it will hold up in court- and let me know your thoughts you can find me- twitter it d Pachmann. Remember that Monday August sixteenth, is the sixtyth anniversary of the show and will be doing a big membership special if you'd like to be notified about it with instructions. On how to take advantage get on my newsletter at David Pachmann Dotcom, one of us answers is steady, M D, primary care, the easier and more affordable way to do primary care and they're, giving you fifty percent off, because you are in my audience. You just answer a few quest: steady empty will match you with a licence primary care. Physician, that's tailored to your needs. You'll have a one hour. Virtual appointment and start a meaningful relationship with your new Doktor from then on. Your doctor will be available to you by text phone and video chat. It's not some random doktor on call your steady empty doctor, has aligned the number of patients you get the attention you deserve and they can help you with anything.
primary CARE Doc normally, would it's very cool how it works? You dont need insurance. It's just nine. And bucks a month. No other fees were co, pays for visits. Take them requests and see which doktor is a perfect fit for. You, you'll get fifty percent off your first month. When you go to steady, emptied out com, slash pachmann. There is no risk, no long term commitment and the link is in the podcast notes, many. Things happen from the standpoint of vaccine requirements and mandates. The big news yesterday is that New York City will be mandating vaccines. If you want to go to restaurant, so if you want to go to gems and if you want to go to most indoor, entertainment type venues New York City may or build the plaza mandating covert vaccines for certain indoor activities. The order goes into effect August, sixteenth, with full enforcement starting September thirteenth, the plaza says the mandate known as the key to and Y see pass,
would encourage increased immunizations to combat the spread of the Delta corona virus variant. The mayor's order comes a day after the plaza mandated vaccinations for all of the cities. new hires them as you added the city will begin inspecting businesses for compliance in MID September, all affected customers and workers, neither provide their vaccination cards or upload proof of vaccination to the Excelsior Pass application. New York City is thought to be the first in the nation to implement such a mandate. Joe Biden responded affirmatively when asked that a press conference yesterday, if he believed Their cities should follow suit, but stakeholders across the food industry raise concerns about how the programme will work. They are overwhelmingly concerned about their sing. Listen this! not like checking and I d to make sure someone's twenty one before you serve them alcohol. This is much more invasive. It's gonna really affect restaurants, but, needless to say, two bloggers bring forward with it.
I believe it will encourage more people to get vaccinated. Here is build the plaza talking about. This yesterday during a press conference fist is crucial, because We know this will encourage more imagination. We ve seen it already we ve seen the impact of the man. We put in place for sea workers already starting to move people. The vaccination with odyssey that seen the positive impact of incentive as well. The goal here is to convince everyone that this is the time Stop the delta re at the time is now and then it's getting vaccinated right now. This new policy will be phased in over the coming weeks so we ve been working with the business community. Getting input, we're gonna, do more over the next few weeks, the final details. The policy will be announced. An employee in the week of August. Sixteenth, ok, so without question, this is how
opening. The question that the questions are, how is it going to be implemented and how is it go to be enforced, New York Times also writing New York City will require workers and customers to show proof of at least one dose for indoor dining and other activities we are so other examples of this as well growing. Number of LOS Angeles, restaurants and bars are themselves requiring proof of covert nineteen vaccination. Microsoft will require proof of that. the nation to enter their buildings in the United States, the full open, of its offices will be no earlier than October forth, so they ve got a couple of months. Thyssen food, goods will be mandating vaccines for it's. U S, workforce! We know that food processing plants were be. A points have spread realm. simply early in the pandemic, so this is happening. The questions are
How will the enforcement work- and I know a lot of you- have been emailing- Miss hang David. You know it's really easy to forge vaccine cards. It's not only easy. Theoretically, it's already happening. We already are aware of all sorts of stories of people having in presenting fake vaccine card. So there is no doubt that it will happen to some degree but The point here is you, don't you you put a welfare the social insurance system in place. There will be some people who misuse it, but does it do good? At the macro level, you put something like in place? Will some people lie and about being vaccinated and get away with it? Yes, but they're already not vaccinated if you incentivize a bunch of people to go and do it, we are slowing the spread and hopefully getting beyond the pandemic. So it's happening see how it all rules out, and there is no doubt that you will continue to see protests and more There are some who are calling this Nazi like and we will get to that. A little bit later continuing our sort of tour of the news here. It is
time for New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign. I that the debt is my view, Joe Biden, the same yesterday and many others as well. He has been. now accused and in castigated for sexually harassing multiple women We now have the results of an investigation. Cnbc summarizes it. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, sexually harass, multiple women who work for the state and elsewhere. According to a report by state attorney General Latisha, James, the instigation, concluded, Cuomo court violated federal state law. James set at a press conference. Cuomo than retaliated against a former employees who complain publicly about his conduct. According to the report, the pro into numerous women's allegations of sexual harassment by Cuomo started in March after the States executive chamber group, The James is requested to investigate further coverage of this
Albany DE criminally investigating Cuomo asks any VIC of New York Governor sexual harassment to contact office. The dossier of Albany County said his office is criminally investigating Cuomo the aid David Sores, said his office would welcome any victim to contact our office with a dish no information about Cuomo source Eddie plants. To request, invest gate of materials from the state attorney general's probe of the alleged harassment eleven women, so listen for people who were saying, oh David, you, partisan, shill and you'll be up up up up. hold on guys we're we're going to have the same standard here for left and right earlier, were allegations and an investigation started, and at that time I said, let's see what the investigation fines we now have an investigation that appears have been done without obvious political bias of some kind were the investigations results would not be trustworthy, so, although there have not been kept
in all charges here, the investigation is credible, and this in my view now, encumbers Andrew Cuomo ability to just be the governor to such a degree that, I believe it is time for him to resign there. I don't find myself even needing, say much more about it. It's just time for him to resign now trustingly. He put out in an eighty five percent of eighty five page written response, there is only twenty six pages of text and a lot of the pages are just pictures of Andrew Cuomo in various. Types of embrace with different figures, including Joe Biden. with his mom Matilda Cuomo, with her a cane victim Sandra Patterson. It's basically arms are. It is an example of George W Bush embracing Hurricane victim Sandra Patterson, sort of thing listen. This type of how hugging is not Big Deal, lots of people do it here is Barack Obama hugging Hill
Clinton. It's really just not a big deal, also taking the approach in a video that he put out of just say, This is how I interact with people. I just hug people there's nothing inappropriate about it, which is it sort of like an affirmative defends he's not denying the contact with the women he's using this no big deal. I do with every one bright, blue, can why young. an old straight, Dan L Gb teach you. powerful people. Friends strangers but who are made on the street? So I think it's an interesting approach. I d: Think Andrew Cuomo survives this he should resign at this time. If you disagree here with me, me no, I would love to hear from you if you have.
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the Pandemic Donald Trump held. This event at the White House and announced here are some business p that are going to be doing things to help us. You were going to be, if I recall correctly, making masks and maybe even some other things. How did you first Compton to meet Donald? tromp and that relationship start well. It was the summer of two thousand sixteen. Ah, he invited me to tromp tower. I was August. Fifty two thousand sixteen it was a private meeting I went in. There was about thirty five minutes, just him, and I and I walked out of there and I didn't you know I didn't come from a past of addiction and stuff. I didn't think politics affected any, but I did walk out of his office and he's going to be the greatest president. Ever, if he's, if he's about talked about. We talked about the met my pillow being made in the USA. We talked about it said I was gonna have a platform on which I do the Lindo recovery Network, dot org, which helps attics and
he said I want to stop the drugs porn in and we we just have this back and forth, and I went to my went to his employees afterwards and I asked them what kind of did my duty Jesus, I'm going it just real. Let me malay agenda here was to help our country and it and help people, and that's what I and they all said. Yes, he's Amazing, boss, amazing man, and they all personal, worry about him, and then I got back to Minnesota in a press release- and you don't think I shot someone- they attacked me and called me a racist and called me everything, I did was say I had a meeting with the word down. Tromp was running present you are at that event. At the White House that I mentioned at the start of the pandemic, you You said that Donald Trump was quote chosen by God. How? How did God revealed to you that that he had chosen Trump? Well, I was a bunch of divine appointment.
For me, I had a dream in the spring of two thousand fifteen that I'd be meeting Donald Trump and I'm goin. Why would I want to meet Donald Trump and all the son he's comes on the other? They are running for president than I had ever been in my book. I explain all this. I I actually to the national prayer breakfast in early. Two thousand sixteen and when been Carson was still running for office, and I was picked out a twelve people out of a whole prayer breakfast with thousands are to pray. I talked with Ben Carson in a room and just these things kept happening to me and it was the building. But I'm going, this all has to mean something, and I will mean that I just end up going golfing with Donald Trump or and I go there were so many divine appointments that led up to that, and then I just stop. It was something different, something that you know, because I met him. I just know this head to all these things that happen. I look at them to know that
God exists. I use mathematics and say if you have a one in a million happen or a one in a billion, or this thing this thing happens. That could never happen when you Adam together and consider a miracle and that's what kept helping to me and I'm going. I got this he's been He has been chosen for such a time as allow. So if I hear you correctly, you're saying where others my, see as odds and probability. You see is divine appointment, absolutely every while a cab, especially when there is more than one another's confirmations or that, while you know here is a guy for me being adjusted ex attic for Minnesota. Died very functioning out a growth in all growing up again now an here and up- and now I end up in the White House I'll tell you example. So I end up the White House and a round table event. I never thought I could come within a hundred yards
the White House. With my I see I see I see I see how to hear. I hear I end up in the wider fisted, whose sittin here and they go the presidents there's like fifteen of us, Rome first, I myself the White House and they do that. We go on national tv them is just human eye facing, for now it went viral that doubt screen shot and all my friends are gone. What is this x sitting next to the press, the United States? Jesus is real. Because this could not have. This makes no sense right. In other words, it's almost like MIKE Lyndal pillow guy being at the White House, makes such little sense. It must be divine intervention. Absolutely absolutely now now, just like when I spoke at the rose garden there when we were when I went there are did start making mass we gotta I've got a letter from the light. Also, would you come in and nor can we have started, make a mess.
one of the first ones, I believe in the country, and we get there, and these gonna have a false speak from the road garden. You have dab, pre pre approved remarks, and if I told you the whole story, I mean it's just that is divine how everything went down yet its unstinting in the front row row as things that couldn't happen, that was a series of events happened there where ended up being the only one on stage with them and then asked him if I could say some off the cup and flip this paper when I spoke out about. I remember I was getting back in the wording and I it know you to think there. I we know it. That was heard around the world. I did a hundred nine interviews and stubborn five days it will make listen. There's many things? I want to ask you about. Let me do a few that are sort of like shorter things. Why it is in terms of states that were given Joe Biden that you believe Donald Trump One. What what is the? How extensive is that list? If she
generally, is absolutely huge, and not that I believe I know he one could we have all the pact can captures and data from the whole election we'll get MID, Minnesota New Hampshire. What you're all the swings days! We talk about Nevada, George Michigan Wisconsin, Arizona Pennsylvania. While I mean it this goes on and on it. So there are very few. The binding were less than ten. You at one point I heard you say you believe Trump, even one, California, do you still believe that there are doubts about correct and we're going to reveal that the Cyprus because in my opinion these are gonna, be we actually will have the doubted to back them up. What's the math oblige us to pick one MIKE for people to understand California has twenty two million registered voters Ten million are Democrats and there's five million Republicans did Trump wind, California,
One per sure we're gonna reveal out this deposit plus years Minnesota. Ok, my home state, they are you there losing Minnesota by a hundred thousand votes. Now I went to all over him once they all many helpless and all we have. We only have liked to big cities, Duluth many up, a saint Paul and it's all Democrats supposedly right in all our northern Minnesota Democrat. Well, that's that's the past. Everybody that democratic, sale. Those were traditional Democrats, thought of em, my Minnesota, the actual number Minnesota Thou shalt one by sixty five thousand- and we will show this issue at the symposium yeah. This is acts. These are facts, and how did that happen? Because it doesn't matter where you, the the past, everything changed with Donald Trump people. People are body, I believe people voting, for they want politicians that are for the people, the thing you know and Donald Trump
did stop for all people. If you get to our great this put great place wearin in December, two thousand nineteen, I think everyone, whether a dim democratic Republican, realises that those those date that that month, that that was a manifestation of a couple years of decisions being made by politicians. I E Donald Trump and by me, and those common sense decisions that made here is a problem. Here is a solution. Hollowed help people all people, not just their party or a personal agenda, and that's when we see that we now, as it was just awesome that everyone in this country got to experience. That would what political decisions which could could manifest to embed everything was great. There we're Kyle's consumer confidence, lowest gas prices, lowest unemployment on employment. I mean the list goes on and on your part, I mean across the board. There were because a political decisions. Everybody
I want to focus on the election peace just so we we kind of keep the keep that path forward. There are some like Marge retailer Green who, whilst He believes there were problems with the election. She says Trump is not coming back. He, it is false hope to believe he will be reinstated. You ve said August September. Do you still believed that in what's the mechanism, a hundred percent, leave that large cheeses, she's Minsk. strewed, I mean they all these. This is here. Is this a couple of things here we're having a cyber symposium after that? That's August tenth, let us in twelve everybody's going to watch this. It's I wanted to be the biggest watch event history, yet billion people, you watch that and you're going to see the packet captures and data from the whole election. This is non subjective, evidence, everybody it's what I've had for months now and I've been trying to get the word out, but I keep let's just cancel MIKE Mandela. My pillow I've been trying to get order. Now this gets out, we ve had it ready for the Supreme Court,
called a quote warrant Joe, we bring out to the Supreme Court in ambulances while they're not gonna, bring back down trump. Yes, they are here's. Why still held under that might make. I wanted. I wanna hear it, but I want to make sure the audience does it misses the supreme. It is the mechanism that will bring them back, you're, saying there's there's more than one, but I'm giving the first? Ok, ok, budgets, the easiest one of the easiest, one this when we get. you're the Cyber symposium, which everybody needs to tell everybody to watch. This is so important because these nine Supreme Court justices their people too. Lived the american dream. They have families, they have children, grandchildren, friends, family, they need to everyone. Everyone needs to watches because it shows that this was an attack by China on our country. It doesn't matter if you're, a democratic pumpkin. I said on Jimmy Kimball, I said Jimmy set up. It was reversed microbes. You do the same thing absolutely. I would
This is an attack on a country, so what happens is in our country's history, every elected official everyone that you find out later there was a crime committed. election fraud, while the real winner gives put back in its happen every single election. Now that's never happened at the presidential level right as the only difference. So there is precedents, but also you you combine this with the Sudan check by China. This was a very very very it's an act of war? Basically as long as they attacked us, and the Democrats warned us this everybody, they warned us from Amy Club a charge of Kemal years. They are warned us about the cyber attack about going through the machines in in our country without guns- and they just happen to use the Democratic Party, So no matter who you are we go back now they want the Supreme Court's gonna get this year. Our getting
probably late August and now what they do with that. I'm not the Supreme Court, but they'll have some options they might put. You know, poured down. Donald Trump right away, because its evidence is non subjective. I season or or because all the down tickets were affected, too many many down tickets. Maybe this Supreme Court, I'm just put it there has a whole new election, why is it well? How could we have a new election right with these, but with these machines we can, but at the suppose, you on the tenth eleventh twelve August members, live streamed, outbreak, speech, worldwide, coarse and worldwide break speech, dotcom, we're gonna, live stream of seventy two hours straight, we're going to unveil replacement for the machines and everyone says will make. Are you going to do that now? You're gonna show. This is just a money think so you can meet my no
we are giving a technology which are all companies, ok, ok, but so too want. I want to go one because this so much you're, my head is virtue, is literally spinning here might just to show. How confident you are that this reinstatement would happen What would you want to make up a financial bet with me on it, because I just don't see it and I want to prove to people just how confident you are. Would you want to put twenty five thousand dollars up against me on it that by the end of September, from his reinstatement of my addictions was gambling ah cried out, but I will tell you this. I put up five million dollars for a prize yeah Cyber symposium five million dollars for anyone. That's there which, as we have invited, don't we have over a hundred cyber cyber forensic experts from around the country and a couple from out of them,
this country. What do we want? Is that what is that mean a cyber friend? What's that credential, a cyber forensic S, show that they have see. I s, people it's more than that. These are is our guys that protect our country, a lot of work for the government that when you have a cyber attack, these are experts that can read these packet captures the kindest. You know what actually happened. The show there are. The attack came from the computer. That was intrude in how many votes were flip they're, going to read all this during the seventy two hours, we're gonna go through all fifty states, a packet capture. Everybody is like a picture. You can't change can't all that's true, but mike- and this is so important because I've looked- I saw the packet captures and I saw that the numbers- and I want to be in preparation for the interview to be thorough. I went to some cyber experts on this. What they told me is there what you previewed. I dont remember if it was on Frank speech on news MAX or where it was a couple weeks ago, but use you showed the number scrolling. They said that that's
absolutely meaningless that those are called hex dumps and it's just a way to look at computer memories. Just right. We just put real author, those rights it captures for, though we point B, rural, those from the election, those every single everything no I'll. Let including CNN, I just did a tuna, our interview with them about four days ago. Ok, that's just show you what this doubt. I appear any kind of a cyber guy. You can decide what say. Well, that was from the twenty twenty election. Ok, I should have thought So what you are saying is when what you put up there is this: I'll of what you will be unveiling at the symposium, but it is not actually waylaid those were actual down. It was actual data, their actual Jarrod one hundred percent actual data show, if you talk to guys that wasn't now, that wasn't pact could capture that was down from the package captures yet that were captured. So what we're going to be at the cyber symposium you're gonna be able to go up to imagine
we're. Gonna have onstage we're going to have a pale and we're gonna go just like election. I and the state of New Hampshire goes to dial. Rob whoa, this will be the real election. Ok went up to the the stage we have a cyber cybersex any of these politician or the media, if you got your bided yourself David, if you want to come in and then you can get your five dollar prize. You could bring your own cyber guys absolutely if you're beside the stage will be able to punch in a state or a county or the whole election. If your punch a luxury got Donald Trump, winning eighty million to sixty eight million. But now you do this. Now. Listen we're going to have these hundred cyber guys that came from all over the country. These None of us know each other. They were just paper. They were, we invited in a way they call DNA prevented them that their that there are good, though the best ok, yeah, arrogant, divided up into groups like, let's say eight to a group.
We're going to give him a state, here's a state of Georgia, here's the rod, data and they're going to sit there and make sure a hundred percent that, but where I'm telling you as the true he'll, go through it and they are going to go I I say, they're gonna and then we're gonna held them on the stage and you're going to help the people is like reading language, but say that say that was all written Una. Chinese you'd have to help people there the, read the Chinese and say yeah. This is what it says now, since its non subjective, every cyber guy will say the exact same thing and when you're watching that for now when you're, watching that anybody, cyber guy or anybody in the world that sees risk will be a hundred percent, not ninety, two percent. By the time the symposium is over. Everyone. Democrats, Republicans
liberals, conservative are gonna go while we need to do so now. This was an attack by China. This is real. These heroes had captured this information, which is he's pack. It captures our governments should be doing this because the Democrats wanted but yeah, but dont they said, although not know the machines run line. So why would you would it be like getting flood insurance when you say hidden It's not gonna, be any water. What they like yeah like the american people, so there I'm I'm out of breath all of this information that you're giving me my limit. There's a couple of the things I want to get too and maybe Andy. I know your time is short, so maybe we can keep these short. I am not a Christian, so I may not be in a position to understand this, but if Donald Trump was selected by God, as you are certain that he was why would God aloud Joe Biden to even become president and force you to go through all of this. Why not just put Trump in the White House again while I believe I believe that that sob that's part of this divine device.
Things are going on big, no, really dont. But let me giant people do not look for hope unless things are going back and this that's why I believe this will be the greatest revival for Jesus and we will be once again one nation under God ever because all these people, including yourself or gonna, see miracles, unfolds year, Michael you sing, and even even even a jewish guy, like me, will see Jesus. Even a jewish guy, like me, are gonna miracles, you're going. Ok, man because involved if you're gonna shoot me It calls on fooled, you can believe Never you want, but you're going to see things that you thought were impossible, ok, habit and yours if you ask me, why would God? But why would God let this happen yeah? Well, if you dont people, don't look without argument. Example, I was you know I was in about two years ago, the guy, and he said, and he goes mike- our nations turned his back and God people have turned its back on.
And he says we would needs people are looking for godless things. Bad happened any said he goes if something like the great depression and I said no, no in the great depression they had, God, they were just praying for food and shelter, and they said we have something better than that. I said we have addiction ice. So this is what I said in my Linda Recovery Network generated when you're addiction, you're, looking for hope, you're looking out through you need, and it's about yourselves above salvation- you're pray. Ok, but then along came the China virus the pandemic and then came the selection, everybody everybody is see. What is going on now that I have democratic friends of mine and a liberal friends of mine. I talked to the nigger. While we will need this MIKE. You are right. This is the prestige source and I am not blaming the Democrat Party, I'm saying that the China picked them and they use I mean you're going to see this out the symposium I say so. You can see these when people say what coming straightening out our country, given example today
genuine Jimmy Kimball said to me: it is attack. He said my. Would you do it if it was reversed? Thyself courses isn't about Donald Trump. I said this is about saving our country West, with China and these machines- this is about saving, not just our country, but the world. All these other countries are worried. You ve got. We are in an age where it cyber attacks, as yet computers that contain Your country, rice, and you know what happened after that. They came back the russian imposed in all these always came. The Minnesota and ask my friends and people from my pants come out with my group be sounding the alarm. If Donald Trump and paint a picture, I M trying to pick up every one of them said: yes, David. You think they did a story on that, no longer really wanna, because you know what this is about our country. This is about election. I dont it doesn't matter who won or lost it is when your vote
in modern you're, going to see that the cyber suppose you know what he's vote at during that nobody's fault matter? They use the two thousand ten census report. That's why you have so many rural colonies were double the people voted that even live in the county, and this was all these are done on assault total separate with mathematics. Yet there that we cannot approve this MIKE. There's this incredible image of you in the aftermath of the election, leaving the White House and assumed in picture sees you carrying a paper that says martial law on it creates raised the topic. Marshall Line that meeting with Trump There is now a few done. Your due diligence on that David, I said I was bringing him the other so I got on January night to cyber evidence that I got brought to me on January night. Ok, that was or pages these other lawyers had given me two pages to give to him. I had never even read it. I didn't know what was on that got opened up and never got talked about
the oval office, that's a very famous story. There I brought in the evidence. This is why I am asking you yeah yeah, but he said bring this upstairs. The lawyers brought me upstairs now She's rather gave me the sheets back and I was outside the back in and then see now martial law there there was never brought up in the old love as it were. and he didn't. Even the sheets were given back and I brought up stairs to his attorneys, which showed me The White House: ok, that's why I'm asking to get the stories straight from you to other real could yet you know what that was so important. You know why, because no no media would talk to Michael and L. So from that point on every side, Today, I was attacked by bouts. Controls by retailers are gone, my shopping channels, they attacked Michael index
my pillow dominion sued over two hundred people, yet our use loved here in our country to wear this week. I just had to dump fox shame on Fox NEWS. I bet you use all the left wing media every day. They have my direct number I get calls from morning to night, but how bout me an egg me, but at least I get to talk about the truth, which is China, checked or country long installed, our election from the american people last two things: one: do you have voting machines in your possession somewhere to just reading? you do and how many of them! I don't know that I don't know about that. it there. I have no idea where brilliant we're gonna have. That's not me. We're gonna have to cyber symposium we're going to show you my collections, we're going site random. Cyber people put in a sound, prove rum, we're going to capture the pact which were in the routers. Of course, s way or won't, give up the routers strong, routers yeah Where did you get the voting machines? Where did you get them by lawyers? Gone?
but maybe there were got. Maybe you can buy em on Ebay there, ok good! When you buy a couple I don't have any use for them. Quite frankly, last thing about my Frank speech: it was billed as it will be the new revolutionary social website. When I check it, it's just like a video of you talking. What's going on with that now about slammed L Tv, that's correct your very correctly. go there. There are. Thousands of all of these are all a voice that network part was built first, so all these people they have had their voices suppressed. Yeah like you're, like your arm, I don't know pick any one that has begun. Got a Youtube video for talking about machines or vaccine yeah, or even our even Jesus. They neglect up their cancelled out now, they're overhear, so we have a safe place where they know they dont have their platform pull. That's our network part the social media. Heart is coming out, probably in a month or two okay, and that their that's the part where people can go like this, the twitter private right now for me the them
maybe apartment so we would have a voice. We have millions of people on there now, and so, when I talk the words getting out instead of people like Box, that don't let the word out right, so now. At least I held the terrible media that bashers me every day and I am able to talk about my own platform and put out stop that doesn't get sensor. It's our first amendment right to pre speed. Like Alan Dershowitz said, while he's one of my attorneys, he said really know, this will be most important case for our first, a member right of free speech in history because they only use lop ear one other time in seventeen. Ninety eight well, where these lop ear to suppress. So if you get you don't It'll, be amazing, appeared on your challenge. We could say dominion, dominion. Dominion are smart about its barbaric. You know me I appreciate your tea,
I'm so much are. If, if this doesn't work out, are you open to the idea that may be Joe Biden just one, or are you even even theoretically opened today when I put everything I had, I you're gonna watch a true story really like it. If you came and brought a cyber guy and try to win the five million dollar prized y know in the beginning here, you're kind of market I'll bet you're twenty five thousand. I know you don't believe it the people tat we this area. I bet you twenty five by true the symposium on you can send your own but your own cyber guy when the a million dollar prize. You could expand your audience I'm travelling on that day, nutrients. Three hundred percent no chance that this didn't happen because I'm showing evidence you need to understand how it captures I haven't prevail Election I haven't idealisation, it's like having it's like gives us a phone. Yes, it's a point. That's why
gonna, be a nine zero vote from the Supreme Court while because not even ask him about anything that subjective this is the evidence is like it's like you and I taken a picture in the nineteen. Seventy, where you couldn't ultra right. You know all right. You can't change. It shows everything in detail about the path it captures. It's like why in Arizona did they want to give up the routers, because Social, pack, it captures if you ask any cyber guy in the world, if you have a cyber attack, which we have all the time on private businesses of government everything- and we just had a ghastly one. These cyber experts that I hired to validate this Evidence- remember: I've spent about twelve million. Fifty million dollars now am I money, the other trades validate all this evidence so that I can sit here and tell you. I've already had the people the best in the world, look at it and they sent. These. Are people to protect country- and this is one hundred percent- I said it's not ninety nine point- nine, they said no, a hundred percent, I said well
You said when you have a cyber attack or breach is what's that we don't You need more, they said. No, if you have the pack it captures you have it all blow. Michael and Elsie YO, an inventor of my pillow MIKE. You really said it all. I we will be watching. We will be waiting for what will happen over the next month or two. I really appreciate your time and telling us your perspective today. If everybody could good too, I want that given these two watches show UKIP, you watch frank speech. Dot com and you want should draw any time during those seventy two hours. That's all you're, gonna need and they're gonna be worse. about I am about our country are gonna. Go David, you ll be the first one to call me I'll, give you my direct number. You could lie, but we're going to do I We watching MIKE appreciated. Thank you, got very experienced one of boxers is magic. Spoon breakfast cereal, sweeten tasty, like the cereals I loved as a kid, but without the sugar or the carbs every serving of magic spoon, has zero grams of sugar. Only foreign at Carbs hundred,
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Let's cover a couple of other things in the limited time we have left today, thanks to that wacky and long interview with MIKE Pillow, my my pillow founder, Michael and L, a we ve been wondering you know sort of like what is going to happen depending on what does your doesn't happen in August September, of course, there's going to be no reinstatement of Donald Trump. We starting to get some data points that they are planning something, and I have one video to look out here with you today. This is a mega organizer named Matt, Brainerd affiliated with an organization called look ahead. America, He was on with Steve Bannon and seems to be saying that September. Eighteen. is going to be a date on which they are going back to the capital, of course, the capital being the place where the Trump Riots took place. So, let's listen to them. Actually, to make some news on your show today we Our next valley planned
in the middle of September September, Eighteenth s going to be huge and what's going to define it is where it's gonna take place right, we're going back to the capital so understand, and whether you consider this an overt or a more assertive implicit signal about what they're talking about. He sing we're gonna redo January six. Now, to what extent it's going to be redone, we dont yet no rightward. Started on September eighteenth and we're gonna, put back against the phoney narrative that there was an insurrection, we're gonna provided kind of evidence and Nancy close. You won't allow to be presented at her select committee, showing that this was a largely peaceful crowd, should do this The crowd there was egged on in many ways by capital police, throwing flash spirit, Flash being grenades into a relatively peaceful crowd. Relatively peaceful is an interesting waited ascribe relative to what we're going to pay the evidence that actually Babbitt's debt should be investigated,
the demand now now remember: Ashley Babbitt's death was investigated. It was investigated. We have a full report about it, beliefs of fourteen thousand hours a videotape that the federal government, and suppressing that Another one of these were wheat. We we have. Even if you go, that not every minute of video has been released. We already have hours and hours and hours and hours and hours, video, and so the idea that only the video that's being kept secret as they claim what would change our entire perception of what took place. That's another false if that their pushing so we're going right back to the capital because we're not afraid we're gonna press our case, and I believe that that we're gonna have some very high profile speakers there we're going to have was of Congress speak we're going to continue to raise the boy and pushed back against this phony narrative and demand justice for these political prisoners, justice for political prisoners. Can you and so if you check The website for this organisation look at America
said they have announced their next rally, it's called justice for J six. If you can imagine something more depraved and they see It will be at the capital on September, eighteenth at noon. So much reason to be worried, and hopefully it is something that law enforcement is paying attention to will talk about that a little bit more tomorrow. I received a video from a concern citizen, one of our viewers in dough thin. I think it's brands, doth and maybe dough Fan Alabama Mark- Retailer green was in Alabama about ten days ago at an event which filming was not allowed, but our viewer this certain citizen, surreptitiously filmed and in this event, sponsored by the Alabama Federation of Republican women. Marjorie Taylor Green was the keynote speaker. She, suggests shooting vaccinate if indeed, people start coming door to door offering vaccines. This
the sitting, member of Congress. This is video provided exclusively to us. Take a look at this. Take a lesson and one more thing that you lucky people here in Alabama might get a knock on your door because I hear Alabama might be one of the most unvaccinated states. Guys their cheering for being on vaccinated their cheering. For being on vaccinated their cheering because they haven't been vaccinated, well line one you guys. One of his. Please say: brands your front doors. We, I call them nurses in a police state friends. I would I call them nurses, DORA take down your name and your address. Your family members names your phone numbers, your cell phone numbers probably ask for your social security number and whether you taken the vaccine or not
yeah. Well, let me know, and then the FAO, we all love our sector. Men arrived you imagine, someone were big on our second amendment rights and were not big on strangers, showing up at our front door This is a sitting member of Congress. Joking about idea. Joe I mean. Is it a joke? I guess the question allude to the idea of it people come around, offering vaccines to keep a safe. Jerry use the chance that we die guns would be What are deployed against those intervene? was a sitting member of Congress, so thanks to- viewer who is asked to remain anonymous? Who filmed this surreptitiously? again that was July. Twenty third indulge in Alabama: it was an event actually
ah. The Mau Brooks also was there more brooks. Is the guy who, despite saying that the January Sixty insurrection was no big deal we found out, he was wearing body armor that day he also spoke at this event. and absolutely horrifying, spread the video far and wide? We do want make sure, as many people as possible see that We have a voice mail number that you can call. That number is too one nine to David P. Here is again a collar, continuing to accuse me of suppressing the truth about what is not even clear. I think he's referring to covered, because that's why is always referring to anyone David, it's our from mass again he loved to make fun of my act. That's how you doing man white, I just want with all the stuff comes out that your suppressing only two options here, and this is good either you too stupid to realise it or you ran on it and body. I would never
are you still but yeah? You know one of the really I mean there's a lot of sad stuff here. Typically, when this guy calls in he'll refer to something like David you're, covering up that millions of people have died from the vaccine or something like that in its economic, covering that up, that's not real, but there's this. Other really weird thing: that's being lodged at people who, just like report, the science about what's going on with the virus and vaccines which is they these just that. You know why I buy thing I'm in on it. What exactly would I be in on? What advantage would there be to me like Newton note, There is no financial advantage to just telling the truth about the vaccines. There's no personal advantage other then? Yes, it's true. If more people get vaccinated, I'm safe or in people I know are safer part of the consumer piracy. That assumes that needed this idea of complicit in lying about the vaccines and covered is that there would be I'm advantage conferred by it and, of course,
they can ever really explain what would that advantage is, but no nothing has been covered up and by the way when, when it's in some upcoming show increase people are pointing to the veil. This system, the eighty r S and saying look at all of these reports of people who died from the vaccine in the very system. I'm thing of doing a video where I actually show you on a screen share I'll, go through them. air system and show you how easy it is to just say my brother died from the vaccine and submit it and, of course its now. Check I wouldn't actually submitted. I would just show you how easy it would be to do. This is people are doing. People are submitting bogus reports to the very system and then those bogus reports are being used by anti virus. Individuals and media outlets and pointed to instead look at all of these reports. Anybody can submit a report. There is no checking whatsoever that is done on the bonus so today we will talk about
You remember that Missouri couple of lawyers who were waving guns last June during the black lives matter protest. They both pleaded guilt, de misdemeanours they ve been put and by the Missouri Governor gather Mcclosky, we'll talk about that on the bonus show. Secondly, we appear to be between two and five weeks ago? from FDA full approval the corona virus vaccine made by Pfizer. Will this really get some of these anti boxers vaccinated. I dont know we're gonna talk bout it and, lastly, the japanese government is starting a programme of work. legally naming people who were breaking Quarantine rules in Japan is this: a good idea could lead to disaster What would happen if the United States did it all of those reason more on today's bonus show signs up and get instant access by making yourself a member at joint Cashman, dot com or speak to them.
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