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8/5/20: The Truth Behind Covid Numbers Surfaces As We Keep Failing

2020-08-05 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Coronavirus cases appear to have leveled off, but much of it has been led by Florida halting most testing in advance of Hurricane Isaias and California admitting that they have been under-reporting cases for days

--"Trump Derangement Syndrome" isn't a real thing, but merely a tactic to suppress and dismiss criticism of Donald Trump

--This week's edition of Hatriot Mail

--Donald Trump appears on Fox News, meant to be a softball interview after his disastrous Axios interview with Jonathan Swan, but still manages to humiliate himself

--Donald Trump and Republicans are registered more voters than Democrats in some key states

--Donald Trump continues to attack vote-by-mail while simultaneously reversing course in Florida and telling all Floridians to register to vote by mail

--Progressive activist Cori Bush defeats 10-term Congressman Lacy Clay in the Democratic primary in Missouri's 1st Congressional District

--Major shots fired in the progressive media community as Majority Report host Sam Seder wildly and without evidence accuses The David Pakman Show of boosting YouTube subscriber numbers with "bots"

--Voicemail caller thinks the most likely scenario is one where Donald Trump ends up in prison after his presidency is over

--On the Bonus Show: Kobach goes down in Kansas, new guidelines say obesity not defined by weight, Neil Young sues to stop Trump campaign use of his music, much more...

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This is an unofficial transcript meant for reference. Accuracy is not guaranteed.
The David Jackman Shell, David Tagamet, died guarded. Some of you have rightly inaccurately pointed out to me that suddenly, Lord is cool. Virus cases have started to decline. California corona virus cases don't seem to be spiking the way the trajectory suggested, and I started to look into this, and indeed it is true. If you look at Florida, their cases have started to drop off, but it just so happens that Florida stop testing. This is no conspiracy theory. This is what they announced. They were going to do because of the Hurricane Hurricane essay. Yes,
as Donald Trump has struggled to say. Look at this article from NPR from July. Twenty ninth saying Florida will pause corona virus testing due to impending storm. Now it didn't happen all at once in all of the county, so we are still seeing thousands of cases a day from Florida, because different counties as the hurricane work its way through the state stop testing the numbers of tests, went down dramatically and weaken sort of turned to Donald Trump favorite phrase. Here. If you dont test, you don't find cases in that's true. The article saying quote after the states testing sites close Thursday evening that last Thursday they won't reopen until at least Tuesday morning.
That's yesterday, that's according to candy sims of the Florida Department of Health in Brower County. So what do we do? Well, one thing we can look at is I see you usage and you can see that Florida. I see you usage hit one hundred percent in the last week of July, and it's still there you can actually go over one hundred percent in that you can start to convert non. I see you spaces in hospitals to temporary icy you, but Dayton Florida has been stuck at one hundred per I see you usage for days. This is very, very bad and I'm getting more and more people saying. Can we entrust the numbers now? Can we trust the case numbers? Can we even trust the death number?
right now, and this is a real concern. Now part of the concern generally comes from the change that happened from July fifteenth into July. Sixteenth, we're hospitals were mandated to stop reporting directly to the CDC and instead to the Department of Health and Human services. There are open questions as to if and to what degree that has influenced numbers in specific states, though we know why the case numbers are going down florid as one example. They stopped testing because of the hurricane. Let's look California, California now is admitting that four days they ve been under reporting case numbers. The explanation is,
he'll, not totally clear and maybe by later today or tomorrow, we will know more about it, but a message appeared on California's covered nineteen dashboard, which said quote due to the issues with the States electronic laboratory system. These data represent an under reporting of actual positive cases. California, top health official doktor Mark Galley, said quote over the past few days. Is the state system. We ve discovered some discrepancies, so we're still waiting on more information. But when you look at the globe, the national case numbers- and you see that they seem to at least have stopped, increasing, understand that two of the major case centres, Florida and California, are under report.
Cases, one because they are are there- they have stopped testing because of whether event, California, for some unknown reason that they have discovered discrepancies and yet even with Florida, reducing testing, even with California, under reporting. We still at fifty four thousand new cases. Yesterday, we still had almost forty nine thousand new cases on Monday. So a few different thoughts on this cases are really declining, they ve kind of love. Off at the national level, but two states are under reporting, and that would be a huge piece of why that is so first off at this point, it's very hard to say for sure whether case they're still growing nationally or have levelled off or what's going on. What we do know is that the big picture that the sort of fundamentals of what's happening in the country haven't really changed. So we wouldn't really exe ACT, a huge decline because there haven't been any big changes in policy. Now it's conceivable that even without states really changing policy that power
fuller, seeing the headlines and there being more cautious, that's possible. It would take about fifteen or so days to notice that, and increasingly deaths are going to be the indicator to the extent that we can trust them you look at the trend line in terms of deaths. The seven day, moving average would sort of smooths out those dips of reporting It happened over the weekend. The death rate error rate than the death trends. Don't look good. They may have may be levelled off slight but yesterday, and we had nearly fifteen hundred deaths. So it's too early to say, and then you get too are their ways to cover up deaths. We know that there are you can mess with cause of death. You can do other other things, so the import,
message, I think, is were in an area now where there is a question mark around the accuracy of the data. We don't have to go conspiratorial, we don't have to make any definitive statement. We can just say there are reasons to be sceptical of the data, including that floor to stop. Testing in California is under reporting, so we are still at huge risk of even bigger spikes. When the United States got from what was thirty five thousand cases a day down to twenty thousand, almost every state started reopening twenty. Thousand cases we still had, and many states saw that as a licence to open, and we got all the way back up to seventy thousand cases a day at one point about ten days ago. What we can say for sure is widespread reopening and ignoring risk.
Factors and risky activities and not wearing masks is going to create a completely out of control spike and just look at some of the headlines. From the last twenty four hours teachers returned to a George School district last week. Two hundred and sixty employees have already gone home to quarantine, not good doctor found. She says if we don't get below ten thousand cases a day before the fall, we will have an even more insane explosion in the fall and that still ten thousand cases a day. That would mean We need a like an eighty to ninety percent reduction to get down to ten thousand cases a day. Clorox announces it will not have enough disinfecting wipes until twenty twenty one. According to its ceo, twenty five people have been infected at a Bible camp in Oregon. When corona virus subsided in Israel, Israel reopen schools, it did go well, and things are shutting back down. This is a real thing. You know when trumped says it's the invisible enemy
This damn thing keeps repeating the invisible scored, nobody telling him. It's pronounced scourge, okay, but in a sense it can feel as though it's not really there, because it is visible. We see the results through our actions are actions directly impact. These numbers, to the extent that we get the real numbers and we need to be very cautious, EDA, I'm trying to take it and stride in the sense that might I can only focus on my sphere of influence. I can't control what everybody in the country does. I can't control with the policy, as I can ensure that I am acting as responsibly as possible and at least to you I communicate what seems to be responsible. Our actions have consequences, and if its of I can't think of a time where it's been more clear, then it is right. Now I want to talk today about the phrase. Tromp derangement syndrome. I've tweeted about this a few times and Chauncey De Vega wrote a really good article about this on salon, which I tweeted yesterday called. There was no trumped arrangement syndrome.
We were right about him all along. So let's talk about this trumped arrangement syndrome is a bad faith phrase which is meant to shut down debate, stop conversation and excuse Donald Trump, atrocious behaviour. Now I know that there are certainly be some of you who will respond to me and say you know David, look check out this person on Twitter, who irrationally obsessed with everything, Trump does and they think anything bad in the world is trumps. Doing this person is suffering from trumped arrangement syndrome. Listen you! You can find the instances of everything on the internet, but we're not dealing and anecdotes here. The problem systemically with the phrase trumped arrangement syndrome, is that its use is very similar to what regressive left became a couple of years ago. I don't know if you remember this, but regressive left. Much like trumped arrangement syndrome are phrases that are used to shut down debate by disqualifying and dismissing criticism without actually
in to debate the merits of the criticism. So, let's first really dig in. I want everybody to try to get this. What do people mean by trumped arrangement syndrome? The idea of tv S, as it sometimes called, is to use it as a retort when someone criticizes Donald Trump, someone says: look trumpeted this trumps, not responsible for a hundred and sixty thousand deaths, but he's responsible for some, because it's been one of the worst. Responses to the virus in the world? Does you have trumped arrangement syndrome and what they mean by that is. You are so blinded by you hatred of Donald Trump, that weaken dismiss what you were saying without examining it as you are just blinded by your rage against Donald Trump, so think back to the term regressive left. There was this very, very brief period, where the term Regret
have left with sore of interesting and that it was used to describe instances of ostensible or supposed leftists failing to actually be on the left in their views and, typically what what you had was in, instead of people who claim to be on the left being authoritarian and in a sense it was a useful term for a very short period of time and very quickly. The term regressive left was bastardize than perverted by the right and it became a catch all in all that they used to basically say you're on the left, and I don't like what you have to say. I don't like what you're saying, because its left wing and regressive left lost all value as as any kind of a useful tool to explore failing to beyond the left. Trumped arrangement syndrome is equally meaningless, with the important
France, that, unlike regressive, left trumped arrangement syndrome, never actually described a real thing. It was always bogus. There was a brief period were regressive. Left actually was an interesting term to describe something I had been talking about for for many years, which are instances of the authoritarian left failing to really beyond the left, but with each passing day. The most serious concerns about Donald Trump that were expressed by people on the left, like me, have been proven to be true and they ve been proven to be true horror. Finally, so remember that months ago, Joe Biden was widely ridiculed for suggesting you know. Trump might try to create some kind of pretext that emerge can see of some kind to delay the election Trump did that days ago by tweeting. Maybe we do need to delay the election. Joe Biden was ridiculed and said he was either people were saying: yes, trumped arrangement syndrome. He was right. Years ago. People raise the alarm about Donald Trump, authoritarian tendencies. Tour of you wanted
what we want to be dictator, and over the last month we have seen him, send armed paramilitaries to American Citys, to throw people into unmarked vans and is trans, De Vega points out the points out in the article that were linking to which you should read quote, this was a phrase used to demean mock, reject, dismiss and deflect warnings about Donald Trump beliefs and tendencies. And those who were trying to raise the alarm were called again is Chauncey, says hysterical, alarmist or out of touch and bitter about Hillary Clinton loss. If you encounter the phrase trumped up, judgment syndrome on the internet on twitter and honour in real life may be anywhere. Don't allow yourself to be bullied into silence by they claim on the right that the roll about conversation, and yet this entire idea of trumped arrangement syndrome is meant to stop conversation. Make it clear that calling someone a victim
of trumped arrangement syndrome is not really an argument, say I'm glad to talk about that which facts did I get wrong, I'm glad to change my views. If you tell me what I got wrong, trumped arrangement syndrome is not an argument. It's a smoke screen it try, to put us on the defensive, but the real de arrangement is the more than sixty million people, nearly sixty three million people who voted for Donald Trump and twenty sixteen ten of millions of whom plan to vote for him again in just months. That's the yield arrangement. The horrifying nature of this presidency, which will be affirmed by fifty sixty five thousand five hundred and sixty seven million people who plan to vote for it again in November. If there is any valid criticism of those like me on the anti trump side
it's that we didn't do enough to raise the alarm prior to him being elected as much as I tried now. Of course, the people who are primarily to blame are the people who fell for it and voted for Trump, but if you want to make a criticism of the anti Trump left, that is to be taken more seriously criticise us for something real, which is that as much as many of us were trying to warn people, even we might have underestimated the risks of the presidency. That's the reality. Trumped arrangement syndrome don't allow it to be used to silence actual critiques of this president, which, if anything, have been not alarmist enough me? No, your thoughts, I'm on Twitter at department and remember you can get the daily audio podcast every day, three p m eastern on your favorite podcasting app, whichever one at me,
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the day are: carry Mackay and married pollen thanks to carry and Mary appreciate your support and also a big extra special thank you to Daniel. Daniel is today's long time sustaining member of the day Daniels been a member almost five years and Daniel live. I'm sure would tell you. You should grab a membership, adjoin Pachmann dot com okay, we ve had a bit of a short break from hatred male due to breaking news, but I do want to get back to it. What is hatred mail? This is hatred mail. We tween a renowned infectious disease expert and guy who ran a fake university and bankrupted a casino I'm going the girl with the casino guy a jury had ridden, Patriots who hey David Bagman, because America, because freedom, let go love. The new relevant corona virus introductions here
is a very timely patriot, male related to the race to one million youtube. Subscribers take a lesson I am not a fan of David caracoled Pachmann do in cells right you're, headlines now. Shame on you, Pachmann! What's terrifying is that this guy actually has an audience. Imagine if you got to one million subscribers you two would be ended. Part man cooking what a joke does command even know how to fry in egg. This a very real risk. I like how, if Pachmann, if Patman gets to one meal, in subscribers out or no things get really bad well, it seems to be more a matter of when not if my goal is to get to a million Youtube subscribers before election day. This really would be a major accomplishment. What I was thinking back to when we started the channel, and it took us like five years to get our first hundred thousand subscribers. We are trying to get our last hundred thousand
will hopefully not the last ever, but the most recent hundred thousand nine hundred to a million were trying to do it in just about three and a half months, and it would be a record and we ve already gone from nine hundred thousand nine hundred and seventeen thousand and my prediction is: there are going to be many. Many hatreds very, very upset some time, queen or no election day and the end of the year old between election day Christmas, let's say: when we roll over into these seven digits for our Youtube subscriber count, fight patriotism, ism with something that costs. Nothing just make sure your subscribe to the Youtube Channel Youtube Dotcom, slash the David Pachmann Show, and I will have updates for you right now. We are projected to reach a million on December, a twenty third okay.
We ve gotta, make up a little more ground and reaching a million before election days actually on the table. So after the absolutely disastrous interview with acts Yossi Jonathan Swan, which went instead viral yesterday, even our clip by the way discussing the access interview, received nearly six hundred thousand views in the first fifteen or so hours. We ve never had a clip go viral this quickly. Donald Trump needed a gimme, because that interview once so poorly so he's down, but not out? So what better opportunity is there for a safe softball interview for the president, then to call into these sick offence at Foxen friends on Fox NEWS, bright and early, morning, while it didn't go well because of all the attention already on Donald Trump interviews in general. Thanks to that crazy, embarrassing, humiliating performance on Monday night with acts, Yos people are even seeing
the Fox NEWS interview barely had Trump holding it together. This was meant to be a softball interview for the president, and I want to look at some of the clips because of all the top issues right now that we are dealing with. They all came up during this interview, Trump on the wrong side, tragically of every single one of these issues, I'm talking about corona virus, I'm talking about opening schools vote by male trumped. Second term. This is a fox interview and it went tragically bad for Donald Trump. Let's get right into it, I predict you will be stunned and appalled. So to start with, Donald Trump was given a third opportunity to say what are your priorities if you get a second term- and this is the third tempt from Donald Trump to answer this question and he still could not name a single policy. Mr President, what is your our second term agenda? What are your top priorities? I want
Take where we left. We had the greatest economy in the history of the world. We were better than any other country. We were better than we were ever we. We never had anything like it in this country. A hundred and sixty million people work in women have add that before we ve never even come close to that best, employment numbers best unemployment, numbers for african american asian american women, hispanic everybody, the best numbers we ve ever had the best stock market we ve never had, although it coming very close right now. In fact, NASDAQ is already higher than that number. So a lot of good things are happening at needs to be jobs are what I want to do is take it from that point and then building better. He still can answer it. Donald Trump got one chance at this question during the town hall with Sean Hannity. What are your second term priorities named nothing two weeks what by Trump got a second chance
during a tv during a phone interview with John Hannity. Knowing that is first answer was terrible, got a second chance at the same question, still couldn't name a single second term policy. He now gets a third opportunity here and is unable to list any policy. He listed races and ethnicities, that's true, but unable to list any actual policy. That would be a priority in the second term trump once again in his obsession to pretend that the country is back to normal despite another tragic One thousand five hundred deaths from coronavirus yesterday, one thousand four hundred and seventy something like that Trump says school should open now and kids are almost immune, which is, of course, What is the latest on your view of how these schools should reopen I view: is the school should open this things going away
go away like things go away and my view is that school should be open. If you look at children, children are almost at the end. I would almost say definitely, but all immune from this disease, so few here they ve got stronger hard to believe I don't know how you feel about it, but that much stronger immune systems than we do somehow for this completely irresponsible kids, r kids are almost immune and I would say definitely am you and he says that's wrong in fact, there's a recent study that found that there summer camp, I dont member in which state widely infected summer camp and they grouped the infections by age bracket. The younger the kids, the more likely they were to be infected and carrying corona virus so to eke out a it's funny to even framed. This question is: what's your latest view on this, Mr President, because Trump has no idea he's the last
person who should be asked for his opinion on these matters, but he happens to get it completely wrong. They keep going on crime virus and Trump again sites, without any evidence that, by election day, krona virus going to be really good shape. Brien kill me presented with the very real circumstances that a lot of older folks, the ones most at risk are worried about voting in Paris in November in Trump says he I think you're gonna be really good. Bye, now, Amber and, of course, will remember that Donald Trump set in March that our fifteen cases would soon be easier. We are now about to hit five million cases in the next couple of days plugging the pan MAC seniors and those with underlying conditions are most concerned about voting. They could be the most patriotic person the world. Even your age bracket, Mr Present, their concern about going out in a crowded area and its legitimate. So having said that, what does administration plan on doing to make it easier more pole, sites clean teams,
can demand demanding more more places and in more areas providing the financing to do that. So we There's a pandemic and a hurdle. What do you play? doing additive mail in voting- makes you unsettled Brian all of those things and more, but all of those you didn't remember, never potential long way. That's a long way. They numbers coming down very rapidly in Florida day, coming down in California, they're, coming down in taxes that coming down those three places shut up and those numbers coming down. So by the time we get, there will probably be a very good shape, but all of those things cleanliness there where the Basque they'll do whatever they have to do, but they want to vote. We have people that really want to get out and road is going to be very safe but by November. Third, that's you don't put time all eternity frankly as far as I'm concerned, by the way trump. Since cases are down and Lord in California,
We did a report on today's show already about why that is Florida. Stop testing on Thursday because of the upcoming hurricane essay. Yes- and California admitted today, though, yesterday that they ve been under reporting cases for days and from sites. That is evidence that things are getting better. So that's wacky. Let's now go into vote by mail. The topic is the post office. Somehow Hillary Clinton becomes the topic. Hillary Clinton accuses Trump of sabotaging the post office or sabotaging. I know some people prefer that which they obviously are doing like. There is no question that, when Trump appoints Louis the joy to run the post
office, postmaster general. The idea is sabotaged the post office and Trump doesn't deny it. He just attacks Hilary. Mr President, thank you for joining us. You mentioned the postal service. Well, your former opponent is out of the woods or tweeting from the woods, and this is part of what she said about the pulse of service and your treatment of it. Hillary Clinton tweeting this I've, your republican sabotage of the U S pulse of service, including slowing mail delivery, is a trump strategy to make voting more by me. More difficult. This fall request your ballots, in return them as early as you can your response Stu Hillary Clinton, accusing you have sabotaging the post office located all data. Member of the famous question what she asked me whether or not I would accept the results of the election. You know she pretty confident until the end of that debate and, frankly, the issue is very strongly. Would you accept the results of the election while Keaton, except the results she's living a cocoon- and I guess people known
I guess somebody does like her, but she was. She didn't do the job. You didn't do the job that you are supposed to do, and you should accept that now she continues to one and she's. Talking now about the postal service as well. As you know, the postal service for forty years is that big problems and did not equipped to handle a governor where they say menus balanced by the way will be posted it a couple of weeks, a gear up you can do It doesn't work that way. It's a very complex process, so Nevada, wherein court will see how it works out. But if it doesn't work out, you not get it now that I've ever heard election results object to the country it could be for months and months, em in actually for years cudgel you'll, never it they said and they plan to send these balanced but it does have a walk in the state of Nevada. It will be
disaster. Did you sabotage the post office? Listen Hilary has accepted the results of twenty. Sixteen people, don't like Hilary. She didn't do the job. The postal service has big problems there not equipped to handle ballots. You might not know the results for there's. None of that is true, but there's no denial there from Donald Trump that he's trying to sabotage the Post office Hilary conceded the election on election night trump keeps repeating. She has an accepted the results he has accepted. The results he still thinks he didn't really lose the popular vote. She accepted the results on election night. The postal service would be completely equipped to deliver all of these ballots. As long as trumped doesn't sabotage it and, of course it wouldn't take years to know the election results, but Donald Trump does not deny that he's trying to sabotage the postal service because he's trying to sabotage the postal service. Hillary Clinton is exactly right.
Then the topic of the Republican National Convention comes up now. Trump already announced they're not going to do the hour and see in person in Florida, it's just too dangerous. That's the right decision. Trump now says he might give his aren see speech from the White House lawn, which would be completely outrages. That's a political event. You're not supposed to do political events the White House Trump, doesn't care and listen to the reason he gives for doing it at the White House. There are what's that you are considering our past we given your convention, except in speech from the White House, lawn what what's the latest on what you'd be doing for the convention? Well about it would be the easiest from the standpoint of security in others, they move without a lot of people had star expensive operation militarily and and law enforcement wise. The secret service is fantastic, but get out to big deal, and we think it about doing it from the White House, because there's no movement, it's easy and I think it's a beautiful setting and we are thinking about
That is certainly one of the alternatives. It's the easiest alternative. I think it's a beautiful, and I love the building there right now by the latter, I'm here, a lot of people didn't spend as much time. I spend a lot of time and I like it, and I think it's a great place and great greatly representative of our our nation, so it would be by far the let least expensive from the country's standpoint. Is it really is a big deal when you get up move all others apparatus. I really hope that you understand why this is crazy. From now says you know too expensive. To move me around secret service security, big mobilization, taxpayers, money So I might do the Aral Sea speech at the White House, lawn trump gulfs, two hundred and eighty four days so far during his presidency and every time they do the full mobilization of secrets.
This kind of Trump staff they rent every golf cart at Logo or wherever trump gulfs it pours money into trumps businesses. Now suddenly Trump is concerned with not waste taxpayers money on moving him around, so he's going to give the speech from White House lawn, which is not a place where political actions should be taking place. You should be doing a convention speech in a political setting not on the White House lawn, but go thing. Two hundred and eighty four days is a fine reason to mobilise secret service. Trumped doesn't want to spend your taxpayers money, though going somewhere else for the convention speech. The guy can't even keep it together on Fox NEWS. I was thinking last night and this morning, especially after seeing these clips. What's Fox news going to look like on election night if Donald Trump loses and you never mind that what is Trump going to look gone election night. If prompt loses Fox news may be. You know, we ve been covering Fox news from the from the perspective of its role
in the right wing media ECHO Champ chamber for many years? What would be the impact on Fox NEWS of a Donald Trump loss. If one were to happen, I think it's an interesting question and will have more clips and coverage of this can be sorry. Fox news interview upon the David Patman show Instagram pay David Pathway, show all one word on Instagram. Follow a step it Pachmann Shell, David Pachmann, dotcom deterrent.
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is a red alert moment for you. It should be a wake up call to every one of us that nothing is over, this is going to be a huge fight. Donald Trump could certainly when we could be facing for more years of a Trump presidency according to day are provided to access by yes, the Trump campaign and the currency. Republicans have more registered voters than Democrats in some key states relative to twenty. Sixteen and I'll tell you. I've looked at the data and it's a mess now as a pretext and not as a Briton, as a as as a disclaimer, I think better said they may be lying. So I'm going to give you the data that acts Ios was given by the term campaign and by the hour and see about voter registration. They could be lying if they're lying grew
then will win by a lot. Ok, but if they're not lying, we need to take this seriously and that's why this matter so that the point here is all we can do, because we don't know what the truth is is register every vote. Convince every voter devote make sure every It is counted. We ve got to work on this at all levels, but here's what was given to axe, Yos, by the term campaign in the Irish Sea, compared to the numbers that access was given by the Democratic Party and if this is wrong great. But we have to at least for now assume that this is accurate. In Florida, the democratic registration advantage over Republicans was reduced by eighty seven thousand registered voters since twenty. Sixteen now think back to twenty sixteen Trump one Florida by a hundred and twelve thousand votes, ok a thin.
Need now. The party registration advantage for Democrats has shrunk by nearly ninety thousand voters. That is almost twice that is almost equivalent to that would almost double Donald Trump, some victory margin and twenty. Sixteen, however, new registrations are favouring D kraut. So what this means is you ve had people who move in and out of the state people whose switch party etc a meal simply new registrations Democrats are winning, but when you account for all of the other, changes in registration Democrats have actually fallen behind in Florida. Ok, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania is a state that Donald Trump one by forty. Fourth,
thousand in twenty sixteen and the democratic advantage and voter registration has been reduced by one hundred and thirty three thousand voters since twenty. Sixteen again trump one by forty four thousand Democrats relative to Republicans, have lost a hundred and thirty three thousand voters since twenty sixteen important among new registrations, Democrats have a fifteen point advantage, but again because of moving deaths, ah m of changing of party, etc. The advantage has been reduced by a hundred thirty three thousand in Arizona Republicans have taken the advantage in registered voters over Democrats in Iowa. Applicants have taken advantage and registered voters over Democrats and in North Carolina the democratic net advantage has shrunk. This is why overwhelming the vote is the necessary action here if they're going to suppress
the vote. Well, let's overwhelm the vote so that suppressing at point of five point, five or one percent won't make a difference, they win over. They win over Democrats in terms of new registrations or in terms of people who Ridge overwhelm the ballot box right? It is truly the solution here to all problems. Now another really important thing when you look at new registrations and see the democratic advance So, for example, imagine that in certain state the report kids were able to increase their advantage in terms of party registration by a hundred thousand. But among new voters who were never previously register Democrats registered more new people. My guess
is that the new registrants are more likely to vote, because some thing got them to register since the last election. So maybe that's in our green, our corner to our advantage, but you can't assume anything. Neither a few funny caveats here, but again they shouldn't change. Our behaviour number one, some of the people changing registration the Republican Party they might be doing it in order to mess with the republican Party. We ve seen people switch to the Democratic Party to voting democratic primary, even though they have no intention of of actually voting for the democratic, a general election. We ve seen it the other way. We don't know for sure, but it is possible that there are people switching to republican registration for a variety of differ reasons, many of which might not mean they are necessarily voting for trumpet November. We don't know we can't do anything about it and again we are evaluating registration based on the data given to access owes by the trunk
pain and the Republican Party they could be lying, they lie all the time. It wouldn't be hugely surprising if they were line, but we can't know that right now, and we won't know it until the election, if at all, so we can act on that basis all week and act on. All that we should be motivated to do is to keep going and assume nothing going into November. Every single voter I apologize. I know I say this lot: every The voter should act as if their vote could turn your state from one candidate the other, that's how I will be voting in Massachusetts, although certainly mathematically, it's not going to be the case. Now, let's dig into vote by mail. This is crazy. Donald Trump has been continuing to attack vote by male while drawing a false distinction of vote by oil from absentee ballots, while now telling fluted Floridians that they should all vote by mail. So the back story has been that, as the corona viruses raged voting absentee
It has become increasingly important in terms of safely voting in November, we have never had a federal election print federal presidential election delayed. We don't plan to do at this time, but we want to do it safely. Donald Trump has come out very strongly against. Vote by mail- and we know why we looked at a pole on Monday, which showed that among voters planning to vote in person to third support trump Voters planning to vote by male more than seventy percent support Joe Biden, so the date is clear, its crystal clear why Trump would oppose both by male then from a sort of either deliberately or genuinely- and we don't know- he's been confused about vote by male versus absentee ballots, even though what we are talking about this year is expanding absentee ballot. Access to whoever wants one not requiring certain conditions to be met. Fear of catching corona virus should be a valid reason to vote absent.
Often in real time, we started to see over the last seventy two to ninety six hours: contradictions between what Donald Trump saying and what is press Eric per Secretary Cayley makin. Any has been saying and yesterday in the midst of a press briefing during which Cayley was saying, one set of things about the fraudulent nature of oh by mail Donald Trump tweets out of nowhere quote whether you call it vote by mail or absentee voting, which sort of implies that he's recognising its the same thing, whether you call vote by mail or absentee voting in full
Now the election system is safe and secure, tried and true what floored, as voting system has been cleaned up. We defeated Democrats attempts at change so in Florida I encourage all to request a ballot and vote by male naga or Magua. I prefer it to say so now trumpets saying in Florida, specifically both vote by mail or absentee, which he's conceding are the same. Things are safe in other states where vote by mail and absentee ballots are also the same thing except he won't accept it only. Absentee a safe vote by mail is not safe. Other states, like Nevada, who have decided to expand absentee ballot access to everybody, are really really bad, but in Florida everybody should vote by mail. This info
that is no way around it and tromp was asked about this during yesterday's press briefing, and he came up with some whacked response about Rhonda Santas is one of the best governors. Now almost everything trumps says the EU just reverse it to find out the truth. Rhonda Santas is one of the worst governors and, in fact, has overseen one of the worst corona virus responses in the country, but trunks explanation was rightness Anders so great that you can vote by male safely in Florida, so their speculation about what the real reasons might be, that Donald Trump saying hey vote by mail in Florida, it's good there, but not elsewhere. So a few. This kind of two options, a third which is pretty ominous. The first option is very simple: Trump is concerned with personal hypocrisy. I know how could that possibly be, but just the video here this is the idea. Trump knows he voted absentee in Florida
He recently changed his residence to Florida and he's being called out about it, so he wants to make it a state by state issue and he sang listen splore to safe. I voted by mail in Florida in Nevada, its unsafe. He attacked Nevada earlier this week that the first possibility second possibility is: there's something specific about Florida that he seeing and poles like. I don't believe this idea that it's fine in Florida, because it safe, but not in Nevada, What possible is that there is some polling data, something about Florida demographically. Maybe you know Florida has the fifth oldest population in the country may be the twenty. Sixteen results, combined with the demographic realities of Florida, make him think I've got old folks whose votes I need in Florida. Let me incurred
vote by mail in Florida, but not in other places. That's the second possibility and always the it's it's because of truck what's best for Tron. The third possibility which is ominous is this trump, have a reason to think that run to Santas this whacked republican governor one of the worst in the country. This Rhonda Santas have something planned in Florida. Where Trump knows that vote by mail will either not hurt him or will help him because of funny business that Rhonda Santas has planned, or maybe the Trump camps Has he been worked out with Rhonda Santas, its conspiratorial? There's? No doubt it would be treasonous. It would be immoral, but remember in the year two thousand in the Bush Gore contest and how Florida and that up putting george-
the Bush in office effectively is what took place could floor to do it again. So what's the solution come on, you guys know, don't let it come down to Florida. Make the results so skewed against on from that Florida is actually irrelevant. That Biden would win with Florida, or Biden would win without floor to that the way to do it and by the way, I checked out some of the pro trump corners of the internet yesterday, after Trump being against vote by mail for months. All of these trump enclaves are now instantly folly and lie and saying yes, safe vote by mail in Florida vote by mail in Florida, reelect from its fascinating to watch them change. Their stance in an instant, pretty good sign of a cult When you see that now here's one idea that I will leave you with, instead of using the terms both by mail or absentee voting vote by mail and absentee same thing. Different thing: should we just call it vote absentee by male like this, that
Is that a linguistic solution to a political problem that might be able to head off some of the nonsense about one versus the other? Are they so my are they not voting absentee by male? Everybody should vote absentee by male, maybe there's something there. Maybe I'm very very wrong. Let me know what you did Pachmann Shell, David Pachmann Dagger. I'm really excited that. One of our sponsors today is helix sleep. I sleep on a helix mattress at home. I absolutely love it and that's why I reached out to them about sponsoring the David Pachmann show by
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product, primarily in the first district in Missouri, and this is an interesting seat because it has actually been in the clay family. Since the nineteenth sixties, Bill Clay represented the district for thirty years, then his son, William Lacy Clay Junior, was elected in two thousand one, so it's been since the nineteenth sixties that this seat has been in the same family in Missouri. Now back and twenty eighteen Corey Bush ran against Lacy Clay and lost by twenty points, not a small defeat there for Corey Bush last night she won roughly fifty one to forty nine percent. As of the latest numbers, I saw Corey Bush is a nurse and an active
and this is a pretty similar situation to EO sees district in New York City, where the winner of the democratic primary is overwhelmingly likely to win the general in November. So essentially, the democratic primary is is really the election. There is a republican candidate, its Anthony Rogers. He won the republican primary last night as well, and it is you be if you're not familiar with the Missouri First District, you might be surprised to hear that is such a safe district fur. For Democrats, it's an extremely urban districts are, as we know, in the United States. There are voting differences among religions there about voting differences among age voting differences among race, but the urban rural divide is also significant, and this is a very urban districts and widely expected to go to court Bush in a similar situation as that which we saw what they owe see not long ago,
now, there is an important reminder here about how you can't, really evaluate the potential impact of Abiden presidency without taking into consideration the house and set it now. We ve talked about the Senate beforehand with the Senate. It's a much more obvious analysis witches if republicans constrict continue to control the Senate during Joe Biden at least first two years in office. If Biden Word in. There is going to be a dramatically smaller number of even potential big progressive victories. If you have Biden in the Oval office, a democratically controlled house and a republican Senate, it's gonna be a fight, it's going to be obstruction and the amount that can get done is going to be much more but limited. If Democrats can take the Senate and keep the House and Joe Biden
and you will have a two year period during which you could see some pretty major progressive advancements made. They might not be perfect, they might not be what Bernie would do, but they would be significant, a notable advancements in the progressive in the potentially more progressive house, the effect more nuanced, because what we're talking about in the houses it's already democratically controlled every expectation is that Democrats will retain control in the House of Representatives, but will it moved to the left and Corey Bush replaces Lacy, could lacy clay that is potential move to the left for sure,
that is a more nuanced situation? Will the bills that make it to bind desk which he will be forced to sign or not sign, and, of course, that would be after conferencing, with the Senate, assuming Democrats take it a more progressive house, also better positions us to put more progressive legislation in front of Joe Biden, potentially getting him to sign so. This is a really big deal and if we do see these two years of total control by Democrats, Whitehouse Senate House were very much getting ahead of ourselves. We're not gonna put the cart before the horse. Here you could see one of the greatest reversals in a two year period from the completely whacked and outrageous Whitehouse Donald Trump, with a republican Senate that has gotten so many judges in appointed for enough confirmed for life position,
You can actually see a really big reversal to american politics. Would it be what Bernie would do if he was given Carte blanche now, but that's not the system we have. We have a system where we have a house. We have a Senate, we, we have states rights, we have a white house and it would be a very, very interesting situation as far as Corey Bush. She supports Medicare for all she supports. A green new deal supports fifteen dollar minimum wage once public funding of elections and takes no corporate pack money, so a very interesting, basement to the Kurds still incumbent. So far as the house is concerned, Lacy claim this all. Oh, this is maybe one other angle worth touching on. This does suggest that AOL He was not an anomaly or an anomaly both of course valid pronunciations, and that this Maybe a real wave of replacing some of these more entrenched legacy. Democrat
with younger, more progressive alternatives, the effect that they will have much like in twenty ten when the tea party surfaced and one a bunch of seats just because they were winning seats, didn't Alice what effect they would have on the national politics or on the republican Party. We later saw that they certainly became a notable voice in the Republican Party Unreserve absorbed into it. Now, there's a tea party caucus still an open question. What the longer term effect is ah of these progressive victories in the house, and much of it will depend again. The circumstances of whose in the White House starting in January and who controls the Senate starting in January and whether you do or don't like any individual policy from any of these progressive replacement to legacy Democrats, that's all less important than the realisation that there is a changing of the guard happening. Here, though, I don't think that
can be denied any more. The open question that we will have to answer over time is what will the effect be on not just the ideology of the country, but on the policy of the kind. We as well so listen. How do we even do this? things are getting really ugly in the progressive media space, and it pains me to have to do this today, but SAM Cedar has casually made a disgusting claim about the David David Pachmann Show and fired a shot across the bows about our recent surge of subscribers, claiming absent any evidence, mind
that somehow Botz that I have presumably used are paid for our boosting our Youtube subscriber numbers. Let me give you a little background last week by the way. This is all a joke just cause. I know people really. This is all a joke. Ok, last week the David Pachmann Show hit nine hundred thousand Youtube subscribers. This was a major major deal for us and we got from eight hundred thousand two nine hundred thousand in the matter of just a few months, and it was alleged. That I established sort of a race against SAM Cedar to a million subscribers. That's very much untrue. I didn't even know where SAM was from the standpoint of subscribers. What I established last week was a race against the clock, not against anybody else. I said let's get to a million by election day. Ok now We were not on track to reach that, as of last week, we were projected to reach
million on January nine, thanks to the last ten days of people, power, adding that subscribe button churning that subscribe button, adrenalin the subscribe you know all of the battle of zeal of such elder stuff. We were updated too, may be on track to hit a million by December twenty fifth. This was apparently brought to SAM Cedars attention, and in the midst of this he has made the sick vile claim that we are using Botz check this out, and indeed it turns out. We are just a few thousand subscribers apart now it is totally plausible that either of us could get to a million first- and that's great- I mean in this case with TAT with trickled down taxes. A rising tide does not lift all boats. In this case, I think a rising tide does lift all boats. We get cross recommendations on Youtube. If more people watch SAM, I get more
nations from his videos. If more people watch me, SAM gets more recommendations for my videos, at least, presumably so that's my view, but during a call to SAM yesterday, it was disgustingly suggested by SAM that we are using Botz. Take a look at this very ugly allegation. I appreciate the message: Ral Reagan, let twitter balance die except for four specific people. So I appreciate that yeah. What other one other thing pachmann about their technology. You two are raised to a million
you know he'd really come up here and he poured away. You gave her basically pad around no nine o eight nine hundred eight thousand Youtube subscribers he's already. Eight nine twelve hand them and people on Twitter were thing or yeah. That's good pachmann that more videos, but that's like thing. The person who run the race faster wines and that makes the Raven Fair men at all the things to be out working you I I smell Botz now. This is completely irresponsible for SAM to make this allegation. It's actually sick and if I were you, I'm talking to the nine hundred. However, many thousand nine nine hundred and eighteen thousand people in my audience, SAM saying that you don't exist. Ok, this is the epitome of de personalization. Sam is saying you you think you just subscribed to my channel. You think you're a person, you don't exist! Euro bought, you don't matter
so you're, not even real, let's watch a little more because it actually gets worse now. Look here here, right now, if you look folks Raul, ragged just informed me that David Patman has taken a lead in our race to get to a million subscribers and I am making a personal appeal to you. Right now hit the subscribe button. It's not necessarily we're on pointing to- I don't know where it is- maybe maybe down here- are over there but hit the subscribe button? Don't let David Pachmann steal our valor
thank you for the romanian government, not yet enough as far as I'm concerned, but also ok. But yes, I think that you do neither to work out a mistake, and I was thinking that the loser have you are the winners Promo code in their at her? I come up for a month for you deal with TB. Do you did a cd farm add but then say keeping could be pack manner whenever there His coat no art open code is left is best are not doing that I'll. Do the son out loud challenge, though I do this I gotta when, where am I gonna hurt found yeah SAM. Their raising the idea of a sons out got a sons out guns out challenge where we wear tank tops and expose our biceps. I don't know about that. Our know how much that resonates with me, but
we cannot allow this to happen right, I mean to after such a disgusting shot across the bows fired. We can't just sit back and let them do this people are with me here and then, by the way it gets even worse an hour later in the show, look at these dirty tricks. I am for the sub battle. I will make sure to unsubscribe from Pakistan to help you in the race. You should tell you subs to do the same, until you hit one million. Now I don't want. No, not exactly that's darker side. I want ya, know Roger Stone here, I'm not I'm not gonna make a call for that. Really new after I just read your call for its. Why would I do so? That's even gross SAM indirectly calling for people to unsubscribe from me without really calling for a right. I don't hafta would never say and why would I because the collar just data, the texter too, it's disgusting guys. So this just as a heads up this is all fake. It's all a joke. The only serious part is, let's get to Amelia help me get to a million an
m help everyone you it's not like voting where you can only vote once you can vote for everybody. Ok, we have. I smell number. That number is to one nine to David P. Here's a collar who seems to think tromp is going to present day David job for Morgan, going no comment on your shoulder night as always enjoy your show, but you were stating that is their way, Donald Trump, whenever going to jail, if we actually have a free and fair election, Joe Biden has like there's only three ways that the truck never go to jail. Ok, while interim president ends in them.
Two by imposing Obama Ngos up we're looking forward without looking back or three during our legal wrangling, he actually passed away over the only three way. The Donald Trump does not go to jail for all the crimes that, before this presidency during the campaign and direct, brother. I just respectfully disagree that the United States is not the type of country where former presidents go to pay. And I am not arguing that Trump has not done things that would put a normal person in prison night. That is not my argument. My argument is merely from is not going to prison that that's my prediction, maybe I'll be wrong. We ve got a great bonus, show for you today, don't miss it. Rather, membership joint happened, dot com, you will be provided instant access to the bonus show
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