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8/5/21: It's August And Trump Still Hasn't Been Reinstated

2021-08-05 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--It's August which, according to some Trumpists, means that Donald Trump will be reinstated as president soon

--David Brody, host of "The Water Cooler" on Real America's Voice, likens the ongoing push for vaccines to Nazi Germany

--Caller asks what it would take for David to vote Republican

--Caller wonders if Trump could revive Mike Pence's career if he wanted to

--Caller discusses the "great reset"

--Caller wonders if Ron DeSantis will be Donald Trump's running mate in 2024

--Caller asks about the plan to pass an infrastructure deal

--Caller talks about nationalizing Google

--Caller wonders if doctors can convince anti-vaxxers to take the COVID vaccine

--Caller asks which potential Republican presidential candidate would do the least damage to the United States

--Caller wonders if political commentary shows lead to more polarization

--Audience Question: Will Joe Biden try to mandate COVID vaccines?

--Audience Question: Can Ron DeSantis turning Florida into COVID hell be marketed as a win for him?

--Audience Question: Is Joe Biden's approval rating actually collapsing?

--On the Bonus Show: Arkansas governor regrets banning mask mandates, lawyers who filed election lawsuits have to pay opposing counsel fees, Mexico sues US gun manufacturers, and much more...

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All right. So a book or I had out on a brief break. I do want to touch on the fact that it is August, and that has some relevance. We're gonna have some great guess. Who's coming up, Farren cousins will be filling in for me Jesse Dollimore, but before I leave it is August and supposedly Donald this being reinstated in August yesterday, I spoke my pillow guy MIKE Lendal, who says it'll be August, may be September, it'll be the Supreme Court probably, but who knows but to step setback for second from my pillow, the real question many are asking is not whether Trump will be reinstated. He won't be reinstated, but whether his follow will become violent when he doesn't get reinstated and whether his followers will try to stage a second insurrection. Now. Yesterday we looked at clip,
of an organisation that says they're going back to the capital on September, eighteenth thereon I think we can say conservatively millions of Peace but like? Maybe it's not tens of millions, but it certainly millions of people. Followers of Trump who have been to believe by any number of others that Donald Trump will be returning to the throne as it were somehow this month or next month it might be through the Supreme Court. It might be through the generals of the military, doing something nebulous that we don't understand or it'll be because something incriminating will come out and Joe Biden will resign and so Will Camilla Harris which, by the way, wouldn't make trump. President right I mean Trump, is not power. the line of succession right now or Maybe they don't even know how it's going to happen, but they think maybe it will, but it won't be happening, and so then, what among the fifty plus attendees that salon spoke with at sea pack in Dallas, more than forty percent said, they believed in August Trump would be reinstated somehow what Do when it doesn't happen, some law enforcement aid.
Caesar paying attention Zachary Patrice O rights in salon. That quote on July, thirteen Bloomberg NEWS reported that Lynn, Dell's theories are enough to put FBI director Christopher Ray and other top NASH. No security officials on alert for the risk that the former presidents most ardent soup. Orders might again resort to violence Now we are already seeing dates move around what was once August thirteenth. Now some people say will be August, twenty first, why well August. Twenty first Trump will be making it a rally in Coleman, Alabama one rumour of new. I guess you could call it a new delusion is that Trump will be reinstated at that by who, how it's not exactly clear, because it will never happen and the ship. of the data is very much like the under the world. Rapture people. I've interviewed some of these people. There is all some date. It doesn't happen, so they shift the date. They say. Oh Miss read the signals, or God changed his mind or something was out of context and then they,
Up with a new date, I Don't know that it will prevent the violence, but it needs to be some. How put in these people's minds that trump just lost its an outcomes? Razor the simplest exe nation is the one that applies the election was certified. Joe Biden was the winner and he was sworn in. Donald Trump is not in the line of succession. If the president goes, then it goes to the vip. If the VP goes by, then it's the speaker of the house and so on Trump is not part of that. The last president is not part of that. Ah and some others are saying now very directly. As I told you yes, today that it will be September and they're going to the capital, so I think the right for violence is real, for me is from really getting reinstated- is not the right question. It's it's. A silly question, of course, is not the real question This will there be violence, and I'm worried that there will be a will
cup on that much more in future shows- and let's hope it doesn't happen For a little while, it was mostly a radical Republican, congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Green who was complete. Things to the holocaust. Equating things to the Nazis raising other comparisons to world war to its now. Becoming very widespread on the american right, and it has a lot to do with vaccines. We're gonna look at a few clips here is David Jody, who used to be a regular Palestine, meet the press. He was on his so I guess he has shown how water cooler Unreal America's voice. I don't know, I don't even know what that means he is
when talking about Nazis and Nuremberg codes when it comes to vaccination, take a listen violation of federal law. So why well because it would violate a little thing called the Nuremberg code. Male code mentioned on the FDA website, not pizza, gate, dot, com or conspiracy, that net the Nuremberg code emphasizes that people cannot be forced to take experimental drums without therefore consent now interests and, interestingly, here the term Nuremberg Code originated nineteen, forty, seven Germany during the Nuremberg trials, where of course nazi doctors attempted to excuse the inhumane deadly experiments that they conducted on concentration camp prisoners by claiming that there were no explicit rules governing medical research on human beings
Germany during that period, but you're, probably thinking well, hey, hold on that's Nazi Germany and nervous Coder or not the. U S. Government would never been yeah so so the implication is that having a requirement in order to work at certain places or go to certain schools or whatever the case may be that that's equivalent of a face three trial fate, widely phase three trials. Maxine is similar to nazi medical experimentation on Jews. Now that sounds sort of crazy because it is so then he brings on his guess: Matt savour he sort of As you know, we were not literally saying that, but sort you you kind of our do take a listen or you know its interests. You say the sirens should go off and you're absolutely right and
choice, sirens going off the other way the vaccinated risks with young vaccine? This country are being demonized. They there there is discriminatory stuff going on out there. I'm curious as it relates to the legal issues here regarding the Nuremberg coda mean if it's under experimental use, what were hours, I mean legally in terms no even that when these it wouldn t it just so happens that experiment and emergency both start with the letter e EU way is an emergency use authorization, if not an experimental use authorization. That's that's another deliberate deception via this going up the legal food chain. What what what could happen here? While even before we get to the Nuremberg code, you have emerges, use authorization law. Northerly says that you have the quote: option to accept or refuse closed club. That's repeated, in fact she required by the FDA and its also mention many times by the FDA. So that's the end of story. You have the option to
fears when it's an EU way and it's an easier way, specifically designated so by the F now. Do you guys believe that when you know we were somewhere between two and five weeks from at least the Pfizer vaccine, given given permanent approval by the FDA? Do you think that when that happens, they'll just say Oh now we're good now going a vaccinated. Of course, not they're. Just gonna come up with something else can federal law in the Nuremberg code. The very first point says that the voluntary consent of the human subjects is absolutely essential. There should be no direct, no deception, no pressure and we're doing exactly opposite. We are violating federal law were violating the Nuremberg code. All of these will be brought into court to read if these issues- because we are repeating this is the tragic part of His- were repeating the dark history of now
Germany and we're not learning the lessons that the number you know we're really not that code and those nazi experiments should have taught this generation you're you're like any it's about time period. We talk about that in a monologue, and we want to be clear. I guess we have to do to the square were about the holocaust. These were talking about that right. I begrudgingly have dimension were not really talking about the hall does accept. We are big, we're saying that are required vaccine. After phase three trials VI it's the Nuremberg codes, just like the Nazis, did during their medical experiments. It's crazy. This is where there now is this the plain where they now exist: here's one! example, news MAX guest past your Brian Gibson yeah. says that background just won the election it now, Julian Axa NEWS Max Guest, a pastor Brian Gibbs,
says vaccination is going to provide a framework for future genocide yeah. What do you make of that? Pastor? Yeah gather they're playing all this comes straight out. The marxist ambush right. You try to set as many different groups against each other, as you can in a nation to weaken it chair it apart, rebuild it in the image of war at first in Amerika it was, it was racial tinctured. Blackbirds is why now we're moving from vaccinated to the on vaccinate and I'll? Tell you it's scary, because whenever you see guys saying you see leader saying you can go to the gym, if you have access Should you see the president talking about the problem is the on vaccination, these things and played out before it is too he sort of alluding to sing the Non vaccinated in a pejorative way is low
When the Nazis started saying the Jews, he did that if you're not making the connection, this is the analogy he's making and then he actually Distrait upset. Or do you take a certain group of people and demonized I'll? Tell you what it is. It's a framework for animosity between two groups at best, at worst, its framework for future genocide, so there it is just like the Jews started to be demonized by the knots he's. The unboxing aided are starting to be demonized by the vaccinated. I guess, and by Joe Biden, did we. We are in real real serious trouble here as a country, my friends, if these narratives become the prevailing narrative, so once we get that approval, Let's see how many of them go out and get vaccinated, it won't be quote experimental anymore as they like the say. Let's see
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from New York over me. I knew it wasn't on my the other Andrew. What's going on now, you do have me on some kind of speaker. In the background it sounds like I am sorry, but this is the best might have got the wrong or maybe quick and easy. Please I'm worried what is Europe a penny on on the new on the new than from the new mass was well, I'm there were about Cuba. What is your opinion on the embargo of embargo? That's going on in Cuba that the end,
by supporting the Yom, the yard, the protesters. That's where I am against the embargo. I support the protesters. That's all right, thanks, Andrew, very much appreciate that, let's go next Chris from main Chris, you were on the air and main became just barely its like you're talking through some kind of metal syn on site, just just barely just barely it's a, but what kind of a device are you using? I have to ask Well, all right, I'm gonna! Let you go. I appreciate the call very much let's go next to SAM from New York City.
On what is not enough. Specious start here, SAM from New York City or on the air. I can hear me I'll try to help turn things are police. Yet I can hear you find right I'll. Try my best and pushes grappled with clearly, since I guess you know, trunks
down the escalator ya know that moment is you know? I know you don't I doubt if you're not registered Democrat Correct, that's right, but you intend to allow. I am register demographic. Also, like you have my issues at the party, but one thing I try to ask myself is: what would it take for me to vote or a Republican in when I consider how the scene decision must be to move along tromp? I think I cannot imagine how anyone would logically complex conclusion. One thing I tried out myself as a right. Well would Democrat, do they make me not supported our patent? Is there a line? You think I'm nothing super clear, but I guess we d and more understanding of potential reasons dire.
I'm looking for differed from when is Democrats are incredibly unwilling to consider voting or well. You ve got to talk to the Democrats that you're referring to and see what their answer would be like for me. It's really clear if you give me a race where the Republican is the better option than the Democrat based on policy and based on all of the things that we look at like. In other words, if, in the last election Joe Biden was the Republican and Trump was the Democrat, I would have voted for the Republican Joe Biden, because I Joe Biden was the better option. What you're I think getting to his people, who are blindly voting for party without really looking at the candidates right yeah. I guess it's also a moral question. Let's say a republican undemocratic are sort of generic metal road. Republicans, Democrats in terms of policy, but the Democrat is incredibly compromised or
some Percy behaviour. Whatever else firm, we got any one consideration. The other consideration could be. You might have a very centrist democrat and a very centrist republican, and they are very similar on policy but you might say well overall, the platform of the Democratic Party is closer to my view than the platform of the Republican Party. So, even though I'm kind of indifferent on these two candidates are vote for the Democrat, because their party has the platform I prefer this is. Unfortunately, this is way more thought than most p put into who they both for aid to save for a sort of lake. I believe that just take culture policy by Democrats, Yazzi many thousands oaken- has the potential to save thousands of american lives in the sun, and the crowd sounds the hypocritical when, until someone they killed one person, but I think a lacking them would pass healthcare policy that would save thousands of lives. New concerted make
a calculation that you too will carry. Calculation. Sure by another note is ya know that makes you mean that sort of like if you have two candidates, one of whom is a rapist but would likely pass Medicare for all. Does it still makes sense to vote for the rape as because it's gonna be good for so many people having? Yet you start to get into those types of questions, and it's a very personal thing for a lot of people will figure on the songs, appreciate the call. Thank you very much
A very important topic: let's go next to Neri from Boston, Neri you're on their David shaped in a few months ago, but I was curious on one year and this has been a couple weeks now around by pants. Ah, do you think Trump could kind gives save him from the grave heap autumn in and take him back to VP, like hey keeper trade us, but I talk it amp he's on our side. Now you do what you do absolutely truck Yukin all in politics. You can almost always rescue whoever
and though MIKE pants has been vilified, you know they were chanting, hang pants. He spoke at some conservative conference a couple weeks ago. The whole crowd booed him. I think that's what you're referring to trumpet said things about MIKE Pence, let us down, if into just hypothetically, if in twenty twenty four tromp ran, and said we are bringing back the best vice president this country has ever had. He did what he could with the election, but we just didn't have the rhinos with us. He could completely come up with some bs and say pence is the greatest and rehabilitate his reputation overnight. Step between leg should try to correct answer, be like ok, wrongness aunt case our take ever even no, I ain't you
cause you're the second year I have? No, I think that it is too early to tell Trump could go either way. You know the thing about Trump is even if he assesses he has a better shot at winning with the Santas. Trump wants to definitely be like the alpha, as he sees it, and my pants has much more sort of like Dario typical beta vibes then run dissent as having this is like such stupid language. Dad. I don't even know that this really exists, but the way they see it. I think dissent is not as good as a beta trumps alpha, as is my pants. Now, there's nothing actually alpha about trumpet, I'm just saying, as they see it says: yeah. Alright, my friend However, the call whereby there is Neri from Boston. Let's go,
Next to oh, I don't know, let's I'm I'm told that Tristan from Kansas City is back on trust and I hope your MIKE's were. Oh, hey, they're, your eye David. So, as you know, I'm I'm are recovering. Do you know not recover, but I used to be a conspiracy terrorist acts like twenty sixteen, of course there is no shortage of conspiracy theories. Now, in fact, is probably worse. It has ever been, but there there is some videos that I keep getting sent and I'm I'm wondering if you know anything about the great reset, because I would like a rational take on it, because I saw the video by the World Economic Forum and it is very disturbing in looking to say the least. So you know anything about that. I mean it correct me if I'm wrong, the great reset is the idea that, on some kind of sick little calendar. There are events that sort of like called the weak and reduce the population increase
kind of like the idea of resetting. And restarting more strongly and that there is going to have to be some bad things that happen in so getting to that point, including death and destruction. But then you reset, and then you build better in a way that, generally, though, the great reset idea, I yeah, of course, everybody's. Take that, because it is, you know it's it's a very challenging idea. Of course people are saying: oh that's the new world order that they're talking about and to call on the comments when I see it as a psychotic billionaires telling everyone how bad billionaires are, and they are the ones who are going to fix it. Yeah I mean and here's the thing every once in a while. This is the problem with sofas, tree and pseudo intellectual ism that every once in a while some idea that people who don't read history or philosophy or political science or whatever they have no frame of reference. So they hear like some hypothesis like this and then all of a sudden there like wow. This is the.
This is like some grand theory that explains everything and they become very emotionally attached to it, whereas, like a lot of people who do more reading and study, would be like. No one thing is the full explanation to everything you know you read, you have to read a lot of different things and there's aspects that makes sense from from each thing. This is kind of like the problem would pseudo and anti intellectual ism that for people who have no frame of reference they here, one type of idea one time and they become very attached to it right away. Then you can't even have normal conversations with them, so I don't know that I have that much more to say about it other than I dont think any one idea explains the world in total and we should be very sceptical of anybody who points to this is the explanation for why things are the way they are, of course
yeah, I think I pissed mileage he's the right word, for it sure got mean understanding. Where are why we believe the things we believe yeah, of course, alright. Well your comments section and in this clips, probably going to be pretty toxic, just a fair warning, but Thank you, David. Ok. I thanks very much there's Tristan from Kansas City Missouri. We are taking care. all day orally, because we are going to be travelling in a lot of different. You know things were going on and it's all crazy. Let's go next to Chris from main who says that he is fixed. His microphone is well below. Can you hurry? Yes, I countries. Ok, I have a question for you. What do you think will happen when Trump will not get reinstated in in August, which it now is? Yes, what? What do you think that make Lando and the trumpets will do
I think that a few of them will try to get some kind of violent thing going. They may succeed or they may not. Most of them will do nothing and many will become fixated on some new date at which something is supposedly going to happen, ok and out one more question for you yeah. What? What do you think would happen if trying ran in twenty four had run the centres as as is running late yeah? I mean, I think that that would put up right now. I would say that gives him a better shot then running alongside my pants, but, as I mentioned to the collar earlier, I dont know that from the ego lets him have. Someone like dissent is whose much less of a second fiddle. The way MIKE Mike Pence was basically a plant. Sometimes he it was almost like is. Is that a lemon tree or is that might pence in the background there?
Enron, dissenters isn't like that, and Trump needs a real, a beta to use their word behind him. So that's what makes me doubt Trump would pick dissent, as is running mate. Thank you. I'm conquers hold a guy. You I'm I'm fifteen. I thought so. Ok, that's that's it! It's great that your get following what's going on in the world, I think that that's a really great thinkers. Thank you are right. There is for me the most coherent collar of the day and only fifteen years old, if you can believe it, I'm just so, people know everybody waiting to get on and all that shows up is like a nickname, your getting on. So if you want, if you want a chance at talking to me, it has to say name and town okay, so there's a lot of nicknames the either zero chance you getting on. If that's what you have, let's go next to
v Han from Orlando florida- that I pronounced that correctly yeah. Can you hear me David? I can hear you find VIII Hon all, right. So I was just wanting to ask a question about the infrastructure bill. Please, because we have the by partisan one that has seventeen GEO P senators and is very likely to pass, but I am concerned about the reconciliation package and Senator Mansion has said that there is no chance. It's there's no guarantee its going to pass Ryan. Senator Cinema has said that she's not going to cancel or vacation plan to load on this package, which I object to better is what it is. Do you think the reconciliation package has any realistic chance of passing in the law? I have no idea- and I see really know
I mean we'll know soon at this point that this type of prediction to me is not super in for staying like maybe you know what I don't really know. I think the more important thing on this issue is the entire framing of this infrastructure thing. Oh, how do we pay for it? Can we afford it what really counts as infrastructure? If, if people so there's progressives, who want to do infrastructure for its economic stimulus and so on and so forth, every right winger, who is of the mindset of USA number one, should begging for this infrastructure package, because you look around the world and you look at american public transit. It's a joke. You look around world, and you look at our top airports there, a joke. You look around the world that broadband access and then you see the United States. It's a joke. Forget up your bridges in tunnels,
Of course, if you are in America First America needs to be the best thing: how on earth do you justify not doing this infrastructure deal? It's at that the terms on which its being discussed are crazy left and right should be completely united on this. In getting this done could be for different reasons. Who cares and entire. You know I'm sick of the Joe Mansion and cinema stuff, I'm sick of the Republicans we're gonna go. We don't have money, we don't have a hold on a second. This is, first of all, we do have the money. Secondly, it so economically stimulative to do this type of threat, it just crazy. So to answer your question which I'm not really answer, and I have no idea in Hell whether the reconciliation version has a chance of passing, but these people better pass something because the country is desperately in need of it. Yeah, that's that's totally correct and we badly need that infrastructure package. A thank you for taking my call David, my plan
really great hearing from you I'm going to take some more calls. But in a moment I'm gonna take a very quick break, just hold on and then I'll be right back with everybody. One of our sponsors is rise, the science based apt that makes it easy to improve your sleep and daily energy. I have struggled with sleep, Times in my life, I've tried many different things and rise has been really useful. It tracks your sleep debt, which is how much sleep you essentially, oh your body tracks here general rhythms helps you understand your daytime energy levels and rise, improve your sleep and energy by giving you personalized feedback about your sleep metrics. When you should go to bed when you should wake up in terms of our devising your personal rest. They can even tell you things like how long should you expect to be groggy in the morning. Based on when you wake up, you can make science based improvements to sixty indifferent. Have
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he's in goaded Diego from the United Kingdom you're on the air, Diego sorry, I I thought I wouldn't have any problems with my might belated hello David. I just wanted to ask you about an end in the theme of misinformation and conspiracies. Yes, a lot of people have talked about, for example, nationalizing, socializing, Google. As a way of protecting the public sphere. I know, for example, Andrea talked about creating data dividend. Do you? What do you think about these kind of measures, as a way of kind of combating misinformation. Yeah, you have any different proposals that would be interesting You are not going to solve this issue by nationalizing a publicly traded company like Google Ebby, listen if if Google we're on the verge of failing and the government, bailed them how they might have some.
average to ask for something, but this is where I feel like guys. What are we talking about? Nationalizing, Google, if we were I deal with this information if we won deal with it the online bullying and calls to violence, in other words,. you, ve gotta have companies that have clear terms of service and they enforce them fairly and equally, we need proper. If, if you want to look at Anti Trust, ok, look at, fully dealing with Anti trust and enforce it fairly. You ve got all these republicans who haven't given to you know what's about Anti trust and monopolies for forty years, and now I only want to apply existing in antitrust law to social meat companies, eight, listen if you want to do that, I'm open to doing that, but you gotta enforce it seriously across industry in and in other places, and we ve got to deal with education so that people are less susceptible to that.
information and the nonsense to begin with. But this is where, like NASH, knock you just not going to nationalize Google. It's not it's just not going to happen, and so I worry that people get sucked down like over. That sounds appealing. It's just not happened. there's there's no there's no legal basis for it. There's no political will for it it just you know we ve got so many other things. We can do ya and to agree, was up there. He could. I ask you about your thoughts on, am wealth tax on ambient old cheeky asking you two questions, no, I mean listen. I think I think wealth tax is an interesting idea. Point of the what what so? What's the problem with income taxes and capital gains tax, as the problem is that there is ways to avoid them and have significant growth of wealth without any of that growth being cut. Shared by the government? So the idea is you you, you put in a wealth tax
I am really sceptical about how you enforce it. You could have situations people in order to make their wealth tax payments actually have to sell assets and realize gains now. Some might say: that's the point get him to realise the gains. Ah, I see it very lodge Stickley Problematic, but I think the impetus for capturing wealth growth that really rich people keep outside. I'd of income. It's a smart idea, the sensible idea, I just don't know how you actually get it done. Ok, that's very interesting, and finally, I just to say that a long you talk to someone from Argentina about and bananas. Yes, wanted to put the chilean perspective and say that Chile, if another penal are very good, I haven't. You the Argentinean, so I can't see that better right. They are very good,
are to land on bananas typically baked or fried in Japan, so the the baked once on the meat once the fried ones would be cheese or sea. it was. I just can't get behind a freedom Panada. I have to tell you that one of the things that is that is typical of the Argentinean M Panada, I wanted oven. I don't want it deep fried. I want to taste the feeling, not the oil, frightened, you understand- I can I can be well for- can be in support of that, yet the impact of those that penal baked. So I'm sure you didn't joy one if you tried what I'd sound spent ass, though I appreciate the call. Thank you are right. There we go. There's Diego from the Uk super strong phone call. Let's go next Brandon from Colorado, Brandon you were on the air high David Canary. I can hear you perfectly great, so my mom is heavily, invest,
into the and I've acts scene and unsettled videos all the time he up that I've been wanting them in. Clearly there is another ground of antibiotics communities and they do not agree on facts and there's from tramping echoed chamber. They think what they're doing is right and so on, and I do not think that the cuban conferences, like we heard this week- it are not really going to cut it for these people who are spraying, this information so. I'm thinking, but I would be interested to see, would be the people that they think are lying, so medical experts, doctors, whatever personally, confront them to show them the evidence and If we talk through with them to come to realisation of the truth to actually get on the page. With the facts and I'm wondering do, do you think this would even be possible?
poor people are considering this, could this be a valid tactic to at least engage with this very serious part of anti vaccine? Mr Coelho. First of all I mean on a very practical level, There is not enough doctors in public health experts to do one on one confrontations with anti boxers to convince them to change their mind so soap on a practical level. I think it's very difficult. The other thing is often times when. Fuller presented with facts and told what you believe as wrong. Here are the facts. It doesnt convince them. It actually makes them further kind of plant there. in the sand and not move frank from where they are. What we do know is that the people There are already in one's community so if Doktor Fouche she shows up at your mom's house, she'll probably be like this guy's a liar. I over this guy, I'm not gonna, believe this guy, but your mom's doktor were who presumably she trusts says you need to get. The vaccine is really important. I've gotten it my patients, if I've gotten it that does
they have a real impact. So I think it's less about bringing in experts from outside people's lives to tell you're wrong. It's more about! creating conversations with the people already in your community. So for some people it's it's their pastor, which is so disturbing. Why, when we see these pastors Greg Lock, who we covered earlier this week say: do not get vaccinated to their churches, a lot of people if their past her said get vaccinated, they would do it same thing goes for local physicians and that to have a thing. So I think that there is a lot to what you're saying and of people need to hear from their local doktor, whoever people they trust going vaccinated if you sit doktor fell, she in front of your mom. I don't think it convinces, or do you think that would be were the same case, because what I'm saying is too too to confront the like the host of IE. Shows on pictured or whatever add their source for so long, but basically it's all the same.
Thought as what it did. You have a big ship bitch, what what wasn't it shoot? Bitch tumblr rumbled in others underground. You too, I mean, but I mean basically the same ideas. What have we got? The big you know flatterers personalities, I see what you're saying I see everything. So if there's some really big anti backs person with big audience and they get school than made talk like idiots back yet that could have an impact that could have an impact that the I don't deny that that's an interesting idea, Avery opting out Brandon from Colorado. I will call you again soon: let's go Next, where are we going next there? It's just crazy, what's happening, let's goaded oh Vonny, from Santa Claus, Rita Giovanni or on the.
Giovanni or on there. well, no Giovanni! That's too bad! Let's Why let's try Jamie Jamie Fromme. I can't tell where Jamie hello, hello, how do I question about? Was you, Sir started watching videos on a journey? endemic, when I had online school and stuff, ok, you really are mere. Thank you. But I have a question about. Like the I know, you're focused on May twenty twenty two, but like twenty. Twenty four is going to scare me yeah, like a fur, I don't know all the Republicans this kind. I seem like the same like pause. He was so like. I don't know
Can you even tell me most of them most of us going even most of them? Don't even talk about policy, so I don't know who you are and even tell right right. That's the boards are really scares me yeah, so did I mean? Did you have a question about them? Oh I like. What were republican. Do you think would like do like the weak damage like if they loaded. It I mean, I think somebody like Mitt Romney. Maybe you know it's like some people are talking about Liz Cheney. I think List Cheney is actually more more dangerous, she's, really more of a war hawk than Romney right. She agrees with strong. yes, read much all the time. Ninety ninety three percent of the time, whereas Romany is more like in the eighties I mean, I think, the thing of I'm sure there's other people who are moderate Republicans as well, but in terms of like prominent people, the thing about Romany is. I think that on social
stuff he's more or less indifferent from a policy standpoint. I know as a mormon. He probably has views I disagree with, but I don't think he would like prosecute too much social stuff. He might try. abortion, but I feel like almost that. That's pretty far gone. I think it's. It would be tough to do that. He doesn't strike me as the guy who would try this our global conflagration, although I know there's examples of him saying hawkish things, and so basically it would be like can, we keep Romany in the middle rather than going to the right on. You know, business regulation and tax. asian and stuff like that like it's, not I'm not saying I go and vote for Romney, but if you said what prominent Republican would if it has to be one, but I go if they would be somebody like Romney, probably ochre. No thank you So my closing down my pleasure that I appreciate our what a polite collar. I love that. Ok, let's talk to a couple of other people, because it is it really quite a quite a special day. Let's
Victor from California Victor you're on their? Yes, I can I this work gotta go over and ask what you thought about this idea of fake news. Do you think that's kind of em? Well, I'm a big fan of your show. Another kind of commentary shows thank easy, but do you think what we're doing, or what kind of this move Where's hard news was more accommodating. News is kind of creating more of this cloud of fake news in the world. I don't think I you said the move towards hard news and commentator used. Those are two sides of the house right so right now when you look at the media, for example, if you go to fasten Boozer eager to see a lot of it, is cut of news interwoven with commentary. Yes, although report on a fact, the report on an event that actually is happening, for example, if like say a precedent, is proposing,
a new legislator refused signing into law something doctor report that at that another make some commentary right. If all of Europe watching this, but I'm already doing is I'm ready kind of looking at what six what's happening and getting a kind of subjective experience. I'm a conservative. I wash Fox news. I seen it for example, and there some news is being voted on and then there's common comedy ass unkind. Commentary? The idle agree with others automatic? That is fake news in the same was with a liberal watching box. It's so yeah that moving towards the hard news to what kind of commentary and country both from the left and right kind of increases, this world of doubling Aqua chambers?
but this idea fake news. So your questions ubiquitous kind of complicated and I only sort of understand it. But let me tell you a couple different things, one of a lot of people, if it'll, if its path it's like a news shoved. They think it's just news ripe. So if you look at fox morning, and then you see Tucker Karlsson at night and it looks pretty damn similar. So you're like this is all news. When it's it's really not the other, problem, is there will be commentary even in shows that are supposed to be just news shows. That's that's another issue and a lot of people are able to sort of such that out and then this applies to online stuff, you look at websites for fake news news sites, and real news and they look almost identical. People can't tell the difference. So I dont know that the problem is necessarily that you're, seeing them of news and opinion, although you can argue that that is part of the problem, because of how ignore people are but real
The problem is the lack of media literacy and the lack of people who can think they were to carry out what they're watching you think, though, it's like other just naive, or do you think that, if we defined as something that could be passed me subjected, for example, if it is a law that comes into play, that lowering taxes, for example conservative and I believe that lowering taxes helps stimulate the economy or, among the liberal, the thing said: lowering taxes hurts infrastructure. For example. Do you think that, upon watching what a new segment on CNN, news that I'm gonna agree or disagree depending on my ready, preconceived notions of those yeah. That's called confirmation by his widely studies. That absolutely is the case here. Do you think that's kind of contributing to cite the safe use It's just hard facts: if it was just observed, it was the time news, all kind dislike absorbed the news, may God opinion are in our data?
clinical lives were here. No, I mean you know it's very theoretical, and it is just not the situation that we have. I do think the other problem is that fake news is being so opinions, disguised, as this news are different than fake news. Fake news is a very specific thing. It's now being applied to broadly what you're saying blurring the lines between opinion, an end news reporting and that's it that's different than fake news, but I think there's plenty more say, but, but I think you know I've kind of given you my general sense of it Thank you very much. The right, there's victor from California very much appreciate the call let's go to will bring I'm sorry. I couldn't speak to more people today, but I will speak to more people very soon. That's for sure one of our sponsors is for sick matic, the company best known for their delicious mushroom coffee, forcing Maddox mushroom coffee is organic, fair trade see
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in the podcast notes for this episode. let's get into audience questions for the week one day early because of my upcoming trip. Remember we're gonna have some great guess: hosts upcoming, including fair, cousins from ring of fire and fair and balanced. The economist we named fair and balanced. Also He dollimore it's gonna, be great, can be absolutely fantastic, but let's get right into your questions David. Do you think Joe Biden is really going to try it to pass a national vaccine mandate. The statement so far from the White House have been fusing. Yes, so the White House think is being careful. There's been a couple of times now we're Whitehouse staffers have been asked about, is Biden investigate. eating is Biden planning for easy, getting advice about a possible vaccine mandate and the answer has been a pretty carefully worded. That is not something he is looking to do or has any plans to do at this time and of course
I hear that I don't hear he's eventually going to do it. I hear he's not ruling out unconditionally because circumstances may change. And its conceivable that it makes sense to leave it on the table, but I actually dont think the Biden administration is going to even attempt to pass federal vaccine mandate. However, we already talked about the potential legality of state level, vaccine mandates and sip municipality level, vaccine mandates and their does seem to be precedent for it. You look at. Cambridge Massachusetts in the very early 20th century. I don't remember if it was one thousand nine hundred and five one thousand nine hundred and three. There was a point where the City of Cambridge said you must be ex unaided again smallpox the vaccine He was quote experimental at the time. Much the same way that now the vaccines have not yet received FDA approval, although there they are expected to soon and so
My guess would be that if Joe Biden wanted to try to force people to be vaccinated and again that doesn't mean someone show. up and holds you down, I met my guess is that it would be some kind of requirement. Would I don't know, maybe a fine attached to it or something even saying it doesn't really make any sense. I don't think it's going to happen. I think the way Biden would do it is he would push for governors or municipality two mandated, which seems much more Stan precedent, at least from the legal standpoint. Now I'll go even further idle, no that were really going to see that, because I I think act, Italy is seen as likely. Political suicide whoever tries to do it. I think even in blue states with democratic governors of
seen mandate could be a recipe for you lose your next reelection because I think it would not be well received by enough people in basically every state that it could be a real really politically disastrous thing to do, and so more plausible and maybe equally effective is just look at the polling, were people say what would be most likely to encourage them to get vaccinated? So as an example last week I covered this live of that were Joe Biden said: Hey governors, please use. The money we sent you to give hundred dollars to everybody who goes and get the first shot. Ok up, All was done on that over the weekend, and only fourteen percent of Americans who are not interested in the vaccine said a hundred dollars would change their mind. Fourteen percent said I dont want the vaccine, but for a hundred bucks I would go contrast that with
forty one percent of those who dont currently wanna vaccine, who said if it was required to fly, I would go and get vaccinated. It doesn't take that much thinking to real, eyes, Joe Biden and the federal government through the F, a have a lot of say over what happens on airplanes and would there be a more effective approach then mandating vaccines are giving people a hundred bucks, then working with the FDA either to directly or to encourage airlines to say you must be back needed in order to fly with us or at minimum. If you're, not accelerated, you have to do a negative test. You could even I think, even that, would significantly increase vaccination numbers right now when you fly domestically. There might be some examples like I know at one point, Hawaii was doing something with testing
Right now go to fly domestically, you don't even need to be tested, so you could even stop short of a man a vaccine requirement for radiation domestic aviation, you could you say you now have two options. When you fly you either bring proof of vaccination. Which I know some people say. Will people will start faking? Those that's gotta, be punished, really seriously, really really obviously, the way Canada punished a couple of Americans for faking vaccine information. You either give us proof of vaccination or you get it s right here or within forty seventy two. However, you figure it out. That would make a really big dent in the you don't wanna get vaccinated go by what people are telling. You is the point that I am trying to make. I don't expect Joe Biden to actually try a federal vaccine mandate. I think if he wants to go in that direction, it's likely he would say governors. Please do this in your states. Of course, if you did that.
The governors that are willing to do, it are probably the ones in the states that are already more vaccinated and less urgently would need to do it? That's always that sort of a moral hazard status quo type of thing, but that's the way I see it. Let me know if you see the likelihood of Abiden vaccine mandate differently, David, even oh Rhonda Santas has made Florida into covert hell, could it somehow politically, including maybe when he runs or if he runs in twenty twenty four yeah, I I talk about this a little bit on Monday. If you just think logically, you would look at what is happening in Florida record cases record hospitalization red that's heavily low vaccination rape and on the sand going around saying we're banning mask mandates. We're not gonna make kids School wear, masks, open everything no limits on any ok you
would see that you would say this is going to backfire. This is going to be terrible for Rhonda Santas I don't really know about that, because, if thinking ahead. If IRAN dissent chooses to challenge trump and twenty four or two, doesn't even run and run dissent is. Does you already knew no or can predict the way that Rhonda sentences handling of coal there's going to be done in terms of a revisionist history. Rhonda scientist, Rhonda Santas will say I was the freedom person we dealt with covert, but we it with freedom and we allowed people to decide for themselves what they want. No nanny state and Republicans around him will probably cheer it on and say that's exactly what he did so while you and I am in a sort of like the Trump covered reaction. Now you listen to trumps former pressing, Harry. Could cayley makin any another people at work for Trump? They talk about trumps here. king of covert as if it was great it was one of the worst in the world and
rewritten history, to say it was great, it was absent, fantastic. So while it should hurt Rhonda Santas how disastrously he has made Florida into covert hell central over the last month or two. It will almost certainly be re framed. So that the right will only talk about the good things. We supported business and business owners by opening businesses and letting business owners and people decide what they feel safe. That's the way it should be. We don't want the government in your bid. I know that you're think Dave, that's You sound insane when you say that yeah, I'm, I'm telling you what they will say and it is insane, but if we ve anything over the last few years. It's that these people will fall four insane narratives. These people will fall for absolutely false of store. Is about what's going on in the world, so I wouldn't say: Rhonda Santas, destroying Florida is going to be helpful to him, but I do think
that his destroying Florida can be rewritten into a story about freedom and being about adding business owners, run businesses that might end it make it might end up make It sort of like a break, even foreign dissent, as if you were to run in twenty twenty, four or even in terms of just re election for the Florida governorship. You disagree with me. Definitely let me look. Let me now David, I'm sick, to see headlines that Joe Biden approval rating is collapsing. Is this true? So first, let's answer that the question about approval rating. Then, let's talk about was actually going on. If you look at five thirty eight Joe Biden, approval has only dropped like within the margin of error. When I looked most recently Joe Biden, approval on an average of approval ratings went from fifty three to fifty one point: five, that's a real the really small change to say it's statistically significant. Yet, but let's imagine that it,
true that Joe Biden approval is declining a little bit? I think they're there's a couple things to think about. First of all, it might be more important to look at disapproval than approval on disapproval. Joe Biden disapproval has gone up, from an average of thirty six to an average of forty three? My guess is that that's right, wingers have shifted from having no real opinion to saying they don't lie what Joe Biden is doing? Probably in power, because of the propaganda, particularly around vaccines and covert, and asks that has been spreading long rightwing media circles, but I think in this case a more important zoom out, it's very common that a normal president, not Trump normal president comes in with a relatively high or higher approval rating and then over time their approve
all begins to a road and their disapproval starts to go up. Why is this a lot of this approval disapproval stuff is based on. Has the present done. Anything that you dont like, and even if you ve liked a bunch of Joe Biden has done. There will be some people where, in February, by into something they don't like, they now disapprove and they're, not going and then, in March Joe Biden does something different that another little cohort doesn't like, and now they disapprove and they never go back. So the erosion of approval throughout a president is relatively common with Donald Trump he actually left office with the lowest level of his presidency. I think it was twenty nine percent according to I think it was galloped. So that's relatively atypical Also, a typical would be like, for example, George W Bush after nine eleven had like eighty eighty something percent approval. That was a unique sort of circumstance that that explained that so it's not
particularly concerning. I think that there is there is this gets me back to Biden needs a major accomplishment this calendar year, another major accomplishment, the vaccine roll out, has been huge. Now the problem is to me. People don't want the vaccine getting covert stimulus done within a couple of months, that was huge, were now The second part of the year were in the third quarter, we're gonna be in the fourth quarter before you know it Biden if they get something else done. If it's the infrastructure deal, that could be useful. That could actually lead to a couple points of approval, increase, but I think that this is all pointing to a very interesting twenty twenty two cycle, os in in support of Democrats in twenty two, to its also really important that Joe Biden get something else done and then see what happens as far as the approval rating is concerned, but so everything is pretty typical slight erosion of approval? But it's time for Joe to get something else done. We ve got it
bonus show for you today. Don't miss it, Sir, up at join Pachmann dotcom we'll have fun and cousins for a few days and also Jesse Dollimore. For a few days. Replacing me on upcoming shows, I will then be back. It's going to be increased. Oh, please be nice to them. Guys, please be nice for them. I would appreciate that
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