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8/7/20: Virus Hits Schools, Republicans Ask Silly Questions

2020-08-07 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Republicans hilariously implode at hearings with former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, including bogus lines of questioning from Senators Ted Cruz and Lindsay Graham

--Kids start testing positive for coronavirus after one day back in school as the entire school year is now in question

--Caller discusses the subscriber war between David and Sam Seder

--Caller suspects people think socialism means the end of markets

--Caller discusses overcoming addiction

--Caller asks if violence is ever justified

--Audience Question: How many Americans will refuse the coronavirus vaccine?

--Audience Question: If Trump delays the election, who becomes President?

--Audience Question: Are anti-Trump Republicans still in the party?

--On the Bonus Show: Joe Biden's latest gaffe, students suspended after photographing packed hallways, and much more...

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The David Jackman Shell, David Tagamet, died gathered. So earlier this week, Republicans dragged Sally Yeats into a Senate hearing to investigate their continued conspiracy theories about the Michael fled investigation and it went so poorly for them. Remember that Sally AIDS is the former deputy attorney general she's criticized the justice to pay. My decision to drop the prosecution against Michael Flynn, who is as a reminder the four our Trump national security adviser who had been indicted, so republicans have cooked up all sorts.
Front conspiracy theories, many of which go through Sally AIDS and Republicans control the Senate at least until January. They brought Sally Yeats in to testify the video conference and it just went so poorly for republic. And I want to show you a few clips now- she testing fight about how the Obama White House first came alarmed about Michael microphones Behaviour That Flynn was having secret discussions with the russian ambassador before being sworn in. He was talking to MIKE Pence about things that really stuck to high Heaven so Yeats. Splain that it was investigated, plain and simple. There was really no scandal there, but, of course, Republican have been desperate and continue to be desperate. To claim that there was an Obama administration conspiracy to take down trump. That include.
The Obama administration illegally spying on the Trump campaign, all of this different stuff. They want to claim that it was investigative, a view, abuse and much more, but take look at how badly this imploded in their faces sallying. Facing a very hostile panel of questioning from Republicans, here's Lindsey Gram may be one of the most unhinged brown nosing, trumped sycophants, trying to play prosecutor- and he doesn't like Sally Yeats, his answer, so he keeps interrupting and Senator Paine quickly. He tells him hey, Senator, Graham just because Sally AIDS is a woman, doesn't mean you have to keep it interrupting her, which is how areas in a kind of through Linsey Grandma for a moment, take a look. Well, let's talk about January fifth meeting was devised present there, yes, loss Mackay. Did he
in the Logan ACT, you know, I don't remember the vice president saying much of anything. Miss me! So you don't remember him matching the Logan ad No, I don't did anybody mentioned the Logan ACT. I have a very memory director comin, mentioning the Logan ad, was he makes no over acting out in what context? I'm not sure he mentioned that in the overall office meeting or end the meeting you don't think about blood. Like your mother answer that question, because a woman testified those measures become at Langley lots in early. I really appreciate that you're very constructive, so here's question Linsey, Graham, is so horrible and he does the challenge in a Senate race. I want to remind you that Jamie Harrison is running against Lindsey Gram. We could remove by we I mean the voters of South Carolina could remove Lindsey Gram. That's an
resting race to follow, and maybe involved in continuing here's, a video of TED crews, saying when did you first learn that the Obama administration, with spying on the Trump campaign Gate says are they never happened and TED crews visibly flummoxed, monsieur AIDS. When did you first become aware that the above, administration was survey laying the Donald Trump campaign. Administration was not surveillance, tool. Kit. Just a bizarre moment immediate did this is done. Supervision from these reports blackens and, of course all of this is meant to distract from the disaster after disaster after disaster. That is the case tromp administration and TED crews. Actually, in to propose things that never happened during his questioning of Sally AIDS and Sally
Aids continually had to continue putting him in his place. Take a look at another example. So simplifies application, not surveillance. The application was procured a page and was The term campaign at that. Your testimony is that that that the investigation Carter page had nothing to do with an electoral campaign. Now, I'm suggest you asked me has been more surveillance. Can hang me eat you, don't get a cloak ways? Is it the camp? Late or not, soon it I'm trying to give you what is the accurate information harder page was a Member of the trunk campaign at the time that the size and was an issue and what was the real for the file on car page. There were a number of reasons. First, we got the information that I will find out here, that the Russians and made the average want to be able to assist the trunk him.
No voice that it had nothing to do with the Trump campaign. Said that he was not a member of the talk campaign at the time. We initiated Eliza, neither The sad thing is that republican circles. They see these same videos and they see this has really brutal questioning from TED crews that Sally Eights fell apart. It semantic game it's, it's really a lesson actually and how the right makes their arguments and it's a lot of semantic games and optics, and I wish it didn't work, but it works. If you look at how Republicans respond to cayley Makin Annie's press briefings, you know, Cayley comes out, and she scolds the media, and then she always has some scripted walk out. That is it like. It makes cringe when I see it, but there are people who love it. The vapid repeated walk off, send the attacks on media. Many of us
accurately see them for what they are, which are just completely empty, vapid, meaningless optics. There are Republicans who love it and Donald Trump Junior will retweeted? Is chaos owns the media and that's exact the same thing that happens with briefings are or with testimony like this, where the quest Lindsey Graham, is asking the questions. Tat crews is asking that they are DOM leading questions and Sally AIDS has no choice but to say that's not true. That's not true, that's not true, but there is intention that says wow. She really fell apart. Let's look at just a tiny bit more crews just keeps going here So when they came to you asking to survey all members of the trunk campaign because of conduct, they allegedly did while members of the trunk campaign. What do you do instead, you do did did. Did you pressed back at all? You already told Senator Kennedy. You just trusted the FBI,
you didn't ask about their sources, you did I mean. What do diligence did you do before signing off on what we now have significant reason to believe was a profound politicization of law enforcement and intelligence. I will take tremendous amount of process back and so on. Try the lawyers international scrutiny delusion beyond. I asked what you did not not other lords. What due diligence did you do you're the one signing off on it and we expect a fax for action in this instance. So did you inquire whether it was opposition research funded by the Dnc or Hillary Clinton. Yes, I do have a discussion about the web, so it was hours of this stuff hours and hours and it's like trying to squeeze water from a rock its lead there is a lake where all the water is and that's the disease
asked her after scandal, after embarrassment of the trunk Trump Administration, they ignore the lake where you can just go and drink the water and instead they focus on prick picking up, rocks and trying to squeeze water out of them and pretending that the lake doesn't exist and we'd better. Thank them for trying sweet water out of Iraq. It's it's pathetic. Going absolutely nowhere, but if Trump winds in November, you can a lot more of this, the expense of sending kids back to school during a raging hundred year pandemic by this admitted creation has failed and it has failed, very poorly- and I'm not pleased to see this and to be clear. I wish where possible to send kids back to school safely. Right now, I it's become very popular some on the right to say the left wants to hurt businesses. The left wants to hurt education, the laughter
sir left, doesn't care about people's emotional health all because they want to closed closed closed. In order to hurt Donald Trump, I don't deny for a second, that there are ten. Trouble benefits into general benefits and Cycle Lodge go benefits to getting kids back to school. I dont deny that many parents can't get back to work unless their kids are back in school, so I get it the can. Generations are economic, their emotional, their wide, ranging when you have Fifty thousand cases a today fourteen hundred deaths a day and we ve already debunk the false notion that kid's can't catch the disease or spread the disease it just past the sniff tests that this would work in case in point a Georgia. Second, greater attacks the positive on day, one back in school by day too, the classroom was closed. The teacher
Students were quarantined for two weeks and out of school, and there are many of these examples. Two hundred and sixty employees either tested positive, her were exposed and when at county public schools in Georgia that Georgia's largest school district hours after the first a in Indiana District last week, the county health Department, no five Greenfield Central Junior high- that a student who had been in a bunch of keys rooms all over the school in contact with teachers and students helped. Was helping students at remembered that the exact details was all over the school tested positive for Grown a virus and once again caused a mass quarantine of fourteen days for everybody. That they had been in touch with. We saw what happened in Israel, where they six ass, fully dealt with the virus crush the curve I mean just obliterated. It obliterated the curve, open schools and then things when backwards very very quickly, so it's
inconceivable. That states could open school. Some states could open school safely. Maybe, but a lot has to happen in order to do that, for first and foremost when we were down to twenty thousand cases a day. Every state started opening that was not the time to actually start opening as aggressively as happened number two, I know that it's August, but still don't have enough testing or fast enough testing. The testing is falling behind the viral spread. When we talk about how much we test relative to other countries, remember that at this point circumstances are so different in countries that, in order to keep up with our level of spread. We dramatically more testing and we need dramatically faster testing. People are often not hearing back four days five to seven days. In some cases a try well. Blogger. I know waited twenty days for his test. Results got them the day before he was going to a different state. This
is the same issue we ve been talking about for a long time when it comes to lots of types of businesses and organisations, and certainly schools where p or even more crowded together for hours all day, There is not an easy easy answer. I am not pretending. This is simple. I get all of the reasons why we would want open schools, but what I ve seen so far. We have to be guided by the data give me: the risks exceed the possible rewards by spring Semester, early twenty twenty one, we might have both more effective treatments and vat. Scenes that are increasingly inoculating people. So to me, that's it Let's do online in the farm, not saying don't do it, I'm saying: let's do it online, let's suffer through it. My mom is a college professor up until two days ago, They were planning on allowing professors to teach in person if they wanted to now. My mom had already decided to go fully remote but because it happening now in Massachusetts, which, by the way, is nothing compared to what's going on in some states her. You know
city decided we're doing all remote it sucks, but it makes sense it's a mess. It's not political masks should be worn its political, it's too early to open a lot of things. It's not political I'm so glad I'm not in a position of having to send kids to school or not and make decisions about where they should be. I dont the parents, I dont envy the teachers or the administrators, I'm not pretending. It's easy. I get it. There is not a simple answer, but its increase It is clear that the safe answer is you ve, gotta, online in the fall, and increasingly it seems more and more states are going in that direction. Let me know happening in your state. Let me know on Twitter at De Pachmann and remember you: can send to the David Pachmann Show podcast every day. Every week day. Okay, we at weekends off on whatever your favorite podcasting app is Spotify Itunes, Pitcher, Pandora
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David Bagman, shelled David Pachmann died, cast today's new members of the day or Tracy Holly and Victoria Rodriguez, Tracy and Victoria. Thank you so much for your support I also want to thank Mark Ash. Who is today's long time sustaining member of the day marks been a member for almost five years and you some day be sustaining member of the day it down the line. I admit by grabbing a membership at join pachmann dot com, let's go to the phones. Six one, seven, eight, three: zero, forty seven! Fifty let's go first two Ronald Reagan who has been trying to get on for a very very long time.
And Ronald what's going on today will know all about you raining. I get on for a can get kind of, but then you been sending me tweet saying I've been calling and I've been calling ends or stuff well. Finally, brag David besides the dealer, a thing, but I look like a couple of questions for you. You announce the big raise two million subscribers on Youtube, with the majority report. So that's completely that that so that was at the time you it was asserted to hold on a second rap. Ronald time. Eu asserted that I hadn't done that I have since been put into a war, because SAM fired a shot across the bows saying that I was using Botz, Sir I'm in I feel it over them. The men wondered notably against them
So I mean it's a race against the clock. How you look at the time you get pretty close enough, oh you're, you're, really pulling away what you deserve tremendous credit for really, and I wondered you think, yeah, I mean you're, nine, seventeen, and the material point that nine ten I mean they're really saying, keep you think. It's her stamina issue SAM Cedar a winding. What tell me what you mean by that. Well, I mean here: did you are turning out the content? I mean you can't be stopped here you're a little content machine, can it comes on that one little so per day and somebody I have is produced It has the shells ignited and really can a phoney again but the time will listening is in sight.
Is doing more content than me most days. Stuck SAM does a three hour. Shall I do a one hour show, so I think that what you're saying is empirically wrong now day, you don't think it's a scam, issue for SAM, I have no evidence that SAM is lacking and stamina. Ok, What do you think it is in that year you're just really away. Her doesn't even seem in a way anymore. I am not going to necessarily indulge your characterisation- and I don't know- what's going on in my experience- you know we ve had to times where we'll get like eight thousand new subscribers in a month, and I'm just doing the same thing. I'm doing my show every week day, and then we'll have a month like July, where we get
Thirty, nine thousand subscribers in a month and I'm not doing anything different, I mean, I think what is going on is in general, were getting closer to the election. More people are interested, but in terms of any discrepancies between my channel and other channels, I dont know what it is. I think these things gonna come in waves did Matthew, serious question because I really like you so I'm being sincere. I like you, show up and cyber so about it in a lot of people were word finder, Dunk on you're. What I am I am not here for that one thing: there people were this came up a bunch of times, is that package was wrong about the two in Bolivia and I don't know anything about that idea. I win wasn't pay attention. I guess the what you said at the time and some curious. If you want to respond to those people,
oh, maybe I'd like it? It maybe have that concerned, I'm I'm being totally sincere, I'm not trying to like start something but I'm curious, but that all about You'd have to ask them they. I guess they'd have to call in and tell me specifically what it is. They want me to say or or whatever, if acting in good faith, I'm glad to talk to them, and you knows, as I'm sure you know, many p in this space, don't act in good faith and if that's the case. I mean I would tell them to call in cause you're. Not if you, if you have a specific question, I could answer it but to say respond to people. Whose comments I have not seen and whose arguments I dont know would be difficult to do now, but fair enough, while people of bread the number far and wide, please I would want at the second respond directly to buy them. Keep up the good work lol, but I would say I think that you gave me the house
some say I mean there needs to be stated that can't be somebody get therein, and then that sets You know, I think the the pay should be the loser add to do than that gun out tank captures for all week. You know I don't I don't. Even am I dont even own? What think is sometimes colloquially and inappropriately described as a wife, beater sure, and I know that that's a very inappropriate term. Some people call it in a shirt or a male tank. Top, I don't either Only such a shirt, so we'd have to first start up a collection to even get me such a shirt. Louis they can be arranged good. I think ok Ronald. I appreciate the phone call wow. Why just a lot, a lot happening there. Let's go now
to our collar from the seven two zero area code who's calling today from seven to zero. I remember me, yeah who's. This. I didn't Gabriel Colorado, Gabriel. From Colorado. What's on your mind today,. I know a little while ago, it might have been alike. Have a year ago. Someone at this point your talking about how to maybe I think, you're happy his bright ideas on how to maybe branch out into the spanish speaking for the contact patient area. Yet damn it was. I do remember that and we basically we we evaluated all of the possibilities and decided. I really Need to reduce my work load by about thirty percent and starting to do another show in Spanish was not going to allow me to do that. So we re sort of gone away from the idea of I did have a low effort, low time, commitment idea, I'll get you yeah, so severe yeah, you were toward the show is normal, and then you pick one topical one.
On the show, and just we recorded in Spanish nodded it you just like a day. One one like this you can upload in Spanish. I think I'd be a pretty low upper waiter. Dont go on new audience and let ask you this did do I posted tonight, English language Youtube Channel, or do I create a new channel because that their sort of its catch twenty two, if I posted to my this thing? Channel english speakers will be annoyed that their spanish content, if I posted to a new channel that channel won't, have any subscriber, so nobody will watch it all agreed to grow. The spanish channel overtime politically too little side project. If it doesn't work, no big deal, if it does hey with do you know a terrible idea. I do. I don't think it's a terrible idea. To be perfectly frank. Now I'm curious: what's your interest, in this. Are you a spanish speaker or is it more just an effort to the spanish community tuna speaking community I am I don't find alone spanish, I'm gonna do about job, but I just think you d a great way to reach out and honestly, I think people
Listen do vanished, I like it when you do the penalty, all right wing. I think that your be if we were to do it, I think what you're talking about it's sort of like the push cart model. I learned that I paid a lot of money for graduate school where a teacher said come up with a way push cart test any new business idea before you set up a restaurant, you get a little food cart and you test sort of the just, then I think you're bringing up an excellent idea. After all, love consideration all right. Thank you. So my lord I appreciated you will talk to you very very soon. That's it really is an interesting waited to consider doing up. We should look at that. Let's go thanks to our colleague from the seven too for area code who's, calling today from seven to four, although David yeah who's, this. This is Carlo from Turkey? Is sixteen district Lumm here
we had. We have a terrible dark. We have a terrible congressmen, name is, might kelly right and I feel like, people. You really underestimate the importance of local elections. I think you know people hope is waiting John, like who's gonna, be the president, but people don't really see the import than the value of people were presenting. You know their lot community, I that you are right in that people tend to, particularly in the space of political hobbism and infotainment people tend to spare a lot more time following little issues that may never affect them directly or will only affect them directly and limited ways, while ignoring the local issue and I by no Means M suggesting anybody ignore who is there senator? Who is the president? But I think the right advice is understand
and that your day to day is going to be affected by your city counselor. If you have a city counselor the mayor of wherever you live, etc, and we want to- sure that people understand that and Republicans do understand, as does the crazy thing they dont menaces. Airily make a big deal out of promoting it. They there quietly take over school boards and city councils and they get it and we need to get. It is well right- and here at the pretty conservative area, but we do have some one who is right: against my Kelly. Rename is Christie beneath that. Jeanne. I view ass, an I'm, I'm just here to region The people, your audience, that now get her name out there. Please donate your campaign because here I mean my colleague the horrible track record horrible voting record. He voted against the like every health care bill, during this pandemic. He voted again and he voted against the George Void.
This policing act as well, which is unacceptable. Sodimac ready to go to the long side trump consistently. So the plan is to get rid of them, so I would just like to get Christie's name out there. Well, people should, I am not familiar with her, but I will look into it and I appreciate you bringing it up right, fifteen. Thank you, David Barren of Angola, appreciate the phone call. Thank you so much yes, many many races to get involved in, let's go to our call, from the four zero seven area code who's calling today from four zero seven with doubly Mr Batman. Yes who's this. Ah my name William calling from forty seven love it I always had a kind of clever my specific question. I feel a lot of in a lot of my discussions with more right. Weaning people orders.
Maybe even centre word even further weft. They have any specific sort of commitment to capitalism, sort of which my colleagues I have it. Conflation with market, for whatever reason they associate the idea of capitalism, echoing markets when they are not necessarily the same thing. You feel like a bum, that's a big reason as to arm why people are so adamant in your own interactions, with right, wingers at why they don't want? You were changed that forty above market system, in other words, that people might like me gets an, but they mistakenly believe that only in capitalism do markets exist and thus they yeah. They need support capitalism when you could, for example, support something like market socialism, exam
like you, I myself, I would. I think that there is no doubt that the average, the average person probably is not super informed about a concept like market socialism. I actually do think that most people, if presented with that the The basic framework of market socialism, which would be socialized- ownership, but markets still exist. I think a lot of people may not know about it, but if they did, they still wouldn't before it, but I think that we would only know that if people were aware of it and many people are not so I dont think your comment is without merit. Wolberg that throwing relinquish the had. I think you ve done all right. Thank you and please call me David. We don't need to be so formal on this programme. Okay, let's go next to our collar from the nine for one area code, who's, calling today from nine for one David. This is William, I'm among Florida, William Florida what's goin on.
I gave it. I really like you're sure you want to put that out there right now think arm, so questions, a little broader and spectrum I am I recently gotten into small government politics, just because I work in substance abuse field and we got a lotta governmental funding and stuff like that, Ah now, William, just I am sorry to interrupt you, but do you mean Do you mean small government, as in small government, concerning conservatism or just local politics? Do you mean just like local county Polly. Oh god, I'm ok, ok, good good going on, We carded I've kind of have to just to learn where the money is coming from words flowing from stuff like that to help I'd, get resources and things like that, but one thing that I've noticed since the outbreak is allowed, that funding has kind of disappeared. And a lot of the resources it seemed like people, don't know
phones are and and I was wondering do you think this is a direct correlation between what's going on in the larger terms politically with Trump and all those things? Do you think that these things can be related? I know that that's a very specific question. Will the sands and for the moment I realize I live in a red stay you don't eat. The answer is probably different in every instance. So there is no question. If your question is, is funding to specific programmes, you're interested in being cut because of trump. The answer would probably be I have no idea unless we look into it specifically and probably not. But what were? I think, the more direct connection is that is not getting a lot of attention. Others, a lot of talk, talk about if there's not if Peter or unemployed, where do they get money to spend stuff in the economy? Small businesses need people coming in with money to spend, so we ve gotta get money to people either through unemployment or through stimulus. The part
its being ignored, is due rightly related to what you're bringing up, which is if the government is collecting, less revenue from payroll taxes in states that have payroll taxes, and if there are more Tori comes on this or that or whatever states have. Less money to then redistribute back out to all sorts of different programmes. Now you'd have to look at it at the state by state and programme by programme level. Like, in other words, is there, it is the is their specific Sir in Florida, I just don't know. You'd have to look that up, but certainly what people have to understand is the state government can only taken reduced revenue for so long before are going to start saying. We can't afford to fund this programme in that programme, and that is certainly going on right. Ok, we'll have made a lot of fun. I just like I said I'd just seen over time. I like it.
Work directly with clients actually working in a county jail, and I were with inmates rehabilitating them who have got with substance abuse. I dealt with substance abuse, so we have a correlation there like we can relate on those levels, and so I get a mostly actually people a little bit and which is part of my job and then and then I try to. I try to connect them towards May resources that can be successful upon exiting the dual system or the prison system, and so it has been kind. A heartbreaking seal and I understand I get it when you put it in terms like that, as in the government can give us money, is there not making any? You now and so are, but that's I thank you for simplifying its neighbour, like I said, I'm new to these things I never before to opt out that I never thought once about politics, I didn't need to he's. Not
one now you do you mind what what substance specifically, what were you struggling with opium the UN and and curious, how did it start with a prescription from a doctor? How did it start. Yeah! I actually hurry. I had a sports injury in high school and I was first brought proscribed purpose that and I was out of the dirt in high school. How I'd I'd part? I would freak out if I smoke that but opiates for the first thing that I took that gave me that feeling of I don't have to think about my problems. I ever had the absence of pain so arm, so that that's where all that came from- and it was right at the beginning on twenty seven now yeah, it was right at the beginning of the opium. Isis and so with the legal prescription. You not hooked, and then
continued after you, no longer needed them for the injury. Oh yeah, the accession happy got that all we'll start a turning of well. If this work this wave one is good too, is better. You re right and I and if I had, if that help with that pain, then maybe from trauma and things like that, but I experienced in my life tat I had never identified before. Ah, maybe these other things will work and for people who hear this and say well, why Couldn't you just weaning yourself off, slowly like what it just doesn't work. That way. Does it. Now now, because you know it's yours- dealing with the drugs that doesn't have anything to do with the drugs. Drug has the most highlighted part of the problem, right, ray
like, because we all experience vices and our life, whether its with money or sex or power, You know what I mean by, but that that is the easiest way for young one with an addictive personality, because it is the five it's instantly. Gratify May I just like spending spending money on a parachute that you didn't really want to begin by right. You just want to hear that could change out pretty up, and so so yeah, that's kind, it's it's not as simple as just quit, but I understand why people say that because exciting in to a court on cold like to a person who has never done but that is almost like explaining yellow to a blind person like it's really difficult, even if they really want understand, even if they love you, the respect you so
And that's partially did my job as well as her is to talk to these representatives and things like that about that and get them to understand. You know why it is that people do need help why they need those resources that they need. Attention you not. I mean absolutely William Well decided on large, for don't think I'm thank you for calling, and I appreciate it. Thank you so much all I take care? We're gonna go to a quick break. If you are holding you, don't hang up because we'll go right back into flowings after the short range David Pachmann, Shell, David Pachmann, Davidpakman DOT. If you love me in your intellectual curiosity but you're always struggling to find the time check out one of my all time, favorite apps called Blink IST blinking lets you consume an entire book.
On your way home from work, they take thousands of popular nonfiction books, condense each one into texter, audio that you can get through in just fifteen minutes, and you get all of the important core ideas and information from that look it's perfect. If you don't have enough time to do all the reading, you want to do or if you just want to sample a book before you by the entire, thing, I recently read a brief history of time, of course, by the great Stephen hawking. This is a book that I have been aware of for so long and other things got in the way, and it was fantastic to check it out. Unblinking blinking has books on politics, philosophy, science. They have twenty seven different, none. Fiction categories and a subscription is only about eight bucks a month and you get access
entire library, but you can try it totally free and get twenty five percent office subscription. When you go to blinkers dot, com, slash, Pachmann, that's, B, L, I and K: I s, t dot com, slash pachmann welcome back to the David Pachmann Shell. Let's get back the phones at six hundred and seventeen, eight hundred and thirty four thousand seven hundred and fifty and see what's on people's minds. Let's go to war caller from the seven hundred and eighty five area code. Seven hundred and eighty five has been a very controversial area code for the show we have a long history with it. Calling today from seventy five today that me yeah, whose us David Martin's Brad, I'm a senior in at a high school in seventy five written idle. I'm new to us
Yes, I am not familiar with all the controversy forgotten fire. You will. Let me just put it this way. Clearly you are not the Kansas Troll, so we can just skip any other discussions and move on to what what you want to talk about an hour ago. I've got you flashing out, that's too much, but please until we have Youtube twitch
like a bunch of a variety of internet media now and as far as I can tell with the type of crowd I hang out with, which is a mixer right, wingers and left wingers, a lot of gun kids are being like. I dont want indoctrinated, but are being said a lot of abstract political theory at a very young age, and I heard you say- or actually I looked- I looked at a critical about you than said Anne. You sort of critique standards is an embrace of socialism. Last year, like the word, social them, at least like yourselves, was not democratic socialism, and I'm do you think that that's gone, that only a problem within the regeneration being a large building block and you see that problem that you clean it out of the word socialism being embraced going to like and soon when my generation becomes a big part of the voting bloc.
The answer to that question is you will be answering that I can answer that if you're saying is your generation going to embrace actual socialism? I can answer that for you, because it's up to your generation there's a couple things I would say one the future of, Socialism in the United States is going to be Dick. Aided by really to primary things. One do the people saying they want. It actually know what it is and part of the confusion. I mean, even when you say socialism versus democratic socialism, that the real question is socialism versus social democracy, democratic socialism, as tradition we defined is socialism. What I think you mean is social democracy in the sort of northern european style. So the first question is going to be done The word socialism get completely redefined to mean social democracy or our people in your generation actually clamouring for. So
realising the means of production. I mean to ask you what do you mean when you talk about socialism? At the great question, I pay a lot of people who watch a lot of my area or read. A lot of theory like toward him are okay with the idea of social housing. Lipid industry is much more than tat the resource industry that I'm dead. Venezuela and Norway had done. Let boil them, but as at all like, how do you like expressed their views to their voting and express their views through, like political candidate in Dutch Billy's, only see as a social democracy being like the only way to express like our thought now. Ok, so that gets directly into part too, which is if you are an acceleration nest then your belief would be that the path to-
socialism. However, you define it is a sort of breakdown of the the system that we have to be rebuilt directly into socialism. My Our view is an incremental list view, because I believe that when you look at history, that's the way that it has worked and so no matter what your definition of socialism is, whether it is as far to the centre as social democracy or his fur to the left. As you know, marks Leninism or whatever it whatever. It may be. The next step, I believe, as social democracy, either way, so that the immediate question is is the
entire left, that is at social democracy and further left going to unite around social democracy, because I think we should all recognise no matter what we see as the end point. That's the next stop on the train, so to speak, but definitely yes. I have one more question help with much time turf, but my is: is there any political issue today that you believe I'm sort of violence is justified? For example, like the writers are, would you say there just the private property damage, even though not like all of them who are doing and obviously as some right wing and try to make up the picture. Be ready, structural issues decided that you believe the only way to get a large majority of Americans too, like pay attention and wake up to this, though, is through political violence, had met they. Don't you be ok, so this is a really big topic and a great question. Let me say a few things about it. First of all, I'm gonna. Stop
Sort of like moralising, whether whether its morally justified to turn to two about violence to achieve political means right now. I want to stop because that's just a kind of a matter of opinion where I'm gonna take it from a more pray. Magic perspective number one. The question I would ask is how other means short of violence been tried because They haven't. I think that we should be trying those first and as an example, man Rallies in urban centres, strategic defaults to cripple the financial system, strategic work call out, there's a whole list of things I give in my my videos that have done about how The victim can be more effective than signing a petition in calling Europe with that, not been tried yet, and so for me from a pragmatic respective. I would try those things first. It before I go to violence because those of us a smaller risk to the individuals doing them this. In part, is from a practical perspective, you
look at old videos of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Wing in on this issue. I am much more admittedly aligned with Martin Luther King, who said, even if you can morally justify the violence in practice it very often ends up hurting the very people who we on the left are trying to help through the violence. And so I also don't want to suggest people do things, which may actually most hurt those we are trying to help. So I dont know if,
an answer, not answering the morality part of it, but I'm hoping, I hope, I'm giving you a perspective on the practicality of it. Yeah, don't know how to answer. It said that this is just a huge conversation by whether there was a book release ten years ago called the new Jim Crow. That's like a huge critique of the criminal justice system, not court. Anything like, but not a lot is unchanged policy wise like out, if you saw the add, I believe those early this year, but who, like Trump thank. You pass major criminal justice reform, yet you yeah it's yours I was just wondering what your thoughts on that aspect. I am a new view. I haven't seen too much of your videos, but I'm watching NASA will I'm glad to have you and you're you're thinking about a lot of important issues, and I appreciate you calling and yet you have given our I take care
Kay that is going to do it for live calls for this week. As always, I do have to apologize. I throw myself at your mercy, I was not able to get to every collar, but we will It calls again- and I hope to hear from you next time we'll take a quick break and be back with more show right after that, David Pachmann, Shell, David Pachmann, Dad got the David Pachmann Shell, David TAT. Men die the audience questions of importing and sort of like a fire hose, and maybe not surprisingly, as we get closer to the November elections more and more of them genes, relate to the election, but not all of them. The first, when I got, is how much of Amerika will refuse the corona virus vaccine and will this problem, this from getting to herd immunity. This is really really an empirical question. It's not mean we can specula
about motives and we can look at polling to figure out part of the answer- but part of this is an empirical question in terms of will we get That magic number that we need in order. To reach heard immunity now heard immunity there's a little bit. Confusion about heard immunity, their folks who email me and I can tell that they don't realize the level of immunity to reach heard immunity depends on the disease, so if it, Disease is much more contagious, like, for example, measles, has an hour value of somewhere between sixteen and eighteen I'm going from memory here. Measles is so contagious. It spread so easily, where it can be air supplies where you go into an elevator after someone has already left the elevator and name you been carrying it and you could catch it it'll. It's a huge level of contagion, far more than corona virus or the flu it so contagious.
You need like ninety five percent immunity to reach, heard immunity, which is white, so important that everybody be vaccinated against measles, when the can. Mission is less contagious when the disease It is less contagious. Like Corona Virus, which is more contagious than flu, but far less contagious than measles. The love. Full of immunity required for heard immunity is lower and the estimates are that for corona virus. It's about. Seventy percent rather than measles, is ninety five, because corona virus spreads less. Easily than measles. So we to get to seventy percent. Now you can get to that through a combination of naturally acquired immunity from people who have recovered from the disease and immunizations people who have been vaccinated, now there is an open question as to how long you are immune after recovering from corona virus. We, I know the answer to that. Yet, but hypothetically you can get your seventy percent. If five percent of the population has recovered
naturally from her own a virus and two thirds in sixty six percent get back. Needed that gets you. Seventy one percent, you you are, it heard immunity. This sad reality of the situation is that we have two poles one from right around June one and one from July, one roughly, where, only about half of American say they plan to get the vaccine there's an ape, an o r c Paul from May twenty seven, where fifty percent of Eric and say they would get a corona virus vaccine and then June thirtieth on different Paul, which says, that again about fifty percent of Americans plan to get the vaccine. Now it's been five weeks since that latest Paul it's conceivable that, because of the continued spread deaths back up to fifteen or thousand thousand twelve hundred fifteen hundred a day that more people are now planning to get the vaccine now? This is simple math. If you need seventy and half plan to get vaccine together
two heard immunity. That means you need an additional twenty percent of the country to recover. Naturally, twenty percent of the country is about sixty six million people That would imply a six hundred and sixty thousand person death toll estimating roughly one per cent of those who The virus die now. That's the simple mouth The reality is when you get more complex and detailed content, asian models don't literally need seventy percent in four This reason- and I want to try to explain this correctly- you are ray you don't come into contact with everybody in the country. So In reality, your risk of contagion Not so much about is the country. Love are at a country level. Do we have seventy percent immunity, but its moral
waited to what's going on in your immediate surroundings and because we, have dramatically different urban verses, rural or rural. As Trump says situations in the United States. You probably would get up of a practical practice We speaking heard immunity somewhere. Short of seventy percent, because not the entire population is not regularly coming into contact with the entire population. Your mostly coming into contact with some limited group of people When you're going to work when you're going to your grocery store, etc, and so that the real number is little short of seventy percent, but regardless, if only half the country plans, get the vaccine. We need. Twenty percent to get virus in order to reach heard immunity, and that means a lot of people are going to die. That would be another five hundred thousand people compared to where we are right now, very, very ugly. I hope that is not the case. I hope people change their minds, but the polling so far is extremely disturbing. Next question, today, David Tromp does the lady of the election? Can you tell me
definitively who becomes president I've heard Nancy policy, I've heard truck rashly. I don't really understand okay, so this came up briefly in a voice mail earlier this week, but let's go through it again. If done, from delays the election enough and again I'm not debating here whether he then do it how it could be done well, much he would do. I dont want to do that stuff, because there's all sorts of the electors have to vote. I believe it's in the first half of December and there's other dates. Elections are run by the states. These are fifty state decisions more than they are anything that Donald Trump would do. So, let's skip that peace for now. But, let's imagine we get to January twentieth and there has not been an election trumpet and stay in power. Trumps stops being the president. Now, when you look at the line of succession, ok, it would go from president to vice president, but my pants also would no longer be vice president. Well, then, it would go to speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Well, if the elect
and in California doesn't happen she is no longer elected, so she's no longer speaker of the house, so it would skip her. So Eventually it would go to the Senate proton. Now. Currently, the Senate proton is Chuck grassland. A Republican because Republicans have the majority in the Senate. But the problem is that thirty five Senate seats are up for it in November of the hundred Senate seats. If those thirty five elections don't happen again were assuming none of the elections happen. You might have some states do the election, but not enough to to select the president, but let's skip that for now. If those thirty five Senate seats end up being open. You now only have sixty five senators and that means that the damage
That would have a majority because Republicans have far more seats to defend in November than do Democrat. So if none of these thirty five elections happen, republicans lose more seats than Democrats, you then have no power, in it. No vice president no house but you have a Senate, made up of the sixty five remaining senators, who are more than fifty percent Democrats, meaning Democrats get to select a Senate proton who becomes the president until this is resolved now, historically again, this is our best understand. Producer patent. I have been researching. This is our best understanding. Historically, Senate protests tends to go to the most senior senator from the party right now, that's Vermont, Patrick lay he however, its conceivable that if the sixty five remaining senators knew that by electing a Senate protest, they were essentially selecting them.
President, its conceivable. They would pick someone other than Patrick Kelly, but that's the scenario, as I best understand it today. That would determine who is present if we don't have a presidential election in November. Now let me go back to. I said when I commented on James Kleiber. Earlier this week, saying I think Trump is going to after he loses you some kind of emergency to stay in power, I believe that our coverage of that possibility needs to focus on The idea that the mere suggestion of Laying a federal election, which has never happened, is a despotic authoritarian de stoppin nightmare that the now that we die was asked the quest. In what exactly what happened. I've answered it to the best of my ability. I don't think that's where the focus should be. The focus should be that Trump either floating. This idea is completely outrageous. We vote in this country. We
figure out how to do it. States are expanding, absentee ballad access, universal absentee voting as I'm, calling it ah and we're going to have an election and Donald Trump going to either win or not win, and things are going to happen on the schedule their supposed. That has to be the default conversation once you started. Aging in what would justify delaying it or what would be the mechanism for delaying it academical it's interesting, but is problematic it becomes a corporate media dialogue which only legitimizes the idea at its core so that that's my take on that David, our anti Trump Republicans sort of a third party now? Will they become a formal third party going forward? Minds There's is, and I know that a lot of you have been following very closely groups like the Lincoln Project, which are made up mostly of a disaffected Republicans, who believed that the Republican Party under Donald Trump is not really the Republican Party of Pre Donald. Which is true in many senses
and could this split off? Could this permanently fracture the republican Party? I think the answer is no, and it's no for a couple of different reasons: number one if the Republican Party for more formerly fractures- and got sort of like the trumpets and Republicans and then more traditional pre, pre Trump Republicans. It helps Democrats dramatically because it splits the right wing Republicans know this, and so it would be dealing a huge amount of self inflicted damage if the Democratic party doesn't split a split the Republican Party, did Troy's the possibility, of many Republicans, from getting reelected. So on a practical level, I don't think they're going to do it. But there is another reason, which is that until I see evidence, otherwise these groups, like the Lincoln Project and other anti Trump Republicans, Mitt, Romney, etc. This temporary. If Biden wins things go back to the way they were in terms of their opposition to democratic policy, democratic ideas, even when the democratic ideas are only marginally more left, then them
stream republican ideas as they are in some cases. The Lincoln Project is a it. It's a pre Trump Republican Party and that means that it is immediately going to go back to saying what Joe Biden wants to do is bad Joe Biden building a climate proposal on the green new deal is bad Joe Biden wanting to uncap Social security earnings and eliminate the stepped up basis. Laws and all of their against all of that stuff, and so, but my my belief is that this ends as soon as soon as Donald Trump is out of office. Now there there's one sort of caviar to this Lot of these anti trump Republicans have said: They are going to go back to the Republican Party that the aid, being they ve burned their bridges that by opposing Donald Trump they ve also- ruined relationships with some of the more
traditional mainstream Republicans who falling in line with Trump and that that's an irreparable relationship number one his He tells us otherwise politics make strange bedfellows grudges that sea come on forgivable, so to speak, end up being for in either explicitly or implicitly and those same alliances end up being form. So I just don't believe that the that the boy, just have been burned permanently. The bridges can be rebuilt, but number two you can be. Out of the Republican Party in some kind of strict technical sense and still oppose Democrats, and still end of voting for future republican candidates. So I it's it's partly that I dont believe them, but partly its it could be a technicality now enter. In my view, I would love multiple parties. And I would love a different voting system. I have said before the best path to empowering,
parties other than Republicans and Democrats in the United States involves see Various campaign finance reform number one and number two, a different voting system than first past the post, for as long as we continue to have put first past the post this, spoiler effect of supporting a third party candidate is too great a fight. Of the Green Party. And then would vote democratic and really dont want a Republican. I risk putting the republican in office by voting for the Green Party. If on the rights, I am action we have had our some far right, NEO Nazi and I wants David Duke, but if it's not David, Duke I'd prefer Trump And I really dont want Joe Biden if I vote for David, Duke if he were running, I actually read putting Joe Biden in office, so we ve talked about up of before I'm not going to delve into that in more detail now, but I would prefer multiple parties. I would rather do away with the two party do awfully I've I'm very indoors.
And proportional representation systems, the likes of which we have we see in other countries, although I understand the risks of that and I'm not ignoring them, but until we do campaign finance reform and have something other than a first past. The post, unless we go in the direction of proportional and and really think through what that would look like out. We're going to see the two party duopoly maintain and that is an unfortunate reality that we have to contend with. We have Tremendous bonus show for you today get instant access to it, instant becoming a member at Joint Patman dot com for becoming a hatred at bay three on Dotcom, Slash David Pack mentioned,
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