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9/17/20: New Coronavirus Record, Trump Golfs - CLASSIC EPISODE from 7/13/20

2020-09-17 | 🔗


--On the Show:

--Trumpists are pushing the idea that patriotism means blind loyalty to Donald Trump, rather than prioritizing what's best for your country

--Florida sets a single day coronavirus case record of more than 15,000 as the US sets a record of more than 70,000 new cases in one day

--Donald Trump commutes the sentence of his associate Roger Stone, whose crime was lying specifically to protect Donald Trump

--Donald Trump and the White House fully turn on Dr. Anthony Fauci, criticizing him, scuttling some of his television interviews, and Donald Trump hasn't been briefed by Fauci in 2 months

--Donald Trump goes on Sean Hannity's Fox News show and again fails to answer why he deserves a second term

--Donald Trump claims that doctors were shocked by the results of his latest cognitive test, which he claims doctors have never seen someone before do

--Donald Trump bizarrely defends his continued golf trips, most recently during the global coronavirus pandemic which he has failed to handle, in a strange rant that mentions Barack Obama and exercise

--Anti-mask Wisconsin Republican State Senator Glenn Grothman coughs uncontrollably while introducing Donald Trump at the Wisconsin State Republican Convention over the weekend

--Voicemail caller asks whether it's possible Donald Trump will end up in prison after leaving the White House

--On the Bonus Show: Trump lashes out at private border wall, Goya facing major boycotts after "gift from god" fiasco, Washington Redskins are changing their name, much more...

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This is an unofficial transcript meant for reference. Accuracy is not guaranteed.
The David Patman Show is off this week for a much needed vacation gearing up for the race to allow action day. We will be with you for the debate. We will be with you for election night and the transition period, but we are off this week so enjoy this classic episode of the David When shall the David Gag Michel David Pyramid gigantic? I wanted today talking about Patriot, we ve seen some of the worst aspects of the sort of George W Bush NEO Con Republic.
Ends up exacerbated or blown up under the trompe in America in which we live, and patriotism is definitely at the top of the list and If you ve been following politics: american politics, for any length of time. You know that Republicans, for a long time have tried to co, opt the term patriotism further own gain, and not only have they sought to define patriotism. They ve specifically on it in a way to try to monopolize patriotism in american society where the Republicans are patriotic and Democrats and oh and everybody else is not, but this has gotten even worse during the year
of Donald Trump, and you may remember back when George W Bush was president Republicans try to weapon eyes the idea of patriotism to say you know if you dont support the troops in Iraq, you're not patriotic and, of course, people like me who opposed sending troops to Iraq. We opposed it because it was misguided as a response to sow it is attacking us on nine eleven. It didn't make any sense, and so, when we oppose going into a rack, it was because we support the troops, and we want our country to do the right things. We didn't want to send troops into harm's way for a misguided and politically motivated military engagement based on then fly Z and after the fact we knew completely bogus so called intelligence, but we were called unpatriotic as a result of that cut to the Trump air
We are now seeing something very similar, but because Donald Trump followers just like on average trumps, followers seem even less informed and less intelligent than those of George W Bush. If that can be believed it working in an even more insidious way. So remember, patriotism is devotion to one's country, Where is? Nationalism is more about focusing support on the interests of one's country, even at the exclusion or to the detriment of other countries, Reiser patriotism versus nationalism. There is a difference and there's overlap. When we talk about patriotism, we are really talking about devotion and attachment to one's country and an alliance with Fellow citizens were not talking when we say patriotism of blind loyalty to the president or blind loyalty to the military or the present
or the military or our leaders, actions, and that's how the trumpets or trying to define patriotism for their benefit. If you look at the data the virus and you come to the only sane and logical conclusion which is wow. We have failed miserably on the virus where most other countries have done better than we have. We have failed, they will say: that's unpatriotic noticing that is unpatriotic. What we're doing is recognising. We can do better wanting to do better. There is none unpatriotic about that, and you can't don't allow them to frame it that way, they want you to believe that wanting your country, to do better and believing it could have done better is unpatriotic, that's laughable, and we cannot allow them to do that. That's what they want to convince you of
when you stepped back the way in which patriotism or attacks of lack of patriotism are weapon ized by trumpets fit this description in a number of ways. Look at the wall as an example. When it comes to the wall, they want to build a wall between the: U S and Mexico. They insist its patriotic to do so. Why we allowed to question that. Why is it patriotic most people coming to the United States illegally or not crossing the physical border, their overstate visas? The wall can be defeated, its outrageously expensive. It won't improve relationships with other countries to sort of deal with the russian issue at its core. So why is it unpatriotic to question the wall? It's not, but they use that assertion to shut down debate. They want you to.
Believe. Maybe it is unpatriotic to question the wall so that you shut your mouth is essentially an ad hominem. They will make the debt we ve talked about this when before o debt. Oh it's a terrible when a democratic president is in the oval office. Debt is of an issue of patriotism and then, when the president takes over, whose a republican and explodes the debt like Bush did like Trump has debt doesn't matter. More is no longer an issue of patriotism. The right loves to say that when we on the left say that's racist, they say you can't talk about that. You should feel bad that you called someone since they make finding racism the problem in order to stifle debate and their use, the term patriotism in the exact same way they say you're being unpatriotic, that's on American and they do it to make the conversation about whether you are a patriot. Rather evaluating the criticism. Have we done well,
one corona virus or haven't we look at the numbers, we figure it out to patriotic you're, not standing by the country, because you're not standing by the President, while the president failed nothing on paper I about that. So here's my warning to you. We need to treat allegations about lack of paid, racism the same way. We should treat allegations of trumped arrangement syndrome. I told you this last week: there's these catch phrases and tools that they have developed to actually shut down debate, and they claim there about. Debate did not want to suppress pics speech, they claim, but they use. These terms. Your unpatriotic, that's trumped arrangement syndrome to shame and ridicule anybody who wants to make a critique it's very popular on Twitter. Now you make any criticism of Donald Trump. The reactions will be. You have tv s trumped. You have tedious trumped arrangement
Syndrome- Orange Man, bad can't you do anything other than orange man bad. This is the idea that you are blinded by hatred of Trump. Where you can't logically critique him, and then they just ignored the critique. They don't actually think about what you're saying, because you have trumped arrangement syndrome don't allow them to stifle the debate with these questions when they say that's unpatriotic say what is unpatriotic about it. Well, you're, not standing by the president. Patriotism is about what's best for the country
and our fellow citizens. It is not about blind loyalty to whoever happens to occupy the oval office for four or eight years and just remit by the way, there's always hypocrisy. When Obama was president and tromp was starting to dabble more and more in politics, trumped spent years criticising Obama, and now they want to say criticising the president. That's unpatriotic, so don't fall for it. Patriotism is wanting what's best for your country and the people in the country. It is not blind loyalty to trump. It's not blind loyalty to the minutes, or to any president, that's more how cults work and that's increasingly what the Trump Administration and that from being meal you actually represents now liberal democracies, so don't fall for it guys, it's adding really really bad April and may were seemingly nothing when it comes to corona virus compared to what it is? We are increasingly facing right now we are seeing new
oh no virus records almost daily, and these are not the types of records you wanna be setting. Remember that for the Trump administration we beat this thing in May, when it's over, I mean we're months past victory. Now it's true that other countries did almost beat this thing. They are reopening safely. They ve crushed their curve, and life is looking more and more normal and its true that parts of the? U S are reopened almost completely but those parts of the. U S are seeing some of the worst outbreaks in the world. If Florida or Arizona were countries alone, they would be some of the worst countries in the world to be in from the standpoint of corona virus. So let's just look at the data Florida yesterday set the all time high ever for any single day. Nuke
this is in any of the fifty EU states. Florida had more than fifteen thousand new cases yesterday. This is way worse. This is thousands more than even New York had at the worst point in its outbreak. I was what it's making global headlines, how bad things aren't. Lord. I was watching argentinian news this morning and they said breaking news. The United States state of Florida set a record. We. Never seen anywhere. Meanwhile, on Friday, in the U S again, I've been seeing this type of thing for months, because it keeps getting worse, the? U S, set the single day record for cases with almost seventy two thousand cases. In one day there are now a record estimated one point: seventy five million active cases in the United States, almost three and a half million cumulative cases and then the deaths. You know we were hoping. I was cautiously optimistic that something different would happen
even though the case has started spiking around June. Nineteen, the debts would not spike twenty days later, but sadly, right on cue. Twenty days after the case of spiked, we saw last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday death back up to the seven hundred and fifty to a thousand per day range, and it is believed that those debts are tied to the case, from around June twenty to twenty five early July was way worse in terms of cases and if indeed, were going to see the same pattern next week is going to be very, very ugly, so there are about three layer of a disappointing is not really the word three layers of dismay here when it comes to what's going on first, we know the administration failed, they don't seem to care trumpets, golfing he's not talking to fetch. You I'll tell you about that. Later, that's number one. We know it could have gone better because just about every other country did better the proof. Is there there's nothing you
Think about the you know, they'll say: will these other countries or are less free than the United States, know they're more smart, South Korea, ranks higher on the democracy index than the United States. When you hear the only reason South Korea did what they did is because, They are not free. The way we are according to the democracy index. South Korea is more free than the United States. Second, we're in this situation partially because of the administration yeah, that's true, but partially were in the situation we are because of governors and the people in the states. Now that's on both sides. What I mean by that is from failed. That's that the starting point in some states governors and people took things seriously. I'm not in some people say I brag about Massachusetts out of privilege to live in a wealthy state. Like Massachusetts, wasn't I just know what's going on here, you see masks everywhere. Schools were closed.
Lost all summer camps other than some very specific. You know physically distant camps that are possible utmost caution here and in fact people are getting worried that we're doing too much by by letting restaurants do indoor dining. I don't think we should in other states, people who think masks and vaccines are. The problem are sort of joining forces with ignorant governors to let the situation run rampant. So that's horrifying. That's the second piece, which is that, as from failing aside, you have a dramatically different population in different parts of the country and different governors who have hand this very differently- and you can see it in the case numbers and then number three, of course, is that we ve done so little but were pretending like it was just beyond our control. That's a very disturbing attitude. Just look at other countries. We chose to handle this differently than other countries. Some states did it one way some states
then another way, both what we're almost saying we're all out of ideas, except we ve done almost nothing and they're, looking reopening Disneyworld when Florida got fifteen thousand new cases in a single day, it's truly vile and all we can do is one of the tough things for me has been relinquishing not relinquishing I never had control, but recognising that I just lack the control to really affect this at the big picture. All I can do is ok. I have chosen to live in a state that I predicted would handle things well. Generally speaking and I'm lucky in that sense and I live in Massachusetts, I can wear my mask, I can be safe. I can tell people what I think makes sense to do. I can't control everything. I can control the vaccines and that's a really tough thing right now for people whose,
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David bagman, Shell, David Pachmann, God cast today's NEWS most of the day are Daniel site. Do and Alain May Daniel underlines. Thank you so much for your support and I also want to beg Jonathan Flight Jonathan has been a member for almost five years and is today's long time sustain or of the day thanks. Jonathan grab a membership at joint pachmann dot com, a lot of good stuff up on the members. Only bonus show today, one of the most popular perks of being a member Donald Trump, his commuted. The sentence of his campaign associate Roger Stone, Roger Stone
Therefore I will not be going to prison where he was scheduled to report soon. Now there is the general discussion here and then there's the specific discussion, and I think it makes sense to go in that order in general when President's pardon people or commute their sentences. It's very common that red flags come up about connections between the president's and the p, all they are pardoning or whose sentences there commuting a worthy friends or whatever the case may be. In this case, Trump is commuting. The sentence not just of a friend to the extent that Donald Trump has friendships but of a friend who worked to get Donald Trump elected, but it is just that a friend whose crime was directly related to helping to get Donald Trump elected but it's even more
the reason that Roger Stone lied in relation to his work. Getting Donald Trump elected was too pretty hacked Trump by hiding wrong, doing that Donald from may have been involved in and incomes, Donald Trump and commutes Roger Stones sentence. This is exactly as Republican, Senator Mitt Romney of all people said it is historic. Corruption, Roger Stone was a go between further Trump campaign and Wikileaks. Rogers. Tone materially involved in the Trump campaign. Roger stone, was convicted by a jury for lying to Congress to protect Donald Trump. So this is corruption. This is an abuse of power. This is a quid pro quo. Remember that phrase that trump through around to stay strong. When
was Paul. Man afford, and Michael Cohen, transformer campaign, chairman and former personal lawyer who were under investigation and under indictment, Donald Trump tweeted about man afforded staying strong. What that means is he's protecting Donald Trump well, Roger stones stayed strong in that vein, he didn't rollover, he didn't talk about what Trump New and what Trump did, and that is a quid pro quo. This is arguably affair. Form of bribery. This is arguably unimpeachable offence now, Trump and others will argue in it's important to be prepared for this. They will say the president's power to pardon and commute sentences is absolute yeah, its absolute in that a president can pardon whoever they want to pardon or commute the sentence sentence whoever they they want to commit a sentence for, but that doesn't mean that it can also be an act of corruption or a quid pro quo or a form of bribery, and only two
Republican so far have actually called this out for what it is. One is Mitt Romney, as I mentioned, Mitt Romney tweeted quote unprecedented historic corruption, an american President commutes the sentence of a person convicted by a jury of lying to shield. That very president, now in a good for Mitt Romney, but remember: Romney voted to convict tromp on one impeachment count, but he voted to acquit Donald Trump unobserved. Action, and now Mitt Romney is indignant that Donald Trump is again obstructing Gimme a break. So I get it Mitt Romney a sanction most Republicans, aren't willing to say, but at the same time you acquitted the guy and obstruction. You remember that right. Then, you have republican Senator Pat to me, who said that the prosecution of Roger Stone was a righteous and appropriate prosecution, quoting what William BAR had to say and that if there was a problem with this prosecution, it really should be resolved via an appeal not between not by
Donald from jumping in and commuting the sentence of Roger Stone if zone was treated unfairly in a real sense, a weird within the scope of time during which an appeal can be made and it could actually be fought through the courts. So the action by Trump here is not surprising. The realisation that we ve come to is that, until Republicans are forced to do what's right or stopped from doing what's wrong, there are going to keep doing it and where you know, I think, maybe that there is not that much. I have to say about stone specifically, I think it's basically albeit been said, but what sometimes happens in these situations is that some on the left will start saying: should we stoop to their level or are they so bad that we should resort to cheating or violence or corruption in order to get them out? Does the ends? Do the end justifies the means- and I dont believe so I don't
think that you can pick and choose when to play by the rules and obviously it's horrible right now when we see the degree to which they don't play by the rules. I understand saying it. We would be justified in not playing by the rules here because we have to get them out. I that that would be the wrong instinct. I believe the path forward should be you, ve, gotta removed from being ovenbird turn the Senate Blue. If not this November in November of twenty twenty two may be. This terror of a presidency will affect enough voters that it will sort of predispose open up the country to accept real change. If the Democratic Party a gets the country back under control, I'm no fan of the Democratic Party is an institution, but you know there are people who are going to seek the blame Democrats here. In fact, I've seen some so called populists over the last week, finding as much to criticise of
I'm a crack in the context of the Trump fiasco, as they find to criticise about Donald Trump himself. I think they're just wrong. The truth is Democrats for all of their faults, and there are many and I talk about them. All. The time Democrats tried to investigate trump. They saw facts which pointed to peach meant being the right remedy and they did it it didn't matter. The Republican Party was never going to go for it. We never believed for a second that tromp was going to be convicted on impeachment, but the Democrats saw the evidence and set impeachment. Is the correct thing? Democrats were obstructed by the Trump administration and by Republicans at every turn? So there are plenty of critiques of the democratic path he and I make them all the time, but right now, deflecting blame onto the Democratic Party is the wrong move right now, it's the Republican Party under Trump ISM, daddy, participated in the attacks on the rule of law or, as they stood aside as trumpeted himself and they need to be held accountable as well, that's very important. They are also to blame, and
primarily should be blaming the bad actor. So I'm not going to play coy with that. The way there are some people doing New York, maybe should look at prosecuting Roger Stone. President can't pardon or commute state sentence this and convictions so on the stone matter. That would be something to look at, but big picture. We really can't miss the forest for the trees right now, if you're wondering here is Doctor Anthony Voucher, whereas he been lately, he has not been done Donald Trump that we now doktor found. She has been less and less frequently seen publicly, but now learn that doctor found she has not brief. Donald Trump on corona virus in two months has been dissuaded from doing too many public interviewed by the Trump administration, and if you are surprised by this, you ve just not been paying attention months ago. The Trump administration stop the Corona virus press briefings, especially after the entire look at inject.
Thing bleach, an alcohol fiasco that Donald Trump was involved in and, for all intents and purposes, Dave decided. This is a political decision, not a medical one. They have decided upon Democrats over work were reopening. Now, if there are embers, we will put them out, we ve done the best testing in the most testing and we ve. Therapeutics in vaccines are going well in all of the stuff fouche he signals. No, I don't know that things are going that well. He says, I'm speaking to trump less and less frequently, I'm briefing trump less and less frequency frequently trump. Take on the language of victory and we just see Doktor Anthony foundry almost completely disappeared in the last ten days, doktor foundry starts being really clear. We're not doing well we're headed towards a hundred thousand cases per day we had seventy one thousand cases per day a few days ago were not handling this correctly. If you look at other countries- and you look at us its clear that things are going well, so what is the outcome? The outcome of FAO cheat telling the truth is that the true
administration and the White House try to stop vowed, she's tv appearances. This is these. Stop testing to stop Kay his mentality. We want to have a lower case number just stop testing as much, and our cases will go down. Don't like what Anthony Vouchers saying. Don't let him say it, it won't change whether were headed to a hundred thousand cases a day, but at least you won't hear it from Fouche. It's like saying, you know if we didn't do any pregnancy ass, we wouldn't have any unintended pregnancies, because we just wouldn't have the tests and, of course the reality is from failed. The administration failed. The world has stopped laughing at us now, they're crying there. They are horrified by what by what they are seeing here, and you know it
look around the world. Do we understand by we? I mean that. Does our government understand why South Korea still doesn't have three hundred total deaths and we're having seven hundred to a thousand a day? It's because they took the seriously it's because they developed the test and roll it out quickly. They did contact tracing. They isolated people would symptoms. Everybody, whereas amassed. Why does Japan have under a thousand deaths total, despite having a population of a hundred and twenty five million people and being geographically close to the virus, his origin and China? It's because they took it seriously and everybody's wearing masks, and it's not just the public facing dismissals bout. She that are concerning again. He hasn't briefed Trump in two months and he hasn't even spoken to Trump. Since early June, the White House publicly has turned on found. She they ve, put out statements lately, saying you know.
Concern because found she has gotten a bunch of things wrong. They even took the time to put together a list of things vowed. She has been wrong about things from early in the pandemic like when Doktor found, she said, they're probably isn't much asymptomatic spread and, of course this is a fallacy This is a novel, corona virus. Everybody got things wrong. The people Said no one would die, got things wrong trump saying we have fifteen cases which will go to zero. That was wrong. The difference is found. She corrects himself as science does, since it has a built in error, correcting mechanism trump, never apologizes trump, never correct himself. He never admits that. He was wrong. That's the danger and none This is surprising I mean at this point. There are almost as many conspiracy theories floating around about Doktor Fouche III as there are about bill gates, and it's not a big shocker that all of a sudden trump is no longer
sending to Doktor FAO cheat the only shocker stout she hasn't been fired. Now we could. If we wanted to criticise doktor fetching, we could say he was too soft on Trump early. He shouldn't have sugar coated the job the administration was doing early, but I get the logic if out, she just straight up calls out from early and sounded the alarm says: Red alert, disguising competent he's failing he probably gets fired right away and there's a calculus to be made. Does a sort of restricted, fouche IE, but in a position of power, give us a better outcome, then found she being fired and replaced with some total trump sycophant. I don't know the answer.
Get it found she likely made the call that he thought was the best in the net. It's not easy, but one argument would be found. She has effectively been fired anyway, in the sense that he's been sideline. He doesn't talk the trunk companies dissuaded from doing interviews. I'm not pretending to know the answer. One last thought I tweeted recently. We all know that, eventually, when it's over they'll try to blame vouchers and not trump in some of the sickest revisionist history. You can imagine I tweeted that early this weekend, the reality, as is already happening, it's already happening, and when we You know they say the winners get to write history. Who are the winners here if we'll keep dying and dying and dying. I dont know, and we cannot allow them to revise history in that way. Will continue covering this honour. Instagram page follow the David Batman Show on Instagram at David, Pachmann Show and
follow me while you're there. I ran into an entitled guide yesterday in Boston, and I call them out and I filmed it and it's on thy Instagram the ground, I'm half I'm but half kid, I'm serious David, don't ask me: David Pachmann, Shell, David Pachmann, dotcom com. The David Pachmann Show depends on your support and the easiest way is through membership, which includes the world famous bonus, show as well as commercial, free, audio and video streams of the show. Just four members sign up today at joint pachmann dot com coupon code saves you forty percent boat, soon, eighteen
welcome back to the David Pachmann shock. I think many of you are going to enjoy this one, even if it is horrifying. So a few weeks ago, Sean Hannity hosted Donald Trump a big town hall. They made a big deal out of it. People in the car were allowed to ask questions. It was set up as a complete softball just to make Donald Trump look good and he looked terrible. The questions were worth super simple questions. We covered this and it was notable because even easy questions from failed on, he was asked questions like what we biggest accomplishments in your first term. What is on your priority list for your second term and Trump failed on every single one of these softball questions. Now, just as a reminder here is Trump asked: what are your top second term priorities. He couldn't name anything. This was a couple weeks ago
If you hear in a hundred and thirty one days from now at some point in the night or early morning, we can now project Donald from has been re elected the forty four president of the United States? Let's talk had it what's at stake in this election? Is you compare and contrast, and what is what are you top priority items for a second term. What one of the things that will be really Gregg, in other words and you still good, I always say talent- is more important than expense- I've always said that, but they were experience, is a very important word. It's in a very important meeting. I never did this before I never slept over in Washington. I was in Washington, I think seventeen times all of a sudden and present the United States. You know the story of writing down, and so they never knew with our first lady- and I say this is great: But I didn't know very many people in Washington wasn't. My thing I was from Manhattan from New York now. I know everybody and I have great p and the administration you make some mistake:
like you know, an idiot like ball, nor do want to do is drop bombs on everybody arrive to drop bombs that everybody I have to kill. People John Morton, in fact released classic material should be prosecuted. Absolutely why he did really less of a wild. Tromp was given another chance in another softball shine, Kennedy Interview a few days ago and he was asked the same question and he had weeks to prepare a better answer and he still failed. Tromp was told by Hannity during the interview. You know a lot of people didn't like your answer last time. What are your second term priorities and Trump goes on for two minutes and says almost nothing again. He got the test again. He already had the test questions he answered one way he gets the same test again and he fails take a look
What's what is your second term agenda, because right now is criticized for that answer. Cadet. The simple question: first orator defeat the invisible. Let me add that we well on our way and- again I told you, the mortality rate is ten fall down, we'll get to rebuild the Academy, we're gonna bring back jobs from all of these far and landed of stolen. Our jobs are horrible. Trade deals we'll get to continue to make good. Trade deals, we're gonna finish rebuilding are wall. Finish. What could have that it's gotta be almost complete by the end of this year. Shortly thereafter, it spanish made tomato tremendous different Jesse, we're doing record numbers on them, border. Very few people are able to get through we're building with a military. We rebuilt the military to point five trillion dollars where fixing up the aid for our Vote What the job we ve done there between choices,
countability. We have a choice where they have where they can got to get a doctor if they're sick, that I have to wait for a five week six weeks two weeks so we're doing great with the vets in the vets are loving trump we're protecting our second Amendment so important, we need more judges and more justice. Is you see that now, with the Supreme Court more than ever and the next president, I've had to end the next president's gotta be able the pick two or three or one or whatever, but a lot of justices, then that means everything whether it's for life or other things I mean it means so much, but protecting the second man, amendment getting more judges all of the things we ve done. No he's done? What this administration has done in the first three and a half years nobody's even come close when you look at anything, that would do now, what we're doing is working on lowering drug prices and it knocking out special interests, because it's not easy were fighting for choice, we did it for the veterans that would do
preschool too, where one choice in school so apparent can take their child to a school of their choice. Happening very good, very, very well, and we have many we're doing, and many so we ve already completed and you kid more than what we ve done, I think we ve set records out every we actually set our record on judges. We gotta be by the time of the end of this year will be up to almost three hundred so go through the list of what from said. He says my prayers is to defeat corona virus. We had one of the worst responses in the world and when its defeated ultimately it'll have nothing to do with Donald Trump it'll be because of medical science, he says rebuild the economy, its vague and meaningless. That's a vague and meaningless promise. He says: he's gonna bring jobs back from places that stole them. I thought he already dealt with fixing trade with his tariffs and, U S embassy ay.
Saying also he hasn't actually done up. This is gonna, build the wall and that it will be almost complete within the year. That's a lie and remember he promised to build the full: U S, Mexico Border, while during the first term, obviously it's not going to happen. Obviously it wouldn't happen during a second term He again brings up we're going to rebuild the military, the huge the military spine, the military was fine under Barack Obama. There's no problem with the military. He again says he's going to keep, seeing the visa for veterans like with veterans choice, that was an Obama provision. That's an abrupt Obama programme from twenty fourteen which trumpets taking credit for, but he said that he did that in the first term, isn't it aren't we done doing that? So that's incoherent, says he's going to protect
He mentions that twice. He's done nothing as far as that goes says, he's going to lower drug prices and kick out the special interests. That sounds great, the problem, as he promised that for term one and did the opposite. He says school choice, that's terrible in its code for take funding away from edge of from power, like education and then again he mentions judges three times now. That's a real into to remove from and to take control of the Senate back from Republicans, but getting judges confirmed the Senate does that its Mitch Mcconnell? Who did that? No matter which were a republic president you had as vacancies come up, they nominate people it's up to the Senate to go ahead and confirm them. So if your second term agenda is the same vague stuff as what you did in the first term or claimed you were going to do but failed. Why you deserve a second term. It's another one of these vapid word salads and I actually listen. I I worry. I know that part of the problem
Is that a lot of voters here that two minute clip and they think Trump outlaw and an agenda like this is an educational problem. An agenda would be Trump saying or you know a candidate saying. I have detailed proposals on my website, but, to sum up Some of my main priorities for the second term are in the next four years. I want to establish a public health care option and drop the Medicare age to fifty five. I will be establishing three new tax brackets at four thousand two hundred and forty five and forty eight percent. The money which comes from that will be used to do green for structural spending, the details of which I specifically outline on my website in a proposal, but it includes retrofitting all government buildings to certain standards. It includes increasing the number of the percentage of energy that we use to be generated from these renewables or whatever right will put us back in Paris, climate and the W H. Oh, that's something that sounds like an agenda. What trump
is not anything. And one of the real problems is, I dont want to say, people are stupid, but there's a lot of stupid people and when I did it a second, segment just saying we ve gotta realized lot of people are stupid. Many people don't realize that Trump didn't even outline and agenda like that, the problem is a lot of folks are evaluating what from said to say. Do I like this agenda or don't don't I like it? He didn't out on an agenda and a lot of from swallowers don't realize that is an educational issue at its core. You know one of the things that you may be dont want to say if you're trying to convince other people, about how cognitive we stable you are is to make a completely outlandish claim, like doctors who gave me a cognitive test, were shocked at how well I did on it. That's essentially exactly what Donald Trump said to show Hannity on Fox NEWS. The other night during the same
in our view in which he failed to answer the same questions from a few weeks ago, a second time. So let's look at the club and then discuss it you did me that, because he hasn't decorated God it does because he couldn't best one. I actually took one one very recently when I yet when I was Nobody radical left to say is your: there's, you all their and prove that was all there I stood the test and he should take. The same. Exact the first area does they took, took it at Walter Reed Medical Center in front of. Actors, and did they were very surprised that that's an unbelievable thing? Rarely does anybody do what you just did, but he should take that same test, but now it has been totally take it over is the constant Brad about really odd things wearing anybody else down and there's a lot to break down here, but, as usual aside from trembling all the time when front goes hyperbolic, you can be extra sure that he's lying doctors worse.
Prize? Rarely does anybody do what I did on a cognitive test. Whites and the whole context of this is that the right is trying to frame Joe by in his having dementia. We on the left have had concerns about trumps cognitive state for years, and we don't know whether its related to cognitive decline in the form of early stage, Alzheimer's or dementia side effect of some prescription medication, drug use does allotted many many different ideas going on and theres. Many examples that point to this. The verbal glitches that coincide with the shoulder spasms from not recognising Rudy Giuliani when Giuliani was right in front of them. From talking about the Orange of an investigation from getting off of air Force one in front of his car and wandering often having to be brought back by a secret service agent from having to be help down the ramp after his West Point speech, dozens and dozens of these and what they are doing is try to turn trying to turn it back on Biden sing by
sounds lost, he doesn't know where he is he's hiding from the campaign, trail in his basement because of cognitive decline. Biden recently said: I'm fine and I've been tested. They reacted by saying why would Biden be tested for cognition and yet now from beset I've been tested and I did incredibly well on my cognitive test. He even was given a lollipop on the way out and was able to get a second scoop of ice cream that night. What test is he referring to? First of all, we don't know if trumpets refer, owing to the Montreal cognitive assessment. As far as we know, he got that test a couple of years ago. This is a simple test. Thirty point test that takes ten minutes it's really only good for identifying very serious issues with basic memory, recall an executive function and just being oriented in time and place, so the thirty points come from, for example, the club
drawing task? You get three points. I would say to you, draw clock and show me what the hands look like when it six fifty that you get three points for that copy, not even draw from memory copy a three dimensional cube. That's a point I would ask you. Where are we right now and what's today's date? That's twenty per cent of the score. You have to identify three animals. Okay, so if that's the tests, Trump is referring to. He took it a long time ago, and it doesnt really tell us very much claiming to have a stick is like saying you know I aced a colonoscopy, rightly These are screening tools for serious cognitive decline and it wouldn't rule out any of what's being explored with Donald Trump. Now to go back to. I took it recently at Walter Reed. That's actually a part of this. That's not being discussed as far as we ve been in for
tromp hasn't gone to Walter Reed for medical evaluation. He was there recently, I think, visiting troops, but he hasn't been Walter Reed for medical care since that day last year when he was weirdly rush therein, Walter Reed said we didn't know he was coming and what we were. Old was oh, he had a few hours free and we decided to go and get him a jump on his twenty. Twenty physical wasn't believable then, but as far as we know, that's the last time. Tromp was there and as far as we know- didn't get the Montreal cognitive assessment. That day was actually back and twenty eighteen or even twenty seventeen, so none of it makes sense none. It's all very. Concerning and again, doctors have never seen in anything. Like my results on a cognitive assessment, it's the hyperbole! that immediately signals that Donald Trump is lying. Let me know what you think is behind all of,
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bout him David Hagman, Shell, David TAT, meant tat job. So Donald Trump is again defending golfing this weekend, even as multiple states are hitting new single day highs in terms of new corona virus cases, any defending all thing with a really strange, ran about how it's his exercise and anyway, Obama played more gulf which isn't true and he's getting worse. Work done on the golf course and he's rushing through the does any way so that nobody should really be mad. It's bizarre, but before we get to it understand the context, the context is Trump has spent by one two hundred and seventy seven days on the golf course during his presidency. That's twenty one point, eight percent of his presidency and of the two hundred and seventy seven days that he gulped on all but eight meaning to sixty nine. You
Two courses he owns, which is yet another way in which he has handsomely profited from the presidency, fondling Taxpayers money, your money, my money into his courses by requiring boy, mobilization of government in secret service to resorts and golf courses that he owned. So that's one context. The other context is also that Donald Trump claim during Barack Obama's presidency that oh boy, got too much and that you wouldn't have any time for golfing. Remember some of this stuff because I'm going to be working for you and I can have time to go play golf. I left off one of the great but I don't have shocked, but if I were the wife I just want to Spain, Why does it worked my ass off and then even more specifically, because there is a tweet for everything from tweeted in October of twenty fourteen as the Ebola I can
call it a pandemic, as the EU situation was going on, which led the two deaths in the United States. Trump tweeted quote Can you believe that, with all of the press, limbs and difficulties facing the. U S, president Obama spent the day playing golf worse than Carter, so of course, Trump Gulfs, all the time more than Obama, when not to Who, but a hundred and thirty seven thousand Americans have died from corona virus and heat tweets. This bizarre defence of his golfing take a look at this sitting quote. I know many in business in politics that work out endlessly. In some cases to appoint of exhaustion It is their number one passion in life, but nobody complaints. My exercise is playing online never during the week, a quick round of gulf Burma played more and much longer rounds, no problem. When I play fake
you CNN and others park themselves anywhere. They can t get a picture then scream president from is playing golf. Actually I play very. That's got a lot of work done on the golf course and also get a tiny bit of exercise, not bad so Does this require analysis? None of it makes sense. He first weirdly starts by saying some people work out too much and they end up tired. I'm not going to do that now. I dont think any hoodie mistakenly thought tromp was going to work out so much that he'd BP be B overtired from it. I think we knew that, but he says golfing is actually his exercise now, of course he drives a golf cart around, so the exercise part is actually pretty limited, walking nine holes with your clubs walking eighteen holes with your clubs really very good exercise. Trumped doesn't do that, but then he adds in
I'm not playing during the week only on weekends but in any case Obama Gulf more than I did, which is untrue, but in any case he's playing really. Fast, so he's not spending that much time on the golf course and getting a lot of work on the golf course. So this is about four or five different arguments, some of which conflict with each with each other. But most importantly, he told us he wasn't. They have time for golf, and these are not normal times. We have a global pandemic, which he has handled worse than almost anybody, and any other world leaders and he's not only spending time golfing. He spending time tweeting about golfing now counter argument is one I've made before, which is from fails at the things he works on. So don't we want like if he gulped all the time may be, corona virus handling would be left to people who are competent, but we know that's not how it actually work
When he's gone, it's that lunatic Peter Navarro and it out, but whoever else it's it's not doktor fouche. He runs the show when trumpets, golfing and putting aside the human toll of corona virus for a moment. That's that's the most important thing from a political standpoint, many press this would have jumped at a pandemic as a way to secure their reelection. I've set this before. If Donald Trump had properly handled corona virus. If Trump said at the beginning, we going to do the best on this. I am going to get reelected for how well I'm going to handle this could have an almost guaranteed reelection, one the areas on which Biden is crushing trunk, the most is per cent friends of handling of corona virus, if Trump had handled that well, Biden would not be leading the way that he's leading right now. Trump would need no October surprise if he simply managed this properly.
That's mine blowing to think about because, as usual Frumps problems are mostly self inflicted. The virus is not self inflicted, but look at New Zealand right. You have a historically popular leader there because of how she dealt with the virus. She didn't cause the virus, but she handled it. Donald from has an end its yet another. One of these partially self inflicted disasters for Donald Trump: hey, here's just wacky video, Wisconsin Republican State, Senator Glenn Grossmann. Is not big on masks and he introduced Donald trumpet. The Wisconsin State Republican Convention on Saturday masks were, of course, optional. Only a few masks in the crowd of hundreds of people, Glenn showed up after tweeting pictures of himself out and about earlier in the day, not wear the mask, of course he shows up and he tries to introduce Donald.
From and he immediately goes into, an uncontrollable coughing, fit the cough racking his entire body the way corona virus is known to do. I believe that one point you actually here, someone's someone shout from the crowd. Are you? Ok, you have to see it to believe it. He actually has to start loosening. His tie, because of the degree to which it coughing violently it's time to talk about dial jar drop. Ok, ok, guys! This is how corona virus spreads, I'm not saying he has corona virus, but its speed. AIDS when anti mask people are around other people all day and then their coughing in public. I'm not saying that cough. I dont know how close people were sitting. Maybe that cough doesn't give it. Anybody but Wisconsin is increasingly in trouble. If you look at their case, numbers cases are spiking hitting their high
seven day moving average today with order. He's in a row, a record high cases. Now the event, organizers or saying or they said earlier. If you have symptoms, you shouldn't go the other organizer said we will make available, face masks for people who want them almost nobody wore a mask incomes, this guy and he's coughing unkind all you really can't fix, stupid and This is why we aren't making progress, and I know people I already said it: people are going to write and say David, the you know: scope, probably and have grown a virus layer. One is even having this event. You just should have this about. There's no reason to have this event right now, layer to if you have the event, require the mass say that the NASA required, I guess, that's considered- taking away people's free
comes on the republican side and then later three? Is this specific guy coughing uncontrollably he's an invited speaker not wearing a ask and he's setting the model that it's ok to be going around in public coughing with no mask its stunning stunning idiocy, the likes of which we hope fully will never see again in leadership in this country trump. Finally, or a mask over the weekend, and I hope to talk about that tomorrow. But you know that the Trump people are now they're all over the place on Trump wearing the mask the people who think masks aren't this don't know how to react. Biggest trump now is wearing one is Trump stupid to wear it then there's the people who think that the masks or something the left is bullying people into facing from wearing it by death mission Trump must not really be that alpha, because he was bullied by the left into wearing a mask if Trump insists the pandemic.
Over. Why did he just now? Start wearing a massive. His followers are completely flummoxed by Trump wearing the mask, but that this is all part of the big picture, its setting a model for what it is that people shouldn't shouldn't be doing and Glenn Grossmann here hacking unconscious. Probably not good, not good whatsoever we have of We smell number. That number is too one: nine to David P: here's a voice mail with a question about the future, which I think is not question. We should really think about too much. It you'll know what I mean when you hear it, I gave her arm. I brought you probably won't, listen to this
On the other hand, is wondering why you think the chances of Trump being put behind bars after she had yet he loses its election. I was curious and yet thought that he will face criminal charges for everything he does into the country. Road test, webinar yeah. I do not believe that Donald Trump is going to spend any time behind bars and I think we should stop thinking about it. You know front from the beginning. If something, happens. Ok, it is not common that former american President's go to prison. I understand Donald Trump is a new animal and he has done things no president has done but when the Mahler investigation started. I was reminding people. This is not going to remove tromp that than the soonest opportunity will be November. Third, twenty twenty. When impeachment started, I said this is correct, but
is not going to remove from the quickest way to remove him is going to be November. Third, twenty twenty and I dont believe that there is prison time waiting for Donald Trump on the tail end of this presidency, and I dont believe that we should be waiting for it. We have one opportunity to remove from and the consequence he will face is losing real action and having his ego very, very triggered, and that voting on November. Third of twenty twenty, so I understand the instinct I get it all. I really do, but let's focused getting the boat out rather than talking about, might trump end up in prison, tomorrow, night Tuesday July, fourteen the third ever David Pachmann show chest tournament. The first tournament had five hundred players. The second tournament had seven hundred and thirty, eight seven hundred and thirty two players. Let's try to it tomorrow you can register for free at David, Pachmann, dot, com, slashed chess. Let me actually see
as of right. Now we have one hundred and sixty eight players registered all levels of chess, Skill, including no skill, are very much welcome. Its community building event. I hope you will join me. I also have a really interesting chess related announcement coming up some time later this week, and tomorrow Tuesday, we we'll have a big one day: membership special early in July because of the virus about hundred members who signed up in twenty nineteen had to cancel their memberships. They were unable to renew because of financial circumstances, so we are trying to dig out of three hundred member hole and in order to do that tomorrow, we're doing a big one day. Membership drive to be notified, so Billy get on my newsletter at David Pachmann, dot com, you ll, see in the upper right of the website you can, been your email address and then you will be notified of tomorrow's big membership. Special on today's bonus show, which is, of course, a membership perk. We
are going to talk about the truth about what's going on with the border wall, I do want to address the situation going on with the Goya, see YO and allow the really dumb takes that were hearing from some people on the ripe and then just days. After the owner of the Washington Redskins said they would never change their team name. They are expected to change their tea. Name. It may even have been announced by the time you hear the so all of those stories and more on today's bonus show get instant access at David, Pachmann, dot com, slash membership and for the The updates from the urban garden simply follow me on Instagram at David, got back I'll, see you on the bonus or otherwise,
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