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9/24/20: Breonna Taylor Protests Explode as Trump Won't Commit

2020-09-24 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Will Sommer, tech reporter for The Daily Beast and author of the Right Richter newsletter, joins David to discuss QAnon congressional candidates, the future of QAnon, and much more

--Protests explode after charges are announced in the Breonna Taylor case in Louisville, Kentucky, with no officers being charged in the actual killing of Taylor

--Donald Trump's plan to bypass election results if he loses has leaked, and it's as authoritarian as you would imagine

--Notable discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit, including about the upcoming Trump vs Biden debates and much more

--Trump supporters are interviewed by Michael Shure, and it's absolutely horrifying

--Donald Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transition of power, should he lose, during his latest press briefing

--Donald Trump doesn't know whether doctors have a way of distinguishing between a case of coronavirus and a case of the flu

--Voicemail caller asks whether Jesse Lee Peterson is playing a character

--On the Bonus Show: Republicans still obsessed with Hunter Biden, 20% of new coronavirus cases are people in their 20's, Michael Bloomberg pays fines so 32,000 felons can vote in Florida, much more...

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This is an unofficial transcript meant for reference. Accuracy is not guaranteed.
The David Jackman Shell, David Tagamet, died guarded. Yesterday rising Republicans STAR Daniel Cameron, who's, the attorney general of Kentucky announced charges against officers involved in the fatal shooting by police of black woman, Brianna Taylor and very few charges. Were outlined, and now protests and unreal stir once again rising and we're going to talk about all of it. As a reminder, the story here is of twenty six year old Brianna Taylor, who killed in her own home when three
Louisville Kentucky Police officers executed. What's known as a no knock warrant, we ve talked about no knock warrants many times before and the the serious concerns the use of no knock warrants, particularly related to drug crimes. This was related to a drug investigation Danny Cameron said: listen. Officers did announce themselves as they executed the no knock warrant. Of course, the big picture, the red alert, is that officers used this warrant search Brianna tailors home for someone who did not live there. No drugs were found in the apartment and would ultimately transpired is that Brianna tailors boyfriend having no idea, that it was law enforcement in their home because remember there were no drugs there, the person they were looking for wasn't there Brianna tailors boyfriend
Started, shooting in what he believed was self defense from potentially unarmed intruder and Brianna Taylor ended up killed in the gunfight that ensue. Now one other note before we outlined the charges. Yesterday's announcement was about criminal charges, the civil peace he's a was settled. Last week the city settled the lawsuit against the three officers involved, the loss. It was brought by Brianna, tailors, mother and the sick has agreed to pay to meet, to make Palmer twelve million dollars and EVA need to enact police reforms now in terms of the criminal charges were one of the three officers charged with wanting endangerment want in danger. And that is not actually related to the death of Brianna Tailor. The wanting
instrument is because of the discharge of the officers firearm inside of the apartment it put neighbours at risk, that's the charge to other officers who fired shots not charged at all. So in essence, nobody was charged for the actual killing of Brianna Taylor. This has predictably written. Two significant unrest and a protest have started, and the protest continue to build and it's quite possible that the next twenty four forty eight seven thousand two hundred and ninety six hours are going to see even more of an authority saying that two officers were shot and wounded last night Louisville, the interim Louisville Police Chief Robert Schroeder, said that they have a suspect in custody but did not release too many additional details. We saw demonstrations in marches in cities, including New York, Chicago Washington, Dc Atlanta, Philadelphia, just massive crowds we
video of the crowd in Brooklyn, near the Barclay Centre, Maya sort of old stopping grounds. When I lived in Bro, when that crowd, eventually over the Manhattan Bridge and connect with another protest in men, and in China, town and in surrounding neighbourhoods, and we are seeing these all over the country in addition to unrest, that do become more violent in Louisville Kentucky, which is the apis centre of this case and again, overwhelmingly peaceful protesters, with some provocateurs as as you typically see so, there's a few different things here. Let's do the political first, maybe politically. I still think this bad for Donald Trump. This unrest relief. Did to racially tinge. Events is not good for Donald Trump, now, Donald Trump and some of his supporters. Ten you to say these protests are approved,
Joe Biden Amerika. There will be more of this of Joe Biden as President. I believe most Americans see this and they see it as part of the failures of the prompt administration, part of the failed of the ideology that Donald Trump espouses on police use of force and we're seeing it reflected in pulls, we don't really have to wonder after corona virus and the economy, the third most an issue right now is this: its race relations and this unrest and law enforcement and Donald Trump approval on that issue is very, very low. So I reject the idea that this helps Donald Trump. More importantly, is the issue of Joy this. We have a criminal legal system that is meant to protect officers. Now you can debate To what degree should officers be protected? And I am the first to tell you that some degree. They should be protected in the sense that being a police officer
the potentially more dangerous job, then being an accountant or being a teacher or being a cashier and so some degree of protection makes sense for officers. The degree to which the default is We are on the side of the benefit of the doubt for the officers that, allowing justice to not be served. So I've. Given you the list before we need needy militarization of police. We need special prosecutors to investigate police. Implicit is training, okay, fixing, the war on drugs, a bad actors database, it's a very long list, ten or twelve items which I have outlined, but the precedent that is potentially set here is horrifying. If you have ever been associated, with anyone who is potentially a criminal, the police, can in certain states issue and not warrant, go into where you you're you're living and you can end up shot dead
essentially no repercussions defending your home is not a defeat in many of these cases and remember, there was grand jury that looked at a case we covered it. I think I an it was a year or two years ago. At this point, there is a woman who fired a warning shot to get her husband to her husband was approaching her in and was abusive fired a warning shot in the garage and it hit dry wall she was charged more seriously than these officers. Ok, that doesn't make sense, so the system hugely failing us. We will see the degree to which unrest continues in the next few days, but this is Will we ve been covering this for a long time? There's nothing new here, but the way which it is now playing a role in the presidential election is certainly something that the timing of which could have political info.
Once again, I do not believe it will be good for Donald Trump. Okay, there is a stir being new piece in the Atlantic. Barton Gilman called the election that could break a marrow, This is red alert stuff. This is not a rehearsal. Ok, this peace explains the plan that the trunk campaign has put together to buy. I pass election results. If Donald Trump loses, they have a plan for how to subvert the election results. If Joe Biden Word a win- and If we merely ignore it, we're not going to be prepared. So this is really the stuff. Of nightmares. Norman explained the idea to you. The idea is the following trump choosing electors in back ground states, regardless of who wins the state, so
that they will vote for Donald Trump at the electors convention. Okay, this is based on what some call a technicality: normally the popular vote in a state determines which electors goaded DC to cast their so if Joe Biden wins Michigan pre selected, democratic electors go to DC and they say: Michigan pledges our electoral votes for Joe Biden, the idea there is even Biden, wins Michigan. Some republican strategists and lawyers are saying. Then, if Biden Winds, Michigan Donald Trump could say there was fraud in Michigan we are going to send the republican electors to DC instead of the democratic electors, even though supposedly Biden, one Michigan, because I believe that there was fraud. That's the idea Now, the immediate reaction from a normal person would be how the hell do you justify it, and indeed the justification is fraught their explanation
b, we believe there was brought voter fraud, we don't really believe Biden, one Michigan as an example, so because Trump actually won Trump is going to select republican electors to go to DC and represent Michigan. The Atlantic explains that quote I would ask state legislators to set aside the popular vote and exercise their power to choose a slate of electors directly the longer trumps, seeds and keeping the vote counting doubt the more pressure legislators will feel to act before the Safe harbour deadline. Buyers are Trump campaign. Legal adviser spoke to the Atlantic for this worry and said that the goal would be for state legislatures to say we ve been given this constitutional power if they dont think the results of their state are accurate. Or if their willing to at least suspend built, disbelief in order to help Trump, they could say
we are over riding the electorate choices. Were sending republican electors to Washington DC the chair of the pencil Mania Republican Party, Laurens Tabus also spoke to the Atlantic and said quote: I've mentioned it to them and I hope there thinking about it to refer bring to this strategy? They are looking at these strategies. This is just one idea, we ve talked more pedestrian. An obvious ideas. Are having an army of lawyers descend on states at midnight on November. Third, while the technically would be midnight November forth at the end of election day and the idea, of the Red Mirage scenario would be because of earlier person voting by Trump voters at midnight. At the end of election day, Trump might have a slight lead in some states. However, if all the absentee ballots were to be counted
those leads might evaporate in favour of Joe Biden. The idea would be you have lawyers to send on states at midnight to say, stop counting absentee ballots, making different legal arguments indifferent states. So this is not a joke, they are prepared. I've said it before If Trump loses, I do believe you will eventually leave, but Here our ways he can try to claim he didn't actually lose either by preventing boats from being counted, claiming he won and sending indifferent electors. Trumps. Legal tee We are laying the groundwork for all of these strategies. Now we read that Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are so lawyering up or are they going to be ready and one of the difficulties is when you're playing off ends you You only need to come up with one strategy, the defences and prepared for and deploy it when you're playing defence. You have to anticipate every strategy in order to be prepared for it, and that's why this is so dangerous what if it's simply not definitive come election
they will Julian Eleazer, who teaches history in public affairs at Princeton, says to the Atlantic. That quote, we are not prepared for this at all. All we talk about it, some worry about it and we imagine what it would be, but few people have actual answers to what happens. If machinery of democracy is used to prevent a ledge? dammit resolution to the election. Our democracy would be dead. If Trump succeeds it this. If we fail, this is what happens Republicans or me. Sing clear, they don't win by democracy, they will win despite democracy tables. Subvert democracy, as David from said If conservatives become convinced that, we cannot win democratically. They abandoned conservatism and they will reject democracy and by the way it is not lost on me
that this is part of why they want to rush to replace Ruth bade her Ginsburg. That could end up being a factor. We are really up against it here and it is just as appalling how republican supporters republican voters are so entrenched in their teams fort mentality that they want by and large, are standing by Donald Trump develops these strategies as long as they reject the lives right, that's the point they will accept blatant corruption They will stand aside as Democrats values, not not capital, the lower case. The democratic values are dismantled and They will let Trump do whatever the hell he wants. We are up against it, my friends let me know what you think: I'm on Twitter at department, the David Pachmann, show David Pachmann Dotcom. One of our sponsors today is Hydra,
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David Bagman shelled David Pachmann died cast hey. I consider yourselves invited to not just to get a membership. It join pachmann dot com, but also to join. The discussion on the David Pachmann show some bread it at David, pachmann dot com. Slash are either de I t some interesting posts on the Deva. Pachmann show sub, read it this morning, including one post about listen. The first debate is just days away. What should Biden strategy be? and what will trumps strategy be? you can read this entire post on the sub. Read it, but my thoughts are the following: a joke I'd and needs to be aggressive. Joe Biden as you know, has been framed as demur. Did tired, confused beta for lack of
better term by Donald Trump, while Donald Trump has framed himself as these strong, powerful leader, Joe Biden needs to be prepared not just on the facts, which are facts about trumps. Failure on corona virus, the fact about our economy has suffered so much more than it had to in so much more than other economies, thanks to transfer Killings on grown virus, so Biden needs to be prepared on the facts. But Biden needs a strategy where he will be aggressive and Donald Trump he he did things with Hillary Clinton. Ominously standing behind her and pointing to her and sing you'd be locked up. If I was president, you know all of this stuff trump is likely to go for that again and Joe Biden needs to be prepared and I believe Joe Biden needs to come out swinging there. Very little down side to it and he needs to protect himself what from which, from what trumps likely strategy would be Trump likely strategy is going to be to try. The same size
that he tried on Hilary on Biden and it will be up to I didn t It will work or whether it will not work trump is likely to come in with critiques, poorly worded and inarticulate, but critiques of the Obama administration Biden needs to be prepared. To immediately robot. That and say this is referendum on these asked for years. Do people want you again for another four years and of course anything prepared of two to actually have the factual fight as well Angelo. By the needs to be prepared for the low blows that Donald Trump is likely to come in with that includes Hunter Biden stuff. This includes each one and one seems to be a popular topic for Donald Trump. This includes Biden. China and bide needs to have a strategy for how to deal with that, so we'll be covering it live. I do think it will be very, very interesting another post from the sub.
It lime guy asking do any of you ever get angry watching the Trump movement I feel like this election is not good for mental health. I agree. I actually agree. I am looking forward to, hopefully, the removal of trump and things being boring for a while. It won't be good for the show financially, but I don't care about that. I do it'll, be better for the country and it'll be good for mental health and I completely agree and then lastly user Morton posts to the sub read it. It will likely take two to three elections to undo some of the damage and I agree and Morton points out that bit o r r should not be too high in terms of what a Biden First term would do. I think we need to think bout it more systemically. It's not just a Biden First term, its Biden winning democratically be taking the Senate now, maybe in twenty twenty two and it's going to be acumen,
in fact there are things that Joe Biden can relatively quickly undue by executive order. There is damage, like looting, damage to the climate damage to international alliances which have been ruined under Donald Trump. That will take some time and then remember on the tail end of it were still going to have sixty million trumpets living in the United States. What do we do about that? still don't have the answer joined the disk Action is more than twenty. Three thousand of you already have at David Pachmann, DOT Tk slash read it people in the audience have been sending me more and more of these video clips of Michael sure, our great friend, Michael sure, speaking to trumped supporters at recent, alleys as well as other reporters, and I want to play a few of them and talk a little bit about it. We did a story of months ago about a group of Uneducated white women who voted for Trump in
sixteen being interviewed on CNN and it was really bad, and I said at the time this may not be politically correct. This may not be polite, but we have to come to arms with the reality that many voters have no clue its unfortunate it nice to say in these terms, maybe, but the point is that they have just as much of a right to vote as anybody else and many of do vote. We have to understand that we now some interviews done over the last five or so days with various trump supporters at different events, and it's really bad. It's just as bad. Before we get to the Michael Short, Epps. Let's start with one from CNN Cnn, asking Trump rally goers over the last few days. Why aren't you wearing a mask and instantly turns into why Thirdly, debunked conspiracy theories wearing
one way of making my prerogative? Where would they say? I have a hard time understanding. Even when I went away leaving you re right now, I can period because there's no golden it's it's a fake pandemic created to destroy the United States. President said Bob Woodward that there is a virus buyers and that it is never that's his opinion through this, isn't the CDC studded, with less than ten thousand people die from forward the other two hundred and ninety thousand stood at two point: six or two points Other more now covered was created to destroy. The. U s that other concerns is theory by the way about the real number of deaths is nine thousand. We ve already debunked it's been widely debunked, but the domestic. The important thing to glean is, even though it was
But two weeks ago you still have these rally going who probably do vote, I mean, I think, that if you go to a rally, Europe will almost certainly voting. They still are repeating these conspiracy theories. And then it continues now taking sort of a more religious approach about not wearing a mask. I got a raid. The good Lord Ghek scare me if I die, I gotta get this and no, where mass stay inside or another here, where I get it, so that's really bad! Then we have these great clips from our friend Michael
you're doing these interviews for tee. Why tee and up first folks going right into socialism. He says: he's not a socialist by all of his ideas. Sound like socialist ideas and everybody around him are like socialists and they all support die, and he I think that more serious he's in office. You will start pushing socialism if he was in office there, the devil they did a lot of Satan they're out for their own good. They have no interest in the United States of America and the day there, whose other than the Democrats Biden Pelosi all of em the disk let evil little they are not in the best interests of the United States of America,
I support tromp because you're, not a socialist, I'm a foreigner in America and if the two socialist countries and among nothing to do with socialism, do you see Joe Biden as Socialist, the people that are handling it? socialists. Yes, there are no socialist ideas from Joe Biden now. What's what I have said before I get criticised for being so fullest, even though I am not an for not being a socialist by p who want me to be a socialist. Many on the left. Wish Joe Biden were a socialist he's. Not there is nothing socialistic about Joe Biden policies here. Are supporters confronted by Michael sure, with Donald Trump comments about soldiers who died in combat being losers and suckers we suspected that many of them would simply say Trump didn't really say it, and that's exact.
We what many of them said ridiculous, the media, all the lies they put out. There are ridiculous. No president's gonna make a common like that. Definitely Donald Trump, our president is not going to make a common like that, like what is done with the veterans he's done more for their medical care than any other president, probably in the history of the country, so absolutely false and immediately come out with something false every day they continue to lie in Lyon, lie and people are lot of. People are aware that John Kelly did play that happened. What would you think I would disregard it? Cuz I know, is over twenty five people to set it didn't occur, doesn't fit with your worldview, doesn't match your pre existing beliefs? Well, then, just say it didn't happen here- is another one all alive. He loves the veterans. I'd rather have he obtained, have delayed bad bad move dinner.
The large countries, China and everybody else in get dollar from that's all is ever does it he's been enough, as as a military veteran some of this stuff? It's come out about with the presence allegedly said about. You know, Americans and cemeteries, and what not in what he said about John Mccain, enable man has given you pause at all, has not he s racism, things that I say things off this very moment that I go back sick, say, therefore, that last guy, interestingly taking the approach not denying that Trump said it, but denying that he meant it and this last one is really special Micro, Michael Shore, from tee whitey, really doing a great job on these Trump supporters asked
what will you do if Donald Trump loses? Will you accept the result of Joe Biden ones now under any circumstance, no wiser, because it lies in the sea and corruption. So this is one strategy and again, this is the importance of paying attention to the stories. Trump tells the ridiculous stories, but they were
they stick to people. If Biden wins, it would be fake, preemptively, saying it'll be fake. If Biden wins, take a look at this next one down on any spray and allow harder crane, poor Joe Biden, success or proof for four years from now replacing Joe Biden Hang forgot to help Us President Biden. That can happen. I can't even think about that, because he does not, like America, he's a racist now that somebody says, if you want to look at someone who, despite this the black man, the black woman, he looked out for himself. The group has signed the crook he's a criminal. What happens? Donald Trump loses. Do you have a fear of for the country, a doll drama you're? Not in your head of the table, you, ok, you can have
Alice both of you. We actually have plans to move to Panama because it's a city or to a country that allows Americans to move there and to actually own firearms there if they trust us enough, don't firearms as people with the legal right to be in their country. It seems like a place. It's not playing to do something terrible to their people benefit. He wins. It means than democratic machine has won in some of the illegal tactics that man is the unanimous vote of fraud. I think, that if he loses they come after all of US supporters, yeah Biden is actually the racist. Now. I know the reaction from the US when we watch this stuff when we hear these clips is discussed. How are these are fellow Americans? How is it possible Have such uneducated ignorant people in the United States? This is the result, of our education system? This is the result of,
Lydia indoctrination. This is the result of decade, of Anti intellectual. Is I'm going back to Albania in us and Anthea Intellectual ISM has been around for hundreds of years, but certainly prominently in the Republican Party to Reagan and you know this imaginary welfare, queen with twelve kids and a cattle and whatever the story was everything we ve been talking about. This is the outcome that we you're, seeing we are seeing it front and centre, and it is very ugly, a check out one other one. Here, I've actually considered leaving the country moving to South America or something like that. If something like that happens, neighbours it moved when Hilary is running against president traffic is, he was convinced pillar is gonna win. He sold everything and moved Panama. I'm thinking of my ancestors did back in nineteen hundred spending that Germany set out hurtful my grandchildren, why South America, I wonder most of those governments in South america- are left wing governments by most standards. Now, if the guy like
authoritarian. I guess he could look. Moving to Venezuela, but I dont think that's the idea of a better place for most trump voter but really really stunning stuff and we have resisting there's this thing that what will often happen on the left, where we start kind of moralising and talking about you know these poor, stupid p, Ball and blah blah blah blah blah they votes, and I think that We really need to see them. It's much more productive to see these folks. As victims rather than perpetrators. They are victims of an education system that has failed. They are victims of some cases religious indoctrination. They are victims of a lack of media literacy and corporate media that thrives on sole. Business, and it is so on and so forth, its far more productive. To do that, then, to look at them from some moral high ground, which I think it is both on you.
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when you go to magic spoon, dot, com, slash, pachmann and use the code pachmann, that's Pierre Kay, em an welcome back to the David Pachmann Shell, it's great welcome. Will summer back to the programme, both attack rapporteur for the daily beast? Also, author of the right Richter NEWS letter on conservative media, a great person to fall on Twitter. I would also say: will thanks thanks for being back on ethics rattler, so we ve been we ve been following in talking about Q and on we ve talked The media matters Alex Kaplan about Cuba, Non members who have a real shot at being elected to Congress. So we talked about Marjorie Taylor, Green of Georgia, Colorado's Lauren Buber. There are others as well kick. Let's first start with, with your assessment of the
strength of this is an actual political movement I think you and is really getting a foothold within the GNP is, hold this week. That said, roughly forty percent of Republican Correspond. Respondents said that Cuba is a good thing. You know we see other polar suggested, maybe around seven percent people believe in it? So you know I mean these are it's not a majority by any means, but given how crazy you their beliefs. Are you that's pretty concerning is I read an interesting article by Gregg Stanton and we may be speaking to him at some point in the future, where he points out, Q and on ideology to the extent that we can call it an ideology is really like rebranded Anti semitic, tropes that there's a lot of overlap with the ideas from the protocols of the elders of Zion and end just a lot of the standard tropes of white nationalism and Anti Semitism that we ve seen. Do you
agree? Unlike what what portion is, is made up of that year? Shirts acumen audits are like that ology, where, when people first get into it they don't tell you cried the wildest stuff, so people get in and they'll say, like you know, don't you Jeffrey Obscene is bad. Are you out of your people do and then they kind? it's you in there and then, when you really into it, they say what really Q and honours about people. In thinking in Hollywood, which obviously gonna code drinking children's blood. So here you go in the blood libel right there. So you know they desired your cue, and I'm really is about your alleging, always powerful. Jewish people controlling the world, so you're, pretty anti semitic on its face there has been at that in the last forty eight hours, it seems far less likely that this will happen, but Donald Trump had been banking of for political reasons on a vaccine announcement prob sometime in the next six weeks, a which was likely
be an emergency use authorization not a full approval from the FDA, the idea being that he could sort of attach himself to it and and take credit for it up at this. Time their acumen seems to be relatively anti backs. Am I wrong about that? So so I'm I'm seeing a very strange situation were Trump has previously tweeted about vaccines in autism. He had to kind of be talked off led by Ben Carson during debates during the twenty sixteen republican primary now he's but of all in on a vaccine, and yet this group seems very Anti backs yeah. It's a date arrested. Contradiction, as you said, from his group, promoted and had seen stuff in the past, but now in Cuba on people, often our variant, I've vaccine you and I are anti vaccine. Facebook groups can be sort of a gateway and acute on and so and we ve seen especially during the pandemic. We ve seen interesting Huron explode along with water sceptics,
about vaccines, and now you have Trump come out and say: well, you know the vaccine is really key to everything and so There definitely is a clash there. I mean, you know people and saying you know, bill Gates is gonna put a microchip in the back seat. He asked young and suddenly trunk ETA has to turn these people around When you look at the media foothold to the extent that it exists for a q and on our they live in any way to any particular media outlets or publications and in part you I'm interested about whether there is a connection with away and this sort of, like poor man's Fox NEWS, blend between Fox NEWS on an a porn parity of sorts and that that Donald Trump has regular, We called on during his press briefings, yet you we seek Q Nano its basis, so ridiculous even conservative media, often wants to distance themselves from it. They end up doing Israel, taking ideas from you and on and then
laundering down taking stripping the Cuban on name off that in running with that in the case of a lan. Initially they were very antlike. He went on, but you I just have a story this week that they ve been sent The use of Cuba not emerges on their Youtube channel. I, including one, referring, You JFK Junior, coming back to life, so you know me really there it's like. I just decided, as are profiting from it right on the David, Let me show you tube channel. If you subscribe, you get very is coloured, show, logos and yet away and you get Q and on stuff that certainly a different approach. I guess to odd sort of monetizing content will marry you consider. You know about gee. That's like sand Hilary to get my oldest right. I should die, should look look at that direction. So, ok, it lets zoom a little bit because you following a lot of these different movements, what what
is there right now that maybe our audience is not super familiar with me. I think my audience is very familiar with your kind of your standard trumpets talking point we ve looked at video from rallies. God is pretty they me from the virus or the virus itself is a hoax or of that wing, which is anything Trump says they they kind of repeat. We ve got this Q and on wing what other serve sub groups are relevant in the underbelly right now Yeah? Well, you know I mean. Obviously we ve got. These were violent groups like the proud boys or these various kind militias that I think are really starting to move with Cuban on in some ways, and really this is especially relevant as we can. Into the election, and these people are You know that there's always come civil war type rhetoric and you know maybe you didn't want it most interesting once again with sometimes to comment on. Is the growth of these conspiracy theory in like wellness, unlike Yo Garlic, Instagram influencers. I have not heard about this. This is interesting yeah, so the typical cuban unbelievers
is. You know why older argued Angelika beer seeing is theirs, is grew, cold, save the children and this kind of acute, not front group and they're having rallies with hundreds of people across the world in different cities and their sucking in a lot of moms on Facebook you no cure mom and either these various instagram you the people who normally post about you know. Eating yogurt and doing yoke and all this up and then they'll just be like you know, but but we gotta get. Bottom of what's going on in commenting, so it's distorting seventy eating. It suggested these conspiracy theories can go beyond just the trump you mentioned the the demographics of the typical q and on supporter one things we learned about twenty. Sixteen was that the rate of the dissemination array sharing of fake news was sick Secondly, skewed not just to the right but to older folks, and we could talk about of the reasons. Why
he went on seems to have a significant, younger contingent. That may be wasn't there with some of the predominant fake news stories of twenty six, the honest, my impression correct that so we rightly no one example. Just to pick one is that Cuba, on and tick tie our tunisian and pizza gave our exploding on Tik Tok, with young B and, though make these Tik Tok videos. That say, like you know you somethin about John Podesta. You don't like that now is anything that you can ascertain as to why she's getting more pick up with younger folks, whereas a lot of the twenty sixteen stuff did not. Is it just that the text? ology now has changed in such a way or the environment is different, or is it a concerted effort? I think it's. Maybe the biggest part is that the world just seems like it's: gonna, walk here, you know it and you have these. Obviously you have a very real Epstein stuff that I think pulls people into these conspiracy theories. You know you have the pandemic inciting. Theirs is alarming. People who were kind looking to get a grasp on what's going on
Fortunately, they kind fall down the rabbit hole in in twenty ten weeks, The rise of the tea party movement and number of tea party candidates won T Party caucus was created in the in the House of Representatives, and then Eventually, the tea party, the Kok, is still exists, but some of it, of went away and some elements were integrated into the Republican Party, but there was never the tea party. Was not associated with a presidential candidate in the way that Q and on is associated with Trump. So can you outlined the likely paths where you ve got. So you have Trump and then some went on candidate state, they all could win or they all might lose, or some combinations of the two. What's the sort of path forward look like, depending on what happens in November during the years looking at in terms of like how Mcewen on people who would be in Congress next year right so we ve got
drew tailored reign in Georgia. We mentioned you know: she's, are really republican district she's, a Republican, so she's almost certain to win trumps in Mr Evans is very interesting that the White House has been very real. They they just will not criticise q and on which, I think is another sign of Cuba. Not power. In fact, when a republican lawmaker came out and did criticized Q and on the trunk indian attacked him attack them? So you know, I've got the line. Is I don't talk about you and I am certainly not in a negative way. We got Lauren Bogart in Colorado, House, candidate kind of a battleground district. She said Well, I believe, not anymore low grade. You know I mean that United support you and I hope it's real I was gonna backed away, but so choose they ve got a toss a chance. You know the Inn Evelyn Oregon and I in Delaware, that their republican Senate nominees, Woof believing Q and on their product gonna win, but still you out of thirty five Senate races. We got,
You two were pure non believers. So united, GEO is really failing to stand up to this, and I think we can expect to see more of it to what, degree. Should the Democratic Party engage with this criticise it an end? What let me know it here, there's often caution about Platt forming versus ignoring verses, responsible platform. As some call it do. You have a sense of whether this is risen to a point at which we to hear more from the left about it or you know It will be hard to say about it. As you say, on one hand, you don't want. Maybe Joe Biden going out every day and sang of yours keep it on his because know exposing certain people to it. On the other hand, I think certainly comes to the media. You know that the Council of the barn, I think, in terms of It did not telling people like your honor rubbing, it doesn't get bigger We're talking up human on murders given on terrorism, few non kidnapping- and you know it's up when I do think you know we have to trust- odors and in the audience to know
What's going on it and you don't, even if it's very crazy, If you look around the, if you look around the country- and you see some of the different groups that mean might take Well, maybe let's, let's actually start there to see if we're on the same page on this piece, my take gender. He has been that Donald Trump has not really generated new racism or xenophobia or radicalism, but made there which already existed sort of more comfortable being public about it. Western one is. Do you agree with that assessment or has has trumps presidency actually kept created? More of that were either I think I hear you, I would want to suggest a trump is you know you can have a unique character in terms of racism, On the other hand, I think, in terms of conspiracy theories, I think, having a guy in the White House who proposes. Obviously has a big birth there and legitimize is that I do think that kind of brings the GEO peak. Italy basically provides an opening. I think that these conspiracy there,
is to take over the GNP and get more people from within. So so I guess the question is: if Trump loses, are we to expect that a lot of these groups whose views are now much more in the open, are they going to go back underground? In some sense, it doesn't eliminate the views, it doesn't you D radicalized, but it be again an environment where they are less comfortable being public about their views or is the cat sort of out of the bag? At this point you know I did, it hurt really predict what happens, but but I do think that potentially, if trunk loses, you know some people are into painting, you know like the spell left, the cuban people don't believe it anymore, I think instead, what's gonna happen. Is that these people who have been so wrapped up and basically convinced that Democrats are like eating children in their Satan s in all this, and the trumps can solve it. When he loses they're gonna say while the deep state did it now, we have to take matters: our own hands, so you know I did everything I could see. You really cannot
we're being integrated more into the GNP potentially violent. Well, one other thing specifically on the queue and on beliefs. I wanted to ask about a lot of them. As you say, sometimes that the gateway to queue and on is Jeffrey, Epstein related, the more. We know about Epstein the more sort of touch points there are with Donald Trump, and there are even allegations that were made in a lawsuit which have sit that the lawsuit has since been been pulled, but they were Alex is about joint sexual assault involving Donald Trump and Geoffrey Epstein. It is there no, concern in your mind or discussion among Q, and on that, the more they push this, that it could actually implicate Donald Trump no, I mean they have so much like cognitive, dissonance and rationalization when it comes to I mean obviously trump YO appointed. The prosecutor gave Epstein sweetheart deal to the cabinet
visitors, videos, a truck lapsing hanging out added, appraising women together any so. Instead, what they say is that you know Trump was infiltrating Epstein circle that by by appointing this prosecutor, the cabinet he was come more attention to this dirty deal and all this kind of stuff that that's like a textbook example of this on falsify able argument, it's you know, there's an invisible tiger in this room, all right. Well, let You know let let's, let's lay down, baby powder, so, as the invisible tiger walks around it disturbed, the baby powder will know it's also a weightless invisible tiger like this, you cannot possibly disabuse, some one of those beliefs in that, maybe that's part, but maybe that's by design. I guess I thought we were aiming for the beauty of the Kyoto clues, use of it is that even when they make predictions, people will say the prediction doesn't come true, they'll say well, maybe we just miss read the predictions we were wrong or that some baby q is trying to throw
the deep state universe about info into really. This makes it really hard to disabuse people of these. Oceans, any I here, all the time from people who have family, members or loved ones to key went on, and you know it's really hard to get people out of it. We ve been speaking with Will summer tech rapporteur for the daily beast. Also, author of the right Richter newsletter on conservative media will always great speaking with you throughout the day,
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ass. I am going to play some clips, but Donald Trump has now gone over a line where he is just five and a half. Ex away from the election, refusing to say that there will be a p, full transition of power should he loose. He will not commit to a peaceful transition, now, when you combine this with our earlier story from the top of the show about Donald Trump Contingency plan for how to retain power even if he loses you half do at this point, start paying attention. This was a press briefing. I guess was sort of under the umbrella of the corona virus. Press briefing, although on corona virus Trump, says the same thing every time, which is we're doing great everything's fine on the virus, and then the questions started from the press corps and die. Tromp was asked: will you commit to a peaceful transfer of power and Donald Trump refuses to commit to
and he's a wanna be dictator, and we should all be very, very scared where he is wrong. In this election we can here today for a peaceful trend for all power after the elections either has been riding a worm, others than rioting and many cities across his country red you're, so called red and blue states. Will you commit? making sure that there is a peaceful France for all power after the election to see what happens. You know that I've been complaining very strongly about the ballots than the best sir disaster. I had arrived you to making sure that there's a nasal, whereas a blue, get rid of the balance and you have a very grants, will have a very peaceful. There won't be a transfer. Frankly there a continuation of the ballot atta control. You know it. And you know who knows it better than anybody else? The Democrats know it better than anybody else. Now. The guy asking the questions saying able
people are rioting? So will you commit to a peaceful transition? It's actually non sequitur and an me how we approach has that are mostly peaceful, and now there is unrest because of what's going on with Brianna Tailoring Kentucky, which we already talked about. I don't really like the framing of will. You commit to a peaceful transfer of power because there are riots it's like will hold on you commit to a peaceful transfer of power, is really the full question. You don't need anything else with it, but this the red, alert the reaction from Donald Trump. We don't have to speculate that Donald Trump might not leave or we'll will try not to leave to be continued, because he sang it in broad daylight. I have to see the results first before I commit to a peaceful transfer of power. Even If I lose when tat says the way it will be peaceful as if we don't have the ballots he's referring to vote absentee by mail which Trump this would lead to him winning. He is essentially saying: if the result, are that I won
We will have a peaceful transition in that there will be no transition, because if the election is fair, I will win. This is extraordinarily dangerous thing to say all standard bullet points apply. Everybody has, but this is not a rehearsal, this is happening, he's doing it. It's outrageous and it it didn't, get any less crazy. Just a couple of other clips, Donald Trump, was told during the briefing that Prince Harry and Mega Markel will not be supporting him and Trump just insults Mega Markel. Harry and Egg immortal try it on the? U S: election assistance to encourage people to vote for Joe Biden reaction to that fan of hers, and We say this and she probably has heard their butter. I wish a lot of luck. Dairy
he's going to. This is a president speaking this way and then Trump brings up and will discuss this later, that mixing blue with the China virus, as he calls it will be interesting. Flew one is mixed with covered. China virus is going to be, interesting to see what happens, but interesting is certainly an interesting, to describe it and then even the end of this press briefing is wild Trump abruptly says. As the question start, coming in about Brianna Taylor Trump says yes taken, emergency phone call and walks away and when reporter John Roberts asks him, whose the phone call Trump just as is very import
for emergency phone call, I'm avi I'll be back. I was brutally we're. Ok, so with the Dutch just a little bit of the data, the flavour of the tone, But the big thing here is Donald Trump is refusing to say he will leave peacefully. If you This is the man has come to the end of the line, and he knows by in, could win, Biden could win and he is going to pull out all the stops and see if he can get away with it, and why wouldn't he he's gotten away with so much so far? Why wouldn't he try it and the ironic thing. Is we talk about projection constantly? if Biden, wins Trump, will call that a coup. That's what Trumbull say is a coup
They will always accuse you of what they are actually do now. The truth here is done tromp has always had this perspective. What I mean is Trump still has an accepted. The results of twenty sixteen when he won trumps still do not accept that he really lost Hilary by millions of votes. He continue to say what I want. I looked orally hugely and even on the popular vote. It was rigged. Bus is from Massachusetts it's too new Hampshire? I will hold on it what what? What? What are you talking about? How would that debt? How would that even affect the popular vote? First of all, if people are voting in the wrong state, but in any case he still has not accept, did the results of an election he won. Democracy is really risk here, and certainly Donald Trump will do everything it can not to accept the results of an election if he loses Ok. Now one other thing. I want to separate this clip out from yesterday's press briefing, because it
really boggles the mind. How ignorant and clueless Donald Trump still is on the basics of corona virus during yesterday's press briefing? Donald Trump asked. Is there a way to separate the flu and corona virus? Can we distinguish? If someone has the flu from someone who has corona virus, it's almost like Trump hasn't spent the last six months talking about tat thing. Corona virus testing corona virus tests, which tell you whether you have corona virus or not. This is inconceivable that this is a question were still getting from trumpets, Amber you see what's happening in Europe, however, they have very big swag countries without we're doing well, are doing well, that's very big spikes, very, very big surge. Months ago we increased our nations procurement of the flu.
Maxine by sixty six percent, and we ask Americans to go, get their annual flew shared as early as possible as possible. I would imagine skirted the flu can get mixed up with the virus and people can they it's a virus when actually it's another flew season. Coming on which I hope they can keep them separate. Can they keep them separate, it's gonna, be very trusting time, but we have a flu season coming up with some flew seasons which her the massive over the years Scott do we have a way of separating a flu case and a corona virus case, Even more bizarre I mean it's a gong show. Scott ATLAS bizarrely says I hope we do and Donald Trump says I dont think we do. He spent the last The seven months talking about corona virus tests, testing how many tests, how fast or the tests
he says it all the time when you test you find cases, that's how you said greater corona virus case from something else. We have a test for the flu which tells us. If someone has the flu, We have a test for corona virus which tells us if someone has grown virus. How does President of the United States, not know that at this point it its mind, blowing inconceivable ignorance and and maybe more import mom. Not more importantly, but equally interesting is that this is probably a peak behind the curtain of how people deal with Trump behind in the normal response, if someone says hey, can we tell the deaf? between corona virus in the flew? A normal response would be absolutely we have test for the flu and we have test for corona virus no problem. This is how it works. Scott ATLAS instead says. I hope that we can white and mice and says that this is how it works behind the scenes. Frequently, we wonder trumps been mispronouncing convalescent plasma as convalescent plus
for months. How is no one to set only you know Mister Brett, Sir, as Trump likes to say, sir. It's plasma apparently Trump loses his mind when people that, we wonder why does Trump keep saying the nineteen seventeen flu, but it's the nineteen eighteen flu, has no one gone up to him and said it's one thousand nine hundred and eighty, not one thousand nine hundred and seventeen response tells us why people are either afraid of trump or they've decided they can't correct him or it's pointless, wrecked him or whatever, but that is probably the explanation that you saw their it and it's scary, because there is no error, correcting mechanism in the same way that Scott ATLAS doesn't just say. Yes, of course, we have flew tests and corona virus tests. We have to believe that behind the scenes you see a similar lack of push back on foreign policy on economic policy on everything horrifying, horrifying and frightening. Here is an interesting question that came in view voicemail, yet
sturdy. I interviewed Jesse Lee Petersen on the programme and a lot of people have Some version of this question take a listen to it. Eight, EVA Clodagh. I watch your interview with Jesse He returned. I right click where he had to do in the past. I blocks from the club, but his show I'd look online, likewise it is this guy for real is sort of like a fool. Henry worries playing a character right. Nobody will gene, or with this for real I've, just wondering what do you think about Yes, so a lot of people have asked me this. I do not believe Jesse we Petersen is playing a character and the reason I don't believe that is when I want his studio, in LOS Angeles. He was exact the same offer. Now. Maybe he's playing in, and I'm talking like he's talking about tromp staff in saying all the same things. Maybe it's such a commitment to the cause
third that he even continues off air, but I dont think Jesse Lee Peterson. Playing a character which makes it all the more scary we ve got a great bone so for you today. One in five recent corona virus cases are people in their twenties people in their twenties. We will talk. Bout, the New republic and focus on Joe Biden, Son Hunter- and we will also too about what Michael Bloomberg did to enable thirty two thousand additional Floridians to vote in November, very interesting and important. Lorries on the bonus show get instant access, instant by becoming a member at join, Eichmann dot com
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