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9/3/21: Trumpists Prepare for Another Riot on Sept 18th

2021-09-03 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Far-right groups like the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys plan on being at the rally outside the US Capitol on September 18th to demand "justice" for those imprisoned over the January 6th Trump riots

--A man goes on an unhinged rant about vaccines at a Seminole County, Florida school board meeting and says he can't even watch Fox News anymore because it's been compromised

--Caller discusses Paul Ryan admitting Donald Trump lost the 2020 election

--Caller asks if Republicans will impeach Joe Biden if they take back the House in 2022

--Caller talks about the urban versus rural cultural divide

--Caller asks if David would support socialism or communism

--Caller wonders if Joe Biden will move to mandate the COVID vaccine

--Caller questions if booster shots will make people question the COVID vaccine

--David responds to audience emails, including one about Fox News supposedly not giving medical advice

--On the Bonus Show: The world-famous Friday Bonus Show staring Producer Pat

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For some time we ve been worried. wondering whether it would be August when there's another attempt at a sword. Tromp riot coup insurrection thing in Washington DC and thanks It did not happen in August. There were questions about the first half of August and then maybe the second half of August, and it didn't happen. There are now actually seems to be a sort of more date certain and that date is September eighteenth. which it is increasingly looking as though there is going to be an attempt to do another January sixth, on September eighteenth, the Associated
Press is reporting that per their sources. Intelligence shows extremists, when to attend a rally at the capital on September. Eighteen writing far right extra Miss groups like the proud boys. An oath keepers are planning to attend a rally later this month. At the. U S, capital design. To demand quote: demand quote justice for the hundreds of people charged in Action with January's insurrection now understand that they are wanting to protest. What opened on January. Sixth, in the sense that the alleged terrorists are being treated too harshly. That's what the cept Bright tenth group has a problem with very dangerous already the officials, in discussing security plans that involves our held up as a risk? U S. Capital police have been discussing in the recent weeks whether the large perimeter offence that was erected after the January Riot needs to go back up. The officials have been discussing
security plans that involve reconstructing the fence. as well as in other plan that does not involve offence. They were now authorized to speak publicly and spoke to the AP under there deletion of anonymity, the planned September eighteen rally at the capital comes as a jittery. Washington has seen a series of troubling one off incidents, including most recently a man who park to pick up near the Library of Congress setting out a bomb in a detonator a wee. I was break when that happened among them, concerning events, a series of unexploded pipe bombs placed around capital ahead of the January sixth. Insurrection remain unexplained and no suspect has been charge. That stories on been forgotten completely pipe arms around. It see, we don't know bottom there, nobody charged on cabin Hilda politics around fencing in the iconic building and its grounds were extremely difficult for lawmakers. Many said they dislike closing off access, but acknowledge the security provided yeah and unfair Fortunately, and we're going to talk about might happen on the on from a law enforcement standpoint.
Thing you do to try to mitigate risk for the eighteenth, we We called authoritarian by the right, if you put the fence back up because of the threats from these people, these v, people will say this is part of the the moratorium left walking down Washington DC it you, you really can't win, and so you have to do simply what What is indicated by the intelligence you have from the standpoint of safety. The deadly ride overwhelm the police force of the planned presence of extremist groups serving because, while members and associates of the oath keepers and proud boys make up just a fraction of the nearly six hundred people charged in the riot, they are facing some of the most serious charges brought so far. are include allegations that they conspired to block the certification of Joe Biden, victory several oath keepers of pleaded guilty to Where is he charges and are cooperating in cases against fellow extremists as proper we must prepare for this month's rally. Yoga nano
Pitman, the capital police official who led Intel operations for the agency when writers descended on the building, has been put back in charge of intelligence capital. is Chief Tom Major said. Department is closely monitoring September eighteen, so it looks like there is a really good shot that something is going to go down on the eighteenth are the pole. going to be fully prepared in advance this time. Let's hope so. Is the National Guard going to be there or standing by in a reasonable way where it doesn't take hours for them to get their this time? Let's hope so now, just for a moment, consider it This were rather then sort of white militia types if these were Some groups, for example, or black groups, for example Would this be handled the same way? I think the answer is obviously not now those on the right will say it wouldn't be handled the same way because these p,
aren't really a risk, but if it were Muslims or black people, they would be a risk, but that's what the right would say. We would say that the perception is very very different from law enforcement, and we know that it is from the data that we ve looked at for many years and that we we ve even done very long form videos on in detail. We know that the perception of threat is very different. That's weird hair just got caught my eye shirt there. The perception of threat is very different. The laws on enforcement in part, depending on the identity of the individuals involved, whether you look at it as fortunate or unfortunate I think it is far more likely. Police will be better prepared this time and that is going to be part of the persecution complex the victimhood complex. that whoever is going to show up on September. Eighteen, ultimately will use they'll say look at what they did, they say and in the big guns they sent in the cavalry, because they are tar
to us that this is what the the rallying slash writers, if they become that we'll see, So sort of a lose lose, but if Lose lose in them in the pr sense, either way. Then you ve gotta do what is going to keep Washington DC and people safe and let's hope that this time they are prepared. We have new video from another one of these school board meetings. This one took place yesterday. Why is it always Florida? This one was in Seminole County Florida. I have two clips here to play for you in this, first clip a guy who shows up says that scenes are a deep state conspiracy to deep populate the world, and this is the most listen to this, the mode fascinating element of this- is this guy says, you can't even learn this stuff from Fox NEWS anymore? He is too radical for foxes. Fox news isn't giving him what he wants anymore he's telling you
Ruth. You won't get it on Fox NEWS, because box news in handy have been compromised. Let's listen together order figure to finish. Thank you eat each state, medical establishment. Once all of us to be depopulate. I know you guys think that's a conspiracy. Theory but it's nice, a conspiracy fact in cahoots with each other to depopulator. They want is divided. They want all of us to fight each other, so they can win. This is now what would be the put like. Of course, this doesn't pass the sniffed us, but what would be the point of a mass depopulation, right, I mean, the centres of power. If ultimately money is there motivation you yet money from people who buy goods and services at the end of the day, that's what it is and that could be by health care services, or that could be by products American. Whom streaming or whatever it is? What on earth would cause the centres
our two wanna depopulate anyway, like it, it doesn't even pass the sniff test. This is evil evils, not gonna prevail? All you ve done is awakens sleeping giant here, every parent here, the languages of course of delusions of grandeur and an incredible self aggrandizement. freedom, except maybe some of them are brainwashed by the deep state media, The watch Fox news deliberately amateur sir. I will watch that now because did you did it? You need to tell us he's a conservative but listen to what he says about Fox Entity retain who I do listen to which a renowned doctors, their sherry tenpenny. Ten penny is that complete and total lunatic. Who is talking about the bet vaccine, magnetizing, you and and some other things, what do about this. Do the I'm All four public comment periods,
we'll. Boards are unable to get anything done because of these common periods and these outrageous conspiracy theories that are showing up who tell us dealt belt. Fox news is too. Spock FUCK. These won't tell you the truth. They ve been compromise, but ten penny will tell you the truth and there's a man. The population plan what Do we need to end the public comment periods, one more leaped from the same meeting, here's a woman who went to the same seminal County School board meeting and She talks about she hates all that shit. She's doing I ever met in she's, bring back bill gates It's unbelievable masters, accounting, death rate hospitals as excuses to mass kids. They looked into what's really causing these death hospital protocols crowd fearing that what people there lying from isn't coveted its hospital protocol.
You mean infusions impossible you why? Because it's not extended by the National Institute of why drugs these drugs are not allowed for years and haven't used well, why won't they use them here s, the key, no remembered those things have been peer reviewed. There have been our sea tease and they show no statistically significant effect on covered the fact that a drug has been approved, for something else doesn't tell us whether its effective for covert. This is its part. the this information that they rely on
in fact it is actually the opposite. They said the there's money, there's more money to be. You wouldn't make money using Iver MAC Dinner, Hydroxyl Chloric, when actually the reason, as we talked about this with Vincent RACK and yellow yesterday, the reason these drugs start to be tested is because they are so cheap and they're just sitting around and doctors say I've got nothing else for it. Let me try it it's the wrong. First causality of what these people are talking. What we need to do? Ok, it's cheap, undermine this cheap. Why doesn't work wink wink? Follow me now no agency like to see the scene at the do not work for the american taxpayers. They are nine problem regions that work for
These politicians and individuals like bill gates for years for years, complaints have been lodged against these agencies for the currency relationship between them and the companies they are supposed to register, which always some kind of conspiracy. So what do we do it time to, The public comment periods is it thai to what what I dont know. What to do. My instinct is never to suppress speech, I'm all about public periods at city, council, school, boards etc This is a nation wide epidemic of these. Who'll board meetings just being taken over by these people. I dont know how it should be handled. Let me know what you think you can find me on Twitter, a department if you
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The one billion you to view milestone that we reached earlier this week, the coupon code, billions saving you money every day at join. Eichmann Dotcom. Let's go the audience. Why? Because It out the audience, I'm just a guy with a MIKE talking to a wall and let's first go to tread. from Wisconsin Visa discord, David Pachmann, dot com, slash discord is the place to talk to me. Join the discussion Trent from Wisconsin. What's going on. Hey there, David happy it Wednesday to you, play here in my home state of Wisconsin, Paul Ryan, just yesterday came out and boldly said to the e g o p of Wisconsin. That's Biden won the election. It was not rigged whatsoever right obviously it's been quite some time since Paul Ryan has had really a straw.
Foothold on the GEO P itself, but he does have a very large presence here in the state of Wisconsin, so My question to you is Do you see more Republicans like Paul Ryan Type, coming And really it taking a stand against more local governments, Wisconsin, who are pushing a lot more election lies, including the most reach. build on past costing over six hundred thousand dollars of taxpayers money to go to it's an election investigation to be told the honest with you. The reason I think Paul Ryan is just coming out indirectly, saying guys trump loss than Biden. One is because he's not looking to get more involved, because I think if he were looking to get more involved, he would have The tread a little more carefully because at last check, more than half of the republican party silk still seems to believe that Donald Trump actually won the election. So I think that the question people
been asking is: when is a republican like Paul Ryan, who tells the truth, about the election going too, run on the basis of telling the truth I think reason he's telling the truth is he's not planning to run, because I dont know that there is really an appetite in the Republican Party right now for a guy who is gone. To tell it like it is they want to keep being told what Matt Gate says and what Green says, but by and large, so no, I I mean I I think that the most likely thing is Paul. Ryan is free. Say what he wants, because he's not particularly interested in getting back in politics. yeah definitely can agree with that on just about every point there I guess big thing is: does he really have an influence of any kind even from a local politics level gear? I think in Wisconsin he still a guy that the reasonable Republicans listen to. The only question is
How many of the Republicans in Wisconsin are reasonable- and I just don't know enough about- what's going on there to say for sure right, well with a guy like Robin vos running our state legislature. I can easily tell you that there isn't a lot of room for reasoning when it comes to the response and GEO Pe it. It's really something, interesting and frustrating just because of the fact that Wisconsin in political history has allowed of reading a great history when it comes to both just left? meaning politics, and now we see the extremes of the right, leaning politics, Everson Skywalker had taken over as governor years ago. Listen. I think that the trigger point, for it becoming more reasonable in the Wisconsin concentrate Opie and others would be if the maggots from this nunnery loses in twenty two. I think they'll reconsider for twenty four awesome. Thank you I thank you for the call very much appreciate it lets
continue we're going next to Kansas, Why don't we go to Toby from Kansas, Toby you're on the air? What's on your mind today, can you guess I can. Hi David. I guess I have two questions the first one being being that is, is sort of like me that the republic and stay back the house in french twenty to guess what other chances. Do you think that Joe Biden but actually get impeached in the house? That is think it's, I hate to say this, but I think if Republican take the house, it's quite likely that articles of impeachment are filed now it'll go nowhere in the Senate, but I think that republicans are deterred. And in order to make Trump look less stupid for having been twice impeached to just him
each Biden, even if there is no reason to do it, so I do think it is a greater than fifty percent shot. That Biden has articles of impeachment filed against him. If republicans take the house, in November of twenty two. Yeah, I'm afraid I agree with you. To round off what is your go to coffee order to cabin no small an end now, here's the thing a lot of you. will tell you you have to order a small. GINO, really should only be one size. Its six sounds drink. It's not a big drink, and so for me, a big red or drag a big red flag. Coffee places. If I see small, medium and large cappuccino, I'm concerned I'm concerned Toby. That's it that's a distressing sight to see this is this. Is this I watch the a brief, and something that is really concerning is most people, the order and Mercosur don't ask: stand without its. You know that There's a there's, a cafe that I used to go to in Manhattan. Where would you
and you would go in order, a Marquis Otto. They would say you know that small right, it's not like the Starbucks thing and I would of course, laugh say yeah. I know, but there's lots of people that go and they think of a macchiato is basically an eighteen out ice cream. You know it is a shame, however, have a wonderful day David. Thank you, oh by just one question from this in point of latte versus cappuccino: can you really tell the difference? Is it just a different amount of foam yeah? It's it's all with the volume and the fear that the amount of foam and look not a very good! Alright. Will I appreciate the call Toby for sure have a nice day I am glad to have been able to clear up some. It is of paramount importance. Quite frankly, let's go next to fall, Word from Louisiana Ford. What's going on? Do you have power, Yes, I do in your no yes, I can already wonderful beauty.
Am, I just be evacuated to Alabama, listen, family, and I just got back today to my apartment and better he's right next to Alice you, so we have power over a lot about buddies. Don't I know what my buddy state over by remain so lotta people still have power here the outcome from the more shore redneck north of New Orleans, and that please got Debbie and so like a lake from us flooding in those will still have power. So it's pretty crazy scenes over there. Well to hear you ve got power. I know many people still down and hopefully they'll get it back soon. Oh, my question is: do with the I guess cultural divide in the? U S, I think that the largest cultural divide in the- U S has to be between, like urban and rural populations, a new route that yeah, I mean that's a b. I hesitate to say that the biggest there is a huge cultural divide between urban and rural, the core
June is whether it's because of that or whether it's that more conservative people are choosing to liberally, whereas more liberal people are choosing to you it's kind of a chicken egg thing, but I think you can find a divide, therefore sure ok, I think I agree with that. So I those people in rural areas of the country and a lot right, wingers prying general than a base, their Paul on a personal experience, and I think it's fine angry some level of your personal have expressing your politics by finger. Politics tends to be completely based on that, so the issue that arises glad it is that I think people in rural communities to the big strongly similar to one another in general, so the life expense these people have are informed by people who are extremely similar them so kind of using a feedback, loop de writers, a good solution to this. This Lucian, I don't know, but I think you're spot on witches. We we might hope that people use empiricism rather than anecdote in order to inform themselves.
Given that a lot of people are going to use anecdote and personal experience. it would be better if people's personal experience, and was more varied, but when everybody around is the same as you, it's likely that your personal experiences is merely going to be signal boosted. I think I think there is certainly a lot There is a lot to that. I mean that the solution would be. finding a way, I know I don't think the solution is to dump rural people into cities and think that that's gonna magically solve the problem, I think it's actually in getting people to think empirically, rather than anecdotally from a young age. So it goes back to teach and critical thinking if, from from sixth grade on viewer, told anecdotes, dont the story and here's how you actually figure out what's going on? I think that that's the best possible then we could do ok, that's a good point,
Do you think the giving people like broadband infrastructure and better internet what can help them expose themselves to be still more ideas David through the internet? I would love to say yes, except. We know that for a lot of these right, wingers, the internet is where they're getting radicalized. So it's hard like I mean at the big picture. I want the high speed internet for everybody. That's that's an infrastructure thing. That's an access thing at this. Named time. I know that the ECHO chambers online reinforce a lot of the beliefs people have rather than disabused them. So it's not clear to me that at some kind, a panacea. Yeah, that's really good point. I shouldn't even consider that now this misinformation for a country like these Facebook groups and depressing ok, depressing yeah. It is- and you know I know a lot of these people and on from the deeps outside a pillar lot of these people who I know they're, not necessarily bad people, but just one, that's grow up with an that's all. You know. That's all you really know sorted do anything about it. For it I'm curious. How do you lack any kind of very stiff?
the ties in southern accent? I mean I'm from the deep south. My dad doesn't really have an ax at my mom has as a very large extent, but I think on. I think I've always been on the internet a lot ever since I was pretty young, the alot of voice, and I heard a being typical american voices. So even I know a lot of people with our country actions most nobody's dont have like these sorts, accents and interests. It is not as common as maybe it was a most enough from like a super rural area, so that could explain it to our. I well, that's seems like a reasonable explanation. I appreciate it. Thank you so much routine, Michael dignity of our stay. Safe, therefore, from Louisiana, We are having really good luck today with calls out. Do I really don't want to jinx it, because that would just be bad by the way I just as just a note to people on discord. Trying to call me directly when we're taking live, calls or sending me direct messages. It'll just go
You blocked it's, not gonna, get you on the show. We have a q and we go through the queue and that that's the only way to get on so please, let's, let's ease up on that. Let's go Paul Garcia from Mexico Paul from on Mexico, your honor! wondering today, by local communities? When the sun was just ass, if he had, the employer is funded by the ads, what people say He says he went away while their wooden watching emails names yeah it's at once. One time is zero x is twenty four. They seem to be watching. Math videos while waiting on hold. For me, that's too bad, because I will I would have loved to have spoken to someone from Mexico. Let's go to Christian for California, next Christian you're on the earth. I do. Yes, are you ve, surrounded by bees? What is that noise?
I'm sorry, I know as a lethal or I'm gonna trumpets, and this is how our leaf blowers even legal. Quite frankly, it is one of the most repressive noises you're, getting my Iphone today was that in this case They went limp landscape, I mean Do you think it's impossible for even harder to get us there? we can join hands. I think it would be very tough I think it would be very tough. I think that you would need to see. I mean like think as free. see, as the Trump Administration was dammit. Barely even took the Senate. I think it would be really really tough and part of that is because of how you know. when we say a state is really red or really blew off, and what we mean is that it's like sixty to forty percent one or the other. You know that the margin is still not that big, even sometimes five thousand eight hundred and forty two, I think- of filibuster,
majority would be really tough right now,. So given that I mean are, we started her incremental his own for the foreseeable future. it's kind of hard to say. Oh God,. The dog and now, with the audio cut. I miss her. I asked democracy as a Christian. I lost above fifteen seconds there and now there's a dog barking. So I'm gonna, let you go. Ok, Della, ok, all right! It's it's too crazy. It's just Wait you crazy there. Let's do this just because people are getting all fired up from belief. Blower, let's take a quick break. but I'm gonna go right back to calls in a moment. So don't hang up if you're holding on to talk to me and I be right with you stand by.
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no long term commitment and the like. Is in the podcast notes. Alright, let's hear from a few more people the discord, David Pachmann dot com, slash discord is the play let's go to spend served from Wyoming Spencer. You were on the air, I gave. How are you I'm doing? Well, thank you. majority, I'm gonna call me. Thank you my pleasure. I just I want to bring up a question, I'm originally from Slovenia, ok I'll, do it mean it in your daddy's bird We started a petition to rename all the streets named Africans, generals to union. Ok,. and everyone in the community hated it like all the other folks, Pacific going and eventually I said: if we could just have one street sign change. I would call that away And I'm wondering what you think of you know we
a majority in the Senate House and White House yet, but should we be? missing on baby steps, or should we be folks on the way, in my example, should I been happy with just one street change or is it is more important to really push what you believe to be right, This is this. Is this is a really tough and big issue, so I think we should talk if any we can get okay? So with with the sweet signs example, the street names example, if you want every street name, Confederate Street name changed, but all that can be done because of the circle. Answers politically is one that one is changed. You still take it right, you still take it. at the same time you you you keep pushing for more. I think for me, the other thing is I'm off.
About changing. You know the school names you too, I dont want General Robert E Lee High School or whatever and street. I'm I'm fine with that, but I sometimes worry that too much energy is in two things like changing street names are taking down statues when there are much more substantive issues, I get that you ve got. You know you rectify the language to try to impact culture. I get the concept of that and so calling us calling a street by a different name can sort of it at a base level change we think about things and think about history. I also think the left needs to be careful not to over play our hand on things like, sir, name's, although we should work on them and we can walk and chew gum at the same time, but that that's a really complicated question, but to go too, we should take and he wins we can get, may be the only thing that was possible. There was the one one street name, you know where it was
Nathan, Bedford for us to what forest gamblers named after Libya that street, where he lived on it, so able to get that one change, but people were just you know they started questioning The civil war wasn't even about slavery. Was it was ugly, Bulgaria. It really means question night I'd be happy with that that was last summer's. Like should I be happy with what we ve done here or should I wanted more, but I think you re some good You should want more, but you should be happy with that. You were able to get something. I guess what was the street name change two out of curiosity with a change like oak street or something So all the other streets were union general, so it actually turned into major. We didn't have a wage and believe it or not. Ok, you know, Is that what you want and are you going to him but better than I can better general? I would say I would say so I would say so all right well keep on fighting. You know tat. You are a very good. Ok Let's go next to
Oh this is about Elias from Helsinki you're on the air, hello, hello, hello, yes, can excellent, congratulations, father, your views, David. Thank you. I couldn't have done it without you lies yeah, been following you, four of about seven years of something you're, probably good, for a couple thousand views. I would say that had no doubt I get actually want to ask you a bit about more the vital question regarding Europe's political views. I have long as I know you said you're in Helsinki. Are you scottish known? I go head, though I'm this. Actually, oh! Well, I'm sorry what we exits. I I do have some scottish bet friend. So I suppose they buy
a new grass in aiding our excellent. I apologise for interrupting general, so yeah, I think, give said that in some sense in favour of a sort of nordic model. I e of capitalist system with social issues, policies work well and in my view, this kind that correctly you I don't call them social. I dont Khalid CAT, a capitalist system would socialist policies. The way I described social democracy is
a socially conscious, well, regulated form of capitalism. That's the way I describe it! Yeah! Ok, I think this fair and that they are basically, if I'm thinking practically I'm I'm there. I would say that's my basically my by basic political views as well, but if I'm thinking what are the Elise thickly pathetically myself, I would actually be much more favourable, actual actual social issues more or communism. If that was actually practical, so obviously up, I don't think it's really that practical issues without leaving a vacuum. But if we're just thinking that, would you be in favour of up actual actual socialistic all coming basic policies? No, no! I am not a socialist or a communist. I don't believe that
The means of production should be socially owned. I certainly don't believe that they should be government owned. I think that people should be free to all. businesses and determine for themselves sort of to what degree they want to be entrepreneur. I dont believe that the government should be allocating resources in, in most cases, I'm fine with using market systems to allocate resources in many cases, although I think in certain areas, ah, things should be outside of the market health care, education. You know I've I've spoke. About it before, and I also would not be in favour of a government imposing that the means of production must be socially owned or owned. the government. Now, if individual businesses want to decide for themselves, we will be a cooperative. I am all for that. One hundred percent
but no, I would not want to impose socialism or communism. Those are not my views get at such a shame. I think that send I subscribe Ok, very good will thank you. Will like a jack getting just getting here in all seriousness. How late it is these son out in Helsinki right now, but right now. I think it's up about it. It would be setting at about eight maybe night, oh that's earlier than I thought. Helsinki was far enough north, where you had a very long day and in the summer eight year days, but it's it's not that bad. Yet now look it'll be a couple of months since before it's gotta at this time but I see, but so wait when in the middle of December, when does the sun go down? How early does it set? Probably a five or something? Oh wow? It's not that different than the northeast aright,
Think I appreciate the call thanks for clarifying. For me, just ok, there's Elias from Helsinki a beautiful phone call. I have to tell you: let's go next to let's go to Jeremy, from Cincinnati, Ohio, Jeremy or on their aid. A long time listener. First, I'm collar! Thank you. so I live near University of Cincinnati and they, just today implemented, are like announced a covert vaccine mandate, a lot of people- I I guess, pissed about it- I'm deftly glad, because I'm an eleven area where most everyone's vaccinated right, that's my friend goes to Liberty University and they liked actually just shut down from how bad there outbreak is. I saw that, like all his very dumb friends who don't have the vaccine are super sick, which is like super tragic like what would you say yeah? I got it. I write about that. I read about Liberty University having to shut down because of coverage highly infected university. I guess we could say yeah thing you know tends to happen with independent,
Conservatives together can spread that way. I m. So what do you think about? Like vaccine mandates? Have you as european shifted on this at all, or are you still kind of not for them? Are you saying government vaccine mandates or just schools and businesses, and and places who airlines requiring them this government axiom ended- and here I am you're the reason I'm has its. I don't think, there's any legal issue with a with a government mandated vaccine. I think it would more likely be the state government. I think the legal precedent from what I've read. I'm not an expert myself, but I've read some scholarship on this. I think the precedent favours stay its mandating- the vaccine rather than the federal government, but I think the political backlash it would cause may not be worth it and you can achieve almost the same thing
if we had like, for example, forty one percent of Anti Baxter's said: if vaccines were required to fly domestically, they would get vaccinated. Forty one percent, a lot of people want to be able to get on an airplane, so I think it is much less controversially achieve almost the same thing. If we had schools requiring it businesses requiring it for employees, airlines requiring it to fly, and and it would be far less controversial. I mean just imagine what will happen if Joe Biden word to say everyone must now be vaccinated, it will be a political s. Store and I dont know how much more you get done. Then, if you do the thing I'm talking about yeah, that's very fair and very true. think about the political backlash of it? I guess there are even trying to impeach homes hourly wouldn't began. Indeed,
One more question for you: I really enjoyed your chest. Dreams are going to see more of them yet potentially potentially I've just been so busy lately with a lot of different things. You know we ve been. I I was travelling and then we have been building out the bunker for security purposes, and you know all these different thing so, but I do hope to get back to some chess streaming. Awesome cooperation. Take my alma peach van. Are I thanks? Jeremy appreciate it very. Jeremy from Cincinnati. Very very nice. Call let's go next to oh. This is new. Is this is this mix email from Kuwait. We ve never had a collar from Kuwait before hello, yes, you're on the air from Kuwait? Are you calling I'd from Kuwait? Yes, I'll call. You aren't Kuwait very good cause. we'll get people who are like. Oh I'm from Saudi Arabia like, but I'm
from LOS Angeles. You know this is the real thing. It sounds like long term, quite beautiful, and I just want to talk about the booster vaccine. Sure I have lots of friends who have taken the vaccine because in Kuwait we have, you can say, like soft mandatory like you, can go to the sending my eyes and got the restaurant unless you vaccinated sure, but now there is booster shot and a lot of my vaccinated friends.
are now even doubting the vaccine. They say like out its work, very Felix, a young girl there messing with us they're playing with us, it's all about the money so, but I still believe in the vaccine. I, but I wonder you know, is best not to promote the Bush, Sir, because that will spread there were making more harder for people to accept the vaccine. This is an interesting question. I mean listen. Here is my thought on this. I think we, you don't know how many shots we're going to need, I think that's the truth, and so, when we hear about the third shot, and then we hear from some doctors who say, the third shot is going to be the last one. If anything it'll be years before we need another one. I think the truth is we don't know that and I think that it would be better
for everybody to just be up front and say, listen the things we know to be true today, we didn't know six months ago, and this is evolving and to say what we can say today is that a third shot is going to boost your. De bodies for at least six months, and then you know what, in six months, depending on how much change there is how much mutation there is, We may need more shots or we may need a different shot tailored to the variants. Or maybe not. But what we know is today. The best way to raise your anti body levels is to get a third shot. I would appreciate that rather Anybody sank. The third one will be the last one. I don't think we know that ok, but but but my problem with it is it. It came very soon, like eight months after the second shot yeah, I thought I'd like it. If its booster, at least it would be
annually entirely with you. I agree with you. Initially, the thought was maybe once a year, and now the data shows the waning immunity, and so now there saying sixty. I agree it has changed and I think that's why I would appreciate communication that just says we don't know the long picture, we no, you should probably get one after eight months or six months. Are women They say I would be fine with them saying we just don't know, but I think in Kuwait, because we do have a very strict laws, but you know people will take in the back yeah, whether they like it or not, and then we are easily is widely available. There makes a mail, is it? Is it easily? Anybody who wants? One can get one in Kuwait at first it wasn't very easy, but now it's very easy
got it, so it's not unreasonable to require it because anybody can get it. Yes, anyone you can't get it to make sense mentioned by you have to, but you have to registered I've, not luck in the United States. wages and go to any star and take it now. You have to register and wait and line something like that got it gotta go ok very going here are, I think, so much appreciate the call first collar ever from Kuwait. Very, very exciting. Appreciated law go next to no from LOS Angeles, Noah you're on the air, No I'm from LOS Angeles you're on their who this might be. Our first drop, No I'm from LOS Angeles last chance
hello, I can hear you know you can good. Thank you. Pleasure is my first time recalling in our right, so I for your daddy's discord. Nice disclaimer. Am I right leaner, ok like listen dear, so my question is for you: what do you say to somebody who says that, like a fifteen dollar minimum wages kind of like a corporatist favouring policy, because the bigger corporations can afford to pay the fifteen dollar minimum wage, I think that that's first, we have to Ask whether that's even true- and I think it's far more complicated than that Reno businesses that are based around, services versus businesses that are based around products will be differently able to afford
the fifteen dollar minimum wage. I think it's extremely low Commission dependent, as I have said before me in here, is the problem have no with people who just come up with a talking point, and then they just repeated every time they get an opportunity and see how, people react, rarely does the talking point. or the rebuttal reared really account for the complexity of the situation. So it's I get Ike, I kind of get what you're saying businesses with more money can better damn and the impacts of changes to their costs. Ok sure that that has this general appeal and intuitive into Agnes, but reality is far more complicated, so I would say to that person. There's a lot more to the king
one of the minimum wage than simply that the air in the person. I mean there's a smaller you two were but the person you are saying that they basically did say what you just said like this doesn't mean there lay waiting to throw it out there. Just saying like that, something to think about right. I completely agree with well. Thank you very much, my pleasure. There is no what the right leaner from La Lausanne was that is going to do it for calls today we will take calls again and I forward to hearing from your next time one of sponsors is for sick matic. The company best known for their delicious mushroom coffee for signal Ex mushroom coffee is organic, fair trade Single origin are Rebecca coffee with both lions main and Chagas mushrooms, troika mushrooms have actually been shown to
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right at that time of the weak. Let's get to your emails emails, trying something a little different, not voice males and not two or three audience. Question but just kind of a run through the email. Some people who, like me, some people who don't like me, we ve gotten used to that first theme, from Jesse Jesse says David: did you notice how Fox NEWS was so careful about? giving medical advice when it came to covet vaccines, But now they are unashamedly promoting Iver Makin, a d worming drug, despite the lack of conclusive evidence of its effectiveness, entreating covert. Whatever have to talk to your doktor about your unique medical center. We should yet it's not actually. Just with this I mean the when when we still didn't have reason to think that hydroxide chloric when was an effective treatment prophylactic or for active infections of coverage, You still had shown Hannity saying some guy. I talk to some doctor says: take it with his
packing zinc. You had Ingram talking about it. She was talking about it even relatively recently not unique to I've reacted in these are these are just the hypocrisy. Is we're about small government. None interventionism, accept we a ban, masks, Matt, mask mandates and we want to ban vaccine requirements and on and on and on when you guys know the drill in terms of the hypocrisy and the double standard, and this is a particularly dangerous one and we see it having its effects. We talked earlier, week about a police officer, police captain. In fact who was on Iver Mechlin didn't get accelerated died of covert and there are many examples of the same. So it's very dangerous and unfortunately, I dont think it's going to stop any time soon. Part of it is people. People are drawn to territorial thinking and the idea that the truth is being hidden from them and you have to find who will give it to you the idea that the true
will come from rightwing corporate media network. Fox news is Sir funny on its face. but that is the situation and you're absolutely right: Jesse, let's go To an email from Christopher Christopher says is in the interest of anti factors. To be so loud about their beliefs. if you dont want a vaccine, you should be hoping that. The vaccine uptake is really good, so it will be less likely that there will be mandates yet most of them are against lockdown masks and evangelize is publicly as possible about have axioms or bad, creating a situation where they will be under much more pressure to get a vaccine. Can you help me understand what their strategy is thanks Chris? Well, Chris, you ve pointed out. one of the main inconsistencies or or absurdities of these right wingers throughout the pandemic. They want to end the pandemic as soon as possible, but they refused to do things that will likely help us end. It socially
Distancing one one reasonable mass So when logical, then, scenes one available now ask your kids in school until they get back, they re all of those things. They say we want to end the we wanted and everything, but we're not going to do anything in order to help make that happen, and what your pointing out is absolutely brilliant. If were really about. We don't want to get vaccinated. Let everybody else do whatever they want. They would be better. Advised tissue, what the hell up, let people get vaccinated, so they can slip under the radar on vaccinated, which is what they claim that they want to do. But many of them say it's not really about them. They say it's about. Tyranny hey it's about government overreach, and so they will claim that it's not just I don't wanna get vaccinated, it's no one should have to get vaccinated and that's why they oppose the required mandates, whatever whatever the case, maybe you're right in that. If they
just wanted to be left alone and dont care about others getting vaccinated. They should zip their lips and just quietly not get vaccinated, hoped the facts. nation rate goes to eighty eighty five, ninety percent and the new It's going to come to them with a requirement. Employers are less likely to schools, whatever the case may be. Their actions are illogical, based on what it seems like they want really what they want is attention, first and foremost, and all to feel like they ve won with rigour. to their political view. It's not about just I just don't want to get vaccinated. They Their behaviour should be differ, you're one hundred percent correct. Let's go next; email from Cynthia and be eroded. And this high David. I really enjoy your show and love the work you do. My sister sent this tick. Talk where a man claims a woman is selling fraudulent vaccine cards and having them registered in the system as vaccinated good up online and it seems to be a pretty widespread problem. This is falsified vaccination rate and it also begs the question to whether regions, where vaccinate
people are hospitalized at a higher rate. should have their vaccination side subject to investigation. I thought it was an interesting and alarming topic. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the show. So I, basically have to two thoughts on this: there's a micro thought and there's a macro thought at the micro level. Even if a vaccine I dont know that it's true that when someone gets a fake card, its being entered into the system. I dont know that, if it is true, I don't know that a vaccination card entered into the system in this way. Now, sincerely actually count towards the vaccination radio. I just don't know enough about it. You know for sure, but the more important thing is, although the fake vat, The nation cards are a problem I don't have reason to believe at this time that they are such. Problem mathematically that it's actually throwing offer vaccination right. I think I saw earlier this week were up to like fifty two point.
three percent fully vaccinated every point: one percent is a lot of people and I would be shocked if the number of fake vaccination cards is near is is even remotely enough to affect those now I'm not saying it's not a problem. People would be punished and seriously for doing that. You're essentially falsifying a federal document when you take the seal of the CDC and say I've been vaccinated. Here's my vaccine card, but I dont know Cynthia that I'm so worried about its effect. On the explanation rate necessarily I'd have to know a little bit more about that to be able to say for sure, but disgusting nonetheless, and remember the craziest part is with the facts, in so available, it's easy It is going to vaccinate. I got my flew shot a couple weeks backer about a week ago. and the pharmacist was saying you know: they're gonna be rolling out these third doses. This see, is gonna be recommending it by group based on need
We have so many vaccines were opening up everybody at as soon as you get to your eight month mark or six month mark. If they decide to change it, you can coming vaccinated because we have so many vaccines, it's easier to just get vaccinated are right. Next, email is from Alina. Billina is high David, I'm an Alan Texas, just outside of Dallas one of the football coaches, died from covered. How is school handling this there's a mandatory look at this there's a mandatory in school pap rally Friday morning before the football game Friday night, approximately five thousand kids in one room screaming and shouting Alan High School is whole an indoor pep rally, students who do not work, to attend, can check in and go to the king criteria. Instead, how backwards are many of these states and counties in towns and school districts and whatever someone dies of covered so to fire people up, you bring
all the students together indoors. Many of you I'm. I dont know what exactly the ito with it its middle and high school. You ma have eleven year olds there who can't be vaccinated. My guess is a lot of the twelve and thirteen and fourteen year olds. There aren't vaccinated anyway, but anyway, because taxes are relatively low vaccinated, place. I am all in a room, and say hey? Let's cheer ourselves up and remained The coach you died of covert, like maybe some of us are going to because we're holding this stupid pap Rau its ink its unconscionable. What going on. At this point, unbelievable can wrote to me can't said Consider has sigh fi Tech become today's reality. at the very least, it's more manipulation by the people controlling Trump puffy face recall the movie face off, but more in context is geology. Retaliation can asks are we really seeing the real trump? Are these
The inner views, prerecorded or digital creations, which help explain the randomness of his responses. His indirect responses to an interview. Questions are because they matched recordings as close as they could to descriptive situation. What this is really conspiratorial, where The real tromp is being controlled in public with drugs, and electronic devices is someone in his skin by cosmetic surgery. No can't know we are seeing the real tromp he's just kind of adieu fists. That's all that's going on. I you know often this Implicit explanation is the right one. I dont think that there is some kind of sea gee I tromp, or that rallies in interviews or deep faked. I think the guys that much of a buffoon A few people wrote to me about the swollen face doctors writing to me suggesting what it might be. It's very speculative. I won't even go into it, but then
are natural explanations for all of the strange things we are seeing with Donald Trump I'd. I believe it is the real trump there are people who have been set. It's not really Biden Biden died in its new guy. No, I The real Biden, I think, is the real trump aright. Lastly, from past, Patrick is really mad at me because I said something: bad and I may be dumb Patrick Says- You tube is not left wing. are you stupid or just a puppet for the left wing shields I saw you one Joe Rogan and your scepticism to remain neutral is an idiots stance on eliminating means. Yes, Youtube is so far left. You can't see them from the Middle EAST. Queers want to exist are no with this. still with anything then non queers will invent language for them. Oh this, is related to the Carlos Maza thing I talked about with Rogan, then now
Queers will invent language for them in calling someone someone a queer little mexican, is totally and bounds according to their rules, and you lie left wing efforts are going to stop being hypocrites and stop applying your double standard. You will suffer the hell you are asking for Carlos. The gay little max again and if you don't know any better. You can thank you Jesse Lee Petersen. Further clarification. I would refer to you as the little gay argentinian wow, so very, very didactic, and ere died and articulates analysis there, of my appearance with Joe Rogan and This is what we are up against folks. This is these people have jobs. That could be your account in that
could be your neurosurgeon. If you can imagine mediocre, probably not probably not, but it could be, it could be the that could be someone teaching your kid think about that for a second all right. My friends, we have a great bonus show for you today. Sign up at join pachmann dot com to get instant access to the bonus show. The normal rates for membership are really cheap, but I'm ok willing to make it even more enticing. You can use the coupon code better, twenty one and save a bundle of the members
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