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9/5/19: Recession is impossible because everyone's rich

2019-09-05 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Donald Trump says a recession couldn't possible be coming because everyone is rich

--New polling suggests voters will primarily blame Donald Trump if a recession starts in the next 6 months

--Notable discussions from the TDPS subreddit, including about authoritative news sources and David's book recommendations

--A superior court judge throws North Carolina's gerrymandered district map into the trash, deciding it is not in line with North Carolina's Constitution

--Donald Trump shows a sharpie-altered map of Hurricane Dorian's expected path in another hilarious embarrassment

--Fox News calls out Donald Trump's sharpie-altered map of Hurricane Dorian

--CNN's climate change forum goes horribly wrong for Joe Biden

--Plastic straws and light bulbs are a bogus distraction from the real sources of pollution and damaging emissions

--Voicemail caller asks whether David goes to fast casual restaurants, if not fast food

--On the Bonus Show: SF council calls NRA domestic terrorist organization, US woman held after baby found in her bag, Trump admin reverses light bulb standards, much more...

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This is an unofficial transcript meant for reference. Accuracy is not guaranteed.
But David Pakman show at David Pakman dot com. It's not gonna, come as a surprise to most people in our audience that when it comes to factual knowledge right now, we have a president that doesn't know much about economics doesn't know much about trade doesn't know much about currency, doesn't know much about finances or debt other than personal debt or credit or jobs or any of it. But that has not stopped president Trump from having very strong opinions about all of these things for sure. But in addition to not knowing about any of these things, Donald Trump has another
trysting quality, which is that he's completely out of touch with the average American. So in other words, because he's been rich for a long time, he got rich by building a business. Well, his family was already rich. He personally built his wealth by creating a business on the back of a small loan of a million dollars from his dad and then even more money from his dad. You have to take that privileged status and combine it with his ignorance on so many of these financial issues and that's where you really get an understanding that Donald Trump by the combination of lacking knowledge and being completely out of touch with the way that the average person lives. He can't possibly understand your financial situation and clearly he doesn't understand your financial situation. Here is Donald Trump being asked about
recession. Recession fears have no fear, WAL Mart is doing well, Trump says and everyone's rich. So how could we possibly end up with a recession? I don't think we're having a recession, we're doing tremendously. Well, our consumers, a ridge I gave a tremendous tax cut and they're loaded up with money there they're buying uh, so the Walmart numbers there were through the roof just two days ago. That's better any poll, that's better than any economist and most economists actually say filled it we're not going to have a recession. Most of his say: we're not going to have a recession, but the rest of the world is not doing well like we're doing the rest of the world. If you look at Germany, if you look at European Union frankly, look at the UK, I mean look at a lot of countries, they're not doing well. China is doing poorly parts of Asia doing poorly right, Walmart's doing well, and people are rich, so everything's, fine and a recession would be impossible. This is what happens when you combine totally
current on all things: economic with weaponized narcissism and the life of blinding Coolidge, literally blinding privilege that blinds him from understanding what the world is like for most people now. What's fascinating, is that Donald Trump isn't nearly saying there can be no recession, he's saying if there is one on the off chance that there is one it will have been the media's fault as an attempt to get him to lose the two thousand and twenty election. So we can now continue to build our picture, ignorant all financial and economic related matters, blinded by ignorance, weaponized narcissism and a level of paranoia that rises to the level of diagnostic. If there were to be a risk- and we would blame the media who has been reporting on me in such a way to cause the economy to go into a recession, this is the rare
under Donald Trump stocks did well this month. Oh Donald Trump deserve the credit. Of course stocks did poorly this month. It was the FED, it was the media, it was China, it was whoever the president can think of, but the most disappointing. An outrageous thing is this side yeah that everybody is doing well, financially trump doesn't see, and when I say that I don't mean he refuses to recognize he's just not exposed to the reality that forty percent of Americans can't afford an unexpected four hundred dollars, expense without having to go into debt, take out a loan go to a payday loan place, borrow money or whatever the case may be start charging stuff at interest. Trump sees his cabinet is golf members, his family, the people he interacts with every day, and that's it everybody's rich. How could we possibly have a recession when trying to use me when Trump says everyone is rich? I guess he means everyone that matters to him is rich everyone that he needs to play.
These is rich, so there's the message from Donald Trump. We definitely would not be having a recession because everybody's rich, but if we did it would be normal because other countries are having recessions and
it would be the fault of the FED and China and the media, definitely not his fault. If that were to happen, this counter we've fallen so far in terms of what counts is political positioning in discussion in two thousand and nineteen America that that position counts is a political position. Trump's been doing great and stocks are flying high, except when they're, not it's because of the FED and China and the fake news media. Whenever I see these headlines Trump says, I can't have a recession cause everyone's rich. I still have a reaction in my brain deep in my brain. That is a pre trump reaction, which is there is no way that an american president would ever say this and that's by the way. After having lived through two terms of George W Bush, I still have that reaction in my brain trump used a sharpie
or someone in Trump's administration used a sharpie to change the path of Hurricane Dori and on a chart which we'll get to later. That can't be true, oh, but it is. It is true, and then I look at the quote or I look at the video or I hear from one of one of Donald Trump's flunkies, and not only are the headlines typically accurate, the reality of actually reading the quotes are looking at. The video are often even worse than the headlines even suggest. I hope that his voters will hole accountable. Now I don't recession. I know that, there's a content
and on the left very small that once a recession in order to to remove Donald Trump. That's not me, there's a big contingent of the right that claims of much of the left once a recession to removed from that's, based on a completely false assessment of the left. I want a good economy if we get one and are Donald Trump is reelected or not reelected the economy. Being good is good for many people, even though it still doesn't work for tens of millions of Americans. If we do get a recession, I still don't want one. If Donald Trump supporters recognize that it's because of him at least partially, that the recession was precipitated, then the question becomes. Will that make them vote for a Democrat, because if not, then it's all merely academic in hypothetical? So that's what I want to talk about next, how are consumers is Donald Trump refers to them, feeling about not only the state of the economy but Donald Trump's role.
Well in it now and his potential role in a future recession. There have been very few consequences for Donald Trump during his presidency for all of the horrible things he's done, and by this I mean the bad policies, the ignorant and ridiculous statements, the embarrassing actions on the geopolitical stage, the lack of decorum, the coarsening of the political discourse, all of it right I mean all of it all of it. There have been very few if any consequences now the most immediate and impactful consequences there could be would be just voting Donald Trump out in November of two thousand and twenty we've heard from more and more farmers. I told you about this last week, who are clear,
indirectly, directly, now saying we're getting crushed, and we know why it's because of Donald Trump's tariffs. This is Donald, Trump's fault, that our businesses are imploding and the markets in which we operate are falling apart. That being said, I asked the question last week: will those farmers actually hold trump accountable by voting for somebody else? Next year you can be a lifelong republican farmer that is angry at Trump, for his tariffs and for destroying your business, but you might still be unbuilt unwilling to vote for a Democrat in November of two thousand and twenty. We have to wait and see what voters more broadly are thinking about Donald Trump and the Konomi Mabel of Bode well for the left in two thousand and twenty or it may not. What I mean by that is, there's a new poll from Harvard Caps Harris which is sort of pod. A majority of voters say if we have a recession in the next year, we will blame trump more than anyone else, and most people are worried
that indeed there will be a recession in the next six months. Now humans are notoriously bad at predicting. When the next recession is going to be, economists included, we know everyday. We are one day closer to the next one, because that's how the system works, but by and large we're not good at predicting exactly we're going to have a recession. Sometimes we don't even realize where in one until we've been in it for a little bit. That being said, fifty seven percent of Americans would blame trump more than the Federal Reserve or anyone else. If the United States were to enter a recession by the end of the year, sixty two percent of Americans say they are somewhat or very concerned that there will be a recession in the next six months. Remember that Donald Trump has been insisting that anything bad that happens in the in the economy is the Federal Reserve's fault. Of course, the Federal Reserve is led by the person that he selected to lead it. That's rarely mentions when he talks about that
on tariffs. Sixty three percent of Americans believe that the tariffs are hurting the United States more than China. Seventy four percent of Americans believe that it is american consumers, not China, that pays for the tariffs now. That's true. I'm actually shocked that seventy four percent of Americans understand this, because Donald Trump has done a good job. To the extent that you need to do a good job to convince ignorant trump ists of saying it's China who pays the tariffs, even though, of course it is ultimately american consumers, past the long down from american companies and manufacturers that are paying those tariffs. So all of this looks great people understand it's american consumers paying the tariffs. People understand Trump is to blame people understand. If we have a recession, Trump would be more responsible than anybody else, but then the question is: will the people blaming Trump for the recession vote for a Democrat in
November of two thousand and twenty, and it is the same question that we have about republican farmers just because you accurately correctly precise, fully blame Donald Trump for tariffs, destroying an economy doesn't mean all of a sudden that a religious right midwesterner is going to go out and vote for a Democrat. So the strategy I've outlined before there will be some disaffected trumpists because we have a country of three hundred and forty million people, some disaffected trump is, are going to go and vote for a Democrat great some disaffected trump ists are going to stay home and not vote at all. That also helps us, assuming that we can get out our base, but none of this counts as a strategy. We must get our base out, that's it as far as the economic stuff. We do actually some tools at our disposal to try to mitigate how bad whenever the upcoming recession it's coming. At some point, we have tools that we
used to mitigate the seriousness of the upcoming recession. We can tax the wealthy through so increasing capital gains through inheritance taxes through increasing topping brackets. We know that that's a tool that can be used is there the political will to do it. That's a different question. We can do infrastructure infrastructure spending to soften a recession, to create jobs, to improve community. We can look at doing something with student loan, debt and medical debt to free up disposable income for people to try to push back against the effects of a recession. We can deal with cost of housing and the rising cost of living to put more disposable income in people's pockets. So each of these is a big project that requires a lot of discussion. But the point is we now have the two thousand and eight recession as another case study in terms of helping us know what tools that we have at our disposal can lessen or soften the effect
of a recession is Donald Trump willing to use any of those tools. It's not clear, but in the meantime we can say it's good that people will correctly blame trump most if we are to have a recession in the next six to twelve months. That is where the blame should be. We actually have specific economic policy that we can tie to it and then the broader question becomes, as we are now fourteen months out from the two thousand and twenty election, will that blame translate not just into saying you blame Trump, but it's actually going to the ballot box and saying you know on some social. I don't agree with these Democrats or whoever it is that, ultimately, is the nominee, but for the good of the economy, I'm going to vote for a Democrat. That is the big question mark and that's what I want to hear from you about. Will disaffected trumpists to any significant agree vote for Democrats or are they more likely to just stay home or even vote for Trump, with the caveat that they don't like everything he's been doing?
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if you use the links on that page toe by these books, you help to support the David Pakman show as well, that is all at David Pakman, DOT, com, slash recommendations and join the discussion on the sub Reddit as well. I have a fantastic decision to tell you about that was made by a panel of judges in North Carolina. Now it's just one decision and it is a much broader problem. Jerry Mandir ing than one decision can fix, but this is the right decision that was made and that's what matters in this particular case. The way that Republicans drew the district lines in North Carolina does not quote. Permit. Voters too,
really choose their representative according to superior court decisions that have been filed and the district's cannot remain drawn this way. The maps according to this ruling in North Carolina were specifically drawn. No surprise. We've known this for years to maintain a republican Super majority in the state line this later. This is what North Carolina Republicans are known for. This is what North Carolina Republicans have been doing succeeding with four very long time now, there's an interesting sort of legal circumstance. Here that's important to understand- and you might remember that, just a few months ago the Supreme Court ruled that you cannot challenge partisan, Jerry, pandering in federal court, and yet here we have a superior court making this decision. But there is a rule in the North Carolina constitution called the free elections clause, which specifically says you cannot do partisan Jeremy
bring partisan gerrymandering according to the north. Carolina constitution is unconstitutional, and that is what led to this decision being made in North Carolina, even though conceivably, if it had been appealed or attempted to be appealed up to the Supreme Court Supreme Court, would not have taken up given their prior decision in June, so the right decision in North Carolina. We know that this has been going on what is now with the districts in North Carolina. There is a deadline until September eighteen makers will have to redraw knew maps which, if they are fairly redrawn, they could give Democrats a chance to actually do some damage in the North Carolina state legislature in two thousand and twenty and hopefully pick up some seats. If Democrats can pick up the majority in the North Carolina state
Agis later in November of two thousand and twenty, then they will be in charge of drawing the maps after the two thousand and twenty cents is in two thousand and twenty one, which would be great. But again, this is where Democrats and Republicans were left and right are not the same. I have no interest in Democrats taking over the majority in the North Carolina state legislature in November of two thousand and twenty and then redrawing districts in a completely unfair away that benefits Democrats. Now you could say it would be a just outcome, because Republicans have done it for nearly the entire period between the two thousand and ten in the two thousand and twenty census. Republicans in North Carolina deserve to have the lines redrawn in a way that favors Democrats, instead of Republicans, we don't need to cheat to win. I just want fair map. Fair maps are what I want not differently unfair maps that now benefit Democrats.
When it comes to a lot of these issues, I am not looking to reverse the structural advantage that Republicans have unfairly created for themselves and created for the left. I just want fair maps, because I know the with fair maps and voter turnout, meaning everybody's allowed to vote, who wants to vote and their votes are counted. I know that that's enough for us to win. However, it's completely plausible that the maps that are redrawn in North Carolina between now and September, 18th 18th will simply be slightly less, obviously unfair, two Democrats, but still heavily slanted towards Republicans. That's a listing possibility. One of the things about gerrymandering is that there's a huge incentive to do it, even if it later is going to be tossed out, because people who were elected under gerrymandered districts don't lose their seats if the districts are found to have gerrymandered and the map has to be changed. Your election,
a gerrymandered map, doesn't become one void if the district maps are later determined to be unconstitutional, which is why they keep doing it. You have a census in two thousand and ten the next year they draw bonkers crazy districts, they win seats, they maintain a sue majority, then they can actually push what they want in terms of bills becoming law for one election for two elections. Whatever meanwhile, Democrats have to fight them in court on the way the districts were drawn and then, if a few years later, the districts end up being tossed out. You picked up the seats, the winners were there, they got to pass bills, they got to make pause and then you get to keep those seats, even if the judge says that the districts ultimately have to be redrawn. This is the evil genius of Partisan, Jerry Man, even if you later lose. The other side has to spend a ton of time and money fighting the drawing of the district's, and you get to keep all of those seats that the
gerrymandering help you win in the first place. That's why it's so pernicious. This is why the census matters so much and the is why we need a there are models. There are endless academician's who have put together models for how you should draw districts. Computers can do it. You don't need people saying let's shift this around and include this weird protuberance in this district, because it's advantages it's completely unnecessary. This is actually something that can computers can do very well and very fairly, as said, it's amazing what even kids like Barron, Trump or doing with computers. These days, we don't need, listen, Jerry Mandarin. We don't even need partisan involvement in drawing these district's anymore, so the right decision in North Carolina to some extent too little too late, because Republicans in North Carolina have gotten so much out of the way they've drawn these district's over the last seven election cycles, make sure you were following the David Pakman show on Instagram at David Pakman show a lot of funny stuff there
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If you'd like it, you can continue enjoying thousands of condensed audio books for about five bucks a month. That's bl, I n K. I s t dot com forward, Slash P, a K M, a n welcome back to the David Pakman show. This next story is just one of the most ridiculous and stupid things that has happened during the Trump presidency, and that I mean it takes a lot for something to make that standard. Donald Trump yesterday during an oval office, briefing about Hurricane Dorian held up and obviously doctored weather chart that suggested that Hurricane Korean could have hit, or was on track to hit Alabama. Now you might say why is that thing that even matters to Donald Trump? This is all to retroactively. Defend Donald Trump's tweet from
two days ago, warning Alabama about the hurricane when Alabama wasn't at risk. Trump holds up one of those big blown up images. This is the hurricane track for hurricane or and something looks weird on it. Take a look and see if you notice in the video, if you're, just listening to the show today, don't worry I'm going to describe it in detail right afterwards would give you a update on the hurricane we got lucky in Florida, very, very lucky. Indeed, we had, actually our original chart was that it was going to be hit hitting Florida directly. Maybe I could just see that Kevin it was going to be hitting directly and that would have affected a lot of other states, but that was the original, and you see if you're going to hit Florida, Georgia could have was going toward the Gulf. That was what we what was originally projected and it
the right turn. So in the video when Trump holds up this image, it looks like a sharpie. Was you to add in a different different hurricane track that included Alabama to provide cover for Donald Trump having previously tweeted? That Alabama was in danger when it wasn't, which of course resulted in mass confusion, the state of Alabama it resulted in weather services, saying Alabama is not at risk. You don't need to evacuate your okay if you're in Alabama other than obviously the completely horrible social infrastructure social service infrastructure that, as far as the weather, I guess I mean you were okay Alabama at the time. This is not even remotely funny. This is Straordinarie Lee disturbed behavior. So now, let's look at these images in detail. This is the original map that was published, the one from actual weather people and, as you can see, the track simply
does not include Alabama as a place, that's at risk, and then here is another version of the same image that was held up by Donald Trump with a black circle. Potentially a sharpie used to draw a draw in a section of the Florida, Panhandle and pieces of Alabama, which is totally and completely bogus. It happens to be a crime to issue or publish an incorrect or counterfeit weather report from the US legal code. Eighteen US code, subsection, two thousand and seventy four called false weather report, says whoever knowingly issues or publishes any counterfeit weather, forecast or warning of weather conditions, falsely representing such forecasts or warning to have and issued or published by the weather, Bureau, United States Signal service or other branch of government service. We find, under this title or imprisoned not more than ninety days or both just another crime under the Trump
Tration no big deal. There are many now someone actually asked Donald Trump during a subs media availability about the word about a sharpie being used for this to be drawn and Trump just kind of started, it stuttered and the way and said he doesn't know about that. I'm I'm used to it looks like it's all better Sharkey, I don't know, I don't know. I don't Graham that map the use of it looks like it's all the other sharks. I don't know, I don't know, I don't think for a second if the Trump Administration is willing to go this far for some, you know off handed stupid incorrect tweet from Donald Trump about her Ex pain, an Alabama. How far are they willing to go in other areas and how far are they
going in other areas that were simply not hearing about, because every day is lies and scandals and deception and misdirection the lengths to which this administration goes to avoid simply owning up to a small mistake, I mean, would it be that bad? Would it be that crazy? If we just a statement from Donald Trump, you know I didn't mean to alarm people that didn't need to be alarmed. There was a point very early on where I believed from the briefing I got that it was possible that the hurricane was going to Alabama. That possibility was no law for a possibility. When I sent the tweet didn't mean to disturb people. This was a very damaging storm regardless and where were you, you could just admit it, but there is something that goes on in the guy's brain and it has spread like a virus to the people around him. Where everybody knows you can never back down you double down, you don't back,
and in this time they used a sharpie to double down. This is comically insane, except it's not comical, and it's not actually insane in that. This would be an insult to insane people, and I don't want to do that. This is also not criminal genius. This is struggling for what what to call it. This is malignant criminal narcissism and idiocy. Maybe is the way that I would sum it up, and fortunately Fox NEWS is not allowing this to go unnoticed. Let's talk about that next, I don't want to overstate the importance of the growing Donald Trump Battle with Fox NEWS, because Trump and Fox NEWS getting along slightly less well as I've been telling you that they're getting along slightly less well, it doesn't really alter that in the big pig sure when you zoom out Fox, carries water for trump most hosts still worship the guys. Every word you've got Hannity
Tucker, Jeanine Pirro, whatever Trump mighty can see the increasing back all that he has with Fox NEWS really only Shepard Smith and sometimes Chris Wallace and some of the weekend hosts Trump might even see it as sport and a way to get publicity by attacking Fox, but the real. He is that we don't want to overstate the importance of that conflict between Trump and some elements of Fox NEWS, because overall there still on the same page and fox, is mostly a pro trump propaganda outlet. But the disagreements between Fox and Trump have now spread beyond just Shepard Smith and occasionally Wallace, and once I believe, Neil Cavuto, even now, Bret Baier is having reporter John Roberts simply say: Donald Trump's, bogus sharpie altered map of Hurricane Dorian is merely that it's bogus. It was part of the original forecast. Now I already told you in the last story exactly how this map was presented. Donald Trump previously saying
Hurricane Dorian was on track to hit Alabama. It wasn't trump, then try to retroactively defend that claim by using a sharpie, not saying he personally did it, but someone did to make it look as though Alabama was within the reasonable cone or trajectory of that Hurricane Fox NEWS then reported on this and they didn't fall for it. They yeah. This was a bogus altered map. Take a look John! You were in the oval office today for that pool spray. This afternoon, the president displaying a hurricane forecast map, but appeared to be a change made to it. Well, what happened? They did that this was following up a briefing from Kevin MAC lean in the acting secretary of Homeland Security. In the end, as well to come out of the Coast Guard, this is a forecast track. The president held up from last week, where it looked like the hurricane
who's going to slam into the Florida coast, maybe even crossed the potential and get into the Gulf of Mexico. You can see somebody with a sharpie or some other writing instrument added a little bit to the code of uncertainty, which was not part of the official forecasts which included the Florida, Panhandle and parts of Alabama President Trump tweeted over the weekend. That Alabama appeared to be in the crosshairs, and you could probably extrapolate that if it had have continued on that track, Alabama might have been affected, but it was never part of the official forecast when app this afternoon. How that fucking, God on the map, the President said he had no idea. Okay,
John Roberts live in the N lawn John. Thank you. This is hilarious, but I really want to make an effort to provide the right context for these stories. When it comes to this fox versus Trump thing. Let me zoom out a little bit Fox news, and even corporate media. More broadly are what we call sense making tools and they are terrable sense, making tools for Soci. So when we talk about sense making an media, this is maybe one of the most important analysis that we could do and I get it. We started with a sharpie, but again, I'm making an effort to really provide broader and important context through do these media analyses stories when we talk about, but the sense making analysis for media it go is well beyond the propaganda value of media. We've talked a lot about the propaganda value of media and how media can sort of serve corporate interests or political interest for one party or another party, and you really have to zoom out to understand this. We are
estimated on this planet. We are an estimated seven dot, seven billion people each kind of existing in our little core of it. Only having an awareness of a tiny, tiny fraction each day of what happens on our planet a nearly infinite. I know that that's not a precise term nearly infinite, but I think people know what I mean and ear infinite number of things takes place every day, depending on how you measure them. Births, deaths, violence, storms, crimes, entrepreneurship, growing, Medison technology. I mean it's like the list. Doesn't do it justice because think about everything that goes on a planet in one day sense making is giving meaning to what goes on in our world so that we can understand it because again, so my happens every day, that the mind cannot actually comprehend it so sense making is giving meaning to things that are going on, and this is actually what corporate media serves on a plate for us. We can't possibly follow every development that takes
based on our planet, so what media does is? Not only do they explain things to us, but they so narrow the scope of what we pay attention to and by virtue of that, they assign meaning to what areas of life should we be paying attention to local news. Your eleven one hundred pm local news takes everything that happened in the day and it makes sense of the word by picking you know. It's usually like five stories, one or two or usually about some horrible crime that took place. They give you the weather and then a couple of other stuff and that's how they make sense of the day for you and as I've talked about countless times about corporate media, there is really no one media outlet, including me, I mean I'm including myself in this. There is no one media outlet that can really do sense, making justice, because there's just too much that happens in the world, so to be an informed person. I've talked about the knowledge pyramid. Before often times when I go in, I talk to you
at colleges and universities about critical thinking and epistemology. The knowledge pyramid is this thing that you have to build up, and the bottom of the pyramid is critical. Thinking, skills, epistemology, skill, learning, how to think learning how to learn. You then build the pyramid further by taking those epistemological skills, and you want to gain Jack matter knowledge about sociology culture, physics, math. Whatever right you get subject matter knowledge and then at the very top of the pyramid, is sort of like what happens day today. You have to use that entire base of the pyramid to interpret a specific event to solve a specific math problem, for example, when you think about knowledge. This way Fox NEWS calling Trump out or not calling Trump out, really doesn't make a big difference in terms of Fox's, bigger picture sense making capacity. But when we
think of the universe in which your average trump IST is operating, people who don't have the epistemology and critical thinking foundation, people who have not used that foundation because they don't have it to gain subject matter knowledge for them, their pyramid is truncated and in those cases it actually can make a difference. That Fox NEWS is saying. The sharpie image was completely bogus. It could pierce someone's ECHO chamber, it could get someone to rethink their sense, making choices, and it is still a good thing. That is a lot of context, but this is, I think, how we need to be thinking about this very public sort of pseudo battle between Donald Trump
and Fox NEWS and Fox NEWS, occasionally saying what you are saying there isn't true. What Donald Trump said simply doesn't correspond to the fact, and I think that if we want to be in the Forum NEWS consumers and really be thinking about these things more broadly, it's fun to watch, Shep Smith say Trump's a liar, but we want to actually understand the context and in the context, for an audience that is so lacking that critical thinking pyramid and the subject matter college it could actually get them to say you know what maybe this guy is a liar, and I shouldn't support him in two thousand and twenty, and to that extent I think it's great. Let's just not pretend that Fox NEWS is not still. Ninety five percent carrying for Donald Trump and effectively functioning at media
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been today at joint Packman, dot com and patriot in dot com. Slash David Pakman show David Pakman show at David Pakman dot com, so yesterday, CNN held back to back climate change, town halls with the number of the two thousand and twenty democratic candidates, and it just went on for hours and hours and I'd sort of dipped in and out of it during a twitch live stream that I did last night. It was raw, typically uneventful, but there were some interesting things that happened. The first one I want to mention at one notable trend is that it again wasn't great for job. I, and I don't want to make it seem like I'm piling on biden- is there were also other candidates who have no shot? Who didn't do well like Amy Klobuchar? I don't think did very well during this thing. Kamala Harris thing did well, although she is in fourth place- and I guess you can say she still has a shot. The
Biden is leading in the polls and he really didn't have a good climate change. Town hall. This was seven hours of back to back to back town halls with candidates. The idea was a good one, which is let's go in depth on the issue of climate each candidate. This isn't a really important issue and we want to know who can go deep on these topics. Great Kamala Harris some weird moments. She had one about plastic and paper straws that was short. Odd, Andrew Yang was asked about quantifying carbon dioxide reduction that we can get from GEO Engineering which he has pushed into about. He wasn't able to answer that. Will some people said it was a stumble. You should have been prepared. Biden really didn't do well. He was again not answering questions clearly, and there was this moment when what was clearly a planned attack. Question was put to Joe Biden. Take a look have to ask: how can we trust you to hold these corporations and executives accountable
for their crimes against humanity when we know that tomorrow, you are holding high dollar fundraiser, hosted by Andrew Goldman, a fossil fuel executive not yet, and the fact of the matter is that what we talk about is what are we going to do about this corporation? What have we done and along everywhere, along the way, for example, I've argued and we've and for us suing those executives were- are engaged in pollution. Those in game, so Biden says, wait, wait, wait Andrew Goldman, isn't a fossil fuel executive. The relevance to this entire conversation is that Joe Biden pledged not to take campaign funds from fossil fuel executives and, if, indeed, he is involved with Andrew Goldman, fossil fuel, executive and MA is being raised in money is being donated. That would appear to be a violation of Joe Biden's pledge. Now it was later sort of clarified,
Ridley by Anderson Cooper, not by Joe Biden, that Andrew Old Man is not a fossil fuel executive, but he is a fossil fuel investors. So technically Joe Biden's pledge remains in force. I guess because the he is not taking the money from executives, but rather from investor. It's one of these situations, though, where you really need to understand the dynamics of what took place. First of all, this was by the indication one of these planned attacks on Biden, but it was effective and the clarification came later. The clarification came from Anderson Cooper rather than from Biden himself substantively. I don't think that anything shocking was rue kneeled at this town hall about Biden or anyone else, but the longer format for each candidate does. Let us get more of a sense of how deep their knowledge is. The knowledge in climate from lots of the candidates is, quite frankly, not very deep, and I think that that should alarm all of us, given that it is such a major humanitarian
prices and an issue of national security and an issue of geopolitics and it's disappointing now, I'm not saying Trump has any better idea. Trump write the entire thing off as a hoax created by the Chinese. That's a disaster as well. At least the people on yesterday's stages acknowledge the problem that there is, but this was not a good moment for Joe Biden, then just bad luck and timing by Biden this act. I actually feel bad about this. He burst a blood vessel in his eye during the event which was noticeable on television that led to the obviously predictable slew of allegations that Joe Biden is sick sort of like the Hillary, Parkinson's type stuff. That's all completely to be expected and they're sort of two perspectives on this anti and stuff that are growing on the left. There are those who are against Biden because he's simply a centrist people are more progressive. They say I want someone more progressive and Biden sort of a corporate center left Democrat. There are others who opposed
right and because they believe that Joe Biden is not electable, in other words, that he could not beat Donald Trump in the general election. Now the politics part, I understand Biden, is not nearly the most progressive candidate, in fact he's one of the most centrist candidates. That is simply a reality. The Biden can't beat Trump stuff requires a little bit of fortune telling and seeing into the future. But if you look at the hypothetical polling, matchups right now against Trump by and is routinely doing the best period and the reason why is not as progressivism clearly or his lack thereof? It's a demographic issue than anything else. Older people vote much more than younger people and they vote more reliably than younger people, and when you look at the demographics of who is supporting Joe Biden, you understand that any likely voter model that accounts for how likely people are to vote does help. Joe Biden and Joe Biden
in the hypothetical matchups does the best against Donald Trump than anybody else. Now. Bernie's not far behind Warren is not far behind Bernie but important to understand where those numbers come from, and I know that every time we talk about this, I get emails from people saying David. You are drastically underestimating that young people this time around are going to be the difference maker. I hope that's the case. I hope that that's the case, but every election cycle we hear that and rarely does it actually become a reality. Older p all are the reliable voters and the younger people simply or not. I hope it is different, but understand why likely voter model would not assume that because we talk about it every election cycle and it basically doesn't end up happening now. Let's talk more broadly about one of the macro issues that is a huge red herring in the discussions of climate. So yesterday CNN did this climate change for him.
They had back to back town halls. I think it went seven hours in total each candidate or many of the candidates. I don't have the full list of who even participated in front of me. As I mentioned. I just dipped in and out of a few minutes here or there and then read summary. The idea was: let's go deep: let's go deep with each candidate on climate change and one issue that key coming up time and again in Elizabeth Warren handled it really well is this topic of plastic straws and light bulbs and plastic straws and light bulbs are a bogus distraction to the broad systemic changes that need to happen in order to really deal with the climate crisis? So there's a really good analogy here and it's undocumented immigration and wages. This has been waged effectively by huge corporations. Huge corporations really are what keep wages down. Huge corporations take advantage of undocumented immigrant labor,
who is less likely to push back against bad working conditions because they know their undocumented and they know that they risk if they start reporting things and getting on law, enforcement's radar, they risk deportation. So it is really corporations that have to be blamed for perpetuate ing and even encourage ing the status quo around immigration, but corporations have done something genius. They have fomented the idea that the middle class in America and the lower middle class blue collar workers they need to be at odds with the latin american immigrants, is day by fighting with each other, are lowering wages and blah blah blah blah blah, and it is worked brilliantly because very infrequently. Do you seriously here the corporate responsibility addressed when it comes to keeping wages, you've got workers, fighting workers and that's exactly what Corp
Shin's want applied at the climate change, the building industry, the electric power industry and the oil industry are some of the biggest polluters and biggest sources of fossil fuel emissions, and yet they, through corporate pr campaigns, have brilliantly put the focus on have used, switched off of plastic straws to the paper straws or compostable potato starch straws or whatever have you replaced all of your light bulbs with the CFL's which last, however long it is or whatever and Elizabeth Warren was asked about this during her climate change Town Hall on CNN, and she brilliantly called it out. What do you think that
government should be in the business of telling you what kind of light bulb you can have? Oh come on, give me a break. You know that, yes, no here look. There are a lot of ways that we try to change our energy consumption and our pollution, and God bless all of those ways. Some of it is with light bulbs. Some of it is on straws. Some of it. Dang is on cheeseburgers right. There are a lot of different pieces too, and I get that people are trying to find the part that they can work on. What can they do when I'm in favor of that and I'm going to help and I'm going to support but understand? This is exactly what the fossil fuel industry hopes were all talking about.
That's what they think is no problem. They want to be able to stir up a lot of controversy around your light bulbs around your straws and around your cheeseburgers, when seventy percent of the pollution of the carbon that we're throwing into the air comes from three industries and we can set our targets and saved by two thousand and twenty eight, two thousand and thirty, and two thousand and thirty five, no more think about that right. There now, the other thirty percent we still gotta work on. This is the answer. We can't let these bad actors do the sense making to borrow a term from earlier in the show, something like one hundred companies are responsible for. Seventy one percent of global emissions framing is extremely important. When you look at the discussion of Medicare for all, we talk about the economic benefit.
We talk about the emotional psychological benefits of not having to worry about. If I get treatment or if I get sick, am I going to go bankrupt? There's all these intangible benefits to something that is affordable. We've seen it time and again, it is affordable, but you will hear this concern troll ing of, but if we do medic here for all some people will lose jobs. Medical coders and insurance fraud invest the Gators and medical billing people. Those are jobs that should not have existed in the first place. I've addressed this issue already anytime government does anything. There is a job impact, even policies that create ten thousand jobs might say.
Matteini Asle e destroyed five hundred, meaning that the net benefit is only nine thousand five hundred jobs. It's a red herring, okay! It is the idea of putting pressure on people to fight against each other for the benefit of corporations, and we can't be distracted by this stuff. Fuel efficiency of cars is another one. Listen if you can go from cars on average, getting ten miles per gallon to sixty miles per gallon. I'm not pretending that that's not going to have an impact, but when you look at vehicles versus cargo ships and aviation and all of this other stuff, it is again pressuring the consumer to believe that they are the ones who need to solve the problem by not using a plastic straw or by getting a hybrid vehicle or for whatever the case may be, and the whole point of it is prevent demand for corporate action
and the way to do that is prevent demand for government regulation of corporations, which is the answer I mean put that that's just. That is the answer, and that's where we need to looking that's why the narrative and agenda setting power of corporate media is so important and we can't let them do it good for Elizabeth Warren for shutting it down. I mentioned the other day during our story about chicken sandwiches at Popeyes that it's been like eighteen years since I went to a fast food. Restaurant here is a very specific question from a viewer left by voicemail at two thousand one hundred and ninety two David P about my fast food hiatus. Take a listen. Hey David, you mentioned that you haven't had any fast loops, ten or fifteen years.
I wanted to know if you would consider fast casual food like triple a or five guys. First in the at T did as fast food or you know. If you are taking us right here, hello and in her thanks bye, it's not it's. It has a name. It's fast. Casual again is that a corporate, that's a focus group name fast, casual instead of fast food, makes it sound better in some way. I I I don't go to those places either I go to I'm trying to think when I flew through, I believe Washington Dulles there's, like I think in the international terminal at least last time I was there, there was nothing other than a chipotle, so I did get a grilled chicken burrito at chipotle that was probably eight years ago, but no, I I just don't go to any of those places, I'm lucky enough to live in places and mostly be in places big cities and also kind of like history,
all towns. You know Portland Maine, Burlington, Vermont, Western Massachusetts, La San Francisco, Boston, Miami. These are all places where you just never need to go to any these chains. You usually, there are just local options that are much better. So now I don't really go to the fast casual places. I don't really go to any of them unless it is an emergency, although they actually here's the story. When I was flying back Aruba last week, the aruban airport is a disaster. Does that I think it took nearly two hours of just going through different lines to finally get to my gate and the only thing available in the international gate area where I was waiting. Was this a borrow? So I went to Ster borrow and got a slice of pizza and it was vile. I mean just our absolutely vile so anyway, now I avoid the entire thing we've got. A great bonus show. Are you today get instant access by becoming a member at Join Joinpackman, dot com or a patron at patrion
com? Slash David, packed, show fantastic bonus show coming up for you today. The David Pakman show at David dot com.
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