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9/6/19: Sam Harris on the show next week

2019-09-06 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--David announces that neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author Sam Harris will be on the show next week

--Caller wishes to know how to get through to Trump supporters

--Caller claims progressive hosts like David don't know what it's like to struggle

--Caller wants more say in how tax dollars are spent

--Caller doesn't think universities should have general education requirements

--Caller talks about Bernie Sanders holding campaign rallies in red states

--Caller discusses the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and a two-state solution

--Caller questions whether Russian election interference changed the results of the 2016 election

--Audience Question: How come the left doesn't have grifters like the right?

--Audience Question: Why is Andrew Yang surging in the polls?

--Audience Question: Can any candidate besides Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren win the Democratic nomination?

--On the Bonus Show: First Amendment group wants AOC to unblock users, world's longest cruise sets sail, Bernie Sanders wants to cancel medical debt, and much more...

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But David Pakman show at David Pakman dot com all right, so big announcement, SAM Harris is going to be on the program. The interview has actually already been recorded, didn't want to announce it before it got recorded, because, ah I wanted to make sure that it actually was going to happen to be totally honest, and sometimes these things can get moved around when the guest is a very busy person, as is SAM. The genesis of the interview is that I guess people in EMS audience told him that he should appear in my show and he got in touch
and we set it up. There were no guidelines put in place in terms of what topics should be discussed or anything like that. I was free to ask anything I wanted and the plan is we're going to publish some short clips over the weekend and then the entire interview will air next week it's a new the hour and a half interview. So there's a practical question about how to include it in the broadcast shows we could either take almost two entire whole shows a portion of two shows in a row. We could split it into four pieces, one piece Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday. That's another possibility, in any case full. Nearly ninety minute interview is going to be posted in its entirety without any edits cuts or whatever on Youtube sometime next week as well, but I'm open to hearing from you about how we should manage it on the show. Some of the things that we discussed SAM Harris had an interesting take on how he compares and contrasts Donald Trump
and Osama Bin Laden, which you might be surprised to hear the comparison anybody would be making, but that was discussed. Sam Harris had some interesting thoughts about trump voters. We talked about allegations of rape, schism against Donald Trump. Sam gave his views on the media landscape, including his thoughts on Fox news. We got into gun and the sort of culture and really pigeon of guns, as SAM Harris described it. There was an note borders, discussion about immigration policy, where we had some disagreements and some agreements. Sam Harris talked about reparations which he finds something that he would likely support after looking at detailed plans, for it, but believes, is a strategic mistake for Democrats to be talking about going into two thousand and twenty. We talked about
terrorist manifestos where I found what I believed was a double standard in some of the things SAM Harris had said. We talked about that my only concern and I'm sharing kind of a lot here about the behind the scenes. This was a ninety minute interview and SAM Harris has a lot to say about a lot of different things. Whenever I do an interview like this, I always come away feeling as though I could have totally prevented the interview from moving forward by doing to the end, every single disagreement that I have with the guest and it's just not a practical way to do the interview, but every time I do this, I know that there's going to be some portion of the audience who will write to me and they'll say David, the guests said X. How did you not challenge that it makes you seem complicit, and I hope my my real hope with the SAM Harris Interview, particularly since he was very generous with his time-
is that people don't come away focused on wow? Well, you talked about these ten things on these two. You should have just pushed back push back push back, there's a practical nature to these things, where, if I want to torpedo the interview and prevent it from moving forward, I can do that, but it's some. It doesn't make practical sense. This has happened when I've interviewed academics. This is happened when I've interviewed extremists like Richard Spencer. So that is something I I've sort of been thinking about. Since the interview was filmed so SAM Harris Interview, some clips on Youtube over the weekend full thing next week, other big news: we are going to be taking a six month, vacation off of the show starting next week, I'm kidding I'm kidding. We just took a vacation recently and we just had labor day so we're here for a while, but I will be coming to you over the next couple of months. From a few different conferences and different location,
which I will be announcing as we get closer to them, we are also almost ready to do around of website updates. There are going to be some updates to the members section to make it more functional based on popular demand. One really often requested feature is an easier way to gift subscriptions right now to give the subscription on our website. You basically go in, and you just act as if you're signing up as someone else you put in the recipient's name and the Recip email, but your payment information and it's kind of clunky, so we're exploring either some kind of coupon code like you can buy a coupon code. If you want to buy someone a sixty dollars membership, you buy a coupon code, you to them, then they can apply it to their membership. Thinking of a couple of other ways as well, if you have specific website suggestions for Davidpackman dot com that you want implemented. This is a very, very good time to let me know,
and then lastly, I've gotten a lot of inquiries about what's happening next week with the third democratic presidential debate, which is on ABC and I believe, with a b Univision. Any of you know I started live commentary of the second debate, which was on CNN last month and in two minutes CNN shut me down, gave us a copyright strike on Youtube. It was a fiasco there vice president of corporate communications or something publicly, shame me for wanting to do the commentary and we end over on twitch at twitch dot tv, Slash, David Pakman and since I've been streaming a lot on twitch, so here's my plan. I am formally working through the process to get white listed by ABC to do live comments very of the debate. It could be a one percent so that that works or a ninety percent chance. I don't know I'm working with my Youtube Rep to try to get ABC, to say David,
ok, for you to live stream on Youtube and do live commentary of the debate if they, okay, that that will be the plan, because that's where we have the largest audience, we could conceivably have two thousand and thirty or forty thousand live concurrent viewers. If we were allowed to carry out that full stream. If I am not able to get that approval, then I will. I want to be sure, I'm wording this a wrist. Possibly then I will likely go to other platforms and structure the commentary in a different way and I will have announcements for you next week, but the debate is down to just one stage: ten candidates on one stage it'll be Thursday evening, don't know what it is, I'm guessing. It starts sometime between between seven and nine, probably seven or eight. I would guess
ten candidates, one stage on September, 12th and one way or the other. I will do everything everything everything that I can to bring that live coverage to you, as we always try to do with these debates. Last thing: if people have the response from the themed shows when we've been on break has been phenomenal when we were on actual show vacation a few weeks ago, we ran a full week of theme, shows about extremism and white, supremacy, socialism versus capitalism, automation, etc. Labor day at the beginning of this week, we did a theme show about health care. People are loving. These the response has been positive than anything else. We've ever done on off days. The problem is there
not a limitless list of topics on which we have the material to pull together a themed show with so my question to you is: can you send me some suggestions for what other themed shows we should look at doing um space travel is one that might work, we've got tough material, ah, medicine would be. Another ones are not like health care but actual medicine. Like interviews, we've done related to medical advancements, cancer treatment et Cetera mental huh. Maybe I should actually be writing these down. Mental both would be another one. We've done enough now about everything from video game addiction to psychosomatic conditions, to the stick of mental health. Maybe that's another idea, but the point is I want to hear from you theme.
Show ideas best way to get in touch is the contact form at David Pakman dot com? I am also on twitter at deep Hackman and the show is on Twitter at David Pakman show you can reach out to me that way, but the best way to get me your suggestions really is the contact form a David Pakman dot com? Let's take a quick break so much planned for today's program. I'm glad you're with us on this Friday and a Friday not before yet another long weekend, but a Friday before just a full good old fashion. Week shows and bonus shows. Next week, David Pakman show at David Pakman dot com. Today's program is sponsored in part by Blink ist dot com, Slash Packman. If you have not already heard about blink IST, it's amazing, it's an app for your phone tablet or web browser, and
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that's so. The first thing I of want to talk about is the three kind of segments of Donald Trump or phases. You could say where we have to have debates about how incompetent he and is that the best use me as a president where we have to talk about. We have to debate reality about what he does. We can't even get to the policy because we have to spend so much time debating conservatives on what reality is, what a lie and then another thing I've been noticing is George Conway familiar with him. Yes, of course, Kellyanne Conway's, husband, who's, also an attorney a big critic of Trump. Absolutely so I'm seeing more more conservatives, I've see Joe Walsh comes out, um completely
hi Trump, which again I don't agree with him on policy, but I'm all for all, for you know them recognizing. There's complete incompetence in the White House and yes, there needs to be something done. So I just I don't know how Romney this movement is obviously there's a more educated class of conservative that rely there's something wrong here, but it's on the other side and you just have to look at the numbers. You know Trump claims. He has ninety five percent support from Republicans. If you look it, I don't know what Paul he's looking at, but it would every pole I look at says that Trump has between seventy eight and eighty percent support from Republicans. Twenty percent of Republicans is millions and millions of people who are on the right, but don't approve of the job that Donald Trump is doing and that that is not insignificant. Now the question is: can you turn on election by getting those people to vote for Democrats? Probably not, which is why the left just has to get its base out. We're not going to win by arguing with the the Republicans that don't like Trump, but hopefully enough of them will stay.
Consider voting for someone else that push push the push the election our way. One more no I've, I've things with personal family members who support trump and most a lot of people just aren't in the loop like they just got that I like trump they're, not really following everything. He does, of course, but it's to the point where I talked to them. You know they're, not very rigorous, uh, political followers and I'll be like I'll make a point like fake news. Don't believe it right like they they just they just they have. He has opened Pandora's box with people just saying. If I don't- and I don't bill agree with it, I'm just gonna outright deny and I've heard. What's what's true was Dennis in the past when you would confront confront a republic and with something George W Bush did and they hadn't heard of it. They actually had to a little bit of thinking to try to find some way to explain it away and explain why it's actually good or it may be didn't happen or whatever Donald Trump is actually given. So
like it's the opposite of a white flag, it's almost like a trump card for lack of a better term where, if someone presents something to you that either sounds bad or you didn't hear about it, you just say it's fake and that's it. And then you can continue in your in your echo chamber and filter bubble in your none, the wiser exactly the perfect cop out, and they just keep pounding it because it stems from so so I want to say thank and what your name was Michael Kruse, Michael all, right, Michael great to hear from you. Thank you. Thank you. All right take care, let's next to our caller, from the nine hundred and fifty six area code, who's calling today from nine hundred and fifty six. This is rocky arena from the rocky Radio show Hey Rocky. What's going on, I want to point out two different things. First of all, I'm a big fan. I watch your show, I'm also a small youtuber, and I first things. First
one thing I know I'm a conservative on the native american conservative, who has his own show. I noticed that your kryptonite is Donald Trump. Does that make sense? No it's. What do you mean my kryptonite? I think that you're pretty level headed person as a there's, a lot of things that I would have very difficulty disagreeing with you, except when it comes to Donald Trump. I think that he cloud your judgment because he's so arrogant. So what's an example of that. Uhm, I feel, like you know how you put out various videos on Youtube there, like four five minutes. Yes, we published videos to Youtube yeah. Okay, you can do it on the little incident, things that I know add up, but in the broader or, for example, when you were on Jesse Lee Peterson show yeah. He asked you a question you
it's not that you didn't answer. She just basically said. Well, you don't like Trump and I could tell you she really got a rise out of you. What I say, how did you get a rise out of me? No, that's not true you're, not letting me speak, and then he keeps you off the show, but before he did, that is basically you couldn't you. He you. What are the things that he did? What are some of the good thing, but he did and then he said no matter what I remember I listed that I listed the things: yeah, okay, but, for example, for border security. No! Well I mean to me that's a pretty rational. What what's your actions? To that I mean. I don't know if you have any listeners that live on the border fairly dangerous. What's my objection to what. I'm like on the wall, the Wall's, a waste of money,
and it doesn't actually deal with the reason people are trying to come here nor Visa overstays, which are a bigger problem than people crossing the wall physically. Okay, and so you, for example, in another thing I know this is- I don't want to be disrespectful, but you're you're, argentinian correct, I'm sorry, I'm I'm argentinian. Yes, yes, I am. Would you say you come from like a middle class background or an upper middle class background family left, Argentina 'cause? We had no money in the economy imploded, so we came to the US with nothing and then my dad. He had to go back through. You know he was a doctor in Argentina, which sounds luxurious, but it's not trust me. Doctors in Argentina, in one thousand, nine hundred and eighty nine we're not making any money. He had to re establish himself as doctor here in the US, and I guess, like ten or twelve years after we were here. He finally started make
you know a good salary, but no I mean our first ten years here in the US were not particularly easy. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that it just seems that the the the majority of so media personalities on Youtube or just in general, come from a very middle class upper middle class background. So they don't understand the struggle, so I didn't come from that. But who are you thinking of, for example, mean no disrespect you SAM seed? No, but we figured out that that's not the case. My family left Argentina with no money, and so that so well, but that doesn't work and you look like, for example, what type of. I mean: have you ever lived in a dangerous neighborhood user gun shots at night? Did you live in? I live. I live in Massachusetts is so Massachusetts, as the state is there's very few parts of Massachusetts where you're hearing gunshots at night. I just don't know what point you're trying to make. I won't
how to make. Is that a lot of progressives that I see they? Don't really I mean they want something, but they've never are advocating for people that come from a struggle, and I and I think when you overcome adversity by yourself, your own, you look at things a lot diff only, but if your person isn't that, isn't that good, don't we want people who can say hey, even if I don't need something myself, this is still a good thing for the government to do, because I'm thinking about other people like that's, called empathy. That seems like a good thing. Well, I mean yeah, it's one thousand and nineteen and empathy gonna get anything accomplished with all the risk. What did you accomplishes hard work? I mean strong work, ethic and logic, and we know when it comes to chunky, logical person, but when you would disagree with me that he's gotten a lot done whether good or bad,
he said yes, he's gotten a lot done, if you say good or bad he's gotten a lot done, that's bad! I agree with that and he's well I mean that's one thing he's ruffled a lot of feathers and things that are you what's the best, I'm I'm stunned rocky. What's the best thing from stun all will be it's more when he got into I'm a veteran so when he got into office one of the first things that he did was give me a give veterans, more money or disability. I don't you tell me is that what he did when did you do that yeah yeah? He did he did and then he did again recently. He's also took money that was allocated for for military Mary Ann. He. He just did that recently and put it into border security or listen to the get to the wall, even legal, alright, rocky listen. I guess you've made a number of different points and I appreciate you calling in okay. Okay, can you do me one one favor 'cause, like I said I have my own you
channel and even though I'm a conservative on the die hard fan, I watch your show. Can you say, because I have you on my microphone, can you say thank you for sing rocky earth say excel and if we subscribe to the idea anything about your show or what it is that I would be endorsing. So that's not something I can do today. Oh man, alright, well, hopefully I'll come out under Youtube Channel. If you watch my show, I don't I'm not like what are those all right, but I'm you know just it's a satirical, no, but all right, all right, good, very good rocky. Thank you so much for the call. I very much appreciate it. Let's go next to our caller from the eight hundred and twelve area code who's calling today from eighty one thousand two hundred David, a big fan. I think half my family watching here so come on. What's your name! No! I wanted to. I wanted um. What do you say? I said:
what's your name where you're calling from oh god, I'm from Bloomington great uh, I wanted to ask you hello. Yes, I hear I hear you no. I wanted to ask you about tax policy because a lot of people, this a dumb idea on the right that my taxes should only go something that makes sense that benefits me. You have people in there right say. Well, why are my taxes going towards some poor person, healthcare or why are my taxes going towards some persons? Education? Did you serve people on the left even say it now to where here people like people booty just saved? Oh, why are we subsidizing with too much hungry cottage barbie subsidizing a wealthy person's education, and I wanted to ask you what Europe it's on it art, because personally, I think it's
really dumb idea. This whole notion that, oh, my taxes should only go towards something that I think makes sense and set up. Hey we're going to collect taxes. I collectively decide where they need to go. So I wanted to hear your opinion on that there's, a very fair criticism, which is that the individual has relatively little say over where their taxes go like. If I like, where tax money is going at the federal level, I can try to get a for it, senator and member of Congress elected, and they would be one out of a hundred or four hundred and thirty five votes respectively, like it's very difficult for what I want to be done with with tax money to be made policy. That's a very fair credit, some of the system that we have with regard to the idea that you know tax money to be spent on what I want. It's all the me me me what I want idea that you hear on tax policy from the right. You can't run a country that way I mean humans once you get beyond. Ah hon
and fifty people, or so you need some structure, some infrastructure that will be deputized to make disk visions in ways that hopefully, a representative of what people want. I mean, if you read guns, germs and steel by Jared Diamond. He goes explains this in detail. When you look at under gatherer bands of a few families and then growing, you know into FIFA, homes and tribes like you just need some kind of system, and it is a system that one of its faults is not. The desires of every individual cannot impossibly, possibly all be made reality, but the alternatives are anarchic chaos. That's the thing: the right, usually, if you press the on it they'll say well, just whoever has the biggest guns gets to decide or you have no taxation whatsoever and everybody just keeps all their money and build a little piece of road and charges, people to use it or whatever you get into these libertarian fantasies. So it's
stored neroli, immature often when people go in this direction with tax policy arguments. So how are you, sir? Are you against people on the right? Who are you, this mode of thinking that you know in a democracy we can't possibly I'll? Have your voice be amplified or whatever, wherever you think, taxes should be allocated, or I would concede that in a country of three one hundred and forty million people, it's completely impractical for every visual to say, here's how my tax money is spent that the way we make our voices heard is through the elected officials that we put in power that OB see. Many of them have been corrupted by the campaign, finance system and corporations and Super Pacs, and all of that and that's what we need to change and and focus the area of focus the conversation there yeah. Thank you all right. Thanks for the call, I very much appreciate, let's take a quick break if you're holding don't hang up, because I will go right back to the phones when we come back at six one, seven,
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Welcome back to the David Pakman show your calls at six hundred and seventeen thousand eight hundred and thirty forty seven. Fifty a lot of very, very interesting questions. So far, let's go next to our caller from the eight hundred and thirty one area code, who's calling today from eight hundred and thirty one blue. Yes, that's you but Eikenberry Lee here you, you got better yeah, that's better who's! This hi! This is Gavin Eldridge, I'm a college student right now, um majoring in computer science, all right and I had kind of insight into the college ecosystem, but I don't think anyone's really addressing
really and uh. That is the whole structure of the G e college system, um, seeing inning general education and uh. I basically think that it's reclining a lot of students. I have to take a lot of classes that they really don't need for the degree and it's kind of somewhat been a leader strategy that keep, but
maybe we'll really income, students, Anil, and so let's explore that. Why? Why do Jen Ed requirements keep low income students out of college? Why? How does that happen? Well, um. Personally, I'm pretty fortunate. I have a family, that's going to pay for my college in, like my living situation, books et Cetera, but I understand that it can be extremely pretty and our friends struggle with this all the time right and I sympathize with um but uh. I see like me taking me instantly. Um class in Like Anthropology and all its people, interesting as no relevance for very little relevance. We can kill your science and I was struggling with money idea
Kevin. Let me I'm sorry to interrupt Gavin your you. It sounding like you're putting a towel over the phone or maybe going under water. While you talk to me, I think I, under what you're saying I mean, listen, my my view on GEN Ed requirements. Is that a lot of what you learn in college? Is you learn how to think and you learn about people and relationships and the world and my experience with general education requirements at the undergraduate level and even sort of like more general requirements at the graduate level still within my field, but maybe not my specialty like when I was doing my master's degree, is that the these are really useful classes in understanding sort of how society works, how culture works, and I I don't know there- may be specific options for some of these classes. That seem particularly irrelevant, but I think that the the there's a that Jenna are really important and what we want. We want people to not just go to college and learn coding. We want people to go to
legend, learn more about society in people in the world. I want her to percent agree. I think that they are useful in their own right. I just think that they should be shoot in a way that allows the individual pick the classes that would benefit them most well. So maybe this differ that each school but like when I was an undergrad at Umass I had there were often dozens of classes that were available to meet each general education requirement. I wasn't you know there were some exceptions, like everybody had to take soft, more writing and it was basically the same class for everybody, but most of the GEN ed requirements. You had a lot of choice, but may you know there's thousands of colleges and universities. It may not be the same at everyone. Alright, thank you all right, appreciate it a long. Thank you. Thank you. Take care and great to hear from you. Let's go next to our caller from the eight hundred and forty five area code who's calling today from eight four five,
hey David, my name is Johnny. I'm calling from Carmel New, hey Johnny. What's going on. I was just wondering today, so everyone knows basically your take on our prospects for rid of Mitch Mcconnell in the Senate in two thousand and twenty yeah and much is, I hope, you're wrong. I kind of do agree that it is not gonna, be easy to get rid of him and he's probably still going be there. Yep. I'm just wondering your take is on Bernie strategy of campaigning in states where senators basically won't do what he wants and hopefully rallying the people to his side. What is so sorry, you think senators won't do what he wants in the sense that they are Republicans is what you mean. Well, yeah he's mentioned it about Joe Mansion as well, so it's not just Republicans but like with his, I don't know. If you know State Bernie recently took a trip to Kentucky. Yes, I said he was basically campaigning against Mitch Mcconnell and he's basically said that when he's president, he will be doing this a lot more often.
It's great, I think, if you click on the above on Prodigy bit Bernie savvy, because when you go to a place like Kentucky, especially during the primary your can painting for yourself for the primary, you are campaigning in a sense for Amy Mcgrath who's running against Mitch. Mcconnell you're accomplishing a number of different things, you're talking directly at least potentially to more red state voters and Elizabeth Warren has done really well going into red states and talking to Trump supporters and just talking sense into one thousand, the thousands of them at all of these different town halls that she does. So I like the strategy, I don't think he's losing anything by doing it and as long as he not only doing that and ignoring, for example, strategically important states. Early primary, I guess, are you concerned about the strategy in some ways or something about it that worries you. No, actually, I think it's a great thing personally um. He he's got this great image of just like being willing to talk to anyone. What was like
thing is this Fox NEWS interview when young people were criticizing him for doing that as well, but I re I was just wondering: do you actually think that if Bernie ends up becoming the president- and we don't take back the Senate Mitch Mcconnell still the majority leader? Do you think that strategy like that would actually have any effect on Mitch Mcconnell bringing things up for a vote, a vote or even like switching votes over it's possible? I mean if, if so, okay, to play at your scenario, if Bernie becomes president and the Democrats extend, or at least keep their lead, their control of the house, but don't take over the Senate, which is the most likely scenario in the Senate in two thousand and twenty. I just don't see the math for Democrats to take it over scenario that might make Mitch Mcconnell stop. The obstruction is if he understands that, with a popular democratic president campaigning against him in Kentucky. He may actually lose,
however, understand that there only up for reelection every six years, which means if Mcconnell survives two thousand and twenty that gets him to two thousand and twenty six. I think he'll will be close to ninety years old. At that point, I don't know he must be between eighty four and eighty eight at this point in time. So it's also possible that he just doesn't there. He is going to obstruct to the very last day, knowing that is two thousand and twenty reelection would be the last one he hoping for anyway, and it's hard to have leverage over someone like that. Yeah, that's really my main concern with it. Thanks for the Michael David appreciate it all right, Johnny from New York. I appreciate a great to hear from you. Let's see, where do we want to go next uh a lot of no, let's go, let's go to Mark from Newport who we haven't heard from um for several months mark from Newport. What's going on today, hey David thanks for taking my call in your progressive sense, self censorship, video. When you were discussing Israel,
you had mentioned that you opposed the right wing Netanyahu government, where I completely agree. You had mentioned that you support is really withdrawal from the West Bank, where I completely agree, but you also mentioned that you or complete Israel, israeli withdrawal from Eastern Jerusalem- and I was just wondering if you could explain that a bit more. So it's a little more nuanced than that, but I didn't know the segment wasn't fully about that. So the the aereo I envision, as from a pragmatic perspective, leading to a real prospect, it's for an agreement to be done, and this is of course like assuming we can even get to negotiations which were nowhere near being able to get to envision that to get agreement for a two state solution. East Jerusalem would become a part of the palestinian territories, but within that Israel would retain control of the jewish quarter of the old city.
I do I see that is pretty non negotiable. So it's a little more nuanced than I said in that segment. That's probably how I would imagine it working out, okay, that that makes a bit more sense. What about specific, quickly, control inside the temple? Now I know we both we both been there and I've heard you tell your story about visiting about going inside on the show. What do you think should? What do you think should be the case with the status of control inside the Temple Mount, which right now is under the under control of the wives yeah? I thought that it is going to be very difficult to again. I'm thinking pragmatically, don't know how you don't leave control over the Temple Mount to. You know whether it's jordanian authorities are what become palestinian authorities. It just seems like that is going to be a sticking point in any serious negotiation out. I just I don't know how Israel J even justifies taking control back of it.
Sure and then my last question, super quick was a lot of progress with this, I'm sure you've heard are increasingly supporting a one state, just a one state democracy as a solution for conflict which to me sounds far your to your total utopian is something I could even take seriously just being familiar with it. I the dynamics on the ground there yeah. I was curious, your view on just a on a bi national democracy. Yeah. I support it. You a solution. Is it would you and would you entertain it at all I mean listen. I would you entertain a single state if someone wants to bring to me a one state solution that would not be subject to all of the problem of all of the other one state solution, ideas that we've seen so far. I will entertain it, but as of right now I support a two state solution period. Okay, that that's where I'm at is well. I support a two state solution
period and but I keep hearing the I just keep hearing one state solution, rhetoric more and more and more on the left understandably, but it just seems too too far fetched me hey! Thank you very much for taking my call David, alright Mark from Newport Great to hear from you. Let's go next to our caller from the three hundred and twenty three area code who's calling today from three hundred and twenty three hey mark. What's going on. Yeah I was just want. Would you want to believe people that um pushed the narrative that the Russian had impacted our elections. I mean I, I saw some interesting reports suggesting that it's possible because of how close it was in certain states that there social media interference could at least hypothetically mathematically the difference maker. But it's not you know it's not.
I have one thousand factors that impact the outcome. It's hard to say this one thing: well how to be quantified: the number of people who who big claim war affected yeah. Well, that's exactly that's exactly the difficulty right! I mean it's like ok, so you look at Wiscconsin, didn't go to Wisconsin towards the end. How many votes went to Trump over Hillary? Because of that, then you have to contrast that with how many people were targeted in with Wisconsin by foreign dollars in social media campaigns, and then what percentage of them voted differently or didn't vote? Is I mean you're getting into exactly the point, which is there are one thousand different things James Comi
being out in talking about the Hillary Clinton investigation? What impact did that have on voting in Wisconsin? So it's very difficult to say with any certainty to do this. One thing is what decided, but we can still talk about the number of factors that played a role, if that makes sense, yeah, but there's a thing that did this russian campaign, what it meant to influence Hillary voters to vote for him. We we, I I don't know exactly what campaigns they ran in any particular state. I I'm they. They are more sophisticated than just saying. Let's get Hillary voters to vote for Trump. They you know, one of strategies that they used was to foment racial anxiety, around police shootings in places like Ferguson and Baltimore. It's it's more nuanced than let's find him. Three voters and feed them disinformation to get him to vote it,
not that I think that might be too simplistic of an understanding of what these can have. These campaigns work yeah, because you're. My belief is, like I'm a firm believer that most people on the left arm or intel people on the right on the white. Why do you believe that? Because there's a lot of uneducated low income, people who vote Republican right, I mean there are also people who are low income. What for Democrats, to I mean I I did if he I'm not saying I agree or disagree with you, I'm saying how do you justify that's a pretty bold assertion to say generally the left, it's smarter than the right, we'll just basically on on certain statistic, but but I've seen that most most of the most college, educated people are or liberal on the left so that it's a little bit different, so the more edgett Haitian you have,
the more likely you are to be more left than right. That is true. Yes, what we're looking for so based on that right, I'm a firm believer that the people on the left are intelligent there. There are a lot of college educated, intelligent people, and I'm just wondering how intelligent college educated people would have been fooled into believing obvious lies. I'm of the belief that this whole idea of russian influence it never happened to get includes part by Russian. I you know I I didn't vote for Hillary, not because of any okay yeah, but now you hello, he's not out you're cutting in and out listen what you were one out of one hundred and twenty million voters. So the fact that you were were influenced by any particular thing doesn't doesn't really tell us that much one way or the other, but mark you're. Thinking about these things, the right way, I'm going to let you go 'cause
breaking breaking up, and I do it's been months since we heard from him months and months and months, let's go, we just lost him. We just had someone I wanted to go to that. We had not heard from for months who I wanted to talk to you, okay. Well, on that out, I am overtime already, so that does it for today, sorry to everybody that I was not able to get to on the phones. Today we will take calls again. I will be live stream in the next week, and that is another opportunity to call in Colin's. The phones often do open we'll take a quick and be back with more right after this David Pakman show at David Pakman dot com Theo, David Pakman show is audience supported, media and you can contribute any amount. You want on Patri on as little as one dollar per month. Plus you can get the daily
bonus show world famous at this point and the daily commercial free tv show by making those pledges at at on dot com. Slash David Pakman show this is audience supported media. We depend on the sort of our viewers and listeners, whether you listen to the podcast watch on Youtube or watches on tv or even listen on the radio patris on dot com. Slash David Pack Show David Pakman show at David Pakman, dot com, okay, let's get in tow audience questions for the week very good questions this week, the first one comes from a reddit user. I never say this right, nostalgic, say in science and say yeah and I know it's a video game thing and I never know how to say it anyway. The question is how come the left doesn't have grifters like the right. I love this question because that there's that
really a lot to it, it might sound like an ad hominem. It's a way to criticize these right, wingers listen! This is a real thing. The right has these grifters, who were able to they suffer from audience capture where they start modifying what it is that they put out there in order to appeal to an audience, even if these are not really their political beliefs, but that only work within or in front of a certain audience because of the cult of personality that the right rewards. This is one of the big differences between independent left wing, media and independent right media. I've seen it myself. I can have people like ninety five percent of what I say and it's because they don't like some five percent say: oh, you know what I don't think Tulsi Gabbert's a great president or hey. You know what I think the squad lacks a lot of the political
skills to make progress on some of these issues that are important to them or hey. You know what I don't think Ray is a uniquely blood lusting, bad actor. While I do disagree with their administration and their foreign policy, there is no call personality around me, because immediately people who have been with me for years will completely abandoned me. Now we can talk about whether that's good or bad for the movement, but with the right you see cults of purse anality develop such that these individuals can do no wrong. They build a following for their personality, not what they stand for, not what they believe and not what they say, but for the sort of role hold that they are given by the right. The left both doesn't allow these grifters to build around cult of personality and is, quite frankly, not interested in them. In the same way, we've talked before about how you will see
very different reactions from left and right when there is a political scandal ones, I'm not talking about Hillary. These emails right, I'm talking about actual scandals. The right will try to cover them up and make excuses for the people and Tr I to make the scandal go away to keep the person in power or even give them more power, as we saw with Brett Kavanaugh on the left we find out, Anthony Weiner has been caught sexting with a fifteen year old or whatever people just want him out. We want to move on. We have ideas and principles and policies that we want to see made a reality and as soon as we see that somebody is ah behaving in a way that doesn't make sense, we want them out. There was this audio recording that was recently covered up by Republicans in Texas, where a Republican came up with a republican hit list of Republicans to primary and public and said this. The recording of this conversation is so damaging. We've got to cover it up. If I found
that someone on the left took place in such a meeting, and I found it that and I found it distasteful or disadvantageous, I would want the audio tape out. I would figure out who did the wrong thing and I would want them out so again. The left, Sim Lee doesn't allow the grifting to become pro the double the way the right does. It doesn't create an environment in which one would succeed. By doing that now I know I'm not stupid, I know half the you tube comments will be, but David, you are a grifter, it's not a or an actual argument. I hope you understand. It is the audiences that decide whether drifting will work on the left or on the right. It is the audiences that decide. Can someone build a career around a cult of person already merely because something tank is pumping money into them, and what you see is that the answers are yes on the right and mostly on the left.
Why is Andrew Yang surging in the polls? This is a good question. First, we have to address. The facts is Andrew Yang surging in the polls. As of this recording Andrew Yang has recently pulled three and four in a couple of poles like, for example, but there's an Emerson poll or Andrew Yang is pulled for. There's a Quinnipiac poll where Andrew Yang has pulled three there's a slightly older USA Today Poll where Andrew Yang has pulled three and he's averaging about two dot, five. So at one point he was only pulling one percent in that sense, Andrew Yang clearly has some momentum. I think the better argument for talking about Yang's appeal is accelerated. Donor base that Andrew Yang has picked up while many other one and two percenters have not even gotten enough donations to qualify for the third debate. That's coming up next week and, yes, I think increased social media. Attention also can tell us about interest in Andrew Yang. If not
electorial support. Do I think Andrew Yang is rocketing up in the polls. No, I mean he's still averaging two point. Five percent and he's made the third debate stage. That's great I've interviewed him. I like him, I'm glad to see him there. I want to hear his ideas. There is not evidence at this point that there is going to be much more headroom, so to speak for Andrew Yang to take advantage of. Although I'm sure people hearing me talk about. This will disagree. The re reason I believe Andrew Yang is getting attention is he is talking to people in a eneral double way. He sounds far less like a politician, but not in a way that makes him sound. Like he's delusional with ideas that completely disconnected from the real world his Ubi plan, you agree with it or disagree with it. You can find areas of it that you think are more or less feasible or more it's advantageous, but it is a very specific policy that he outlined now thousands of times as he is
running this election and it is resonating with people even if they don't necessarily think that's the best way to spend government money that he is putting out specific and actionable plans. I think it's a combination of personality demeanor and the fact that he is at least attempting to stick to policy, and he has many policies out there that many people are liking is every single one. I completely feasible. No that's the case with any presidential candidate is Andrew Yang, going to get enough speaking time at the third debate, such that he would even have the opportunity to read. Maybe, as prominently placed does Joe Biden Warren or Bernie he's, not you can argue, that's not fair. I mean you can make the case that if there are ten candidates in a debate regardless of polling, each should get ten
of the time, and I wouldn't completely disagree with you, even though I understand why the networks do with the way they do it. I I don't disagree with the premise that if you really want the debates to be an education of all of the ideas that are out there, you really should be giving the candidates equal time, although I get why they don't. So. I think that's what it is. I think with Andrew Yang has done. I know that he's talking about this is not to now go away in a month. This is to become president of the United States. I don't see how the numbers point to him doing now in the same way that I didn't see it with Chelsea and tell has not even made the third debate and there are still people saying she's going to be president. I think at some point we have to be a little more realistic, but I think that Andrew Anx Presidency has been good for the Democratic Party. I think it's been good up for elections in general and I'm interested in seeing how far he goes. Last question today from
Reedy Serie DE says David: can any Democrats other than the big three still make a comeback? Okay, so this sort of relates to the last question. As of the taping right now of this question Biden's polling, twenty nine Sanders is polling. Seventeen Warren sixteen DOT, three, ah pretty significant gap has now developed between the top three Biden Sanders and Warren, and everybody else in fourth place. Right now is Kamala Harris at seven PETE, booted judges at four and a half, and then you've got Andrew Yang at two one: slash two and Booker at two dot: four O'Rourke at two dot. Four. So I think that at this point the only person who maybe has a shot is Kamala Harris. But if I really just think about it, I don't really think she has a shot. I think it is Biden Sanders or Warren. Joe Sestak is pulling zero, Delaney zero DOT, one
gillibrand zero dot. One she's out TIM Ryan, I think, is that I don't even remember who's in or out, but I mean a lot of these people aren't even pulling 1's tired of Lazio. Marianne Williamson Bullock, Club Achaar they're, all under one percent. They have no shot Kulien Castro at one point one. I don't see a path for him to see gathered it four she's, not even in the third debate. She has no chance Beto, O'Rourke and Cory Booker, both at two point: four percent. At one point they were considered serious candidates. I don't see any path for them, Andrew Yang, at two dot. Five again, I don't. I set it in the last question. I don't see how he breaks through five percent PETE booted judge at four dot, six to even be taken seriously. He's got at least get to where Kamala Harris
says. Maybe it'll happen after debate number three. So then you've got Camilla Harris at seven. She is at less than half the support of Elizabeth Warren. Could she again have such a brutal takedown of Joe Biden in the third debate that she pops four points and gets close to Elizabeth Warren? It's possible, but we're only forty five months of this point from the first votes and there is no trend line that shows her benefiting in any significant way from anything that she's doing right now. So I think it's down to Biden, Warren and Sanders there is this question: if Sanders leaves, does it make war in the favorite? If Warren leaves? Does it make Bernie the favorite? I know a lot of people think the answer is obviously. Yes, when you look at the second choice for each of them. The second choice for a plurality of Warren Voters is Kamala Harris. The second choice for a plural
of Bernie Voters is Joe Biden. So it is not as obvious to me that if one of them Bernie or Warren Bail, all of their support goes to the other and they surpassed Joe Biden. The polling doesn't suggest that at least as of right now we will see what polling continues to say, but I think this is down to the big three at this point. If you have either number one historical evidence for when someone outside the top three in September of the year before ended up winning, send it to me, I want to see that polling data- if you have a narrative of have someone outside of the top three, could end up winning this nomination right to me, tell me how, for example, Kamala do so well in debate three that you'll get to eleven percent, and then Elizabeth Warren will have some problem and a lot of Warren voters would go to Harris and then that'll put Harrison contention with Bernie and right. I mean the story of how you think it will happen. I just simply don't see it. We've got a great bonus show
for you. Today we will talk about the world's longest cruise setting sail from London. It is my worst nightmare, someone who gets seasick. We will talk about First amendment group, asking AOC to unblock users on twitter and we will also talk about Bernie Sanders, previewing a plan to cancel all past due medical debt. We will talk about the finances of it and the politics of it, but it will, on the bonus, show become a member or a patron to access. The bonus show at join Patmon dot com for patriot, dot com, Slash David package. The David Pakman show at David Pakman, dot com.
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