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9/9/20: Republican Coup-Concerns As Coronarallies Continue

2020-09-09 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Scott Barry Kaufman, humanistic psychologist, host of The Psychology Podcast, and columnist for Scientific American, joins David to discuss human potential, well-being, creativity, ethics, and more

--Some Republicans are increasingly worried that Donald Trump is planning a coup if he were to lose the upcoming Presidential election

--Random Europeans and others around the world received Trump coronavirus stimulus checks that they did not qualify for

--This week's edition of Hatriot Mail

--Donald Trump holds a large rally in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with few masks and no social distancing, and it goes as poorly as one could imagine

--Donald Trump is losing Ohio in a new right-leaning poll from Rasmussen

--Donald Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, claims that if Donald Trump loses in November, he will resign before leaving office to allow Vice President Mike Pence to pre-emptively pardon him

--Voicemail caller asks whether voting matters this election if you are voting in a very blue or very red state

--On the Bonus Show: Sturgis rally may have caused 250,000 coronavirus cases, FedEx deliveries also delayed recently, Tesla falls 21% in worst single-day loss ever, much more...

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The David Jackman Shell, David Cameron, indict guarded. There's this super interesting new piece in the nation written by Sasha, Abram Ski, which says that there are now even some Republicans worried that indeed, Donald Trump is trying to figure out how to retain control. Regardless of the outcome, of the November elections, which is now under eight weeks away its eight weeks minus one day and there actually using the word coup to describe the possibility of what Don
trump may do, if indeed he loses two Joe Biden on November third and this article by Sasha Abram skin. The nation which were linking to- and I encourage you to read- quotes Charles freed Charles, reed, is a Harvard LAW school, professor still of Republican. As far as far as I know, right now and Charles freed is increasingly worried about Donald Trump electoral strategy of seemingly encouraging chaos and violence and is even talking about how this strategy is ripe for Donald Trump to actually and in provocateurs into largely left, leaning protests in order to make them seem more violent. In order to try to justify his room, election or as a sort of double goal. To claim that things are so crazy. We can't really be sure the election was done correctly if he doesn't when in. This is a classic authoritarian, provocateur strategy. We ve seen this the world over. We ve seen it for decades and decades. That's Charles freed Michael steal, the
my chair of the Republican National Committee, we ve talked about him on the programme relatively well known, individual, He is also concerned about the same possibility in November and that the difference would be Michael. Steel doesn't so much think that, what's going on is primarily authoritarianism but Michaels you'll believes that its really political opportunism and Trump being determined to retain control. From a politically of advantageous, but put perspective rather than simply sheer authoritarianism, but the main take away and the most employ in point here is that both Charles Frieden, Michael Steel, believe that Donald Trump is willing to do whatever he needs to do to remain in the White House and TAT. Has been signalling this by attacking vote by mail, he
been saying. He knows the election will be rigged, it'll be the worse the most rigged most fraudulent election in history. He said this, probably dozens, if not hundreds of times. At this point, and It's been setting up a situation where he Is the ground work not to accept the results of the election, and then who knows what happens now? What were seeing is that there are actually Republicans getting together with pride massive organizations to develop a specific plan for responding to Trump rejecting the results of the election if he were to whose, and they put together a report, and unfortunately, there are not confident that our institutions will do their jobs their saying it could take huge numbers of Americans taking to the streets to me. There will be reflected in Donald Trump
leaving, if indeed Donald Trump loses the election and claims that it was rigged and these groups, which again that they now include Republicans. These are not left movements, uniquely republican are also concerned. There also work that Donald Trump will do something I've been predicting for a long time, which is that if Donald Trump is ahead in certain dates on election night. This is the Red Mirage scenario, trouble ploy lawyers to file lawsuits in various states to try to stop the counting of absentee ballads, which, if fully counted good turn a small, Trump margin on election night into a small Biden, margin in hand, a handrail by the presidency of the envy the indivisibility project stand up America. Our two of these groups. They're bringing together a whole bunch of different organizations to try to have a really specific plan to prevent the electoral process as from being undermined and subverted and disenfranchise meant from running wild now. I still maintain that Donald Trump will not six
he'd at maintaining power. If he loses, I believe that here he will go if he loses, but there is the real possibility that he will try and that he could create absolute and total Kay. For some time, including possibly violence on the streets, ultimately, the way that this becomes danger in a physical violence sense is, if its close and Trump wins on election night, but starts to say there. To take it from me. I need you out there or loses by a small margin on election night and says it was rigged. I think those decent Those are the ones that will most likely weapon. And that's literally what it would be. His supporters with guns to go out on the street. Now there another side to this, they are talking. Bout, the word coup, as if aid who would be necessary. The UN's fortunate reality is that you don't need a coup to undermine democracy and the will of the people, because the Elk
We'll college has helped Republicans do that in multiple elections over the last several decades. Can combine the Enfranchising franchising nature of the Electoral College, with the suppression of the vote, and every else that we're seeing where you wouldn't even really need a coup? In other words, Trump may be able to pull this off simply with doing enough voter suppression enough, voter purges, etc. That the electoral college, hands him a victory even worse. He law loses the popular vote and really should have lost the electoral vote as well. The point is, we have to be ready for this and it is not merely the stuff of imagination, theory and fantasy. At this point, we ve seen the groundwork laid in real time proclaiming that this election, which could remove Donald Trump. What will be the most rigged and
fraudulent one in history, and my biggest concern is what is the Joe Biden campaign doing about it to be ready? What are Democrats doing about this to be ready, because if they aren't ready that would be a disaster they need. I was going to say theres many lawyers they probably need. Ices. Many lawyers as Trump has ready to try to stop counting absentee ballots need twice as many lawyers to ensure that absentee ballots are counted and it actually could come down to that it can very ugly very quickly. I'm not content that the Biden campaign in the Democratic Party already. Why? Because they ve been ready so many other times in history, but they absolutely need a plan. They need the lawyers ready to go, and I were going to be very closely following whether they do have that system in place there are retirees in Austria. And other european countries and others trees around the world, who have received? U S career
a virus stimulus checks for twelve dollars or direct deposits many of whom have not lived in the United States for decades, many of whom do not qualify for such stimulus it's only. U S, citizens in. U S resin, Aliens are actually eligible for these stimulus money that starts at twelve hundred dollars and phase out up to ninety nine thousand dollars in income, and we have all sorts of examples of this around the world? There is a twenty four year old citizen of the Dominican Republic, who last summer worked in cape cod. And got a twelve hundred dollar stimulus check, signed by Donald Trump, are a seventy three year old man from Linz, Austria, beautiful place, who work as a waiter in the United States for two years. Indeed, contains six these who received and was Will the cash a stimulus check his wife who ever worked or lived in the United States received aid,
Five hundred dollar stimulus, Jack, O r F reports that banks in Austria can confirm that day of cached dozens of checks for residents, of Austria, and it is unclear how many of them receive checks without actually qualifying for them without it, sleeping entitled to them. There are thousands of foreign workers who entered the United States on temporary work visas who received twelve hundred dollar checks in error during that first round of steam. It was payments and, of course, that money is mostly being spent in their home countries. Our demand The corona virus stimulus is party, we going to foreign countries, which I am not opposed to in principle, but that was not the point of the plan. One hundred and twenty nine countries have received at least one mistaken stimulus check. This includes Brazil, Canada, China, India, Nigeria, South Korea
There are a bunch of different comments about this that we could make so, let's start sort of at the lowest logistical level governed officials and tax experts, say that the reason for these mistakes include that Many foreign workers file tax returns in correctly in the United States. So if you're a foreign worker, a particular way that you are supposed to file your taxes. Often those foreign workers me file, their taxes as if they were U S, residence when in fact they are merely temporary workers. That could be worse, led to them receiving a check when they weren't supposed to receive a check now there's a higher level discussion to be had here and there it is actually sort of like to two different discussions. One is We have such convoluted system in the United States from the standpoint of taxation and filing taxes. That is all
most inevitable, that this sort of stuff would happen, and I know that it might be fun to say. Oh, this is trumps fault. It's really not trumps fault. What is trumps fault is that the failed response, the fact that he promised a second stimulus. We still don't have it the fact that we had six months of pandemic, just one twelve hundred dollar stimulus jack. That's all that's trumps fault, but a lot of this is just our systems some on the right will say: wow David! That's! U you sound like you want to simplify the tax code with something like a straight up flat tax. No, no That's not what I'm saying what I'm saying is that the systems, including the that you have companies like into it, and these coming That makes her but turbo tax and other tax software constantly lobbying to keep the tax code. More complicated. That's a piece of this! That's a piece of this! We could have a simplistic Without going to a system that is unfair, like a flat tax, and then. Lastly, there is the sort of big picture. Agri
economic element to this, which is that of the one point, four billion in stimulus checks that, for example, went to dead Americans. Thirty percent of that money is one recovered as of the latest report. So if you believe in fiscal, responsibility and fiscal conservatism for lack of a better term. This is so I've been a major major failure. Meanwhile, there are some foreigners who do live in the United States. And who are married to: U S: citizens who, having not received stimulus check though, by every sensible approximation, they should entitled to one end again, more importantly, where's the second stimulus we are now six months into this Congress, think, maybe it's just back or about to be back from vacation. No second stimulus, we ve got an election coming up. We ve still got a raging pandemic
is going on with that, and that is that continues to be an unanswered questions, but at every level there are aspects of this that had been completely mishandled. Not all the Donald Rumsfeld fault directly. Certainly that the situation has not been improved by Donald Trump and Stephen, managing and others being at the helm and money just flying around the world, some I know in the audience will say: hey, that's that's may be a good thing, and sure I'm listening waivers supporting different people- I guess, but at at, if were now even properly supporting Americans. I think there is a very reasonable case to be made that money shouldn't go to Austria to people who are actually entitled the stimulus money, let me know what you mean: let me know what you make of it yesterday. The David Pachmann Show had our back, a single day ever for audio podcast downloads, I know I've said like eight or ten times in the last few months. It's because the pod cast is growing drama
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why don't you take some hydroxide chloric when, for that trumped arrangement syndrome, Patriot ridden by patriots who hey David Bagman, because America, because freedom all right? Let's get there's a lot, I'm warning you I would get there it's out of the room. There's a lot in this week's patriot. Male. Take a listen to this man you're, the most disingenuous piece of all of you to go to yourselves Davy Park, man, commie, pressed attitude and berries, Loser David part. Men do boy, one be Anti catholic anti american leftist cannot tell the difference between one hundred percent mail in by boat or role and ask for a mailing ballot box. My god I was stupid are the left is Dobbs most
merging interview what cow loser, these polar bears, Jerky is so allow that being said here and a lot of it is is just wrong. You might be surprised to hear- maybe not. I am certainly not a communist. You know this is one of the funny things actually similar to what's going on with Joe Biden where, with Joe Biden, you have some on the left, who are furious? That Joe Biden is not a socialist and then you have me of the right attacking Joe Biden for being a socialist or a marxist, or an anarchic. Or a communist or whatever the case may be in same way. There is a whole contingent of the internet left that doesn't like me. You don't think. I am left enough because I am not a socialist and then same time, one of the most common attacks we get from patriots. Is you communist socialist Marxists, David Pachmann? The truth is I'm just a social democrat
that that that's the very boring reality certainly not Anti Catholic, I'm not anti American, but what the wood the patriot does get right is that I am an american leftist. That's true! and this is a trump voter and we are we. I keep getting calls from people saying how and I convince my trump supporting friend my trunk support- cousin, my trump supporting parents, both for Joe Biden. I dont believe you can that Patriot mail is from a devout trumpets. There is no point in arguing with them and trying to convince them with eight weeks minus a few days to go before the election change their vote. They don't care about facts; they don't care about logic, just get the vote out from people who are on our side. We are better off. We are more likely to have an impact. It is far easier to convince people who already agree with us that they should vote. Then it is to argue
someone like that and say no you're wrong about Trump. You should vote for Biden, it's an exercise in futility. It's an exercise in frustration. What's not an exercise in futility? is using the coupon code. Patriot, forty one Never you sign up at join pachmann dot com. You will say forty percent off of the membership of your choice with the coop. Code hatred, forty, and when that it is used. I have it on good authority that patriots cry: they can't handle it. A joint men, dot, com, coupon code, Patriot, forty, the as it is continuing these corona rallies, large crowds, very few masks, no social distancing, certainly no corona virus tests. The late one was at Winston Salem North Carolina Airport Airport. Rallies. Now are something tat. Is doing so he can just fly in get off. Lane and do the rally and then fly back out and this
stuff really matters from the standpoint of the virus. On the bonus show today we're going to talk about a new study which suggests that two hundred fifty thousand corona virus cases. A significant portion of all August. Corona virus cases were spread led by the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, I believe it's out. There cannot and north no South Dakota so these events have a real world impact. Let's look at some of the moment from yesterday's very, very much unhinged rally, Donald from started the rally by action. Bragging about how many people there were again during a pandemic, no social distancing, very few masks trump bragging about we should, let's keep it They didn't do to get a job. That's good! That's good! Now, these ground I tell you it's beyond what we had in terms of enthusiasm beyond what we had four years ago, and what a sixteen
That was a record enthusiasm. We are breaking that record biological, most and speaking of which, by the way at this rally where There are barely any masks people their pack together. You really shouldn't have more than ten people than a crowd and there are thousands Donald Trump attacks. Nancy policy she went to a salon without wearing a mask policy with our hair drier. Now everybody s nowhere amass human. Cable beauty powers closed. Then she's really proud of it mask, and then she said that the biggest bigger where'd. You go to set. Ok, here's edgy got me
but you said I got set out by the beauty, parlor rotor, who happens to be a drum person by lower like a baby I set out by the order the beauty parlor thou shalt set beyond as they have. Got to do with potent Kim Jong bone and presidency of China. Now it's terrible she's, always Preachin about the mask. You gonna, where the males good old, didn't door outdoor when you go to bed at night, but the man is gone I've spent the last four years, keeping my promises, and now what Nancy Pelosi did was stupid. I have already said Edith Wit, and these are the rules in California. You're not supposed to have salons when she has the money to have someone come to her house, but who is trump to be critical, rising her for not wearing a mask when he's holding a rally in the middle of a pandemic where people are crusted crushed together, it makes absolutely
no sense whatsoever. This is the press. Didn't of the United States speaking by the way. This this is that the ambitious Spain is not just what he is saying, it's that this is the president, and this is how they speak then, from where into his performative, Miss pronunciations of common Harris's name, and he starts its own It's almost like some kind of gregorian chanting. That Donald Trump starts. Take a look at this by the way you know further left and crazy Bernie tomorrow, come on come on I am not completely sure, but airing on the side of this probably being xenophobic in some way. You guys agree. Disagree, I'm not sure. Then Donald Trump went into the victim complex and this just so out of touch one of the most powerful men in the world, the height of privilege. The epitome of wealth
Donald Trump again doing the victim complex saying that he has been true, It is even worse than Abraham Lincoln by the press, This is really weird, take a look and actually, if we were interrupted with constant investigations that went nowhere and nobody is been through what I've been through as president of the United States. Nobody You know they used to say Abraham Lincoln got the worst breasts. I said: there's no way you got worse than me, but Lincoln is very, very badly treated by the fake. It is maybe cases real. I could tell you in my case. It's thing I certainly think but nobody's and it should never be allowed to happen again. Let's see what happens we caught him called. Let's see what happens, but if we didn't have this that takes time and energy and all other things at time that we spent on this impeachment a hoax. This kind of like trumps. I did more for black people than anyone, except maybe Lincoln. Now he's
treated worse than any president, except maybe Abraham, Lincoln or maybe actually worse than Abraham, Lincoln, absolutely incompletely bizarre and then Donald from took this sort of victim, complex and smoothly transit smoothly. Smoothly, as Donald Trump can transition when alternating between reading a teleprompter and ranting he transition in to suggest thing that his supporters sign up to be pull watchers on election day. He warned the crowd about this theme, being and the robbing end the thieving that he expects to see polling places I guess Trump is warning the crowd about pick pocketing at pulling places. Take a look. Look at these cries out of there. Cheap crowds or was really if they're gonna, keep these big beautiful crowd. You can have fifteen thousand. You could have fifty there. On these grounds of meaning, was watching. People watch is when you go there watching
leaving and stealing and robbing they do possesses Ford. We were in North Carolina. We when we're going to win Florida. I just left Florida we're going to run the floor around. I have to tell you: I didn't think that polling places were unsafe places, ten interesting idea, but it's not too much like we don't hear much about in person voter fraud because it essentially doesn't exist. I've, never even heard about theft, burglary, pick pocketing and thieving at polling places unless Donald Trump is, of course, getting back to this idea of a rigged elections, which he probably as and then Donald Trump, waxing less optical, to the extent that he can. Imagining one thousand years into the future that his wall, which had been built will still be seen as a marvel of human innovation take a look
two things if you come back in a thousand years, two thousand years or three thousand years, if you're lucky, swimming something with with the world, is a crazy places. But if you come back get a thousand years or two things with all the computers. At all the everything changes. Every day you invent a new sell, you invent a new laptop, Everything is obsolete, like about two weeks after you invented right to think it. Will never get obsolete the wall and the wheel, the wheel trump has nothing to do with the war. Isn't being built, and no, I dont think that a thousand years from now we will still think of a wall between the: U S and Mexico, if it exists as some kind of timeless Marvel or the Vanguard of Human technology and innovation. You know we humans are. Curiously bad at predicting the future. Humans are notorious injuriously bout it at making economic actions, but I feel pretty confident
If a wall is built between the? U S in Mexico, anything in years it will not be a notable technological innovation. At the time then Trump just starts making things up about the wall again, going back to Mexico is going to pay for the wall, you might not get how but Trump business. Listing Mexico will pay for the wall. Mexico is thanks for the wall. Just so you understand they don't say that Never say it, but we're going to do. Our job, a small fee at the border, in that all those we have doubled, biggest border in the world in terms of people going across and in terms of industry, believe it or not the southern border, with putting us toll on and maybe we're going to do, something with remittance. That's what people May I make money and they send it back so will do so then we're gonna get all the money that we spent the more war were becoming back. So member uses say who's gonna pay for dates Mexico licence right
the fact that Trump says this is wild. The fact that a crowd cheers or it is even more outrageous. There is going to be a toll. There is did just not going. Happen. Mexico is not paying for the wall and there is no wall. There is no wall, Donald Trump promising, so Trump hasn't it under eight weeks left to accomplish the promise of a wall across the entire border during his first term, eight weeks, Something like two hundred and fifty miles of wall have been replaced. That's what's happened, I don't think he's going to make it then Trump again brings up this very day. Opium idea of patriotic education- this this is really wacky stuff. You see what We will restore patriotic education
our schools. I know what I'm talking about. Look at you. This is a very sophisticated krypton. You know what I'm doing get about patriotic education are the first thing they do. Is they want to take your history away? We really don't know what that is, and Donald Trump has been talking about restoring patriotic education for a wild now for a while now in schools, and what we got either is that Trump wants to correct what he leaves our lies about racism and slavery. I guess that he, claims are being told in schools. He wants to correct that this is how the term, not mine, with what he says would be patriotic education. It's out of this world cuckoo for cocoa puffs. That's the
quality and then maybe getting down to look to the sort of wine down of again, like a seventy minute speech, the crowd visibly board people on their phones just going on way too long. Donald Trump is painting a picture pre corona virus of an America that had fixed its partisan division. Donald Trump, acting as if His leadership and his successes prior to corona virus were so out of this world that they had brought together left in. Right when in reality he was impeached and partisan divisions were worse than ever. Take a look at this and you know, after. We get in we're. Gonna have tremendous success and it was building. We are at a point. We were so successful before the plague. Gaming from China. We were so successful that We were starting to get together. People forget we were so Its success brings people together. It was so good our jobs Numbers were so good weather
There was the black community, they hispanic community asian community jobs were so good or numbers were so good. This was one of the least president at least popular president's ever historically in the gallop tracking, pull approval tracking Paul Trump, never two fifty percent approval even one day of his presidency, and in fact his election spurred some the largest protesters protests in the United, It's a long time generating more protesters than we have seen in a very very long time and importantly, Trump loss popular vote. Three million PETE, three million more people voted for Hillary Clinton, then the number that voted for Donald Trump and Trump is framing himself as having bridge the political divide up until the corona virus hit. To see world it responds What to do the rally outrage? that? We have a president who speaks like this. The world is
laughing at us and yet and yet. He may get former years. He me Yet for more years and we're going to know very soon, continue cover it continued coverage of yes these rally will be on our Instagram page to David, Pachmann show on into the ground make sure you're following a stag David, Pachmann, Shell, David Pachmann, dotcom determined to do. I want to take effect to tell you about one of our sponsor our sponsors and Han Supplement and Han has everything you need when it comes to face, masks and other protective gear four covert nineteen and they're, giving my audience twenty percent off so men and harness the company that I personally have been going to face masks. I love entrust the products they sell. That's actually why I reached out to them about being a sponsor. I have tried tons of different mask
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The equality watches the perfect way to do it, especially when there is a company that makes it affordable. You can get fifteen percent off been sharers entire collection at David, Pachmann, dot com, slash, watch and use the code. Pachmann welcome back to the David Pachmann show its greater welcome back to the programme you're, too long of a hiatus Scott, Very Kaufman, whose a humanistic psychologist exploring the depths of human potential he's author of the look transcend the new science of self actual Alsatian? It's great to have you back on access great talk to get those are funded ass though, so so, let's I think I have a feeling this. When will? It will also be so two words in the title of your book, which we should just directly get into, because they can mean different things to different people.
Transcendence first of all and self actual is Asian. What? What do you mean in your use of those words? What what is self actual innovation? And what are we looking to transcend two will words right right around the scientist. You know, I think, there's start off the bats. There can be a lot of wisdom in the will, and I ve never China scientifically, but the Sana, a foundation that rounded, it does much evidence is possible, so Abraham ass, with a humanistic psychologist to really was a big inspiration from me and ring this book. The itself accusation is whatever that unique part of you the rope mixed come alive that makes you creative. Really shows the world and you patrol existed when when you're here, this planet transcendence, which is something that the measures that, though,
years of his life really felt was missing from his hire eve needs heap. He saw it is a great connected as to others having being at one with your values, but these what he called the bee values the values of being itself, so values which are no longer means to another end. You ve transcended having them. Is that, are there perhaps selfishly oriented but really get outside of yourself? Is your sense that, as you, We have worked in this field now for some time, and you of course, are familiar with the history of it and where the field is now is your sense that there were There will ever really be an achievement of what a lot of these processes point two or is it more? This idea that the journey really is the process, and there is no end point at which we say self actually say
and has now happened and and were done. Transcendence has happened and were done. Oh god, what a boring lifestyle and me if you just if you reach transcendence than you are done right. I think that what you just what watch netflix about binge watched, COBRA, Kai, the rest of your life, I guess yeah, no, I m all about the process really and I actually define the process of becoming a whole person, a never ending process, a process of integration. Your comment is currently things. We have to integrate we're integrating various warring factions within ourselves, but it's a never ending process. Integrating warring factions side of ourselves as well. I mean we have various viewpoints and other people various viewpoints, and these days everyone stood at their head up that having this sense of other north star of self accusation or having a Norstar transcendence means that you're always chicken
moving towards it's like you know, you never get it. You can see the moon, watch I walked towards the moon. You're never make walk to the moon, I mean maybe someday will be able to get to the moon and by other means. But you know what we just having that self accusations. Sentences. This this, this moon, that you always see in front of you and they are working towards, is, I think, a great nor start to have. But it doesn't make any sense that you're gonna actually achieve it one of the things that common enough in philosophy and uniform reading the theory of different philosophers. This doesn't apply to all, but it applies to many it's the idea. Here that a particular philosophical approach to life is all. Like a grand theory, in the sense that it is the explanation for how things came to be the way they are or how humans should interact with the world or it it purports to be a sort of self contained package. That tells you not everything you need to know in the literal sense, but in terms of an appeal to living.
Covers a lot of the ground. It seems me and correct me if I'm wrong that you have different approach that that there is no such one prescription so to speak, That's right, I mean I I cringe quite frankly went to see a lot of things in the Self Development space and current for one reason there there so out of touch with science and the actual evidence you, you might have some hope, narcissistic gurus, or something who arrive or or people who try to sell products who, because they thought of it, you know, then there it's brilliant, but but science works. Is that side, so many ideas and grad school, for instance, that I woke up in the middle of it brilliance, brilliant, and I presented it to my adviser, and I got a reality check knows I actually hats doesn't make any damn so
it'll, be being a scientist means you need that humility right, and so I think that the best way forward is to understand the different, their individual differences. You know I've studied personality science and you realize that people in different paths himself actual situation. We need to be as accepting as we can of other peoples. This might taboo, but sacred journey. You know I mean is a sacred aspect to each person in that's what mass was try and get. It was self accusation. He said we don't try. Change roses into lilies. We try to make a rose into a good rose, and you know I think that that's that that's really the philosophy behind this is that you need to find out what works for you. You need to find out what what path fits your unique constitution, unique towel. You need strengthening personality. You know when you see these days, is there a lot of people who are trying to tell other people how they should live their life? And it it's really. It's really truly unfortunate. I want
to get to how much of this is about the individual, but how much of it is the context in which the individual lives, meaning society on planet earth at a particular point in time, but to open that conversation We hear a lot about social media makes people less happy, because you constantly comparing your life to the lives of others, technology shorter attentions either that there is this idea that things are really bad right now in terms of happiness because of particular characteristics about society today How would you answer the question of whether people on balance are less happy today than they were at some point in the past? Well, either? If you look at every duration. No one has ever happy in the history of the human species. There's always been theirs. Obviously prosperous times. There's been droughts, there's been
horrible times re now work. You know we're going through a historic one. We now, which five hundred years from now, though probably talk about, is a really difficult. I, but but it is to a part of human nature to never be content to never be satisfied to always strive for more to always be unsatisfied with the attainment of our basic needs. Now there are few people who really can cultivate a really deep mindfulness practice, the call to be a really a style of a practice where there are seeking wisdom and and and the wisdom they are seeking, is enough this, you know, but I do think it's it's part of human nature of a generation. You know you have you have people complaining, you know it's not like it's that you need to know. There's there's. Some people had argued that this is an narcissistic generation, but then and added ended there. Some criticism that came out of actually you know every generation of interest.
He had spoken to access this dick, like unless you eradicate from the gene pool, vetoed youth you're talking to eradicate narcissism too, to a large degree, their staff. There said things that are required because there part of human nature. What do you make of the outward? Not what do you make of, but how should the average person who's trying to figure out power, to deal with the very present conflicts that exists between different, philosophies and idea. So so, just like one example, the mindful movement has has become very in vogue over the last ten to fifteen years. And meditation as part of the path to self actual innovation and transcendence is something that many people are talking. On the other hand, if you look at the angel stoic philosophers like Seneca and Marcus Aurelius and others. There not so big necessarily on meditation in the sense of
clearing the mind and a sort of sort of focusing on breathing and the like, and they have a different approach about sort of the practical steps that someone might take. Two saw some of the the issues that we might look to meditation for help with it seems to be sort of a conflict, at least to some degree. How can the average person navigate with. That is one example and, of course, hundreds of others. The conflicts between these different ideas about how to how to live presently and and transcend for lack of a better term. What's it and separate question, I think it goes back to your other question about One way to live a good wife I thought can be. I thought this course the science of living well and at a whole history lecture where I am go through in depth, different conceptualisation of what the good life and pale throughout the course of human history and my goal for my students is to see what resonates within the most
I mean you, do you have the other right holidays? I love that guy. You know who I am. I thought he spent my pockets times and he's gone? How about this about the stove tray, but it doesn't mean that everyone has to be as Gung HO about the Stoke. Some people might Resnick more. With some things the Buddha said some people, my resonating With what impact when says like, like you, you refer, you really have to open up the space that that no one discovered the alternate truth that works for everyone and all of humanity. No one, the stoics didn't, certainly I'm now I did what what it could be. An interesting question is what which philosophy is closest to the science
these costs. Actually, what the science shows is most likely to. We took her life, that's a reasonable question and with I answered it out one boy, I've never answer that in public before because I'm very wary of you know in some sort of like fights There's the winner be moving, but I think that there are the science shows that there is there a grain of truth in all of them, and then my telling a bitter
combat answer, but it daddy to yet it doesn't arrive. We happily mix and match. You know that, so if it, if I was, you were actually that's. What I tried to do in my book transcend to be honest, is I didn't put it to a particular ancient philosophy? I try to present a for integrated framework of what all the science looks like. So my preferred approach is science. My preferred approach is to take them what we know about it and put together into an integrated scientific framework, as opposed to a philosophical maybe that's untested now note that might be funny words to some philosophers, but about a philosopher and psychologists. There are people who will no doubt listen to this conversation and no say guys you're missing the boat? This is not about Maslow. This is not about stoicism there,
is no way that anybody can really self actual. And transcend unless we deal with, the structural problems in society. When we had some people might point to NEO liberalism. Others will point to capitalism. Some will point to the military, industrial, complex or inequality, and they I'll say, You're doing is like a retail strategy, but unless you do the wholesale first you're not going to get there. What what would you say to that argument? Will I think it's funny that uses the word boat because that's my new higher give needs metaphors a sailboat. So I I very much taken into account and appreciate the fact that we can have to meet holes in our boat or kept, which insecurity are too much stressors on the boat itself, I can't go anywhere, but I also tried to point to the fact that we must not neglect our higher possibilities,
either. This is very much in the Spirit of what NASA talked about in a really trying to bring back a lot of these ideas and make the argument that we need to work on both insecurity and we also need to work on growth they get to stuck in talking about, secure, insecurity and and safe spaces and and and systemic opera. All these things, which are fair enough, but if we talk too much about it, we can start to neglect and forget that there still beauty in the world We can start to forget that there are still opportunities, no matter what how dire your current circumstances are. There are still opportune for meaning making their opportunities for connection. In fact, if you, if you get too caught up in what NASA called the deficiency realm of human existence and neglect the bee realm or the being round the growth realm, you actually start neglecting all these amazing uptake
connection that may exist because you're so focused on grievances. Let's pause our conversation with Scott Bury Kaufman there. We will have the full conversation total glory on, David Pachmann show Youtube Channel Youtube dot com, slash the David tackling shout the day, Pachmann Shell, David Pachmann, dagger privacy, DOT Tk. Is one of our sponsors and they're, giving you five dollars just for using their free service at privacy, dot, com, slash, Pachmann privacy is a service using for a while. Now I love it, it saves me a bunch of headaches, it's completely free and it's very quick to set up and here's how
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Dot com, Slash Pachmann David TAT, Michel David Tagamet, dotcom. There is a new pool of Ohio voters done by be right, leaning, Rasmussen, reports which has Donald Trump losing by four points to Joe Biden, forty nine to forty five- and this is a really important pole for a few different reasons. First of all, Ohio Ohio is of such importance to Republicans and in fact, Republicans, a republic Presidential candidate has not one the electoral College without winning Ohio dating back decades. You have to go at least to the seventies and I didn't go back any further than that. So it Republicans need Ohio historically in order to win
even more so than I would even say, Florida. Ohio is one of those states where, if Trump does not win Ohio, it could be a very, very bad election for Donald Trump. This is also an important Paul, because it's a Rasmussen, Paul and rasmussen- pulls tend to lean right, if Even a Rasmussen pulses Trump is losing Ohio by four that good. Also be very bad for Trump. How, over you, I say this is only one. Paul Donald Trump certainly is still winning Ohio over all right, not so fast back in the real, clear politics average of recent polling. Joe Biden is up by two point: four: on a right now in Ohio. That include and Ohio media collaborative pull from six weeks ago, which had Joe Biden winning it there's a pole between one and the Rasmussen Pole, which has Donald Trump up by one. So it is certainly true that there is not as
much polling data out of Ohio as there is from some other states. It is absolutely a fact that we should not get cocky or arrogant in any way, but this is much like you know, when we look at Donald Trump being up by only two in Texas. According to the recent Dallas morning, news Paul when you look at the numbers out of places like Arizona. These are signals about how the election could go if we vote. If we that's all it is these. When I see a pole, I see it as an opportunity and adapt We would make a lot of sense if Ohio went Joe Biden it would make sense because Ohio has been absolutely ravaged by Donald Trump Terror on China, which I know you all understand this trump doesn't seem to when you play, tariffs on chinese products american businesses importing those products pay the tariffs. It's not. The chinese who pay the tariffs
when you're in manufacturing, when you're in farming and you're dealing with counter tariffs from China. Oh hi always a place. That would be very much affected by Donald Trump disastrous trade policy. The point here is: every state ass to be involved. We're going to deal with this in today's voicemail. In fact, I am continuing. To experience worry that somebody Well, aren't getting the importance of every state being involved here, but think about it. This way, if Donald try, is really up by only two in Texas make him fight for the win me Kim, spend money in Texas dead. He won't have other places. We talk yesterday about how Donald Trump has already spent seventy three percent of the one point, one billion dollars that he's raised since the start of twenty nineteen it is in a cash crunch. Trump is struggling. Continue running ads in all of the states in which he should be running adds make spend money to defend Texas if Florida is tied or
I'd up a little in Florida or Trump is up a little in Florida. The point is Florida. In play and any money that Trump spends in Florida is money. You cannot spend in Ohio, that's good for oh bind, the whole point here is: we have to run the score in every state. While simultaneous. We keep the pressure up, so Trump actually has to fight for states that, in past elections, Republicans didn't to put any money into. That would have been easy winds for Republicans. That's the way to do it. One their great example of this is Arizona. Arizona has been a red state for a long time. And in presidential elections and on average, Joe Biden is currently winning by five, including winning by nine in Arizona. In a recent Fox news, Pole, Martha makes out the republican incumbent Senator in Arizona is down by as much as seventeen to democratic then it challenger Mark kelly- it tells us NUTS
other than the state is in play, and it's worth fighting for, if only to make Donald Trump himself have to fight for it. That in itself helps Joe Biden. Let's keep it going well on to just seven plus weeks remaining here, we're going to keep the pressure up. We need you to keep the pressure up his We had a fast since aiding interview last night on Rachel Meadows Programme with Donald Trumps, former personal attorney, Michael Cohen. Now, I dont really watch MSNBC, CNN and Fox NEWS other than services that will sort of clip notable things for me that I might want to talk about the programme. I haven't seen Rachel vows Rachel Meadows, showing years, I think the last I saw. It was when she had that episode. About. Oh, we have trumps taxes, but it was like a fifteen year old paid one of the ten forty or something like that last. Its interview that Rachel Matter did with Michael colonists, fascinating and there's a ton of
material. In the interview, I encourage you to check out the entire interview if it's interesting to you, but I want to focusing on one thing today, which is Cohen predicted yesterday something we ve been talking about for a while by we I mean I mean you know with the audience. It's been in the ether for awhile. Just the idea that, if Donald Trump is to Joe Biden in November some time between November in January, Twentieth Donald, will resign in order Make my pants president, in order for my pants to pre empt the key issue. A blanket pardon for Donald Trump. We ve been too about this for a while collars regularly ask about it and suggested here is Michael coincide, hang. He believes that that is exactly what Donald crumple do if he loses two Joe Biden in November, that you set the very but the book that the President Turning to William BAR ousted, the U S attorney in southern district of New York and tried to install effectively
dissidents, golfing body as the new. U S attorney there, because the president, in your view, wanted to arrange for himself to be indicted, while still in office, because that would give him the opportunity to pardon himself after here ass. The elections, and I just wanted to make sure that I understand the point that you're making there's ask you too. For it and that a little box, I'm not sure I understand by my theory if he loses theirs the time between the election and the time that president would take office and enduring time my suspicions that he will resign as president, you all out my tends to take over, and he will go ahead and have my armed him uneasy he likes to say it's a brain mixing type of event, and it was ugly, discussed between Roger stoning resident
at some point, and this is only one way to avoid any potential, risen, so there's a few thoughts here that there is Surely a big legal question here and often we hear this kind of flat conventional wisdom that pardons apply only to federal solution. Presidential pardons apply only to federal prosecution, but not to state prosecutions, and that, as such MIKE Pence can't protect Donald Trump from State prosecutor the counter argument is that some believe a blanket pre. Emptive pardon, would cover state prosecutions. The counter to that would be well. There was the idea that that was the case with the Richard Nixon pardons, but it was never actually challenged in court because charges were not actually brought. So we really know they're really isn't judicial precedent in terms of the gallery or the right.
Reality of a pre emptive pardon? Does it cover potential state charges or does it not? It's a debate is the point of the other in Orton Counter or or factor is when we talk about Richard Nixon crimes? They were much narrower in scope than all of the different stuff. That Trump has been colloquially accused of. And they really only took place when Nixon was president with Donald Trump. We're talking about myriad crimes, including I'm allegedly committed before Donald Trump, became president anyway and the- dear, would be pre, emptive par, or not it's going to be much more difficult for MIKE Pence to pray Thirdly, get trump out of trouble definitively. That's sort of one aspect of this The other important aspect of this entire discussion is that clearly
The time between election day and inauguration day could be very dangerous if Donald Trump does loose. Now that I have been saying for a long time in warning, people about and we need to account for that in thinking about how durable are our our institutions. How prepared is Joe Biden and and the Democratic Party and all other aspects of of this country to deal with what might be armed Trump supporters in this it's between November third and January twentieth, if Trump loses and convinces his followers that this thing was rigged. The most import Thing here is trampled rather just win, then to have deal with even this idea of Should I resign and pens pardon me so because Trump would, rather just wind he's going to do anything he can anything he can think of to win fair, we or unfairly, and yes, our blood, could be boiling about. What's going on, and yes, Donald Trump must be at least somewhat scared of
What might happen if he does lose, but he is going to try to see the personal problem by disenfranchises you that's where the postal service stuff comes from, that Where deals utilizing, the trustworthiness of the election is coming from. That's where all of this is coming from from so bottom line. I can't see Donald from simply accepting defeat I dont imagine that if Biden winds, I was looking at once an area where Biden gets to eighty nine electoral I can imagine that, with Biden to eighty nine trump just says, I concede thanks guys I lost I think in the event of Abiden land slide from will come up with something to say, he's going to start right executive orders declaring the result, suspect and trying to postpone a transition. I dont know is at least going to say something about it if its close, he do everything he can to use lawyers to stop the counting of absentee ballots, he's going to try something I
believe he will eventually go if he loses buddies. To try something and we have to make sure that We are prepared for it. As I said earlier, I dont know if Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are prepared for it. I hope they are We have a voice mail number which you can call any time. That number is two one: nine to day bid p here is yet another collar who, I fear, may be stating the importance of voting. If you're in a very blue or very red state, take a lesson. Hey David, I have a quick question. I myself come from New York State Young down the voting. I'm wondering those who noted their county is dated desperate Whoever is going to go Blu Ray and have been a regardless of the individual votes. Would you stated people like myself and others that I may not necessarily that it was going to the effort to vote by now?
I'm the urgent to all gas? So I would tell you you are very very wrong. This election in particular, is crucial election in which we have to run up the score. By that I mean we need votes for by in blue states that Biden will win easily and we need four Biden in Red States. That Biden will very much lose because the law larger the margin, the more difficult it will be for a court to give anything to Trump, if he tries to challenge the results in one state nationally. Whatever It's never been more important to vote than this year, rule guard lists of what's happening in your state, we ve got a great bonus. Show or you today we will talk about corona virus and the Sturgis Motorcycle rally. It's not just. U s p s. It's also fed ex Dil worries that are delayed. I'll tell you why and my Teslas stock, my Tesla stock down when he one percent in one day what the hell happened. Did I sell any in dance, I will give you the full run down on today's bonus.
So don't miss it become a member at join packing, dot com to get instant access do the bonus shop
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