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Alan Carr, comedian and chat show host, is known for his love of silliness, dressing up and camp daftness. His stand-up shows have filled arenas, and on TV he co-hosted the Friday Night Project and then his own show - Chatty Man. Alan was born into a footballing family – his dad, Graham, was a professional player and then a manager. Alan first tried his hand at comedy while reading Theatre Studies at Middlesex University. After he graduated, he took on a range of jobs before his ability to make friends laugh with his stories of working in a call centre in Manchester led him to try stand-up at a local venue. In 2001 he won the City Life Best Newcomer of the Year and the BBC New Comedy Awards. His break into TV came after a spell as the warm-up man for the Jonathan Ross chat show. He has won many awards including Best Entertainment Show for Alan Carr: Chatty Man at the 2010 TV Choice Awards, the 2013 BAFTA for Best Entertainment Performance and 2013 British Comedy Award for Best Comedy Entertainment Personality. In 2015 he won the National Television Award for Best Chat Show Host. He and his long term partner Paul were married in January 2018 by Adele - who also organised the wedding, and paid for it. Presenter: Lauren Laverne Producer: Cathy Drysdale
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Pvc. Sounds music radio broadcasts, I'm event, and this is the desert island discs podcast. Every week I ask my guest to choose the eight tracks book and luxury they want to take with them if they were cast away to a desert island. This is an extended vision of the original radio full broadcast and for rights reasons. The music is shorter than the original broadcast. I hope you enjoy listening. The my customary this week is melancholy. He's one of the countries best loved standoffs, a tv favourite and its brand of humor is twenty first century version of a traditional british seaside, postcard, shop, saucy and gloriously silly
finds comedy in the ordinary stuff of life and rebels in pop culture so it comes as no surprise that he started his comedy korea running it. Every night in manchester, though he couldn't have known back, then that it would lead to three. Medium to his two books and long running tv shows like chatty man and the friday night project. He wasn't supposed to be a stand up football with the family business, his father. Grandfather were both successful players and his dad manage the football team in northampton. Where I grew up, it became obvious white early that he wasn't cut out for the beautiful game and though it took little longer to work out exactly what he walks cut out for he got there in the end he says when you being bullied in school, you dream of turning up at the gates in your ferko, with your schoeffer and everyone saying we wish. We haven't bullied you alan, but everything I hated at school and couldn't wait. Change is now my trademark. My voice, my teeth, my glasses I'll, incur well, Does island discs? Thank you,
you ve been making audiences laughed for over twenty years. Now you got many strings to your bow. As I mentioned, winning stand up, put chat, show, host and entertain out us both. How did the joys of each compare? Oh that's interesting yeah what tvs good. I love it, but you know is now when I'm getting a little bit irritated with tv. I do a stand up to because you can say you want you, not additives, You can do what you want to do. I find it so freeing I absolutely love it and tvs. Another muslin stand up. Is my favorite cause? That's what started all of this. Many comics political, your avowedly disinterested in politics. Why is there? No governments are gonna collapse when you watch an alan carr show a dozen interests me, which is shocking to say, but I don't think people wanted at the end of the week. Let's just have a couple of hours of fun, a bit of silliness. That's what makes
may allow and short no comedy routine has ever changed any dictator. They never brought it tied down. They ve, never crushed a government. I may not just I was done why they buffer? Why would you Bob? I just have some fondness of. Allow you've got an absolutely wicked look on your face. I should tell your voice is instantly recognizable. When did you realize that it was unique? Oh well, let me I just generally I the most awful thing. About twelve fur and I then why did draw my name? Is it let's watch the play back and I've been in it, and this thing I saw on the screen I was slot- was that voice is basically voting at its heart by relaxed my hand without my hip, like a teapot, my voice. Sorts like say: go with its wing trap, some with an eye
I know I am getting bullied. I didn't know what I was like that I didn't know and I'm smiling now, but my god it was like a punch in the stomach. Why didn't anyone tell me and of course they worked? in may. The bullies were telling me every day a lot for a couple of weeks out for allen, stop being sur camp. I was actually thinking of getting stuck a suit of armor or somebody you know to put on to stop me. Mince and do I know because he was not telling the tide to go back about it. He was just awful. I would just. I don't want to be like that, do you feel about? It now mean in a fast food. All these years later we are often referred to as a a camp icon. I can't gets a bad name and I really hate that fact. It's a wonderful british tradition camp I mean tallies, can strictly cam ex factors can pay
scam, but you know what all these wonderful traditional assess obey, and now you got larry gray son you now you got all these are an issue based and the pray I people, love can be very british and I just don't know why gets a bad read, but I don't want to base camp, but I'm not fully to now. I can't be bothered to change and I'm stuck- this voice, but it is weird you know when I do stand up, I'm a bit like mariah carry. I have to protect it. If I don't reach those high knows People complain to the seagull that you're, referring to you, gotta be able to get up there. Oh, we are people want to air that array. I did an interview once with janet street porter and it was basically like to see ghosts fighting over a chip. Obviously No, this is our christmas episode, dull, and so I have to ask you about christmas, shake. Ah, what goes on what a typical christmas be? Well, I've spend it with
oh family up in sunderland or spending in northampton, with my mom and dad and brother, but this time it's just me and pull down on the farm with the dogs just a quiet one. I've got a busy in action, not just one or relax all right. Let set the mood with some music. Tell me about your first choice today. Why be chosen this one well existed from texas, three, four frankly and I've such fun memories. If array for franklin, because my dad was away many football manager, often on a saturday off the weekend, staying via on tuesday, a replying away as well and in Wednesday thursday training may mom skin in north hampton, but should have over. These are re for franklin out his red in songs and which Listen to him. Just me and my mom, it's lovely in livery for franklin. It just irritates me there
one just plays say a little prayer will think I mean she's got the most amazing back catalogue sister from texas. The lyrics are just so amazing and it's a base item angel. You don't really hear much of it and it's like a fortune cookie of a song cause. It's got little meanings in that it. You still open opening up and you go oh yeah. I like that and I just listen to a voice for ever tat man and they just calm down no in texas, risa franklin, so Alan call growing up football very much
family business, your dad and your grandfather, both form of players, how successful whether they would go mad played in the first division, which would be the premier vision now and Emma granddad will plateful west from an newcastle. Ok and by the time you will. Let you your dad was a football manager. I understand that there were some really excellent chance about him, a spy is round his fate and touched the ground graham cause great, graham garv, cairo. Why our may yet with hand actions diego I still got a zone in the rest, with the figures now about getting old, moored, led you'd, be there with that and they and when they were losing you day, the whole crowd boeing. Your dad Does that not every wade's now must be quite intense yeah it was. It was a very serious situation again towards the aim when they would
and came down there. The table, I wouldn't go, I'm not my dad said in about as the least show busy person going any says, Alan with reviews. Don't take the good and the bad don't tightly endeavour. And he said just do what you gotta do, and that is the public the only time our lie it out. We ve actually had a discussion about our a re. Isn't there something carbon made? I you know I still. You know I cited medallion. What was The audience, like, oh sorry, the crowd, and then you know what what did you do in the intermission? Also read the half time and it sounds like I made abbey's genuine being at the county ground and that they're kicking the ball about, and then the man did a sliding tackle from behind in a kosher
out man on guess. I stood up haze behind Jim and I was just so that everyone must be going. That's graham said everyone knowing and it goes. I was used to have me. I If the christ is real, this is it like many aspiring young footballers. You are obsessed with Agatha christie and bird watching. Yes, I've got a pair of binoculars for my thirteenth birthday. Do you know I did my thirteenth birthday went to pittsford reservoir because there was some canada geese you know. Are we dad was great, really there's not many people who would take their son to the fallen? now islands, so I could see the puffins, so he obviously got you did. He think you would get me he was good later, but you know what I didn't know. This was going to happen today and so I started off in manchester and he was a figure refund me dad's, safe and everyone went with it. You know wasn't a monster and I d really emotional thing with america.
Too few wines and hail of football and he still nights with those footballer. He said Alan. I wanted you to have friends and I wanted you to do something you loved, like I love with football, and that's why I wanted to be a football thief. Got friends. You ve got ten other guys in the team. Who will be your? May see said I, you ve, got it now and he said I m so place fear successfully sweat. You get me about, should oh yeah yeah, really nice, many on standards they of course not watching dvds and videos of that heroes. You know dream it have been the next richard prior Robin Williams. Were you one of those kids? I wonder now. That's my laced favour thing to do watching stand. I don't like it not because I think it all give me that micro far larger, I don't like go to say and when I'm on, I will just turn up, do my stuff and go I'm not canadians commit in that say. You know. I realized
call it being a loaf. Basha can't be buffered at one est fro. It may be out. If I did I'd, probably be a bit better at my stand up, but I dunno whether it's because I've done seven years in a call center may be people tolkien. You know I I struggle on the phone. Do you have a flashback? Let's go to music right now. Tell me about your second yesterday wisely chosen this one we're gonna have a bit a disco donna summer last stance disco four! May I just love too, and I was the one them by the flask from the charity, shops and arduous. You say: listen to disco. It was my release. Song just reminds me of dancing in my room, but my mum telling me you know your dad's downstairs today this music into the now you don't think I can hear you flares, flattened about from big o sat with the music that oppose the navy thing to the railways,
don't you some, and the last dance alan could take us back to school? Then how did you get on there. And school was good and people will say what she shouted like and it goes we may. Your childhood is zero, isn't it to about fourteen fifteen in like one till nine great beth in a long loads of friends, class
Clown makin a bow and then of course you start fancying paypal, you know of autumn fence. He goes and then very introspective from nine to about thirteen fourteen any sort of come out. You shall again puberty light hate. You knocked you over. Yeah sammy day, if you happy childhood with my family than bid a bully, but then you know not what people go through nowadays. So what was the bullying like extensive was that and how you want your why it was just stem psychological really, but you know what I'm not just Fine bullying, but I'm sure I must have been annoying. I may I know you don't mean that, but now I probably was a bit loud and that you should be bullied by Abby but then you know what I was never really a victim. I always thought they were loses out. Befriend jenny. You know we would nevertheless
Why are you doing this? Why did from then? Not that in a reserve of healthcare thing is because I couldn't change. You know I tried my default pose. Is tape, though that evey you did it but of acting at school. I remember your first roll out Squee law, a no animal found, then lights on the worst, but cast together was edward bond saved. That's a very controversial piece, I believe. Yes, I was led and as a really horrific bit, where I begrudge getting the woman pregnant, I mean this safe and well did you should say that? Did it go swimming like I mean I've had more laughs, doing that lunatic, Machel comedy actual many pig, workaday paypal giggling. But why cast me as that, but then at their northampton royal theater, I was bottom, and that was perfect for me and that's when I got a right up in the chronicle and echo and that's when I d
a bit of oh. I like this and some one spot it may in town, and I was out oh yeah, I gotta get used to this comedy roused arrived at in that that's and that that was a little bit of a release for me, a release from from want from daily the offence of whom mama raoul awry annapolis light. Just gift in a fantasy world may really to be honest, yeah of I'm a puppy bit of automated carried. To be honest, I am always make stuff up. Did you feel lonely Till now- and I didn't feel our net loads of friends and then, it was very lonely and that anyone who ted about the bullet hits the brakes and the dinner that's the hardest bit, and I remember that's his walk. He didn't know it took exactly an hour and I just walked sat on the swings at me. Sandwiches and then walked back
but that is just a few years about not Alan's ashes- had own people lightweight pig ballistics. Today's it was just a few years which puberty eight, which everyone goes through our kids today that overhead? The bali doesn't just finish so loud lie. Now I mean this kids go into into school. Now knives and what you might call it I made and no fountain I've been with highly brought a job berlin. You know mate that just sums it up. That was oh, I just got a chance imho so either way make an old man who needed nothing. What kids are up to these days and heading back to your teenage bedroom? I think the next artists that we're going to hear is someone who might have been on the wall definitely and that this is prince and I love prince I've always albums even the rubbish ones,
and then and then dow knows I'm a big fan of prince and then she invited me to see him do a sound check at ronnie scott's. What was it like I didn't go cathartic, gigging, chrome and then, of course, he died in two thousand and sixteen and I just burst into tears now. I have two heroes, victoria word and prince, and they both died one day over each other and I'd never met either of them, and I was just a bit I was in bed like everyone on christmas day with George Michael. It was at tat two thousand sixty one on all four year that was thought about it on cyprus huge fan? I'm me dad come in and look enough. I've got the love sexy poster on the wall. We know with him naked in the orkut and then watching that phase in the ten per one a minimum said. Don't let you
I have to say that cause. That's the one where he's wearing suspenders. Why don't you listen to any men singing cause? I was at JANET jackson, Madonna ron, oh, is that man wearing stilettos all that sprints, I'm a big fan my poll of people follow you, but this is from one of my favorite album sign of the times I got to say im a very intimate gig at Koko and eight was just one killer, no filler. It was wonderful and I'd love to show you some photos, but you had this army of people with stakes and if you took the camera
VC got hit with a cane, so I got no photos of it, but he's all in my head, and you know what sometimes that's a bit better and it's magical, and this is if I was your girlfriend, if she would you him, and he forgot when I was your man. That was your best friend. Would you take care of you? Do all the things that only the best for nk. This strange kid? If I was your girlfriend by prince, cannot just add some please
When I was touring new zealand, the woman who drove me round also drove prince around on ice, o. My lord tell me what with delight she said. He spent the whole time under a state, but he was very polite. It is a lesson in their. So maybe I could conduct yourself. Soil and on leaving school, you came to london and went to middlesex university where you read drama and theatre studies. Rather than acting. How did you get what I'd know range, so I couldn't do acting. So it wasn't the best course for me. It was a lot of
in things around in black body, stockings painting sentence which really wasn't may, but there was a stand up, comedy module and I put my name down for it and you had to do a ten minutes, stand upset and performed in a pump in front of regulars. While your chew two stood at the back and marked you, so I wrote this sets and it went so well and it was just and then the eight county to state that I went. Oh, my god, I'm so good at this, and I did it. The next night same set die to death. I said I'm never doing it again, and then I didn't do it. No, you didn't do it, for you went back to it later ass. We will come back when I got guess when I was here the singing detected with a headset. Be written about your time. You need that for the first year you pretended not to be gay. Oh, I know why you were like me at so typical me.
Doing the wrong way round. Disney people gouty London then come out. Don't that I should like to add. Still want to be so easily read. That's the problem. Adele wanna be easy way. I don't want people, I what I'd love to have a bit of mystery about me, but I'm just dire mystery. Just select, It's may, but me and then facebook at night around not in gear too and free algebra, and when you pretend to do a stray, but people don't realize what it's like Northampton stray into land, and, oh, my god, this amazing city, it was much much did about out. No, why did it had limited? It was a bit of a safety net but your career aspirations at the time. Did you think that this course was gonna? Be your way in I thought sour mean do doubt you wouldn't go on it. You just sort of thing all this is a you know. Next, stop hollywood
and you know what now, how do we stand out? I couldn't be and apply or anything to say the same lines every now and then having you do we stand up. You have you set gags? Sometimes you wanna come and you want to mention the woman's jumbo. Did you say, Teresa may down said you wanted to you can't do, that in hamlet people complain. Can you imagine so tell me at the the first gigs that you did ninety ninety seven. You did this comedy standup module and I think the show itself was downstairs at the king's head. It's a little pub in london's cry chant but is quite well known on the comedy circuit. Oh yea, yea yea, and that was quite a comedy literate audience in there. I mean don't get me wrong. You got as many of your mates in this,
possible- there's a lot of ha ha yeah. You know, but he's still terrified. Will you scared terrified terrified? Couldn't eight nerves, people being sick, horrible horrible, but the buzz was something else, but then the next week, catching up the next day in camden they just stared at me and I just felt awful. I felt awful. I felt the and funniest the worst ever the complete opposite of what at the week before- and I am never doing this again and I didn't fill out free for years till you experience the truncated version of a stand. Ups highs and lows within your weight. Yes and the thing is you don't get paid for stand up the first few years, so I was doing the coast and then I d, lovely supervisor. Could do to let me go a little be early if I'd like a gate back in sheffield a summit should let me go so as to how this might be
in job in the eye and enough in these flights of fancy it now I was really nice. Let's go music tell me about your fourth disk today right, but I'm not a huge fan this. What now eight? That is John Carter just another date now it's nice enough, but when I worked in a factory packing sham pooh, this sum was on all the time you have mental health. I got into a bit of trouble when I was working. There does is unfair in november. In code. Do the leather warehouse- and I heard it so many times whenever the loud bang I had to go the lead. The way house and I thought for like a whole summer, and so this is a bit like just never I mean my dad islam car door. My nan unfolded today is that we lack the level where house, so I think you did effect, but this
now never met John the card up, I'm sure it's love lay just another day, but this always reminds me beat me tat, gun, making up some boxes the champagne It's a pristine window flat step through
just a dignified jonesy corridor. Taking you back Alan call to working in a private debt and job, and we see graduate from university with the two one, but you then went back to know them. And started working in paints, brain factory. Why not pursue
acting or comedy. Where I mean the rents were Oh hi and I'd nope I'd know prospects. I may not just spent amid the lot mucking around really I hadn't really pushed south, so yeah. I went back there and of course, some he's funny that when you go back to these doses, when your ten pay and you know you ve got. You need to go back to your bela, how my god look at these people working in this job and then, of course, you go back there. It's your job, now you having enjoyed shoe about the both of you now became that pass and so on, yeah and now I think, of health and safety. This paint spraying factory I to wipe the grace of gay boxes before they were sprayed. I didn't have a mask. I didn't have any still to come. Boats and the main the paypal there. I remember Alan, don't become don't become, don't become. On the first day I get the countdown conundrum
evangelism than the one because they look in round one. Damn do so you didn't fit in, I didn't fit in eight was hell. What am I supposed to do? It was just artist was, really. May I look now at my life, and I just I just saw bless. You can't believe. How will we know you you're a card I may address. I have a fear that it will go back there. That's what keeps me go in honestly after that you went travelling in a new spent a year going where mexico, australia in thailand and then, when you came back to the uk, moved to manchester. That was when the me at manchester happened and that you are working, Nicole centre, and it was work at the call centre that you had come on, we decided to give stand up. Another try. I only did stand up because I was in a coal centre for a bank, and I was probably a bit. Do I know that influences the depressed ma fail. My psoriasis had come back
I was sitting there with this headset on an a lot lot, the thing in detective. I was flaking everywhere at their, whose is this my life and now telling people back home at number this last night, nine, two thousand. It was a new thing and I was telling me ipl and I were laughing about it and then be friends said there was a local pub, the bars up in Chowan and they put me down and said we do ten minutes. I got a standing ovation, so I was. In the coal centre and they're? Not a lovely supervisor could do to. Let me go a little be early if I'd like a gay got in Sheffield ultimate. Should let me go so as to how this might be in job in the eye and enough in these flights of fancy it now I was really nice. What was the comedy like in manchester at the time as this would be in the early noughties, and it felt like a really moroccan. Flowering was happening in the city for the future. Time in my life, I was in the right place at the right time. The manchester comedy store opens
we will all starting now I mean, and then we would all get in the car and we'd go four hundred quiet, undue sheffield. Lades on Tom. I was in the car. May jason men for John bishop, just going across snake, pass to share failed yeah, no ten people in the audience. I can't give you the money, Jonah door split. You know. Peter K was above Everyone there, as he always is Johnny vegas carolina hon, stiff coogan, would turn up and do bates that kind divide. There was an energy. Eight was lovely. I so lovely seen everyone do in well this quietly conversation going on in the minute by algae bt representation in standing up, in particular after the successive australian comic canna gatsby on her nets and which has been hugely
successful, enable about her experiences as a gay stand up. I wonder how did people and audiences reactor you did you all my younger that homophobia without yeah? I mean that the people see molly korean ilo life and are now- and this is my problem, because people go out major england savour guy it out like that, but I don't get what I'm supposed to be, and you know what people say: Oh, I am representing guys on the tele. I'm not, but tele is a fantasy while its alice in Wonderland- and I say to them- its david, william Simon cow in pairs morgan. The perfect example of heterosexuality know because it just it's the outcasts get drawn to tell a we find a home here, because it's fantasy and it's silly. It's the kind of business where people who can't sing have number one records. Paypal account acts end up in hit movies, some of the biggest nastiest people
become national trenches, it's not real. It's bunkers and of course I don't represent guys. I represent myself and I've never said a word. I mean when I grew up it was. I am what I am not you're, not oh, we want it to be. I mean it's changed all of a sudden now and I feel out somebody I get the blame for that. But you know it's not an act. This is may and so maybe that's why I find it a little bit full. Oh, look at major league gladdens get its own, I'm not stray. This is me, I'm sorry you dive like me, but is good enough for me terms The music tell me about your fifth disk today. Oh excuse me by shirley bassey like I said I do not want, Be a stereo type I I love shelly bath, and actually I will live in data with shirley vastly juliet doctor who had not said to us
Oh I'm doing you follow desert island day, sensitive view, Danny shirley, twice rise, occasionally, We have to go on better, but I love her and I love this song and issues so its heads. I just love it excuse me I can't seem to find at my feet. Don't find. The flaw. My eggs are no man, we might just be a scientist
bessie and excuse me, I need to lie down- are clearly that is. Have you seen on huge her where she sing in that live the drama? Yes, unbelievable. When I did their role, variety performance. It was in cardiff and I got him in the same. Alice, shirley, bassey and cliff richard and are we all have to come on at the end and wave our arms and shirley was to come through the floor at the end as though we're there, and then I can say that the trap does not coming up, and I can hear regularly gesticulating up, get it out and then she just about to swear, and then things have need of music. In my view- and I mean I'm just
I even my arms like a tree in the breeze, as I was told to do what a pro she's great isn't she, I love her and she's a lot of fun and weirdly enough at that row. Variety. I saw a documentary on it and one time they caught on camera with the queen laughing I test club college. I she found for me. I said fanny, that's bucket less take as she knows what tesco go. Cod is, let's go back to two thousand and five that the other you're unexpectedly, invited to be Jonathan losses, warm up man. What was alive working or not show was amazing. Absolutely amazing, so doing me make egg soul over the north west and then every thursday. I would drive down down the m sakes and not stay in the dressing room and you have to warm up and just ten
It is if it means, if Jonathan needed to use the low or something like that and said the first feta pony human with their jane fonda brad pitt bogey, madame I know I mean an incredible cast list, but also you get the chance to see those people backstage. What was I now is just amazing I mean and then a lot of them would do extra gig amount of coldplay, and you too said you want some more and then we all just sat there and to mohali hundred at the height of the piano. Victory was a guest and she sat right next to make sure we got the best seats in the house. Just sat there watching them and Jonathan was absolutely lovely, so supportive and there was a lovely another one of those things that happens again. He was a guest on chatty man, John of rough, a guest on my chat show proper pinching myself. I thought life's funniest. It is an innate sentence like the friday night project came right pretty quickly, as I think those
just the following year after started doing those standard shows activities in two thousand and six in january, and there they, said you want to do, and I saw a said, yeah untested, lovely so the mental montage that you have. If I say early days of the Friday night project, I mean the costumes, the sketches the guests. There was a lot going on. There will a lot going on and dumb came back. That. Moving down to london means in in I mean I'm never been trying to do, but it was quite trendy coup show you got reactor, yea west mariah lady gaga, her first ever performance there Amy wine house amy wine ass, is the house band inside in sign and we got invited to go to the cuba was Paul. Mccartney gave me the thumbs up, love the show. I got what what can we talk about
halcyon days and some of them very surreal. It was around this time that I know you worked with someone who you set your favorite ever tv partner, and that is the line. All black, oh and funded one Unforgettable night at the end of blackpool, peer yeah happened. You know this is such a weird thing. We did this show this awful show that never made the lie to die, but that's what, let the foe and so with satan there having arose at the end of the payer, and this man runs in help help someone I'm enough. The ended the peer it wants to kill himself Can you help to me a little so we get that this man is high As a result, our dialogue, a dialogue, is hanging off for the end of the pair learn who goes odyssey. Caps. Time lie no blair and the man's face.
I'm alan cow, I said, and I think Wiley was baffled. I think we just grabbed him and pulled him out. He had that moment where you shocked him, yes and honest to god. This is all my family's life. This is true and he was just then the place where coal we didn't get a reward or anything games just the way. This thing ever, but I love lionel. I love him, Tell me about your sixth disk today on income, our they phase, Adele It's one that she doesn't really sing much and I just love on the first hour mout. My heart yeah. He is made rings. Me and turns me for you. Some mass lack, a brow can chew. Forever excuse in your intention than I,
and my ted wish for, gave you we know, MA stone melt my home, the story by Adele who Alan call organised your wedding. That must have been another pinch yourself, movement. Oh, I know I know gm. She she got old It is well and married a thin back garden, which was really lovely and yet that I can genuinely say the best day of my life, the best I shall organize too old and paid for it, and I just said to how can I read hey you forget about it. I think give me your account. I wanna puts now maltreat she's what those people that I think has been. On this have to make people feel
a certain way, and she's, just a wonderful, generous, beautiful person and she deserves all. The success yes- and this is your wedding to your husband Paul, who you met a decade ago at a time when I think huge, resigned yourself or were quite comfortable with actually the idea that you know you weren't going to be single and that that was how where then man. I went to my friends birthday enough about nice. Pair of tasks are doing well and the nice charter. Then I add a cup of say four went out and spoke to down the other one. No core get changed so quickly, but these grey trousers on the blue v neck things bluffing underneath and my outfit. What I'm wearing is identical to the tesco outfit. It looks like Well, they knew that one well cause. You know. I've watched teske as it sounds are all now have been there. All I needed was a name badge saying you on one hand packing and I would have looked spot on
I go there. Oh my god, I look Ming and yet again and then this man walk said anne. I fall in love. And yet here we are still going. What does having a partner and someone to share your life with one meeting, and it's amazing, you know, are cassettes every day. I thank my lucky stars for this life and nice to share it with the same since the EU members soule nights, you ve said that all of the things You hated about yourself when you were growing up, have now become part of your trademark and yeah. You've looked back at your life and written about your life and obviously were sitting here today talking about your life. What's that experience of of reflection and reflecting back like for you yeah me, neither to adjust counter. It's it's. He has had an outer body experience. Rarely, and I am I am nope he was have I do pinch myself. You know self esteem I'd I do sometimes you know
Do I deserve a out, and if I do, I do ask these moments. I that thing the self esteem thing better. I'm places and given to me- and I shall do my best whither, I think- and how do you do but when you do feel like thought, you were that's a pope right like that, but I think I think everyone as they, sir fraud. You know this funding. Allowed that is better into view is bought in Seoul, given it dd, you know, there's a little bit of gale in there, but I mean that's healthy, because you're you're just become a monster. Otherwise you've got to laugh that, while I may, while vibing given this and I never get for ground it. I owe you known because in this I loved you book tat. You re that I always read the book. I always say them. I was this into. They have even if these rubbish deal, but you have to cause you chosen to come. I show you now I do. I make it work and maybe the bit that sick
two percent talent for each in our work- and I will make this time make this the best interview I can, don't need to go, I don't want it to end and how we deal with it when things are going well, you know you mentioned your dad. Can you give me some advice about taken allworthy? What about the criticism that inevitably comes with success? you know, listen when the public eye. We should get it, but you know you just ways through aware now back to the playground, your back there, it's weird, isn't it The agenda is a bit like the one of those retractable dog late. You know of a soldier with it along then lacks a back there, oh and it shouldn't bailey that buddy these and makes the job sidney? I mean you know not. Everyone can lie digital domain, but it still ass an oversight. Doesn't, but you know everyone gets criticism. You ve gotta, put out with it. Let's go.
The music. Tell me about your seventh disk today. Why be chosen this one rebirth, roberta flack, do what you got do not Amy patented a bit of a tough time. Last year, and the beginning that they share. He went to a treatment scent of alcohol to six weeks and it was such a weird exe. Periods may Miss all night for ten years, he's gone and I was there by myself. In very low anger. We drink a lot of motions flying around, and then I heard this on a playlist and I listened to it you know what do what you gotta do. Do it for yourself, I just found myself humming it and the lyrics yet- and it just came to me at the right point and just listened to a thing in this I mean this is one of my favorite things: drinking red wine and crying
So what are those sound with yedo rebecca flag? Do what you gotta do my name is Now we see we win roberta flack and do what you gotta do I'll call. You have written, You make a point of turning grim experiences into stand up gold, whether it's getting psoriasis all witnessing a mugging, how soon
into something a bit rubbish. Do you think well will be good for the show yeah I mean I'm touring next year, so I mean any tragedy I'll take now. I haven't got time to get to closure. I need the jokes now I mean I'm pretty good at it. You know souls saying it's a comedy is tragedy. Plus time is so we were back go then two weeks ago, that's already now putting it into me. Act now in speculator. Yes, yes, eat percolated, that set and when it comes to tragedy close time in looking bank young you or younger you. Is there any advice that you would like to give yourself one. Would you worrying all the time? Just things happen and if you are being bullied scullion, don't do anything rash? Look at me, you know, even if he nodded, fan it will be all right. It will a crumb issue and looking to the future, having been in the business of comedy and entertainment for twenty years now. What do you hope for next? While you don't look old
enough body a hopeful nang leave saved again. Just a kate working Gaza said this with some one camp, younger, younger, bigger teeth, coming round the corner, and I'm not going back to that pose centre, and I tell you that now I will find out what are those cats in greece there's no way I'm giving this up without a fight and what about christmas? What would you like for christmas? Well, Powell has fallen so again some pigs pinks? Yes, how many just a couple of pigs we ve got. Some cows were bows: I'm a city boy highlights the farms. I don't really technically mouse. I can't eat beef now cause of the cow. I mean I'm emotionally attached to the bowls they're like dogs. They follow me around the field. They are widows. Have they got names? Yes, a bully gulliver and cyril Cyril secure the black one. Let's have some more music. What's your eighth disc to date, why have you chosen it? I love this.
The voice I love the material she chooses. She's such a witty singer, its peggy, lay is that all there is the friend sang ray That peggy Is that all areas, Alan car, I'm about to cast, the way to a desert island? What do you think will be the biggest challenge that your face them? Oh, I don't know. I've got no friends. I know you know. I don't know what I'd do. Ok,
tell me fantasies tell how could I not lie to me friend they over. You is JANET street porter we could relive our interview again, you can do. Feeding, though I am going to send you away with the bible and the complete works of shakespeare and can choose another book of your own. What would you like to take with you, while I'm not making fun of the show by saying this, but can I have an aug catalogue, because I know you meant to just have the, hope, but if you take the one but you gonna get bored and at least as pictures and you can, I can always I that soda stream or washing machine or leaf blower. I feel it helped me more than just flicking fro on that that that I know so, could these christmas it'll be bumper as well you can also have a luxury item, something that will soften the blow of being cast away. What would you like, I will this isn't really alex right and by do need a it's a foam ruler, because you
is of men. Satan has done my hip in such as asia. European raoul on a new. Do so is actually agony, If I don't use s eye have a live? Well I got malevolent abounded, thereby myself. Who cares if only book, so the noodle can be yours. Finally, witches. Eight discs would you rush to save from the waves? I think sister from Texas, Aretha franklin, because he's got such a positive message here for the moment, gone forever said the sister from Texas and I think that's something that you need to keep in your mind all the time Alan Carr. Thank you so much for letting us here does island discs. Thank you. The as we leave alan on his phone roller marking up his christmas catalogue. There's just time for me to mind you that
a whole range of fabulous comedians outback catalogue among them sandy talks, vague scibili, connally Victoria would send any henry Sarah militant and we can t vase- and he could hear old and many more programmes by the desert island discs website. Recalled his early days of stand up in manchester and sharing a bill with John bishop Kirsty cast John wayne twenty twelve, when there was more talk about teeth, Simple minds- and don't you forget about me one- was that from John bishop need. Can you dates that records? I save nineteen. Eighty four, I would you have looked in nineteen. Eighty, five, ah magnifica what we ve been waiting. I would
It's short here because I always had sure there would have been weird and succeeds at that points and was playing semipro football. The wrong call and we used to get tracksuits given to so it was cheaper to wear free clothes, then go going, buy them you've, sort of got the look of a footballer about it and you've also got showbiz teeth. Are they your teeth at mit? Her, never ending answer. No the only thing of autonomy thief, and it's quite a big thing to admit her suppose is. I got the whitened because my teeth probably occupy thirty percent of me head or I've got one of those faces that when I laugh or smile, he kisses me teeth. So, when fear starts, do the little bit
television, because everyone else on tv got the teeth. Whitened a lot like. I just woke up on a bench. I just thought you start the wind, but I've never had any structural stuff done soon and one of the the perks of being a successful tv star, of course, is that there are many, a few really oh who, when you say the that is just not always seem yourself, doesn't feel that you know doesn't regard himself as a stand up comedian usual, he northward forgo a few other things. Okay, I was where I was going with. Was though, of course, the willing and attractive female fans. You must get plenty of offers. These tasty There is no possibility of these. There is quite essential, it's because he's cool with the wrong time will be life. You know what I mean I mean removed, for these are got teenage. Kids no way that I'm gonna be called in a jacuzzi. Would soon
Those are the only way is essex, IL and I'm located off to be in the second marriage, with the only person I have ever really been in love with. I saw a photograph of your voice today attractive, and I saw photograph of you at downing street with with the prime minister, and I think David Williams was there with his wife as one and do you allow yourself, as you're, walking up downing street with Melanie and you've been given the security clearance and the door's about to be opened just to look at each other and say who would have thought? Oh, we do the ala. They were very much look at this thing in this vase and look he bought it didn't happen by accident. We were thought to stay as a family and that the most important thing, the marvelous John bishop next time on death discs you'll be able to hear the veteran journalists tell a pick and in the new year on january, the sixth our first castaway between,
nineteen will be the artist jeremy Della in the meantime, have a very merry christmas and a wonderful give here. It started with the plane crash, my father, mayflower level. Conspiracy involving medical experiments, and it ended with the shanghai and what, if it didn't end, embryo inside me, two millimetres known art has already started to beat but are not pregnant. How can I be pregnant Something is beginning its beginning again. Tracks came nearer download the complete talk set on bbc signs
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