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Jenny Beavan, costume designer

2023-03-18 | 🔗
Jenny Beavan has won three Oscars for her costumes for the films Room with a View, Mad Max: Fury Road and Cruella, and has received nine further Academy Award nominations. She was born in London, and her parents were both professional musicians who encouraged her to paint, draw and learn a musical instrument. After studying theatre design, she was invited at the age of just 21 to create the sets for a production of Carmen at the Royal Opera House, conducted by Sir Georg Solti. She also worked on the costumes, which eventually led to her current career. Her credits now include more than 60 films and television series, including a long collaboration with the Merchant Ivory team, on titles such as Howards End and Remains of the Day, as well as Room with a View. Her costumes range from precise period recreations, in films such as The King’s Speech, to the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max and the extravagant 1970s-inspired gowns for Emma Stone and Emma Thompson in Cruella. Along with her Oscars, Jenny has also won four Baftas and two Primetime Emmy awards. She was appointed a OBE in 2017. DISC ONE: Endure from Bach’s St Matthew Passion. Performed by Hans Peter Blochwitz and the Chapelle Royale Orchestra, conducted by Philippe Herreweghe DISC TWO: The Stately Homes of England - Noël Coward DISC THREE: Bizet: Carmen / Act 2 - "La fleur que tu m'avais jetée" (The flower you threw at me) Performed by Plácido Domingo and London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Sir Georg Solti DISC FOUR: O Mio Babbino Caro. Composed by Giacomo Puccini and performed by Kiri Te Kanawa and The London Philharmonic Orchestra DISC FIVE: Scream - Caitlin Albery Beavan and Jim Bell DISC SIX: Parking Fines - Joe Lycett from his That’s the Way, A-Ha, A-Ha tour DISC SEVEN: I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor DISC EIGHT: Radamisto, HWV 12, Act 2: "Ombra cara di mia sposa" (Radamisto) (Beloved shadow of my bride) Composed by George Frideric Handel, performed by Emöke Baráth and Ensemble Artaserse, conducted by Philippe Jaroussky BOOK CHOICE: The Complete Novels of Jane Austen LUXURY ITEM: A cello CASTAWAY'S FAVOURITE: Endure from Bach’s St Matthew Passion. Performed by Hans Peter Blochwitz and the Chapelle Royale Orchestra, conducted by Philippe Herreweghe Presenter Lauren Laverne Producer Sarah Taylor
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Pvc sounds music, radio broadcasts, hallo unlearn event, and this is the desert island discs. Podcast. Every week I ask my guest to choose the eight tracks book and luxury they want to take with them if they were cast away to a desert island and for right reasons them it is shorter than the original broadcast. I hope you enjoy listening. I my castaway this week is jenny, bevin, she's, a triple oscar winning costume designer.
and spent forty years building characters and weaving narratives for the big screen through clothes, her eye for detail, a knack for authenticity of stuff of legend in the film industry and this of her well, which ever well she steps into the exquisite period costumes. If the king speech course with parkinson's insensibility feel absolutely true to their settings, but then so did the post, apocalyptic steam, punk of mud max view road and the seventies fashioned banquet. His knees: crew Ella. She grew up in a creative household and dreamed of becoming a set designer until a lucky break set her on an altogether different path. She describes her job as storytelling through clothes, so what story d? own choices reveal perhaps that she, someone who likes to push the boundaries and mix things up after all, she did make
headlines around the world when she rocked up to collect her second oscar in an eminent his leather jacket. She says I love dressing, others and I know how to make them look beautiful on screen, but I've never been interested in that kind of look for myself. Jenny Bevin, welcome does island discs. Thank you, learn its real honour to be here. All were delighted to have you so janet. You must have the most wonderful imagination took to keep being able to visualize, so many different worlds and characters over all of the decades that you ve been working out. I wonder what the starting point is for you once you ve got a new commission, others ypt and the director's vision. So normally I'm sent the script, and if I like it, then there's a meeting with the director arranged unless, of course, it's someone I've worked with before. From that moment, I sort of live in that world, and I that's what I really love is,
coming part of the world of whatever story? It is your asking a reading, it is it is it coming to life, you can visualize it's quite alien. It normally does on the first reading. I do have a huge imagination served me slightly worryingly. Manaos very small cause have terrible nightmare. Some, you know, imagine all sorts of horrors under the bed and whatever I wonder what quality you most enjoy in the act, is that you worked with what you hoping for when you set out to start you fittings, I think the thing I'm looking for an when it happens. It just makes it surely joyous is when they acted and says now. I know who I am.
And you ve caught his sharing your your tracks with us today, the music that matters to you. How important is music to you when you're working? Do you use it to help? You look create an atmosphere when you're fitting working with an actor or to create a world. I do it at home. I don't use music in the in the fitting room, but in my own life, music is probably the most important of all the arts. I was brought up in a family of classical musicians, and that was absolutely what we heard and lived with all the time and- and it's still in fact in my next life- I will share this with your anger. To pick it up Ah I don't get it practice at the judgment. Do this time I'm so he always good, yellow exposure bonanza well before we get there. Let's get to your music, this first disk today, but again vetoing it's from this. In my few passion, which is probably the piece of music, I first took in and really listen to, because both my parents were classical musicians and it was very about a potent fifty so when they were both in something I was often taken along too
hustle- and I have this incredible memory of- I think it must have been a rehearsal room somewhere, not throw a college of music. It's a big victorian room, I'm sitting on a ban would share my feet and touched the ground and they perhaps done I've heard it and then they putting that its
comments where my mother's wrapping her viola arena a scarf, and my father has her brother, nice, yellow duster, which gets robbed his cello neck, and I just can see it as if it was yesterday and the music just crept into my soul. At this point I must've been about six seven. I love that they were dressing their instrument- yes, but that put them away at and also when you use rosin on the bow it gets powdery and say you need something to gently dust at all. The
The I mean: get out from box, saint Matthew, passion performed by hans peter block fits and the shipping royal orchestra conducted by fear. a pair of vega, so let's go back to the beginning, then jenny and you chose that piece as he said, to remind you of your parents. Your dad Peter in particular, playing the cello. Tell me a little bit more about him. He was a remarkable man, I think, under
cialis from a very young age and came up to london aged sixteen to go to the royal academy of music I met my mother, who is actually from their own college of music on the boy, neil orchestral kestrel too late round, but he was had projects letterpress punching. He was extremely good at I was making things day I why that was always quite so successful, and then we got so hi fi thing going and I think it was pretty medium fire actually, but he will all the separate components and put them together and photography. Ups. Another I think I do remember standing next to him in the dark of this little almost cupboard at the back of a flat in kensington and watching the the photograph come up and the birth of hyper. I think it was called yes there. No, he used to take beautiful photographs and then develop them and print them. Serbs just brought up in a very creative sort of
way, hunting. It does sound like it was twenty four seven creativity in your house. What what about your mum molly? She was a viola player was a fantastic piano, player and and a wonderful mother, but she stopped playing to look after us, and I was thinking that was a mistake and she should have kept playing more. I was hurt. She was so good. She should have, she should have kept going more and not worried about our sweet of you know better, be fine, but some she she in the room downstairs and the flat she left a wall so that we could draw on it. I would never forget that it was such a brilliant thing to do you just let them go free on the wall. It sounds like a very joyful household, the way that you described it this this kind of active, interested expressive household. It was, and she also sent us to a fragile school rather than a regular primate because she loved that german system of play and through
play. You learn at an enormous amount which I absolutely loved, so they must have been very progressive as this would have been the fifties yeah so with both of your parents being professional, is, Jenny did. Did you and Hillary follow in their footsteps and take music? Lessons? Did you do it informally, justice as part of family life? We absolutely have to take lessons and hill was much better than she has at most things and played the piano. I played the cello which I did enjoy, but I just was hopeless at practicing and in I just wanted to be able to do it, but I did learn it up until I was about fifteen or sixteen and can still just about do it, and we have this terrible family quartet at it's going to plug holes. I've heard about this. Never a local quartet taught me through the repertoire. What? If what? If you are not a lot so be formed, because I had a huge bathroom project at my house and to to celebrate the finishing of the building work
We played a piece written by my friend, Julian Marshall, which was called bathroom suite and I'd set. Him expressly has been for for time and c major, but oh, no, no, we're in three shops and all over the place. Anyway. We got through it wearing, of course, at both hats and bathrobes speaking to me take time for your second disc. What are we going to hear next weekend here? The stately homes of england performed by noel coward, which I mean we didn't just stick to classical music at home, and we had some really wonderful funny records like planters and swollen, and it's fabulous no account and we used to listen to them in the evenings with a cup of tea, and this is the days of this
tie marvel's, hi fi. To think that my dad made, we lived in putney in a in a very normal edwardian house, not huge and my mother. I think she diaper this moment. Should I very young and this fabulous aunt came to look after us and it would be whoever was around plus there was normally at least three or four people sort of tucked into corners in it, waifs and strays and and cousins, and what half years we'd put on an lp and listen to it, and I just have this wonderful memories of him at home with bobbing england we proudly represent, we usually keep them up automatic ones to rent, though the pipes that supply the babu birth in the laboratory makes you fear the worst if he was by charles, the quite informative and later by george, the fall on that journey. No
state departments keep the article written on it's wiser, not to sleep in case they tumbled, but still, if they ever catch on fire, which, with any luck they might like all the stately homes of england written and performed by no covered. So any when you were young in this, while the bohemian home we always making things putting on plays that kind of thing. It was more dulls houses in those early days and then I had this wonderful grandfather who used to give a sixpence. If we could tell him where quote from shakespeare time from an he decided, he wanted to take me to see my foe shakespeare and he took me to say dorothy to ten and twelve night. I must have been ten or eleven. I think, and I'd never seen anything like it. What kind of production was it? It was probably quite a straightforward production, but I was just in chance twist the acting the look of it, the storytelling, a new. At that point I needed to be some part of it again.
if I ever wanted to act, but I knew there was something about being part of that world. That really really was going to be important. Now, as you mentioned, and jenny last human, when you were very young, you were just fourteen when she died. What have clearer memories of that time? What you remember, basically, she was ill for quite a long time. It was cancer, and possibly these days would have been cured and and term unfunny about death. I didn't I've always had an interest in inevitability about it, so it's Sad, but it's not anything that isn't in a funny way normal and then this fabulous aren't poll who was is a distant relation, not I think, for the customer. Something said she. If we wanted her to. If the girls wanted me, I will come and lookup and she brought her two children robin class, so we actually expanded as a family and we're still
incredibly fond of each other. But you had that emotional support from from extra manga. Yes, absolutely. I know that your your sister said you he stepped in to help with the practicalities in and support her and look after her tried really hard, but I must say, the washing when the bay area things I bought after that experience, when I first and this money of an automatic, washing machine it's true lizaveta, you years later, but sense of what was it twin tub before that only to interpret isolated and it also holding up between the two now absolutely, but that that's. That must have been quite a lot of responsibility to take on too, as a teen here we're having it was it's time to go to the music disk number three. What are we gonna hear this number three as the platform from common, which I designed for covent garden at ridiculous early age, doing a sort of rescue mission due to people not being available
it's, the the the what
get him away. Azure tee the flower you through it me some by placidus domingo with the london philharmonic orchestra conducted by sir George shawty, so Jenny, you're gonna, have to taught me this new ended up designing, not only the sets, but also the costumes for common at the royal opera house. You would just twenty one. You described it as a rescue mission. Quite the dave you. How did you get the gig a bit sent the wealth theatre company as an art council, trainee, assistant design and which was Fantastic scheme that ran down and- and you would be put enough in a theater and that at that time was run by Michael Juliet, who also ramos national opera, was the and he'd been asked to do common at covent garden and had actually asked my head of department when I was at central school of art and design ralph coulter.
It assets and ralph was very modern in his design style. He did really extremely beautiful sculptural sets, but the conductor sir Georg Solti, who was coming back for his first solo gig after he left the opera house and was coming back as a guest conductor, didn't want to a modern interpretation. So suddenly you know
I decided it wasn't right for him and they were left without a designer and Michael turned to me. I'd done two incredibly small shows to him at the bullshit company, which an eighty seater and splotch said. What did I think of common, and I said, but yet, of course I know a bit of it, but I'm never ready. They said we'll, listen to it and see what you come up with that month. Now, as I was not counsel trainee assistant, I thought oh well, that's just him. You know asking me to do something, so I designed a set for act, one which is the a piazza and dumb, and he took a look at it and he said we're getting on a plane tomorrow. Have you got a passport? I said yes, we're going to frankfurt. We can see ago cruelty. I want you to show this to him to do carmine, so I packed up the model and off we went to frankfurt and
shows who said I just like to see what you do for her too. So I came back and signed up to and he liked it. So that's how I got the gig and then happily in the house, this is her house in putney and my friend david fielding was living there. He just we were at college together and he'd come back, so I got him and felt so. We actually ended up doing it together and then he took her become the props and that because I was suddenly the master, the costume. How did that come about through a first? It was just the sets and then what happens when, though, but I want to do costumes for twenty one year old decide who sent us a had that you will do so So how many are we talking about four hundred, but at the opera house? Everybody was incredibly helpful to me. I think they realized if they weren't it could all go horribly, pear shaped and the more help I got the more likely we were to end up with a a good production. It was never going to be earth shattering or fabulously modern, but it was a good solid.
Rendition of common with nice sights. I was proud of the sat such so. It went well and after a few years working in theater, you helped an old family friend out they'd asked you to work on dame peggy, Ashcroft costumes and that took you into designing for merchant ivory for nick rings. Me and says: could I just go and help her get together, a wardrobe of clothes for this eccentric, english did, I just can't be travelling overland with a female companion and then the no money involved. So I looked through my vote tripe and at some point out pieces I bent over and they had one for day and then I went back and she said to me. She said my dear were getting on quite well. Now I've never been to india before this is pre jewel in the crown or passage. When I am a little concerned about going and she said they offered me a first class etiquette,
If I change it for two economists, will you come with me? So I end up at the palace in jodhpur rajasthan, and I just get involved with everything I do crowd collecting. I did props. I did costumes. I help with continuity I in a basically just and after that I was simply part of the merchant ivory family and they saw me as a costume designer. Didn't you go traveling together after the film which was in roger stone, we went down to GOA and we had an incredible time. I remember we were both on eleven. After scooter. You know, and it's a lovely end to what was really my first film, it's time for civil music, jenny bevin. What's your fourth piece today and why are you taking it with you to the island? It's a male bambino caro from a room with a view. It was the film I did with merchant ivory and john bright, and I was so surprised
was so pissy when we make a film you'd have no idea what the music is going to be you're, making the pieces of the jigsaw, which are then slotted together by someone else. And then vanished over and all that and say member sitting in the cinema. Up for the cast and crew screening and absolutely being blown away by the choice of this music, which I had no idea, was going to be on the phone: the the the the,
the. The a meal babuino carried by between some by carried to canada.
London, philharmonic orchestra, from the soundtrack to a room with a view jenny? It's not just about getting the visual look of the film right. It's also about understanding its social context. Isn't it. I know that when you worked on at the film the king speech, you made sure Jeffrey russia's character didn't have too many clothes yeah. Well, we didn't, then there will be super earlier, but a little bit, but I remember having very few clothes in the early fifties and you meant them, and you polished your shoes and you only had three pairs. You enjoy your outdoor in your daps, possibly a pair of wellingtons, but absolutely but you didn't they wore them round and round, as indeed in jane austen stay. They didn't necessarily have many closed at low to access routes. That sort of gave things are really different. Look and that's one of the fun things and if you're on a small budget that really saves you you'd enjoyed so much success, genuine with some incredible a period
schemes, but then in twenty fifteen there was a complete change of gay, your us to work on something totally different: mad max fury roads, How did you go by imagining costumes for this post apocalypse? Dick well them in its it a graphic over to start with? I guess you got the comics to help ease the visual references, but what sort of design criteria did you have it six up to the same as if you're doing jane, austen o model king speech? It's a story of these characters and what their backgrounds are and where they have come from an- and this happens in the past popularity, while the surviving with very little there in the world without much water and it's a whole different set of rules, rules survival and a lot of them are only kept alive by the curious contraption say where nightmare the mosque on the mountain, Joe and the breathing thing in his back or rictus erectus with his breathing thing, his you know, and that because site, the more boys have nowhere to put her
and pockets would be really handy. So you know they would keep whatever they owned in pockets, and that gave them a much sort of more solid look, but real teamwork thing actually was, as it should be. It's time the fifth choice, Jenny. What have you got for us? My fifth choice is my daughter, caitlin singing scream, so she did toy with the idea of being a musician. She went to one for school and they had a great drama department and they did the fall of the house of usher as the a level set piece and she wrote this song scream when she was thinking of music and with Jim bell, and I just think
it's really clever. She did a whole city and its having my daughter with may probably the most important person in my life I always hear me, scream by in all brebeuf, bevin, so you bevin, your costumes for mad max fury road were hugely successful. You won both an oscar and a bafta for your work on that film. Now, when you went it collect your bafta, the host for the award ceremony, stephen fry, did joke only one of the greats of cinema
costume design, would come to an award ceremony dressed as a bag lady and created a few newspaper headlines at the time. What he'll recollection of events when I didn't hear it, because I was already about stage- and I love stephen, an idle off the pact. Who said that, of course, I did my had shut us hanging over I mean it was just a. I thought it was just an absolutely fine thing to say I didn't think it dead. Man hang but good, really, but obviously this kind of hope up around I've long did it take to die down into that kind of creep into a real, if, at all with people outside the house thinks I'm a year, we did. We had a bit of that, but what was interesting was actually understanding what films,
let's go through just to having a moment of learning what it feels like to be recognized on the street know that tie tampa quickly. It was so fun. There was a tabloid journalist in your head, though there was indeed he had leaped up, but my neighbour across the road. It was funny cause he said, come over and have a drink, and literally I mean we're talking over the road. When I got ready to come back to my house, he said I'm going to walk you across isis to attack me ridiculous. I it's over the red, I'm walking you back and there he was when his book literally jumped out the hedge. I was very glad he had, and so you he won another oscar for your work on cruella de twenty twenty one film, with their emma stone in dame Emma Thompson. Now anyone who's seen it, as I have numerous times, will understand why it is an absolute tour de force. A banquet of seventies fashion, both stars wearing a stunning parade of outfits and one of emma's stones,
involves a white cape that actually literally burns off to reveal a red dress. So she sets it on fire. There are multiple fashion shows there are balls thereupon, wrong. Performances remain in it. There are a lot of extra is in everybody's costume matters in this film. Imagining that must have been really wording. Put a challenging film to work on. How long did you have to prepare? It was very quick, another sort of rescue mission, really we achieve ten weeks It's not like theater by you have to have it already the first night, your gang and schedule order, always, but even so it was massive because the schedule was all over. The place would stop coming up front, but Emma stone bless her slipped utter. I think a spice girls concert and broke her collarbone, for which she was so mortified and I just said song as you're, not in too much pain. We are so grateful because they actually gave us another.
it's weeks and we've been going at such a speed that we've just kept the thing up and rarely rarely helped. I think, put a lot of detail in that would have been a bit tricky otherwise, but I also had them for nominal team, on that. Jenny is time for some music, your sixth peace today. What is it while dissident music? This is jail. I said during the parking. Fine and Joe is a tremendous friend and I, not showing it like the silent, albeit very very honest. I, like my home comforts, I'm not end up like a big bitten by buxom, not having proper, mattress and various things, and this makes me laugh, and this made me laugh in a minute. I saw it and german of funny by
sort of the epitome of the house. I live in atlanta now, which is also full of people and artists and musicians such a part time whatever, and I do really love that kind of life which I sort of had through my life has is just really fun. People living at the house so Joe came to lodge with you he's a friend of your daughter, caitlin. Yes, they met at a manchester university and and his dad bought him a flat and Joe said you know. If you want leave your stuff up over the summer break. Do- and I thought, oh, that's brilliant. I don't have to drive old wept. Manchester button I said, was really kind. You know janet's room to tell him his welcome. Twelve years ago I mean he's got his own house. He tells
in it he lives in birmingham and is a proud brummie, but some yeah he's around, I feel like we should talk about parking fines, the recognition in the room. This is a bit of helpful advice on uber in london and parking is a nightmare here. There's a thing called a subject: access request. It's part of the data protection at nineteen. Ninety eight, you can request any and all information that a company or an institution has on you and it's such a fabulous waste of that time. They want any extra money. If you get them some they hated and normally go away. This is an ongoing one which isn't a parking financially. This is this. I was driving in the wrong lane and they gave me a fine.
The latter's july, sits on the perils of parking and driving in london, so Jenny have just been nominated for another oscar for your work on mrs Harris goes to paris. In a nutshell, mrs Harris played by less demand veil is a cleaner in the late nineteen. Fifty she set her heart on owning a deal. Dress was then much collaboration between yourself and deal understood when I took on the job that deal would be doing the day or part, I haven't really thought it through. To be honest, I am because of this. That is not how we could to house works, but anyway I went to the archives and had the most wonderful time they were so helpful, so wonderful. I saw what they had from the fifties, which curacy is not a lot because in those days they didn't see the need to keep pieces, they made their collection, they felt it they moved on and then I realized kosis. We were looking at them with our white gloves on live now.
way that we would be using these frocks that still existed, and so I remember sitting round the table at the end of the day and thanked them so much for a fabulous time and how much atlantean and wonderfully pots we were going to be working together and four faces. Looked at me in horror from the other side were known, and I thought oh interesting. So I said well, I do know people who can recreate deal certainly for film, but it will be very expensive and that's what we did. John bright and jane law made the most beautiful deal, requests
nations which are born in the film, which was already a lot more than I thought and stood when I took it on. So these are all good cheer dresses aiming at how on earth. Do you go about re, creating something that takes so many hundreds of hours? If you do it with a thumb, costume house who are used to making things over night if necessary, but we didn't have to make to have night the real problem with Kovich we weren't forlorn covert. This is one of the first films that was made and we went to budapest because it was still relatively open up if it getting fabric was tricky and unique, peppered with real sculptural sense to it to make the dress, as we were, trying to make a, but it will have begun to measurement. We couldn't bring people for fittings, I'm very, very thorough.
With what we did manage to recreate jenny. You have said before I think I'll stop designing when I stop being terrified, because that would be no good at all. It's just about knowing how to approach the problems and how to deal with them and how to solve them. It's it's one of the only things that gets better with age. What do you mean by being terrified and how does that crew fuel? Your creativity, oh, I think, there's always a point when you think item what they should look like. I mean you've seen it in your head when you read it, then The truth is that you can click on view slowly but kill an invite size chunks. I sort of love that an love the moment when you stopping terrified, because you ve actually found it. Oh your version of it never
seems happy but yeah. I am still like her daughter. What do I freely to know what they should look like, which is happening? I've got a possible project for later this year, very different again can't say what it is, but I already am happily terrified, alright that it's time for your seventh disc jenny. What are we going to hear next? I'm really sorry about this lawrence, but I don't think I'm gonna like this island. I do love her home comfort. Any bug will bite me, so I would like Gloria gaynor singing. Those five and I have actually somewhat to the record at moments of my life, and I just think it be brilliant. I will place us out on this. Does china no one with him so in moments of stress? This is a song that using this is one of the ones. Yes definite. I took it
Why do you think I'm gloria gainer? I will survive jenny. It's almost tend to cast you away. What about the practicalities? Will you be able to fend for yourself on the island? I think I'll.
two and tongue that are given. As I say, I will have to I dunno how that work out, but we'll see it. My imagination, of course, goes to the worst thing. You know the bugs and prickles and scratches and let's accentuate the positive. What so violently hoping for while particular chalet is added to be deserted, but still got some rudiments of houses there and maybe cooking pots and and some fresh water supply, and maybe a little pool of be nice. What about your own costume? If you had to design it If the costume for desert island survival would probably be a full on mosquito, you know at which we bought in alaska in a really mosquito kind of keep that tight vacated scenario. Yes, I think that would be the way forward. Got it well one more desk before you take the journey there and till final choice, article to be the final choice
Is she was one of many. I had real trouble choosing this one and it's nothing to do with anything. It's the sort of music I go to when I I need uplifting. I need some kind of spiritual moment which I find. Music is very good for It hits, though, strings and knew that just and when she start singing amidst bit like the back at the beginning. That also does it, but it's just hit the sort of cord on, but I gotta do me a sports from handles. Where do we start the.
The the, the umbra me a suppose, beloved shadow of my bride from handles opera, about a
We heard amicable wrath singing with the somber out assessing conducted by Felipe zero, ski, so jenny. It's time, I'm gonna send you away to the island. I will give you, the bible and the complete works. If shakespeare to read to you can so have another book of your selection. What would you like? A pretty is going to be the complete boats, Jane austen, if I'm allowed, because I find her so re readable and I need something that I can re read and reread, and re read and she's always got something terribly pertinent to say I can absolutely give you the complete works, but do you have a favorite book of has probably not? I should in fact just go round around ready. You can also have a luxury item. What would you do? I thought about this deeply and her from unit endless mosquito open,
I think, a trello, because it's the instrument I did learn when I was younger and I would obviously need some music and I would have a real go at it and trying to it properly. When I get off the island, which I obviously will I can actually join in the family court at the pocket at in it but better the cloak of quota gonna be seriously shocked by the time you get sideways, yours and finally, which track of the eight that you share with us today. Would you rush to save from the waves and was difficult question to last year? Wincing I went back and forth, but I think it has to be the Matthew passion, the bucket jenny Bevin. Thank you very much for letting us here. Your desert island discs spin an absolute persia if rather tortuous, choosing only eight, but thank you The hallo it was lovely.
chad to jenny, and I do hope, she's happy practicing her shadow on the island. There are more than two thousand programmes in our archive that you can listen to me. We recently rediscovered some law according to which include the time no coward shared his music choices with joy. Plummeting, you can hear part of his program if you search through bbc sense or our own desert in discs website the studio manager for today's programme was done of mcdonald, and the producer with savvy taylor join me next time, when my castaway is the artist sonya voice,
Introducing does I think this peculiar about this house, a neutron. bbc radio for the gas sites. Above the fireplace I wonder if money might be trying to get in touch with them. Its playing tricks, who is it useful line, would have it. I saw this place and you get a job in one of these colleges. That would be pleased to have you read
Neither do I'm trying to be lying, like you were, with the dough How much do we really know about the person we love or something I should know about? No, I didn't put a foot wrong and how much can we rely quite a bit younger than you appear to be on screen on the kindness of strangers, and you look like you've been trying to talk to me like that. I didn't even know who he was available. On BBC sounds.
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