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Richard Osman is a broadcaster, TV producer and writer who co-presents the quiz show Pointless on BBC One. His first novel, The Thursday Murder Club, was a publishing phenomenon, selling more than a million copies, and the follow-up became one of the fastest-selling titles since records began. Richard grew up in Haywards Heath in West Sussex and his early passion for television led to him devising quiz shows and programme formats from a young age. After graduating from university he worked for a number of production companies where he helped to develop and produce shows including Total Wipeout, Deal or No Deal and 8 out of 10 Cats. In 2009 Richard became a co-presenter of Pointless alongside Alexander Armstrong. It was not his intention to move in front of the camera, but he was given the job after taking on the role of co-host while the show was being developed. In 2020 Richard published his debut novel, the Thursday Murder Club, the story of four friends in a retirement community who band together to solve cold cases. It was an instant hit, selling 45,000 copies in its first three days on sale. Steven Spielberg has bought the film rights. Richard lives in London and is writing his third novel featuring his resourceful retirees. DISC ONE: Bring Me Sunshine by Morecambe And Wise DISC TWO: Metal Mickey by Suede DISC THREE: Snooker (Drag Racer) by The Douglas Wood Group DISC FOUR: You Can't Stop The Beat by the cast of Hairspray (Nikki Blonsky, Zac Efron, Amanda Bynes, Elijah Kelly, John Travolta and Queen Latifah) DISC FIVE: Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple DISC SIX: American Boy by Estelle Featuring Kanye West DISC SEVEN: Ran by Future Islands DISC EIGHT: A Little Respect by Erasure BOOK CHOICE: Hercule Poirot: the Complete Short Stories by Agatha Christie LUXURY ITEM: A pad of paper, a pen and dice CASTAWAY'S FAVOURITE: DISC FOUR: You Can't Stop The Beat by the cast of Hairspray Presenter Lauren Laverne Producer Paula McGinley
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Pvc sounds music. Radio broadcasts, hello, I'm unlearned event, and this is the desert island discs. Podcast. Every week I ask my guest to choose the eight tracks book and luxury. They want to take with them if they were castaway to a desert island for rights. reasons. The music is shorter than the original broadcast. I hope you enjoy listening. I MIKE. The way this week is richard osman he's arguably televisions most familiar quiz presented a reassuringly, knowledgeable, punctilious and avuncular presence in british living rooms. It wasn't until his forty,
Then he became have sold name, although what you see on screen isn't the realisation of some alone held dream, but one of our most successful television executives enjoying what he calls his damn time before he was persuaded to take up a place in front of the camera he spent twenty. behind it developing in producing shows including total wipeout no deal, and eight out of ten cats in recent years has turned its attention from all those quizzes to a different kind of peace right and to smash it murder, mysteries. The thursday murder club became the thing had best selling hot, but novel of all time, Andy christmas number, one. The follow up became one of the fastest selling novel since records began and Steven Spielberg has snapped up the film rights. But despite the issue of the big screen, the small one has his heart he says I love television, all of its presence in the corner of every living room in britain. I love this
if belonging that television, uniquely can bring rigid osman welcome to desert island discs. Thank you alone is lovely to be her, so you loved that shared experience than that tv bring. but is that rather under siege? At the moment I mean the time when the whole family could gather on the set and watch the same thing he can have for people five people in this, living room, each watching something completely different screen of their own. These days gone should utilities, it's definitely em on me out. That's for sure, so we ve lost a bit of that thing that we used to have a course in the seventies and eighties were everyone's watching the same thing at the same time. But you know that sitting up folk memory and that's the thing that sir TAT I loved and thus the region I love working. television. So much, but you know it has to adapt so the whole kind of multi platform thing doesn't bother. You almost great bring it on. It encourages more voices, people, the so many more people working in this industry. Now, and so many people who are able to get a break in this industry because you know back in the old days, awoke gatekeepers. I was shocked that I got into television. It won't sense and it wasn't metro honestly when I start
You know you you're with a group of people didn't really want to work in television, their parents data. mate state or something like that and they got in, and I went to the same school to someone so you're the first they up. I walked in you sort of sitting chatting about a show, and I really didn't unsound what they were talking about because I'd watch tele or my laughing you every single show that was a bit like the one we are making. so a knew how to adjust, knew how to do it, and I knew what people would like to watch, because I love to watch telly and I was surrounded by people who didn't watch television. People live aboard game or in a crack ways. At this time of year, richard de games play much point in your christmas celebrations at home. You always have done. You know back in the auditors when you know we have christmas, my mom and my grandparents- and you know it always play ball. Games with pay tribute to suit, was blue lou d, was by games where you realize, sometimes, twenty thirty years later, my That was making the rules up to suit himself and saw
the games against some of them, because that's not how you play this game you think hold on. He told me that, and it was absolutely my granddad and the best thing about Chris always playing pairs must always do that. But then the thing who, who gets to pair with who and there's always someone sitting in the room you think, ah, and why is it better if the dynamics better for the exactly? Because you can then have questions that people can chat about each other, is just more fun like acquit itself point, this is more focused. This pass playing a so you always have an opinion of a pair of people. If there's a married couple, you ve always got my opinion, whose married well quite often important This is terrible. I have, but we will do. It will be a man and a woman, and I will say friends what makes you so I don't know about that. Really. Are you friends? We think that she's friends, I think he was more than friends, so he always is impossible. If you see two people who have a relationship not to have a little kind of gossip about that relationship. Well, let's dive into your first choice. Then what is it? And why have you taken it with you to the
today. We talk about television and in how meaningful that was for me growing up and there's one song. I think that to anybody ever certain age, just screams television and screams that shared experience and a love of our country and our culture, and it is being me, sunshine somebody once the sun shone angel smile, bring me laughter, all the wild endless live. There should be more happiness, so much joy. You can give to a brand new bride to me through. There is smoking a wise and bring me sunshine. So richard osman, you grew up with your pen senor elder brother months in heyward teeth in sussex, and I know that you,
recently said that you've spent quite long time trying to trace back to the kid that you once were telling me about him. What was he like because I don't see very well- have have never been a child who's who's usually engaged in the world. Just somebody on the sidelines, I think, but I was very deeply content. I found it very if these to entertain myself in a study and to amuse myself and had the most wonderful mom the world a look back on it with great affection and let my father left when I was Young was about nine, and that was probably the end of that. In a sense, I I suspect, uniting us had happiness, but I think it fundamentally changed me a bit and it was it's a movement, wasn't it your dad's leaving? It was a really kind of sudden and seismic georgia and it couldn't have been more english. There's never a raised voice in our city. So, yes to an indignant until the day were called into up front room you're, not a glass squash exclusion. He said that it was
well for someone else and he's leaving, and he hoped that was okay and he had complete shock a complete surprise and isn't as unlikely Seventy, so no one really knew how to handle these things was handled very badly and in what way well badly? In that there was no sign that it was ever going to happen. It was done instantly. He moved out instantly. I didn't see him for a very long time and no one really explain to me what happened and why it happened, and so you know I was able to put up a front of wood. Doesn't worry me anyway, not fast anyway, and that it My dad anyway near you, you said you shut himself time, astonished a bit of myself down. That's for sure. You know cause very painful, so she when you're a kid, so there was no crow parenting there. What you didn't maintaining relationship with him after he left for, like about once I didn't any sort of moved up to the middle and he's? In a case? I have to go see him might have to get lucky coach up from gatwick to rugby. Need me
We then need to citys doesn't seem right for a ten year old and servant. I just said that this is not for me not through alone aramis, had I don't see you anymore, which of course was looking for tension, and but it was too has taken it at face value, so I didn't see many more and then I reconnected with them in my twenties, when I had kids cause, I you know I sort of understood it a bit more about why he done what he done to get it and the fussing sitters. Oh, you must want to find out everything I've been up to since you and does not really gravy others may it. You know, as your son, I just want to tell you what I've been up to, but the that says he's not. He wasn't a main man. He just didn't. Have the daunting had a huge amount of empathy Absolutely is richard second choice today. What is it my brother these three is over the maids, always always in bands. He was always playing his base and united formed bandwidth per anderson in that teens. Said Breton were always around, and then they became swayed somewhat
there are some it's the one they did on top of the pops. like someone had punch the hole in the sky. For me, it doesn't, while we from where we from from and you're on top of approximate with your friends during their songs and eyes, is so proud of him and also selfishly. After all, we can do it there's opportunity
out there. You can make it if you want I'll, never forget it as long as I live, and it said that some of the gold metal mickey the suede and metal mickey richard osman, after your dad left, your mum brenda, is the challenge of bringing up you and your brother Martin. We just heard with his bond swayed on her own home, you remember that time. Looking back what she did was storm, because in this region
money, but we would go on a coach holiday and we go to italy on a couch for like forty eight hours and stay. ten and she was under when I look back adjusting- oh my god, you took two kids on a forty eight hour. You must be miserable and cheap event should become a full time primary school teacher, which is a perfect off for her. She would taken a homework every night to be from the stuffing envelopes for companies, what sort of not point not not one p and its that's, not what she signed up for when she married my As you know, it's not what you signed up for. She signed up to have the life which deserve and I was never really properly made away you know you could buy, would have required some times and that obviously I've tried to blank out be. This is something that wasn't that get pass my defensive wool the notion that story, woman and she did extraordinary things and In a very very because they are beyond grateful
that now some of the ways unable to pay back the light made mutton, despite my favorite through, but my successes that things are unable to give to her mckenna, treats d like to team, but bob where she lives, I was, I was able to buy some beforehand that she would have been able to. Afford a she loves where she lives, you absolutely doors independence by a couple of fast setting out what I know, nothing of the sort of able to do that, but also you know it's lovely like the sunday times. Viewed the other day and she's on the front cover the sunday times, the whole generation is fair to say already fairly obsessed with fame. I know we think the younger generation is, but you know my mom. All she ever wants to know is: am I okay and what stephen fry like associate, cares about and to be able to bring that into her? Life has been because, my god, the things people into my life are extraordinary I'll, never be at the pair back. But just these little payments are nice.
It is time to go to the music. Your third choice today. What is it? Then I've always loved the support they have given me such joy over the years and one of the sports, a good me future. My choice, the sneaker and I was sitting on the sofa about three or four months ago. The sneaker started, a packet of pretzels, and I thought I'm fifty and the nine year old me was doing the exact same thing and the rather lovely thing is the theme use it to the snake was not changed either and the second I hear it it brings me such great inner peace. and reminds me of happiness at all my ages. So I'm going to go for. I think it's called drag racer, but is the themes of deep sea sneaker
And the I racer by the dogwood band, perhaps more familiarizing theme song to the BBC's nuclear coverage, so rigid ozma you were born with nystagmus is pronounced, a condition that causes uncontrolled eye movements. How much impact did it have on you when you were growing up it? Is Thing where you know the world is essentially in soft focus all the time, so it's like being in the fog all the time and some people have it worse than me. Some people have it and don't notice it, but you know
well the things yeah where you can't drive. When I was at school, I could never see the board can see the textbooks in front of me. I can't see the birds in the trees if I'm watching cricket or something I can't see the ball. So tv was incredibly important because they'll show me a summation of the ball in cricket and they'll. Show me a a bird in a tree. I wouldn't say, and tv course ridiculous is a visual medium and if on it sitting in an edit, I can't see if a b must come into shock. I can't see if something looks good, unjustly and just listening. I just listened to what's happening and if I'm presenting account The nordic- you of course it's too far away and so that this means that I never read articles which means are mixed up and which means Hopefully you know when it a long running series they feel fresh because you're not saying the same thing all the time, which is easy to fall into. So you know I've been able to use it to my advantage, but some yeah I'd rather be at the sea. Well, that would be great. I would love that, but listened as I that I see beautiful things, something
no one else would ever see because you know I see it pays in the distance and you know it's a building. I don't see odysseus, beautiful experimental painting as a child. Then you started coming up with formats for games, quizzes and even tv shows what was the appeal in and how did that sought to happen? It is beginning to To me that lies just the way you your mindless. All of my tv successfully comes of sport. I've always loved sport nina sport, you leaks, knockout cups, your things like the right. cup, where individual spain, against each other than pass playing against each other watching tv and family fortunes. Well, these types of shows blockbusters. Yet my brain was interested in how they put it together. My brain was going. That's ok. What have you done that, while we may that decision? I just love Slowly, remember any of those early experiments. Did this?
and I was sort of twelve right. What did like the world cup of music- and you know I pick the sixteen best bands and then they play off against each other in a kind of a knockout competitions years later on, twitter arrived in the same thing at the leather well capital. The sweets and the world cup of almond crisps are very contrary shelves and in the christmas films of racism and fatality and again it keeps happening. I would look back and go yeah. That's what you used to do, and but now you monetize here yeah. I even did a christmas book. The world cup of everything which which reno was that which is love, ya, think right in the eye, just when this is dedicated to the twelve year old maids pesticide blood, I'm still do in it are still doing it, but now it's in bookshops. Alright, let's have some more music region This is your fourth selection today. What have you got for and why talking about think of sort of losing yourself slightly about not not growing ought to be the person that you were supposed to be and that daphne happened to me. I think my twenties and thirties and then them away
I never occurred to me that I would their winter into therapy. This is a song. I didn't easter, like kind of big brass pop music. You know when I was a teenager. I didn't mean it gonna aberrant queen and stuff like that, and I sent you didn't let musicals so there he's, a song so full of joy and their remit It's me that I'm back to who I wasn't back to where I was, and it's you constantly fleets from the musical Despite that I lie down and you can't stop. The beat from on to the film hairspray performed by the cast. Sorry she does.
Let's talk about your first steps into broadcasting when he was sixteen. He started working radio sussex. What's all of programmes we involved with that was like a volunteer on radio sussex could turn up and it was very, very cool. What kind of music and stuff an edifice band I ever in three was populated let's not taper has decided that they were. They were not impressive. Me like a fifteen year old. Listen, it was a sorry poverty to self. If you listening, but you know, I love to loved me. in the studio I loved talking in front of the mic and I loved having that freedom and have always said I never wanted to be a tv presenter and I didn't, but then I looked back and got caught. He loved doing that radio thing when you're sixteen and seventeen. Lena it must. It must have always been there, but you know I've always if I've seen an opportunity, I will buy off and go for it and self confidence. Where did it come from? I dont experiences.
of confidence in any way whatsoever. Did what do you experiences experience it. As that looks like something that would be fun to do. I might see if I can do it. I was always good with ideas. Packaging ideas on looking at what people needed, and so I would just send something off even now: when also shows- and also to things, a medium just writing off to someone and saying how about this. but there's another piece in there isn't there, which is something about keeping going and trying again, because some when people have an idea of objectives, revenge Think I better go away now: try to become perfected. Anatomists dago, almost everything you ever do is gonna fail. I mean that's the truth was, I always say farewell, which is unique, we didn't show or if you've written off to someone make sure, even if it fails that you make a good impression. I remember and I added a t v circle- boys unlimited, which failed really badly in a game.
after one series and Elizabeth S, beef boy by your show, with James cordon volumes, resilience wisely. Why, and I remember I was devastated when it came affair don't be watching for years and years. But you know the commissioners who took off air I just met was right straight afterwards we had a meeting. They said that we're not gonna. Do it again and I wrote in both a letter I said let that must be really hard meeting for you cause, and that was disappointing news. I absolutely loved working with you. Thank you. So much and I'd love the opportunity to do it again, and I was hurting when I wrote that letter, but that's the letter to write, you suddenly be teddy or anywhere we just go. You got it wrong. How dare you understand my vision isn't great. While the dead not going to work with you again, tanking ex disk, its number five richard, what is it and why you taking it to the island today? This one is for my kids who enough that the twenty threerd
If anyone and you know when they were younger, of course, I tried to make them listen to cool music, because all parents do- and my daughter reboots to me the other day about how great Fiona apple is, and she saying that Fiona Apple's new albums it is is incredible and but you used to vienna for when you were right, really little short of goods I remember that but the memory, but let us- and this is just one day- sums that a new kids would like. I left as well, and its extraordinary machine by Fiona apple. I certainly have been shopping for any new issue I certainly haven't been spreading myself around. I still travel by foot and by foot it's a slow climb, but I have been comfortable, so I can stop changing all the time. I notice that my opponent is always on the go,
those extraordinary machine by Fiona apple, rigid ozma, You graduated from cambridge university in ninety ninety two and later joined the production company planet. Twenty four new then move too hot trick productions and wrote for I got news for you and whose line is anyway and around time you also dealing with some personal issues that it started to come to the surface? What happened? Well, I think it is. I think, you know my career was going well and I was successful as I had all the things that I that and at united kids, all the things that I thought were thing that I needed a lot of other things. I was gonna, make everything ok and none of them did, and you know older and older, and and and just working out that I was slightly directionless and I had various addictive behaviors as well and in as soon as you have dick in addictive behavior. You know that something's up because you know you're you're, hiding something or controlling someone was happening. While my my my a bit addictive behaviors always been food has been since I was incredibly young and this is not seen as
doesn't have any of the sort of doomed glamour of drugs or alcohol or anything like that. But if an alcoholic came to my house, they will be shocked to see that there are bottles of gin bottles of wine completely untouched, because an alcoholic couldn't have that in their house. And if I come to your house and there were crisps or chocolate bars or anything untouched in the freezer, but at how what? How would they untouched, if I'm going through an episode, that's the thing is booze is just booze, but food. The addiction is identical. The secrecy of consuming these things, the shame behind it and feeds, is a tricky one because booze and drugs you can just give up unbelievably difficult, but you know a zero tolerance policy, whereas if you are to to food or to or to love all these things that are sustaining deduced. The ideas still have to have them, and so is quite hard one to work. Your way out of how badly the caffeine listened. There hasn't been a day of my life since the age of nine, where haven't thought about problems with
food and how it affects me, and it will be with me for the rest of my life, and neither can do you know I'm either controlling it on controlling at any given time, and these days are control. More often than I don't, but again because you have to eat is actually quite hard and sometimes you know do slip, but I try. best on a sunday have my shame about it now and anyone at home. He overeat saw and thinks it's ridiculous. You just gotta divorce that list we will have something that gets a three life, and you know if that's yours, then we have to face it head on, is just not being so afraid of life and afraid of what will happen. If you put yourself out there, thus a difficult journey and it doesn't come naturally to me, but it's in it, the more I try it. The happier I get Well, listen speaking of enjoying lifeless enjoy some music richard osmond. What have you got for me? I'm just thinking back to a point when I started that on one of my favorite bits of every day on pointless and always has been right from the start is sitting in the make up room which about forty five minutes before the show. My make up
His pauline Saunders is Debbie shown from wardrobe often comes in and those forty five minutes. If I really think about it, bring me such joy, we have such fun just gossiping, and you know we ve been together twelve years and we we would always pace. We was, his songs in the makeup room, certainly in the in the early days to to Geass up- and this is a song that reminds me of Pauline debbie sharon means under all the gang popping, an amount which is everything I've loved about having a ruined tv, and this is american boy, It still can you just give me a bath and then put the money in my hand right there, that of a motor. We need more. We just sold out on the floor see ya,
says the smiling analyzed meat that is meant as america. boy Estelle, featuring com, yea west, richard oarsmen, in two thousand and nine. The quiz show pointless began broadcasting on the bbc. You weren't meant to be the co host, but you took the role while the show was being developed and you ended up with screen job. How did you take to working in front of the cameras than it has ever terrified me, but tv is the studio audience. That's the bit a camera, I'm fine with and knowing people at home, having the t, that's what I'm fine with when I'm in front of some raked seating, this members of the public. Looking at me, I think what on earth am I doing here? I feel better. I feel such a fraud. I remember the first day if you'd said to me just before on on sea. We can replace you would bradley most now out on your please do play honestly. I don't need it, but I'm so thrilled I did it. I mean what an extraordinary weird site projects tell units
You know that don't act the up and up opponents all of a sudden. Well, an and recently a third act is in twenty twenty, your debut novel, the thursday murder club came out to buy a group of friends living in a retirement community who solve crimes, and your mom was the inspiration. How did it happen where she lived, which is news between timing and community dinah sussex, sir in the bible. These fascinating people didn't have these extraordinary things, and literally just a thought, while would be an amazing place for murder, came into my mind just just that, because because of the way it looked in the scanner lakes, woodland and also stuffed me. She probably say that you read a lot of crime factory. Doesn't that's not as much of a leap as I was. I think I listened the love murdering people so how how about how about here, no one's ever going to spot it just to flag that yeah. Exactly thank you learn, so I thought that and then at the second I thought MIKE I'm surrounded by people with incredible. Bills as our listen? Then we got ourselves a gang and they can solve. It
like the eighteen but everyone's over seventy and they ve done these extraordinary things. And yet the sort of invisible workers are the way retreats older people and the tv produce a bit of my brain does when this is not like this something you should do a moat, as you must think of the books, she's panicked that people would sue the I'd, be writing about people lived in the valley to live with their names and vienna telling stories that she's told me about them and us said no of what you have just made stuff up just so you know, I've even change people's names, so she read it once very quickly, literally just for legal isn't it just legal, there is illegal the whole thing and then she read it more slowly and loved it. Let's have your seventh disc today, richard Thompson will music one of the things. I absolutely love. Love writing the book by love the setting I love it and effort. Thirsty Mega went down to sussex to do some signings. I went to have receipts where I grew up and went to the bookshop that you know how it was.
When I was a kid and that a bright and which has been so much of my time and are doing all this signing the but was already setting at that point, I knew it was a hate him I need. My life had changed and coming back in the car is thus in the back of the cop this came on my headphones and as a summit now and so my love, but had this day I was feeling my life had just changed and again I come back to where I grew up and I think sometimes it's important to be proud of yourself and that It's difficult for people. I think it's difficult for me and I just thought you know what I'm really really proud of myself and this song was on my apps. I just burst into tears in the back of the car. I did it These are the two didn't notice thousand is amazing. Toothpicks are proud of what I done and at once, the hard at await the sun is by future islands.
Ran run by future islands? We do those men, you divorced with two grown up children having go to estranged from your own father, we will was conscious of giving them the things that you might missed out on yeah, of course, and I was almost certainly conscious that to you, you can't take that relationship for granted, because I didn't have it and you know I think they know. I love them if they're, listening or just obvious,
at it. I love them very much though they do so endlessly tell them. I dunno it's boring, but I do think it's important and yeah. Hopefully one breaks the cycle, but you know who knows I know that your sons inherited your hide your six point. Seven, he six foot five. I think he gave him some advice about making his way in the world and and being pragmatism. and his advice, you know I grew up very, very awkward in I can see a six foot, seven or the armor glamour couldn't have been more sort of physically ashamed, and you know I've had years of sort of come to terms that yes, I would earnestly to him. Was listen when you walk into a room, even two options by everybody that room even and say well, who's that really tough guy or they gonna say who's that ready to a guy who looks really awkward about being too, I suppose those you want. You don't have another option which is used that ordinary size guy it just doesn't exist. So when you walk into remy just got up on your and you're. Ok with it now you're kind,
if I'm never going to be completely okay with it, because this many idiots in the world and the one thing about it is, is it's a great idiot radar, sometimes a different, whether nydia, because any body whose an idiot will say something stupid. Is that why you call yourself a reluctant lighthouse, because you kind of light up the idiots is that fits? I think a reluctant light. Has, I think if you told people gravitate towards in and get that- and you know I have always tried to- gentle with people, because, if your physically big it sorted, I never ever want to be intimidating, and so the one thing you can be told is a lighthouse ancestral guide people's way, but the reluctant, because, honestly, most of the time, I would rather just fade into the crowd, I'm about to cast you away to IRAN wretched. Do you think you lamb, amuse yourself by coming up with a world cup of flora and fauna list, potential island snacks definitively will it'll be impossible for me not to
sitting in the studio. I could come up with a walk up of lighty up buttons. I, of course I can't help, but to put things in order, one more song before you go, then what are we going to hear? I've been very actually the last four years, my I feel like I'm in a place that I want to be unhappy with myself, but these beautiful kids admit the women along, and we wish for the rest of my life in and I just think the motivations, younger, a gun competition. ambition. Unity soon realised that rocket fuel disappears and it's about happiness. My kids bring me happiness and What brings me happiness in this song? Is a song Whenever we have a party. This is the one will. You know the party changes gear by certain some in the world that article the banker. now a new it? What you want more killer, no fella This is a song that reminds me of and just makes me think about the happy times ahead and it's a little respect by erasure
a razor and a little respect sewers, those minutes time, I'm sending you away to the island. I will, however, of course give you the books to take with you, the bible in the complete works. If shakespeare plus a book of your own. What would you like again. I can't help turning it into a format. So I was first Helsinki listens, gotta, be em some shore stories, because then they got little begs to dip into nothing? What is it crime or was it humor? So a dream
you, semi finals, which were previously elsewhere is Adam bennett, short stories and pity woodhouse, one that anna had Agatha Christie versus patricia highsmith, an actor christie, one that says a christie woodhouse final and I think I have to go for the poorest short stories of exit christie would be. But I will take. You have different. Listen well played everyone thrilling, it's yours, ok, You can also have a luxury item. What will you go for that yeah? Oh, this sounds city began when I was a kid and you know throughout my life I would just lie down on the floor with a pad and a pen and a dice and with a dice. I could make also, sir, sports, tournaments, imaginary sports, tournaments cricket, tournaments, golf tournaments, and I spent I was an hour's hours myself happy nasa river. That kind of imaginative world, so I would take put a paper, a pen and a dice on a note, wouldn't float everyone's boat, but I'm very, very, very confident it would float mine, then it's yours. Finally,
it's one track of the eight that you shared with us today. Would you like to save from the waves just because I try and think about joy, and I try and think about connecting and I try and think about making the most of who I am and what I can do. I would like to take. You can't stop the beat from Mr Nordmann, thank you so much for letting us here. Your doesn't island discs. Thank you I will end My conversation with which I am very sure, he'll come up with endless mine blowing television formats, while he's only ireland we ve castaway, meant
the crime writers, including vomit damage in rankin minute wolters unpitied James. He can find their episodes in a desert. Island discs, programme archive and through BBC sounds next time Guess will be the engineer, dame jeweled silver. I do hope. You'll join us from the makers of the participants, as a new podcast series for BBC radio four uncanny. Do you believe in ghosts now? Have you seen one? Yes, real life stories of the supernatural told by the people they happen to presented by me, Danny roberts? There was a very strong sense of pure evil. The subscribe to uncanny. BBC sounds
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