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Roy Plomley talks to the artist David Hockney.

2023-05-28 | 🔗
Roy Plomley talks to the artist David Hockney in a recently rediscovered programme first broadcast in 1972.
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Previously sounds music radio put lowering of india we taken out to break so until we're back owner was showcasing a few programmes from our archive. As usual, the musics been shortened for rights reasons this week, a recently rediscovered conversation with the artist david Hockney roy plan he cast him away in nineteen. Seventy two this week, trustworthy august David hop me: are you gregarious man better? Yes,. Could you into isolation railway night, I'd, I'd really hated? Her thing is music and import about villa? Yes, I mean I play it every day I play when I work under. I actually listen to it. A lot here, I would think, is very:
I say where you say you play. Do you play record an instrument? No, no! No! I don't know anything about music. I just play records. What qualities of euro coins electing your apricot? Well most of them are just pieces, are beautiful music. What I consider built from his demeanor, I think, maybe there's one or two of them that were prompted by events or memories of a place or thing or a curse, but most of them are simply just bits of music that I thought I'd like to hear what the first one and the first one how beethoven's fit symphony played on the piano in the list version, which I actually is quite amusing as well. When I first heard at which isn't too long a guy, I kept laughing It isn't usually a beta, but I did enjoy the.
and we're all playing the list transcription of beethoven's fifth symphony? What's your second record, the second run is a piece of Erik satie is called la belle like some trig and that's just a very beautiful piece of piano music. I think- and I liked that He's music, I love it's. All of this title is rather ordinary. Some of these titles rather terrific and very, very witty, and I kind of like witching hour. The the the
the opening of an exact is labelling sold. We played by other tepelini. What part of an old country to come from the branford? When did you first start taking? You spoke Interest in drawing and painting cowardly well, I would think I was about ten when I decided tat I wanted to be, maybe even younger and unarmed and positive. When I was ten, my new, that was it The bodies, including saw entirely one idea I would think it was mine. I mean I can't remember later on. Of course people encouraged me. Oh yes, I think at the time one just decided that if you want to do I mean I kept changing my mind for all. I know I might have kept thinking. Maybe I'd be an engine driver or that grandpa grandma's go, you will have
Rotation was abandoned, promised you is that what you want to do. Something I mean I didn't enjoy school at all or have you moved on to bed? what about how any clear idea do what you wanted to do it Well, no, I mean I was very naive little sixteen year old school, but I went to the art school under when they asked me what I just said. Oh, I want to be an artist and asked me if I had it I have an income, and I said I didn't know what that was. Said well, if not about when you can't be an artist, will never make a living ahead. But I thought was really bad to start discouraging innocent sick dna around. I took no notice what about your permit? The debate discourage towards us,
The precarious for mags are now now in a sense. I think I was quite lucky that, because perhaps a lot of other pounds would have been more practical and said, oh you can't do that. Rarely are you should do this, you see they didn't I just thought: well maybe it's a good idea to be an artist who never gave it another, well. Then you won a scholarship to the royal college of art in london, but before that you had to do your nashville savage. I worked for two years in a hospital. Yes and bradford man in Hastings did that seem a serious held up or the small, an opportunity to adjust your idea. I must admit, I thought it was a bit of a waste time, but then On the other hand, when I went back to our school, I use the time. Perhaps What are work perhaps a bit harder, senior to gas. I was two years old, the so maybe it wasn't too bad, you mean I really did not enjoy it. I must admit why you were still.
The answer you were already exhibiting and selling better? Yes, I've tried been about a year I began slowly I mean I just saw the feud begin when the spanish supplemented my grounds and the time you had a good fellow, college. You won the gold medal, yes and to receive it you're, a girl lama code well, it's not really gold, but their metal wasn't gold. I think it's just covered at least that's a terrible letter. The happy about the dreadful this is just the nail at the end of the master sing of nuremberg, hand, saxo song about art, it's just art about art, on a
them yeah the the bye.
To Adam as having sex in he might losing him after he would finish doors to his success came fairly easily. The dealers wanted to have pictures during bat. Go from a jacket. Helped above is awesome. wouldn't they have begged god to talk doctor, but I do not. I mean I think I had to live it down, so I don't think it did and I think like in painting it's not as important. Rarely because a the audience for painting his will must remember very small and the it really only affects the small number of people and even in those days, if you wanna do ten, he's a year. All you do is find ten people buy them. Much really is no man. Is it alone? your early work was cheerfully disrespectful to the art scene in general. Wasn't it yes you were given a label of a leader of british papa is hardly seemed accurately one painting so cans or doing collage of advertisement metal.
Now I did a burning. A packet of tea probably cause that regular, but. I don't think I mean I've always thought of myself ass, a rather ordinary artists. Trailer. Last year you had a retrospective exhibition, which is unusual enough, it is imperative that the path of change that ten years seem to have a regular curve. Well, I submit when I saw the exhibition were tried. Hoddan, thing to do with organizing real and I had not seen when they were hanging it. I've been in france until the day it opened under. I must admit it I was really rather apprehensive about thinking there like pictures, just wouldn't stemmed from the paper and things and
I must admit even I was a slightly impressed with it. Only because I saw that there was a continuity in the work which you can only see. If you can look back at ten years. Work I mean, if you could look back at photographs would be sufficient, but I never keep records. I don't keep photographs, I keep a few slides and never get them out. Don't keep press cuttings or anything. So that was my first chance to look. I do like teaching know you've done quite well, not too much. Really, I taught in england for a very short time I taught etching at the art school in maidstone in nineteen. Sixty two then I taught in america in various places, but only for a very short time. Your trouble do you know about a lot of time in the united states?
now, I believe who had toured Europe more often, yes, yeah California's lost a lot of it's poetry for me, so I don't go back as much river that have your next record when the next record is just visibly beach by Poulenc the set for this ballot. I think a really useful by mary, laura, suddenly data covering god, member replica of her sex and it's very, very pretty. The
an example. They were very sweetly be good.
the paris conservatoire orchestra, conducted by roger does one how'd. You worked overdue. The word regular eyes, no studio reasonably, I mean I work every day. Yes, ten or twelve pictures that you want a slope and they take. I spent a long time to do. Yes, I do. Your annual exhibition doesn't take a long time to walk right now. This short, but those has never books cancer to that other burma. A waiting list of buyers. Will next picture. Yes, I said that several thousand birthday this portfolio, the maid to David Webster famous picture because it was reproduced so much better good lightness of today. who's sitting on a on a rather spindly metal, legged chair, looking across a big bunch of two hundred, and he only occupies about what eight or nine percent of the ten percent that think. In fact, I spent
when along a painting the tulips than I did it was. It was just very, very difficult doing. First of all, you say I really don't know him. I didn't know him, and it just makes a difference in a way to me, I, in the end, he's actually sat in my studio. The setting is my studio. That's just a miss van der rohe chair out on her table with glass table flowers were just there were no more than a mere world maths day. Well, but you like the paint women really feature in your are rarely ready. I did a painting the girl and her husband as a clerk and his wife and I've drawn his wife cried a lot. Actually, I must have done two dozen drawings of her she's, very beautiful, the tangled with rick. What would that be a writer jeanette macdonald singing san francisco, which is actually? This is only because it's about
california, and I think this is very pretty song and rarely I liked it get. It used to be sung by a marvellous drag queen in a bar which isn't there anymore in San francisco, and he actually looked like her in the film and on a swing and swung out into the by is really terrific. You mean mcdonald workers, radon wriggled number six,
This is the beginning of the kind of marvellous corny opera by giordano fedora I play at about one. So for weeks when I'm working and it's kind of luscious sound, the
the opening of Jordan. Those dead aura of performance conducted by number, two got daddy. Are you a practical version? Did you could build a sheltered nice perceive ass? I couldn't live up alone. Yes, here I'd manage canoe fish, no I've never fished, but I suppose I haven't. I could manage somehow find a way
I, when try to escape or immediately yes, you know anything about navigations will do fit. I mean I think, I'd try, rather than stay on the island. A desperate attempt, hm good luck that have record numbers of this is just The really beautiful marilyn monroe singing I'm through with love very touching We must keep my feelings day ass, marilyn monroe, I'm through with love, and now we come to your last week- was well it's it's almost the same thing really.
A person, it's just high art form and, at the end of tristram, saw their neighbor stone son by a big nielson and she's, really the singing that she's through it. I was wrong. The
the farragut naval to the beavers third from the desert wanderers go to the aid which would it be. I think I, I suppose I'd take the last one brother and one luxury to take with you some paper and some pencils from a bacterial.
it had for sharp bright and one book. You already have the bible in shakespeare. Well, I decided there The only kind of book you'd really want to read and reread a lot, rarely would be a pornographic book. Otherwise you might fantasize too much on the island. Sir. I've chosen the route sixty nine by floyd carter, which I think out of print now, but I think it was written by a little man in an office on forty second street and it's full of bad grammar and spelling mistakes, but quite touching in a way, and it covers a great deal of interesting thing. he has played carter dozens and some her like a real name. I'm sure you can't
It, your local library and thank you, David hockney, for letting us hear your desert island discs. I think you have lived on the.
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