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In the second of three special episodes, Connie Britton (“Friday Night Lights,” “Nashville”) talks about playing Debra Newell in the new Bravo series, and why the story feels timely. Julia Garner and Juno Temple, who play Newell’s daughters, discuss how they came to inhabit their roles, and the show’s production designer and costume designer share details of how they helped create the characters’ worlds.

“Dirty John” premieres on Bravo at 10 p.m. on Sunday, November 25. You can also find the original LA Times series, plus 14 other pieces of narrative journalism, in a new collection called “Dirty John and Other True Stories of Outlaws and Outsiders,” by Christopher Goffard, published by Simon & Schuster.

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Quandary. There was really important to me not to show Deborah as somebody who is full, or silly or stupid or any other things first of all, because that was not my experience, lessening the pike ass. It I'm talking with Conny Britain, who is playing Deborah, knew all in the New Bravo Series Dirty John, the first, and so I have to hot house- was how terrifying this guy is how easy it is to be kind and that for me, was the most telling part because frank I am, We are living in a country where we ve been too degree kind people are a hard time accessing truth and values and insteps the con man
Britain is best known for her role as Tammy Taylor on the show Friday night lights in John she's, a successful interior designer and an affluent area of Orange County California. She ignore Your family's warnings about the new man in her life marries him hastily. After she discovers he's been lying to her from the start, makes him back to me It was a really important story to tell, because I loved telling stories of women. Trying to find their own power through, whatever influences have been given to them by their community by their church by the state. And they live in by their family on some level. She tells me she sees the story, is being about the passing down values through generations and how women struggle to define themselves against those forces some degree, you're value, is as much as who you are with a man
Tat can be very subtle, saying because in this day and age women, if the EU raised to believe you can do whatever you want and you can accomplish anything, but there are still very, very old conventions, about jobs where it is to be a woman. Dirty, John sponsored by Penguin Random House in a good girls guy to murder by Holly Jason. Everyone in Fairview knows the storing popular School senior was murdered by her boyfriend, then kill himself is all any could talk about five years later. The tragedy still holds the town, but pit now a senior herself
feeling that there was more to what happened that day. She decides to re, examine the clothes case and soon discovers a trail of dark secrets of someone in Fairview doesn't want him digging around and have her own life might be in danger. This is a story of an investigation, turned obsession twists and turns, and with an ending you'll, never expect a good girls guide to murder by Holly Jackson find your Conny wherever books are sold, from the LOS Angeles Times and wondering I'm Chris offered- and this is a special bonus episode of dirty job as proper. Nation for her role in the New Bravo Series. Conny Britain tells me she made it a point to meet the woman. Her character is based on Deb Newell. I think
was really really helpful to be able to spend time with her and for no other reason. Just a kind of learn her mannerisms, and you now try to get some of that if accounting and her vocal cadence and all the rest of it, but also, I really gave me insight into how she is a person. I also realise that I think Deborah was in a point in her life, where she was actually trying to empower herself because she's a self made Very successful woman has a very, very successful business, but has been doing that completely on her on really that she could raise her for children. Mostly on her arm. And she has her marriages. Hadn't worked and ends the course of doing that fell a lot of girl, especially about her two youngest dollars. She college
this wasn't around for them. So I really saw as we were exploring the journey and this in I really saw her. Actually trying to empower herself with the relationship with John by you know You know when the daughters were saying: no, no, no, we don't like him. We not like him saying well I love you and I respect you, but I'm, not gonna, let you dictate what my life is supposed to be a me. I'm going to do this for myself, you now and trying to crush you trying to create boundaries for the first time. And because of some of her guilt and all the rest of it, she hadn't been able to really create boundaries with her dollars, but Susie descend to the costume designer on dirty John told me that the specific look she picked for Deborah is meant to reflect our emotional journey through the seasons aid episode arc. She took me through the costume trailer can see by He met Connie's line you please Deborah
In the beginning, I used a lot of pink cream colours and soft fabrics just kind of set. Scene of romance and falling in love and just also being part of devereuxs curated world are very specific, color schemes. Her specific static, so connie- and I worked a lot with all of these colours that were really pretty and soft and then, as things start to get little darker and John me hand. Why call the heart of darkness of the show, as from the parent like what is happening in this woman's family into her family, we start to work with more blues and then once John is killed, the heart of darkness is lifted and we go back to the light colors. In the show debars daughters are played by Juno Temple and Julia, Garner, Juno Temple
The older sister, whose name on the show is Veronica. She's, the one who doesn't need more than a single contemptuous glance at John me and make up her mind about him, who puts it or mom's car to find out where he goes in it. She's, the daughter with say full of expensive handbags. She somebody I respect, because I think she really does have a quite fearless quality about her. I mean I'm not do ever go through a situation like this, but she got balls that I am quite amazed by in a now talking to believe people talking to investigators and tracking devices and all these things, boil a massive. I asked her how she arrived at the voice she uses for Veronica Jimmy. It's kind of the idea of that easily american voice right? It's kind of that, but so there's something really interesting about.
African girl. That kind has been their seen not done at all, so it's like impress me and it's the super monotonous way of talking, which I think Veronica needed He's got a lot to impress her and I think, when you around somebody like those of a walk of life, they are. If they have that kind of voice, word psych impressment. They will make you quite Nova Scotia. What am I going to how can I impress them? What I do I need to call. We also need to flash them. Don't you like? I don't know what to do Damn renewals, youngest daughter stands and dramatic contrast down to earth approachable, vulnerable, dressed kind of like a teenager. This is Tara played by Julia Garner. Sing thing I really like about Tara, is how much she's open and willing to give people chances, when you watch the show or listen, podcast you'll, see or hear what I mean by giving people a second chances cause. I think terrorist kind of she's very hopeful
Listen Garner, told me she keeps a journal and when she works out her thoughts about her roles, she plays it you're on the show Ozark named Ruth and the governing word she uses to understand. Her is stuck with tat No all the word is uncertainty. Certainty in a way like I'm, not quite clear cause. I think terror. Contemplating whether Johns a good guy her and throughout the season. So she has the feeling of uncertainty all the time foreigners from New York? Inner vocal transformation for the role is less dramatic than temples, but distinctive, none, the less. I obviously listen to the high costs and interviews and want to play. It is closed. Or as possible. I wasn't I have like I wasn't gonna. We like He mom. I really think I really don't like John. I wasn't thing. This is my voice. I wasn't gonna have my voice. I wanted to die just you know, I think people and I'm doing
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At the centre of the complicated Newell families Deborah trying to navigate her own needs and those of her kids, as I was reporting the story originally, I found it hard to make sense of debars decision. To take John me him back in the face of so much damning evidence about his criminal asked. It only really began to make sense to me in the context of her painful family history. Deborah has a strong religious backgrounds. She had the experience of her disturbing shot point blank in the back of the head by her husband and then watched her mother completely. Forgive him for that and have him serve almost no time very little jail. Time mother, our lane did more than just forgive the man who killed her daughter. She testified his behalf at his trial or behaviour ass old and outraged alot of people who listened to the podcast cast Red the series I gotta of emails on that seem
the tv show our lane is played by the actress Jean Smart. I asked her if she felt protective of the character. Well course I Let me try to put myself in her mind, set because some people, the reaction as well. The mother, that that thing is so primal that feeling tat dear child and losing your child. That is such a primal primal thing. How could she possibly have over come back, but again, I think that, because she feels that love and forgiveness trumps everything and that she knew that the only place she could find that solace and she went there instantaneously. She knew that if she didn't make that choice to go with her fate and her feelings of given us that she would hardly mine is kind of like I have met women who have lost children in in Iraq and Afghanistan, because I did a piece about a lot of those mothers.
And there are some that are very bitter, of course, and then there are some who, after that, were still in George Bush's degree,. This thing in the world and you now America, first War is a good thing and well that in a way gives meaning to the death of a child exactly because if you felt that your child was just cannon fodder that you lost your child for nothing, except perhaps Maybe greed or God knows what else you, would go in saying you would be destroyed through you re here grief I mean how you could keep putting one foot The production designer on dirty John is Ruth Amman and she's responsible for the shows. Overall, look from the good in vase endeavours therapists office to the giant decorative on the wall of Veronica's bedroom the challenge is how to prevent a part of Orange county, not notable for striking architectural diversity
made it among her most challenging jobs. I worked in Europe for twenty some years and ever building there has a lifetime of different facades in paints and texture. So I always typically build a story from that. When you talk about Orange County new is better so when we thought about endeavour also being a interior designer. If we the interior design from when the story specifically took place, she would look dated and no one would get who she was, because it was passe it. Point, I reminder that the story takes place only three or four years ago. That's a lot of time when you have where elm and restoration. Hard wearing pottery, barn and c b to All these, like Big Box stores at our telling you how to live your life constantly
Earlier this year, I let em and an astounding crude Balboa Island in Newport Beach, where Deborah and John me and were living in the early months of their relationship, the lady living there was nice enough to let us in to look around on the sidewalk, as we were, leaving a well dressed young man who live near by came running out in a rage wielding a golf club and screaming on other crew. In Britain we tried his door. It was of it was our fine Irene. There is a lot of us, yours. I wasn't super scared, but I'm here, anger and rage was kind of two weirdly connected to what I would imagine what the rage of John and seeing this like male anger in the same place where all this stuff happened. Now those maybe you can catch the premier a dirty John. Bravo at ten p m on Sunday November, twenty fifth,
action of universal cable productions and allay time studios, and this is the second of three bonus episodes about its making. If you're a reader, you can pick up my new story, collection, which contains the original print series and fourteen other stories, many of them equally weird. It's called dirty job, and other true stories and outlaws outsiders by Christopher Gothard published a son when she saw Missus Chris offered thanks for listening.
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