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Wondery Presents Blood Ties Season 2


Blood Ties Season 2 is out now!

Blood Ties is a scripted audio drama starring Gillian Jacobs, Josh Gad, Dominic Monaghan, Amy Landecker, and Wayne Knight.  

After the sudden death of Michael and Eleonore Richland’s billionaire father, disturbing allegations emerge about his dark past. These revelations thrust them into a fight they’re completely unprepared for. As the stakes of telling the truth continue to rise, they grapple with their father’s legacy and what to do with it. 

Listen today at wondery.fm/bloodties_DJ.

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One recent audio drama blood ties is back for a second season with Josh GAD and Julian Jacobs. Returning is Michael and Eleanor Witchland this season, they are joined by Dominic Monaghan as David Hammer, the new CEO of Richmond Health and Wayne Night, as Peter Vigilant, if you haven't, had a chance to check how season one the Wall Street Journal called it, the kind of character driven story that fit right in with a true crime. Any serious typical of wondering it has. The trimmings of premium television drama, wrapped up in a powerful podcast last season of blood ties was all about questions. What was Peter richly hiding? How far will Richmond Health go to bury his secret and when faced with the choice of telling the truth losing at all, what side would Michael and Eleanor follow? now in season to its all about answers. If you listen to season one good news season, two is available now, but if your new to blood ties you're about to hear
clip from season one while you listening make sure to subscribe on Apple podcast Spotify, where you can listen early, an ad free by starting your thirty day free trial of one wondering plus new, wonder YAP download it? Today, hurry. I gotta get outta here right now, I'm on I just got service back or close to the island. Can you call me please, dear Eleanor Dear Eleanor, when your texting, how are you I smell?
My dear mother, please pick up the phone hi mom. What's wrong everything where landing in your dad twenty minutes, You sound like something's wrong, we're back when we re contest most families go to the living room to have a heart to heart. We go to the caribbean
your email! I think I got an email from you are. You are, of course, a moan about mom. I heard you got over there a fly when I absolutely have to write. Are you sure you send an email because I'm checking- and I don't have anything mom below that was the last conversation I ever had with my mom. My mom's name was Marie Richmond. If recognize it it's
probably because of my dad Doktor Peter Richmond, cardiologist and healthcare magnet You ve read one of his box or bought one of us acts or even just heard of him? You know that they called him the Father to millions well he's gone now. Tat was my mom now, who's gonna upset a lot of people in his company, headquarters on Wall Street, Even in Washington D C, not to mention my brother, of course, and me I'm going hear things about my father that no one would dare breathe a word about to me when he was alive. But I don't know any of that. Yet All I know is that I just dropped a call from my technology challenged mother but the family will all be together soon for the holidays. From wondering this is blood type, slow.
RE list in the snow is bliss abuse. Those sites were having a winter wonderland, episode one post mortem, when here it is the palm sweet same as always. Thank you a merry Christmas Michael Michael that you sound
You know what that is in its turn. It is wonderful that you here I know, is people wonder me. James Baker them shoot your wanted to spread. Please I wanted to tell you guys altogether. That's a heartbeat. That's a baby tat is the sound of a twelve. We called fetal Hartfield TAT, so who's the mom. What Sophie
Oh fee, my girlfriend and bolder, why are you doing that doing what? your face when you see something great, but you look like you're hiding a turning your mouth like I'm Happy, I really am. I never even met Sophie this life. We ve been together for almost a year. The last time I saw you to just broken up. True, it's been a little up and down, but they are finally wait. Wait, don't say anything I want to tell them myself horse high. These are a few other members that the island children's choir
here too, which doktor Rich and a merry Christmas and welcome in on his return to our island. Oh wow. Well, thank you very much. I am honoured would also like to present you with a bottle of champagne, poor Roget, your favorite. I believe that is so very kind of you. Think you indeed it's my favorite, I taught somehow you'd be Oda. But you should stop. This is Michael Rachel and my brother you're looking for Doktor Peter Wretch lend our father he hasn't arrived yet with time to expected. After are you supposed to be here by now sorry to disturb you will we in actual doktor by the way, is a plastic surgery, very technical work?
really ST voicemail again. Where are they, why are we even here personally, I'm here for meaning or do do I do that Eighteen our course light or the thirty two dollar Bacardi in the twelve dollars coke. Ok, you got better make a double months. She sent me email, but I didn't get anything I feel like. I feel it they have Something to tell us or I go: her dad it's almost seven p m. Champions been sitting up two hours besides acquired lady said it was for Doktor Richmond and I am Doktor Richmond
slightly, icon, listen handed yet! landed them we're gonna have to spend the holidays. Listen to our father go on about planning the Cessna in a storm except you. Call it a king. I talked to mom when they are in the air. They were twenty minutes out, and that was three hours ago. Come in on my phone to kid something's happening system, which I love you borrowed add these must be from earlier,
I think I've just come out or your window. Do you know what I know what's going on? I think what is it plain?
I think there he said they're dead, really well They fell There are still looking for a body.
Coming up on the season of blood ties are ready when the plane went missing here when Doktor Regiment had white and red now and our entire yes acquit reporter time. Listen, I can talk to you for the eventual area whatever another time for another twenty, I added their nation, Let's just assume, we know everything about everything? Ok, the last thing my mom ever sent me was a text message. It said. Something's wrong, your dad is my dad is what
exactly mom. Why is we need to find out what the house happening? That was just a preview of blood ties to listen to the rest of this episode and the series listening. Scribe on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you're listening right now
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