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S1E17 – You Ain’t Gotta Lie (Momma Said) by Kendrick Lamar

2017-01-03 | 🔗

We continue our serialized analysis of Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly by dissecting "You Ain't Gotta Lie (Momma Said)."

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Welcome to dissect for musical analysis broken into short digestible episodes. I'm your host Coca today. We continue. Our sea relies examination of temper butterfly by Kendrick Lamar. We're currently in the midst of the album fourth act, which we've titled the Butterfly, shed light encounter with God at a gas station in South Africa and how much a dollar cost Kendrick embrace his leadership role and began speaking on issues that directly affect the community complexion Kendrick spoke of negating the complexities of your self love and positivity on the black or the barriers He addressed self hate, frustration and anxiety and an ambitious think piece on the complexities of modern race relations. Kendrick weakened
He has communal conversation with a song about self acceptance on the Alps next track, and the subject today's episode got a lie. Mamma said doing at it, you might need to get your money and you ain't got a lie. Mamma said is produced by love, dragging the code name, for the collaboration between terrorists, Martin and Joseph Library, while the tree features alive band and no credit samples Steam draws on lineage of hip hop songs that speak on those who create false personas to impress the people around them here. run into yet again another reference to Tupac secure his track light, a kick it released after his death at nineteen. Ninety seven speed
both on women who trap men with sex for financial gain as well
men who lie and fabricate to impress or friends as one of its most of which is the real me. What are they gonna make it their business to replenish seem like is alarming, is the inevitable pleasant God and the rest of you gotta make a scheme which is in West Coast. Legend ice Cube two thousand track. You ain't got a lie to kick: it committee
Chris Rock plays a fabricating friend that ice cube assures does not have to lie to be accepted by just take a look at him with this. Not just affect their lives, so can, of this only say that the world standard it would seem that keeps track was itself inspired by L, L, cool Jays, nineteen. Eighty five track: that's a lie Russell Simmons plays a lion character similar to Chris Rock, who Ella
J calls out for being phony know so much about it hold. It was worth all the money wheels that road day knowing Kendrick, familiarity with hip hop history, but see these consciously inserting himself into this lineage with his own. You ain't got a lie. Mamma said this:
begins with the brief skit over introductory musical material. Cedric Begin saying, study long study wrong with it that just been cited in print. As far back as nineteen nineteen and typically used when someone is over thinking, a decision or action here Patrick, is introducing the songs theme of self consciousness. That part two long about how others perceive you least, a feeling. A need to act and, according to some ill conceived, notion of cool to fit in Production continues with Kendrick telling someone to close the door princess, his father and Oji drinking from above.
Love Hennessy. He then introduces his mother, has a voice of knowledge. A hell preach, inverse one that Kendrick isn't Compton visiting his parents. Before we get a diverse one, there's a few interesting things to addressing this introduction. First, the raw tone is similar to the introduction of snoop dogs. Jenin juice, as we listen This excerpt pay closer central to the last line of the intro. Did you hear it? says, study long study wrong again Knowing Kendrick's knowledge of West Coast Hip hop particularly snoop dog, Kendrick has cited multiple times as being his favorite. Rapper is likely.
Just not both play. You. Ain't got ally's introduction, one more time. Listening now The voices says I twice demand to me, voice sounds like someone attempted to come in with the verse, but I'm sure themselves. Of course, this is only hypothesis what it seems fit the songs theme of self consciousness as noted earlier Kendrick Kendrick introduces his mother the voice voice of knowledge before beginning verse, one he says you what my mama had said. She like that he begins the verse
No, my mom has this. I can spit you a matter way. I can see it in security sitting. I learn your face. So predictable your words but know what you're gonna say: you're fooling or you are somewhere, you can just come in here with your homies, but your level realness say the same. Circuses only attract those, they didn't say: smart Tag, windows that it's altucher living the Le Factory every time they mention your uses, a high, vocal inflection to imitate the voice of his mother. He says can spot you a mile away. I can see insecurities retinal on your face. So predictable your words you're going to say who are you fooling? It They are just to Kendrick's, mother speaking to her about through Anonyme, comes universality, as we all know that person who acts like someone they're clearly not drugs mother notes, tether quote in securities are written all on your face provide
in sight to the real reason people fabricate themselves and attempt to oppress the verse continues. Circus acts only attract those entertain small talk. We know that at all times, We live in the laugh factory every time they mention your name, easily, didn't TED Phoniness often becomes a source of laughter and gag among friends. Kendrick mother compared This person's act to a circus inside the laugh factory, a comedy club chain and France to the amount of amusement they get from this person sham first, one followed by a brief bridge ex where the house had to impress me aceto Monday back to impress me that you got the burn stat to impress me. I follow again home EC, where the blog gets. To impress me aware you get to impress me ache. Sat only upsets me sound like the bad on me. You ain't got a lie to kick in my next. The precourse
speeches the list of Charades Kendrick commonly hears from people trying to impressive. He asked where the hose at where the money bags say they The burner or cheap handgun stashed shrugs off the sad sad attempts at acceptance with this reply. All all in your head. You follow with another list of charades asking where the plug drug connection is that asked where the or illegal bunny scheme. Is that Kendrick really counters with you. Sound like the FED, Tommy implying it would be the same questions law enforcement would ask when interrogating them for criminal activity. Kendrick is clearly not impressed with the meagre attempts at cool what what's a simple for everyone him or herself.
Sentiment is expressed in the song. Straightforward feel good hook it into into the message of the hook is clear: you ain't got a lie to kick it, you ain't try so hard for are known for intricate messaging and lyrical coding. The simplicity here is surely calculated. It's
similar technique, Kendrick employed in the hook of complexion. We heard two songs back here in act, for it seems straightforwardness is a priority for Kendrick. Have embraced his leadership role after his experience in South Africa, Kendrick providing his community with a series of easily understandable and relatable songs focused on self acceptance. The hook is followed by a brief.
And the war. I don't expect you when the culture don't accept you, but you think is all love and the girl's gonna affect you once your every day is done. Reputation can't protect you. If you never had one hellos complex, motional, complex self, complex under a complex, a lot is one in the rule, because that's a complex, let me put it back your proper context. You ain't got a lie. I can't in my next Kendrick begins and world, don't respect you and the culture, don't accept you, but you think it's all love here. Kendrick points the acceptance and respect these people see is actually being by the same fabricated behaviour. They believe, will guard them acceptance and respect their false character. No foundation or validity. The line reputation can protect you if you never had one next implies their behaviors and expression of inferiority complex. The jealousy sensitivity and self pity, and if you already complex
X is a term used to describe those who compensate for feelings of inadequacy acting in ways that they believe will make them appear superior. In other words, they are compensate for perceive weakness. They consciously or subconsciously, see in themselves the complex with coins The early twentieth century psychologists, Alfred Adler Adler, gave handful of reasons why the complex could manifest among which is social discrimination and limited opportunities due to race and economic status. After Worse discussions of historical oppression and racism against the black community in America is high, not to imagine some of them would fall victim to feelings of inferiority the manifest and fabricated behaviour. After a repetition of the songs hook and bridge verse, three begins:
What do you got to offer? Tell me before we offer a fortune deep in their coffin being allergic to talking being a version to motion and sell a dream in the option. To tell me just on your father, his be full Gazi. Let's just be full gay. This is for full gay Leas and bites who make a bet. You would line baby left them little art. You can never put Weibo can never relate. Hedrick begins the verse. What do you got to offer? Tell me before we offer you deepen that coffin in allergic to talk in than a virgin de bullshit. Wage Kendrick wants to know what people genuinely have to offer inside and applies at the top in bullshit, which has no time or patience for ask people whose spirit and personality which are positively affect the world. If I were able to flourish, he continues and sell a dream, and the auction tell me just your bosses. This line seems to apply that those who sacrificed their dream for money and fame and construct-
Their personality and actions to appease their boss, the source of that money in fame, Kenny then calls these people Fugazi slang for artificial or fake he then says these Fugazi people quote: make habitual lion babies implying that the application and insecurity- are generational: Kendrick, is attempting to put an end to this cycle by calling out there. Fraudulent attempts at cool and preaching authenticity. He seems open to, however, that may express itself in individual, so long, It comes from a place of honesty, brings, brings verse to close
never veering from a straightforward messaging down down down there? You and may in fact low pressure on the couch mouth now be out? Will it out loud originated no money to allow mountain and he's got my tiny behind it is self funding is shared, saw some advice. You gotTa Kendrick, expresses individuality by saying you can never relate me to him to her or that to them. He follows these lines by showcasing how fakes manipulate the truth saying or you the truth. You love to bend and the back in the bed On the floor that you're home on the couch in your mouth I'll be out, really, though, here can because, quoting yet another West Coast Wrapper sugar free, it is, eighteen. Ninety seven song fly for life produced by DJ quick
discussed in our analysis of King Food TAT. So how your money, what my son teaser sat in the back, the couch in Georgia, but life alive, shows moments of thematic parallel with Hendricks. You ain't got alive at one point: sugar, for he says you can't hide from yourself because everywhere you go there. You are will add this to the ever growing list of calculated thematic coating, Kendrick plants throughout to pimp a butterfly Hedrick whose averse, by comparing loud, rich people with low money too loud broke people with no money to him, they all sound. The same, spiritually, bankrupt, in the loudest one in the room, that's compensating for their insecurities acquiring the wealth is not enough. They looked at perpetually Phil avoid with praise and envy from those around them. The
this closing lines. I seen it all this past year pass on some advice. We feel alludes again. Ex travels around the country and meeting the same type of person falling victim to the same charades. His message, people are simple. You ain't got. Check it, the inclusion of new methods Truthfully, a song like you, ain't, got a lie. Is it really made for in depth analysis, crafted crafted real time, consumption the aim that the listener will understand its message after a single hearing it simple and affirming head nodding beat persuades you as it sticks in your head for hours on end as a whole, though, does hold a few things of analytical interest to the narrative, tipper butterfly as well, aspects of Kendrick's previous album, good kid, mad city, the songs, parent, that title Mama said draws attention to the source of the song thematic message.
Which we know from the introduction is contracts Mother River there's a song called Mama to pip a butterfly there kedric on the teachings of Africa. The mother lead I got a lie. He speaks on the teachings of his actual mother. This isn't first time we ve heard the wisdom of contracts. Mother, a good kid. Madame It was her and Kendrick's father's voicemail that served as a blue, friend of contracts, new life.
Hate them for telling me bar out. Should I hate she credibility, I'm talking about hating or money power, respect in my will or hating the fact. None of that shit makes me real guy at trip on down those or just call it sorry to hear what happened to your hardwood, but don't learn the hardware like I, dear old, any ego can killer man that don't make you a realist. Responsibility is your family. I hope to come back
learn from your mistakes. Come back. A man tell story to these black and brown and country. Let them know you just like them, but you still role from a Place of island becoming a positive post, but when you do make it give back what your up, in course and that's the best way to give them to. You said, and I love and Kindred about eighty Malcolm door. No, I usually the tea. Good kid, mad city told the story of an adolescent Kendrick, the good kid caught in the crossfire Compton. A mad city the corrupt environment and friends around him, Exploit Kendrick Youth and his desire to find his place in the world. He gets it Bob and a house invasion accidently smoke, the least joint gets done for visiting a girl across territory lines and why retaliating his friend David shot and killed Kendra
Salvation comes in the parking lot of a food for less when old, and leads Kendrick in the sinners prayer, a symbolic gesture of spiritual club and a desire to start a new. The voice mail just heard is left at the end of real, a song which kept preaches realness addressing the members of his community, who look for love and validation from all the wrong things. Money hose clothes ST politics at the end of each earth. He asked them with love, got to do with it. When you dont, like yourself, voicemail, Kendrick's, father addresses realness, saying anyone can kill a man, but real is responsibility. Family and God Kendrick mother asked him to return to Compton until the black and brown the story of rising from a dark place and becoming a positive person. The voice well at the end of real, is the end of the Alps narrative. We realize that the kid mad city, AL itself, with a story Kendrick's mother, wanted him to tell circle
back to you. Ain't got a lie to keep a butterfly, we can begin draw very convincing specific parallels between the narratives of good kid and butterfly, whereas tricks, nigh Eddie was exploited by the streets on good kid, I'd butterfly boy by success in celebrity good kids. our redemption through God and a parking lot a butterfly, it was at a gas station in South Africa on good kid. The blueprint for Kendrick new life was laid out through the words of his father and mother, who stress returning to Compton and preaching realness and positivity a butterfly We are witnessing an act for Kendrick doing just that with collection- and now you ain't- got a lie which has guided directly by his mother's words, Kendrick is pretty, self love and self acceptance other album's next track? I, magic will quite literally return home to captain to continue this message. Wicked
leave you real and you ain't got a lie as two sides of the same coin: real preaches realness As you ain't got, a lie exposes vagueness, the opposite: a real, message on both songs on both albums really is the same. Be yourself, love yourself and love those around Do I say that once more because it's worth repeating be yourself, love yourself and love those around you This message of self love and acceptance carries over to the Alps next track. I too but butterflies. Narrative conclusion thoroughly examine next time on dissect, I sectors Britain and produced by me now until the end of the season, dissect is holding a fundraiser for the bicentennial high school music program in Compton California. This is,
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