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S3E11 - Solo by Frank Ocean

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We dissect "Solo" by Frank Ocean, a series of narrative vignettes expounding on loneliness, freedom, and the heaven and hell within us all. Listen to Dissect on Spotify and get episodes a week early and access to exclusive bonus episodes. Follow @dissectpodcast on Twitter and Instagram.

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From Spotify Studios, this is dissect law for musical analysis broken into short digestible at I'm your host for Christmas. Today we continue our serialize examination of blonde by Frank Ocean. On our last episode, dissected, the album's third track, pink and white. There Frank some childhood memories of New Orleans LA expressing the lessons he learned about acceptance and exhibiting an overall appreciation of life in general as the continues: he a message from a familiar voice.
Many college students have gone to college and gotten hooked on drugs. Marijuana and alcohol. Listen stop trying to be somebody else. Don't try to be someone else, be yourself as, though that that's good enough, don't try to be someone else. Don't try to this. The titled be yourself features. The voice of Rosie Watson of Rosie was a star of the skit, not just money from Frank's debut album channel Orange magic. Is it happiness? What is the difference between happy and sad? Is the difference between having a whole? As you might remember, Rosie Watson is not Frank's mother, a sum of thought, but instead the mother of Frank friend, Jonathan Rosie's, press
side blonde is used in a similar manner to channel orange. She represents adulthood the mothering life lessons we here in our youth on be yourself rose discourages the use of drugs and alcohol. The common parental message we growing up, but the heart of her message the track title suggests is authenticity, discourages the use of drugs because it distances us from who we truly are. She says quote: don't try to be someone else, be yourself and that's good enough. Don't try to be someone else. Don't try to be like someone else. Don't try to act like someone else be yourself be secure with you, self re upon your own decisions on your own beliefs, unquote others, a comedic aspect to the voicemail, there's different utility in her advice, as we've heard and Wilkin. I need to hear blondie actually about youth and young adulthood, a trans, their time in which we experiment, try on identities and attempt to find come just with who we are Rosie
understands the a naive and highly impressionable nature of adolescence and encourages us be strong enough to withstand peer pressure to be strong to believe in ourselves. Even our beliefs are at odds with our peers. Be yourself is the first of a handful of interludes that will feature this underlying principle of identity and authenticity. It also introduces a reoccurring, musical motif that will return in each interlude. The theme is drawn from a sample of he's called running around by Buddy Ross, but he Ross has been Frank's. Life is since two thousand and twelve and contributes to a handful of tracks on both blonde and endless. Read in this reoccurring. Keyboard theme Ross told pitchfork quote: there's one thing did the first day I was in with him back in twenty thirteen that was so long ago, but hearing the record when it came out, he uses repeating theme through the interludes in the closing out of the record like under, be yourself and Facebook story I almost forgot. I gave it to him and ended up being a reoccurring theme, which is super cool.
Just to hear it on the day it came out being in there. Unquote, let's hear better running around the piece from the keyboard riff was taken. A fragment This piece is loop to create the backing music featured on, be yourself,
s is into its next track solo. We noticed that Frankie's uses Rosie's lectures in a similar way on both blonde and channel orange on not just money. Rosie speaks about the importance and value of money and on the next track, super rich kids, Frank Sings, recklessly spending money on weed alcohol and women with the beer self interlude, Rosie warns against it discourages drug use, a non blondes next track. Solo, Frank record is doing a number of substances, including acid and weed. In both cases, juxtaposition between Rosie, the mature voice of responsibility in adulthood and Frank, a voice for youthful rebellion, helps to render stubbornness of adolescence rolling of the eyes. We all give our parents when torturing us with lectures and life lessons to get a sense of juxtaposition. Let's this, the last moments of be yourself, followed by the open moments of solo,
do not smoke. Marijuana do not consume alcohol. Do not get in the car with someone who is in need green. This is mom called me. Ham, italian, dirty dancing by myself gone off. Tabs are acid, forming sir GO watch Ma Jagger my lose my jacket and hit a solo one time we too loud in public dump. All these turned down a function. Now we outside- and it's almost perfect forgot to tell ya gotta, tell you how much I vibe witchu and we don't gotta, be so low. Last daily solo was written, Frank Ocean, the Malay, the songs per it was handled by ocean and James Blake Blake. Also, play. The keyboard on the track, along with Mars of the group, one thousand five hundred or nothing, the the song centers around different interpretations of the word solo from the
both of being single to the independence and security of going it alone, Frank develops with multi but if of solo through a series of brief for line your vignettes that comprise the songs two versus Franklin. He applies. The solo theme musically as well. The track features just organize a song solo instrument, as we just heard Frank opens the track with the lines hand me a towel dirty dancing by myself gone off tabs of that acid. For me, a circle watch my Jagger, my lose my jacket and hit a solo. Here we get a scene expressing the freedom of drug use, Swiss Klay, the uninhibited effects of acid or lsd that allows Frank to dance free by himself at first and then in the center of a circle for by his friends. There's a careless untempered feeling in this scene expressing the free enjoy of youth. We also get some nice word play with watch. My Jagger might lose my jacket, a reference to Mick Jagger of the rolling stones, Mick Jagger
known for his dance moves when performing live any commonly extravagant jackets that are typically taken off by the performances end, leaving him shirtless, there's also speculation that this opening verses, a clever reference to masturbation. I think one typically does one alone, though, I'm not entirely sold on the legitimacy of this claim. There is a The case made for it due to the number of possible double entendre is the contains hey me: a towel refers to the towel, used, use to clean up dirty dancing, be masturbation act itself for me circle, a reference to circle, jerking jacket, a play on jacket and Jagger. A play on jacking off again, I'm not entirely sure about this interpretation, but I thought I'd throw out there anyway. The verse can. He is with the second vignette we too loud in public, then police turn down the phone. Shin. Now we outside in the timing is perfect. Forgot to tell you got a Tell how much I vibe with you and we don't would solo here,
Frank uses solo, to outline a scene in which he expresses his feelings for someone in a moment of calm after party they were attending was shut down. He says and we got be so low. Maybe they don't to be alone. They can be together. It's here we get first, real allusion to the double meaning of the word. Solo solo, so Ello can to be heard, is two words: solo low, so space l o w. When we hear the phrase, this way Frank is implying that they have to be solo, don't have to be so lonely or sad because they could have each other. The first first continue
with two additional vignettes mass stay away from highways. My eyes, like them, read last right now I prefer yellow redbone, so mellow fuck ground be cutting. You think we were better off solo. I got that act right in the windy city that night munchies to blow through but blow me, and I told you to grams in the sunrise: smoking, good, rolling solo, solo, solo, shoot, Frank sings now, so away from highways my eyes, like them red lights. Right now I prefer yellow red bones, so mellow fuck be cutting. You think we're better off solo here Frank uses roads and stop light imagery to express his drug use and sexual preference highway and eyes, like them. Red lights. Cleverly refers being high on weed right now
I prefer yellow red bones, so mellow has multiple meanings. Yay blue red bone, both slang for light skinned or mixed black women or men, which is character, repair, he prefers at the moment. These lines also continue. The stoplight metaphor already established, as in yellow light, Frank wants to take things, slow, he's being cautious tying back into the first line, now stay away from highways. This take it slow thread is continued, as the vignette concludes around be cutting. You think are better off solo low cut link for sex. It would seem that Frank Ski was just interested in fooling around, not a a relationship, cutting you and takes on a double meaning of its own for having sex and breaking up with this person. As again, he wants yellow lights somewhere between green read somewhere between alone and in a committed relationship or one can play casual sex, but can remain independent or solo Franks things to last Lastman. I got that act right in the way,
a city that night no trees to blow through blow me, and I owe you two grams when the sunrise smoking good role in solo again, there's some clever wordplay happening here. Act right is another slang term for sex and windy city is the nickname of Chicago Illinois, Frank play windy city, saying there: the trees are weed to blow through and tells whomever he's with that. If they blow him, he'll get them to grab the weed in the morning. The kind of twist comes with the final lines smoking good rolling solo on the surface. It means rolling a solo as in a solo joint, but it also refer so the transactional nature of the sexual encounter, a blowjob for weed and in the more they separate as Frank's characters now rolling solo. All the oral sex is most enjoyable for the person on the receiving end again accentuating the casual transactional nature of this encounter. So look he needs with the song's hook, but for now I'd like
skip ahead to the second verse in which he series of vignettes continue. I'm skipping showers and switches, sax sleeping good in long bones villain this foot wishing Nigger would cross and catches solo. All time rightly, former boxers Greenleaf turn the vapors for the law, and that means cheap 'cause. They ship free- and I know it even love. Thanks- is not cost at clinic, kill my soul. She gotta hit the pussy route up now: Yo Baby Momma, a selfish is frank, sings, skipping showers and switching socks, sleeping good in long bones, dentists, fuck wish I had word cross and catch a solo, Frank portrays a single man, ignoring hygiene and sleeping because he's alone he solo doesn't have anyone to impress apparently feeling invincible. He hopes to get into a
I and punch someone as catching a solo is slang for a single punch knockout. Beneath the surface, though this passes, have a double meaning of loneliness and depression sleeping all day and lack of self care, like hygiene can be indicators of depression and this person lacks a sex life, he's full of testosterone combined I with being unhappy- and it's no wonder, he's looking to take his sadness out on someone in a fight- Frank, continues: white leaf on my boxers, Greenleaf Leaf turn to vapors for the low, and that means cheap, cuz, ain't, shitt free- and I know it again- word play we'd. Here it's an inexpensive, we bought by someone who seems to be in poverty. Greenleaf turned to vapor is a plan, but the uh of smoking marijuana as one sets fire to green the Senate Health papers and on the money being spent on that weed as his green bills. Disappear into nothing. Leaving him broke. This thread of money is as Frank Sings is ain't shift,
and I know it even loving cuz. It's not cost that clinic killed my soul, but you gotta hit the pussy raw, though. Due to the unprotected sex, this character had, he was forced to a costly abortion. But despite the threat of in this vignette, Frank Cho is to say that clinic killed. My soul, washing clinics are often free for those in poverty, so the hit was on the actor soul. His spirit, which may be the reason he's looking to get high frank, could also be using soul to allude to the unborn child being killed as a narrator could feel like the baby was part of our product of his soul. Frank plays up this.
The scene as a second verse continues to gather in the closing around YO baby Mama. A self is just confessing your process and you, which is road, leads to fly solo Brad in Colorado jeez to blow through. But it's just me and no Jews stayed up telephone dad smoke in the big, twelve, so Frank sings. Now your baby mama ain't so vicious all. She wanted her picket fence and you protest and picket sign, but then courts won't side with you won't let you fly solo, not being quote unquote. Solo here is the fact that this character is now attached. The baby's mother by law through child support payments and visitation, Frank first to buy bearing the conclusion of verse. One there
Frank say: I got that act right in the windy city that night no trees to blow through here on verse. Two. He says I wanted that act right in Colorado. That night I brought trees to blow through, of course, the distinct difference in the verses aside from the different cities and verse, one Frank got that act right: he got sex and verse. Two francs character wanted that act right. He wanted, next, and even as weed this time around but now he's alone a signal to the lines. But it's just me and know you stayed up till my phone died, smoking, big role, solo, unlike the exchange of sex for weed in verse. One this a vignette is one of extreme loneliness. He stay up until this phone dies waiting on someone who never comes so he smokes the weed alone, just like first one, he n saying rolling solo, but where is that was a welcome sentiment in verse. One here characters rolling solo is involuntary one of rejection and abandonment
smoking weed in this case could be attempted Numb the pain of being alone or feeling so low and that will dive into solos hook, which offers interview on the vignettes, Frank illustrates on the songs versus solo is hell on earth. In a city zone, fire inhale inhale their seven there's a bull in a metadata leninsk. I inhale inhale. There's him on Frank sings: Atallah Earth and the city on fire and hell and hell there's heaven it's a brilliantly constructed, couplet, rich with meaning begins with outlining a kind of apocalypse scene, saying it's Helen in the city on fire, despite its imagery. We take this to be non literal. They is representative of the current conflict, ridden state of the world and or they inherit suffering of existence,
then says and hell. There's heaven props implying that, despite the fundamentally tragic state of life, there are still moments of bliss and extreme beauty to be found if we're willing to seek them. Now on blondes previous two tracks, ivy in pink and white, we heard this sentiment put into practice both outline potentially disheartening or bittering situations, but Frank choose the highlight small moments of beauty within those tragic situations. Of course, given all talk of marijuana throughout solos versus, we have to assume Frank, also means inhale, as in brief than smoke and get high. This explains the repetition and hail and hell there's heaven you can in hell there seven or inhale hell. There's heaven the latter interpretation. Heaven is euphoria of being high and escape the hell are suffering of your life. Frank and T is this duality, as he sings there's a bull and a man, your dueling in the sky? This refers to S R Orion
stellation that sit next to each other in the night sky. Constellation Taurus Latin for bowl is shaped like a horn bull and has been the inspiration for many myth. Article stories across various cultures of note in the context of Solos hook, many cultures refer to tour, says the bull of Heaven constellation. Orion is often portrayed as a hunter or warrior holding a she and sword. In thank solo. Of course, Orion is portrayed as a matador with a cape and the sword. It would seem Frank using Taurus and Orion a bull and a matador to illustrate the duality of heaven and hell of good and evil and how they interact. These two opposing forces are fundamental principles of nature. Specific that interaction is one of conflict. As Frank is saying: dueling in the sky, this eternal conflict is built right into the very structures of the cosmos. It's illustrated in the sky above us like a blueprint of eternal wisdom and everlasting reminder of the good evil within all of us, and the push pull
they ship of our own internal heaven and hell on so so it seem frank, is commenting on the calibration of good and evil. That life itself is a constant refinement of good and evil. The sea, both are clearly within us and you can live in such a way to have good or you can live such a way that cultivates evil. When we hear the songs cook as Meta commentary, on the vignettes of the verses, which we He pointed out are rich with dualistic double meanings. We hear Mmhm Solo being used metaphysically can be solo as an independent or free, but one can also be so low as in or lonely the characters of the verses. All use drugs as a means to a different end. Some take them recreationally others use it medicinally as an attempt to ease their suffering. As for Often does he presents these stories and principles without judgment, rather through person, experience and observation, he seems to be
witness the conditions of the human experience with the contemplated detachment, less interested in critical judgment and we're interested in an objective study of the strange and mystifying motivations of mankind, solo is hell on earth. In a city zone, fire inhale inhale their seven there's a bulletin metadata Lynn in the sky, inhale inhale, there's have on we'll be right back right after the break. Today's episode of dissect is brought to you by Sonos Research the Sonos added a brand new product to their home, sound system family. It's called team, the smart compact, sound bar for your tv great for eyes rooms in tv's. The b is Amazon, Alexa, enabled for easy voice, control and delivers crystal
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but extremely moving wordless melody, Frank belts into the ether just after the songs hook, then hell there's Heaven zero. Am I'm not sure about you, but when I hear something as beautiful as this, I typically give up any attempt to try to describe it with were in many ways it's beyond description or beyond scripture that could express with any accuracy its emotional power. It's a court one of those sick moments in music that categorically exemplify the send the power of music. But when thinking about this passage, I did begin
when just what about the human voice has the ability, arguably more than any other instrument, the sound so beautiful to connect with the deepest and most abstract part of our being specifically, I started to wonder about two things. The first is what makes one voice more beautiful than another? Is there scientific or physiological reason that, for example, Frank Ocean beyond no t singing sound, so good is out? The answer to this is yes or no, and I found it pretty fascinating over three hundred million years ago the first see features ventured out of the water and onto land rather than gills. They use lungs to breathe. There was ingested through their mouth traveled through a narrow passage down to the lungs showing narrow passage or two vocal folds other is known as vocal cords found in the lyrics and typically less than an inch in length. These
small for the muscles covered by skin opening, and like valves, allowing air into the respiratory system overtime bearing animals, including humans, figured out. These vocal cord could be manipulated to create sound specific if air rushes through them and you tied the full so that air escapes more slowly. The vocal folds flapper sound and vibrate releasing energy that creates what we interpret a sound Curtis Wrist Discover magazine, compares this not to air rushing out of a blown up balloon the flow, so the balloon at its open end waiver to the rapidly as they air attempts to rush through it. The same thing happens with her vocal flaps. It's a process known as phonation, we forcibly the air from my lungs. We tighten our vocal cord so that they flap around and restrict the flow that air creating sound
first. The sounds were used to warn of incoming threats or to attracted me, but over two humans cultivated and learn to manipulate our vocal cords in combination with our tongues and lips use. A wide array of sounds humans, alter the sugar boys by manipulating how fast or slow or vocal cords collider vibrate as air pushed out. The vibration of the vocal folds, alternatively trap air and then release it, and each little puff of released is the beginning of a sound wave pitch of a son. Note is determined by how fast or slow those puffs of air released the slow, the release, the longer the sound wave and the lower the pitch converse if the faster the vibration, the faster the air, at least in the short of the sound waves and the higher the pitch, for example, if the vocal vibrate at a rate of two hundred and sixty two times a second, you get a middle c at sixty six times. Can you get a low a at one,
one hundred and forty six times a second, you get a high c sink ability to stay on pitch or to sing in key has to do with accurately they're able to create these vibration rates. Ones, vocal, tone or timbre is how their voice actually sounds, dependent on a unique mixture of the length and thickness of their vocal cords, the legal size and shape of their vocal tract trachea, throat, mouth sinuses and the rest of the Tory system. These things by to create the unique color timbre of your voice as a consequence, have little control over the way our voice sounds in the same way, we have little control over the natural color of our hair or the shape, her nose or size of our feet and so while we can improve our pitch accuracy with practice and training in the same way, anyone can improve how well they shoot a basketball or someone. And and how the pitch is actually sound in the same way. We're not all six foot eight and built like Lebron James
This is the reason behind the yes and no answer to the question I posed in the beginning of this segment Frank Ocean sounds beautiful both because the timbre of his voice, the thing that he was born with and the accuracy and skill he exhibits when using that voice, the think likely worked very hard to improve and control. It's that magic combination of gift and grit natural ability and work ethic allow allows something as beautiful as the wordless passage of solo to exist in the world in now. The second thing think about when analyzing this section has to do with the physical feeling I get when listening to it. Specifically, this section very often gives me the chills
that is a tingling sensation source through my body, often accompanied with goosebumps, that, according to the science, the brain's dopamine or reward system is activated when this occurs the same system that reacts positively to good food or sex or even drugs like cocaine and heroin. This is a strange phenomenon in relation to music, if you think about it, and that's exactly what I began doing after listening to this passage. What's happening. Neurologically, when one hears is an especially moving moment of music and gets the chills, it turns out that Answer to this question is pretty interesting, too. Roughly have to third slash three listening have experienced chills when hearing a piece of music. That's what there that's a anyway there's even now a term for the phenomenon. Frisian Frisian is a french word, meaning aesthetic chills mommies is a common inducer frisian. You can also experience it when viewing a scene in the movie. Reading a poem we're looking at a piece of art
well the causes. A musical Frisian have been studied. It's a somewhat complex topic and research is ongoing, but there are common findings across multiple studies. I'd like to hone in on specifically I'd like to it's on the types of musical elements that seem increase. The likelihood of someone experiencing Friesian, Unexpectedness Missy to be the common through line that is unexpected. Harmonies aside, increase in volume, the abrupt entrance new voice or instrument surprised deviations, a melody like an abrupt, high note or sustain tension, followed by a satisfying resolution. All these tech seeks to fire expectations. They surprise us triggering free because they violate our assumptions, of where a piece of music is going in a dramatic, positive and pleasurable way the tone on a specific technique that will help exemplify these quote: unquote: unexpected moments in music, a study showed that something called the a pleasure tour: a statistically the most parisian inducing musical technique and a pleasure tour, a
ornamentation that accents and unexpected note outside his harmonic accompaniment. Only to resolve to the expected note, I know that's pretty abstract for most of you. So let's hear example what I just it is the c major chord. It's your run of the mill court western music. It contains three notes c e g. Now, when adding a melody on top of this cord. The note, that will sound the most at home or c e makes sense right. Those notes are part of the chord structure of course those notes are going to sound good in a melody. These are called consonant notes. Now, music, pretty boring if all composers did was write, constant notes, dissonance that is melodic. No, the fall outside the court harmony, our city vehicle used to create tension, which is then released when the melody uses. One of those consonant notes this in and no
this and constant. So the appoggiatura and apply The Torah is a strategic and specific use of this tension and release of dissonance and consonants. Occurs when a dissonant melodic note the note outside the cord being played, falls on the downbeat and is therefore accented that dissident non core note. Is in resolved into the expected consonant note either. One A full step above or below the dissonant note being played downbeat does no resolution and the constant down be did sentence resolution there's some other technical requirements of an apology, tour that I'm not going to go into because for purposes today, we're really just interested in this tension and release. What
in a posh. A tour so powerful is that the tension happens on the downbeat. We typically expect consonants on down beats someone that doesn't occur. It's unexpected. It produces tension and it's accident tension, because it's happening on a strong beat on a point of emphasis that potent little bundle of tension is then released when the dissonant note moves to the consonant note, it's a kind of delayed gratification. We all know can be some of the best and most rewarding kinds of experiences, as that seems to always give me chills, as in my life, by the Beatles as it turns out. Song contains a handful of appoggiaturas here here. Again emphasis all play a few these on the piano. The first
did you hear the song is an f major comprise to the FAC John Lennon, again, a song with the solo pick up on the words there are singing the cd on the word places, the F major chord comes in, but Lennon sings a g, a note, not put it in the F major chord that does, since his resolve, with the g moves down to an f on the second half of the word places, and now the entire phrase again rid pretty granular here, for these are the types compositional tools that evoke emotion and sometimes friesian. It's the unexpected, followed by the expected tension and release delayed gratification. We can also find a project tourism, Queen's bohemian rhapsody.
Hear hear hear We so find them in Adele. Someone like you Hawaii settled down that you found a girl married now, someone like who has been used in several recent articles to exemplify frisian triggers in music, and it's for good reason, because the song is full of them aside a appoggiatura. It also contains
in a harmonic change. That is a note that is sustained while the chords need that sustained note change, which forces rear petition. Of that sustained note creating a moment. That's and here's. The key word unexpected in this passage. Nine someone sustains an otf on the word you for the cord below her shift from F major to D minor. Have another listen never mind. I'm nine! Someone like you, harmonics shift now on the repetition of the same phrase, and Street Klay adds some variation creating another, even more frisian triggering moment, because we've all. I heard that in harmonic shift on the first pass,
doing the same trick again would be expected and therefore less effective when the passage repeats so rather than holding that sustain f when the court's change Adele jumped hi a this becomes and powerful moment for a number of reasons. Not only does it to fire expectations of here the same in harmonics shift again, it also utilizes a dramatic and unexpected shift in vocal range, a technique that, on it own, is known to induce freshen. I we're getting hit with a frisian, double whammy, define your expectations of and a sudden shift in vocal register. This is accentuated, of course, by the emotional impact of the lyrics and Adele's boo, full voice and the accuracy of execution. Let's listen into this passage in full here again in shift on the phrase someone like you and the jump in vocal. I on best for you
and it's here, we can like back to the passage that began this deep dive in the first place: Frank Ocean Solo, given our found education in Frisian. Let's take a closer look at the passage in first, let's consider what, in the song before this moment occurs, the this is so aren't very melodic. There perform
the half song, half rap manner and there's a lot of words being said in a short amount of time, came in Salem, dirty dancing by myself gone off tabs, but I acid formula circle watch my Jagger my lose my jacket and hit a solo one time when the chorus hits Frank unexpectedly shifts to a melodic and long gated delivery style and the amount of work super measure decreases drastically. Solo is Helmuth in a city zone. Fire inhale inhale their seven there's a bull in a matter after the song comes the word and for me, Frisian, triggering passage, Frank unexpectedly, climbs higher, vocal register and increases the amount of notes delivered, making the passage more complex and less predictable than the hook that just
came before it now on the repetition of this phrase, Frank makes one minus but dramatic change midway through the repeat he unexpectedly listen to his falsetto voice, hitting a here an extremely high notes. This is a what a Adele did on the second time through of the hook of someone like you. Knowing the phrase would be predictable if repeated verbatim small, but crucial variation is made, thus playing with our expectations, creating dramatic and ultimately pleasurable surprise again, it's a a double whammy, avoiding a predictable repetition, an extreme jumping, vocal register. Here again the entire passage and listen. For that moment, when Frank goes by the second time through,
when you know it's precisely when Frank hits, those high notes that, for me often triggers friesian, we have a more melodically subdued verse that builds into a more elongated hook, which is self built up to this word list, as it suddenly increases the number of notes, Joe into a higher vocal register and in its repetition, strange from a lot idk expectations as well as jumps even higher and even more suddenly into a falsetto voice. All these he's combined to create a moment that, for me- and perhaps some of you triggers frisian now, there's another aspect to Frisian that I'll briefly mention only because it applies to you specifically, a study conducted by Mitchell Culver of Utah State University,
show that goes high in the big five personality. Trait openness to experience are more likely to experience bruising the aspect of openness to experience, the scenes responsible for frisian or the cognitive components like imagination and intellect curiosity, people hiring these traits are more likely to quote intellectually themselves in music, rather than just letting it flow over them unquote, and it seems people. I do this according to Culver, quote, might experience vision more often and more intensely than others unquote, because listening to this podcast, I'm assuming you're, intellectually curious in general, and probably here's the most about music specifically, and we then that you're, one of these people who immerse himself in music and for more likely to experience version so bearing in everything we just discussed evolutionary history of sound produced by humans, the mystery of vocal timbre frisian, the musical techniques that inspire it and even the met
physical discussion of good and evil the time internal conflict of mankind. All that in mind. Let's listen again, Frank Ocean Solo solo is hell on earth. In a city zone, fire inhale inhale their seven there's a bull in a metadata Lynn in the sky, in hell in Hell, there's have on zero. Am every time I'll talk to you next week,
some of them solo solo. Some of those.
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