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We continue our serialized analysis of Beyoncé’s Lemonade by dissecting its fourth chapter “Apathy,” which features the song “Sorry.” The inside of the Madewood Plantation big house in Louisiana becomes the backdrop for Beyoncé’s apathetic dismissal of her partner.

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Let's be real, is the perfect time to go back in time, but the stories of hip crazies parties, nasty, espies, flies fashions in best versus, like that's an all time, underrated unbelievable deed maybe I'm a six EC me, but that is the fire. The painting that I love. It's like chefs kid. Common action for mobile the mobile mixed aims: catch catch new episodes every Wednesday following listen for free on Spotify. This is hip hop to me from Spotify. Studios. This is dissect long for musical analysis, broken into short digestible episode, I'm cool Krishna, an anti descended,
today. We continue our cereal ized analysis of lemonade by beyond, say on our last April, Oh, we dissected the chapter anger which reaches the song, don't hurt yourself there we found yeah I'd, say unleashing her rage. Reclaiming her and see and forcefully demanding the respect of our partner through a series of threats an ultimatum. Ultimately, we understood the destruction of
Dantes rays to be the necessary flood that eventually leads to rebuilding, though its current unclear clear whether that rebuild will include our partner with this in mind We continue into the albums next chapter the subject of our episode today, Apathy Apathy opens with an eerie music box rendition of Swan Lake by russian composer Peter Tchaikovsky. One leg is a classical ballet centred around the Heroin Odette, a maiden cursed by an evil sorcerer take the form of a swan by day and a woman by night. The curse can all be broken when a man pledges is undying. Love to her only then will Odette And her fellow swan maidens become free when Odette meets a prince and they fall in love and looks at
though the curse may finally be broken. However, evil sorcerer once again, intervenes by disguise. His daughter O dill as Odette believing Oh deals of debt, the prince mistakenly falls in love with a deal and now his intention to marry her the real Odette heartbroken at this picture. Oil, throws herself off a cliff and demonstrate and of his love, the prince, jumps after her and falls to his death. It's in this moment that the curse is broken and her fellow maidens are freed oh debt and the prince or then reunited in Heaven, be answered plight and lemonade resembles Odette story of love and betrayal, and one leg lake both or tasked with breaking a curse? not only to free themselves, but a broader group of women, while Odette must break the curse that robbed or fellow maidens. Other human form, the agency, must break the curse of their lingering effects of slavery that result in the generation. A black women and their families as doktor cure. A gaunt explains in her p.
Beyond days lemonade, smashing quote or debt live as a swan beside an enchanted lay created from her mothers, tears and lemonade the tears of beyond safe black female ancestors. And only at night Miss she returned to the human form in the ballet. The princess can only be free by a man who loves none but her fiance sphere. Is her attempt at restoring black women to their human form, unquote as One leg sweet plays two rows of ask women seated in a school bus way back and forth their face his embodies are covered in body are of Europe's influence. Calling back to beyond, these embodiment of the euro by a ocean in denial. These painted white symbols are the work nigerian artist Plough Lou sham banjo who caused them the sacred art of the oars in Europe, our religion, the already represents one. Spiritual head, a force that guides one soul, the regime are the embodiment of the story.
According to some banjo when he paints his muses quote its cathartic verbal me and my muse. We, let our minds, bodies and souls on a higher level. I paint theirs. Beer and soul from that connection, it breathe life into both of us, some banjos muses skin becomes a canvas on which he conveys their innermost being the life. The power of his art. Work is a powerful reassertion of agency and interior surety for black women, otherwise objectified by white patriarchal society. This is the first of many examples of taking back agency will see throughout this chapter the bus setting also evokes the segregation of the Jim Crow era. Were african Americans were relegated to the back of city buses? We also think of the bus boycott and and right of the civil rights movement like Fort Knox, and intuition the interior.
The bus carries connotations of both repression and rebellion of enslavement in the fight for freedom as the, women sway inside the bus. Bianca begins to recite spoken word: peace adapted from Warsaw Shire. So what are you? say at my funeral now that you ve got Here lies the body of the love of my life, whose heart I broke. Without a gun to my head, the mother of my children, both living in dead beyond sarcastically imagines her hypothetical death likening her partners, infidelity to murder, question. What are you going to say at my funeral now that you ve killed me intensity, tension to absurdity of his actions for her partner to break her heart without a gun to his head means that he freely chose to break his marriage vow. No one forced him to That said at this point, the visual album beyond say is processing or grief.
I'm not ready to genuinely inquire about the true reasons for his betrayal. At this moment, It seems more important for her to reassert her own self in the face of mistreatment, continue saying here: lie The mother of my children, both living and dead, dislike be interpreted two ways. First, the phrase having an dead applies to beyond herself the mother of his children in this way beyond say recognizes that while she might go on living after this betrayal, she suffers the death of her marriage family and the things that made life worth living as She lives a living death in the second reading beyond may be referring to her children as living in dead in the past. Bianti is over, about the least one miscarriage she had prior to the birth of her daughter, blue Ivy, Jason, notably addresses the miscarriages they ve had in this song. For four for his most direct response to lemonade,
I apologize, I seen an innocent. I apologize for the steel balls cuz. I was impressed in your body, wouldn't accept it. I apologize to all the women who not only more and the death of beyond sees innocence that accompanied his cheating, but also the death of their unborn children. While we would hesitate, speculate on these highly personal health matters. It does appear that, artistically speaking, The Carter's have chosen to represent the death of these still boards, as the result, his abandonment of their family. This reference to unborn children hold significance beyond beyond these personal narrative in her peace pull this off. From between my legs, doktor lucretius. Men's analyzes lemonade as reflection on reproductive loss. Simmonds, Inter it's the dancers on the bus as representing the dead and unborn quote the school bus is a portal holding a dead mother and are dead and unborn children
all the sounds and images conjure those children, infants and unborn who have gone before us. Indeed, this section of lemonade access, if awake, pointing the viewer to the bodies and spirit of the dead here, lies the mother of my children back living and dead rest in peace. My true love, who I took for granted, pussy, who, because of me sleep, evaded a shroud, isn't loneliness. Her guide was listening. I have in the love, without the trail, the ashes dust. Decide checks here beyond, say, is still taking on the voice of her husband speaking out her funeral.
Joining the satisfaction of hearing him admit that he took her for granted and that she alone is his one true love. She is that she has quote the most bomb pussy for highlighting the absurdity of her partner seeking out sex beyond their relationship by us, putting herself in this way. She also resist the role of victim. Line is an unexpected display of power in an otherwise I somber palm Bianca continues. Shroud loneliness. Her god was listening. As beyond, say says: her God was listening. The camera cuts to another person on the whose isolated from the Europa painted dancers. This person, with a wide brimmed hat that obscures their face, making their gender ambiguous it seems this person might represent a God who listens to beyond, say silent, but present in her suffering.
This is one of what will be many glimpses of hope that beyond say situation could be redeemed. Bianca ends the palm quote her Heaven will be love without betrayal ashes, to ashes dust aside, checks, beyond say, describes her heaven as a love without betrayal, hoping for this sort of love in the afterlife. At this moment, She does not believe that this sort of love is possible in her. Currently, the final lineup palm is an adaptation of the common christian burial phrase. Ashes to ashes does to dust, which means that, as we come from, ashes so we will return when we die. However, beyond, say flips the phrase to read: ashes to ashes dust aside, chicks by comparing her partner psychics to dust beyond say, highlights the impermanence and insignificance of these subjects, and perhaps hence that, instead of her funeral seen, this is ultimately theirs.
This beyond say finishes her final line of the spoken word interlude. The song sorry begins to play sorry was written by Deanna, Gordon Mellow acts and Bianti, and was pretty is by mellow ex bianti in winter, Gordon, the song is built on a simple to court, burger Russian played on a subtle organ. My keyboard The top of this keyboard simply pleased to note that followed the courts. A substance based feels out. The low end
and finally, a driving drumbeat brings it altogether has a product sorry is introduced. We have it If the scenery on screen we entered. Made would plantation one Double Louisiana sugar plantations featured in lemonade senses plantations. Peer and reappear throughout the film we're going to take this opportunity to briefly explore their history, while quota quote king cotton, dominated industry in much of the Anti Bellum south. It was quoting quote Queen Sugar who reigned Supreme in Louisiana by the MID eighty Hundreds Louisiana produced a quarter of the global sugar supply, a booming economy that was you'll buy slave labour sugar farming with ruling
highly dangerous work. Within men, women and children working around the clock during processing and harvest season. Frederick Douglass likened the prospect of working on such a plantation to quote life of living death do to the dangers involved in Sugar plantation labour, the death Its among the enslaved workers often outpaced the birth rates as a consequence. Plantation owners force countless enslave black women into bearing children in order to keep their workforce intact at the law. A plantation along the Mississippi River, the head, mistress purchase. Thirty teenage. Girls from a slave auction in New Orleans after forcefully impregnating these girls, the headman dress with ten years later refer to their children as her quote: crop of children, the made what plan Patient featured here and sorry is located near Napoleon, Ville Louisiana made,
has been nickname the queen of the by you as its ornate greek revival. Architecture has earned a place as a national historic landmark. However, the maid would mansion splendor came at the cost of brutal slave labour, Lionel Both senior the son in law of former made would slave Louisa Martin Weir Council. Raise his mother in law, told him of beating she received and how she was forced to area whip to whip other enslaved people, Sugar Plantation, such as those featured in lemonade hold the history of the absolute horror of life for the enslaved places where women were subjected to torture, exhaustion, injury, malnutrition, rape, miscarriages and the living death of slavery However, these are also the places were black women survived passing on there. Your orally, and engaging in resistance, as will see beyond these inclusion of
cantation, such as made, would allow her to subvert the history of the place and reclaim it as what Doktor Lucretius Simmonds referred to as an impossible black place. It's with this context and understanding that we enter the maid would mention as the opening width of sorry ring out were greeted by ten player, Serena Williams, arguably the greatest leader regeneration. She does and down a winding staircase, and she beckons a view. To follow her into the parlour were Bianti sits upon. The throne, Serenest presents immediately commands respect her success in two This is unparalleled in any other sport. To date, she has twenty three. Ngos, Grand slams fourteen doubles. Grand slams four olympic metals and countless records to her name and she's at If all of this success, one during the twin evils of racism and sexism, that's followed her throughout her career right, site. Dna Desmond Harris have Track Prescott. Of Serene Williams, which has range
dehumanizing animal estate descriptions of her and obsessive pray. Occupation, with her body to the point of objectification and perpetuation the angry black woman stereotype when she expresses any frustration on the court, serene, discuss this scrutiny and a two thousand sixteen interview with Wrapper and act or common to this day. Still, I just feel like I've definitely whiskered nice, because I was confident in I was black and I was coffee. And I am lack, I am and you, but I would say that I feel like I'm I can be number one. No, no you don't Why shouldn't I say that you know why, in a showcase, our confidence, Serena, It is in the parlour room of the maid. Would mansion as beyond, say sits in a queen like thrown beyond safe.
Those in the throne, seems to intentionally mirror Serena Sports person of the year sports illustrated cover of twenty fifteen like Bianca Serenest sat in a throne with one leg draped over the arm chair staring directly into the camera doc location, Simmons, illuminates the power of beyond, say and serenest presence in the maid would mansion parlour in her peace, landscapes, memories and history. Beyond, say. Lemonade quote Serena Williams, I'm torques in the very same place, were in enslaved. Girls job was to carry the whip of torture. For beyond, say, lemonade, the dancing space is an act of defiance of claiming self and freedom beyond. Say throne, is an impossible black place beyond, say
and Serena Williams. Bodily freedom does not belong here, yet they have claimed for themselves unquote, as in previous chapters of lemonade beyond, say, inner weaves. These empowering political images with deeply personal lyrics regarding her there's infidelity what does beyond they have to say to her husband from atop. This thrown that's right after the break. Lusby rule is the perfect time to go back in time with the stories of hips crazies parties, nasty espies flies fashions, invest first Like that's an all time, underrated unbelievable p and maybe I'm a six EC me, but that is the fire. The painting that I love. It's like chefs kid common at you from mobile. The mobile mixed aims catch new episodes every Wednesday following listen for free on Spotify. This is hip hop to me. Welcome back to dissect before the break we discuss
the significance of the maid would plantation. As the setting for the chapter apathy we saw, how don't say in serenely reclaim this plantation transform from a site of torture, for the enslaved to a site of power for black women and its from this empowered thrown that be say, performs the song sorry beginning with the sunset. Guy Nigger Biagi performs a cod bonds with herself throughout the hook in one voice, which is slightly distorted and set back in the mix? she sings just one word: sorry. She then sponsor a self and contrasting commanding tone. Saying I ain't sorry, the repetition of this back and forth starts it take the form of an inner dial.
As if she's having to tell herself she isn't sorry over and over letting it become a mantra, perhaps fighting off her own instincts. She seems determined not to blame yourself for his wrong doings. Nor will she apologized for her reaction to it. She also dismisses her partner, saying Edward NA thus moving his significance to her and his power over her. Inverse one beyond describes, ignoring her partners phone calls and instead heads to a night club to get her mind off the situation. Here. Let's call the chapter title apathy apathy is the and is either a lack of feeling or emotion or lack of interest or concern. Knowing this we re
nice. That beyond say is attempting to communicate that she's now apathetic towards our partner in their relationship, but like the songs hook beyond Here is clearly conflicted ass. She continually has to say, I think, about you and ironic contradiction of the statement. While she may be trying not to think about him. She certainly is, and so we, recognize our apathy is not genuine but is rather a feigned apathy as such. What beyond They presents to our partner as apathy on the surface, maybe more appropriately interpreted as a suppression of her true motion to the vote. Continue singing me and my lady sit my do say, cups. I don't give a fuck chuck it my deuces up
do say, is Jaycees luxury brand of cognac. One of his many big, spent years beyond RAP Cheesy pre, usually wrapped about drinking, do say with beyond say in the song drunken love, but now beyond drinks it with her ladys on a night out. Despite him, we also denies this line as a reference to Jesse and beyond, say two thousand thirteen collaborative track part two on the run says don't, say Jesse. Agents running from the police with beyond, say with the two of them chugging say together and shocking that uses up to law enforcement. Bianti, of course flip. This exact scenario and sorry, except now She does so with her ladys, clear, it's no longer she in him versus the world. It's her versus him beyond, say then ends diverse suck. My balls pause. I've had enough,
once again beyond, say digs gc through his own lyrics this rewriting a line from Jays verse, uncanny West two thousand tense on so upon resident. They must adopt an. I appeared, jazzy references, the phrase pause, just slang, used to negate a statement that could be interpreted as a gay sexual innuendo. When J says I don't have to pause, he implies that he does have to say pause because this, humanity wouldn't be questioned. He then tells us eight to fuck off saying all of your concern. My balls through my draws Biagi, of course, we this first, almost verbatim, like we heard throughout don't hurt yourself, she adopting a mascot posture toward a partner, even escalating him by telling him to suck my balls like we notice, asked episode beyond to employees. Masculine, shows of strength and attempt to gain power back in a relationship However, as the progressive will see us,
I'm so realise that some of these masculine power place and survival tactics must be banned in order to come to a place of true healing sorry moves into its pre course beyond, say: gifts or attention to our female audience via Bianti empowers her feet. Audience to active finally toward men who have rung them by telling them to put up there. Fingers and waved in the face of their betrayers. She votes a common feature of her lie. Performance of single Ladys Ladys, put your head in his face, saving
in single Ladys Bianti encourages her female fans to waive their empty ring fingers in their man's face. As if to say, if you didn't want me to dance with other men. You should have put a ring and locked this down. Of course, in sorry, the ring finger is replaced with the middle finger. A more aggressive action that implies the severance of a relationship altogether. In this way, she asked her female fans come together in solidarity, moving beyond the respect, they demand and single ladys to a more outright rejection of any man who violates the respect they deserve. As such, It continues into its second verse beyond, say continues to reject our partners. Attempts at communication
Now I don't feel bad about. It is exactly what you get up in the referendum, yeah. They dismisses our partners. Attempts to apologize telling him it's his turn to undergo the same suffering he put her through. Now. Watch your while in and grinding on other men with her friends at the club He continued singing. Now I'm the one that's lying and I don't feel bad about it. It's exactly what you get stop interrupted my grinding its unclear exactly what she's lying about. It could be her way Whilst in an attempt to make him anxious and jealous or perhaps you lying when she feigns apathy, in any case he shows no remorse for line to him ass she but This is what he deserves after putting her through what he did.
In this sense. Bianca is advocating for retributive justice wherein the punishment ones. Crime equates the suffering the crime caused an eye for an eye so to speak. But says beyond. They will have to let go of masculine approaches to power in favour of feminine power. As the outcome progresses, we will also see beyond they abandoned Wretched Butte of justice for restorative justice model beyond say, ends the verse step interrupted, my grinding, given the song setting of a night club, it appears beyond, say, is telling her partner that his phone calls are literally interrupting her dancing or grinding with other men, but we all recognize a line as a forceful way of telling her partner. He no longer takes priority in her life rather she's thrown herself and her work. Her grind in his presence would only be a distraction. Up to this point in the song beyond Say has demonstrated that she doesn't want to think about her partner. However, her attitude shifts during the bridge into the songs outright
Hell. No, I put that ring on. He always got them after the night of clubbing with a girls, expresses concern with our partners whereabouts as she comes home to an empty house rather than apathy. She allowed herself to feel deep emotion, regret. She says de. I regret the night I put that ring on this, calls back to the final moments of don't hurt yourself. There, beyond say through her wedding, ring off and threatened that if his behaviour continues to lose his wife this moment on sorry also evokes beyond say. Two thousand thirteen song ring off the song is dead, came to her mother, Tina, Knolls and the freedom that she fell. After divorcing beyond these Father Matthew knows who is there were more to have cheated thing.
The ring on beyond two acknowledges that for her mother, she was found in leaving a toxic relationship and starting a new as such would be on, say, regrets the she ever put her own wedding ring on. She may imagine the freedom she could enjoy if she To leave like her mother did. However, if she does imagine this possibility, it's only briefly as she still drawn to understand or partners actions, she says, he's always got them. Fucking excuses, I prayed to the law. You reveal ways, truth is Bianti is exasperated by her partner, surface level. Attempts to amend She shows an understanding that deeper motivations must be revealed in order to solve it. This relationship show Oh foreshadows that a divine intervention might be required
Why but while beyond say craves, a deeper conversation with her partner and the opportunity to uncle His truth. She is also not quite ready for that and decides to leave. She listened no in the hallway for him to find, when he finally returns home, saying I'm fuckin with nobody making clear that while she has left, she hasn't left him for some one else. Her attempts to provoke jealousy and faint apathy failed she's, no longer clubbing in retaliation. Rather, it appears he's taking necessary space to process her emotions. Have a look
For my part, I believe all of US continues its bridge bianti sings. Let's have a toast to the good life her tone here: a somber, not the typical celebratory, that would generally accompany a toast. Perhaps Beyonce's is toasting the good life her husband had prior to the revelation of his infidelity, She might also be toasting. The good life shall have without him. May so be an ironic reference to the fact that, despite the good life of fame riches and status, they do not The good marriage everyone believed, like her faint apathy, their court, unquote, good life was a facade beyond say continues, suicide. Before you see these tears come out my eyes. She wants, and adopt the masculine stoicism staving. She rather commit suicide than fully express the depth of our emotions or allow her power.
Now to see or cry over him if he had any doubt that are apathy was feigned this line confirms it completely. Clearly she's, not indifferent. Rather, she suppressing her emotions and attempt to disguise or sorrow A sheet, rather not let her partner, glean any satisfaction from her pain. She quickly and inter suicidal thoughts for a life of purpose and single motherhood. She sings me in my baby, we're gonna be all right. We gonna live a good life. She returned to this idea of good life this time. Looking for the future without her husband during this out through the visuals of the film move away from the plantation setting to a new scene of beyond, say posed at the egyptian queen, never tt, Queen, never tv rights lower Egypt alongside her feral husband, King Akhenaten, from one thousand three hundred and fifty three to one thousand three hundred and thirty six BC. One of the most prosperous periods of egyptian history Never tv is now for power and beauty with her name, meaning the beautiful one has come in
depictions of never tv. She wears a tall flat top crown which beyond say imitates with her braids never tv appears, alongside her Pharaoh husband in many depictions, suggesting an equality in their relationship and perhaps more ruling power than traditionally afforded to fair wives in pop culture. She has become symbol of historical black excellence and has been reference in the lyrics of Queen Latif Lauren Hill, GINO, Monet and others for Bianca, who embody never tv calls to mind her power beauty in queen status, its direct refutation of the white patriarchy, historical dismissal black women. If the maid would mansions nickname the queen of the by, you encapsulates white societies, privileges of profit over human life through queens bugger beyond, say, re emerging as queen. Never tv, reclaims, black women's place as the true queens of the American South,
big as the leader It can happen. They continued Pietro, singing big homey, better grow up, while a quota, unquote, big homey implies a leadership role or purse, and others in a community. Look up to beyond. Her partner still has to grow up. He may the status of being a big homey, but he said immature in ways that prevent him from acting with integrity here, to address these maturities if they are to stay together and if you can do so, if his title of big homey, she continues me and my woody's about a stroll up. Woody's comes from the word ward, both New Orleans, where much of lemonade takes place and beyond these own hometown of Houston. Divided into neighborhoods called wards,
Voters are your neighbours or those who are from your ward, like the first half of the song bs, They continue to rely on our female friends or Woody's for empowerment net. Bianca things I see them barbours in the corner. They sneak out the back door. Barbours here refers to women who go after high profile men for their status, just as before The question whether Jaycees subjects would be down to ride and hold up beyond, say here eyes at the women, her partner, cheats with or just using him where's, fame and wealth. She remains one, true love which would love him. Whether He was successful or not I went on a par with the he better call back you with the goose These final lines may be the most well known of the entire album immediate,
the after lemonade release a social media friendly formed around the question who is Becky with the good hair fans, took the twitter, an instagram with theories of Becky's, true identity, with theories from fashioned Rachel Roy to singer the aura and more, however, to focused too, intently on Becky's potential real life counterpart is too losing the underlying meaning here in her essay. Getting to the roots of Becky, but the good hair in lemonade. Dunno Hopson contends that Becky signifies quote not only the other woman who poses a threat to black women's marriages and romantic partnerships, but also the other women writ large white woman, as a negation of black beauty and black femininity. Unquote, this idea of Becky as a white
gator of black beauty, seems to originate from Sir Mix allots. Nineteen. Ninety two song baby got back the songs. Intro features the following exchanged between two white girls, one of which is named Becky, my God Becky looked at her, but they only talk to her because she looks like a tunnel plastic. I mean We hear these Becky's denigrate, a black woman for embracing her black features and not adhering to white beauty standards they so over sexual lies her and call her a prostitute, implying her We value is in her body. Their common reveals both jealousy and discussed, as evidenced in baby got back Becky's. Our shallow ignorant of their privileged and deemed attractive by white patriarch beauty standards. They are not only white but all young thin blue eye
and here that is long and straight among all the pressures to adhere to white beauty standards. Having quota quote good hair is one of the most prominent for black women. Historically, societal pressures have discouraged black women from wearing natural hairstyle, such as Africa, braids, and lots in favour of styles that approximate white hair. Here's how tire being defined, hair on a two thousand nine episode of her talk. Show the tire bank show now one black women talk about get here. You hear things like pair there not kinky, or course or nappy. You know when they say good hair. A lot of them are saying here that a smooth and straight like a like girls, and they spent thousands of dollars in countless hours using chemical relaxes and putting weaves in their hair to get it, and I just
they a lot. I should say we beyond say herself is allied skin black woman, who has at times been criticized for assimilating to white beauty standards, but Hobson contends that by calling out Becky with the good hair beyond say, quote, and treats as to the interior already of the pretty light skin woman. Who seems to have it all who tried to be softer, prettier less awake only to have the love of her life dismiss. Are efforts with extramarital affairs, with Becky in a remarkable way, through hair politics beyond, say, approximates Becky with the good hair as awaited? best her of the power of whiteness and to reposition her in the service of a collective black, womanhood, unquote so with the line. He only wants me when I'm not there beyond reveals that her partner has taken her beauty for granted sporting, a crown of braids as the beautiful and powerful queen, never tv. She directs our partner to instead call Becky with the good hair
shallow wrongfully, elevated woman who beyond say ultimately exposes, as aside chick as insignificant as dust conclusions, through our examination of lemonade. We must keep in mind Menace rallying cry the personal as political. The idea The answer is personal lyrics and images also convey a broader political or social message, just as before. Say rewrites Jaycees lyrics in order to take back the power and a relationship she also habits, the spaces of historical white supremacy such as the plantation and Jim Crow Bus. In order to take back power of those spaces for black women, She calls out her husband for his preoccupation with Becky, with the good hair calls out America as a whole for the perpetuation of damaging racial eyes. Beauty standards in terms of Alex Narrative, the end of it. Signals, a new direction for Bianti, as she leaves her power
Therefore, new unknown life. Likewise, the final visual of the chapter finds a group of five black women walking out into the wilderness, naked. What is this new life? Look like four bianti. Well, If we could summarize it using a single color, it looks like bad Now, This is six inch from lemonade next chapter emptiness. A chapter will examine nope. I know seen by seen next time when dissect,
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