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Season 7 begins NEXT WEEK!


Season 7 premieres next Tuesday, September 8th. Follow <a href="http://www.instagram.com/dissectpodcast">@dissectpodcast on Instagram</a> for clues about what album we're dissecting!

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Everyone call here want to make a quick announcement that we have a brand new season of dissect launching next week on Tuesday September aid. As always, Keeping the subject of a secret, but starting today I'll be dropping daily clues on our Instagram stories at Dissect podcast, there is even a chance to win prizes if you D Code, all the clues correctly so be sure to follow at dissect podcast right now for more details. Actually, you know how, but I drop a clue right now, ready didn't, say what can be easy. Oh at dissect, podcast on Instagram for more clues and get ready for the premier of season. Seven on Tuesday September aid. Only on Spotify.
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