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For decades, Bill Cosby brought warmth and laugher across the country, cementing his image as “America’s Dad.” But behind that disguise was the real Bill Cosby – the monster who preyed on women by promising them mentorship, only to then drug and violate them. Hosted by Nicki Egan, the lead investigative journalist on this case, the series features jurors, lawyers, and over a dozen survivors telling their story together for the first time. “Chasing Cosby” is the definitive take on the rise and fall of America’s Dad. Listen now: https://link.chtbl.com/r2L0Fdhf

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For decades Bill Cosby brought warmth and laughter into hearts across the country, cementing his image as America's dad, but it turned out the lovable sweater, clad cliff Huxtable from the Cosby show was the perfect disguise for hiding who he really was a brain who podcast from the LOS Angeles Times chasing Cosby, is the definitive take on the rise and fall of bill costs me featuring interviews with over a dozen survivors chasing cosmic, steered by first hand, accounts of their encounters with the real bill costs me, the lawyers, the process, Peters the jurors, the survivors and for the first time on her own ends a constant or all. Finally, speaking out as one chasing Cosby is hosted by Nicole Wizened, see Egon the lead investigative journalist reporting on the Cosby case since the beginning. Her relationship with him dates back to the early eighties when she turned to the Cosby show to cope with a family tragedy and when, accusations began emerging she got
the truth. First, she listen to each story and got to work, making calls asking questions, reviewing evidence, fielding threats from lawyers and writing articles after article to bring causeways dark ass to light in two thousand five, when the allegations were first revealed com be emerged unscathed protected by carefully coordinated media strategy involves by a society and judicial system that did little to support the women coming forward, but then, in two thousand fourteen, a little Convenient fuel by social media changed everything you're about it. A preview of chasing Cosby, while your listing make sure to subscribe to chasing Cosby on Apple Podcast, Spotify or wherever you're listing right now. You can also find a link in the episode notes. Chasing Cosby contains descriptions of violence, sexual content and language that is not suitable for every audience. Please be advised. It's ninety ninety one and Bill Cosby as one of the most famous and power
full actors and entertainers in the world economy. Where he's on the Larry King LIVE Show, promoting a brand new, autobiography called childhood and sharing some of his favorite jokes. The. Story was, if you took a little drop, it was on the head of a pin drank Alla time. It did make it and the girl with drink. You then she's a low marriage Is due in spanish fly routine for Larry King one, which is performed on stage since the nineteen sixties, and it cost me jokes: were the audience about slipping in aphrodisiacs into a woman's drink, a drug that renders are helpless after a couple of You know they about spanish fly. No tell me about what I just girl crazy, marry. Someone put some in her. You go. Body. She, five girl, stand in a noble jealous. I didn't know
anything about the spanish vibrating back then, and the media in pay much attention to it either. At this point in his career caused me had written best selling books about parenthood and made the world laugh with family friendly, comedy routines. He was a humanitarian and philanthropist who does it in millions to charities in colleges alike, but it was as per trail of doktor cliff Huxtable on the costs me show that around him the warm and fuzzy moniker of America Stan you. I need you You see the two of us. We have something in common cause. These long mainly happy marriage to Camille, only added lustre to a picture, perfect image of a devoted husband and father. There was never a hint, not even a whisper that he wasn't who we seem to be, but that spanish fly routine was their hiding in plain sight. All this time caused me talking about slipping drugs into women, strength,
if we'd only known back, then it wasn't just a joke, only later that we learn bill. Cosby have been leading a dark secret, double life, cultivating friendships with young women by promising that mentorship and connections for nearly half a century, he groomed them and their families, building a relationship and gaining their trust before druggie, sexually assaulted. Because we often said I love you as if you were my daughter, I care about you. If your my child, I trusted him at that time in sixty five, I was. And came. He said this will help you relax. I remember one said he was right: on top me too inches from my face. When I went unconscious, I remain reinforcing forcing himself in my mouth? I got up
There was blood running down my legs because he sodomize me we're here to speak the truth we. Finally let the world know what kind of human being built Cosby is when I saw him in their court is one to sharpen, say why. Why did you do this to me, and my name is too low?
grain. My name is Salon Lasher, Stacy, Pinkerton Tree ceremony, really Bernard money. Well, we slot low Bland IKEA Cooper Dream Ass, the DNS Baker can highty Thomas Ferreira and Africa. Tom said Andrea concept. I was drugged and sexually assaulted, drug and sexually assaulted, sexually assaulted, assaulted by bill cause. I am I am. I am a survivor from the LOS Angeles Times. I'm Nicky wizened see again, and this is chasing causing episode, one America's dad before we dive into our story Let me introduce myself, I'm an investigative journalists and I live outside Philadelphia Pennsylvania one.
In January, two thousand five, a woman named Andrea, constant, went to the police and said Phil Cosby, drugged and assaulted her I was sceptical at first, but as it does in the details of our story in back, then few journalists were willing to touch it. I came to believe Andrea And I ve stayed with her story for the past fifteen years. I was a big Cosby fan when this all began the cause we showed they viewed my senior year in high school. They say near my older brother died. My mother was paralyzed with grief which she never really recovered from before she died ten years later, and my father had all he could handle trying to hold the family together while juggling the demands of a job that took him out of town several nights a week
I could relate to the ongoing relationship between cliff and Theo Huxtable because I watched my father and brother engage in similar battles throughout my childhood. The cause me show was an escape from me yet also felt real, because I knew caused me. It based the show on his own family. Do you expect to get him to college? Would group like this? No problem see I'm not gonna call em right, but that image I had a bill Cosby as the easy going cliff August of all was about to come crashing down. The senior Andrea, constant, came forward,
thirteen other women, told authorities, Cosby, assaulted them or attempted to do so. It will take another decade, a viral video and unseal deposition, and more than sixty accusers before Cosby would be charged for his crimes. Cosby has in the past denied accusations of drugging and sexual assault and, through his spokesman said, he had no comment to offer on this package is now behind bars and still maintains his innocence, but I still have so many questions. How could someone who's done so much good do so much evil. At the same time, how many people knew what caused me was doing and stay quiet? Why is there such a visceral distrust of women who say they ve been sexually assaulted? Why did it takes so long for this
and other take home hi, I'm Lindsey Grant the host of wondering show american scandal. We bring to life some of the biggest controversies in. U S, history, presidential lies environmental disasters. Corporate fraud week were starting a new series about a carmaker, the duped millions of drivers ending up in the crosshairs of the federal government. It's the story, the Volkswagen diesel scandal to listen to this and other great series subscribe now to american scandal from wondering
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