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In Wondery's new series Bad Batch, host Laura Beil of Dr. Death investigates the multi-billion dollar underregulated industry of stem cell therapy where greed and desperation collide. When a group of patients wind up in a Texas hospital in critical condition, the trail leads back to one stem cell company and its charismatic CEO. What happens when a supposed miracle cure leaves you worse off than before? Listen to Bad Batch at wondery.fm/BadBatchPod

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In doktor death. I told you a story about thirty three patients in Texas who went in for surgery and had their lives forever changed by an incompetent, doktor. Unfortunately, crystal Dutch was not the only danger in the medical field. People make important decisions about their health everyday and with all the alternative, therapies and supposed miracle cures out there. They can be hard to separate the tried and true from the experimental. So now, I'm reporting on another important story that I want people to hear. It's about stem cell therapy and a bad batch of stem cells that gave a group of patients disastrous results, add batch. I explore the multi million dollar under regulated industry of stem cell therapy and industry that claims to
pain, auto immune disease, infections and even autism. It's a cautionary tale and I hope you'll take a listen you're about to hear a preview of bad badge why your listing go subscribed to bad bats, on apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you're listening now, there's, also a link in the episode notes that will take you there in the fall of twenty fifteen. On coastal Sharon's mother called them. Some worrying news You know my mom, my mom calls me with you. You know she text me with these things. Like you know, this would happen to me today. I'm not feeling well, and so is she setting pictures of her hand, and she said all you know I burn today, I burnt my hand and it's really bad his mom. I've been helping a stepdad while the gate on their farm in Wisconsin. She was holding that
and he dropped a glove glove fell into a pile of leaves short sleeves on fire. You want to hold the torch up and away from the ground, as he leaned over to pick up the glove flame had graze, the top of lowest his hand, tortures twenty. Seven hundred so it doesn't take, but just a flash in proximity and it's going to burn it almost to the bone. Boston, bandits, the wound herself at the top she didn't sound, overly concerned and at First John was worried either he grew up. Farm and he knows that injuries are just a part of life in the country, but over the Few days lowest started text her son, the photos, You'll have the entire series of pictures. It's crazy and the pictures literally went from it. Look like wrinkled skin to the skin
blisters to the skin came off until It was really looking like the first three four five layers of skin had come on. If you ve ever suffered a severe turn on your hand or anywhere else. It's painful, a constant searing pain, won't go away. Finally, went to see a burn, specialist and then doctorate medicine was saint you're, probably going to lose his hand because as bad as it is, there is no way you're going to be able to keep insects. Then John had an idea. A few years earlier, John had tried a new kind of treatment to help heal a knee injury, and it worked great for him, so thought maybe Lois should try it for her hand. She was willing to give it a go. You get so desperate you'll do anything at any cost to try to John Lewis, mother to California. He brought her to a clinic where she was hooked.
To an iv and given themselves and just like that, her hand started to get and not just a hand she had writers for years, but after the stem cell treatments that started to get better to start taking medication, she stopped taken pain, pills, user will walk. She had a garden. She had watched the grandkids she can answer her phone and type on a smartphone life changing for me. Really love changing aside from doing my aunt for Tom's mom, the treatment worked across the country in Texas, Elaine Dilly, try to help her mother with stem cells, just like
had done my husband and I would do anything to help her, but she would not be so lucky the doktor came in. He tell me that we ve got to air lifted. Her kidneys, are shutting down six and have a heart attack and I'm just Conniston you afraid that you were going to lose her. I knew I was going to lose her John and Elaine. Would both do anything for their mothers. They both place their hopes in the promise. A miracle cure, but that's The only way they would come to beacon I'm going to say that wherever there's opportunity, there's greed and wherever there's money, there's green when Greek, its involve bad things happen like you find out the truth and the house story, it's really can't believe anybody anymore,
you tell me when we were on the phone earlier, that you preferred not to use your name in this podcast. Can you tell me why that was just a preview of bad bat to listen to the rest, subscribe to bad batch on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever your listing right now
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