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Wondery Presents: Murder in Hollywoodland


It's February 2nd 1922, and all of Hollywood is about to wake up and learn that William Desmond Taylor, the most famous film director in town, was murdered in his home last night. The investigation will shine a light on some of Hollywood's most scandalous affairs, backroom deals, and underground drug dens. This real life Murder Mystery is one of the most iconic "whodunnit" cases of the 20th century that will leave you guessing and second guessing who killed William Desmond Taylor for weeks to come. Co-hosted by Tracy Pattin & James Remar

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Hi doktor death listeners. I want to tell you about a new podcast from wondering called murder in Hollywood land. It's about this Ok, murder of the famous film director, William Desmond Taylor, who was the Steven Spielberg of Twenties Hollywood. The list of suspects would be as long as the Oscars Red Carpet and Justice STAR started in the investigation will eventually shine a light on some of Hollywood, most scandalous affairs backroom deals and shit. And we drove dense this real life murder mystery is one of the most I conic, who done it. Cases of the twentieth century they'll. Have you guessing and second guessing who killed William Desmond Taylor right up to the end, we're about to play a brief clip from a show make sure to subscribe to murder and Hollywood land from wondering on Apple pie, gas Spotify, or to listen ad free, goat, wandering plaster com, slash Hollywood land, and
it's Thursday February. Second, nineteen, twenty two shortly after seventy unusually cold morning, Sensuous California, but the town will eat because a body is about to be found over the armorer out of court apartment. To some of the biggest names and all you ve, probably scenes of them in the movie. Pictures magic leading man dogma claim, it was fast asleep. An apartment for o six dogs known as the man with a million dollar smile. His wife faces next to him a start and films to please they pretty enough. But those caring is on fire right now.
Her turn will overcome. Just across from Macleans for today is the home of actress. Edna provides Charlie Chaplin leading lady. Both on and offscreen. If you get the drift his blonde and luminous with, If chiseled features the camera loves, she still to getting a beauty sleep in far too big and screenwriter Fred. Fish back is up early again, he's worries, next to fatty. Our buckle is gonna cost him his career Buckle is the most highly paid comedy actor in the business except He's on trial for the rape and murder of a part time actress named Virginia repay lately Nobody is returning for its goals. He'll by association. That's how they would for you there's someone else who lives in this exclusive hamlet, the guy and Fora for Bee
If you look around his fancy diggs, it won't take long to figure out what he does piled everywhere, marked up location reports and a war covered with Headshot, a famous actresses he's a director. Several Hollywood hits under his belt. Normally you waiting for his valet and repealing too the front door and draw his bath. Driver fired at the custom, build Macfarlane to deliver to the studio, but not today Today, everything is going to be different. It Alvarado Court, because that director is bleeding out on his very expensive carpet: stone, cold dead, and that director is me, I'm Tracy Patent, CO, host of murder in Hollywood land from wondering this is a truce
worry about a murder that happens in the wild West days of Hollywood and events, so big terms, the town inside out and upside down the list of suspense stretches as long as the line outside a movie premier, including me. The actresses and big names studio, exacts scandalous affairs and Holly. Its underbelly will be exposed in calls for censorship. Will change movies forever? This story one of the most iconic real life, whodunit cases of the twentieth century and its one hell of a ride subscribe on Apple podcast, Spotify, the wondering app or wherever Your listening right now joined wondering plus in the wondering app to listen, ad free, hey wondering listeners. If you ve ever wanted to listen to the best episodes of your favorite, wondering podcast, all in one piece
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