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Introducing 'Cutthroat Inc.'

Listen to 'Cutthroat Inc.' on Apple Podcasts (https://apple.co/2QFcUVp), Spotify (https://spoti.fi/3dvDCJZ) or your favorite podcast app. "Cutthroat Inc." is a co-production of ABC Audio, makers of "The Dropout," "Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein," "Have You Seen This Man?," "A Killing On the Cape," the daily ABC News podcast "Start Here," and more: http://www.abcaudio.com/podcasts
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Hi dropout bands, its Rebecca, and there is a new podcast. I want you to know about. It's called cut throat ink and it's a scam re about to young self made millionaires who spent There are times surfing under the California, Sun and living the high Life in LAS Vegas, but then one of them ends up dead over the past year. My colleagues at ABC News. Twenty twenty have unravelled this stunning tale of deception. Given to listen again, it's cut throat, ink and it's available now, wherever you're listening, here's a preview, it's the first week of July. Twenty eleven directive, Julia Bowman settles in at her elbow beaten desk at Laguna Beach, police department, and on that desk is a Manila folder with just a posted thing, look ended up with her signature, our sea, if you can do anything with us, but they like that, the posted note is
Her sergeant, whose just gone out on medical leave in her cramped, cubicle detective Bowman, opens that folder all of her kind of extra out the vehicle check the report from the age ass for those kind of things that are all contained honour, its a missing person case, now people are reported missing from time to time in Laguna Beach, just like anywhere else. But since the night He navies pretty much. All of them have turned up the papers on her death. Tell the story of a young millionaire named Chris Smith, whose sailed off into the Pacific. Says, the betting money in the department was that Chris Smith would pop back up just like all the rest of them did Even so, omens treat, I think, the captain. I probably other things like you just can't help it pulled a thread. Nl you whatever it is. You like, I guess,
were alike. I can't help but got into it. Twenty pages or so also include email exchanges between Chris from his far flung destinations and his family. He seems to be travelling all over the world. The scribbled notes in the folder, our punctuated by asked Rex and question marks it's a jigsaw of raw data and possible leads fighters, go to work. The timeline and creating links and finding ways that you know a place, be equal sea and then seeing if it does it. If a plus x, you can see in this story and it's like war exposure red flag after a few days huddling with those notes and the case documents concludes there's something wrong with his story. Are other sergeant locks in what are you doing? I don't think this kindness
as I showed him, the timeline that I've been creating and started saying these things. It didn't really make sense about the cave and he forgot ok and then run with it, Detective booming doesn't yet know where this hunch will take her she's about it.
Tumbled into web of lies. Not the little white kind. Beak lies lies so huge, but so convincing people actually believe. Then she is right about one thing: this is nice people, men, I hadn't gone my dutch strong. We were prepared for anything walking around with a flashlight. Add that's what we discover some life ruthless type also agreed to extreme events related disposed to. I met government, and this is the first episode. Twenty twenties cut throat.
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