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Elizabeth, holding hands with her partner, Billy and her mother, Noel, breezes into the courthouse to hear opening statements in her financial fraud trial. The government and the defense set the stage, giving us a roadmap of how their sides of the case will unfold. The prosecution says this is a case about fraud, lying and cheating, while the defense paints a picture of an ambitious young woman trying to change the world. She made mistakes, they say, but didn’t break the law. And we hear from the case’s first witness: Theranos’ top ranking financial employee who has a lot to say about how Elizabeth may have misled investors.

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Previously on the drop out Elizabeth homes on trial. We learned about the twelve jurors, who will ultimately decide Elizabeth Fate and heard first hand from dismissed candidates about what Elizabeth was like up close shoes, kind of just like staring at all the jurors ass. They walked in looking as if she's about agreed us something. This week, the government in the defence set the stage with opening statements, giving a road map of how they plan to argue this case, and we hear from the prosecutions first witness their noses highest ranking finance employ. Who will contradict Elizabeth oft repeated claims that she was ignorant about fine angels when she allegedly misled investors. to track it all of western asks me. I did not pursue
from ABC Audio. This is the drop out Elizabeth homes on trial episode for setting the stage we have, the anticipated trial of Elizabeth HOMES, Rebecca jar with it at the court, half a central they California Good Morning, Rebecca its fourth. Thirty, a m on the morning of September, eighth, twenty twenty one day, one opening statements in the criminal trial of Elizabeth Home Elizabeth HOMES that former billionaire and found or if there are no, she said to be in court today Royal today, her fall from
This is a rising star in the Tec World, now under scrutiny as she claims outside the Robert of Peckham Court House. The scene is loud, chaotic, photographers and crews loved their cameras and lights, jockeying for the best shot. Reporters prepare to go live It will still be hours before the sun comes up, but already along line is forming. I'm Rebecca Jervis with You ve seen, and I wait net along with dozens of other journalists. Most major news outlets have someone here like technology reporter MIKE lit key of the Associated Press. What are you expecting today might expect in quite a show yeah, you know we're going to see the broad contours lay out the respective case I'll be really. There is even a student,
journalist, Nicole Corso, from Elizabeth Alma mater I'm a journalist with a stand for daily. That's the school newspaper Elizabeth homes went to stand for dropped out when she was nineteen after a few semesters. How do you think that reflects on stand for and if at all, I think he's? Definitely not the first samper drop ads. You have had them major thing. In addition, there are lots of curious observers like Lord Daniel, a student from nearby Palo Alto, just wanting to be a part of history. I finish my intensive last Friday and my school desire for a few weeks. I thought I might as well does come on now and finally, there is a trio of what it first looks like Elizabeth impersonators, complete with black blazers and messy blonde bonds. A picture of the group makes the rounds on social media ultimately causing a stir on Twitter. It's only later one
we're inside the court room? As I said, a few feet away, it becomes clear: this crew is part of Elizabeth Entourage, seated with her family and friends, back outside when the real Elizabeth homes breezes passed me in a dark spurt, soon walking hand in hand with her heart. Failure for eyes are smiling a mask, covers or face having a great what the cup, followed by Billy's father, William in a gray suit and rectangular glasses and Elizabeth mother. No well, she wears a blue twin set and gauzy scarf her hairs in a neat blog bob inside the courtroom. Everyone takes their seats Elizabeth up front.
between her attorneys. The rest of us are behind her on long wooden. Pews Billy sets front row reserved for the defense, flanked on either side by the courtroom, sketch artist and no well Billy's fathers. Also in the first row plus there is that good but young women who looks so strikingly similar to Elizabeth They chat amongst each other and passed around a padded seat, cushion to make the hard bench a little more comfy at times, Billy seems to suddenly Comfort, Noel resting his arm around her rubbing her back the to chat with the sketch artists. Does she creates her first work of art, a painting of Elizabeth looking back at Billy and her family
overnight. The government has produced more intriguing material, another six pages of text, messages between Elizabeth and her former a friend and c o Sunnyvale Ahwahnee. Of the tax show affectionate exchanges. During the same period Elisabeth alleges she was systematically abused by sunny in one Elizabeth Rights to Sonny you a breeze and desert for me, my water, an ocean madly love with you and your strength. She calls sunny Tiger and says there are meant to be only together and that she feels like the luckiest person in the world, because I have you in another exchange, sunny rights missing you, you more Elizabeth replies. The messages even seem to suggest the pair had a Pat Elizabeth rights. How is our baby bird and says a woman named Priscilla could feed him
Before the days proceedings can formally began and the jurors are brought in judged novel tells the court there's one final issue: adjure who's been selected may now have an issue participating judged novel calls injure number seven, a nineteen year old woman who works and customer service sitting across the court room from Elizabeth once, one of the wealthiest people in the world Jura number seven explains she's just learned. Her employer won't pay during jury duty telling the core how hard it would be on her family to get by with this loss of income.
She apologises for the late notice, but says she really needs the money to support her mom financially judged off the attorneys attempt to find a solution. Could the jure work alternate hours while court is an insertion? There's a lot of back and forth. Juror seven seem stressed, and eventual it decided calls would be made later to her employer to see if something can be worked out, if not she'll be replaced by an alternate, but for today the trial must go on so judge. Davos calls in the rest of the jury, many of whom have said they ve never heard of Elizabeth HOMES or farragos before now, and then the opening statements began, the government starts Robert Liege, lays out a trial road map sharing with the jurors the court room and the world how the government
intends to prove Elizabeth is guilty. The importance can't be overstated of opening arguments. It's the all the heritage in our first impressions are everything. Caroline policy is a fact we'll White Collar Defence attorney in New York, where you ve met an earlier episodes. This is really the entire trial here for jurors. They are going to preview an overview of the entire case and sort of spoon feed them. What each witness is going to prove what each piece of evidence that they're going to introduce me so by the jurors can really understand what this case is all about in the prosecutions. Fifty minute opening statement leech lays it out in clear and simple terms. This is a case about fraud. He says about lying and cheating, to get money. He tells the jurors Elizabeth misled. Therein owes investors, doctors and patients who purchased their nose blood tests to make important decisions
he shows them an image of their noses blood analyzer a device went by many names, but he says, could never do what Elizabeth promised they really painted a picture of Elizabeth homes as somebody who knew exactly what she was doing, somebody who knew that she was making false representations to investors, doctors and patients and somebody who went ahead with it anyway. That's what they're going to have to prove right. They dont me only to show that these statements or misrepresentations were in fact false. They need to show a state of mind and they need to show that Elizabeth HOMES knew that the statements were false and that she did it anyway and that she did it with the intent to deceive in order. to make money really for herself and the company throughout leeches monologue. There's a constant Dan of clicking clacking keyboard as the jury.
Less than the room furiously take notes. Elizabeth also takes notes with a pen and paper she's alert sitting a pin straight turned towards leech and the jury box. When Elizabeth attorney Lance Wade gets up to address the court, he takes a very deep. an approach than the government. Instead of focusing on the evidence, he talks about Elizabeth calling her a quote living breathing human being, who did her very best? Each and every day Wade paints a picture of Elizabeth as an ambitious young woman trying to change the world who he says quote worked herself to the bone. He talk about the young woman who walked away from her Stanford Education and better college savings on an idea from the sound of things we
might as well be reading from one of the early profiles of Elizabeth, but most the jurors. It's all new material. They ve never heard of Elizabeth till now wait makes reference to Elizabeth Family, her mom and Billy. We point our sitting in the front row of the court room, he mentions Elizabeth New born baby. They wanted yours to get a real sense of who Elizabeth HOMES is as a person. She is a real human being with hopes and aspirations always important for defendants to show that they have a life sort of outside of the courtroom. Wage shows the jury. turn of Elizabeth as a young woman, bright, eyed and impressionable. He shows them a picture of Stanford professor Channing Robertson. Wait calls Robertson a legend and says he's on a list of one hundred people who change
world any bet on Elizabeth. I was very trimmed by her vision. She asked me if I would be on her, and I said yes there, Wade, shows the jury, a picture of Elizabeth and Sunny Elizabeth Looking very young in a dark blue Stanford sweatshirt Sunny nearly twenty years for senior in suit, with his arm draped around her, without spelling out specific allegations way seems to hand at a power imbalance between the two Sonny minced Elizabeth to drop out of Stanford Wade, says trusting and relying on Mister Bell wanting as her primary adviser was one of her mistakes. Wage claims, the crux of the defence: is mistakes were aid Wade tells the jurors Elizabeth Company failed, as so many do. Did she make mistakes sure, but who does it.
at times Wade also attempts to pass blame for these failures. She was told, becomes a common refrain Hence it on some really common troops and white collar defence cases. They We painted ass sort of an eye. Visionary they noted you know she never cached out of their nose and if she had really been service, devious fraudster most, you would occur stout earlier. I would just note that the points of defence made were good and and perhaps true, both in better at the same time raged Elizabeth homes. both have believed in this company and also engaged in fraudulent activity. That events didn't tell the jurors that, but They peanut her as somebody who put everything the heart and soul into this company Elizabeth attorney Lance Way, does later go into some of the science. At one point, he takes a step back telling the jury, the real
plenty of what happened at their nose is far far more complicated than what you ve hurt. He tells them he hates say it, but the actual reality is technical, complicated and boring. There's also a big stat and weeds opening remarks that really stands out. He shows the jurors a pie chart. He says the picture represents the results of a survey. without explaining how the data was collected or even who collected it Wade tells the jurors ninety eight point: two percent of those served said they use their nose again. You ve already met patient. who say this was not their experience, recall Sherry Ackerate from previous episodes, She not only got inaccurate results but says there knows never even responded when she tried to reach out. let them know how dissatisfied she was
in my opinion, that's the least you can do when you mess up so badly with someone who's, potentially that cancer recurrence than their worried stressed out, and you just ignore. It is totally ignore it. Not ok, Michael knees with was senior manager of customer service and call center operations. If there are no between twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen, he said. Complaints like sherry's came in constantly complaints come in and it would be about these discordant results, meaning that, with you took your ass. We went down to another lab and those results completely different. He says it. Came common knowledge. How frequently the complaints occurred. We would retorted, His response was always pay yeah. Well, you know that can happen. If you know they would start gas lighted
and so you know with a lot of stress, narrowed starts chicken away your fee even in what's going on my caves products, not real, maybe what are they gonna spend this week? For us, Lastly, I became insomniac during that period in it was touched extremely tough back in the courtroom. Wade closes is opening eight men, a nearly two hour oration with a nod to a Michael Jordan Quote: I've missed More than nine thousand shots in my career, I've lost almost three hundred games twenty six times I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and of mist. I've failed over and over and over again in my life- and that is why succeed, Wait- explains Elizabeth once hung that quote in her office. He shows the jurors a picture of it on the fair wall, but she didn't just put.
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would have jurors. Believe Elizabeth made mistakes like she said. Her ass. He seed opposition and twenty seventeen concern you that a number of tests, working on thoroughness devices. I know that we made so many mistakes on this front, whereas the prosecution focused on specific instances where Elizabeth allegedly lied. The government's big, whenever there are no strand low on money, they say Elizabeth, resort to lying to keep the company afloat. Robert Leech introduced this idea taking jurors back to two thousand nine when things weren't going well for fair- and else I can see, a new company was short and cash. Yes, thoroughness was struggling to make payroll and a number of contracts had recently falling through increased.
Deals with shearing plough and Pfizer Pfizer had a nine hundred thousand dollar contract with their nose, but it just informed Elizabeth. The relationship was over as leech put it, The farm and giant was not impressed with their noses latest work. Pfizer never did business again with their nose. But you wouldn't know it from the way Elizabeth talked about Pfizer to investors. According to the prosecution in multiple presentations, Elizabeth told investors, thereunto systems had been comprehensively validated by ten of the fifteen largest pharmaceutical companies. She even provided so called exemplary reports from her supposed pharmaceutical partners. There was just one problem: according to prosecutors, the document purportedly
Visor had been completely doctored. According to Leech Elizabeth, took an internal memo from their nose and slapped and giant Pfizer logo. On top giving investors false impression. Pfizer had endorse their noses. Many blood, analyzer, leech, made sure jurors could see for themselves this astonishing piece of evidence and assured They'd soon be hearing from Pfizer, ensuring plough out of time and out of money. Elizabeth decided to lie said Robert Leech. it's a refrain he used for times during opening statements Elizabeth early lies. According to leech, we're too Walgreens and safe way about the capabilities There are no such devices and twenty ten Elizabeth and Sunny claimed their nose had developed,
generations of many lab devices. They can run any blood test in real time, making it possible to do any lab test from a tiny drop of blood from a finger. Elizabeth was questioned about this bring her deposition with the ass. You see how it has got it right at that time and twitter I don't know exactly what the number was. I think there was probably probably at least tens of dust So when you say tens of testing and something less than a hundred years, Leech told yours very noses. Blood testing divide I could never run more than twelve tests ever around the time, Elizabeth was making these extraordinary claims Walgreens brought in Kevin Hunter, a lab consult it to evaluate their noses technology. You ve heard from cabin in previous episodes of the documents,
that I have shown that they, they could do two hundred fifty tasks, and that was August. Two thousand ten on there were caverns as lying about the capabilities of the technology. Wasn't the only false Leave their nose made two Walgreens. Were you told that this had that there are no us implementing into our brains a viable and ready to go at the time you are working with them. Yes, as a matter of fact, one of the leading points were that that they had been involved of Department of Defense. It was being used on the battlefields and that it was currently being used by seven other tomorrow. Pharmaceutical firms shot. The country Elizabeth was also grilled on some of these points back in that, as he sea Devils, Vision was their innocence. Acknowledging the boy and emergency rooms, hospitals and provider answers
the sternest manufacture device ever deployed the battlefield. was ever deployed in a manner that hotter, despite what Kevin says, worries warnings, Walgreens moved ahead. Instead of running out of money. There are no Scott a payday What's the matter, I think Walgreens paid us in total hundred. forty million, but three years, it or their nose was failing to live up to its big promises to Walgreens Any blood analyzer we're taking much longer to be developed than the company had said and again the car. But he was nearly out of money burning through and two million dollars every week with. Just eighteen million dollars in the bank,
It was only months before the company would be out of business, but according to the prosecutions opening statement, Elizabeth did three things to mislead and get the Walgreens launch going first without the capability to do the majority of tests on their noses. Many blood, Analyzer Elizabeth started using Third party and modified third party machines tissue, the bulk of testing during opening statements, the defence. claimed Walgreens was aware of this, but in their twenty seventeen opposition with the US. He see Elizabeth and Sunny said the opposite: Did there has ever disclose to wall reams of what devices it was using to run different test tubes? They will no doubt why on earth does this was it there was a lot of trouble. I wouldn't tell Barbary, while France was there, the most important business partner at the time. I actually think that Walgreens would have wanted to know what does
you re using to process samples I am not aware that they were very focused on what, hardware that we were using some employers would even make jokes about how, The actual therein owes devices were whistleblower. Tyler shalt talks about one instance during deposition and twenty seventeen people were promised joke about how awful they were. I went out with some housemaids and I saw some product manders there, and one of them was heading on one of my friends and by saying that he was clean, a city free anyway, we are making jokes, but how we didn't actually now, because he was tested with the fairest vice once and I was found a work around for its testing. The second thing, Elizabeth Dead, according to the prosecution, was seek out positive media attention,
her speaking to Elizabeth Joe Radio wrote a glowing profile in the Wall Street Journal touting therein owes for revolution, rising blood testing. The prosecution show jurors excerpts from the article one celebrating? Their noses processes is faster, cheaper and more accurate than conventional methods and saying there are NOS tests require only microscopic blood volumes, not via laughter vile of the stuff. According to the government's case, there are no time the release of the art call with their press release in September. Twenty thirteen announcing the roll out into Walgreens, despite internal warnings from scientists,
their noses many lap. The Edison wasn't ready to go the prosecution alleges Elizabeth went ahead with it anyway. The innocent freely useless, they reduce garbage, can do most basic functions and we need to do to be able to do, but this dog back. He was a blood test or ass, a developer at their house. He started at the company and twenty twelve as they were working to go live Walgreens and would often be a part in the demonstrations for investors. I was part of some of those demonstrations. We re trying to show investors things that we send reverting there. Weren't working tell me about those demonstrations I remember specifically removing told you know those guys Walgreens Covenant, executives, you're coming into what we need to do is show them that we have a working device, These prototypes and boxes, three different sized boxes. Emails loses machine. There's much beyond like thinkable example happening. These boxes come back an hour and you ve got here. Your blood test on Dad says investor.
would come in for a routine blood tests, thinking it was done on the Edison Box, but in actuality Doug says they do the test by hand before the investors him and even my basket. The message saying we need hands on deck. We're doing this demo thing, though, because the start of the war on the boxes. Yet you guys gonna, stop do these tests on the bench being. When things around my hand, your scientists do in actual manipulations, to test the blood to get results how do you think it's come in? They think are stuck in my room right, they'd, like they take their fingers blood and they paying Edison because it orally pressed the button, scream at nothing and walk out. Give Blanchard over there were do when the investors would return. Doug says there are no would present the results as if they just come off the many plot, analyzer very clearly fraud. Do you think it's possible?
That Elizabeth was unaware of this know. They micromanage everything everything Doug, ultimately left the company. The month there knows went, live inside of Walgreens. He says he couldn't take it anymore, but what he and other employees we're seeing inside wasn't filtering out to the public between the spot she Wall Street Journal Article and the Walgreens NEWS? The stage was set for Elizabeth to raise money and a lot of it, which brings us to the government's third and final point between twenty thirteen and twenty four, teen Elizabeth, was able to raise hundreds of millions of dollars based on allegedly false assertions, Elizabeth, according to the government, coupled her fabulous publicity with wildly optimistic and outlandish financial projects even though there are NOS was making practically no money at the time.
she doesn't. While there were ten and fifty thousand than two thousand and fourteen consistent with their understanding of the revenues of fairness, man and those years, I don't know what the actual rules during those years, according to the government's case, even though their nose made just one hundred fifty thousand dollars in revenue in twenty fourteen. As late as October of that year, Elizabeth was telling investors the company stood, one hundred forty billion dollars so who was keeping those records? She happens to be the prosecutions very first witness, John Rueful was a nobody was heavy sure thing, but from behind that mass roof
conscious way into more than three hundred and fifty million dollars. They said he was one of the biggest kind men of the century and then got away. I got a phone call rueful. Now ABC News joins the pursuit for John Roofer. Follow have you seen this man forever, you're listening now after sides wrapped their long and detailed opening statements. The government called its very first witness, so HANS Spivey, also known as Denise Yom Denise, was their noses corporate controller from two thousand. Six too, when he seventeen think of her as the financial eyes and ears of the company, and because of this Denise is pivotal to the government's case she's one of the few people who can actually connect the dots when it comes to their noses finances, what Elizabeth told investors and how
the company ran its books prior to their nose. Denise worked for Deloitte, one of the big for accounting firms she started at their nose. Denise reported to the CFO, but he quit a few months to her tenure, the company never hired a replacement. She says she thought it was strange, but Denise was new and didn't pry. She became the highest ranking financed employee at the company and reported directly to Elizabeth Denise. His name comes up a lot and Elizabeth Zone deposition with the acc who was in charge of financial institutions and companies making sure that the company was the operations were going smoothly, but there was no Tash someone hey, would be signed by one engineers have this in terms of whether it be through discussion,
between sunny enemies. They would have with a decision notion for carers. The capitalization table first Turnus maintains that the news used to it as part of her job Denise told the court she regularly up. Elizabeth directly on the companies financial condition, testifying quote. Miss homes was aware of the financial state of the company. This may not sound like a big revelation, All Elizabeth was the founder and see YO to us. She knew about their noses. Financial standing sounds like a pretty low bar, but the defence in its opening state painted Elizabeth is more of a bystander to these affairs. Elizabeth also claimed as much in her deposition with the Assisi.
You don't have to track it all of western as I did not pursue, but that's not the picture Denise painted in her testimony. Denise said at times she was updating Elizabeth Weekly, sometimes even more frequently Denise told the court about their noses financial troubles. In two thousand nine, the company could barely make payroll and Denise said she had to pick and choose who to pay. This seemed to feed right into Robert leeches out of time and out of money, Elizabeth decided to lie narrative from his opening statement, but perhaps the most explosive part of Denise. His testimony came when she talked about their noses. Lack of an outside auditor. Public companies are required to have their statements audited by outside financial firms. It's a kind of czech and balance. To be sure the company isn't committing fraud,
Private companies like their nose, also typically using outside auditor, for credibility as Denise put it in her testimony, many investors won't even consider putting their money with a company that doesn't have audited financial results, but their nose wasn't like most other companies. As Elizabeth told the Assisi we didn't have ordered and financially for a period of time. That period of time was a long one and outside auditor hadn't looked over their noses. from two thousand nine onward Denise sudden or test mony. There are no sweat years without having its financial statements audited, something she
a very unusual, but before Denise could go any deeper. Her time on. The stand was cut short when the court had to adjourn for the day shall continue next week, but we know what she's likely to cover, because this pasture lie. Denise spoke to the FBI and we have a document that details that conversation Denise talked about the back story of how their nose came to end its relation ships with outside auditors and how Elizabeth kept this information from some potential investors, including one named beady tee and twenty fourteen, the head of beady T Byron, trod the former vice chair of investment banking at Goldman Sachs, who Warren Buffett has called the only
banker, he trusts began to ask Elizabeth for more financial information about their nose. He wanted audited reports from two thousand nine to twenty fourteen, but there were no reports to give Elizabeth knew this Denny says, but didn't want beady teach now so instead, Denise says a list it implied. They had the documents, but then hemmed in hot, about handing them over citing privacy concerns Elisabeth herself shared a very different recollection with the Assisi. Your Bertone perspective, aggressors that they couldn't see their noses audited financial, because they rode build commercially sensitive information at company level number
but a surprising there wasn't getting off. It's done. Their work was to see ordered financials angels. I dont want to be my other women, but according to the prosecution, DDT did ask continually and found. It suspect that the financial statements never materialised. Ddt decided not to invest, but many others dead. Rupert Murdoch. The Walton family and Betsy Divorce alone put in three hundred seventy five million dollars collectively. Denise is also likely to discuss some of the questionable materials. Those investors saw How certain financial documents made it into official pitch materials. Something Elizabeth couldn't seem too. member in her own depositions did you reveal
the document that was sent to Mr Brok. Ahead of us, has investment needed for he busted wondered if you half way down the page. There's a text message from you to MR about why you see that are there any materials in the fighters who think should be removed for Murdoch. Splash you'll see that text message to do so. What does this. Refresher recollection that you would have this rumour, not spider, points out, I don't do and finally
Denise is also likely to get into Elizabeth Luxury expenses like a two thousand dollar charge for jewellery when Elizabeth flew on private jets, Denise would have to ask her the ceo for approval to pay the private jet company Elizabeth Team, ass, judge, double and not to allow questions about this and needs this testimony prior to Denise his appearance. On the stand the judge said he would allow the defence to exact if these items came up and would then consider their admissible body. This could, after all, contradict the image that offences trying to project of a visionary woman trying to change the world with no motive for financial gain. Ultimately, what do you mean His testimony boils down to is, if investors were misled on the final,
annual health up. There knows, as the government maintains Elizabeth Denise, believes, had to be aware of it to echo a sentiment you ve heard from a lot of people on this podcast. She knew a direct contradiction that refrain from the defences opener. She was told, with Denise wrapped for the day court adjourned field producer, DIA ass, describes the scene outside around two hundred everybody exiting the exited the. However I stay behind, and I watched Elizabeth greet her family members and her friends. She Billy warm embrace Billy ran his hand kind of over the top of her head through her hair. It was a very tender real moment between man, Elizabeth and her mother held hands. You can tell him that they were a holding on China to each other's hands and squeezing Billy and then shut. The lean defence attorney cabin down hand when at almost
like congratulatory that they had made it through the first day after court, Elizabeth and Bill presumably went home to their for bad for bath rented cottage We now know it's one of several on the famed Green Gables estate in Tony Woodside. One of the wealthiest enclaves in Silicon Valley we were Larry Alison and Charles Schwab have homes the ten thousand square foot a state with its roman stadium, size, swimming pool and private reservoir is currently list for sale for one hundred thirty five million dollars. It's been home to politicians royalty. even gatherings of the United Nations and now its home to Elizabeth We and Baby William they'll be nestled, their presumably propping for more witness testimony. And it turns out they have a little more time. Court was supposed to resume last Friday, but on Thursday afternoon judged Avila called a surprise hearing.
One of the jurors number nine may have been exposed to covert judged awful announced court was cancelled until the lab results come in judged awful acknowledged. This incident may not bode well for the future of this trial. We have five alternates. He said it's a little, don't want to stay ominous, but its concern that before we finish the first witness we have an issue and there was one more wrinkle number twelve reached out to the court stating Bay forgot clothes they worked for KPMG Ii as an admin for five months. Kpmg was if leave their noses accounting firms. So Including the nineteen year old, you're worried about our finances. There are now three members of this jury whose fates are up in the air.
For now the trials expected to proceed today, Tuesday September, fourteenth at nine a m. We expect to hear from Dan Edlin their noses senior senior project manager and fraternity. Brother of Elizabeth christian? There will also be just and often a price Waterhouse Cooper Employ and Erika Chung one of the whistleblowers who originally said Elizabeth Downfall in motion. It really started to eat me up at side and that really violated the like. A very basic and simple principle that that I had guiding me as a scientist, as I was just a human being, that's coming up next week Elizabeth HOMES, Billy Evans, the homes, family, the Evans, family and Sunnyvale wanting did not respond for declined to comment for this past. The drop
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