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Trailer: The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes' Theranos


The Dropout tells the story of the rise and fall of former Silicon Valley darling Elizabeth Holmes, the youngest self-made female billionaire. She dropped out of Stanford to launch her company Theranos -- claiming her technology could detect hundreds of diseases from a drop or two of blood. If it worked, she would have changed healthcare forever. But today, Elizabeth Holmes is under criminal indictment. She pleaded not guilty, but is facing up to 20 years in prison on wire fraud charges. So how did it all come crashing down? In exclusive interviews with former employees, investors and patients, and in and never-before-heard depositions from the people at the center of this story -- including Holmes herself -- you'll hear an unbelievable story of fame and ambition gone terribly wrong.

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This is the testimony of Elizabeth horns going on the record in San Francisco? How were you lie? In fact, this is the story of the rise and fall of the world's youngest self made females billion air. Concerning that a number of test warrant working on thoroughness devices
I know that we made mistakes not so long ago, Stanford drop out turn CEO Elisabeth homes was rising STAR in Silicon Valley. These tests detectors medical conditions based on only a few drops of blood. From from my finger prints, actions on Charlie rose, she did CBS this morning. At nineteen years, old Elizabeth homes dropped out of stand for slander and on and on, and no one has ever seen this year, the first one for company fair. It else was poised to change health care forever. If she had made this work, she would have been the next in jobs, but today Elizabeth HOMES is under criminal indictment. She pleaded not guilty but she's facing up to twenty years in prison if convicted. So how did it happen? That's the story of greed. It's a story of incredible deception in the drop out. Looking how
Holmes initially won over everybody from investors to politicians, to the media and will tell you how it all came crashing down through exclusive interviews and never before her. Depositions to your knowledge did miss homes. No, at the time she made those statements that embryos could not do all those tests dashing. I'm Rebecca I've been covering business for more than a decade from the housing collapse to the full bears, turns to the burning made off scandal, but no story comes close to them. History and intrigue of Elizabeth Home- you ve got this really smart female ceo there's gonna. Do wonderful thing for the world. It is a good story. We all want that work subscribed to the drop out where you get your podcast look out for our first episode January. Twenty thirty.
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