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Where Have You Been, Elizabeth Holmes?


It’s been over three years since Elizabeth Holmes was charged with multiple counts of fraud. Once the youngest female self-made billionaire, she was poised to change health care forever. Now she faces decades in prison if convicted. What has Elizabeth been up to while the government has been building its case against her? The answer includes a trip to Burning Man, a new relationship and a baby born just over a month before her trial.

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We are on the record at the beginning of media, one volume one, because this is the test, many others that are going on the record in San Francisco out my at nine o clock to. I wanted to ask his pulse Israel's your right hand to swear to tell the truth, the bullshit and nothing but the truth. I do
the Voice of Elizabeth HOMES, the founder of health care company, their nose and once the world's youngest female self made billion air. Has our Yorkshire answer today perceptiveness she's, giving testimony under oath ways. It has a testament something less than a hundred this in the summer of twenty seventeen concern here that a number of tests, one working on thoroughness, sister vices. I know that we had so many mistakes on this front. If you followed the drop out in the story of their knows, this image of Elizabeth is seared, ensure memory.
Blonde hair pulled back in a messy bun, her eyes wide and unblinking. Instead of a black turtleneck once her signature, look, she appears to shovel didn't blue button down in black pleaser. It's the deposition of a once rising star in Silicon Valley, but her star came crashing down heart full from Greece was spectacular. The department
justice, charge Elizabeth homes with twelve count, multi million dollar fraud she's always maintained. That was three long years ago. Since then, the government has been meticulously building its case in my mind at this web. Based on the evidence, I vigorously gerbil convicted fella, but so has Elizabeth High powered defence team. I see both sides, but I think the given the right to firms they might be able to go on out. She could so blue story to toil jurors. Given the volume of details, tens of millions of documents over two hundred possible witnesses and thousands of exhibits experts and interested parties are torn at this point. It could go either way. You know all we can do is hope that jury sees it clearly and does the right thing and what would that be a standard, a prison for twenty years? That's the maximum sentence
and throughout at all, Elizabethtown been seemingly living life to its fullest did just amazing. Most people would be devastated. Let but not heard she went to burning man. A lot of people think it was heart less than you were parting advertising ban. When your company was closing at stores, she started a new relationship with the hotel air nearly a decade, her junior, I remember thinking while yet Alex you just bounces right into the next opportunity. Good luck to that guy and perhaps most surprising. We at least to some Elizabeth recently gave birth to her first child, a boy named William HOMES, Evans named after his father and maternal grandfather. He was born July, tenth and redwood city. California, a month and a half before a criminal trial where Elizabeth faces decades in prison, if convicted of life, certainly was just waiting for that great weight to garner
jury something, but today August thirty first is the day the trial is. Finally here. Jury selection begins at nine, a M Pacific time on the fifth floor of the San Jose Courthouse in Northern California, before Judge Edward J, W allies on Elizabeth, everyone wants to know how this story. I am Rebecca. Jarvis I've been covering business for more than a decade from the housing collapse in the great recession to the Bernie made off scandal and the economic turmoil brought by the pandemic. But no story comes close to the saga of Elizabeth hopes. The woman who famously told the world she could do anything is about to face down her toughest battle. Yet for the duration of this trial, my team Taylor done Victoria Thomson and I will be taking you inside. The court ruled breaking down the evidence, keeping score for both sides until twelve jurors decide the fate of their no sound or Lisbon homes. Court for those you'll hear new interviews from colleagues, attorneys, friends and patients, defence strategies and analyses, emails and text messages, even what one attorney says are Elizabeth private notes to herself some of the note, I would say: you're pretty damning for pact the bags from River Gertrude, something like all this as the defiant founder continues to this day, to deny any wrong doing. This is what happens when you work to change things and, firstly, think you're crazy. Then they for you and then all of a sudden, you James a world from a b c audio. This is the dropout Elizabeth HOMES on trial episode, one where have you been Elizabeth HOMES
When we last left off, it was March of twenty nineteen a list. It was already awaiting trial The stunning fall from Greece for the young woman, who once appeared poised to change health care forever with her support, thirdly, revolutionary blood testing technology at just Nineteen years old Elizabeth had dropped out of school, for to create a company called their nose, and so and boasted about the technology at exclusive conferences. So our work is making it possible to do any test from a tiny dropped. blood from a finger instead of having big needles, stuck in your arm in tubes and tubes and blood taken out If she had made this work,
She would have been the next new jobs. The only problem she didn't just all pack alive to your knowledge did miss holes. Know the time should be those statements that cereals could not do all those tests dashing. This is not taken to making. This is a product that didn't work. If you haven't heard the first season of the drop out, I recommend you stop here, go back and listen, it's a story that defies belief involving brave whistleblowers aboard made of government heavyweights, a tragic suicide brushes with fame, and U S presidents, nor about the future, and so there is a secret romance and a fawning press. I am so incredibly humbled until one very public downfall, novel was homes. Was this company? Is a foreign Alyssa
It was thirty four when her company was dissolved. Since then, Her public persona hasn't been of a woman cowering in fear over a potential prison sentence. reason regretting. She allegedly put patients in harm's way. Instead Elizabeth spent, acting like someone without a care in the world, something formerly her nose, patients and investors don't take to kindly to it. Just really is really angers me. It hurts it. S really hurts it's almost beyond com, hundreds of people who have empathy and and our normal now
thirty. Seven years old Elizabeth has been spending a lot of her time in San Francisco, often spot it in the mission or Marina District she's, frequently seen walking her husky dog Balko, going to work out classes or the local coffee shop. Until April, twenty nineteen Elizabeth was living in a luxury condo in the Russian Hill Neighbourhood, she's, now relocated to Woodside, a suburb of San Francisco and one of the wealthiest communities in the country. Some of you have even sent us pictures of Elizabeth casually dining among friends at the homestead pub. San Francisco at the bridge, what country mark and allay where celebrities are frequently photographed and mingling at weddings and cocktail parties. Her signature, lack turtleneck is gone these days, you're more light. Need a catch, Elizabeth wearing at leisure, a baseball cap and she's, almost always at the sight of her new constant companion, Billy of its William
Billy Evans is the twenty nine year old, heir to the Evans Hotel Fortune, a collection of properties in San Diego Mission Bay and the Jolla, including the logic Tory pines. It was by his paternal grandparents in the nineteen fiftys, the families, lived in the area for generations, Billy. Is tall six, put forward, wavy brown, hair and light blue eyes like Elizabeth. Went to a prestigious high school studied in China. Billy better The food on University Elizabeth studied Mandarin in Shanghai, and he went on. who atop to your college, pure. Pretty either he always ready to go out. Honestly. That's TIM. We now doktor Timothy Lee, TIM and Billy were buddies back in college at MIT, where they plead volleyball together he was a good teammate. He got along with everyone who was always very happy in smiley. He liked to tell stories
studied economics and also happen to be quite the athlete room. My first replying within competitively was more playing ARC Harvard who division rivals I just remember he got thrown into the mix of very competitive game as one of us six years is playing and he fell right in he was Billy started on the team his freshman year when TIM was Captain and three years older he had up in San Diego playing at very high levels. Are there and then, when he came to our team, he was unable to help us even in a freshman year, which is not that common TIM Billy also stood out for his confidence. Savvy news to him, which I think is not common for my tea did. He seem like one who would like a spotlight. Certainly, picture smiling and telling stories about other parties you hosted in making everyone laughed like that. Sadly, in my mind,
for the essential Billy, your college Billy Captain MIT Signet ring on his pinky finger. He went to. For a Silicon Valley, startup called Luman our technologies, which does like our for self driving vehicles. It's like the eye for the car, it was very good at now. A thing ass. If we're trying to get a customer or an investor. He knew somebody who knew somebody there or he knew them directly. He had contacts on content Lindsey Miller was fresh out of grad school few months into the job at women are when she says she first met billion twenty seventeen. What type of adjectives come to mind when you Billy, Ahmed's, confident arrogant, entitled, It's one of those. If you want someone he's gonna get it. If not, then he'll want safer effect, but
he'll make it happen. Eventually, Linsey says: Billy was known around the office for his networking skills. His flashy style and as someone who loved to tell a good story very flashing, so his family's really into cars is willing to cars. So what say. Oh yeah, I drove us following the one car this past weekend or I rented this Lamborghini for the weekend got to drive at around any aid or wherever I was you know, and just came travelling in old Europe. Ok! Well, I'm gonna go to Europe for we just for fun. Billy worked in the California office. Lindsey was in Orlando come down for visits with clients and investors I was in charge of the demo- was that would give out to investors and potential clients Billy
Take the clients out the van with the light, our system to show them how worked, but on one occasion Lindsey says the system wasn't demo ready. So this one fell very vividly. The van was down because the system was working, I was being repaired and I told them Why? I say hey what we can't go I'm out, and I can't we can't work- I'm a van today, because the system that specific system is down Billy was having it I said no, we have to do it and I said: ok Wall, I'm sorry, but it's not working, he said will get it to work I said well, I'm not an engineer, therefore acknowledge and he kept been very adamant about it. Billion. Linsey went back and forth, called in the manager who, according to Linsey, said they go with her plan, but she's as Billy wasn't satisfied. Billy comes back to me. He said
Why is the system on the vehicle? I said? Billy, it's it's being repair, that's not! It doesnt work, one of the eyes down. It's not gonna work, and he just is very adamant about it. Just was made everything's, I like it was my fault. Whenever wasn't and what is it up happening? He did the presentation without without the demo nope, he got first, the stone and, he had back put back on the vehicle and they went out and it wasn't. The best hearing this story, Lindsays too, Scription. You can't help immediately see shades of Elizabeth Knee There would take no for an answer when it came to presenting to clients but when people in the office found out Billy was dating, be Elizabeth HOMES. They were stunned. we're just Shaw, whereas what No one could believe that you know Billy was dating this person as well,
after everything that I come out about the company The charges brought against her doctor too, If you we Billy's old MIT volleyball body, says even though it was initially hard to process bill. Ending up with Elizabeth kind of made sense you're, too kind of digestive economies. And to me in a way it seems I she was two storyteller communist sales person. I think Billy is of that other guy. I think he's dead. We'll get along with someone who had high aspirations, timid, seen Billy since he graduated college ten years ago, but Billy clearly left positive impression the guy in August it is a kind of tragic situation and circumstances under which I'm talking about it. But I was a vast and also that Billy's happy fate. This is bright
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Doubt and download the Tsar Doc apt to sign up for free and book a top rated doktor? Many are level soonest today so Zadok that Z, o c d, o c dotcom, slash drop out. I want to invite you to start your day with every morning on start here we die deep into the biggest news stories with some of the best journalists in the world. It smart its relevant and maybe most importantly, for you, it's quick again that start here, the daily podcast from ABC use available wherever you listen, It was an August twenty eight just days before thoroughness was fully dissolved, that the media caught wind of Elizabeth and Billy's relationship, and it was quite a day bill. The two were partying at burning man. The annual ninety gathering in the Nevada Desert were hippies celebrities and taxi Ios come together, though,
thing common in the burning of a large wouldn't effigy known as the man everyone who attends wears a wild and extravagant costume Billy posts Should a photo to his instagram in it Bits wearing magenta, oversized sunglasses and fur trimmed metallic coat. Billy's MIT signet ring dangles around her neck Billy's during a hoodie, a backpack, some sort of care. tens hat and a shirt. With the words sex breakfast of champions, written across the front People like sherry, accurate affair or knows patient who received incorrect results, thought their camp. We're behaviour showed a disgusting lack of self awareness. Fee is obviously not a passionate in know straight up person
Herr didn't care about me or anybody else. Just herself I mean I think, she's made that perfectly clear shortly. after burning man, an inside addition reporter track down the couple in San Francisco. They will talking there husky dog bell to highlight about time, LISA Guerrero within cited, and we ve been confronted Elizabeth directly, a lot of people. It was heartless that you were party. I burning man when your company was closing stores. Elizabeth keeps why She stare straight ahead. You have. It any comment at all to the investors that say they lost millions of dollars because of you, Billy date back avoiding the camera crew, but my later on Elizabeth thirty fifth birthday February. Third, twenty nineteen was frightened centre sharing an elaborate instagram story. A picture of Elizabeth at our peril wig, kissing Billy on the cheek below at the caption happy beat ate my best friend the law.
steer has been the best I've had your strength, compassion, and tenacity are inspiring. Theirs nothing you cannot do, but that wasn't all over thirty Eight separate posts, Billy proceeds to profess his deep love for Elizabeth. There pictures of Elizabeth and Billy at a NASCAR, then pictures of her kissing his head, the two cuddling in the back of a car another in front of a retro train dressed up for a holiday party in nearly every photo Alyssa wearing that MIT ring on a chain around her neck Billy continues the montage with love poems by roomy Plato, William Shakespeare and more. He includes an excerpt from the Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman. I will love you forever. Whatever happens till I die, he quotes
Langston, Hughes, Albert Einstein, Jim Morrison, Teddy Roosevelt, Confucius and in a seemingly defiant nod to Elizabeth critics. He include The bill gates quote dont. Small minds convince you that your dreams are too big. Their limits are not yours, The montage concludes with a picture of their dodgeball tail with the caption the end
in March, twenty nineteen rumours began to surface Billy and Elizabeth were engaged vanity, fair, contributor, Nick Builtin had this to say on inside the hive podcast. I asked. Why is the question like this? He really in love with her what's going on, and someone told me that they think that he's totally and on the joke to a little bit and loves the attention that he's getting and it's like is totally enamelled with her. Yes, but also partially believes her that that you know she did nothing wrong and that she was certainly the bus, but also loves the fact that he is like On the daily mail website and this that the other and former employees didn't know what to make of it facing when all charges Elizabeth had seemingly moved on with her life. Meantime they were still working through the chaos she caused in where there are no simply Michael Craig couldn't believe his eyes when he bumped into the couple at a bar and Sausalito
like so many of his colleagues. The end of their nose had been traumatic for him. He felt Peter, he'd by Elizabeth we'd once held in such high esteem. I never really expected to ever see her again and mercy and then my wife Windsor between certain points. She goes for a minute there. I thought that was always with homes, and I looked over to my left at a bar table. Staring right at me, looking both of us, I realized it was Elizabeth of homes and she was with us man It was so surreal totally caught off guard, but she was clearly had been looking at us and then she got up and came over, but Sabbath was nonchalant even friendly, she didn't have any make up on she was like a dark, hoodie and genes. She introduced her friend as her fiance. No second wonder what story she has been telling him and herself really
She had those big blue eyes filled with emotion, and she said: You know I'd really like to go out and get coffee with you some time to both of us. I miss you and I'd like to have you back in my life, and at that point I couldn't I couldn't. I didn't know it. you could get say. I had something different fields, coming up, because I basically been devoted to this and for five years so we basic I said nothing but said we have to get going and waited the question I got the bill paid. It quickly and we got right out of their and my wife said You know you're shaking when you were talking. with her and I wasn't aware of it soon. She said that I realized thirty, two really dawn on me with the impact of of this whole thing has been like I'm just starting to look at it. some serious.
Soul searching. Phyllis Gardener, the Stanford professor, You met in season one who doubt Elizabeth from the stars had been hearing. fr rumours around campus? They went in a local from what I heard she goes and gets married and she's still walking around San Francisco walking that dog. She called him. Nick built in heard the same. So Here'S- we're gonna get answer rumour veldt, so rumours they got married, rumor is Billy, Evans is parent, and family do not like Elizabeth, shocker not sure if they were at the wedding. But following months of searching public records for a marriage license. We could find no fuel evidence that Elizabeth HOMES and Billy Evans had married
when a family member of Elizabeth said he hadn't heard any confirmation of a wedding. Elizabeth, of course, isn't the only person in this saga their work lot of others wrapped up in her orbit and she left an undeniable impact on their lives I was totally sold on the idea of changing my blood testing is done and really wanted to turn us. Remember: Tyler Schulz from Season one. He started work yet fresh out of college. At originally looked up to Elizabeth I was in love, her vision, I thought she was brilliant Tyler. ultimately became a brave whistleblower, find his hugely powerful grandfather. Former secretary if State George Schulz, a member the Farragos Board and Elizabeth.
is cheerleader leader. I felt like shit, She used her personal relationship with him to get some business advantage and he or she would just like she'd hen, and you know what need basely feeding, everybody things hours completely, factually not true, in depositions in season, one Tyler spoke at length about what happened in sight of fair and house. but now we know what was going on inside of Tyler's head Tyler, in his audio books, thicker than water released last year. Talks about this extreme psychological toll that coming forward took on his life. I wouldn't Wake up in the mornings feeling like tat is going to be the worst day of my life and would be so hard for me to for myself out of bed.
in a moment. I will hear what sounded like somebody walking outside my window. He says Elizabeth Attorneys, we're tracking his fellow following him, leaving him in a state of general terror, and I actually slept with a knife neck my pillar like right next to my bed, just because it gave me a small sense of comfort, I guess and I even considered- buying a gun, but I thought that there were plenty of mornings. When I woke up- and that would have looked a little too tempting- and I basically did the calculation where I thought that the chances of me, using that on myself were higher than the chances of me using it in any kind of self defence Tyler, says it cause pain for his entire family. my dad literally got down on his knee and begged me not to go
The record I wanted to tell them about how I had considered killing myself. I have always thought about it. The way I opened. My mouth, sorry crying and I just could not get the words out, even though I would Toby Tyler wrote a letter to his grandfather, George Schulz, expressing the Greek the trail he felt you have disappoint, me at every possible opportunity. Nearly everything told you about. Fairness has been proven to be true. I did my absolute best to correct their. such problems. Why was employed there and no one listen to me since then Elizabeth has used. You two entrapped me in your home a place I once considered to be a whole of my own to serve me with my first of many notices to appear in court she's
private investigators. Follow me, my legal team and my family. She has made it her mission to bankrupt your family, so I am please with you as your grandson. Please do the right thing. Because I have no desire to have a relationship with someone who protects criminals over his own family. but not long ago, Tyler and his grandfather seem to have a break through his grandfather. Apologized and commended Tyler for his bravery and ethics shortly after George. its passed away in February. Twenty twenty one at the I one hundred. Tyler now runs a start up called flux, bioscience as and he's me to his former housemate Carolyn. They reconnected a former thirty under thirty conference and fell in love. He credits her with bringing back the quote fun, loving, easy going guy that had been squashed by the whole ordeal and says, thanks to her, his men
don't health and life has been improved, immeasurably of course, is also Erika Chung enough there are no simply who worked at the company around the same time as Tyler and was instrumental in uncovering the truth of what happened. There. Erica, joint therein owes just out of you, see, Berkeley and put her career. Considerable risk by sharing with regulators that urban thing she says she saw the company people scared of of upsetting Elizabeth HOMES and am settings honey about wanting, but Erica says she hasn't lost, hope founded a nonprofit called ethics for entrepreneurship focus. Preventing major frauds from happening in the future. Innovation is happening so quickly and I think more people have this stand up and say this: is you know this is Ok when it is in and when they have the knowledge to sort of back that As for Channing Robert said the stand for
a college nearing professor who first championed Elizabeth at Stanford our first manner when she came to my office when she was a fresh from he went on to be one of the highest paid. Their nose implies making five hundred thousand dollars a year as a board member. These five silent radio silence, nobody can reach and that's very unusual, but that silence might soon come to an end. Channing is listed as a possible witness in the trial and might be called to testify. Fellow Stanford, Professor Phyllis gardener, says she was once his dear friend, but when they took opposite stances on Elizabeth things aged have. You spoke two chatting Robertson at all nonsense
an interim blocking my dog didn't quite recognising because the same glasses and a hat, and then I went. Oh my god, it's! U channing! What the hell you play husband, yelled at me and said: stop it pulled me away as I was. and finally, sunny body for suffers from us worry Elizabeth former boyfriend and air knows president and seal out, and I knew this mission and what company was trying to do was Paramount, says it's like pretty known that sunny was kindly enforcer for serve. Would, of course, like this he's, like intimidation, tactics,. Sonny faces the same criminal charges as Elizabeth and he's also pleaded not guilty. But, unlike Elizabeth.
he's been living on very private existence, since he left there in house when he was working there. He were twenty four seven. He was there at dawn and he left their dusk was available all the time, and I think there was a burn out factor. Jeff Coppersmith. An attorney for sunny about money who spoke to us, season, one. You know very energetic, really brilliant and who has plans and dreams like all of us. He wants to continue develop software. He wants to ere. I don't know whether it be healthcare. A key wants to continue the entrepreneurship that he showed in the past. Sonny spent the last few years largely living under the radar. He and Elizabeth no longer speak whenever there is legal proceedings and people are represented by council, The most traditional advice to any lawyer, like me, would give is not to have contact with a person who is basically a co, defended this point and leave
last year, when Sonny's mother passed away, he was granted permission by the court to travel to India for the funeral, and soon He too will face a criminal trial, but it I'll, be at Elizabeth Side, but vitamins filed it or seal over the last few days and weathers. with somehow victimized by the third chief operating officer in her former boyfriend, suitable wadi. Try we are now severed and Sonny's is set
start early next year, a major twist will certainly they could turn the case against each other, sunny Elizabeth by pointing to each other, but perhaps the biggest twist of all as the story of their nose approaches. Its final chapter is Elizabeth latest news. One thing do expect as little Isabel homeless will look different, then she looked when we last saw her in February last year because he is expecting her first child on March. Second, twenty twenty one, her defence team had a new announcement for the court. Elizabeth was pregnant doing July. Twenty twenty one, just as her trial was supposed to be get arduous, was expecting it so with everybody. I knew, first of all as a great way to garner jury. Something trust me. I was an expert witness once while pregnant my turn the whole case round- and I thank you
don't worry about setting a woman to prison with a baby attorney Red Katharine agrees. I wasn't surprise there, at all I conversations with other people involved in litigation and our clients where at one point, we actually speculated that when it be ironic, if she decided to get pregnant so that she could get, the sympathy of the so I wasn't surprised you might remember red Katharine from Season one he's living it hundreds of lawsuits, including one against Bernie, made off twenty. Sixteen, he sued their notice on behalf of investors who put money into the company and lost at all buttered over your work, butcher, great clearly now that that got a new boy baby out there somewhere, and that will make them. Think too before this under the jail. When the
prosecution learned of Elizabeth NEWS in March five months into her pregnancy since you S attorney Robert Leech, remarked at a hearing that it was frustrating and disappointing to learn about this. Now, the judge who'd already delayed the trial three times due to the covert pandemic, had no choice but to delay a fourth time. The new date today August thirty, first, twenty twenty one whiskey he'll do land approximately a month after Elizabeth Baby and right on schedule, Angela tenth Elisabeth gave birth to a boy named William HOMES Evans shall have it the quiet room in the court house where she can take breaks to care for him However, this trial ends the net. Few months are sure to be tat, will hear from characters on all sides of this story.
The possible list of witnesses, include scientists, patients, investors, board members, advertising executives, doctors fan We members, many you'll recognise an cats will even Elizabeth herself on will hear from characters on all sides. considerate, I would assume that Elizabeth will testify in her trial. I think she's big enough of a risk taker and believe so strongly in her ability to charm. Others said that she will want to testify the bath herself. Would you put her on the stand? I would definitely consider
he's not going down without a fight will get knocked down over and over and over and over again and a new win by getting back up, and I would support this company over ten thousand times. If I had to coming up the eleventh hour revelation that could change everything. This is a huge d. All it is an absolute bombshell. Elizabeth homes is essentially alleging a decade, long history of systematic abuse. We speak to some of the top defence attorneys in the country. My muscles boys young. To guarantee and former U S attorney print barrage, given the amount of money involved, given the brazenness, given how many victims Aurore exposure to the prisoners, they break down, some of the defence and prosecution strategies that you'll likely sea and the trial plus you'll hear from witnesses called to take the stand up and supreme. Oh, yes, what sort of precedent what had not guilty verdict set
I think it would send a really really diagnose it. Where is alliance forces if you're sitting across from Elizabeth HOMES and Marilla, what's gonna, be going through your mind? How could you, how could you put so many people's lives at risk? How could you Elizabeth HOMES, sunny about money, Channing, Robertson, Billy Evans in the Evans family, did not respond or defined comment for this part cast the drop out a Lisbon homes on trial is written, reported by the three times and tailor done and me betrays the executive producer pillar, and I are the breeding sirs for any see audio Susie Lou is producer and meddling would associate. Research are feel for user is dear Athens. Bravest these business unit are associate, producer, is Victor, are doing as in our production is distant. Lamely mixing in scoring is by Rapid Lange and Evan vile. Having also compose the music for the drop out. Our work is by Teddy blanks chips, and why and several points tat for eighty see audio Mozilla see as executive producer. Especial thanks to Josh tell him. I was with Rousseau in rows of Aragon, room stationed she'll be sure to subscribe to the drama, and if you like, you heard, leave us review, it really does help. Listen, she knew episodes every pay if you're into the drop out. If you like great investigative journalist,
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