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Week 12 Waivers + Fantasy Timebomb, Full Stream Ahead - Fantasy Football Podcast for 11/22

2022-11-22 | 🔗

Week 12 Waiver Wire! On today’s fantasy football podcast, players to pickup at each position for a fantasy playoff run! Plus, droppable players, QB Streamers, and a recap of the Monday Night Football game between the 49ers and Cardinals! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. Fantasy Football Podcast for November 22nd, 2022.

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>> Welcome to the Fantasy Footballers podcast with your hosts, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike Wright. >> Welcome in. Tuesday November 22nd Jason Moore Mike Wright Andy Holloway Welcome into the fantasy footballers podcast - Waver day? - Oh baby.
Streamers, NFL News. We can skip the Monday Night Recap. - It's a pretty good week for waivers, I think. You know some weeks we put together the waiver doc and it's like oh man I'm not putting any transaction in. This week I feel like there's a lot of relevance. Of that has to do with news that broke yesterday. Mr. Melvin Gordon. Goodbye. Well, we all know that Russ's issue was Melvin. This'll fix it. He does fumble on the goal line as though he's addicted to it. Yeah, I feel like the coaches, this last fumble, they were like, You... They put all of the blame of the season. They said, You're out, because they have no running backs now. It's Latavious Murray. Is it Divina Ziegbeau? Is that... No, the ghost of Marlon Mack. And then... Trace Edmonds is hurt, right?
Yes, that's what I'm saying. He just went down with a high ankle sprain. I believe Mike Boone will be back here, or eligible to be back in a week or so. But it's just, it's so hilarious at this point of the season they're like, nah man, that's enough. That was stealing all of Gervonta Williams snaps just a year ago. Nah man, get off the field. Uh, what was the carry count for Christian McCaffrey last night? Believe he had seven carries. So the leader in total carries Elijah Mitchell with nine. McCaffrey was seven. McCaffrey had seven for 67 through the air. Unguardable. Yeah. Uh, big game for Deebo. He's a big boy. He, he. He looked extra large. I, he's just-- Not in a bad way, but just like, wow, D-Lo looks-- His speed is incredible. And he did the kind of--
that got him into the end zone a ton last year, which is just... He shouldn't have-- Oh, he scored. - Yeah, it's like-- - Right. He was great. Ayuk was great again. Yeah, Ayuk had two catches and 20 yards. - Well, Jimmy-- - And he was great because he had two touchdowns, - two of the four. - Yeah, Jimmy threw for four, two others to Mr. Kittle. Yeah, play your tight ends against Arizona. I was trying to find these drops for Mr. Kittle and for... We have a Kittle drop? Well, Kittle and Deebo, they kind of... But, uh, I'm struggling. Thank you. You look like a man playing against boys. Sure. You look at kiddo. Going down the sideline for that second touchdown. And I mean, I don't think that even a tip Did to tackle him they were like he looks big.
That is a very funny clip of a Cardinals defender going I'll get you I'll get you Nah. Next time. You win this time, George Kittle. Well, the Cardinals stunk. James Connor did score. You had the Dortch come in. The Dortch. 9 for 103. He's a good player. Now what happened was the dream that you never think can happen if you're a nightmare. Yeah, mostly a nightmare. But if you like, we've all been there where you are playing an opponent in fantasy, they have a lead of. 0.5 or something and then you're like boy the only way I can win this game is if their player who they're playing tonight You know fumbles or loses yards, and then is injured and on the First play of the game Rondale Moore took a carry for negative six yards pulled his groin
ever came back out again yet growing index dot com hopefully up to date People lost because of it. I mean they either needed one or we're nodding. Groin Index take care of it. Yep. Hell, he's there. For one oh three that was the potential for rondell moran this game is part of the game plan ten targets for the door And instead, Rondé Amore is out again with injury. Cardinals are, they just cannot get all of their players together at the same time. Hollywood's about to come back, Rondale's gonna be out. Zach Hertz is out. DeAndre Hopkins is there. I mean, the dorch is gonna show up on waivers today, it's just... Yeah, the dorsal will probably be- Involved you've got to keep in mind the Arizona Cardinals they play this coming week week 12 but then they have the late week 13 bye week so if you're looking
at getting Rondell Moore healthy, Hollywood Brown healthy, you hold them out this one week and you get a bunch of extra time. And Kyler could get held out again because of the bye week so. And because why win at this point? Why win? Because they're what they're four and seven, the 49ers are six and four, the 49ers are. In first are they tied with Seattle? I believe they are tied record wise but like the 49ers have the tiebreaker but I'm saying you're two games out theoretically. But 10 in my heart. Alright, let's get into some news. One bit of news I didn't get into... Earlier was just the fact that there's going to be a lot of Nancy footballers for the next two days. And so,
Yeah, you know we've got the show today Yeah, the foot cast is coming out early for joining the foot comm supporters. We've got Spotify live Night yes so that's the headline not tomorrow party room is tonight the party room has been moved to tonight Tuesday 3 p.m. Pacific yeah just keep making You're making your sounds. And then tomorrow... There was no, no letters, no words. Just sounds. It was clearly megalodon. You ever heard a shark pronunciate the word well? They don't have lips. Okay. I have to tell you what I saw on Twitter. It was great. So we have the megaloball. Right? Yes. It's going on right now? Yes. We're heading into the playoffs for the megalable. Somebody on Twitter said, I've got an idea for you. You should take what you do with the megalable and you should make like...
Because you should label the long episode you do on Wednesdays every year after that. You should name it like the Megalow Show. Wow. Yep. On that one. Oh did you? Yeah I had it written up and then I was like nah I don't Need to do this to this person. But then you were like, Well, what if we put them on blaster for hundreds of thousands of people? There is that. Apologies. We appreciate your great advice. The megalodon is the it's the origination. Yes. Yes. And the megalodon bowl came out of that. It's so important that you know that. - Yeah, the megalodon has been our biggest episode every year for what? - Generations. - Is this like year seven, eight of the megalodon episode? However long we've been doing this. - Yeah, all right. - And I'm also, I'm so hyped that like the Megalodon just in, you know, pop culture and societies.
It's coming back in a big way. It is not a coincidence that we started hyping the megalodon like seven, eight years ago and now every museum all you know Jason Statham Discovery Channel yeah movies are being made boy Is that your Jadon's- He's not even Australian. That was Roy Kindt. Yeah, that was Roy Kindt. Oi, oi. Real news now the Falcons placed Kyle Pitts on injured reserve Yeah, that sprained MCL turned into a torn MCL which is going to likely require surgery It's unfortunate, but he's going to be gone Yeah, it's a six plus week recovery. So this season for fantasy is over, but it is not like an ACL where you're looking at a year time. Timeline, you know, will he be ready for the season? This just ends 2022.
And then he should be ready to go for next next year. It's possible he never has to attempt to catch a pass from Marcus Marioda again. Right. Glass half full. Melvin Gordon, waived by the Broncos. Chase Edmonds will miss a few weeks. Right now, Latavious Murray is atop the list. He had a good fantasy day. People like Latavious. That's what I'm learning. He shows up, people play him. That's just what happens. - When you're talking about people, you're talking about NFL teams, coaches, the franchise themselves, they like what they see from him in practice and say, We'll give you the ball you do good enough. Yeah, and if you don't fumble on the goal line in Denver, then you've already out Paced your competition. I don't blame the Broncos for cutting Melvin Gordon if they got to a point where you say, I don't think we can hand the ball.
To this player any longer. We just cannot trust him to not fumble the ball. You're not going to be able to do that then open up the roster spot and you know last week Latavious Murray this past week had 17 carries that's the most of any running back on this team for the season so obviously we'll talk about him in a little bit more detail when we get into the waiver section where he filters into the pecking order. What on earth is going on with Justin Fields? I have no idea. I have heard conflicting reports from major reporters. Ian Rappaport, Adam Schefter first reported by Ian Rappaport a potential dislocated shoulder. Schefter said it was not a dislocation. Our injury expert, Matthew Betts, said an AC joint injury. I have heard day to day but not ruling out. Season ending that is what anywhere eber flu set tell me when to stop tell me tell me when to stop hey at least
He's not throwing out career ender here day to day or he'll never play again minute to minute all the way to career end Right now I I think right now we just have to watch the news this week Justin Fields if he's out It's simple for fantasy players if he plays the game You're starting him a quarterback and if he's if he's not I don't recommend starting Yeah, and I would say as of right now my expectation is that he will be able to play it's his non throwing shoulder injury that should be able to be, you should be masked. Well yeah, you can might not be able to run as much. You can get the shot in the shoulder and be able to play through it. But you don't think he could be limited on the ground? I do think he could be limited on the ground. We haven't seen
Anything on the hamstrings that would bother him. Right, that should be remembered. That was the bigger concern for me. He's not been a good quarterback when he's not running the football. No. So that is a bit of a concern. Joe Mixon, Matthew Stafford, officially in the concussion protocol. Sean McVay said, Darrell Henderson felt a little something in his knee. So that's why he had two carries and four snaps. Cam Akers had 14 carries. Kymon Williams will continue to get worked in. He was the pass catcher. Robert Salah came out after he. Our podcast yesterday. Yes, we look, I am proud of this podcast for being the only trendsetters, the only media source that took the opportunity to knock.
Wilson down. If no one else will say it. Yeah. We're finally gonna say it. Yeah. We'll we'll stick up for you Jets fans. Not committing to Zach Wilson as this week started versus the Bears. Yeah. It's because you can't. You can't commit to a Who will not take responsibility for being any part of the solution when he is Every part of the problem. - Yeah, it's really good to see the head coach come out and say this. You can have arguments for the confidence your player and I think there's a time and a place for that and that place is gone. This is a winning team with a good record who could should make the playoffs with their remaining schedule and what their focus needs to be is winning games. Who is the best quarterback to put out there? It's not about puffing up any anybody on the roster it's a matter of winning football games and and that's the turn you'd like to see them make. I agree let Zach Wilson complete puberty.
Then give them another shot. Yeah. Um 2.6 inches per play I believe is what I heard in the second half of the New England game. Never heard of broken down like that. - Oh my goodness. - But that was today's news notes presented by USAA Insurance. Learn more at usaa.com/insurance. Let's talk waivers. Like Jason said, grab as many screens as you can and fill them up with these waivers. But trade deadlines have gone by for a lot of for a lot of leads. There could be some out there. For a majority. So waivers takes even a higher importance. Right now heading into the playoffs. If you can't fix your problems via trade. Yeah.
Where we're at in the season you're a couple weeks away from the playoffs it is now or never for a lot of teams do not hesitate to Been the most. It doesn't matter if you in the league with the most fab what matters is that if you in the league with the best players Can I still spend up if I only have like four four dollars sure? - Yeah, you could spend up four dollars worth. - I can't spend more than that. - No, and so my piece of advice. Over the years is usually like I'm coming in in our in most of our leagues where I've still got a healthy amount left and I'm going to spend very aggressively But I'm gonna try to save five five dollars for playoff Of picking up players over others I love when I go into the playoffs and I've got three or four or five dollars a fab
and my opponent has zero, because whatever he needs, belongs to me. Yeah. It's a real a-hole move. Yeah! Yeah. Uh, alright. He's just boxing out. We got no bye weeks this week? - No, this is-- - We gotta save those for week 14. - But the Megalodon's gonna be even longer. - Yeah, well this is the Thanksgiving day. They need a full slate on Sunday and they wanna put a bunch of games on Thursday so they can't have buys. - All right, no buys. Let's get into the wide receivers that we will welcome into the fold this week. In the probably rostered but just glance in case they're not category, It's the Christian Watson, Joshua Palmer, both of those players.
I'd be shocked if any competitive league had them available, but they need to be on your roster. Watson with five touchdowns in two weeks, Joshua Palmer the big game, and Mike Williams likely to miss a little bit of time. Let's not talk extensively there. Nope. Paris Campbell, Darius Slayton, Donovan People's Jones. I think those are three really interesting names and if you want to put Is DeMarcus Robinson in there because of how available he is?
Not blame you. It's not like Rashad Bateman is back next week, but Paris Campbell has been a very consistent target in this offense for quite some time now. He didn't get into the end zone, but you know, five for 67 yet again. Yeah, I mean this is, I think this is what you should be able to expect going forward. We talked about his previous three games with Matt Ryan. He was a top 12 wide receiver in all three of those matchups, but he had a touchdown in all three of those. In this last game, no touchdowns, still pretty good. He didn't set the world on fire. Half PPR scoring was sub 10 points, but he was 9.2. And I think he is...
Involved enough obviously he's he's running plenty of routes and he's got the the size speed combo to To score and so I I like having Paris Campbell I'm pretty comfortable with him and for me to get to that place because I was never a believer. That's true Yeah, that's me to believe the next two matchups against Pittsburgh and Dallas Paris Campbell is going to have 12 receptions per game for about 40 yards With with the pass rush that they are going to put on to to the Colts. It's gonna be very tough But if anyone can benefit from a PPR situation in those matchups, it will be Paris Campbell and the interesting thing is that You know Darrius Layton, I think in many respects is a better pickup but a completely different
Skillset than Paris Campbell. What have I told you Darius Layton has been a top 24 wide receiver in four of the last six weeks. I Would believe it man Darius Layton and Daniel Jones have had so many good games No matter how bad the the team does not want to use Darrius slate and they are forced to put him into action. And he's a guy that if, you know, there's different looks there's, there's picking up guys to stash for hopefully. Big giant breakouts and that's getting harder and harder as we get later into the season and then there's players that's I need I need to start someone.
Slayton is probably near the top of the list. - And Wandale's now out. I mean, there is another variable here that doesn't exist for Paris Campbell. Previous six weeks, Slayton's on pace for almost 1200 yards and six touchdowns on 65 catches. That's the kind of guy he is, a vintage, deep threat, 60, 70 catches. But you're talking about no Sterling Shepherd anymore. You're talking about your primary targets outside of now Wandell being gone being Richie James like Who I guess is in contention to in the more PPR capacity, but Darius Slayton could be One of those names that wins people fantasy championships that no one saw coming Yeah, I completely agree. They've got this next month. They are playing their division Dallas, Washington, Philadelphia. I don't Love those matchups. You've got digs guarding the number one wide receiver Washington's defense has just gotten better
better they're getting chase young back and then slay for philadelphia so he's going to be like hamble more as a pickup i would like campbell more as a pickup i would also like uh trellon burks more as a pickup because while i don't think i have as much confidence in necessarily starting uh trellon burks like who scores more fantasy points this week trellon burks or darius sleaton i i probably lean the darius sleaton side but the upside for something special going forward really isn't there with darius slaton i don't know eileen sleaton for sure over trailing burks so trellon burks uh only played 50 of snaps but had 35 targets per route run that is his third game this season over 35 targets per route Run. That's one of those indicative stats of future success. If he gets on the field anymore he's just going to continue to be good. I know last week he had the two minute...
The icing on the cake long a play that pushed him over the hundred yard mark But he was still very good before that and There was a lot of manufactured touches. They're trying to get him involved. - I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm just saying, like, that's exactly -- kind of pointed out why I hesitate with him is because you said it's the third time he's done that, but it was his first relevant fantasy week. So could he ascend? Absolutely. I just think, um, I'm nervous about a team that's entire goal is to run the football and not pass it. That's my only hesitation there. Yeah. It's just a matter of is Trey Lonner. Burks an alpha and we haven't really seen that this year but he started the year not playing that much then he got injured just worked his way back this was his second game back from injury and you know last year obviously I'm not saying Tre'Lon Burks is AJ Brown but this offense can support an alpha wide receiver AJ Brown was great in this offense and they still wanted to give the ball to Derek Henry.
Demarcus Robinson had nine targets, went nine for 128 as the de facto number one in Baltimore. He is nine percent rostered. Okay, spot starter. Yeah, I mean he's interesting because of all these players we're talking about, he's the one that is most readily available besides like the dorch, which the dorch is. You don't know for sure. Will Rondell Moore miss this week? If he does, sure, I'll play the dorch against the Chargers. I mean he'll see all of that slot work that Rondell Moore was seeing. And I will continue to shout out my dude Donovan Peoples Jones of the Cleveland Browns.
This is not the the breakout of like holy freaking crap. Look what it what people's Jones is doing But it's just it is solid game after solid game. And if you are out there and you believe in Voldemort returning for the Cleveland Browns that he will be the solution for their quarterback that they've been looking for because I mean they paid him a guaranteed 230 million dollars or whatever it is. At like People's Jones the last couple weeks, 16 a touchdown against Buffalo, he finally got his touchdown but it was 99 yards, 81, 71, 74. The guy is just very, very solid for your wide receiver three position and he's still available in like 40 percent of leagues. Yeah, I'm glad you brought up Voldemort's name.
Because you're not supposed to. Right, but we'll say it, Tom Riddle is on waivers and if you, this is the time, he's going to be back next week against Houston at the quarterback position. He's obviously not going to be in our streaming candidates today, so if you're looking for a future quarterback help, maybe Tom Riddle can help you. You've got some other names. Maybe in the stash category Jameson Williams. Yeah, he should be practice now Odell Beckham talking to teams You really got a hit on the location that he goes to to have any fantasy relevance this only the cowboys Please don't be the cowboys Just for selfish purely selfish reasons, please don't be the cowboys You're worried that if he shows up that your recent acquisition of Dalton Schultz will be in vain Yes, that he is I might want to see that he is
Odobecum is a fantasy time bomb for some team. Yeah, I mean could because he's gonna go to a winning team He's gonna go where he's gonna play - he's gonna go where there where? He will take snaps and targets away from someone else who currently is on a good team, which means there is a chance that They are right now a playable fantasy asset. So Gabe Davis, watch out. Michael Gallup, watch out. Sure. I mean, this is... Darius Slayton watch out. Honestly I am just so rooting for the Giants to beat the Cowboys this week. That's possible. Whoever wins that game gets Odell. That's what it seems like. Odell's gonna be like, look I want to go in the playoffs, I want to play for the winner. Whoever wins this game. That's what it feels like. The last name For me that I want to bring up at wide receiver are the duo of options for the Kansas City Chiefs. Sure.
Homes targets we don't know it's too early and you're not going to know whether Juju's going to be back but if Juju is gone he's currently still in the the concussion protocol you Justin Watson and Sky Moore out there. Justin Watson ran 90 plus percent of routes. He was Out there a lot Sky Moore was not as involved in the behind-the-scenes metrics but yet out targeted Justin Watson had a pretty good game and obviously was the guy that they dropped To really step up so as a rookie I lean more towards the Sky Moore side hopeful upside more and more involvement and he really did make some super important plays in that game against the Chargers but either one of them I think are worth a pickup and a play if Juju is out and don't forget the full context of Juju may or may not play, but even if Juju's active, you have-- Pardonments on the IR, Caderius Toning the new acquisition at the wide receiver position, tweaked his hamstring...
-Yet again. -That's not the hand. Yeah, it's from the... ♪ Yoohoo, yoohoo, yoohoo ♪ We have a sound for it. I'm wearing the shirt, Jason. Oh, you sure are. ♪ Yoohoo ♪ But, I mean, one of these guys will be on the field, and I guess I lean towards Justin Watson because he was the one who was on the field more. So if Juju is back, he probably takes those... This guy more targets, and Justin Watson will be on the field. Are you willing to drop Kidarius Tony with the hamstring? Because his opportunity when he comes back might be more limited? I mean in a redraw right now I don't want to if you it's it's crunch time so I get it if you have to make the move. Perhaps Matthew Betts our injury guy he believes Tony could miss multiple. Weeks that is I mean that that's a death sentence for the I mean that's also that's a pretty easy bet the guy who's had hamstring problems the entire season tweaked his hamstring again
Yeah, in redraft I'm probably moving on. Deontay Johnson? Yeah, I think I'm moving on there too. His targets just aren't valuable enough. DJ Moore? Yeah. I mean, this is the time you gotta win now. - Drake London? - Drake London, no, because Kyle Pitt's being out. I'm curious to see if there's a consolidation of targets. - Might be 75% of the targets. It will be six, but it will be 75%. - Yeah, yeah, six of eight targets on that team. - That's right. - All right. Break back with running backs. This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. Thanks for the client. A lot of us spend our lives wishing we had more of that precious time. The question is time for what? What would you do?
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That's betterhelphlp.com/footballers. This episode is brought to you by USAA Insurance. When you're a homeowner in the military community, peace of mind is priority. And USAA Homeowners Insurance is the award-winning service to give you just that. If you have to file a claim, the process is transparent and easy. You can do it all right in the USAA app and replacement cost coverage comes standard. That means damaged items are repaired or replaced, even if they cost more today than they did when you bought them, which could put your wallet at ease too. Tap the banner or visit usaa.com/homeowners. To learn more and get a quote, restrictions apply. Let's dive into what running backs were welcoming into the fold this week. There are some options. There are some players out there. There are five names that are rostered in 60% or above.
Uh, Rashad White, Isaiah Pacheco, Damien Harris, Elijah Mitchell, and Kenyon Drake. Those are all massively rostered, so probably not available. But if they are, you know, all of our waiver rankings in order are available on the website, by the way, thefantasyfootballers.com, so you can see where we have them ranked. And we pull our roster percentages from Sleeper. - Oh, there are-- - There's variability. - If you play on a different platform, there's a different roster percentage. - I do think it's important to focus--
on the lower rostered running back options. In particular, Zamaajay Pirain, who had three receiving touchdowns, just 30 yards on the ground, but seems likely to get an opportunity against Tennessee with Joe Mixon potentially missing the week due to concussion protocol. Latavious Murray, just 25% roster taking on Carolina. Jerick McKinnon at 39% roster percentage with the Clyde injury taking him off the field for multiple weeks. And then James Cook, who did get in for 11 carries, 86 yards. - That was very strange. Is on the docket, and that's generally pretty good for even committees. Out of those four guys, who do you wanna talk about? - Well, I mean, Latavious Murray is the clear, to me.
The clear number one waiver wire of the low roster guys and potentially even over the high roster guys I think there's a debate to be had between Rashad white who looks awesome, but is still dealing with you know Leonard Fournette Isn't just gone unless the hip injury coming out of the bias is Actually he is gone. But Latavius Murray was pretty good this last week. The offense to a new coobs and we know that the kubi X they they got a good run Scheme they know how to run the ball they know how to call plays to run the ball he is all alone it was the raiders that's fair that's fair but they're against Carolina who has not been good against the run so far this year. Going forward rest of season you know it's like okay Samajay Pirain. Samajay Pirain if Joe Mixon...
Is out. Samajee-twa is what we call him. Oh that's that was even better than Samajee-3, right? Yeah. Um. I'm taking all. Credit oh yeah definitely not just made it up right there on this fucking twitter incredible work andy yeah um same person who had that megalo Mm-hmm. Yeah. Suggestion. But Samaj P. Ryan, another big-time pick-up this week if Joe Mixon is gone, he plays against Tennessee. Tennessee has been completely shutting down the running game. Thankfully Samaje... That's not what Piran does best. I was gonna say Samaje is gonna do some work through the air so it should be okay but like... Like a little bit of a trap. - Latavious Murray, I think rest of season is at worst. RB2 and I think he'll have RB1 weeks when he falls into the end zone so I'm I'm actually really interested in Latavius Merton. I would probably drop 35% of my fab on him. - Yeah. - I think he's gonna be start worthy for.
Sure, but in a Brian Robinson kind of way. Yeah, it's gross, but I think you'll get more targets than Brian Robinson. That's fair. There's no one left on this roster. It's gonna be just, it's gonna be super nasty Latavious Murray. But you said back right? Yeah but that would steal away those targets. It will, it absolutely will. But I mean it's going to be what 20 plus opportunities a week and you're just hoping that he falls in the end zone? I don't think so. No? No I don't because they're going to lose most games. They don't play the And if Mike Boone takes passing down work and they're in deficits. I actually do think it'll be near 20 opportunities a game because while... They might lose these games. They don't give up a lot of points. They're not in double-digit deficits usually. Their defense is so stinkin' good.
If I have Russell Wilson and I've got that defense, I know what I'm trying to do and I'm trying to establish it and run the ball. Jarek McKinnon, James Cook, why are we with those players? McKinnon is... I think more reliable than Cook in the sense that with the new injury to Clyde Edwards-Allaire, it becomes a two-man committee for the Kansas City Chiefs. McKinnon is the passing-downs guy. That's going to be really valuable. As you go forward so I would rather have McKinnon than Cook who I love rookie running backs I love getting these rookies in the second half
the year and he's obviously on a great offense but he still seems like a really distant two to me obviously got in more this last week uh do you guys would you rather have cook than mckinnon nope okay yeah i think i'd take mckinnon uh cam akers could be good for a spot start with the darryl henderson injury taking on kansas city i think he's a good bet for at least 10 to 15 opportunities he could it would be hard to watch what's what's difficult is that like kyron willies was the one running the routes and they're up against kansas city with probably a backup maybe even a third string quarterback
If Wolford is not ready to go. So that's desperation for either of those guys. Alright, let's dive into what tight ends we're welcoming into the fold this week. Heavily rostered, but take a gander. You know, David Njoku, three targets just coming back from injury. It'll probably be better for him soon. Dawson Knox, seven for 70. I think there will be a... Dash for Dawson Knox by your league mates that sort by most recent point score. And usually it's a trap, but Detroit is-- - Oh, it's not a trap. - I don't think it's a trap. - It's an opportunity. - I think it is an opportunity. Dawson Knox, I believe. He's a really, really good start this week. He's-- Six targets the week before as well. Yeah.
Certainly on my radar of players that I would be trying to pick up for a weekly spot start at tight end If this was my roster. Touchdown or 57 or more yards in four of the last five games for Dawson Knox. That's not terrible. Greg D, the Dolcic The dolch itch? I almost went dorch and messed it up. Yeah, he's not the dorch. He's the dolch itch. He's the dolch itch. He's the itch. Four for 30 last week. It's not a good time with Russ. It's not. No. Because what happens is you see a play. I remember last week, Jason, you told me, you saw.
Catch by Courtland Sutton. Mm-hmm. Like he should have a great game. Yep. It was early in the game He actually had two early in the game was like, okay. Here we go. Well in Sutton week It's the same story for all these guys. You you can't string together multiple drives. You just said they want to establish it Greg D will have his chances. He's young and athletic Trey McBride Mike Four catches last night. It turned into an incredible 14 yards. But, I was very encouraged to see it jump up to four targets. Injury to Rondell Moore. We like the dorch to come in in replacement if he needs to but Trey McBride also replacing those middle of the field targets. So, I think that there is a chance. He, if you're in a deeper league, I don't mind putting him on the back of the bench and seeing what happens. Yeah. Yeah. Did come back catch at least one pass himself. Yeah, I I didn't see enough from McBride to roster for me and then you've got the bye week after this.
So if I'm not starting them this week, and I'm just holding on to them then that means I'm waiting for three more weeks The receivers are gonna give it healthy if you want to another good spot start. three teams that were targeting defensively against tight ends. It's been Seattle and Arizona and now Detroit has been firmly added to that mix. Those three teams. And Foster Marrero plays against the Seattle Seahawks this week in... The absence of Darren Waller, tight end for the Raiders. - Let me ask this question before we move on. If you're dropping Kyle Pitts after the injury, what's the best long-term potential start here? We didn't mention Juwan Johnson. But J'Wann Johnson has been really, really good. He's a touchdown machine. The Titan 8, 4 and 4 the last three weeks. The Saints have said they're going to keep.
Kidding Taysom Hill more work. I don't know what Taysom's rostered percentage Yes, but you just just take a peek someone could have rage dropped him rightfully so but it was Mike. But-- - He logged into your account and rage dropped him. - Look, I did it for you. - You imagine if you could push a button and drop him-- every Roster on Sleeper. Oh he'd push that button. Like if you had that I would have pushed it so long ago. If you had to turn both keys to drop. But with the news that the Saints saying... We are underutilizing him, which for the amount of money they are giving him, yes, he needs to be on the football field more, but if he's really going to get more and more quarterback snaps, he's going to throw the ball. You need to play him at the tight end position, which is unethical. Oh come on! It's not unethical. If a player is taking the majority of his snaps from the quarterback position and you can play him as a fantasy tight end, it is unethical. No, no. If the tax--
Code says you can write this thing off, you can write it off. That's not unethical to follow the rules. Platform knows it it's the platform that's responsible you're telling me that you can't be an ethical person to play him I'm not the right word I know what you're saying agree with both of you it is unethical of the platform To allow us to do this ethical thing. How dare you platforms keep him at tight end. Isn't one but yeah it is a really good name to bring up because if you didn't watch that game he was behind center a lot they brought him in a ton and if you could play him at tight end and he's on your waivers he's the number one pick up The only other name I want to bring up again in response you said you lost you're looking for a long term long term We glossed over
little bit but I picked him up at two different leagues. He's mostly roster but Njoku coming back from his injury having a bad game. I still believe in him rest of season so he would be the guy that I would like to replace. Alright defenses that we are welcoming into the fold very important. And please please please number one on the list by a lot Miami. Oh really, okay They're they're not number one. Okay. To me, Kansas City is number one. They play. Oh, yeah. They play the Rams and potentially Bryce Perkins. Um so, the and the Chiefs defense is is they have playmakers. So, I think that there's a chance They really like the Rams are the number one team to play your defense against and then Miami's right there because Houston Houston is the safest team to play your defense against yeah, Houston's not gonna do anything, but the Dolphins defense This has also been just so bad. They're getting better. They are getting better. They're getting better. They're off the bye week. Could have made some changes.
Chubb going after Davis Mills? Yeah they made some trades and the fact that they were on the bye week they're they're available in the vast majority of leagues. Yeah I actually have a different number one defense on the league. Oh my. And it's the Denver Broncos because I want a great defense in a great matchup. I would agree that the Kansas City Tigers... The density of chiefs matchup is awesome, but I don't think their defense is phenomenal. Same with the dolphins. Matchup is great, their defense isn't phenomenal. The Broncos defense is phenomenal. They're gonna be playing against the Car- Carolina Panthers and we don't even know who the quarterback is. It could be Sam Darnold, another quarterback in a two quarterback leagues. You might want to look at picking up because I I would expect them to be the the starter this week. Jetwalkers injured, Baker's career is over and timeline wise from you know he was activated last week for his... One day window so if it's not this week it has to be next week or else they put them back on the shelf for the rest of the season. Broncos the highest roster
Sure. Still available in the majority of leagues though. Yeah, I don't know about that. Well, roster percentage is 41% that I'm seeing. That's the information we have. The majority of leaks that's over. I mean I get it not in your league. They're not available. No you talking to me I'm talking to the listener. Oh no. Because they're all shouting, I can't get the Broncos! Yeah, they are for sure shouting that. I was only saying that because we don't know if there's a lot of leagues without defenses and I don't know if roster percentages count in those. Oh okay that's interesting. So Broncos are I think the best pickup because they're a great defense against Carolina so I do agree with that. If you're looking at a spot start it would be a good pick up. Would be Kansas City, Chicago against the Jets, Minnesota against New England, Miami against Houston, and Pittsburgh. They take on Indianapolis, and I actually think that flips both directions. Indianapolis against Pittsburgh as well. The Colts, they are very.
Stable as a defense. You know, they have not run into negative this year. They're kind of a four to eight point defense every single week. And Pittsburgh is not a threat to go into Indianapolis, I think, and put up more than 20 points. - Oh, there will be turnovers. Be turnovers. There will be turnovers for sure. Andy I think you are right. Who would you say is the number one most rostered defense? The Denver Broncos. I'll go with the Cowboys or the Eagles. The Cowboys or the Eagles were the first two I searched up and looking at their roster percentage. Oh, at their roster percentage, yeah. They are at 72 and 78 percent. Actually, the number one roster defense is the Buffalo Bills at 82 percent. - Oh. So that does seem like there's like 20 you need to add 20 on to these numbers might need to yeah is what I'm looking at But it's still I I do think that the Broncos could
be out there and they're the number one. - No doubt, no doubt. All right, well, that's a lot of names. - Yes. - That's a lot of players that you need to pay attention to and put in waiver pick-ups and make the extra effort this week. I mean-- - We are making it very, very easy. Easy for you. Go to the fantasy footballers.com, go to the rankings tab, and then there's waiver wire rankings. That page has everything we just talked about today. More and more if you're a supporter it will show you our individual rankings It will show you what the fab percentage we recommend dropping on them is it will show you their next three? Matchups coming up whether they are good bet it's all at a glance. It is very Easy. If you've got a bunch of screens handy, you gotta open the fold and then put the platform on the right and put your waivers on the bottom. And if you're like me and you've got a bunch of leagues.
Just put one league on the right, you put this little tool on the left, and boom, bam, you welcome them into. Alright, that was Welcome Into The Fold, presented by Samsung Galaxy. Galaxy Z Fold 4 makes multitasking easy. Use it to check player rankings, watch highlights, view trade targets, improve your roster all at the same time. Visit Samsung.com to learn more. Quarterback options if you are in that spot, which I hope you're not. I mean, I hope that you're not. If you have Justin Fields, you need to be proactive. Geno Smith is my answer this week against But why Las Vegas Raiders? Yeah, I don't know my sentence. I don't here we go. I'm not gonna
spend time in week 12 explaining to you why that's a good math. End of analysis. Yeah, it's very good. I'm going to go with Taylor Heinecke against Atlanta. End of analysis. Yeah, against Atlanta. Santa. He was over 20 fancy points his first three starts and then the last two weeks had Bad matchups for completely different reasons Houston is a bad matchup because you just don't need to throw the ball last time he played against Atlanta last year 290 and three touchdowns finished as the quarterback five. I think Taylor Heineke has looked good and the matchup is perfect. And I've got.
The handsome one, Jimmy Garoppolo against the New Orleans Saints coming off of a big game, had the four touchdowns, not that you're expecting, four touchdowns a week from Jimmy Garoppolo. But aside from that, he's been a very safe streaming option, which he has the upside because he's surrounded by absolute incredible talent that can carry him, completing over 70% of his passes. The Saints allowing the eighth most points per game. So the matchup is there. And I think I'd go, the Geno and Heineke to me have higher.
Upside but if you just need a good floor, Jimmy Garoppolo is there. I think that you know when when you play Jimmy G, you are hoping for the yards after the catch players to do their thing and I think there's going to be more games like this for Jimmy G this year. There's going to be two or three more games where he drops the ball into Christian McCaffrey or Debo or George Kittles hands and they just do the rest. The talent is ridiculous. It is. Forty-niners. And they are very, I mean, knock on wood, forty-niner fans. They're very healthy right now. They're lying. Incredible. Line is also debo did look a little bit banged up at the end of that game i haven't heard anything uh... new on that but you know he was going to the sideline laying down uh... looking looking hurt that's just what happens when you're that big and you can run that fast to can't not get hurt that is fair hopefully state stay healthy yes a
All right, well that's gonna do it tomorrow. The Megalodon Show. Do not miss it. Just in case you're brand new, the Megalodon, it's the Wednesday, Thursday, and. Friday show all jammed into one on Wednesday ahead of Thanksgiving Day and the weekend. And make sure you listen to it. Because at some point there will be a hashtag that comes out of some shenanigans from the show. We will ask you to tweet that and try. We will try to get that trending. We got up to number two. Right behind Thanksgiving. Yeah, and this year, Turkey Day is going down to our hashtag, but also we do some prizes and stuff. Yeah, anybody that tweets with that hashtag is going to win. In some autograph sports gear, Brooksy. - Well, they're entered to win. - Yeah, not everybody.
What did I say? - You said anybody that tweets that's gonna win some gear. - Oh, well, that was a bit of a snafu. - And we're broke. - Enter to win. I got ahead of myself. I was just thinking about Brooks. He picked out some pretty sweet gear this year. - Yes. - So, very excited. And Spotify Live is tonight. It's usually Wednesday, but the party room cannot be stopped. So we put it on today. That's 3 p.m. Pacific, right? Yes, 6 Eastern. All right. Take care, Foot Clan. Good luck on the waivers. See you tonight. Goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the Fantasy Footballers podcast. Join our fantasy football community on jointhefoot.com and follow us on Twitter @theffballers. This show is sponsored by the University of Michigan.
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