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Ep. 147 — Teachers Admit They Want to Keep Parents in the Dark

2020-08-14 | 🔗
In a revealing new development, teachers openly lament that at-home learning allows parents to hear their lessons. Others agree that this is "dangerous," and say they need to be able to indoctrinate in a “parentless" way. As Dennis explains, severing parental authority is exactly what every cult must achieve. 0:00 Otto Had Surgery 3:15 Teachers Against Recording Lectures 6:05 Teachers Know It’s Indoctrination 8:56 The Chances Of Your Kid Dying 9:41 Teachers Against Parental Authority 11:40 Kids Thriving With A Home Education 12:37 Understanding Socialism & Communism 19:42 Freedom & Liberty Are Values 21:01 Marriage & Children Are Values 25:33 Are You Making Good Children? 26:14 Fight Real Evil, Not Fake Racism 27:40 Passing On The Otto Good Wishes
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It is not ready. Hybrid, I'm Dennis Prager an you ve noticed immediately a major change it sir. Like you're used to a certain host and then this is a substitute ossed. After a hundred and forty times this is snoopy autos brother. Is he saying anything as you see, Snoopy is not quite as laid back as out of the reason I was not here, there was a serious reason: Otto just had surgery. If I explained to you. Why he needed the surgery? Now I have to accompany asleep Ok, so here's the story. We all though own
her home here we have two giant tortoises, I mean giant, you probably couldn't lift them they're about how many pounds about seventy five pounds each there, that's enormous and they obviously in the back of the house. So what is that, have to do with ATO. Well, I'm we feed them wonderful, vegetarian diet, that's what toward us is eat, including every day for a decade a we give them a corn which they love, Snoopy, leaving our least new source, newbie and maybe he'll return, but probably not
So for the first time in ten years Otto went and if he likes corn, which is fine, but he Eighth Cobb and that apparently sort of tore up I'm intestine to a certain extent them. He has a serious in addition, as a result of the cause of the corn on the Cobb, so it's it's it's it's a bit by bit unique and he needed immediate surgery cause of of the the defect there. We hope be fine and I know we're gonna get a lot of cards and prayers for Otto, but and now the empty seat it sort of like when you know when candidates debate, someone who doesn't want a debate they put the chair there. This is it so
is, it is a lonely moment, may be Snoopy will come back or maybe will put a tortoise in this Heath and you'll get a chance to meet one of the tortoises. Anyway. That's why I was not here. Hopefully, Otto will be with us, fine and and and cheaper for the next. The fireside chat. So I wonder why are we just want to remind everybody whose just tuning in this is a completely spontaneous thing each week I am not reading from a teleprompter. I I thought about what I would talk about, but otherwise it's it's completely spontaneous and a chance to be, as it were, intimate in my conversations with you each fireside. So an interesting thing I came across the on Twitter,
And that is a number of teachers very angry that parents, as a result School being- On zoom or whatever it may be, that the what the teachers are telling their students will now be heard by parents. And especially angry. If conservative parents get to hear what they say years ago, this is not new years ago. I confronted this two, when people would call my radio show and tell me when students would- and they will tell me that their teachers in high school or college objected to the point of wanting the school to ban the recording of the teacher giving the that day's lesson, and what did I think of that?
and I shall tell you exactly what I thought was. I taught college- and I remember when I taught college people ask me students asked: can I reckon poured out your class, and Remember that when people use Cosette recorders, so they could recorded just as they could recorded today with their phones I remember saying why not I hope you do record my class that way you can share it with other people who don't take. My class I taught at Brooklyn College City University of New York for a couple of years and never dawned on me With my speeches, people, he's asked. Can I record your speech and I'm sure people who don't ask do I want people to record what I say publicly anything people say publicly should be recordable.
Otherwise I have suspicion about what you're saying. Why would you want to say it, especially a teacher especially I can say what I want to know Eighteen year old, twenty year old, but God forbid forty year old. Should here that's what it is about. The reason teachers object forget this latest thing I'll get to that, but the reason college tee- whose objective is because they know that it's.
To get away with saying anything to a twenty year old, it's much harder to get away with what they said. If somebody twice their age or three times the rage, here's what they say. They know that its propaganda, a teacher who teaches honestly wants their class recorded, get that I'll say it again. A teacher who teaches not. Doctrine eight wants their class recorded. Why wouldn t, let others learn is not a beautiful thing. What could be more beautiful? I teach my class whatever it is american history or for that. Gender studies. I wouldn't I want others because
easy to get away with any drivel nonsense and indoctrination when you're teaching kids, but it's much harder when adults here you or when people who differ with you here, you every teacher who is objecting to their class being recorded at college, is a coward there. A bully. I will tell you what I think and what I want you to believe, but I don't want anybody else to hear it lest they take issue with me and I can't possibly answer their arguments I so I lived it. I wanted people to record my classes, because all I did in my class was teach the syllabus. It was not my task as a teacher.
Convert any body to my way of thinking. That was not my task. That's my task outside of class, but might tat my task inside of class parents trusted that I teaching their kids with teach them the syllabus. It is a betrayal of parental trust to indulge mate rather than teach. So it is a give away ass to a the non intellectual basis of leftism the non rational basis of leftism and the cowardice of vast numbers of instructors, who are so afraid, lest the public here. What they are saying young people. The same thing now holds true in high schools, an elementary schools I mean
it's really. Amazing. An elementary school or a high school teacher afraid that parents will hear what they're saying. That's a somewhat of a giveaway, isn't it they know their indoctrinated. They don't want conservative parents to hear them. I would be thrilled of left wing. Parents heard what I say I would be thrilled. That's that's my, and that would be my preference. There's no intellectual foundation for all of this. That's why they're so afraid, so it made me think that you know but maybe there is a silver lining to the lockdown which I have opposed. I believe kid should have all been in school, at least to the age of sixteen like in Sweden. This whole time The chances of a child of a young per of that age dying of covert is so many. You will have to be less than their chances of dying in a car crash going to school. Your kid has a greater,
it's a dying going to school, then attending school during covert. That's just a statistical fact! That's how rare it is, I think in the United States. What is it under the age of six on a remember what the age was think ten, ten kids in the entire country. So it is a giveaway that all these teachers are now yelling about and you should see their tweets. The teachers with their names they're not even embarrassed Oh, I don't want conservative parents hearing what I have to say anyway pair Shouldn't hear what I have to say. They actually write that parents interfere parents interfere with their children's education. That's how I know it's one of the biggest reasons that I offer to prove that leftism is occult cult. That's the key word.
Because cults never want its members to allow relatives to know what their hearing the Several of the parental authority in young people's lives is the number one thing cults do with the beginning. Every cult does that the Nazis did that with the Hitler youth
The Soviets did that with come. Some old soviet youth League, and if it's done with cults, like Jim Jones and any other cult that you know of they want to sever the a parental authority. Parents are an obstacle, in many cases, to the ability to indoctrinate the the people into their cult and that's what it is. We don't want parents to hear what we're telling their children and used to be. This was not the case in the history of teaching. This has not been the case. A teacher should be proud to have what they say heard.
By their parents. I am proud to tell you how how good a teacher I am teacher, not indoctrinated. Therefore, there are too bright things that might come out in terms of education. There was actually an article in of all places. The New York Times by a man saying you know my kid hated school and now is thriving with a home education. Well, the more people who take their kids out of schools and now and then. And now home school them, the better. It will be for our society. Schools are not trustworthy in the vast majority of cases. Because they no longer believe their role is to teach they believed their role is to persuade that is not teaching so interesting.
You never know out of what darkness some light may emanate, and that is an example all right time for your. Questions, and we begin with a video question or could Oki hey MR pray here? This is Maria Bello. I am a member of praying a force I used to live in Venezuela until I was seventeen I've been living in the United States for some years now. I'm a question is: have experienced socialism first hand. What I want to know is what can I do or why should I tell people who do not understand what socialism is like or who does not know a socialism ass or those kind of people that they say that benefits and a socialist countries, people that don't believe me when I went through in Venezuela? How can I approached his people happy? What will be the best answer?
for me to tell them, I explained to them exactly what my life was under section is unthinkable. Ok, I thank you. Maria from Venezuela,. I don't have a happy answer for you. It is very difficult for people to understand socialism and communism. Very difficult and I'll tell you when I learned this, but I
twenty one years of age. I went to the Soviet Union for a month and I I spoke to dissidents, people who did not like communism. It was a very difficult for a week's one of the reasons why I was I was actually sent there. I was sent to help specifically Jews to get out who wanted to leave and to bring in religious items for those who wanted to be able to practice their religion. There I came home and I began lecturing at the age of twenty I have a very strange life. I've been the public person, my whole adult life, so I began lecturing and I realized within maybe a year may be two years at the most. Am I actually said it in?
some of my lectures. I realized that american audiences did not understand when I spoke about to tell at Arianism, and I realized that the opposite was also true, because when I was in the the soviet union- and I would speak about freedom, soviet citizens would often say in yet at the end of here. So what you're describing is anarchy that people could say whatever they wanted, struck we'll be its citizens as incomprehensible. Ukip could say anything you want in America, that's anarchy, so they didn't understand. Freedom and Americans didn't understand totalitarianism,.
So Maria it is, it is unfortunate. This is Seems to be a limitation and the human and most humans, not all in understanding circumstances they have never lived under. I felt I was able. I was not shocked by the totalitarianism I experienced in the Soviet Union. I I had an understanding of evil at a very young age, even though I didn't experience it, but apparently a lot of people either don't want to or can't- and it's almost the same thing. So when you describe Venezuela to them, the you know under shop,
Or under Maduro it they understand the words, but they dont understand what you're saying and if they do, they don't think it could happen here, We'll do socialism right, that's that's what they that's, what they say: please marxist regimes? They got it wrong or even will do communism right lot of young people. Think communism is preferable to capitalism teen vogue yeah teen Vogue just had an article saying. Private property is wrong. There should be no private property team vote. That is the end of liberty. I mean, if you can't own you you can on your own home. You can't own anything, it's all public, but what does that mean puppet.
What is there is no meaning took; no private property doesn't mean anything, it only means the state owns everything and the stages is then an emperor is a tyrant beyond words. So it's very hard for you to explain to people and you can tell them you. I wish he would visit Venezuela for a week.
I said at the time I wish every shall be: citizen could come to Amerika for a year or six months, and every American can go to the Soviet Union for a year or six months or not even six months. Six weeks, then maybe Americans would appreciate more what they have here. The defining characteristic of the left is a lack of gratitude, but it's not the only defining perspective, its lack of prospective. Don't they only the funny characteristic. Its lack of perspective. To understand what it is like elsewhere, so I know that answer doesn't make you feel better, but at least it clarifies things got Bia Sixteen years old, Vilnius, Lithuania, I was in Lithuania a wonderful time nice to hear from you.
Hi Dennis in Europe and the? U S, there was a huge problem, a very low birth rates. Why do you think people don't want to have children any more and what solutions could you offer. I'll tell you something: I learned that I did not Oh, I know I didn't know until I learned now. You could say that's true by meeting you didn't know two into a fort till you learned it, but I don't mean that something about life that, really didn't learn to relatively recently just about everything is a value like freedom. You think people think people yearn for freedom, but they dont people are to be taken care of and they will give up.
It has to be taken. Care of this is as old as the Bible. Three thousand years ago, the Israelites exodus from Egypt. They were slave for hundreds of years and within a very short period of time. There complaining that they want to go back to Egypt because they ate better. They weren't starving in the desert, but they ate better in Egypt, even though they were slaves, so they re Kirby eating. Well, slaves, the not eating. Their eating well in terms of sustaining themselves, but not as yummy They rather heavy yummy your food as a slave, then lead Yeah me food, while three, it's the then it's what I say human nature is is not terribly admirable. There were humans, better admirable it's because they have overcome their nature?
liberties of value, America's founded on the value of liberty. For the French gave America the statue of liberty, they didn't give it to themselves this America really was the country of liberty. The left doesn't care for liberty. Never did it has it has contempt for liberty like free speech, the ultimate liberty, the most important liberty. So now, what does that have to do with your question to my Great surprise I learned. Not only is liberty of value during all Revalue youth, children are instinctive because everybody who could has had children in history and because children are produced by that incredibly powerful urge the sex urge, but you could now have sex without children, So you have you you still give in to that, urge you accommodate that.
Primal urge, but you have children, children or a value marriages value. There's, a nineteen, fifty song or Billy, was from the fifties, love and Mary go together like a horse and carriage that was it was assumed everybody, assumed, love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage, but they don't love and marriage don't go together. Unless you have marriage as a value. Children are a value now, and marriage is a value now they wore instinctive to humanity. Is everybody assume that's the way to have children and people want the children for economic reasons, for love reasons for whatever love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage historically, but not any more, and so children in marriage or values so,
beer in Lithuania. People rather be free, not free in the sense of freedom of speech, but free of obsolete nations, children and marriage are obligations. People, though, On obligations, children cost money, children cost time. Children are a crapshoot, wonderful people. Wonderful parents can have a very troubled child.
Can have a sick child having a child is a crapshoot. People want to be guaranteed and easy life, especially in Europe, european civilization. Since world war, two has been preoccupied with. Having is easy. A life is possible. Working as few hours is possible, travelling as much as possible eating out in a cafe as much as possible, having some good wine as much as possible, and that's it. They don't want obligations, they just one. To have an easy life. Children do not make for an easier life and that's the reason. There was an article that I just read my forgot where, but whose of a major a major source and the author wrote her It's a bad idea to have children. I read this now all the time
bad idea to have children not not only because it such a difficult thing, but because a boar people on earth is bad for the for the climate. So that's that's. That's new, a new argument, but that's A new argument. When I was a kid there was the argument of over by Overpopulation Z, page he started when I was a kid zero population growth, because if we have too many, bull everybody will starve. Meanwhile, if you were people starving per capita than in the EU. Three of humanity today and we have far more people than ever. Technology has made it possible to feed vast numbers of people. And it will make it even easier in the future. So that is why religious people have children and secular people, don't it's a generalization of course their sex
people with children, but if you met any family, I have, let's put it this way. I have never. I've never met on short exists, but I never met a family with more than forty five or more. That was secular. Every family I have met with a lot of kids. Is religious family religious people still hold it as a value and by the way their held him. Contempt by many secular solely the left holds them in contempt. The rover, populating the world. Where is my only concern about people having children is? Are you making good children the best ninety nine percent of humanity could do is make good children. One per cent of humanity can do great good on some MAC. Level in some other way, perhaps
Ninety nine point: nine percent- I would should have said the best thing you could do is have children and make them good people we need. We need the world to be populated by good people, that's the greatest good possible, and that is what people should think about, but they don't All these people, they think the greatest good I could do in america- is fight. Racism does very little racism to fight. You need a cause because your life is pretty empty. Without a cause. You don't you don't believe in liberty. You don't believe in religion. You don't believe in America, so you need a cause. Otherwise your life is is pretty empty, so anti racism has given you great meaning. That's all of his about racism is disgusting, but there's not much ray.
Isn't the fight. You want to fight real evil in the world. Try the iranian regime tried the Chinese Communist Party right through its North Korea. I mean they're, there there's really evil in the world still. So I hope you have a lot of children. I'll tell you this. Europe is committing suicide. There are countries that are disappearing. Spain is not replicating itself. Germany is not replicating itself Just in Europe. Japan is not replicating itself. They say that as you get affluent people have fewer children. That's true, but affluence is not the reason. Secularism is. The recent affluent religious people have children
So I'll I'll, I will stop with that question I in oh. I really wanted to get so many more. Oh, what a good one from Illinois, its painful and its addressed to me, so let me explain why Otto isn't here in case you just tuned it, but that's them, don't you can't just do it? People start from the beginning. I, but if you just tuned in Otto, had surgery yesterday, and I will do. I will definitely pass on your good wishes which will serve They cheer him up cousin. Soon, as he got out of surgery. He said. Will I be on the fireside chat? The veterinarian told us, as you were his first words. After the aesthetic wore off so well, I I really do hope will be with us next week.
And I hope I will be with you next week, because you never know what happens in the course of a week, but that's my plan c them. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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