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Fireside Chat Ep. 1 - Obama Legacy And Liberalism Vs. Leftism

2019-02-04 | 🔗
Join Dennis Prager from his home study for another Fireside Chat! Dennis gives his final thoughts on President Barack Obama, the difference between liberalism and leftism, and whether he's happy that his hometown of Los Angeles now has two football teams. Recorded on Jan. 12, 2017.
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Hi everybody. Do you really seeing? This is totally spontaneous. Welcome to my house again, I'm Dennis Prager great to be with you. It's too bad. You can't see out o the bull dog. He is right under the camera and whenever I speak, he starts to snore. So if you hear snoring, it's not hopefully humans that are reacting to me, that that would be. I would have to change my profession, obviously about the he's adorable. They say that the dog's add the years to your life is now right. Don't they say that that pets
especially dogs, so that's an investment anyway. There are how many days left to Barack Obama's presidency. It's really eight days. I think it is and I'd like to reflect on that for a moment and then just open up to take any questions you have about anything in life, especially especially strategy for winning at hearts games. But I don't know how many calls will come in on that.
Perhaps I should say calls fairly funny: I'm thinking of my radio show anyway and all ass sad seriousness when brought about was elected in two thousand eight I announced on my radio show I did not vote for him a, but I did announce as soon as he was elected. I said the next day on my radio show he is my president and I wish him well. I want him to do well and if I may also said if, in fact a Democrat had to win, then I'm happy that that Democrat, it was a black. Adding is a wonderful thing, says a great thing about America, the first this the first remember this was the first country in history that first non black country to elect a black as its leader. It's something that shouldn't be forgotten and by the way when people say racism, elected Donald Trump, which is a grand lie, it's a huge lie, but it said by so much of the media that they believe it and they believe what that they believe their lives. It sits it and that's more dangerous by the way than people who lie knowing their lying people to believe there lies, there's nothing you can do about it raises in denial like Donald from two hundred and nine counties that went for Donald Trump had voted for Barack Obama in the last two elections. So what happened? They became racist in the last couple of years, but it is to see the problem is I'm talking facts and the people who charge racism, elected Donald Trump are talking. Emotion and facts have no impact on emotions. If the human being thought rationally, we would have a much better world think upon that one are needle any right light or needle lighter guy.
Talking too much and went out of very good, this is very, very expensive, lighter by the way that beautiful flying guys. You know by the way and all my happiness, our I make clear the more things that bring you join life, the happier you will be- and I really live- that this lighter brings me happiness. This brings me happiness. My bulldog brings me happiness. I mean it's, it's it's a good thing to have a lot of things, bring you join life anyway. That's what I said and that's what I felt and now what do I believe. I believe that he has been the most destructive president in american history. The world is much worse as a result of him and America is worse as a result of him. This brings me no joy. I am certain that this will be the verdict of history. Once histories no longer written by people.
Have an agenda from the oh: have I been heard the whole time or not? Have I been because this has been so far away? Yeah, okay, so. that's, there's no doubt in my mind full take foreign policy, a visa he left the rack and whether you think we should. gone into Iraq or not is as well As your favorite color, that's not the issue. We were there. So the question is do we stay or do we leave. wherever America has stayed forever, american troops have stayed that country has prospered. Look at Germany. Look at Japan, look at South Korea. American troops have been there for half a century and they are better places. They are free. They are more affluent face.
Should they should, thank God for american troops. Not all of them do many of them do America state any rack, ISIS would not have developed as it did. And it certainly would not have taken over large sections of Iraq. He pulled our troops out of Iraq and he did it because of whatever whatever ideology he follows: troops troops Then belong there. It's what he said in his campaign and he was good to his campaign pledge and a lot of people have been tortured, raped and murdered. Thanks to that pledge North Korea is well on its way to intercontinental ballistic missiles that will cap that will carry nuclear Your weapons president Elect Trump will have to deal with the issue of their They're testing an ICBM and, in my opinion he should shoot it down,
since, by the way, not just my opinion, Wall Street Journal, editorial page, which is hardly a warmongering newspaper, also feels that way. there is no alternative, because the lunatics, the psychopaths, who run a North Korea we will use them and very possibly to attack Seattle, which would be the closest american city a too when North Korea in that regard, so that this does not seem. So that's you IRAN has been given a hundred and fifty billion dollars as a reward for making nuclear weapons in secret? That's? Basically what that deal was about, He never allowed it to be a treaty, therefore the Senate. Never had to pass on it? He did it as an executive agreement which is really on, constitutional and certainly not honouring? the american people or its representatives, it never would have passed the United States Senate had it been a treaty. Even most Democrats would not.
Voted for it? The Middle EAST is what can I say, he says that he said that there would be a red line, his words The syrian dictator Assad would use a chemical or biological weapons. While he did and guess what happened, nothing so. What did the world learn? The world learned that Barack Obama has no red lines, you can Whatever you want Russia wants to take over parts of Ukraine. Annex Crimea, then, they go about and do it all of this talk, about hard stuff on Russia. Is such nonsense when this government of the Obama administration, Did not give any weapons to the Ukrainians to even defend themselves. so you named the part of the world and then America abandoning Israel in the way it did for the for in the most dramatic fashion, with an utterly De Judy, icing resolution. I mean this was
like De Zionism is racism resolution at the General Assembly had passed many years ago and the United States abstain, which is the same thing as voting. It. I believe you, you name the part of the world, and it is worse thanks to Barack Obama. A Cuba recognizes the dictator of Cuba and it benefits the cuban people nothing. They are not one whit richer. They are not one whit, freer. As a result of this recognition, it was point It was useless, it was worse than useless. It was a statement that America no longer stands for the liberty of the cuban people. That's what it was and this is just off the top of my head- I'm not reading from notes. This is just major stuff. International scene domestically this the first president in the in the history of the country not to have through over a three percent growth rate in the economy. All eight years of his administration,
This is a country that has more tension between the races than at any time, in my lifetime and it is directly attributable to Barack Obama, won't give you one example. He mentions Ferguson all the time, I'm as if it's an example of police, racism and brutality directed against blacks, but Ferguson was not that the white officer was exonerated by a by a court that, in fact, was composed by a jury composed of blacks, many of whom were black nationalists. Blacks, who don't like the police, but The facts were so obvious that the officer was defending his life against a man much bigger than him named Michael Brown. But he keeps saying Ferguson, Ferguson as the United States has racism in its dna really see the least
Country in the history of mankind. That's what the President of the United States should have said. Instead. He has fomented anger at America among its black citizens. That's that's what he has succeeded in doing. He is divided. America has, as people on the left always do by race, gender and and class the rich, the rich, the rich, the whites, the whites, the whites rich white man. those white privilege or all of this propaganda, it's very soon I wish? I didn't say this. I told you why I really hoped in the beginning: I was very public about it that he would have a good tenure as president. I can't wait till he is no longer president because he has been that destructive, but he speaks well.
Not the content, he'd literally, speaks well, I have analyzed about twenty of his speeches. On my radio show and the way they are empty I'll give you one I'll give you an example in his farewell address that not much of the country paid attention to his farewell address. He mentioned that the real. That Americans are opposed to illegal immigrants is because of their color. They don't look like most Americans. That such an abominable charge? the reason Americans or against illegal immigration, and yet five minutes later in five minutes later in his speech he said: well, you know American. said the same things about immigrants When they came from Scotland and Ireland and from Poland, but they do look like white because they are white,
So if Americans said the same thing about white immigrants,. As there saying about latino immigrants, and it's only about illegal immigrants, thought even fair to compare that way. It has nothing to do with race. He literally contradicted himself in his own speech, but the, but the president, like the rest of the left racial eyes, is everything which just ferments anger. And division there were so many more black Seward that today, because of this war on police. This this this big, this refrain that police simply kill blacks, wantonly. This is the emperor aka Obama legacy. It's it's all negative Obama care. You remember, remember
when he promised- maybe some of you were too young, but if you're too young, that means you're like about ten years old. So I don't expect you to remember from when you were too, but if you're over ten, If you were over ten, then in other words, if you're, eighteen or older, now I remember that he kept saying. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your policy, you can keep your policy, but it's not true. People couldn't keep their policy and they couldn't keep their doktor. It was just not true. It has hurt medical care in America. That is what it has done and its key gas, it's just chaos. Prices have gone up. Doctors have gotten less money, while prices have gone up, so fewer people will enter medicine who want to enter. in in the same way as in the past, a lot of people enter it because they want parttime good work, which is what is happening in medical schools.
so whenever he touched became worse, that's the legacy of Barack Obama. I say this with no joy whatsoever. I didn't say this about Bill Clinton. So the fact that he's a Democrat is not the reason. I'm saying it. I repeat, I believe he has been the most damaging president in american history to the world. to America. So those are my thoughts at this more. and now I'm gonna take the questions from you. ok on whatever is on your mind from Noah know that from Noah there right. Noah do you know you named after how many. This is a great question. Well, on everybody knows about Noah's Ark. The reason I was saying that, as I wondering cause biblical illiteracy for the first time in american history is, is so great. I wonder if the
Bridge Junior at any university in this country can can name can enable, can define, can can identify them anyway. Noah we believe it appropriate for president to call a news organization, a pile of garbage, as Donald Trump said yesterday about Buzzfeed. Will this put a chilling effect on freedom of speech and freedom of the press, Not the question is save. This is very important question. The question is not the question of appropriate. The question is, is it true? Truth is the most important of all macro values, because the greatest evils come from lies. If the german people did not believe Jews were sub human, they would never have been a holocaust if whites did Believe blacks were subhuman. That would never have been black slavery. Lies are the root of evil, so truth sets you you free another famous phrase this one from the new testament.
And the question is, is it true is Buzzfeed a pile of garbage? Yes, it is. That's the only question. It is a pile of garbage. What it did is despicable and even many through their credit at sea, and in other places, have said how despicable at it so had he pile of garbage, what should he have he about Buzzfeed that Buzzfeed that it vague a grandiose lie, and famed, the press would that have been better. would have been the language of a more delicate president he's not delicate Though I wish you were more delicate, yes, I do, but that's beside the point. That's my aesthetic desire, but Buzzfeed is a pile of garbage. Will that put a chilling effect on freedom of speech and freedom of the press? Of course not but a chilling effect on being a pile of garbage next Justin
How are we supposed to debate of civilized discussions when each side claims that they have the correct information. Well, the issue of civilized discussion is independent of of of your of your premise that each side has says it has the correct in for me, you could still be civil and think you have correct information. I mean who speaks thinking. They have incorrect information. Obviously, by definition, who every day from anyone else thinks they have correct information. Note he said? You know. I really disagree with you, because I have incorrect information so the civilized debate should take place whether or not you have correct information, but aware or unaware unaware whether its correct. However, the key issue of correct information is a very important one This is a real problem. Remember is not a value of I'll. Give you a perfect I'll, give you a proof that truth doesn't matter
the left, which doesn't mean or left. This requires are all right. Just tell the truth. I'm talking about ideologies, the ideology of leftism does not venerate truth and the left. Doesn't. I will give you a perfect example senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, was was questioning, Senator Jeff Sessions, the appointed the man that Donald Trump was appointed to be its out. Tourney general. He asked. Senator sessions to dissociate himself from the racist claim made quoted a man someone I Oh really: well, I'm mired David Horowitz. He said you know you got an award from David Horowitz. Who said that, let me get this said quote exact There are the reason there are so many blacks in prison. Is that
Is it so many or very many these anybody remember something similar to many, that's it. He said he hates he set to session. Do you disavow this racist claim that Bay By David Horror, which gave you an award senator sessions who said too many blacks are in prison because too many black commit commit violent crime. Now now I would want disavowed that? That's that's the truth. That's the reason too many blacks are in prison right. The issue was truth. Talk about correct you're not allowed to have correct information on the left, You're not allowed to express and correct information if it if it offends The ideology of the left, but truth is truth. I wrote a piece
in in in the Wall Street Journal years ago, when Hillary Clinton was was set to be an anti Semite and as a Jew. When an author of a book on Anti Semitism, I wrote an hour Call in the Wall Street Journal defending her against the charge of Anti Semitism. That's how much I believe. In truth, I can't stand Hillary Clinton, these most dishonest per to run for the presidency in american history, but truth is more important than my dislike of Hillary Clinton, for the left. Truth is not more important than anything they stand for. Of course, it's true that there were too many blacks in prison, because too many blacks commit violent crime, that's a fact, and he and it, but the senator from Connecticut called racist.
from coltan, a student in Prager Force than its. What is the single most important difference between the left and the right single, most important difference which, by the way next week, I will have out. A tremendous handy, dandy guide. It will be published on my syndicated column candy dandy, Guide, to left right differences. The the result of lifetime of writing and talking in studying about this issue, its worth memorizing. A single most important.
Well off. The top of my head is, I would argue this that the right it knows that human nature is not basically good and the left believes it is basically good, and that is why the left blames crime on poverty and the right blames crime on the criminal. It's a big difference. There are many big. differences, but you asked for one Nick I make Dennis. Were you a liberal when you were young? If so, what made you become? A conservative, ok. So I am A New York born Jew who went to Colombia, but do you think I was on my birth certificate. It has gender mail. In those days, people actually believed that there was such a thing as gender and
and right underneath it had party affiliation Democrat its filled in for you. When you're born into the circumstances, I was born so What are you just assumed and by the way, here's the irony, I'm still liberal, but I'm a conservative, I ve conservative, because I hold all the liberal views that I was taught as a child, but The left has taken over the term liberal and it's completely illiberal remember leftism is antithetical to liberalism, just look at what the left is doing at the university. That's not liberal! That's. Liberalism believes in free speech. Leftism. Doesn't she oh I'll, give you one more example. I was taught as a liberal. That race doesn't matter that the
I feel in life is to be race blind. The only people who his the ironing do. You know the that the two biggest movements that say that race matters, knots and leftism, there was no other ideology that says race matters. merely as much as those two ideologies. Now, I'm not saying that the left is building concentration camps are merely saying that in terms of the IMF, Portance of race? That right, This is intrinsically significant, is, is, was nazi belief and a leftist belief race is irrelevant Race is immaterial the color Of your skin is as important as the color of your eyeballs, that's liberal, and now serve active. So when did I change? Well, I realised that the thing that really got me, I was quite young man this. When I realized I was already a teenager. I
communism, because I hate evil the enemy Impulse in my life is a hatred of of evil and cruelty. And communism was the successor to Nazism, just like Islamism, not Islam, Islamism, belief, Sharia should dominated society. Is now violent. Islamism is the successor to Nazism, so we went from communism from autism to communism, to Islamism and the left didn't fight communism. It was, it was an amazing thing to see they fought. Those who fought communism. So. I really don't you hate evil. Why don't you hate evil and the thing now, because what I just. At about Islamism. They would sell your a Islamophobe instead of saying yeah you're right
that's the evil of our day, let's fight it, but they don't say that it's not the evil of our day. The evil of our day for the left is carbon emissions and capitalism. So that's when it began but dimension. Equally, I didn't realize that conservatives were right until Ronald Reagan, and he said one thing that was for me absolutely sufficient, and that was that the government is not the Lucian it's the problem. That was a that was a great revelation, one more three more Ariana Huffington. I think Arianna Huffington calling him. Dennis do you think it makes sense that many employers only hire people who have college degrees? Oh god, what a great question makes sense It is among the most stupid and destructive ideas
in our society. Ok, have I been and I'd be any more direct. What exactly does it mean if you got a college degree today? unless it is in. One of The natural sciences, obviously you no more biology if you ve, got a degree in biology. I understand that. So if you are running a biological, a biotech companies, you will want someone with a degree in biology that makes perfect sense. Where there was a narrowly focused need, if you are in hiring chinese translators, the guy the woman had to study Chinese in college I announced or or for that matter independently. but otherwise a college degree unfortunately now tells us nothing. In fact, if you have an advanced degree,
I usually suspect that you don't think clearly I hate to say that there are people with Phds who think clearly, but it is despite their phd, not because of their Phd Dennis as it pertains to God being good. What about all the awful stuff God did in the old testament like killing all the egyptian boards and killing the review, Will you child how to reconcile? That would claim that God is good. Well, god Killed a rebellious child, nor did anybody else I'll. Take that one first, that in fact- and I am just for your interest I am feverishly working to end my thirty year, teaching of the first five books of the Bible, known as the Torah to expire, clean it, and this is where all these old testament difficult, the laws appear and I'll give you-
just an answer on that one. Then I can go to the first born. This one of the great moral advances in human history in every culture or virtually every culture, parents could kill their children, they have complete control of their Three thousand years ago, the old testament, the Hebrew Bible, the Torah, that's the first five book said no parent can kill a child. Take your child to a court than the court can do that, but no court ever did it ever. There was not a recorded instance in ancient jewish history, let alone later jewish history of this being done. What the Torah did them was brilliant. It took the ability to to take your child's life away.
from parents gave it to a court which would never do it. It was. It was actually an advance as regards the killing of the first born. What am I owing to say, God, brings nine plagues on Pharaoh. Who will try to exterminate all jewish males? That's that's in the same story after all, remember drown all of the jewish babies that were born the israelite babies in the Nile, so he had engaged in in a quasi genocide of the hebrew people with no more males they're, not gonna, they're I going to survive and have the torque and then saved them for four hundred years- the first nine plagues didn't work and then finally, a God, God did bring a plague that killed the first born. Now you may say: well, that's not right, that's not the first born.
It. It was not the fault of the japanese children who died in Hiroshima. That's true, I mean, can make these arguments about all warfare, as it were that you know their innocence, who die that's true, but whose fault is it is it the Japanese, imperialist, the imperialist fascist regime of Japan's fault that the Hiroshima ever took place, or was it America's fault? by the way she the Prey university, video, Hiroshima, its. It will open your eyes. It is given by professor of history, Notre Dame was also a catholic priest. Speaking about the morality of Hiroshima. Ok last question, then, is to have a favorite sport.
If so, who's your favorite team in that league also, are you in NFL family excited about Ella now having two teams? Okay, this made this point. Some of you Mamma Mina, forget that Dwyer favorite Sport, cigars, Nano it's not really a sport. I have a favorite sport. Yes hockey, I've always loved the hockey it's you know why it's relentlessly interesting. By the way, this I know will not go over well and in America those of you watching in Europe will love it. I actually think soccer is exciting. I love team sports. I dont like I am the opposite of most people. I dont like high scoring games a basket in basketball is, is is until last five minutes of the game? You know when the score is a hundred and six to a hundred. You know.
I'm not knocking basketball. I'm just saying I don't find that quite as exciting as one nothing to one and this straw, And in their passing and the goalie is great, I find that fascinating and when it's on asian they're, moving at the speed they are. It's like an art form to me. Hockey yes, I've a favorite theme, I live in L, so I'm a kings fan and am I an NFL fan, not particularly. I have nothing against that. It just never appealed that much me and my excited about Ella, having two themes I excited when LA had no teams, it was better for traffic and I just love. The idea that I live in the one major city that doesn't have an NFL team. I found a sort of perverse pride in that fact. The truth is, I actually feel bad for the people of San Diego to be honest, because they're losing their team to allay which doesn't need a second team, but nevertheless,.
Look, that's that's free enterprise, but to the best of my knowledge, it happened because the people of Sandy a goat, said going to have taxes pay for a stadium for the chargers and by the way I respect you folks in San Diego. From voting that way, And I wish the owners could have found private capital to have made a stadium to keep a team With the very loyal people of San Diego who route for the chargers. and that's it for today. Is that right guys? Well, thanks, hope to see you next week Dennis Prager, saying thank you and bye.
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