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Fireside Chat Ep. 105 – The Gender Identity Experiment

2019-10-28 | 🔗
During this week’s Fireside Chat, Dennis talks about Air Canada removing any mention of “Ladies and Gentlemen” from their flights. Many companies feel a societal pressure to follow new gender rules in order to “act moral." However, caving to the pressure of the LGBTQ lobby is damaging to society.
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Hi everybody Dennis Prager, here great to be with you. Welcome to my home. It really is my home. Is really out. I'm sorry really is headed toward here. The get his head, his head in all right So, on behalf of Otto myself, my wife, my kids, kids no longer living here, but the kids. In any event, you know I don't talk about them, I have on it. Asian, because I'll tell you why not what I think of it, because this is completely spontaneous. These fireside chats big part of its appeal. It's also a big risk. There's nothing scripted! I gotta gonna choose my words carefully on this one at such a sensitive issue, for so many people I,
Like to ask people about their lives, I'm I'm believe it or not. Though I write books on it lecture on it broadcast every day for three hours, While some of the errors and not on it, but so much of my broadcasting- so much of my life is devoted to two big subject: macro subjects. What call, but I'm really just as interested in micro. So when I talk to somebody at a table, for example, it will be seated a foreign event. I prefer to talk people about their lives, families their lives rather than politics and society, because I do that all the time it's my work as it works like a doctor, risen, really aching to talk about the pancreas at dinner event.
But that's my assumption anyway. Having said that, I e the ok this this is where the baby this is? Maybe does it reflect well on me, but nevertheless I don't find people showing me pictures of their grandchildren, for example fascinating. I have never shown a picture of my grandkids to others. For that reason, I, why would you care about a picture of my grandchild? I The in any given group, they look the same anyway white grandchildren, look the same black grandchildren, look the same hispanic grandchildren to save a Japanese grew Gilbert look the same so what's the point especially babies. That's the one that really cracks me a baby's really what the same, but does so
I don't like sort of want a burden you, even though it might be it. Certainly. My appeal to you, but I have to. I have two wonderful boys and I'll leave it at that for the time being,. Oh, I don't even know how I got to the. How did I get? Oh, yes on behalf of the prey, your family acid, my mind immediately, fixates on what I just said and. we move on ok, so listen to. What's on my mind today, Canada has just announced. it will no longer say what it is. Since the beginning of AIR Canada, when it was found that may be in the nineteen forties, maybe even before that, so we'll talk about sixty eight years ago, so for all its history of nearly us surely I presume, can
like every other realign say, ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your sheep of Ladys and gentlemen. We are arriving, ladies and gentlemen, will be taking off in a moment. Ladies and gentlemen, the Going around with the court to give you the beverage of your choice, not anymore, they have just an they will never say, ladies and gentlemen, because there may be people on board who do not identify as a lady or gentlemen as a man or a woman, and so for their sake. They will not any longer say, ladies and gentlemen, this, MRS Sick, it's just sick! Remember it's not even a favour to the transgender transgendered people by definition
then to fight with the gender they have transition to. So there perfectly okay with, ladies and gentlemen, the just not okay, if you don't, I dont defy them as what they want, what percentage of humanity, what percentage of air, Canada travellers to be precise, has no gender identity. It's that, if it is shown that so below a tenth of a percent, that's a tenth of a person. If I'm not mistaken, is one of a thousand right. One percent is one in a hundred, so attentive represent as one in a thousand right right.
I doubt if one in a thousand air Canada travellers does not identify as male or female the price paid to those terrible price there is, there is eight. There is a beauty to. Ladies and gentlemen, there is a beauty to boys and girls. You I I have. Been aware of this now, four years now about two years since I announced the teachers have begun, so I think a North Carolina were told do not talk, do not refer Your kinda gardeners kindergartners as boy in girls, just as students
is this happening? Why you something so truly destructive and absurd happening, because companies feel terrible pressure to look moral? That's why they don't ask what is good for society. They ask what sounds good to the powerful influences of various activist groups. That's all it is there not there. We anybody in favour, but they are hurting society. And die, I I shudder for you who were really young watch this you're being experimented with this is this: is the. the most radical experiment. that I know of really in history. With regard to society,
the denial to children of the distance of male and female that this. This is a terrible price to pay for some very strange notion of tolerance. It has nothing to do with tolerance. Who is not tolerating p by the way. The do you know anybody, how many of you watching how many people even know I'm in virtually every one of us knows gay people, that's given and there were small percentage. Just three percent- and yet we know every one of us know someone or or in my case many couples and individuals, but people who have no gender identity
I had I had come you pack Leah. She is a woman with sexual, this forum and one of the greatest thinkers really of our time, courageous woman thinker and she she doesn't think it is a good idea for society through the she thinks it's absurd, she's, a professor in Philadelphia, and you should take a look at her. Writing cameo Puglia, Phd Ally, and she said to me you know I just had a wrong and she said we spoke there for an hour. My radio show she said I thought them, as I just said. This very I'm not I'm, not I'm not comfortable.
as a woman which is my biological sex and I'm not comfortable with a man, I've, gender, this for you. Ok, I honour that fact. I don't think less of her, but she would see she's. She would think it absurd that AIR Canada will say. Ladies and gentlemen, you you are being toyed with, young people, you are and an end by the way. The whole thing is hurting a lot of kids because of the of the notion that they will, if they feel at fifteen, that they are not the sex that they were born or the and the word that the people of today gender, but then they make most,
peace with it later. Thank God for them, it's a lot easier life, not because people will make fun of your or persecute you. It's just in life is easier. If you are a peace with the sex that you were born, not assigned assigned is nonsense. This silly word. You're born a certain sex. Hilary and Chelsea Clinton were just asked on a tv show. What was it If someone has a beard and a penis, can it be a woman? Can the person be a woman and Hillary Clinton said, while I'm I'm not really, Yet I am done learning
Chelsea set, of course, of course, if a beard and a penis of, of course, you're a woman, well, of course you might feel you're a woman, that's a separate issue. I honour people's feelings, but I am also allowed to have feelings and if I see a person with a beard and know that the person has a penis, I'm allowed to assume that it is a male, doesn't make me a hater or a big hit. It makes me real these. These are very troubling times. Part of the reason is people leave causes people. A lot of people need a cause as deeply as they need food,
food is a biological mead and a cause is a psychological made without a cause, people feel life as it is, is meaningless and envy unprecedentedly affluent west where people do not have to worry about food and shelter. For the vast majority of instances they need a cause and with the death of of of Christianity in the western world or judeo christian religions in general. This is what now becomes a cause. So there's always a new cause These are these: are these are travelling times? For that I I pray that American and united in Delta, South West, in Alaska and other? U S, airlines, do not follow the kind of example air.
Has really in some ways it gone more radical that even in the United States, maybe because Canada is so affluent and so secular that especially secular, it's more secular than America, they need, they need a cause who benefits from? Are Canada's decision virtually no one who was hurt virtually everyone? It is a loss to society to not say, ladies and gentlemen, five years ago, nobody would have believed this would be the case. The rapidity of this radical ization is unprecedented. I think in the human experience
how fast something that is so normative, has, as now been declared bad. Alright, just some thoughts on a very, very serious matter. All right, he shall we begin with a video question here we go. Men, video area. hello. My name is Emily Martinson and I'm eighteen years old enrolled at the Catholic University of America in Washington DC, and my question is: in what ways has a democratic party become more extreme in their views in every way it's the democratic port
you name the arena. The dumber democratic party would never have until very, very recently, had many of its candidates for president or people running to become the candidate for President advocate a government take over of all health care for three hundred thirty million people, whatever the populations of the United States, that's radical! completely radical idea. In other words, democratic party, you name the arena them the Democratic Party, probably many of its senator, Is an end Congress. People I agree with the idea of having an all black dormitory at college that the Democratic Party of the past was pro integration, not segregation.
In other words, in a nutshell, the Democratic Party was liberal. It wasn't leftist now it's leftist. see my video at Prager you on the differences between liberalism and leftism. I give six examples. The democratic party was known as the the truly pro Israel Party, John from John of. From Harry Truman to John F Kennedy to Lyndon Johnson. It was just ass. It was too to Bill Clinton. It was. It was known because America tended to support the open and free and liberal democracy in any battle against Non free, liberal non democratic societies. But not any longer, now it now? torn down the middle on that subject,.
So you name the area an end. It has gone left as opposed to liberal. This is why is so important to know history? The ignorance of history in in the West today is a very bad thing is. If you don't know, history, you cannot understand the present. I give you a perfect example. You cease to exist. You me any of us we cease to exist. If we lose our memory, we are not us any longer. In fact, I interviewed a man who, because of a fall damage the part of his brain. With memory, and it was it, was fast. They mean he wasn't, he he had to be
coach. This is your wife. These are your children, he didn't know anyting now, and it too is to her great credits. His wife stayed with him retard him everything he looked at pictures to learn what his past was like, but he would memory? We we are not. We societies without memories are no longer that society. It's the exact same things with the individual. That's why. Story. History is memory, no memory, no present. Ok, let's go back here all right, Let's see Erin seventeen years Cleveland, Ohio, high Dennis what is your opinion on friendships and general and how they can change over time. I have a lot of opinions on French about how people get through life without friends and in fact they don't
People who don't have a close friends? Are lonely die thy? Much sooner have Friends, if you look this up, I think this is accurate There are a few things that are so health inducing that they not having them is the equivalent of smoking. Cigarettes, and having them so almost gives you the years that you would have lost. Theoretically, if you smoke cigarettes, one of them is friendships, and we, have a crisis in the west of lack of friendship and of therefore of loneliness- and it is, I knew in high school, no elementary school, my first close friend male friend,
was sixth grade in elementary school and every year of my life, all the years of my life, I have had extremely close male friends. I mean extremely close, not buddies friend, and by the way of a definition of a working definition of a friend, a person to whom you can tell everything. By the way. That's true for marriage, whatever You hide from your friend and ideally your spouse- is your best friend whatever you hide makes the gap between you that much greater it's very important to be able to to open up to somebody and ideally, a few people that's that's real friendship. I have raised this on my radio show and it is amazing,
To me how many people are afraid to open up to anyone- and I I dont related had at all, because I don't think the purpose of life is to avoid getting hurt, let's you get hurt. Ok, you opened up, and somebody hurt you so what're you gonna do it's too too To avoid opening up to anyone because you might be hurt, is avoid driving because you might be in a crash. The price paid. For not driving is too great. So I'll risk, a crash being heard by a friend, is a crash.
People will get married, they're, afraid oil, my parents, divorce, the whatever. I find that so bizarre if your parents, when a car crash, would do not drive. I should talk about this once the purpose of life is not to avoid paying. The purpose of life is to live a full life. A full life includes friends, marriage. How do they change over time? There's no answer that some sometimes look seventeen. The chance of Europe having exact same friends at thirty five. Did you do now? What seventeen are small? I acknowledge that, but over time you will have lifetime friends at some point, people that may be a twenty five may be now, Seventeen that's possible, but you still need friends now, whether they last forever or not, is not the worry
worry is. Do you have such friends? Now that's what matters! Okay! Now this one's disturbing Cathy, sixty nine, Mount Vernon Washington, my son and daughter in law. Are atheists? That's not the disturbing part. This is children are boys, ages, aid and for every summer the whole family stays as guests in our home, for at least ten weeks and have forbidden my husband in me, good English, by the way forbidden my husband and may not my husband, and I that is correct- to talk about God to our grand funds our lives are, God centred, and this is very difficult for us. What is your advice? Look I'm thrilled that
Kid spent ten weeks with you I don't want to. I don't want to screw it up, so I want to make that clear at the at the outset. There's something very bigoted, though, and edit and intolerant truly of an atheist who was told their parents or who are in this case Christian. You can't talk about it woo. If my parent, were atheists. Let me turn this completely around. If my parents were atheists. In my case I am religious, I'm religious jus. If, if my parents were atheists- and I brought the kids to visit my parents, I would never tell them. Don't talk about atheists, to my kids. I want you, my parents, to talk about you,
What might tell you what you can or can't say I mean if you were. vulgar people, I might say- please don't person from my kids that much or something I obviously It's a separate issue, but I wouldn't I wouldn't tell my atheists parents, you can't say if my kids, as the Eu Grandpa, you believe. God I expect you to say if you're a navy No, I don't. If they are so afraid that ten weeks of the if the two a year that they will hear, something about God or religion? nor Christianity specifically will undo the other forty two weeks of atheists M, then ok, they are not doing a great job of of
conveying their atheism to their kids anyway. What kind of atheist is it the atheist than I? I have I know atheists, I mean. I have a movie out with Adam Carolla. You should all see it. No safe spaces. Cam you'll see the trailer and it's it's it's coming out momentarily. It's it's a very it's. The Riffic film Adam Corolla says he's an atheist. Fine. You think he cares. If I talk to his kids about my belief in God he thinks it's wonderful. If I do actually. If this question were addressed to Adam Corolla, he would think MRS weird This is, this is a sort of intolerance. It doesn't matter what the grandparent mean if the group,
Parents believed in evil. Ok, the grandparents were white supremacist. Let's, I could see please I don't want to convey your white supremacy of my children. I get that Reality is not evil. And if we abolish slavery, just for the record, the zoo making that point I mean it is a very upsetting question to me. If, if this is truly what what they want, I wish I could talk to them. Aren't you open minded anyway, But you don't believe in something I respect that, but why is it important to you that your children, not to believe in God, is
It makes your pc into a religion. but a very intolerant religion. Well, let's toughie again, I want this ten weeks linked to stop, but. Is I just say to the kids if there, if you gonna, have them watch this to your kids? one day, your kids, the grandchildren are going who asked grandpa grandma. What are you believe or do you believe in God? What do you want them to lie? What are they supposed to do that or how about this one? they find out when there are twenty or fifteen mom and dad did not allow grandma and grandpa to talk about what they
or about most in life? You think you'll, look good! You won't through time factor here, Nicole scissors, another toughie you guys send tough questions. I got to say, Nicole twenty eight Greeley Colorado, Vista Prager, I've heard you say that men need sex in a relationship to feel loved. I agree one hundred percent. My question is so this is from a wife my question- is what do women need to feel loved? My husband is a hard time. Far We might endless list of things. I think I need haven't been able to simplify when I meet in a way so that he understands I'm starting, think I have absolutely no idea what I water. Indeed, you are great because. This is so you, or so commendable for
being so honest through yourself about yourself, so Miss Prager. Please attempt the impossible and answer questions this plague mankind's is the beginning of time what the women want. That's This is first of all, let me begin with the first part, because this drives a lot of people. Deny reality that the issue, the left right issue was really reality versus non reality. Peep reality is painful and leftism, not liberalism. Leftism is
form of reality denial, because a lot of realities, painful, it's a painful truth for some for many, perhaps that, yes, most men, nothing is true for everyone. Ok, but for most men in and in a marriage ate a very powerful way that a woman says to her husband. I love you is for her to have sex with him. That's that's reality. You might wish it. Otherwise. I don't live in in wish land. I live in real land. Now, since that is not the same, with a woman, of course, a woman who was not desired. Sexual he's gonna feel on love, but it's still not the same. Very few women they, oh, he really loves me. He wants to have sex with the most women. Don't think wavering for good reason, because that's not the it's not like what
not the same thing: men and women. So it is true and- and I have Innumerable marriages by making this clear, because it's not intrinsically clear to a woman and most men are not going to admit it because there were embarrassed to so. I speak on behalf of a lot of men because I'm not embarrassed about any of this stuff. This is the way God created us. I have no problem with it, but the what's the other side, that's what you're asking while so? What I will I a woman. No, What should he do for me to know that he loves me so My first response when I read your question two minutes before coming on here was to feel secure, secure both physically in the sense that taken care of and secure in that he won't be straying with other women. So
both emotionally secure and and physically secure, but that's not enough. if you go on the internet, you will see so many examples of differences between men and women here's one of my favorite there is a mail box and a female box, the mailbox but which, which one should I begin with begin with the mailbox. The mailbox As one switch on on and off switch very simple box. The female box has about twenty different buttons, knobs lights, diodes switches. That's that's what she is saying. That is exactly what you're saying that is correct. It is if it is, if it is a more. complex creature, the female in this way. That is true. So, since you can't even fully answer the question, I think the security fence.
There is another one is where I I for most women, if the husband talks to her and just communicates, I love to talk to my wife. My wife knows I love her. because of so many reasons, that's a big one. I love to talk to her. I left it. I love to be with her. I think that's a big one just being with. If, if, if he wants to be with you, that's that's a good died? What else could it mean other than he loves you? Well, I guess it community really likes you, but in a what Really, like is sometimes more important than love. You could love your spouse, but not really like being. them so really, like is a big deal and it leads to love. So I think that that those are big.
Actors doesn't hurt to say periodically to that. You love her words, words matter. So those are some of my guess is based on a lifetime of talking to couples and being unafraid of reality, which of which there is a great deal of fear today, That's pretty much it so couple of reminders: no safe spaces. The film it's a great film soft greatness, a minute, I'm in a grateful, not the same thing, go to no six basis, not come and see the trailer. See she what it's about, and I will be with you next week and if you want to understand life. I'd like to offer you my first
the aims of my five volumes that will eventually be written on the Bible, the rational bible. Even if you're an atheist, I promise it will open up this. Of understanding, thanks for being with me on behalf of Otto see and next week, Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager. You.
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