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Fireside Chat Ep. 11 - Teenage Years, Leftist Friends, And Health Pre - Existing Conditions

2019-02-04 | 🔗
Join Dennis Prager for a NEW Fireside Chat! Topics today include: Health care law & pre-existing conditions, Dennis's teenage years, Liberal friends and relatives. Recorded on May 5, 2017.
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Everybody Dennis praying. Here, welcome to my home and this week's fireside chat and will open up with Schumann's second symphony. Second movement enjoy for a moment. Schuman was in the about eighteen, forty zeta. He wrote this. You are for symphonies. This is this, Second, as I said to very lively move- and I was picked the lively ones for this I would love you to love classical music. We usually smoke a cigar at the fireside chat, but at
when I met my desk, I alternate between cigar and pipe. Ever since I was about sixteen years of age love, the taste of tobacco, there's no inhaling like cigarettes. I should once just do a whole thing on the difference, because this so much nonsense and even malicious lying about cigars and pipes that has nothing. Do with the truth and by the way, it's very sad because tobacco, I'm smoking, that was cold, vintage, syrian, its syrian latakia to special type of tobacco. A lot of time and it's not available any more because you can get anything out of Syria. Basically in so much has been destroyed. I mean Tardily one of the great tragedies of the syrian tragedy, but just mentioning it anyway. Welcome to the market to the broadcast, I want open up about the health care,
because it's in the news- but I don't talk policy said: don't don't get turned off, I'm not a policy monk. There are and we need policy monks. That's just not my thing. I divide the world. Among of those who think there are three people and there are forest people, I'm a forest person, I'm not obsessed with the trees obsessed with the forests, the big picture, that's just the way, I think So that's the reason, but I want to give you a big picture idea on this pre existing insurance, a problem. Let me ask you a question: if you sold insurance policies to people for their cars you're, an insurance company, small, ensuring company and you make a living selling car insurance. Now. Let me ask you this: if people could buy your car insurance after they had a car
crash. Would you go out of business? Would you thrive which won? The answer? Is you'd go out of business because, if that's people could do no body would by car insurance until they gonna do a crash. Then I'll buy the insurance and brought the current. The company pays Or my damaged car that a great deal he'll want that's what pre existing condition is most of the time. In car terms, your pre existing condition is that you just had a car crash. That's your pre existing cars condition or your cars per existing condition now you'll buy the insurance? That's absurd. That with all insurance. That's no one insurances insurance! Is you don't know what will happen So while you don't need the insurance you are paying for the day,
You mean it. That's the problem, with the whole notion of the pre existing issue, people think all people whose kid is born with epilepsy,. It's a condition which really is they can't get insurance that hi any number of Americans and It is a moral issue that must be addressed. There must be a way for those people have insurance. But the vast majority of people. When we talk about pre existing condition, it means after I get sick I'll, buy the insurance get that right corner that ends the possible leave insurance companies existing and that's why they pull out of markets. Had the bill not been passed by the republic, under Obamacare there, the. Increasingly insurances, no insurance company working there for a while. But that's that's what was project
No, I don't have much more to say. I just want you to understand why It's a real issue. This pre existing issue, preexisting condition issue. That is not a matter of of greedy republicans, who don't care about people who have epoch. Pepsi or a born with some other illness? No Oh not at all. It is about the vast majority of people who won't by insurance till they get sick, but that's not insurance does just that. That's just the, a token, but you put in the meter to absolve yourself. It's like it's like You know putting in a diamond the parking meter corner in the party meter, did the meter made showed up, doesn't work like that. You, your car, has to have had the meat aid before the meter made showed up is.
Clear guys am I being I just. Clarity is very important. But you know you're not allowed to think this wake us Jimmy Kim. Can go on tv and totally understandably cry about his child, who needed surgery. What parents not gonna cry about their child leaning surgery, but that's not the way to think clearly about an issue. That's the way, if that's the way to a most clearly the same and emotions. Do not policy make. Motions are a wonderful thing if they don't dominate people's thinking, all right now we good guys, I one more. They see this. Unlike us, cigars, you gotta, keep puffing Morocco doubt by the way. That is a pipe lighter eye level. This paraffin Will you stop I loved by the way, if you have a notice, I love life.
My belief is enjoy as much as you can. Well, I didn't say I was funny? I like, I think, also have as much wanted you can, but you should read my chapter on the difference between fun and happiness. In my book, unhappiness courts called happiness is a serious problem. I don't care if you buy used just read it sent that much new, but if you get it used and read it from happy because it was meant to touch people lives. There's a big difference between fun and happiness fund. As what you experienced during an act. Happiness is what you experience afterwards. One is great, but it doesn't make you happy I thought about that another time now, by the way I dont see these questions in advance. Just want you to know. You send a man I read em, which means
It might be so like I might have to say I don't know or not now or I can go forever. Ok, Clayton Circle. Are we now giving no last names? I fired. I like that Mean Clayton Circle. I love means Clayton circle would be on my list, the favourite names. Well. You know my all time, favorite name, I real name's, not names. I make up names, but my all time, favorite real name trucks than upstairs I might add is, as my second favorite. Was the U S ambassador to the Dominican Republic sometime in the near the third world the twentyth century. His name was Phelps Phelps.
I always have wondered what his parents were thinking, Gee Honey, what will remain Phelps Junior Phelps, honey. But then Sweetheart Hill he'll be Phelps Phelps. The kids will make fun of him Phelps Phelps, it is ok. Man clearly succeeded. Bassett Dominican Republic among nothing K. Oh, I love this one Clayton circle. You are my man Dennis what the difference between knowledge and wisdom, okey, dokey, ready knowledge. I give you a lot of answers.
Knowledge is what a your computer has. Google has knowledge and men's amount of knowledge and has no wisdom. Google cannot answer the question. What does it all mean? What is it all about? It's like science sign, has knowledge, but no wisdom. You could know all there is to know well, there's no such thing. You could know a vast amount about physics or biology or chemistry, but that doesn't tell you anything about what is the meaning of life. What is the purpose of life? What is good? What is evil Wisdom are the lessons of life. Knowledge is simply knowledge and they were stairs there. You're so many other examples here, I always give this example. When I start my ultimate issues
My third, our Tuesday, on my radio, show. So I speak about why it's important to have deep thoughts about ultimate issues and not just have knowledge. Knowledge is having a map, you have a map and you see every street every avenue every highway, but the map doesn't tell you where you should go it gives you no destination it all. It only gives you the knowledge of how to get to the destination the destination is wisdom. The map has knowledge. Am I a clear on that guy's good next Jason crises, I hope by pronouncing name right K or why escape E Dennis how to Judaism, Christianity Boomer view morality differently, or do they have the same view of right and wrong there ve
Very, very close: that's why we speak of judeo christian values. We dont speak of judeo christian theology. They have different beliefs. Obviously Christianity has the trinity. Judaism does not believe in the trinity. That's that's cool But but in terms of morals, first of all, they both emanate from the old testament Christine Emma is affirmative of the old testament, as Judaism is its true. Christianity has a testament to the Jews, do not regard as the word of God. The new testament. But the basic moral values, the ten commandments, are shared as an example and that's why so many Christians are viewed in tens of millions of my my videos on the ten commandments. I wish you would see it specially for secular fell. Wait there largely similar on on moral values. That's why, it is a Vendela good Christians who syndicate my radio show.
Here? I am a religious do an event. Our goal, Christians, give me the form to broadcast because we share virtually identical values. That's why so it's It's a beautiful thing now. Having said that, if your curious- and you probably are I will give you a couple of eggs Because of where they would differ, at least in theory much or Jews, and Christians would differ as much as as as pure Judaism and Pure Chris, reality on this issue, but I ll give you one. Example: divorce Judaism accepts divorce. More then, let's say Jesus did obviously so, depending on the Christian, some Christians truly oppose any any divorce
and catholic church does not. If you were merry in the catholic church, you cannot re Marian Catholic Church unless somebody, unless marriages in old, meaning, you never really were married or if he is the person, one person is widowed, then you're allowed through remarry, but non afterward, divorce and Judaism after divorce. You can remarry and I know Christians of cold my show and am I love when they do? Obviously we cause. I love talking about religion. I love it so.
The earth. They tell me well Dennis, doesn't it sang in the old testament and it does God hates divorce, one of the profits and remember which profit? And yes? Yes, it's true God hates divorce, God hates a lot of things, got hates a war but sometimes wars necessary in some times divorces necessary. Will give you one more example of where they might differ, but remember ninety nine percent. They don't differ on watch ripened. What's wrong. Etc. But here is another one other example and though I was it a game, I gave you divorce and goddess rarely happens to me, but I'm so relaxed smoking, pipe in my room. Think, oh yes, lust. Jesus says.
Whoever Olaf's after another woman, it is as if he has committed adultery with his heart and Judaism, would not say something like that, because Judaism is much more behaviour or oriented than fought oriented. There are very few fought sins in the old testament. The only one can think of actually is do not covet what Neighbor owns the tenth commandment. I can't think of another thought commitment and there were six hundred and thirteen commandments in the first five books were all the commandments are to be found. So that would be just another example: okay, Antonio Abreu. Asks them if you believe prostitution should be legal or illegal. Do you believe it's a moral one? Is the Torah say about it? Well the Torah and introduce another.
Interesting that this is the question following the last question that the internet is an interesting thing in the torrent old towards the first five books and end the whole old testament, prostitutes don't get a bad rap ray. Have the prostitute is the one who saves the whole jewish people when they invade Canaan the holy land. The spies are that the Israelites buys are hidden by a prostitute If God had a really really really negative view of prostitutes, why would he have chosen a prostitute to save the Jews and hide hide these spies? There's there's a whole host of process bearing its Jose, whose told to marry one now prostitution is not regarded as a wonderful thing, don't get me wrong, but the prostitute is not a villain
The prestige is not a murderer, the prostitute is not a bank robber, the prostitute is not a rapist there. Those are evil, prostitute is a sin, but it's not an evil. And that's a very important distinction that is very rarely made, and not everybody agrees with me, but what three with me or not it's worth thinking about. That's how I would in a nutshell answered: should it be legal, I'm torn I'm totally torn on this issue. There are not many issues who's that I'm truly truly torn. On the one hand, who was society to tell adults what they can do I may, for example, in oh here's. The irony you'll have feminists who say that a woman should be free to do what you want with her own body. So
were there should be no more about abortion. But of course the two disingenuous argument is that the baby or one of the fetus color, whatever you want, is not her body. It's in her body, nobody art he about, allowing women do what you want with their own body. One attached to your face. You contact to your face. You want to have a silicone breast implants you can, but the irony is, the feminist came out against silicone breast implants, so they said the woman really can do what you want with their own body and likewise not a feminist or against legalised prostitution in that two women doing what you want with their own body. So I don't I largely not entirely a libertarian in these matters. Just leave people alone unless what they're doing is evil, so in other words its it unless it
arms another now you can argue well, it does harm aids are very complex question, so I am torn and that's it. Direction of legal legalizing it The one reason literally, the only reason I am for not legalizing it is that I think vast number of young women would enter it. These are not financial the easy times it's a common core, easy. Way to make money, and I dont, want to see vast numbers of young women enter that profession as it were.
So I am torn. What I would like to see is unless a pimp or prostitute forceful, if women are being trafficked, that's evil, but the issue there was the trafficking that that has to be shut down, minors to non issue. It has to be shut down. But if, if it, if a twenty five year old woman has a high class, The girl reap an end for her thousand dollars a night. I don't know what the going rate is that sounds expensive to me. I don't, I don't think the police need, stop it, so not for legalizing and on the other hand, I dont want to prosecuted, unless it's harming the society, just in Seattle, they told me that it strip clubs of there's a law you can't be within four feet of the of the dancer
it'll. This is big, liberal Seattle. What kind of laws that will whose whose getting hurt I care? It's uh, it's unbelievable to me. These are these these laws to its in so many areas. This is less free country than I grew up in, but anyway, that's my answer. Long answer short question Samuel Doll De H. L asks Dennis what was the hardest part of being a teenager for you. Well, I can tell you it's amazing, like every question comes to the same answer, a lack of girls, but am I gonna tell you it's thought to be a teenage boy, not today, maybe maybe not well with sex.
Attention in an adolescent boy which does really go away till about the age of one hundred and twelve. That's aside, better is was a hard part. Another hard part was He cared about big issues from a very, very early age. I cared about good and evil and know that I always had friends, but it was hard to find friends, girlfriends or boyfriends, who cared about the big issues that I cared about. Thank God I did. Anne and starting in high school always have unbelievably close male friends,
which has been a major part of my happiness. I remember, though, in my my twenties, you know a sad meet a girl somewhere. You know we start talking, and I ain't had nothing to say about my favorite movie or my favorite band know. My favorite band was probably the one Beethoven conducted in in in Vienna in in eighteen. Oh six, so that didn't help Yoshida mention some popular group and I go, What do I owe the who I go, Psych whose on first, the who I said That's what I used to know about who we like the do anyway, when was the who, anyway, what what years was the who I think there was later. Oh yeah, yeah, so be about right. But I knew I had no idea. I am.
Idea, and you know it really got funny. Actually, when in I so I was elect, I was lecturing in my twenties already Serious subjects, so I remember once a tractor through a girl, I think was it a barbarous restaurant bookstore bookstores were stores that sole books, they physical stores. Just for those of you only know Amazon, And so so what are you doing? Oh, I speak a really or speak what he speak on. Well, I I speak on ethical, monotheism. Well, that was not exactly a great pick up line. I cared about the big issues and, and it was not my teenagers, my graduates where's, my early twin,
I really did see myself as alone cuz. I couldn't stand by what's happening on my campus, where kids were taking over a dean's offices. President's office is just like today same left, his kids and I felt like I was sort of Bud. Outlier okey, doke, Gregg robbers asks Then, if you have any leftist friends or relatives, if so how those conversations go to politics given wait. I have liberal relatives, yes many most all other, I think of it. I think all and we love each other, but again then not leftist, illiberal. Sometimes when I can think of a take, some left his views and I love him too and
You know thank God. We all know that there are other values in life like the beauty of family, and so you know keep it like that. But for friends I I tend to want friends who share my values. I in oh, I argue these. These issues for a living on a wanna then go to dinner and argue again, and I don't want to hide myself. Wanna be able? This is what I believe this is, who I am and share it with the people better. I'm intimately involved with Piepmeier Moyer asks Dennis What are some issues: political, social, religious, where your views have changed over time. I am asked that often and every time I have to think it through.
Basic fundamental moral issues of life. I have pretty been consist of. For example, I was always for capital punishment. I never. I never understood why people thought no matter how many people you torture and murder. You have a right to live. You rape, her seven year old and then strangle her that you have a right to live. I don't I don't. I don't understand that view But so am I ve always felt that way I was cared about. Fighting evil is the biggest thing in my life, so these things haven't changed. The biggest single change, I think, is that I am. I tell you.
Exactly when it happened. Ronald Reagan did it. When Ronald Reagan said governments is not the solution, it is the problem. It was the clouds dissipated this. I'm shone through. I now realized, that's correct and that's when I went from Democratic Republican, that's right The bigger the government- these are my phrases, the bigger the government, the smaller the citizen, the bigger the government, the more the corruption, the bigger the government,
The more the lobbyists big government is a bad thing period. Does government do anything good. Of course it does, of course. But it's so much bigger than the founders of America fell.
That America, to be the only country in world history, found a time limited government. The founders understood you can't have liberty and big government Merk has been a much freer country, then Europe, as a result, european countries are free compared to much of the rest of the world. I understand that, but is much more free speech in the United States than there is in Europe. Big government is is a terrible thing. It has it terribly debilitating impact on society.
And it makes people dependent on those who advocate big government are like drug dealers and the drug there dealing is free things. The addiction to free things is harder to break than the addiction to Heroin. Am I might no way to cancel ok here we go final question from two one kind, one from Vietnam: that's the beauty of these things, people all over the world
action, listen by the way it before. I even look at your question to one I've been to a hundred thirty countries. People ask me want one of my favorite places. Vietnam is one of my favorite places. The vietnamese people are among the most dynamic people that I have ever met made a very deep impact on me. My visit to Vietnam. What a tragedy that you had communism it is it is. It breaks my heart. The number of Vietnamese who died,
for that. Thug, coachee men. Now you have capitalism somewhat. So what did all those Vietnamese die for for communism? How many Vietnamese died a million two million? I don't know how many and then suffered in a police state for decades for the idiocy, the vile idiocy, cold communism sway should all watch my video Prager you this week at any time we watching this pass this week. Obviously all the pretty video stay up. Why is in communism as hated is not system only killed about a hundred million people? Talking civilians, not war, not wartime. What's your question, then, is how to You come to capitalism. What is your view of the Vienna more than a fit me scantiness? That's that's a lesson.
Well now you know my view: they wasted the great vietnamese people, their freedom and their lives, and the proof is today: what did you die for their for what they ve abandoned communism? Because it's an idiotic actually believe by intellectuals, hokey men studied in France. They pick up. These moronic ideas from european leftists and spread around the world POL pot the exterminator of a third of the of the cambodian people he studied at their the Sorbonne in France. How did I come to you. We're capitalism, because I actually believe a freedom. Capitalism is another word for free markets. People should be economically free like a free in every other way. Excuse me.
And because the only way to lift people out of poverty Socialism is lifted, ten people out of poverty, capitalism is lifted billions. Poverty, not socialism, does it spend the money that capitalism creates. That's all. It does So with that from the Prager House- I will hopefully see you next week and remind you to visit pray Universal, oh here's, a little reminder by the way I have a lot of lives. I love life. I told her. I have the great honour of conducting August. Sixteen at one of the biggest concert holes in Amerika, the Walt Disney concert all I'll be conducting the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra. Any of you who want to come to allay should mark that date down get tickets through
there were three what the Walt Disney off and I will be explaining, I will be conducting and then I will be explaining how symphonies put together and then interviewing the players and it'll be a blast and then the second half of the programme, the grape conductor, the permanent conductor, I'm just doing this. This time are conducted in the past, but the permanent conductor of Santa Monica sent. For me, Could that Beethoven's fifth, the most popular symphony ever written and until the next week? Thank you so much for watching.
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