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Fireside Chat Ep. 110 – If You're Not Grateful You're Not Happy

2019-12-02 | 🔗
This week’s Fireside Chat is all about Dennis’s specialty: Gratitude. You cannot be a happy or good person without being grateful. Our society cultivates ungratefulness, which only leads to swaths of unhappy people and disastrous consequences. This episode is sponsored by Colorado Christian University. Click here to learn more: https://www.prageru.com/ccu/
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I read buddy, I'm Dennis Prager this in the fireside chat and I'm with you. I think every week of the year is very important to me. Actually, it's gotten more important over I'm and to be honest, one of the reasons is their will um you out there and its a completely unrehearsed unscriptural it no make up, which may be fairly obvious, and it is just offering thoughts to you and then taking your questions so You know Prager, you better, you know me better, and hopefully it touches your life. That's the whole point of this thing, so I offer you some thoughts than I take the questions in this case. I just want to read to you about the the sponsorship, the co sponsorship of this particular weeks fireside. I want to tell you today's episode of the fireside chats sponsored by Colorado Christian University
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Acted within Roman counselor, who can help put together a degree plan that fits you're askin. You're all right ear, so this is about to be in Erika and are we having of viewers all over the world? As you will see, I've just took a glance at the questions and MA am very touched. We have confirmed questions for more than fifty countries, and probably viewers and may be close to a hundred country. And this by the way, there's no reason why this wouldn't be international? I have always believed that things that make sense Are universally applicable the if what I say only makes sense to One group would say Americans than than they don't make sense. There's no such thing. I often give the the the example of Beethoven is
by Japanese, as by Germans, you don't have to be German to love Beethoven. You don't have. To be an American to love what I right or what I say. I obviously am deeply american, but I believe it's values are universal same with my bible commentary. There, the rational Bible, it says I'm jewish, but they're, applicable to people of no faith other face or they're not applicable to anybody. Something has to make sense to everybody who would least we use a sense which I admit is not all. That is always the case. That's it that's a separate problem so anyway, I'm very glad wherever you are in the world in this great debt. To talk to you, that's my dog Otto who is facing,
the right direction this week, apparently sometimes you only get to see Otto from the rear, but now you have the joy of his of his lovable face and it is lovable when we say hello to a guy lie wake him. If I do this. Oh oh, by the way. Maybe it's good! You see him move. Some people might think he stuffed. He is not stuff. This is the real deal, ok, very good, all right, so being that it thanks giving coming in american holiday of Thanksgiving, which I love, because Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. Then, if you read a book on happiness. Happiness is a serious problem. I state the
the single most important quality for being a happy human being, and I would even say healthy human being is gratitude so that that there is a holiday that whose only purpose is to say thank you whether to God or to the country or to just say thank you is a very big deal. What we are seeing is very disturbing, and that is in America and elsewhere, but especially in America, is the cultivation of ingratitude. It's almost unbelievable, we're cultivating ingratitude here's the holiday of Thanksgiving to come the vague gratitude and we in America are cultivating ingratitude if you Who are you you name it. If you are a woman, you should be on great.
Or for being in America, if your black, you should be hungry for being in America, if you're a you should be ungrateful for being in America, if you're gay you should I grateful for being in America. If you just fill in the, blank. Unless its white christian heterosexual male, then you should be ungrateful an end there and your told that believe me. Yeah. If you, if you're a woman or a black in america- and you say well, you know what to tell you the truth. You know our society has flaws because it's made up of human beings and human beings have flaws. But frankly, I'm really grateful to be an american you. You will be looked at
negatively by your professors, a by your peers, your grateful as a woman. In this patriarchy in this sexist message in this society. Yes, because it's not sexist misogynist society, its that's like is as free as As as women or men or others could imagine a society, I gotta tell you. This was really awesome, so I was just in Washington DC. Am I I my driver of by the order I ordered an upper, and the guy was obviously not from America originally at an accent. So the guy I asked the guy. Where are you from he owes Mauritania Otto changes position during we had a little break here and changes of position. Hope that's ok,
with all of you, so anyway, the guy setting for Mauritania eyes. I was saying I I've been to a hundred twenty one to thirty countries. Twenty african countries why new were Mauritania? Was he assumed that I didn't? Because most people don't know Mauritania and most people never heard of it, and more Tunisia, as a muslim country, is right below Morocco and we, I asked the guy how long you been in America's had five years. So I tried to I tried to oh asked of you miss Mauritania said. Yes, I have minute much. My family is still there, although his wife and children are here with him in America,. So then I said so. How do you like, Amerika and a set of image neutral away. He could not now
I was, I was prompting him for something positive. In fact, the way I put it it could, I could have easily been prompting you know. How do you like America could have bailed in prompting for a negative, so it was in the in the middle and I wish I did, but obviously I wasn't going to do it, but I wish I could have recorded him and he said I love America
And I said why is that we set its unique and he told me he had lived in a number of european countries, any name them and at least five different countries have been obviously moving around a lot and he said in Amerika you say good day and people are good morning. People say good morning: they don't care, how you look in America. They don't care
Are you luck, which is exactly right when I said our american television show the Bill Marshall a few weeks ago? I said America is the least racist, multi ethnic multi, racial country in the world. The audience of about four hundred people basically laughed at me, which, by the way, has no effect on me. I don't care four hundred people laugh at me. I only care if I tell the truth and they ate. They thought the idea is absurd. Merrick is not racist, America's, not racist. There are racist in America, but America's not racists racist, so he was so right e he hit on the head and he was.
Show us so grateful to be here just so grateful that I was thinking, oh god, if I could take this guy to every school in America just to say you should. Why aren't you grateful to be here and that's the issue grateful gratitude? You can't be happy if you're not grateful and you can't be good. If you're not grateful ungrateful. People are not happy and they are not good. It's disqualifying. You cannot possibly be good kind and happy or happy if you're not grateful.
And were cultivating ingratitude, that's my bet, my point. You go to college in America. You basically are taking you getting a ba in in gratitude, get a phd in in gratitude. So that's my thoughts. It's it's a very it's a very sad to state where you were were making p. Oh ungrateful, all right! Let's go to the let's go to your questions here and it begins with a video quest in the end. This is there, we go, ok, take it away, I Mr Baker, Mining Kennedy, earth and I'm on Prager Voice. I must in a Grand Canyon University in Phoenix Arizona and my question, for you is what is your favorite and your least favoured Thanksgiving food.
Oh man, you know that's harder than watch the meaning of life. What is my favorite, this rotten, all right, let's see in a man, I go. We special lies on Thanksgiving with Turkey stuffing. And mashed, potatoes and cranberries? And what am I owe you? No one else: a big sweet, potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes. Actually, I must say. I'm not a fan of the more. Some allows baked into the sweet, sweet potatoes, that's a thing. We haven't America and I just don't like marshmallows I'm. I think I'm in point two percent of people who don't like marshmallows,
I believe it or not. I'm not a big phooey. I I found about eighteen hours a day anyway, and I just I of course I enjoy it, but I know I'm like think about it. It's not yearn for it and I'm not saying it's bad. If you do I you're for cigars, I fully acknowledge, but I I don't know I'm a year and much more for a cigar than I do for food enough either your star, but obviously but I love Turkey, I love and with the cranberries. That's that's heaven. I do admit it and then pumpkin pie when there's pumpkin pie, animal fats, international, wonder of people because of pumpkins or common outside of the Eu S anyway. That's a pretty much covers that. Thank you for asking it's one tab like questions
I guess I deal with such serious stuff all the time. I I'm fine with me all right here. We go Rachel. Fifty two San, Diego? California? U S! A dear mister Prager! I have the great honour of attending you're. Reaching Coronado earlier this week, Coronel who is an island off the coast of San Diego, which South West, the United States very close to Mexico. It's a long trip you are is funny as you are. Why, sir? Thank you thank you. Actually, I'm even funnier than I am I don't know. Maybe how do we navigate confusing laws in California, specifically one Jerry Brown made before leaving office. It mandates that Bree Board of directors have at least one woman on it or they will be penalized with a fine. Given this states option to the blind gender identity altogether. Offer numerous gender options? I see a big problem if one member of the
orders male genitals, but self identifies is a female. Does that meet the requirement of the law on Shaws or if all the members of the board identify themselves as gender acts, are they ve giving the law. How are these laws helping the intended women? Thank you for your insights, first of all I can say in the law. This is a perfect example of equality, verses, Liberty, K. That's why the french Revolution emphasised equality and the American Revolution emphasised liberty, even though I know the french Revolution had liberty in emits in its motto: liberty, fraternity and equality, but assume, as you have equality you, you are getting less liberty with just the way it works. This is a good example for the sake of female equality. We will deprive companies of the right
decide who was on their board that it means less liberty. You can have it both ways. I think that it it's not govern It's job as America was founded. That is not the job of government to tell people how to operate like that. So I mean I'm against the entire wall. I don't care. If the board is all the women, I don't care. If it is all men, I care that it is all chosen freely. That is all I care about. I'm a big fan of liberty. It's very rare liberty on the face of this earth. Very, very rare! and all the other stuff. Well, that's that's that's another issue. I will tell you this. No feminist groups that really care about women. They care about equality and not about equality for women, just equality. That is why feminist groups have been silent. With all of these transgender females, who are defeating by alive
Trickle females in races in the state of Connecticut record after Record force Eve in racist, rubbing, races track are now going to transgender females, that is male bodies who identify female. I don't begrudge their identification is a female, that's their business, I'm not here to tell them But they can identify anyway they want, but I we're here to say it is not fair for biological mail to run in a race against the biological female and they keep winning cause. They're narcissists and the women's groups are saying nothing
same with weightlifting biological males. Why identifies females are winning in weight, lifting of course they do. Male bodies can lift more than female bodies. They more upper body strength and the women's groups. Silent feminist groups, use women like communist groups, use workers, they talk in their name, but they dont advocate for them. Mason twenty four I was city, I well almost Prager eleven I will, but I'm originally from Texas and maintain my Texan pride good man. My question to you is: how can we treat leftists with grace when they revile us. Thank you for your time. Your fireside chats have helped me live a better life. That's what they're meant to do your welcome and
What's it say it's a real issue. I have a reputation in thirty seven years of radio of being nice to just about every body and it has been very effective and is one one of the great a tools that I have as it were to to touch people's lives. So I will watch me on on bill more you. Can she'd anywhere in in M eighty hours, his name and every they on the programme was on the left, including MR more himself. The audience was all on the left. I was the only person not on the left and it's worth watching. That is really worth watching now I was passed I had I was speaking louder than this cause. I had no choice. I was being laughed at or booed or cheered for the other stuff it whenever I spoke,
so. I understand all boy. Otto Otto is definitely causing a little commotion here. This is rare. This is a very rare moment. I think Otto watched the the bill more episode and upset him. I'm not certain, but anyway be that as it may he's he has moved from is palatial. So it's a big problem and by the way, every time I talk about this I'd make a distinction between left and liberal there's a big does a huge difference, but liberals are not strong enough to confront the left. Conservatives are guardians of liberalism today,. That's the irony! I just there so many examples. I have a video on this Prager. You differences between left and liberal two very important video. I hope your watch it
Could mere twenty three Bulgaria by the way give me your cities? L Mister, Denis Bulgaria suffered forty five years of communist regime. It is harmed, country in many ways, but many people have Miss stall, Jake feelings towards this period, even worse, the com. It is party simply remained itself socialist and people still vote for them today How do we rid ourselves of our slave mindset or we do or do we have to wait? Forty years like the Hebrews in the desert? Well, in my in my book, the rational Bible, my commentary on the first five books of the Bible in exodus. This is exactly what I write about. There is a slave mentality and there the slave mentality is built into people. You don't have to be a slave to have a slave mentality.
Humans, don't want to be free, they want to be taken. Care of. That is why all leftist ideologies are popular all over the world. People don't errand to be free. Liberty is a value. America was founded on Liberty, it was it was there for against human nature. Human nature was take care of me. I want the state to take care of me. America was founded on the principle of I take care of me. I take care of my family and I take care of my community. The government doesn't take care of me. The government doesn't take care of my family that doesn't government doesn't take care of my community
America's greatness, that's why it became so free and prosperous, but a new generation has arisen that things being taken care of is beautiful, it isn't beautiful, it is beautiful to take care of others. It is not beautiful to be taken care of, unless, obviously you have no choice, in which case, of course the last resort should be governed but it should be the last resort. I know your country pretty well. I was in Bulgaria when it was communist Remember well, the totalitarianism of it, but hey people are dying of starvation, so what if they can't speak freely, so what if they can travel out? go to Bulgaria. So what so? What? So? What so up? Everything's is. So what but hey I'm getting a pension? That's how people think I don't know why to be in
free human. One of the models of America's founding was a statement by its founders, Patrick Henry, give me liberty or give me death. That's that's what I was raised as one of the great lines of american history. That's how much we wanted liberty much more. So yes, this is a very real problem? You talk about the Israelites, I explained in the rational Bible, which I pray you read well, I'm on a priori. I hope you will read got has other things on his more than my prayers in that, guard, but I am I right in there what the issue let's get out of Egypt, they were suffering under bondage terribly, and
in a very short period of time they say and it's in the book of exodus. Let's go back to Egypt. We had better food you, but you were slaves. So what we had better food, nothing changes, nothing changes its the pressing God. I am convinced COD It was Groundhog day watching the human race, Benjamin at watch. Our time. Benjamin nineteen years old, nor Sultan Kazakhstan. Please tell me your views on jealousy. My girlfriend really does not like it when I say I am jealous, although it does not manifest and
stranger, repressive behaviour well on. I know well this an interesting question. First of all, I am more sympathy for your girlfriend on this and I'll. Tell you why it might bother her if, if you say you're jealous cause, it shows you're not secure and women don't like in secure men, they for a secure men and that's what you're telling her she talks to another guy you're jealous now. If she is giving reason not to feel secure. That's a separate issue, but but otherwise in a you should feel compliment the day, faith in men, men paying attention to your girlfriend a compliment to you in the final analysis of all the men in the world she chose you, that's why you should look at it. So
I don't think it's very wise to what to say. If that you're jealous, I could see I could, even if you don't act on it, I wouldn't want my wife to regularly tell me she's jealous fact she doesn't even irregularly. Tell me she's jealous it's just that doesn't really raised. It's not doesn't come up as an issue, thank God, but it could be restive if you're married to someone who is regularly jealous. So I understand what she saying so be be more confident than yourself: Joshua, fifteen Bluff, Dale Utah, Mr Prager, they Joshua. How do you deal with someone who was trans when it is against what you believe if they
gonna, be called a she, but they are a him. How would you do the situation. Thanks for all you do you're a good man. Thank you. I try to be a good man. The most important thing you could be so I don't know why it I don't know: what's he right? It is against what you believe I I would have to Here you out on why it's against what you believe I will eve that there was only male and female. I think that it is. It is a terrible lie that there is more than in the two sexes. I know they say gender, but that's just pull in there that what they ve done is played with language. But if somebody truly, if I meet somebody, if I meet and I'll give you a perfect example, I conductor orchestras I've been doing this for many years.
So I remember one orchestra conducted and the Timpanists, that is, the person playing the drums, was a female and in fact, to a pretty face a pretty female, and I I mentioned to the regular conductor. I was obviously biggest conductor. Mention after one of the rehearsals wow very rare, to see a female timpanists and he said to me. Well, as it happens, this is a transsexual, that's the way they were called in those days, not transgender transsexual, which is much more accurate, determine my opinion and I I looked at this person and I saw a female who had a female name dressed as a female. So of course I'm gonna talk to this person is if she is a female, it's it's none of my business, how she started out I,
no issue with that. I have an issue with a person with a beard and a deep voice, and then the name bill and says: I'm I'm a woman that I have an issue with, because what you are doing, then, is your mocking the idea of sex differences? That is a value so that we have to be very careful but were not allowed to be careful. Were we're just told us, so I mean there. There were girls in America who were teenagers who are having their boots.
Removed that surgeons do. This is just as is just evil who removing their breasts perfectly healthy breasts, because they say that they are male o k, Robert twenty campaign in the Netherlands the day Mr Prager, I'm a teacher in the Netherlands, a lot of teachers and politicians here want to get rid of grey. Mostly people on the left? Do you have any thoughts on this matter kind regards well. Thank you, Robert. By the way, I think that your among the friendliest people in the world have a theory on from these people. I should talk to you mentioned at one of these times. So what do I think about getting rid of grades? Why would we want to do that?
doesnt? One want to know how somebody has mastered the material. I'm just curious. We would ask: ask the people s these people. Would you like to get rid of grades in Medical's, so that is no way of assessing whether future doctors know their material. Would you hit hears it? Here's a question: would you ask one of these people? Would you rather have your surgeon have attended a medical
all with no great or a medical school where he got or she got great grades, is at a fair question. This is part of the ideas like getting rid of scores in enough in soccer. That's what they they ve done now for young kids in Massachusetts and elsewhere in the United States. We do want to hurt anybody, feelings, that's what this is about. We don't they don't believe in hierarchy. Nobody not just that nobody is better than anybody else. Nobody does better than anybody else. But why? Why is that? What? Why is that a good idea? I want the best pilot in the world to fly my airplane, not one who went to school with they didn T give you grades. How are we doing now.
One more Andre fourteen in Romania spoken remaining two years ago: inclusion Bucharest, he had great time. Hello, hello, Mr Prager, and wondering if you believe there are other forms of life out there in the universe, is Our search for extra terrestrial life, ultimately pointless and by the way did you know that the fountain pen was invented by a Romanian. His name was Petruchio Bonanno. Thank you. I will begin with the last first. I did not know that the inventor of the fountain pen was a romanian. I did not know who invented the fountain pen since it it's probably quite a while ago. Certainly predates the ballpoint pen. Am I love found pens, so you may well be right, but I'm all
a little suspicious about the inventors of these things. Very often people love and it's totally natural. Every every group does this. We invented the we invented the and we invented the may be it in, and that's fine with me and I, but I don't know say having said that, what the search for extra terrestrial life is it ultimately pointless. I think that what drives most of those who are preoccupied everybody's interested in this subject, but some people are preoccupied. They are aching to find extra tourist.
A life. I think what animates them is a desire to show that we humans are not special and therefore there is no God who made us special since nature produces life all over. The union That's what I think is an amazing a lot of these people, but in my opinion, I don't think there is, I don't think, there's intelligent life life I'd. I can't I can't address. I don't think, there's intelligent life anywhere else am, I certainly don't think we will ever get in touch with the IMF.
What intelligent life. If there is because it it would be so far away. I dont know if we could signal them at least not in any foreseeable future, but it would be interesting because then, if we met them, I would say: hey: what's your favorite thanksgiving food and if they said cranberry in Turkey, that would be very, very eerie. They have thanksgiving for thousand light years away? Okay, now we returned to earth aright everybody great to be with you always great sea and next week, thanks for watching See you exist to train leaders, we want to build the church. We want gauge the culture, but we want to help you. Air for your calling
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