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Fireside Chat Ep. 111 –Why So Miserable?

2019-12-08 | 🔗
This week’s Fireside Chat is inspired by Dennis Prager’s recent column: "What the Left Tells Young Americans." Dennis lists some of the messages the left pushes to young people, all of which are lies. Why? Because they're unhappy and want you to be, too. 5-Minute Video: There Is No Gender Wage Gap https://www.prageru.com/video/there-is-no-gender-wage-gap/
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Hi everybody, I'm Dennis Prager. Welcome to my home. This is the fireside chats. That's the fireside on the chat nets. Otto! who is now, as I told you, I think, America's most famous dog in fact the as international fame and cracks me up how many people are there. What's come over, and It just say give my regards to Otto or Oh end, their selfie with me with some come out. If the guys doing well you doing well out of you, the man, you are definitely the man. In case you had a hard day, Otto is going is going, help you calm down. It is, is amazing, thing, actually the power of I admit it, I'm not a fanatic on, but I am realistic. They do they give a lot of people? What are they say that the elderly? live longer and more helpful if they, if they are alone, then, where spouse, companion.
Family with them all the time if they have a dog with them all the time and I understand that its It seems it does seem sort of, like God, made dog for people and made us for the box. I do admit it is a two way treat. What would they do without us so It's it's very touching thing. Great to be with you- this is a chance for us to talk and the honest, obviously to know me better, because none of this is scripted it's what's on my mind, I share with you and, Hope you share these videos with others. We have a lot of yours, and that is very important to me because I think important things are said here. So basically, I always think always begin with some That is all my mind, in other words, not Something that is ultimately what you should talk about unless it's really something already. I'm I've been thinking about, but in this case-
this is this is sort of haunting me. The the notion of Acta. That, for example, men, menstruating this, is now a This is now a given on the left in America and not just a mirror. In an English speaking world. I dont believe so very things very interesting things that I don't believe I have explanation for an eye it drives me a little crazy when I can't figure out why why are the english speaking countries weirder in their corner court, political correctness? beings ability to believe what isn't true then and lots of Germany or France or or or african country or any asian country. If you
told a Vietnamese, an intellectual and you're a doesn't matter any and vietnamese person You know what men commenced away, they went. Think you're out of your mind and they be right. That's that's the amazing thing. I don't doubt that there are people, feel that they are men and rate because they are biologically women. That's a fact. I don't deny fact but it is also a fact that it is biologically a woman and I'm not going to save the man is menstruating a person who identifies as a man is menstruating. I have no. I I understand that, but that's not the same as a man can menstruating in oh it's it's it's some remarkable because if you have any hesitation about converting the world to solar and And windmills, and
and wind solar and wind. If if you have any hesitation near me, even doubt that the world is getting warmer, but you have any the about I'm doing the entire western world economy. Because of the alleged existential threat of global warming and existential means threat to one's existence that I dont believe I believe, the world's getting warmer. I do not believe it's an existential threat. That is true. I do not believe that. But if you have it, we hesitate action on that on the solutions or Europe ty science, but if you say a man menstruating your pro science. This is this, is the the up tie down universe that young people are inheriting from their elders? Never have have Has a young generation been more, sled almost every issue than is currently happening in the west in Ispra, in English speaking countries
and I will give you a list of some of the terrible things I just wrote this in my column, erotic column, every Tuesday, I hope you'll you'll read them because it I work these things out in print and that's a very important way to develop clear thinking is by writing, so you'll see it, but since this is an amazing example, so the man behind the camera today Tyler for Prager, you he's new with us. Went through, the hazing processes is currently recuperating and He said he was just at Berkeley University, California, Berkeley. And in the men's room there were tampons and It is all to be woke the thought real life? I would love to know how many times, funds are used in the men's room in the course of a semester,
Berkeley I mean used not thrown in the garbage by guys who think this is ridiculous and end it is it just is its. It is ridiculous It is not ridiculous that there are people with gender is, for you, it's just said, but it's streaming rare and you don't If you, if the movement said, treat transgender people with respect, I would be on board. You treat human beings with respect, but I am not prepared to abolish the fact of male female distinction. There aren't fifty seven genders. There are two anyway, the word sex was transformed by the left of gender. So interesting, You will never see the word gender to describe humans. Fifty years or beyond. I was always sex. If you look on birth certificates doesn't say a gender. It's a sex men commenced
wait, that's what people should ask if you want to figure out. A few relative is been brainwashed or thinks just Can a man menstruating if they start I mean it's a yes or no answer. Can a man. Menstruating is a. Or no answer now they say well know a man Cannot menstruating but there are women who identify his men, biological women, identifies men and they will continue menstruating. Ok, that's a fact. I understand that. Doesn't mean men menstruating, I care about the truth, because I write years ago the desktop twenty. Five years ago when a piece for you see allay magazine not for for conservative source that lies were the beginning of all evil that truth protects us from evil.
Until we are bathing and untruths bathing in them that listen. I I think one of the biggest lies of all. Is America's herbaceous country just a lie? It's a it's. One of the biggest lies in history There are racist in America, but a is not of a racist country. I'll tell you was a Jew, There are eight much in America, but America is not an anti semitic country. That's a lie but or anti Semites in America is true that America's an anti semitic country is a lie. Little feller. Normally he doesn't snore this loud. I have to say, but I'm boring him on a exceedingly deep level. He's real rim sleep at this time of year. Crack me up it's hard to concentrate on
when this guy is snoring away three feet from me, but it's fun. If you don't like, you got a laugh folks or the opportunities to cry are Legion, so it's very important left I will give you a whole list of. I made up a list to see my column on the internet. Town hall, our Dennis Pray, Dot com- it's it's! It's in many places a heavy, but we were aware of the. Miracle greatness. Yes, american greatness also takes it and the jewish Rural review it it's a lot of place, take it bashful review, so I like you, we see it every Tuesday comes out. You're just sign up what will send it to you at Dennis Prager dot com, but here it is what the left tells. Young Americans listen! Listen to this, so I told you this already in a previous fireside chats.
Your past is terrible and your future terrible has any Second generation ever said that to the young generation: never they told them their past, was noble with flaws. Nobody for denied the flaws, no one eye You think I d learn about slavery or Jim Crow, of course, or that matter terrible things are done to the Indians all of this was known, but that was the norm Human Life, society in history opera, the previous society. Every society in history had slavery, so that's not what renders America you make. One is rendered America you make, is its goodness, not its badness and that it it self literally to get rid of slavery called a civil war. The first generation means your past is terrible and
future is terrible. You'll die, don't even have kids don't get married. Because of this existential threat, just want to remind you when I was a kid. There was also an existential threat. Nobody talks about this our vacation, we The tall read it read about Paul era like at Stanford, The world is going to start because there are so many people to many people. There. We'll be enough. Food is more food than ever and there are more people than ever fewer people are starving now than it s. Time in the history of the world, but they ve been telling their future was terrible. Your future is bright. What a loathsome elder generation to tell young people your future is terrible. These adults make me sick, don't believe it. Your future is terrible if you believe these people,
Next, if you're a girl You should know that american society has contempt for you, you be paid less than a man for the exact same work and same exact number of hours of work. It's not true! It's the bin. Bunked. Over and over. We have a video by a female scholar showing nonsense. It is that women, the exact same work, exact same number of hours, get paid less it just isn't true, it isn't true get it. If it were true, I would acknowledge its true and we have to do something about it, but it is True. What also young women told you will between the one in foreign, one and three chance of being sexually assaulted. If you attend college now, I know that the people say that no, that they're lying because they send their daughters to college, would you would you senator in order to a place where she had a one and three a wonder for chance of being raped. Otherwise sexually assaulted, of course, that they
these things up there made up of whole cloth woody. To send you, if you did you're a pretty awful parent, I'm not I'm not hyper vigilant, but if I had a daughter, I wouldn't sender, or to a place where shadow one in three USC, they say one and three chance of sexual assault really and and People are bribing people to get their daughters into you ever see a honey gotta you gotta get to you ass. She gonna wanna, three chance of being sexually assaulted. Ah, my that chance TAT sounds awesome. I mean we live, Make believe world you understand, it's all make believe the wonder, there's somebody angry young women look what they told societies, massaging societies, patriarchal and hates you. You won't get paid right, you're gonna, be sexually assaulted in Sicily, stop Oh there's, a glass ceiling that will prevent you from professional success and, of course, the biggest lie of all professional
success, not marriage and family is what you should become two trading on God, it's my mind. Sorry, young women? You should be happiest women in the history of womanhood, womanhood female miss for live. In a country like America, not just America in so many of these countries, free and equal? What what's the next thing that young people are being told? Oh, yes, by the way you understand. What's the agenda, the unhappy hate, the happy as a general rule. Not always the left are not be liberals every time I said. Liberals and conservatives have much more in common than either has with the law I have a whole video on the differences between left alive
five minutes all you need a Prager you. I have a video, You six examples of the differences between left. The liberal. There were happy liberals and unhappy liberals. There were happy conservatives and unhappy conservatives, but all leftist are unhappy happy and they want to make you young people unhappy and their succeeding in too many cases. Young black, fewer young black. Oh my god. The most important thing for you to know is that America Lou the zoo. Racism is in America's DNA President Obama, Madame racism is in America's DNA, but a black precedent set. It he's the dna wasn't working for that election. It's mine blowing and that just be. Black gets you suspended or expelled from school, just being black shop?
police denied the vote? That's the van of the voters, democracy, has a voter, Righty Unita, I d to the Board of Airplane: to go to a hotel room- Why isn't that anti black why is voter I for elections, racist, but voter ideally go into a hotel. That's not! not racist. There is no answer to the question that I just posed because it's all made up, It gets young blacks, angry, an angry young black so when angry young black vote and guess how we're happy young black votes? Ok we're case is rested on that one all right mixed. If you're young latino know that the war majority is so xenophobic. If they could, whites would expel you from the country really Given that half the Latinos Mary White,
so with all those whites burying Latinos in America want their spouse expelled. They just make things But again and angry latino, another vote for the Democrats. Next, if your white male, ah ha- this is a young white males. You of the recipient of honour and privilege, is and you're a racist. That's that's a beautiful message to young white males. Boys and girls, you need to know from his young age is possible. There is actually no such thing as boys and girls. That's why you're teachers have been too. But there were thirty, always boys and girls, but only a student's. Lest we divide between boys and girls, we would never want to do that. You now to deprive kids of the joy and the tension. Yes, this tension who, what from a girl? What is it
I, like water or the boys, what are they like, but it so exciting and if you a boy and is a girl like and it so exciting, we're all nothing, we're all will choose a message. And of course, young people you should know there is no God said: oh to God or religion for meaning there for the nationally handicapped, an intellectual lightweight for meaning look to social action. That's what the left! The leftism is a substitute with the death of Christianity in the West, you got all secular left, religions, Marxism, Hugh Bizim socialism, communism, environmentalism, feminism, mouldy, isms, their religions, their substitute religions, Kay anyway, there's a lot more, but to take a look. The article.
That I wrote a time for your questions. Where is there? I will look at their ok here we go first, the what we call it. The video question. Right here we go take it away. Video question. Number one. I Maria eighty three percent, so. I want to know that when your calendar frees up- and you suddenly have all this time, what is it that you want to go ahead and do well good question? What is it I want to do or what is it I will once did? I want to do want and will are not the same in life, so what is it first my calendar frees up, which is very rare, I'm on the road constantly it it would be
sitting for you to see it on very good, and I know I never complained cause. I know it's an honour for me to be going from place to place in offering my ideas. I never take it for granted, I'm a very lucky. Man, but if it freed up first of all the first, the first I and all this is going to sound, really corny. The first thing I want to do my calendar frees up is be with my wife. So I really am that's. Likud saw my first marriage so on I'm not holier than anybody listening, but it's over happy mirrors that I'm in thank God at this time than together for fifteen years and I really do. Have a theory that is more important to like people than to love them, there are people who love their kids, but they don't like them. Almost every parent loves their kid.
Like is a virtue is by the way very few languages have the word like as more words than any other language and its a great advantage, because you could be more per. Ice, given the number of words that English has like is a great one. Love is powerful and beautiful, but like works, it works its magic morceau. Even And anyway, I love her and I like her soul, but but this this is the like. I just so we would we go out for fur lunch. I dont tend to eat the dinner I tend to fast from About five p m to noon the next day, almost every day by way of its, not hurrah It's just the way I like to eat. I like it, I think it's healthy. I love having an empty stomach. Am it's something you if you can do?
not. Everybody can do what they get headaches and so don't if you would a headache, but if you can try it it's it's something it makes life very easy just yet window of eating it and it's over there, die like not eating Europe? If the thing calories, you're about to think of carbohydrates. You just start eating its pleasure. I do have coffee cream. By the way that I like, I want to make that clear that I'm allowed, according to the doktor than I am On the radio who wrote this book is it is Toronto? I think his name is weighing or wing. I don't recall exactly But anyway, that's one of the first things that I would do if my calendar clears up. I would but the truth is my candle declares up, I'm gonna be doing writing a mining. The third volume my bible commentary and that's it very, very tough thing. It's. It sets the toughest project of my life and the most rewarding, and if you haven't
If you want to know why it is the wisest book ever written. I think my my books, the rational Bible, will explain it to you and they their guides to how to live. I've done Genesis an exodus and am working on the fifth of the five books. Do Toronto and so anyway I enjoy life or I would think of having cigar, but have a cigar anyway, even like even while I can smoke on the roads much harder, although most every city I go to. I got a cigar lounge I know how to take care of myself, so I don't burn out. My Sabbath is my secret weapon day of the week when I took out completely and I'm just with friends and or That is why I have to talk to you about that. You know what I should talk about. The Sabbath wonder one of these times.
It's an incredible and mentions whites, the only ritual in the ten commandments, God do what he was doing. All right, whereas alone long one. What are we doing on time arrive? Ok, a Michael. Sixteen within Will Massachusetts. Shallow Mr Prager, MRS Prager Otto Snoopy at the staff behind the camera, it's very sweet. As an observer Jew, I was recently asked the question: what do the file the Sabbath in order to save a human life? I said we ve got to want me the file, the Sabbath in order to save a human. Your thoughts- God bless, but was not even a question in jewish law you're not allowed to violate the Sabbath to save a life. You are obligated to do so God will think you're in it. If you didn't violate the Sabbath to save a life- and you know I be thought of as an idiot by God.
You don't be thought of as an idiot by anybody generally speaking, but God is a very good job no, that's the law. You must violate the Sabbath too save a human human life comes first, that's the law that's very important that you know that and you you are obligated by the way, among other reasons, aside from the fact that human life comes before any ritual, There's another reason because, it would make Judaism and God look terrible and that there would be sure to make your religion look bad with bill slaughter in the name of Islam, what does it do to? The name of Islam makes mixed sound, terrible religion right if it if it. If came, became known this guy didn't didn't save a life.
Because he wouldn't violate the Sabbath, what would say about the Sabbath, God and Judaism saves the stupid religion correct? So not even a question. Ok Hannah. Thirty, three: London: U K feared Dennis. I am thirty three and had been married to my husband for four years? We are considering adoption of any advice to share about how to make it adopt family work I'll, be in touch to know your thoughts best wishes. Yes, I thought, since one of my children is adopted, adopted at birth and it's a very simple for there is no difference. For, though the exact same thing within adopt the child was with the biological child. I see no difference between blood and not blood, that's always been my position. I don't.
I don't want to transmit my seed to my children. I want us, I want to give my values to my children. That's what matters to me And ask any parent with biological and adopt the George adopted children, the love? the same. The a was the your trial was your child If you, if you learned, if, if, if you. You, but If far, let's see, if. I'm trying to think of an analogy here. If, if you, if it were found If you were apparent, and let's say air houses, let us say it was found out through dna analysis rightly did it did a dna test? and it was found out your pair, found out that, in fact,
you are, you were adopted Would they love you less that you were not You were not by not adopted there. The hospital made a mistake. They gave the wrong baby to them so you're. Now, thirty, three, you think your parents love, you less, you think about it It's a non issue. Good luck Doesn't matter, love is love how's. He doing right. Watch our timing, Steve thirty, five Plano Texas, spoken Plano Texas, considering that leftism is a religion. How can someone We both a good leftist, I'm a good Christian, well could be a good liberal and a good Christian, a good conservative and a good Christian, but you can't be a good leftist and a good at a good Christian. That's correct the competing released
They share almost nothing, that's correct! now there are people who think that they are good Christians and our leftist. I understand that there are people who think a lot of things about the if one, if we truly understands its, what what left m stands for and and then what I mean. Do you think. Christianity actually believes that there are more than two sexes or more than two genders. What's the biblical basis for that one, the judeo christian values system believes that there there are directive, a good good and evil. It's not it's not a matter of opinion that there was a guy.
From whom good and evil emanate is believe in the ten commandments, while there were left us to believe. Commandment such fair. I admit that I would imagine so but I don't know how you could be a good christian and say captain some is evil. Ok, Understand I'm a good Christian wants to lift people from poverty. Capitalism has lifted people from poverty. So how could you be a Chris who cares about the poor and you don't about lifting the poor from poverty. That's, the definition of anti Capitalist one who one who does not believe in lifting the poor from poverty. You believe equality, but that is not lifting people from poverty. Don't ever Confuse equality with lifting people from poverty: they have nothing do with one another thereof.
Poor people today why the sauce? Why is so? Why of the chinese living so much better than fifty years ago? Chinese was was synonymous with with impoverished and starving, not anymore, solely thanks to capitalism solely yes, it's a communist regime in forms of liberty. There's no liberty in the very little liberty in China. That is correct, but but that there is capitalism. By the way, is very interesting. I am now reading this brand. Variable long biography of Hitler and is a professor at The University of London, I believe- and if it is, I opening how much Hitler hated Capitalism hated it, he thought the Jews were were the world's capitalists. That's how much he hated capitalism because, of course, he hated Jews. Jews were capitalists
So maybe I should write all right up: an essay on the differences between leftism in and judeo christian values. That would be very helpful to people I mean I'll, give you an example: the Pope, the Pope Paupers leftist. I say this with sadness because I have so many catholic friends and supporters, but he's a leftist and it's terribly affected. The his Catholicism here we asked the weak, or or within a week of the french priest, whose throat was slit while saying mass by by an islamic terrorist with it. Weak on the people airplane by a Catholic, for that one of the representatives of Catholic NEWS Agency? In France, Holy Father. Why don't you condemn islamic terror? and his answer. I have the exact words at a column of mind. You can look it up on paraphrasing.
His answer was well hey. I dont condemn every Catholic in ITALY who kills his girlfriend. That's how will left this thanks there is no difference between a guy born Catholic whose killed this girl friend I'm a guy in the name of Islam who slaughter non Muslims. The guy's killing their girlfriends in in ITALY, though You are doing that. Are they doing it in the name of Christ, if they, did than they would be an analogy, but there's no analogy any, as he is very opposed to capitalism. Which is makes sense? He comes from Latin America where the council, The liberation theology, which has left leftism whither with price attached, is very strong.
Listen. My job is to try to offer you clarity, agree with me or not, but we have to be clear on our suppositions at least. Well, that's about time for today goes pretty fast. Actually, the trick is, as you go fast for you go fast. For me, that's a good sign, but if it goes fast for you, that's the important sign. That's why. Louisa. These weekly broadcasts, the world is a really confused the world as it is Human being is a very complex piece speeches by the way. Give you one more example on the differences, judeo, christian or christian values of one of the basic beliefs is that people will not basically good left us.
I believe the people are basically good. That's why they believed that reason alone is enough. You don't you owe me God to do what is good just because your basically good, all you need is your conscience and your reason: the last question I asked at Berkeley when I debated to left wing students, you can watch it on Youtube. I know I'd be cold. So I decided I'll have to left the sun stage with me. None orkut heckled and I was right And so my last question to them. I just want to clarify how we differed. I said the elderly people are basically good and they both said yes, and I knew they say, ask. Is there on the left.
Leftism is rooted in a naive today. I have to say that I can think of is a more foolish position than the people are basically good. Your ignorance of human history has to be almost total to believe that the human being is essentially good. We can be good, that's true. There are good people, but it takes an effort. It's like saying were basically all pianists. No we're not. You have to learn to play piano, it's in just about everyone to be able to play piano its within you, but it has to be brought out and it is an easy to play the piano well and it isn't easy to play,
life. Well thanks for watching c and next week, I'm Dennis Prager. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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