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Fireside Chat Ep. 112 – Why Are Students so Depressed?

2019-12-14 | 🔗
This week, Dennis Prager addresses why the rates of depression among college students are the highest ever recorded. No desire to have a family, no religion, and contempt for America are several contributing factors to this rise.
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Hey everybody Dennis Prager here in my home, hides great them. These are. These are known as the fireside chats and I have them every week. That's how important they are to me just want you to I. I obviously obviously it's important to your you wouldn't be watching, but I want you to know it's obviously important hey. This is Otto. Our a bulldog, english bull dog, I know, is not so Some of you don't watch regularly, may never have seen him move and may really wonder. Is it porcelain? Is it stuffed far he's the real deal, Otto but he's very calm? He doesn't get excited, but she doesn't bark when the door Bell rings ease we love the guy are great to be with you
so. I always open up with some thoughts and then I take your questions. These are very valuable times. None of this is scripted not reading. From a tell a problem there. We don't even have any make up on my face, which may be obvious, but really this is a spontaneous as it gets by the way the EU, the producer of the fireside chats is out of your statement made Does it magnificent, magnificent job? I just want to say that I don't think it would be a good without her, so I just wanted that for the record having said that there is one Bubu you made in all one hundred and ten, thus far the fee.
When I talked about wearing my jacket and tie, I don't wear rejected and type in the house. I weird for that for this I am only saying- and I don't want you folks to think I walk around like this in my own house up to me who wrote it Anyway, I want you all to know, because I actually sword and the Prager you brochure and unthinking that's a little idiosyncratic to wear a jacket and die in your house. I mean that by being idiosyncratic. That's just not one of my idiosyncrasies anyway. Doesn't take away from your greatness. I just want people to know for the record. Yes, I often have the time, but I never have the jacket on that I did explain. Why do we put it on, though, for the for the the chats that that I devoted time to clothing is important. It's a very important issue. Ok,
Sir, that's that nobody looking up how its listed she so self conscious now I'm sorry, someone put it in that. You didn't like yeah they play in the process, Yes, the one exactly correct now say that I see how to live with this stuff. It's fine is the worst thing. That's thought about me: he wore a jacket tie in this house. I echo, I think I can live with it, but it isn't. That is the case. You should watch the episode. I made a very important points about the back clothing. Ok oh. I just read this week that Athens Wall Street Journal or New York Times. I don't remember, and it was that the rates depression among college students are the highest ever recorded that allergies don't have enough psychological counselors to to help but kids with their depression
Now there are so many young people who watched these fireside chats so obvious this is of relevance to use obviously relevant to parents and to the rest of society. Why is this happening? I have some thoughts and basic it goes as follows: everything that can give you joy or just about everything that can give you joy and meaning, and they are deeply related is gone. In no order of importance. The average college student if I'm wrong, I'm wrong you and if you correct me, if I'm wrong, I will, I will say it on the air. Here. I on my radio show so.
The average college. Kid doesn't date. They they may have hookups, but they dont date. They don't the average. Kid doesn't have religion, slash God, the average kid doesn't have a community, they may have friends or acquaintances or pals. They haven't dormitory, but not really a community. You know they they don't have what you what else? Oh, yes, the they don't have a country any longer to to believe in Seoul. What's left studying for tests,
when I, when I was in college graduate school, I had all of the things that I just mentioned to you. I would date which gave a lot of x meant and fun and meaning to life. And I had religion I believe deeply in my country I had hobbies I had one what was that a religion that that's a lot. If you don't have any of that, what are you have to make you happy that the pursuit of a profession that doesn't make that alone makes very few people if that makes any body happy they're pretty empty? Empty Missus Dunn, a vehicle to two great happiness. It's a very depressing scene when I think about it,.
I mean just looks like the dating issue, a big part of of. Humans lives throughout history was the excitement of the of the opposite sex. Who will I mean, how will I mean well, I ask her out. Well, I say yes if he asks me out this, this added a lot to life. And now, when I talk to girls in college, You know so many area and all why I don't know. I know I'm not interested in you know, the right guy comes along with all the down the road folk start Maya my studies and getting a great professional opportunity, and I think that's it
That's it. You must have been really indoctrinated to believe that that can, bring you anywhere near the happiness of meeting a wonderful guy and and and making a home. I mean the brainwash- has been so powerful for the last fifty years since Betty Free, Dan's angry screen about how it awful it is for women Because so many of them were primarily preoccupied with making a home poor things, God what what a curse you amateur after all, you could. You could be teaching gender studies or in oh, had of sales for for some. You sure manufacturer. That's really where meaning is had had of sales it at so so shoes, I dont them
Great being the head of sales at that issue were company, I don't denigrated at all. I think work is a beautiful part of life and an important part, but that's it you, you think that's gonna bring you bring you meaning and and and six it's it's a supplement. To other more important things in life anyway, so people with date And they would look for a boyfriend or look for a girlfriend and, of course, most of the time it so go out for a year or six months or two years they they break up, but they had something at least something important with the Opposite I know there are gaze and well aware there are in my life and in everybody's life, but the vast majority of human beings heterosexual, saw out I'm making reference to that.
It's it's mine blowing, but there is sex. We could have a six week at every college. That's that's really important that that sir, it blows my mind when I gotta campuses all the ads for sex week. All it does people more lonely. That's the irony, that doesn't fill your ear desire for a human. It fills your biological desire for human, but much or psychological desire for human or emotional or spiritual how's that for a ride. A word that now then there's no religion further, and I would say, half of college kids today have no religion or they, they may tangentially have won, but but it's not an important part of their life. That's a big Boss to that's a huge loss and. Lose community has very many people got their community at their church or synagogue.
That's that's lost as well. Origin religion has been for all of recorded history. Primary Mimi filler in humans, life rid of. It is a big deal. Then in Amerika I ve talked about often no more belief in the country is as as a symbol of liberty to humanity, as The land of the free and the home of the brave, as the national anthem of the United States, puts it. That's thanks, giving has been denigrated too were too living in and in many colleges, because, hey what are
to celebrate genocide. It's been reduced to genocide. Somebody is gonna, be a question because I look at the questions right before the year, though the broadcast here someone's gonna, ask about you know: miracles away land! There's no country on earth, no nation on earth that he didn't supplant a nation before I'm, not I'm not! justifying unaddressed. Staying there be no! No nations! That's that's! That's the said history of humanity this. Indian tribes supplanted this indian tribe, which was ultimately supplanted by another indian tribe, ultimately support the by Europeans and in the end it it goes on and on you think, the french railways, in France right Or- or Bobby was always anywhere. It's very rare. Me Koreans. Railways in Korea,
it's a lie in autumn Peninsula may well be, but it in Overwhelmingly, that's the tribes in Africa did the same thing. So there's no America there's no religion. There's no, no boy for My girlfriend knows making one no dating Hobbes to fulfil a life. I've talked about Hobbes video Games is not a hobby, it's it's a pastime, but I wouldn't call it a hobby, maybe for some it might constituted. If you know how to program one or something like that, some, so what are you have you'll get into a good graduate school that you think? That's all that meaningful hoof. Let me tell you
it isn't- and I went to a prestigious graduate school, so what I knew then so what You think all Columbia, University, school of international affairs- that's meaningful, never occurred to me. So it's just getting worse There is less religion, less patriotism, less male female bonding. So what is there? No wonder so many people at depressed and then the ubiquity of the legalization of marijuana, one of the on my opinion, will ever more destructive ideas in our society.
People change it's a really amazing. They went after a tobacco, but the but there there Tina legalizing marijuana and nobody said anything about alcohol least. One thing you could say about cigarettes and I know cigarettes kill. I'm totally aware that about one third of smokers will die prematurely according to the long association. But it doesn't play with your brain. Alcohol and drugs do. So I'm sorry, if you If you are a young person listening, you should pursue all the things. I said you should date. You should look into religion. We should celebrate your country. People listening all over the world. I think I want you to celebrate your country. It's a good thing.
That's swimming. You deny bad things that have happened in your country. It's like we celebrate friends, no friend is perfect. We understand our friend has flaws, but we still celebrate them ok, let's go, let's go to your questions,
And the first one from Nigeria, okey dokey, I myself, my name is away from Mr Lukas. Andrea. First and foremost, I want to thank you, MR then spring energy, for all you do is each wisdom in butter, wisdom. God bless you, sir. My first questions I want to know what gives you going you ve country, lots, precarious, green tree lots and it's an awful wanted us we cope on account of tries, can pursue that fighting spirit and you can go in giving creature was doing the little weaker Santino acoustically. Secondly, here's this joke. You told about something: happened: syrian visa. When
I said: there's a chance! There's! No Javier Solana is no chance to leave these relieve future for conservative ideas in this world. Thank you. Thank you. What a pleasure rife so that was Toby all in Lagos Toby supplier, to hear from you, okay. So your first question is what keeps you going. I've been through a lot that is correct, see that fighting spurning you and you keep going? I keep voting for many reasons and I'm just trying to isolate the best way to put this since
it's just going to sound corny. I don't know if all of you around the world will know the word corny, but I can't think of a great way to explain. It sounds almost like too sweet to be believable. That's what corny is. No corn is somewhat sweet. So when I was in high school, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I was very lucky because most people that age don't know what they want to do with their life. I was very lucky. And it's never wavered for day in my life I wrote in my diary. I want to influence people to the good, that's the where road. I still have that diary and that's what keeps me going there. That is what I want to do. I know that I have been given a gift of communication, so I saw that sort of, but I have to use it but try to use it for the good
So that's what I knew even as early as as high schools, and it keeps me going is I want good to prevail over evil. I hate evil. I hate people hurting each other gratuitously. And I know that the battle is a very horn. One is that that's I never thought it would be easy. I know that human nature is not basically good that piece of wisdom and that separates the wise from the foolish at that alone. Separates is separate people. You can't have wisdom if you don't believe human nature. If you do believe human nature is basically good. You cannot have wisdom. You when you start out
With the foolish premise you can only have foolish result, I I have. I just decided I needed to do the right thing and fight for it. I haven't wavered. I I I believe that my belief in God has helped, but I dont believe that God I never took for granted. God will protect me or bring me success. I dont see God. I never asked what will God do for me? Never ever Wherever I only asked what the what can I do for God or what is God want me to do for him as it were, that I do ask, but I've never asked what God can do for me. That's that's a very strong part of my religiosity.
So I'll take another thing that keeps me go in Normandy Beach, so. I visited Normandy Beach many years ago, Normandy, Beaches, where ass numbers of of broken and allied troops, especially american, also Canadian, much of which all the countries landed to liberate Europe from the Nazis?. If you go to Normandy Beach, you will see thousands or, I think, a thousand. I I don't know what it looks like. A thousand mostly crosses. Of guys who died at nineteen, twenty twenty one, twenty two storming Normandy Beach to fight the Nazis,.
And I made a vow of myself. I said you know these guys died died at twenty one to fight for liberty and to fight in their case for America so nobody's asking me to die, I might swell live for liberty, and for America me I I don't have to make the sacrifice that these guys made. So the least I could do was live for good. I feels so I'm a fighter. My nature is to fight to fight the bad guys. I don't like fighting it's, not I don't enjoy it, but I can't I sleep very well at night, but I don't. I wouldn't sleep. Well, if I didn't fight, if I, if I took the the easy way out,
all of that keeps me going. Secondly, small group meeting a rabbi in Israel saying there is no hope there is no chance of that's, not way? The phrase is so remember. The story is told me: the story in the early days of Israel is a socialist country, so went to the Ministry of Communications to get a phone and he asked the clerk. When will I get the phone? The clerk says Scorched said to him in about six months, And my friend then said to the to the guy: a is there no hope that I can get it Remy hope that I can get it sooner. Said Sir there's always hope, there's no chance, swollen the funniest and greatest stories of my life. I'll, never forget it. So it's not there's no hope. There's no chance. There's always hope. There's no chance. It's dark!
Were I love dark humor? I want to know if there really is a future for conservative ideas in this world. Of course there's a future. But I don't know that I will. It will be in my lifetime that it will prevail. I just know that their There is no alternative to what is called conservative ideas. Conservative means you conserve what is best from the past, overthrowing the great values of the past, because You know they're dead, wife here p, e mails or just dead is cheap. All this in the extreme and utterly destructive. So of course there's a future hey. You people I'm talking through right now, almost a million and Europe. Nigeria and they say there is hope. You gotta kid me right.
Andrea? Twenty two in Ravenna ITALY plea going from my, we Dennis I'm a proud appropriate, but what's wrong with say, happy holidays then a merry Christmas, if it's more composting and makes people feel more comfortable than war, be rude about it. I don't get how this is a big deal. Well, it is a big deal and I know it's a big deal because it's Christmas, it said to be Christmas and there's gotta, be a reason that people don't say it and you gave the reason, makes some people feel more comfortable to say, holiday. Those people are narcissists. I dont give into north assists I'm a Jew, Christmas is not my religious holiday,
I always say merry Christmas: Jus or buddhist or atheist or muslim, who doesn't feel. Merry Christmas is a narcissist and I dont give into narcissism all GINO Why holiday so what It's the national Holiday AIDS, the holiday of like ninety percent of Americans, hello,. Why why? Why is your quota court comfort, more important, Ninety percent of your fellow citizens, its beats me believe me. One fifth of Israel is not jewish, they say: Sure, but shalom on the radio every Friday night, In Israel should watch alarmist, Sabbath peace ripe, kissed, the Sabbath comes in at sunset on Friday. Should they stop it, though,.
It's it's or or whatever, with the majority, unless the majorities evil, then the matter. Only you should be allowed. It celebrate Anyway, to national holiday in America is not just a Chris, it's a national holiday, but of their lot on the left? Who would like to remove? It is a national holiday? Don't you Into just for somebody says, I'm not comfortable whitey, give in. That's! The amazing thing to me: comfort is the new God. Well, why aren't you comfortable watch image it off your back to say merry Christmas, you harshest. Ok,. Say happy birthday to somebody on their birthday. Why not your birthday, you should say The holiday not happy birthday, it's not your birthday.
Gosh, twenty eight Portland Oregon Howdy, Mr Prager Howdy Josh. Why justify the goodness of America, people who say we live on stolen land? Thank you for all you. Do you truly compensation? the lack of male role models in our modern age when we take that last part. First, that's another tragedy. I know that I had plenty of male role models as a kid. Daddy my generation. The baby boomers had a lot of us truly destructive idea. One of them was don't trust. Anyone over thirty never trust anyone over thirty, so that they have contempt for adults. They thought because they went to college in their parents, didn't they knew more. God is at a joke,
so the myth of the male models will look in the movies, even the men, men, real honest to goodness. Men were in me he's an honest to goodness women who were in movies last prior to the seven these? Oh, my god, it was a joy to watch them. Who do you have now? These are these? Are both men, boys man? Boys boy men, what does somebody who is it they had to dissent? Is this term? It somebody told me What is it a Mamma in English? You know the year soy soy boys, that's the Jimmy here that Term soy boys at at fifty. So what do you say to people say we live on stolen land? Yes,
We live on stolen land. Now, what what are we supposed to do about it? What does your point? This is correct every country lives on stolen land. What would you like the country to do about it? Leave people make the point as if that the discussion. It doesn't end the discussion at all correct much of the and was stolen, not all much. Then why did they only because they were here before us who is here before them. If anybody was here before them did the ass. Takes the lead from another probably did from another. Try another another nation. It doesnt it's it's not appoint it's not even a bit. Its appointed doesn't mean anything now not all the land which, though they were not that many Indians at the entire north american continent, belong to to
Americans a little absurd right. I mean, let's beat, let's be honest, very gigantic continent, not that many people. What's our time. Let's see here. They are all end up with this one. Thirdly, all good ones, or we can get some another time Andrew eighteen, in LOS Angeles, shallow Andrew. What is the secret of longevity, Damone Devotee PS, give up. Some good belly rubs. For me, no prob you're, the man, though you see his reaction, its he's so excited? That's the thing about oh yeah. Ok, he is breathing.
Times I check so Andrew. I gave him the rub. What's the secret to longevity? Well, my favorite answer: are you ready Therefore there are secrets and interestingly, but the there was a guy. I asked the oldest. World war, two veteran just died in the last year or two It's a Dallas morning NEWS had at an interview with him. I was a hundred seven, so it was six, they ask them everybody s anybody over a hundred. You know, what's the secret to Germany, oh he said I love this, he said that the secret is God and cigars. That's my man!
So I think I got a good shot dead about a hundred six here I got and cigars are pretty central to my life of this. I think I'll tell you. There are a lot of secrets. Here's one is one secret luck, K, let's be honest, get pancreatic cancer. A did. You do anything to created. No Can I get a brain tumor its debts? I believe in god- but I know best- luck in life. Of course, there is you hit by drawing I would suggest terrible walk what money going to do. So What is a factor but I do believe that putting the law. Part aside from These are apparently a huge of a huge benefit by the way dogs apparently help, but people live longer. The
Lily who live alone and have ever a pet like a dog or a cat certainly do live longer and makes sense. We we were meant to relate ideally the people, but if this is a very good second best, but friends, The huge religion is huge environment. The issue was not because I'm religious, the issue is just true, People, whoever religious life in a religious community live longer. Inner peace, inner peace has I remember in high school, some in health book or something that stress kills and I I took a very seriously. I've always always wanted inner peace. To live longer. I just want inner peace, I have inner peace. So that's why I write a book. I've written a book on happiness and that will show unhappiness.
So there are a lot of a lot of secrets to it in their physical things. I have to believe believe it or not. I do work out three days and I also I my case. I fast about eighteen hours a day because I I read so much compelling arguments that the less you with the better it is for launch, ebony and, I know happens hack frankly, give a hoot about food aid, because I have to live for food outlet for cigars, but I do not look for food aid, food casino, vengefully, I do get hungry, but
mean much to me, but all there are so many factors here that but I'll tell you if you're, even yourself up, if you constantly aggravated, I think you're gonna were live a shorter period of time. My dad died at ninety six smoked about four cigars day, had a big martini or a scotch on the rocks, but God he added repeat. That man very little bother that guy he was in world war. Two on an attack transport digs exactly the type of ship that they kamikaze try to destroy. Having japanese planes commit suicide attacks on ships. Guy slept like like alarm he just he just that was his nature.
He never worried about being being hit and makes it if I'm hit I'm hit nothing. I can do about it and so you're blessed. If you have a calm nature, I do have a calm nature. I also work but I have one anyways been fund this this time with you so always fun to do it. Well said, the only reason I do it, they would cause it's important and I obviously a lot of you think that way. That means a lot to tell people about it, so others can share in this and until next week from my home to yours, thank you for watching I'm Dennis Prager. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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