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Fireside Chat Ep. 114 – How to Tackle New Year's Resolutions

2019-12-26 | 🔗
How can you make the most of your New Year’s resolutions? Dennis Prager provides some helpful advice and shares why resolutions are good (hint: they show that you are trying to improve your life in some way)!
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I read body, I'm Dennis Prager. This is my house, my Otto, the bull dog, my fire, and this is the fireside chats every week, which amazing cause. You haven't no the much I travel, but this is really important to me and it is it just and sometimes I just a review this. It's a chance. For you to get to know me what what we stand for Pray University, what I stand for and in, most in almost the most informal way possible. I mean I'm somewhat formerly dressed, I will explain that on a video. Why why I wear a jack in time for the fireside chat and you by the way, you should look at past videos. These things about not there about life. Life issues are in dated. So, let's see, I always begin with some comments and they were triggered in part by a question. So
Normally go to the questions after my comments, but I mean really question which will lead to my comments. Is that clear, totally clear? Should I tell her run Ringo ended up here. You want to you're a funny story. Folks this is this is really funny behind the camera the man made. In this possible camera wise is run Rico and we know embarrass visa terrific guy. I hate to say it because it's gonna go to his head. Num lock me heavier than this, but anyway run regos, terrific. I so we a Prager you a Party Christmas Party, we call of Christmas Party not a holiday, partly because the vast majority of people there are, in fact people who celebrate Christmas. So I have this bizarre. Leave that the vast majority of people deserve to be honoured in any given situation unless they're evil, So anyway, we had a Christmas party
they were raffling off all sorts of prizes, so they announce, Kay em now the prize you get to visit Dennis during one of his fireside chats and I assume their number people who would have liked and after all there there and guess who won right marine go. Is that also? I can't tell you I left so hard. I was choked the Only the only two people, therefore, whom it would have meant nothing we're run Rio and Megan run Regal. What it. I can't think of an analogy. That's almost like winning a If you want a prize to visit your home today, it's a big problem, you're you're going anyway- and I thought that was hilarious
what is it you're lucky does it lucky in love lucky in what is it? This is some phrase I Rodrigo is lucky in love, so he does not lucky in inner in weapon in lotteries. So that's good Better to be lucky in love our rights, is the question that triggered Maya what I want to talk about this from Ryan in Franklin, Township, New Jersey. U S a. I often wonder what one can do to stick to New year's resolutions? They are often arbitrary, but this year I want to be better with my time and more intentional toward friends and family right to, let me tell you folks, I'm a big believer in New year's resolutions, even if you break them on January. Third, I am because at least you have confirmed,
did what you want to be what you want to be as the most important question in so ways you can ever ask about your life member. I actually think I talked about this. Right where what you ask The kid. What do you want to be a lawyer or doktor, an engineer, an electrician and I t expert to see what a company God knows, what right and that's not the right answer, the right answer is: I want to be a good person I want to be a good citizen of my country. I won to be a good christian, good, jus, good whatever it might be. If you good religion is so that that's a good answer. That's a better answer so I like the idea of a new year's resolution. I want to be better at an you. You know but if you really want to be something that is very good. You will be not if you want,
to be a millionaire that this that's not guaranteed, but if you Want to be a certain type of person you the land up it I'm. What hit me with? with regard to this. Was I I don't know how this arose, but I I am a father and I am a father in law. One by two sons is married, am I I remember thinking I want to be an easy father and father in law. That's that was important to me, because a lot of people have issues with parents. I mean the talking about adults and a lot of people have issues within laws, and I I I just wanted to be issue lists for my my son and daughter in law. Now you know I
They have succeeded you'd, have they ask them, but that's been a goal so that nets oh I'm a fan of New year's resolutions because at least confronting how you can improve right. Nobody take new year's resolution to be a worse person, so clear, or is something so it's a good thing. It makes you confront it. You could do better on point number. Two you ve got to be behavioral so, for example, let us say you would like better relations with your parents, I'm just that. I was right. Your family issues. So. Wanting better relations with your parents doesn't mean anything: it's nice, it's Sweden! I want you to want that, but that that's not in Because it doesn't mean anything, you mean concrete. This is the key.
Your resolutions have to be as concrete as behavioral as possible self. Example how about this. I know why I did this when I was when I left my parents home at twenty one years of age. Its wherever issues I had with my parents and like so many people I did have issues at that time with my pain, Nevertheless, I called my parents every week until they die at ninety six and eighty nine years of age as a long time to call them up every week. Wherever I was, I called them up. That was a very specific act. What whether I was in the mood to do with that weak or not in the mood to do with that week what irrelevant Moods of the worst possible sources of behaviour? Don't let mood determine what
do your mind has to determine what you'll do so that that's a concrete you want better relate as how about call them. Every week, every ten days, I don't care what you decide. Every They are that's not my issue, but thing specific, I will do this, better marriage, a bet a better marriage means nothing. You have to do something and by the way not it doesn't have to be enormous. In fact, the less enormous it is probably them like me, want to keep it out you other examples, but let's you want a better marriage, so figure, you're out what one thing. One thing: that's it just one thing will improve it. I don't know one in this for your marriage, but maybe maybe ask your spouse eight. If I could do one thing, just please, let's keep it at one
I've got something else next year, but if One thing that would make you beer to be married to me. What would it be by the this your spouse, may not have an answer. It's so specific you it's not I have to be more attentive. That doesn't mean anything. That's. What in general. I love generalizations, but generalised rules like that have no impact. That's like saying I want you to drive more carefully, it doesn't mean anything Tell somebody how about this every time you changeling signal. That's it! That's my only request of you, then you driving better. That's that's it. That's! A perfect example is that it is clear that this position, thick has to be what you're a watch or after so few, ask your spouse and by the
that might be. That might be a very. Very big help in in the case of of the spouse, cause I dont know if everybody's clear, if my when my wife could do one thing don't make me happier or make me you know just bore loving, even what would it be if they may not have an answer That's why it's useless be more attentive under skimming one example that useless spent. Twenty minutes with me. Every time you get home just talking about, My day or your day, I'm not saying that the answer undertake that mean something especially for a man. Men are great at rules at directions. We need to be told exactly what it is. We will not read your mind that should be given
every woman at the wedding. I love you, but I will not read your mind just just the thought, so it's gotta be pacific. Ok, let's say another one. You want to be in better shape, you wanna, be you lose weight or are you just want to? U wanna? in better shape. You want you wanna, be healthier physically, one thing: just one thing oh, I know four years ago they built right next, or to where I broadcast my radio show they built a very, very high class Jim. I when did immediately, and I said I'm three days a week, I'm gonna work out and with the train or by the way that was in for the critical theme. It has for me and most people. It has to be a trainer because if I wanted to achieve three days a week without a trainer, I we'd like saunter over to this machine, lived a couple of bushes thought to some of the people in the place.
Get out get on a treadmill. What some something on the video screen and go home and it would have nay, total wasted time, my, however, trainers are all sadist and Therefore they they enjoy your suffering and since then no ain't no, no pain, no gain in pain. That's why it's racks me up whenever I show up in it's three days a week, ever I show up Dennis or Mr Prager? Whenever they call me enjoy your work out. You gotta be kidding enjoy, I work at what are you What does that even mean I enjoy after the work out like enjoy giving birth? Nobody Joyce giving birth after the baby comes out. O a woman is often
overwhelmed by this love machine. That's just come out of her, but the process so. In a sense, the process, I'm very I'll be right after it's over. I feel better. I know I'm a stronger I'm taking care of myself, but I dont look forward to it ever ever enjoy your work as a joke. Benefit from your work out great. Anyway, I do wish specific things, so I will work out excellent four times a week or I will cut desserts by half just to one. Or I will cut out bread. Ok, I just don't go overboard, you won't do it just do ones. And, of course, if you do it for a month, has a good chance you'll do it for two months Oh those are my man. Those are my suggests
on New year's resolutions. Ok, be specific and don't be grandiose, Ok, now we usually open up and we will with a video question- and here we go- how Dennis I'm selfie a proud member Prager Force at the University of constant river files from Saint Paul Minnesota. My question is we usually senior bulldog ATO and your fireside chats as a document here myself, I'm is to know why you picked the boat on breed and what your favorite part about. Ato S. Thank you. So if he wants to know why I pick the bulldogs are right. Ok, this I don't know if my answer. Answer will is true, but I don't know if this will disappoint you folks, but
There is an answer to your question. Actually, I'm almost the part. Is there anything about Otto, your favorite, my favorite thing about ATO and I'll, come to that afterwards? Ok, why? Why did my wife and I we pick two dogs? bass at hand. The main wish bulldog My reason I think it was heard, but I can speak for her. Let me sometimes I can but I'll speak for me in this case, though,. Are the two funniest breeds of dog. That's the reason you cannot look. At either a basket hound or an english bull dog and not crack up right. Let's be honest, you know
I love a lot of a lot of breeds of dogs and if you see a great day thing, you don't start laughing. If you see a german shepherd, you don't start laughing their great dogs, but him. You don't see his face, but the embryo is bull dog faces face. Only a mother could love and or father. In my case, so they they make me laugh, and I love that so is the thing I most love? Is he relaxes me he's a calming effect on the whole when he said or is he relaxes me when he looks up at me when his tongue? hanging out most of the day you just he's a crack up. Then why not. So ok, so that's the that's the auto! Now you don't. I don't think you ve
seen our raw, have, they ever seen the other dog Snoopy Rocky he broke in one time. That was it. This guy is so funny. He now gets into this position Ever tv networks send people in here to interview mean for fruit. Fruit, national tv show what might be, he sees lights. Go up goes right there. He is very funny. Tis. Pavlovian response. A get on set our right. Next Here we go. All right It is also about Otto Nathan. Twenty five burns harbour Indiana Howdy, Dennis howdy
I'm said to bring this up. Do you think I was fall into the second most famous dog in America? Now the Poland has been, given a ceremonial mental by the President, so the president gave corner This was the dog that went on me. A mere or some emission. That's a long time ago is the dogs with us. I don't remember exactly sense. There wasn't there wasn't? No, I wasn't Osama with within Another leader, I guess of of ISIS yeah in this day and wasn't wasn't Osama right so I'm very ok with in being more famous than Otto. That's it. The question is: how does Otto feel I'm at peace with it, but not informed Otto of Coalmines fame. My trust is, it won't effect
because none of the fame is thus forgone, two items head and am very impressed by it. O Sam forty four years old, Meridian, Idaho, on your recent fireside chats. You said people about basically good. We ve heard you discuss this topic before and Frank is quoted as saying despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart. How do you respond to her quote my wife- and I love you Dennis love you Dennis. Thank you, give Otto a scratch for Us Otto. This is from oh, I hope Ok, that's the man was Otto. What is more than bite
he takes a very long walk with my wife, believe it or not. This guy uphill. I my reaction to Anne Frank, she wrote that in her diary, those famous Holocaust document teenage girl who dutch jewish girl, who was hit with her family until they were but raid by someone to the Maltese who then chip them to death camps and she was died in one of the murdered by the Nazis and one of the death camps shoes about sixteen years old. I think, maybe fifteen, I don't know diaries very famous and it gives a face to the to the horror of the hollow.
Asked. I know she wrote that and my answer is it doesn't matter that she wrote it? I dont get my wisdom from teenagers that she was a a wonderful the young woman enrolled among believable e, powerful document that will last forever.
Is beside the point. I don't expect sixteen year olds unless they grew up in a religious, jewish or christian home. She did. She was a secular, Jew, most kids believe that, but it is not true, so it if it has never been an issue for me in a while. You disagree with Anne Frank. So what and by the way I mean to be very serious for a moment. I would there be very curious thought about this. A lot if I, if I were to be able to visit and frank while in a concentrate.
Camp, which he of still believe that we don't know o K Rebecca twenty two built in Texas, dear Mister Prager, I'm a big fan of fireside chats, so am I I was school than did not attend college? So I like to Morning, Prager University is my alma mater. I think that's durable and completely valid. We don't give degrees, we give wisdom, which is a lot more important than degrees. Why? What would what would like to? I guess there's there's a mangled the English here. Anyone what not her fault, I'm sure What is your opinion on the phrase? Ignorance is bliss. Thank you for your time. Ignorance is bliss.
There's a lot of truth to that its etc. The question in life is. Is. Are you willing to be ignorant in order to have some bliss? I want to be now meagre and happy so because to be ignorant is not to be fully human, I wanna be fully human and I want to be happy so you can choose, I guess to be ignorant and Retain some degree of bliss, I assume. In general, that's not it's not a price. I'm on prepared to pay. I want to be aware and happy what's our time. Cool Mustafa twenty four in Iraq in bubble
Mr Prager, for those of us living in islamic countries and struggling with applying your advice and morals and our daily life, do you the suggestion for us, I'm agnostic, If you so much for all the wisdom that shared On your show and channeling truly grateful. Well I Grateful to you, Mustapha! there is a crisis within Islam there there is nothing. Please me more than to see a great moral movement emerging within Islam and right now. I dont see If I see it with individuals, there are some fantastic Muslims, obviously, but as a as as a the larger thing. For example, there are just. I'll use, religion are not a member of I'm, not a Christian.
There are so many wonderful Christians, Christians who volunteer there too I mean the poorest places in the world to help the poorest in the world an end to adopt children with with terrible disabilities and Give charity in volunteer and and deeply believe that it is their task to just demonstrate, love to people. Many of them do not. All Christians are wonderful and certainly historically many Christians were terrible But my experience in America with Christians has been a very positive one. Islam ass do Muslims have to look within Islam,
and emphasise whatever? Is there that emphasizes goodness and there were some ports that don't mean that the greatest a muslim writer in history, Ibn hull Doone. I think the fifteenth century, who wrote the Mccarthy Mamma the introduction to history.
Wrote them. I caught him in my book, which book honey. I don't mention enough. It's very important book about the left. Islam in America still the best hope it's cold. It's really an important book. If I can say that about my own book- and I quote even call doing there and said who said unlike and I'm paraphrasing on, like Jews and Christians, we Muslims do believe in forcing people to convert to a religion. That's that's not a good! That's not a good doctrine! it's not a moral doctrine, in my opinion, so is its Muslims. I think most Islam needs a reformation. I do and there are Muslims working at that in in the united?
data not only the United States and there are some really, as I said, special people. So that's a challenge. It's it's there. It's! It's not honest to deny. But there is a moral challenge within Islam and has been for many centuries. So? You have to decide, you say your agnostic, an eye, and I respect that you have to decide. And Islam be used to produce good people not to produce believers, but to produce good people. That's that's the that's the club. I would ask the question for religion at how I judge religion. I judge religions by the fruit, their fruit.
Religion has bad fruit, so that's a given, but how much good fruit does your religion produce? That's! That's the that's! The big question. I'm not I'm not a mormon, I have been very impressed, many of the Mormons that I have met. That's that's! That's eight! That's a compliment to the Mormon religion or else the as they were formed themselves. Ok, Good luck. You give me hope by the way, my stuff you do and everything I say is applicable to anyone of any faith or no faith. Ok, let's see end with this one. I guess Scott, twenty nine chess me South Carolina you
say a Dennis huge fan. Thank you. Why? vice. Would you out for a male raised with no father who wants to live the best, godly life. He can without a healthy father Presents growing up, The answer is to find another father presence. I I tell men all the time your task, every man Its task is to be a father figure to younger men. That is our task. The biggest single task, men have is not to be president of the United States or the Prime minister of whatever country or listening from the biggest task is to be a father. You're a good model. Two young men, that's most important thing a young man could have, so it doesn't have to be a father.
It could be another relative like an uncle, could be an older brother or could be, as my psychiatrist friend, who always ability or friend for forth for twenty five thirty years, Doktor Stephen murmur. He speaks up. Patience he had is very into Think story he adaptation many years ago he is father was a traveling salesman, came home for weekends. And he was so happy to see his wife. He spent no time with the kids, so basically he his father lot of his life during the week use it. Gambling salesman during the week any spend time with with that with his mother, with the guys mother. So this man would The movies every Saturday and he picked. Mayo,
figures in movies to be his father figure and it worked with doesnt work today, because movies don't provide decent male models. So one of the post nineteen seventies, collapses of of society, the men in nineteen fifteen movies were so much more impressive than in the men in movie since the seventies, many of whom are just boys male bodies. So if I have that role in your life, even though we don't know each other personally- that's great and not just me, but that that is. That is how this another answer to
what's the reason. As I write in my commentary on the Bible in the book of Genesis, commentary, God is depicted in mail terms, not because God is a male. God is not male or female, but because, if you don't have one of the reasons there are many, but if you don't have a male fishermen, Father on earth, while you do have a father in Heaven and to those of you who are atheists feast, this may sound absurd. I should do a broadcast on how much absurdity secular people believe compared to how much absurdly religious people believe and believe me, a b, the secular, absurd these outnumber religious absurdities, buyer a factor of ten but anyway. Yes, so a father in Heaven can be a very powerful thing for, for a man
well anyway happy new year since we took the new year's resolution thing, I wish you a good be a year where you could look at the M and say you grew, that's a biggie to grow. That's a big one out talked about that once That's a goal so anyway, on behalf of Otto and all of us, God bless you with a wonderful healthy new year. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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