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Fireside Chat Ep. 115 –When Character Is Secondary to the Job

2020-01-04 | 🔗
This week, Dennis addresses common criticisms of the President's character and why any perceived personal flaws should be secondary to our focus on his job performance.
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Everybody Dennis Prager here great to be with you, I'm with you every week, and it is amazing every week it's true from my home in a forty year, USA to all over the world. We have thus far questions from people in fifty two countries, and that does not include people who don't send questions, so it's a very powerful vehicle to touch your life and that's what I want to do. What I've always wanted to do, in fact, and it's a great way for you to know me better and know what I stand for then I get your feedback, its complete. The unrehearsed? I don't read a word from teleprompter. I dont, prepare in advance, accept some thoughts of from my opening statement and it's a wonderful thing, work that well that's Otto, We try to have Otto's face in on this side, but
Otto the ability new. Convince Otto to do something is limited, he's great. We love em, but. He's. He has his own mind. So if I tell him turn around that doesnt work anyway great to be with you open with a very serious subject, one that a lot of you apparently have asked about. Is that correct. And it's a very logical thing for you to ask about, and that is kind of decent person speaking about not only just Americans, but especially Americans can how can a decent person support a leader who was perceived by many as not decent. I mean that's as bad as good. A summary is possible of that question and applies for many people,
with regard to people who support Donald Trump, the President of the United States, who many regard as not a decent person. So I am not here to defend Donald Trump. I am here to defend the notion that a decent person has different questions to ask battle leader. Then what is their character? There are so many answers that I can give on this. That, I think, would convince any open minded person that I don't even know where to begin, because there are so many. So I ll begin without the order of importance with this question. If your house were on fire, would
to enquire as to the character of the fire fighters, who came to put it out or their ability to put out fires. Frankly. That, in my opinion, is sufficient a response president of the United States or the prime minister of your country, or a whole host of of people with great power. The question can they put out fires? Can they or for that matter build good houses their character? secondary, and I am saying this as one for whom character is everything in regular life in regular life that's why I say I don't care. I never cared what my kids would be care if they would be. Actors or lawyers or five: fighters or anything.
It doesn't matter. I only cared about their character, I didn't care about their grades and they knew it. I told them all the time I just didn't care whatever they came home with. I wanted only one thing and my raising good people, that's all I cared about. So This is coming to you from someone who placed character. Is the number one criterion for my children and the number one for me in me assessing me, but with regard to leaders, there's a much bigger question or any other thing where they affect other people. Fire fighters affect other people. The character of the fire fighters secondary to his or her for that matter, but mostly his ability to put out fires. If you had cancer and you were given a choice of two on colleges. Answered? Doctors, one had a phenomenal reputation as being sorted
for almost a miracle worker with regard to cancer, but was, two to treat people pretty lousy at the office and they have zero bedside manner. Verses and unbelievably kind and wonderful oncologist? Who didn't have that reputation? Who would you take to rhetorical and we all know we answer right, corner or right, isn't that in that obvious, so it's immature immature too to say: oh, how could you support acts because of his character failings? That's not! I dont elect the president or choose a fire fighter or choose it on colleges based on whether I think there are a good person,
those are the people I want as friends. Those are the people I want for. That matter is my religious leader. If I religious if were choosing a rabbi My synagogue were farmer. Catholic fireworks me too well, work will not work, but the ten a church. I would care about the priest character. I would care about the past his character. If I were protestant, that's that's. That is a different story, but when we elect a president, we're not electing a pastor or rabbi or a priest, we're electing a president There are a lot of fires to put out to keep my analogy: go in your lot of cancers to conquer I have not found in general to a great relationship between My assessment- and I will come back to that later, my assessment of the character of a leader and their ability to lead will take take fidelity. This president is so frequently all while he committed adultery and he had a porn act.
Sure whatever it might be. Well wait a minute. John F Kennedy Was way way way more unfaithful more but far more frequently unfaithful to his wife. He had apparently at orgies at the White House, but in those days the precedent report these things and he is. He is an idol of the people who speak about the inability to support Donald Trump John F Kennedy who visa and by the way, was an idol of mine when I was a little child? He was president does very young kid, but I remember what am I really was? Is there any relations, whatsoever between being a good leader and being faithful to one's wife or ones. Husband as case might be zero. Z Ro I wish there were. Then all I'd have to know is hey. So what's so it's faithful, you have. My vote, doesn't mean a thing.
It means a great deal in life. You should be faithful, I believe, in the ten commandments, but a I don't you People on their private- since it's not me it's between, them in their spouse and them in God. I Not so wholly that I could go around and I am faithful, but I but I I dont go George, this guy was unfaithful. I he's dismissed in my eyes, so life is complex. Imitates it's good to have a complex mind two to face that, so the fidelity issue isn't even at issue, and I wrote about that thirty years ago, I would have before I ever heard of Donald Trump that had nothing to do with Donald Trump. This. This is I I hold this issue as a whole.
Just person. I know King David King David was not only unfaithful to his wife. He had the woman that he had an affair with he had her husband go to battle to die. He had killed to get his wife. Somehow or other God found him workable with, there was a terrible sin- God punished him, but he was not. He was a great leader. Bibles alot, wiser than the folks who were dismissed, Donald Trump, because he was unfaithful. Let alone for things that he said privately, that I do. This is a separate unless I've done it already, the the notion of the difference between private talk and public talk of I done it costs the its unbelievably important. What you say privately is
your business, not mine. I will never assess people on the basis what they say privately, okay. So another example. All this character talk. How could you support a president? How could you support? Let it? Let me see how come if this show important the character. People who have great impact, do why? Why? Why don't? We want no the character of the editor of the New York Times next to the present at the Vienna it states it is arguable, hee, hee, hee, yeah, he's dreaming, he's dreaming. I so put him to sleep that that that he dreams he's in deep rem. Now Is everything okay out on the man? You, the man? You are the man? Okay, I hope it's. I don't know if it's a pleasant dream and I'm ruining it for it's a bad dream and I'm helping him there's no way to know. Why don't you care about the character of the editor of the New York Times? These more powerful
Anyone but the president of the United States, because the other people, all the journalists, its heard, modern, journalism is a herd of your time. So something the rest of the newspapers echo with it. Just I saw it There was an article about me. I saw what happened just covering covered by by radio and tv and just because was in the New York Times. Why don't you want to know about the car. There of the idea of the editor of the New York Times, they say they want to tax returns. I've always been opposed to this. We We need the tax returns of anyone who runs for presently I'd say I don't care Democratic Republic and out of character. Tax tax returns on one another, you're allowed an area of privacy item to know your tax returns. It tells me nothing that we are better. President. Since we started seeing tax returns, of course, not all of them His invade the privacy of individuals, why not see the private than one at seeing the tax returns of of of the editor of the New York Times
It's funny how journalists want all of these criteria for for politicians, but none for themselves as we enter the New York Times been faithful to his wife. I don't care, but you should, if you care about it and with regard to a president. Another one. Oh he's not a model for children. Since when president's bottles for children, I had as a model for children for me as a child, my father, my uncle's, my brother, my rabbis, my teachers, even people and move Peace because they were good, may all models then, unlike now, most of the males are children. Their boys. Can you imagine when I was a kid Lyndon. Johnson was president from life
The Roma said to me Dennis. I want you to look at Lyndon. Johnson, learn how to be a man, but a cracked up never occurred to my father. You don't like. President to be a model for your children. If they are a model for children, it's a very nice bonus, but that's not what makes a good leader, so it The naive Tay drives me crazy. It's informal adult to be naive. Ok! Well, I jumper the hare. How about this? The black unemployment rate in the United States is the lowest since we have ever been determining these numbers, the lowest ever. Why isn't that more important than what I think about the president and his character? Isn't people having jobs really really important? I can about America. More than I care about Donald Trump. Donald Trump is not my issue.
This country in the world or my issues. Does he do for the society. Not is he a wonderful human being and I'm not saying he's not item, I don't have the ability to assess him. It's not my business. God can assess it. So I hope that answers next time ass. The question about the firefighters. You want, the ones who put out fires best or the ones with the finest character map you could have both that's great, ok, great Thank you time for your questions. The first one comes from someone. Many of you know does he sat and adjust. I just found out when I saw it right before the broadcast and at so will with who opens up with some humour. He missed pronounces, my name, but please no,
He knows my name, I just for his sake. I wanted you to know that anyway, here we go, it's from Will twenty, rears old Harry owes a Dennis Prig preacher Prager? Is it Dennis when aims? Will I much wanted three from Hollywood? California, and as we know, where do you get all your good ideas from really curious to know? they all come from thanks. Well, you know that's a very real question by the way I Do you have a lot of ideas I always have, and where did they come from well
Let me give you the most honest answer that I can. I am into classical music. As some of you may know, I could not orchestras periodically and I've been into classical music. My whole life, it's it's! It's love that I can't. I can't even describe how profound that is. So one of the greatest writers of melody Great composer France, Schubert Schubert, was asked once that exact question window. All these melodies come from and he just and he said they just come into my brain. And that's what I would have to say about my ideas. I I just always get ideas, it's a blessing. I admit it, so I am trying to use it for the good of others as Schubert did we benefit from what came to his mind, but that's the best answer,
Give I guess I can give a secondary answer, that's the primary secondary answer is I've a clear mind. I have a very clear sense of the world. I believe it's not cluttered. It's not cluttered. If If, if you could take an x ray of my mind, things would be orderly. I'm not cluttered with with a lot of personal issues. Thank God! I have always sought clarity? I love clarity. I love music. I love it in photography, loved and ideas. So, I dont, let me get in the way of my ideas. A lot of people there there's stuff gets in the way of of clear thinking. I think that's a fact
ok, here we go next color young thirty, eight in a ruse, Bulgaria. Hello, Mr Prager, thank you for your valuable work. I did translate the subtitles of a part of your lectures into the Bulgaria language, the ten commandments and few others? I can't tell you how much I thank you blogger. That area just thank you and bulgarian. And I will upload other translations in the future. Can you make a compare of the meaning of submit to God and struggle with God in terms of human behaviour be healthy. Thank you. I am healthy thanks that's a very, very good question. I dont know what provoked a problem blue. Your hearing me talk about the following: I've been broadcasting for
forty seven years on radio and the United States in a turn around the world. Now you can easily here my radio show anywhere in the world and excluded Dennis Prager dot. Tk or Salem radio Network, which is whose indicate my show anyway,. Very early in my career, a Muslim, woman called my show what This was when I was only on in LOS Angeles and became national nationally broadcast. Ninety. Ninety nine, so he said. Hi Denison muslim woman and we can ask you anything which is true to this day. You can ask me anything: that's so I'd like to know. Why aren't you a Muslim, and I was complemented that she would even care to ask, as I thought was a very fair, a and that she assumed that I knew enough of Islam to answer the question I did
they Islam and studied Arabic. So I told her that the answer that key to me immediately? Was this. I said here this might might answer your question in error. Big Islam means submit to God in Hebrew: Israel, the jewish people- if you will later as later known, Israel means struggle with God, and I rather struggle with God than amid the God and I'll. Never forget. She just said good answer. Thank you because it was a good answer, because that's What Islam means mean submit submit to God now obvious there's a submission to God and Judaism as well. Of course, I submit the God, but I also struggle with
I dont only submit to God I struggle and that that they're, both important you have to submit an you. Have struggle God gave us a mine, so were allowed to ask questions God why this? Why that? Why is this so much suffering God? Why this that's fair makes you think you have to work through and by the way I tell people boys to both religious people, a non religious people. Religious people should struggled with God and nonreligious people should Nobody! God! If you don't struggle with your racy ism, it's not well actually deep, just as if you know struggle with God. Your religion is probably not all that intellectually deep Tim: twenty two years old, western Cape, South Africa, good day, Mister Prager Good Day TIM. My question deals with handling a parent who behaves like a child
literally, I am a Christian, and I understand the Bible commands at one honours ones: parents. How do you deal with apparent? Who does not want it to responsibility for their own life unwilling to look after their own physical, spiritual and financial. Well being what can the child do too prepare like that where this one's response, Italy is a child end towards your parents, on appreciate your thoughts, I hope you visit my country one day. May God bless you all at Prager you and the work you do. Thank you. We are blessed by the web interest. South Africa a number of occasions. I just haven't lecture there and I would love to do that. Ok first, there are two separate questions here. Believe it or not, one is What can the child due to help apparent and the here is where where's.
Responsibility end with regard to having to honour my parents as the ten commandments as their separate issues. You you can't. You can't help your parent. In fact you you can help most people in terms of we can help people in terms of obviously I can I get you to the doctor
Can I should I help you out in a b c or D ways, of course, but you can't fix the issue here is not help for the issue was fixed. You can't fix your parents, you can't fix your child. You can't fix your spouse. You can't fix your friend. The only people can fix themselves so you're not obligated. It says it doesn't say, fix your father and mother. It says honor, your father and mother, so you're not responsible to fix them, you're only responsible to honor them not clearly, there were some parents who were much tougher to honor, then others, so you have to figure out
within the context of what is possible. Then you have to figure out how to why honour them in it may be that you want or them just by periodically calling them on the telephone that that that. But if you can't you can't dishonor them, you you can't you can't. In most cases I mean there are some or about cases of evil parents, but you know honour your father and mother doesn't come with an asterisk. It's just understood that that's that's. The reason is a command. That's easy to honour. Parents were easy.
The honourable or oral or lovable of by the way you don't have the love, your parents, that's a great part of what I teach him so deeply hope you all read my Bible commentary, the rational Bible, two volumes around Genesis, an exodus, my explain, an exodus. With that commandment, how brilliant the Bible, as you were, told, to love our neighbour love the stranger love God, but whenever told to love our parents, you don't have to love your parents, but you have to: u have to show them honour their unique. They are unique in your life there's. No one else were told to honour the fact that you asked the question is a credit to you for your parents are not easy jowl, Victor twenty ourselves, Barlow Brazil hallowed there it's an auto here that hello,
from Brazil. Otto. His enthusiasm is contained Dennis do you have any fears in life, Aubrey I'll show a obray gather for your question to good one. Do I have any fears in life and think about that? Well, let's see did I can I bring a lighter my cigarettes, you gonna give me one the so I dont have. I don't have many fears. I've I've I've worked on myself. Thank you. I've worked on myself to first. Why I take this stuff seriously, so I do I do if I fear God,
This I have to answer to God. I am that's a very good way to walk through life, I believe in them. So that helps a lot so, for example, do I mean look, I fear getting cancer. Ok, I mean what they know. I feared becoming a quadriplegic and an auto accident. But that they dont consume me. I mean We fear, isn't the right word. I I hear things I hope don't happen at all. No fight walk around with those fears, I don't fear what people will say, I'm attacked a tremendous amount and lied about a tremendous amount, and I just know that that's the price we pay for trying to do good amendments are not happy about it, but I fear it.
I dont feared the death. I I death makes me sad, but I have no fear there's nothing to fear, because if there's nothing what's there to fear and if there is an after life, certainly nothing to fear. So I don't. I don't have that. There's no fear involved and when I think about death I don't want to die. Nobody healthy does at any age, cause, I'm I'm having such a great time. I'm I just love life so much. I love the people in my life and I feel I have a lot of important things still to do both fear, that's not a fear, so I'd I dont have many fears to to be
list to go it's a great question. I may do a radio showcase. I learned so much from listeners who call in a less people what they fear and then I might have a better answer for you spares. I went on fear spiders also is not on our fear of any of I mean I, I fear being with a lion, but I I die it's. You know I'm fearing if if that happened at the moment, but you know like I don't fear of plane crash and I live on air, means the thing I most fear about a plane crash. I mean eyes the sounds bizarre. I fear people screaming, as as I hate, I I really have a visceral reaction against panic. I dont, like panic, swine
like this, so much hysteria in our age worlds will come to an end and twelve years I'm kids are raised with all these fears. I feel for those of your young. I'm in the world is not an end in twelve years. Just want you to know it's it's it's a crackpot notion will deal with that. Will deal with the if the oceans rise will deal with that humans have dealt with with the with natural phenomena throughout history? Many with the people who believe that the the that ocean front areas will be the luge, they don't sell their ocean front houses. Have some people are still by all these. Ocean front homes in American on the most expensive homes in american many instances anyway. Okay now doesn't mean I'm in you asked about spiders. So what I
but be alone in a room with a thousand spiders? No, but I dont, but that's not normal. It's not normal. To want to be in a room with its spike is: ok, Brianna twenty two. In New York, New Jersey. What's up what's our time, our last one Dennis there are many human beings that I would love to meet one day but you're one of them. Thank you. It's very touched by that Love your wisdom in character. Well, thank you. Ok, then, there's a compliment. I warn Reed what advice would you give to a black female who lives in a predominantly black urban community, but has many of the values that you speak of in your fireside chats I will give you the exact. How old are you would see? Twenty two was it. I wouldn't give you this
advice? I would give any twenty two year old, male or female, but especially female final wonderful man as soon as possible. That's my advice Two. All young women has good men, don't grow on trees and ears, chances of getting a good man are greater when you're younger now pay people hate when, when I say that because they they hate reality reality. Those of us who speak just simple truths about life no fifty years ago. This is exactly what young women were told, but then came the intellectuals the universities with foolish ideas, many of them emanating from the intellectual community and from lots called feminism. Where the idea that a woman should want to get married was debunked what she should really
wanna be as a ceo, but there's more more fulfilment. In marriage and family than there is being a ceo just telling you the truth, that's a fact. So that's the fur, that's what you should do. You should be looking for an in my opinion and every race. I don't think people should confine their search to to any any color. Good people are good people, irrespective of their skin color. That's my first, my first piece of advice and then make up make a beautiful home with some good man try to raise good kids. It's not easy and you know do whatever you want. If you want to do something professionally, of course, but that I think that should be a first order of business.
Many people are gonna tell you that which is very unfortunate. Part of the reason, so many young women are. The press today had been given awful advice. That's strong, stuff, it'll be with you and sending your questions, try to keep them on the shorter side and and simple, not simple to answer. I don't I don't care if the question is is a difficult one. I answered difficult ones, I try, but don't you don't have the phrase it in the particularly complex manner, so we love to hear from you. Even if it's just a reaction till you friends about prettier, you were trying to touch people in the best way
possible and I'll see you next week. Thank you. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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