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Fireside Chat Ep. 116 – Anne Frank & Media Smears

2020-01-10 | 🔗
The left-wing media is threatened by the reach and influence of PragerU. Since their reporters cannot demonstrate any evidence of lies or misinformation, they resort to smear tactics. The New York Times and Newsweek are the most recent examples. The New York Times Article about PragerU: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/04/us/politics/dennis-prager-university.html Newsweek Article Lying About Dennis: https://www.newsweek.com/dennis-prager-anne-frank-diary-immature-16-year-old-girl-good-heart-conservative-radio-host-1479883?fbclid=IwAR0LLMKtc6GkYJSihm-NeX5fpdd4kcd4AcMbAAvYZYHV2VF1O7pUdwc4rEI Dennis’s Column About Newsweek: https://townhall.com/columnists/dennisprager/2020/01/07/newsweek-hits-a-new-low-n2559054
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Hi, everybody Dennis Prager- and this is the fireside chats every week of the year to Mason. I travel a lot but were were very dedicated to this. Thanks for being with me. I'm in my home, that's out only it was to say he can introduce me by now because he so well known The sea, the usual life. I hear my dog my my study and it's completely on scripted. It's just a chance to offer some thought spontaneously take your questions, so why am I sitting with this too big media things took place in this past week, one in news week, which is well, but here or there I'll talk about
and the other is the New York Times. I saw with the New York Times in New York Times on Sunday. The biggest addition it publishes has a front page huge front. Page article starts on the front page on Prager you and there it is from page and there's the Arctic with the somewhat condescending headline its fox. It's a file news for teenagers in short videos I was the way the New York Times could put us down in the headline, because there's no reference to Fox whose what's in the entire article or anything anything analogous, but that's what they decided. It's very different by the way from the internet headline, which was what the agreement what the intimate headliners instances anyway, just different b
is. It may look at how big the article is. I mean it takes an entire giant page of the New York Times with pictures of Prager you folks and what am I going to say to be perfectly honest with you it was. It was certainly helpful to a Prager you. This is The fourth gigantic I mean really, as you see gigantic article on Prager, you on a left wing or left of centre source buzz freed. Mother Jones front page lay times and front page New York Times, and they they try. They don't they're, not happy with it. How influential we have become in the lives of so many people, but there's there's nothing. They could say, because
we're very sophisticated. It's a very sophisticated operation. It's on a very high intellectual and moral level. That's my intent is the intent of all of the fifty people who work there, the intent of the board of directors. These are wonderful people. We, even if you look, you can't find anything quote on quote hateful or anything like that, so they write what they write. I favourable fine, I think I think my favorite live. I have, moreover, I think I'm more or less memorize it was, breaker you something to this effect Prager. You circle thence or tries to circumvent brick and mortar universities and parents with its message, which is such an I'd stay? What does it mean circumvent? What should we do? Ask parents for permission, Put out a video ask ask:
in the University of Michigan. Can we put after it's such a bizarre lie? But there are few bizarre lives like that, where the attempt is to try to show something in a darker light, then, than a reality would dictate, but I I don't believe that the writer a set out. I met her and I said to my colleagues at the pretty you I don't think she set out to write peace on us. I want to be a very fair. I think the New York Times would have liked to, but the reporter I dont think want. To the New York Times did report on me, but two years before, and they they they did it was. It was a sort of hit peace and have nothing to do with Prager. You just have to do with me and the so called controversy of my conducting the Santa Monica Symphony orchestra.
At the Disney Concert Hall, but I don't want to get into that now. It's actually worthy of mentioning another time, but not not important, anyway. That's that's what it is. You can read. The article obviously go to the New York Times and and and just wreathed, I'm sure we put up a link to it right, a prettier. You are, I'm sure we have and it, but I'll tell you what's interesting There's something much more interesting to me than the article that what's interesting about the article is that the New York Times thought that we deserve front page reporting such great length and couldn't find anything negative to say. Let me that's! That's! What's interesting, but the most dangerous thing is to read the comments on the internet on the
your times page, where there comments and articles. I read all eight hundred plus I find took me about five hours to go through all and I did and I on my radio show I have been wrong a lot of them, not all of them with it, would take me a week, but I've been reading selected ones, the rip, the most common meant is well. This is right. Wing hate they not one, not one in eight hundred ml, not only hundred said that, but not one in the eight hundred gave one example of right wing hate or any hate. They would just say it cause there. Programmed to believe that if you are not on the left will just go Oh, you were hater, that's it's like it's their programme by mean it since its depressing. That was depressing, not the article. The depressing is the key
of New York Times readers about the article. Your people, I would assume ninety eight percent of whom went to college, which is Probably why they don't think clearly, and I don't mean that cute line. I really do I dont believe college teaches you rethink clearly it teaches you to rip too, Maria responses to things you differ with o six herb, sexist Intolerancy, full homophobic, a full, bigoted and, of course, Haider Trans phobic. There's a new phobia every couple of years. That's that's. You ought to take a look at that. Maybe I'll write an article on the comments. I think I will because that's it. That's truly instructive, the stuff, the people right, but butter,
a minority, but a fair number wrote well? Why don't you give us an example? They would right as a comment on the comment. Cheat an honest question, not even people who know us, but you know I don't Oh no Prager you just, but I everybody Driving this, but I don't hear one example of a lie. All present lies propaganda. Give us an example. We don't lie say that every single thing is incontrovertible means very, very few things other than Ino. Two plus two week was forests incontrovertible, but God knows we never lie minutes, it's actually wrongful, and I thank you. I think people left answer the God. If they lie. That's one of the reasons were effective. I mean when you think, of the people. This is what you want. Isn't it
did think of the people who have made Prager you videos. If I would write a response to some of these I'd say, do you really believe Brett Stevens of the New York Times Anti Trump bread spread Stevens? He lied, Prager, you, George, will anti Trump Pulitzer Prize winner they're, both Pulitzer Prize winners. He's made a number of videos for us. Is this that he lie he would either of these guys and make a video for a lying propaganda website. What would the wood for prime ministers, we have. Four prime ministers have made videos or three prime ministers in four Pulitzer Prize winners. That's that's that's! Actually the correct number. I mean that these people have dignity. Jordan, Petersen, one of the most
Honourable human beings, I've ever had the visa the honour of meeting he eastern videos for us or video for us. I remember how many were would he would he associated? Or all of these wonderful people they Reuben, then Shapiro I mean there are so many extraordinary people I'd I'm in write to me many cars on a one to insult the ones I dont name. But but you know we have four hundred videos. I can't I can't name everybody. That's that's what they would have to answer.
The last Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, made a video for us, you think he'd associate with which they were the propaganda mill were lying site. Whilst was the prime Minister of Spain, the Prime minister, I think, was it of Norway or or remember where Denmark in its they dont know how to argue on the left. They only know how to smear, which brings me to the other, perfect SIG way to the other item. Look at this headline news: weak from Newsweek Conservative, radio, host ridicules Anne Frank
I don't get my wisdom from teenagers I need any woman was pagers jolly. That's me, this is this, I have to say, is the most despicable headline I have seen in mainstream media as pure. I alluded lie its. Fact the libel, but much suing them I could. But I'm not. My column is about that this week you can read it my I ever column every week you, I hope you would all read it so easy to find space, the town hall, dot com, but it's all over the internet and its Dennis Prager dot com, and it is about this Do you have to understand charging me with ridiculing Anne Frank, is
Is so love with so vile I've devoted? much of my life to the welfare of the jewish people. I was a board member on the board of directors of the Holocaust. He was Holocaust museum in I. It's actually bizarre it so it so bad. It's in the realm of the bizarre How did this this guy, who should be and should be fired in my opinion, but I'm not calling from three five? They just news. We should just apologise on his behalf he won't Benjamin for now or fear. Now I fear and w who is not a not an impressive human being, so how did How did we come up with the idea that I ridiculed Anne Frank? So it was I want this watching a.
Fireside chats, I was asked in fact I'll give it I've been. I'm really give it to you exactly. As it was said, you could of course watch it. So I got a question from Salmon Meridian. Oh hi, Idaho! most recent fireside chats. You said the people are not basically good. This is the question we ve heard. You discuss this topic before Anne Frank is quoted as saying despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart. How do you respond to her quote. So this is a word for word transcription, I'm just going to add a bracket and words to make it clear. But this is what I said She wrote that in her diary, the most. This Holocaust document she was major girl, a dutch jewish girl who hid with her family until they were but
Ray by some one to the Nazis, who then ship them to death camps and died murdered by the Nazis in the death camps. She was about to say ten years old, maybe fifteen her diary is very famous it gives a face to the horror of the Holocaust. So far, does it sound like I'm ridiculing Anne Frank or my saying how tragic and great Yes, I continued. I know she wrote that and my answer is it doesn't matter that she wrote it. I dont get my wisdom from teenagers that was a wonderful young, woman and road? unbelievably powerful document that will last forever is beside the point. I don't expect six
in your old unless they grew up in a religious jewish Christian OWN, where it is thought as a basic religious doctrine that people are not borne basically good. She was a secular jus. Most kids believe that people are basically good, but it Is it true, so it has never been an issue for me. Well, you disagree with Anne Frank. So what and by the way, to be very serious for a moment? I would be very curious. I've thought about this. A lot if I were to be able to visit Anne Frank while in a concentration camp which he still have believed that we don't know. I really killed. Frank. You have no idea how many left wing sites now have Prager, ridicules and frank, because true
there's not a left wing value to liberal value too conservative value, but it's not a left wing values is one of the most repeated phrases of my life. Truth is not a left wing value. That's why all these people are writing in the New York Times could say we lie and where this, and were that they make it up. You make it all up and they this is this. Is it he made it up? I didn't ridicule, just read to you, you can watch it. I can't change it. It's out there In the fireside chats when I spoke when I spoke about this, to save you don't get wisdom from from a teenagers is not to ridicule teenagers. Nobody system. For me, when I was sixteen, I didn't expect them to fact. I would have thought the world was upside down. If adults came to me, for what man, I didn't go to them for wisdom, I would have been a little horrified that things are not in a balanced and life. There isn't a there is,
every human being I've ever met, who doesn't leave, they have more wisdom than they did when they were teenager including, I suspect this guy, although he may not have more wisdom than when he was a teenager by the way. I do believe that there are a lot on the left. You don't have any more wisdom than when they were a teenager. That's why they're so offended because they don't have more wisdom than when they were a teenager, bats They want to give the vote to sixteen year old. Why did Why in american history was twenty one? Not not? Eighteen, not sixteen, because Americans, correctly believed that you mean it certain cut off age, obviously, and it could be later not sooner because few people have wisdom under twenty one, let alone under eighteen, but but democratic party in many states wants to give the vote to sixteen year old,
and they're right from their perspective, Christine no more wisdom in sixteen year old. I truly believe that they felt they feel they dont think anyway. Weary where you have to get wisdom now you can get wisdom from life. If you are predisposed wanting to be wise, but not everybody is people will go through life. And not grow up. I remember when I used to do. I ran a year a an institute for an educational tool for college kids for a number of years. It's how or when I first came out the California lay twenties and early thirties, and I would give them lectures and I would tell them: listen at you. Rage. You think that in a certain age you automatically become an adult. It's not true. You become
adult. When you decide to be an adult. There are many fifty year old, who were children, and more than ever, by the way more than ever so this is this is this is this is a vital thing you should do is tell those weak. They should withdraw or or or apologize we gotta fight, or otherwise they get away with this stuff, okey dokey time,
for your questions, all right, and here we go our first video or our video question for today and Mr Bangemann in here you think I am a member and the pride of place here in a higher, and I just wanted to know how would you go about addressing the harmlessness crisis as currently going on when I can be set in Time, unemployment level because there's something clearly miss and when you have added people homeless and an economy where unemployment is very low, the question is so good. Yes, that's a very fair question,
Why why, if almost anyone who wants can get a job are so many people living on the street, especially here in California, where I live, and I'm not going to get into specific policies? Right now is a very long, complex question, however, there, the let's. Let's put it this way. The major reason there are so many more homeless is not because of a lack of homes. Kate, that's what the left will tell you, because they always blame society for for what especially Americans, ivy when american society may not in fact be to blame here. Why didn't they have more homeless in the past, when people were much poorer? Why, when I was a kid it was, it was. It was unknown basically because they didn't let you live on. Streak who was a simple as that you were not allowed
why it is allowed. Today, because we have decided to have compassion, I think its false compassion, but compassion over wisdom is a perfect example of where we the matters, but why weren't there in the past were more homes thought because they were more homes most of these people- men. I don't know most I don't know if we know a lot that as to be absolute truth on these matters. Many have mental problems. I know this as a truth. Many have addiction problems. That's that's a shepherd problem, but society does not have to allow for people to live in the street that something that society that a high You're civilization doesn't allow for their sake and for others. I think the collapse
the family in many instances is a factor in the collapse of the family. It is, is due to values, issue that is taking place in american life. Family is not nearly as valuable as it was, and I think it's a collapse of religion, because our churches and synagogues so often play roles in these people's lives to help them out but of a vast numbers of people do not religiously affiliate. There are so many issues involved and, as I said, mental my wife and I one night and the very cold night in LOS Angeles number of years ago, for whatever reason we were out the late at night, maybe coming from a dinner. I'd. Remember why? But there was. Homeless. Man. It was it was. It was a white middle aged guy.
And I said I'll tell you what I'll give you were. I don't know how much five dollars, which is more than usually gets. Maybe ten dollars- I don't know. I said if, if you let me ask you questions and in effect interview you not not on a microphone just human to human said fine, he was thrilled and basically turned out. I said the do you have show me no place to live, so no, my sister will take me in any anytime. I don't want. I don't want to. I want to live here in the street and two ostrich sound. We want to live in the street, but a lot of them do but I dont know why this man by I was inadequate and maybe it was just easier for him. I don't know the answer. I don't know. I don't know what makes these people too. I do know that society has a right to say you cannot live in the street, but I do know.
Ben nineteen Hollywood Maryland. How many states I'm a Hollywood. I really do wonder I know, Hollywood, Florida, Hollywood, California, now how he would Marilyn. Mr Prager, do you keep a diary, and what are your thoughts on them? I did keep a diary in high school and that's where I wrote. When I was in writing about the girls I was interested in. It was writing about what I was. What I wanted to do with my life and my my thoughts about life, I I always cared about the big questions I was. I was very atypical as a kid, but I was very fun loving I mean in I had a lot of friends and so on but I might my mind, was elsewhere and
Anyway, I wrote there. I know what I want to do with my life and I still have that diary on the influence people to the good and that's that's all I've done is all I wanted to do and if it worked out or worked out and if it didn't work out, right and I wish I had kept up a diary. The rest of my life And I know why didn't I'm lazy now I know that this might sound odd, because I do get a lot done. I admit that that's obvious, but I I the fight, my inner desire to just play, for example I, love classical music. I can watch concerts on on the internet because it's a great way
the way to get into classical music, is to watch these concerts. That may hold your interests more than just listening in the beginning, but I still love watching. I am. I could just watch this stuff I've a great stereo system. I could do my hobbies. So many Hobbes. I could truly sleep late. Go to bed life completely irresponsible life with great ease but the diary I just stopped because its effort full, unlike our nest, written my Co, founder of Prager You, who is the most discipline human being? I know he he writes a page every single day. He has the page the day we met It's really fascinating met Dennis Prager.
And then another I mean you know it's, it's quite hee hee under every circumstance. He could jet lag nothing. It doesn't matter. He will keep a diary. You should do that. You will thank yourself, later and by the way, doesn't have to be long right. Five lines. If I could do it all over, I don't have a lot of requests to everybody. Has some regrets. I don't know how you could live a life and have no regrets, but that would be one of them. Oh well, old, all good with MR, oh okay Eric fifteen Budapest by the way, I'm speaking in Budapest, they are I'll. Put it up at the Dennis. Prager not come soon as its finalized, where it'll be Eric. Fifteen years old, Budapest, Hungary, good day the Prager. How would you challenged the leftist argument that the socialism that Bernie Sanders wants is not the same type of socialism that?
used in Venezuela, the USSR. Thank you. I am a big fan K. Now, let them start out with wanting Venezuela, or U S s, offer? They just want a bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger government, which means that government controls more and more and more so you are less free unless free, unless free, that's the way. It is You know we have a video while this thing. Well, what about Scandinavia we're moving oh by a aimed at it. I think a dame a major. Danish thinker uses. This is nonsense that work that we're a socialist state. Denmark is is a year that Denmark is a capitalist country. You know about the in Sweden,.
The swedish taxes on corporations were way lower than America's taxes until Donald Trump lowered them. So you know The scandinavian example is not is not a good one. I don't trust people with power. You shouldn't either! That's why the question, are people basically good aside from God, the existence of God, the second most important question, in determining how you look at life is, do you believe people are basically good and the amount that comes out That is wrong from that belief is, is astonishing. You must understand that human nature is flawed. Doesn't I never said were basically evil if we were, just evil. There would be no good in the world. Of course, there's good. Human nature must be, disciplined must be fought. Most path most fantasies people do not
at visiting the sick in a hospital right, let's be honest, so Why would you trust, Lord creatures, with all that power. That's why Lord ACT in the british thinker and and and diplomat Lord ACT in said, the famous quote: power corrupts an absolute power. Corrupts absolutely Just the way it works, that's why democracy with all its flaws, is the best form of government. Will really a republic is, but will leave it at democracy and church said: democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others, which is true That's why you don't want to give the found
the United States, with the ultimate truly brilliant. Oh, you know whenever I thought about the founders, it's in king thing he's thinking right now, Madison Jefferson Adams sat right out. Oh yeah, that's his wave affirming what we're just just saying they were. They were. They were geniuses. These were gifted gifted human beings and they understood you have to put as many many checks on power is possible. That's why Congress checks the president. The President checks the Congress, the court Jackson,
President Congress, this always checks. That's. Why is it an electoral college in Amerika? We need only that they don't even trust the majority, so they wanted and give small states power in deciding whose president, so that the that the biggest donor bully the littlest. So this this Bernie, so they all. Meanwhile, all will take over the entire medical system in America and Middle only be better on one. Why? What oh, I don't believe that it's not it's not even possible. You have to fix what is broken, but you don't smash it. They smash. What isn't perfect? That's what the left view on everything flawed is just get rid of it: the boy scouts,
beautiful art with just a religion. Oh, it's got flaws Oreo. What are you gonna substitute for Christianity and Judaism in the west, but even a substitute social justice? That's what they ve done exactly right as our time. Ok, But internal clock by the way I gotta Hungary story and then we'll go since you from Hungary Eric so my first time in Hungary, because I My my field of study was a communist countries, so I went to the Soviet Union and EAST Europe and Hungary was at the time under communist rule. The almost caught are sure to name you know
and my first time in Hungary, MRS what happened. I took a, I think, a hydra foil fast, both on the Danube from Vienna to Budapest. And when I got on the boat I needed to go to the bathroom, and I figured all just you use the bathroom on the boat, but for whatever reason I guess, cuz to Quiktrip, they didn't have one, or at least that's what I recall. Otherwise I would have used. So I got to what Budapest in in some pain, needing a to relieve myself. But I had to go through communist customs. They open up all your luggage, see if you bringing any western magazines in and they would take it away check.
So I'm in real pain when I'm. Finally, when I finally got through communist customs in Budapest, I walk out onto the street and I thank God. Oh I see on an island in a big highway on in all land, a little land between two directions of cars. W C, I think, thank you, God at least that's international. It stands obviously for men's room. Ladies room
they'll be seen a war closet so anyway I go there and I see two doors and over one door it says knock and over the other door. It says for feedback, and I look for in all like an outline of a man and outline of a woman, nothing an umbrella Amis skirt, nothing, international symbol of male female, nothing just knock infer feedback. I dont know from an awkward for fear and- and I know a lot of languages but hungarian know it's related to finish, but only long time ago. There's nothing related, the hungarian. So what
I do I stand in the middle of the street and his people walked by. I go work. Excuse me knock for yak, so this six foot for american kid is asking Hungarians. If he's a man or a woman, so some of them actually got scared. They thought I was a lunatic meantime, I'm in terrible pain and Hungarian. You think I'm a lunatic. This was not a good the good their moment for me. So finally, I am not going to get an answer. Nobody's gonna go to tell me so I mean why would somebody said hello by a man or a woman. Well, maybe today all today would be particularly confusing, so
I just figured look. I got a fifty fifty chance for free x sounds like female, a walking to nook, and I was wrong and some women start yelling at me and that's the first two words I learned in Hungarian and I clear I have not forgotten them. So whatever I meet a Hungarian, I tell them the story, I'm sure you get a kick out of an Eric, so kissing him say pen, which I also no thank you very much to all of you. Thank you and I'll see you next week. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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