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Fireside Chat Ep. 117 – What Have You Said in Private?

2020-01-17 | 🔗
No one wants to be judged by the remarks they have made in private. Yet many people judge (if not obsess over) the private remarks of others. Let's talk about this. Mentioned in this episode: https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB96387586027646615
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Hello, everybody Dennis Prager in my home, hello to you in your home or wherever you're watching anywhere in the world, and it really is around the world and that's an gonna to be with you for my home by the way that is not a lotta was not undergone a canine transformation. Does the other dog Snoopy. I have no idea why out. I was not in his place today, but we will give our dog a great deal of freedom, with two big belief in our home and so that Snoopy say hi. Snoop, ok Snoops relaxed is easy as relax, this Otto but pretty relaxed, and why maybe do you realize that the dogs in our home cannot go more than twenty feet without a bed awaiting them? There are more dog beds in my home than human beds
read my wife about this a great deal and she doesn't find that very funny. I just for the record. I think it's hilarious. She doesn't. She thinks it's appropriate, be that as it may, the vera there greater Said to our lives ok. So I offer you some thoughts as you know, by now what cases that first times completely non scripted? There are no notes, no know anything just my way of talking to you about what is on my mind and then taking your questions from on about what is on your mind? Well one thing: that's all my mind. This will help, I think, a great deal, because people are truly not clear on this issue and I love clarity and especially moral clarity. That's number one in many ways of my life.
I've always wanted that since I, since I was in high school moral clarity, how do you assess good and bad right and wrong? There is much ado there has in four years with regard to President Trump, Donald Trump comments on a tape thou. Recorded years earlier, it's called the wonders of the planet. Hollywood. I think it's called tape. So my planet, Hollywood or something to that effect, and aware him. He was talking to another guy and speaking in a somewhat gross way about what a famous enrich person could do, that women will allow a famous in rich man to do and it is you don't touch them. What wooden normally be an appropriately, but remember he did say this is what they What do you do now
gross, and all of that my point is not trump. My point is not what he said. My point is this: I don't care what people say privately, nor should you that is not an accurate indicator of a person's character. Is that clear, private talk? is not an indicator of a person's character? There is no one no one alive who, with Everything they should privately had been recorded and then allowed to the world could not be made to be looked like a terrible person. Person doesn't exist. The whole point or a point of private talk is too and you still feel free to vent this to say silly things is to say gross things. I don't. I don't think that that should be, that the great mature
Many of your conversation, obviously, but, but that is the elements of private talk with friends with a spouse? I think of what people have said, They always give my example of One thing I hated every group on earth if you heard what I say about bed drivers, whatever group, the drivers in I hate that group for that minute, men, women, this ethnic group, this ethnic group, this religious group, it doesn't matter. Of course, spinning It doesn't mean anything, it means nothing but hey. If you recorded me then wow Dennis. Oh my god, you do. You realize what he said. It is immaturity and we live in the age of immaturity in his image. There were NATO to assume. You can assess people by what they say privately and I get example. After example, do you know that,
yes, I wrote a piece for the Wall Street Journal about now, eighteen years ago while ago, when it came out that Hillary Clinton had said some some what teams to a Jew who worked for her husband and herself and it as you wish there were people said all wow. Hillary Clinton, Anti semite well as a Jew and is one has written a book on Anti Semitism. I wrote a p, from the Wall Street Journal, saying she's, not an anti semite, because you can judge people, it's not what they say privately. Should she that, is no. But that's beside the point now she said anti semitic things publicly. That's very bad. Very bad is a world of difference between what people say. Private Lee another jewish examples. Richard Nixon Richard Nixon, apparent, He said the negative things
Jews and in politics and so on, and then he he saved is real life in nineteen, eighty, three Kippur war. It's a little more important than what the guy happened to say privately and that had to happen to be recorded just This is a choice. Is so significant by the way the private public issue is important, not just about speech. It's important about everything right, you're amazing. Privately, Ok, isn't it urinating publicly? it's not ok. Is it the public private, distinction in moral or the immoral arena is, is it is enormous. But we live in the age of stupidity. There's no wisdom in our age and you young people have been the recipients of so little wisdom at school, anti wisdom, all
what we should. Probably all legal body should privately. Who cares? Who cares you shouldn't care anyway? You would be judged at least as at for stuff you have set, and especially when men get into particularly male juvenile mood and then and and talk about the women. It means nothing what what what men say in that regard it it's it's not, I'm not a fool. An event, but it isn't. It isn't a statement of their character now somewhat just privately. You know I'm planning to kill someone. So yes, then it matters Ok, that's why you're psychiatrist or or a priest you tell the police. If so, and says I'm gonna kill somebody otherwise, like lawyer right what
we'll tell the lawyer privately is private correctly. You can't asked the lawyer wanted Europe wanted your clients. A privately can ask a psycho psychiatry MR psychologist or a priest and confession, because understand. The private realm issue is unique and unto itself it speak well for the people who awhile look in what he said. Paul he's a massage earnest I'll give me a break massage illness, because Kosovo, comments that he made in in private not ever. Knowing that these being reported, this is not good side for our society that we take of wheat. We now released tapes, private conversations. It is not a good sign not about the individual, but about the society. Is that clear? Good? Let's go to your questions The private public distinction is huge, all rights if we always begin with a video question- and this is from
an American who is living in France, correct correct, all right. So, let's see what she would. I would question I have to say I Dennis won't you my name is carry and I'm an American who is currently living in France, and my question for you is: what is your opinion on the connection between our feminist societies and the flood of male muslim migrants into Europe? Also, do you find it ironic that feminist are defending Muslims from criticism despite Islam, representing the ultimate patriarchy thanks for take My question seller salute the rule of law. Okay, we press our buttons here all right, so I didn't fully follow the first part. Carry so I would love you too warm
you know Semi Mabel, something explaining the cool my opinion. Next between our feminist societies. Our societies have been feminist and the full. Of male muslim immigrants into Europe. I you might In that way, This have an effect on the Emma Nigh society, but I don't know exactly by the way our societies, our feminist and I that what people mean is that feelings have overtaken reason. Women. The female of the human species is known. Not every woman is true of, of course, nothing is true everybody, but that when we speak about the feminine? We speak about the nurturing capacity of the human being There are women who can't nurture their men. Who do I know all that the existence of exceptions? Does it mean the rule is not accurate. K is another important point so
We have substituted feelings and nurturing and compassion for justice and standards, and so on there, he has been in that regard, a feminist nation of of society. That is correct. What did the connection between the flood of mail and muslim immigrants to Europe, I don't know exactly what you mean, but I do know this next part. Is it I'm like the feminists are defending Muslims from criticism. Despite Islam, representing the ultimate patriarchy. Well, I mean a visa. The feminist are defending. Forget the patriarchy issue, feminist These are our do not allow, because feminists are generally on the left, no criticism, the mob Islam is a lack wishes. Criticism of Christianity is expected criticism. Islam is Islamophobia by the way. How come is no Christiana, phobic or christa phobic? Is that interesting? Nobody hates Christians is then amazing.
Every group in the world was hated user hated Christians, Muslims are aided, blacks are aided, Hispanics or in Asia hated, but Christians or not in that amazing, the group that is good, kill them the greatest numbers today on earth Christians, but they're not hated, because the left the controls, our vocabulary, and they don't want to acknowledge Christa phobia. If you will or Christiana phobia, so it's So it is so the feminists that they there, They don't say anything in this regard the veil. For example, you, if you criticise the value called Islamophobia. I thought a few critical is the veil. Your pro woman. There was a? There? Was a man who was the head of the Reformed Judaism, Rabbis on the left and hit me
pull. The group of the islamic society of North America have the quote directly. He told them. I respected the veil. He sought so he's so politically correct, he announced as he was respect the veil fears. The veil he should wear one respect the veil. They'll be humanizes, a woman, ok period and when We have a saying in English right man. Sky so so humiliated cancer was face in town, right, cancer, your face is humiliating, not not ennobling let alone the be the reduction of a woman to wear a piece of a black material are you say well in America well in their reduced to sex subjects. Let me just say this: whereas I am a big fan of modesty now
nonetheless in forms of human rights? There is no comparison between a woman dressing ass. She wishes, however sexy it might be verses, be covered from head to toe. Please, let's, let's, let's look. In the real world feminine, been I've been generally asylum is the whole left has on the treatment. Women in their many islamic societies. Not all nothing is all ok. Thank you for your question. All right, the prey was a fellow cigar lover. I'm wondering Ojo eighteen Duluth Minnesota. What are you What's on raising the federal tobacco wage to twenty one from eighteen. Oh well, ambivalent.
I understand it. Look. I thought from the beginning that the war against tobacco was morally misplaced, because the work should have been against alcohol. Nobody kills anybody because they smoked vast numbers of people kill other people because they drank from child abuse, to spousal abuse, to murder, to rape. To work to were drunk driving so that that's that's another issue. Look I thought I smoke. My first regard. Sixteen, I let them my kids are a cigar and went in there lay teens. So what am I gonna tell you.
My worry is that, if a if a father does what my father did lets their kids smoke a cigar, I don't know child protective services can come in you're abusing your child and then this sick world that we live. I don't know. He has a p s. I will gradually next year is an aircraft mechanic. So if you ever get a private jet, I can fix it for you. Thank you. I'm speechless The chances of my getting a private jet or great is your chance of winning lottery is I would have to win the lottery to be able to have by the way I would love a private jet. I fly too much and I could do it could be. I can return home, You know I give a be as what happens: orthography speech somewhere outside of LOS Angeles. Unless we speak at night speed, she's over by at ten o clock. I would love to fly home. Even if it's from these co, again on the two I am I can handle it.
Rather than have to spend the whole next day? Wait? Wait I broadcasts than the midnight I come home. The next night would save me like twenty hours of being away. If I had a private jet, ok, not that any of you should care, but I'm telling you on responding to about ok Ok next year,. Lee nineteen church, Ville Pennsylvania, hello, Lee High, Dennis I One of your fireside chats. You claim that the rise of secularism was a contributing factor to the rising levels of mass shootings. Since the nineteen fifties, if that actually the case, then why are there very few gun deaths in a killer nation such as the Baltic States, Scandinavian, Japan. Today a few in comparison to the United States. Well, as it happens, in we have the same rights in
many of our States North Dakota, has the exact same rate as the Baltics we ve at this proportion. A number of our a gun, shootings are for minorities. You now just to say that is to be accused of racism, because the left only knows labels, not fact this has nothing. With racism and has to do with either it's true or it's not true where you have like Japan. A completely model Chromatic monolithic, homo genius, ethnic religious. Racial society, you will have far fewer far less crime. Amerika was based on the belief that we could have people of every background and not kill each other. If we
Of religion to suppress the the urge to commit a crime that was the belief, You cannot have look believe me The influx of mass numbers of people from the Middle EAST in Europe, your, but you already have of a great increase in crime. Does so that's that's. What Ben since just in Japan is old, Japanese, Lithuania's all lithuanian, except for some Russians, ok That's that's the way it is that's easy. North Dakota is basically largely homogeneous and has the same rights as our lower rates of crime, even than many european countries. The United States banked on the belief that we could have people
everywhere. If we unify e pluribus them, if we unifies Americans and if we haven't God, we trust is an american trinity. In God, it's on every coin, in We trust equal, resumed him from any one and liberty. You need all three. All right, let's see here, VON forty five cedar, Rapids Iowa hello, and thank you for all you do for so many. Thank you with a recent chat. You mentioned. Like or engage in small talk. However, it seems you do end up having very good discussions with others. How do you skip the small talking gets in depth? Filled conversation? number one I tend to avoid parties, I knew in high school. I already realised in high school the more people as their ways Sections, as always, is exceptions. But generally as the number of people increased, the depth of the conversation decreased.
That was my rules made up this rule in high school. This is not new in my life, so I try I try to do my socializing with with a few individuals. At a time I try I even I school, I didn't like parties, and I certainly don't like them today, because nothing happens. The way that I avoid us adjust. The small talk is by asking people questions about their life and people, love to talk about their life, and I love hearing about their life, and I have no interest in talking about me because I get to talk about. For millions of people, so I don't mean to at a dinner. So I am very happy to hear about others lives and then I just ass, more probing, questions and people will never offended there. They know I'm not. I'm not. Snoopy has had enough
say snoop: is he in the ASEAN the video at all? Well, can't you know when a dog shakes his head. This is my theory: dog shake their heads it is their way of saying what happened happened Now I'm moving on with life. That's how I look at it. Ok he's now is lying them. Why he would leave a bed to go to the floor. Is? Is one of the puzzles of life? Ok, next Davy twenty three in I'm sure I will not correctly pronounced this. Are you plug a r j e, P, Sweden. The Prager I've been in the pursuit of wisdom for the past two years. Good man, I became a Christian during that time. Chris, in Sweden, now them is sort of like A snowball in hell It's a poor analogy, but you get my point not many. They snowballs and help. Thank you for that
system Emma comparing Sweden's our universe? No boy merges, will make that clear. Thank you, the wisdom and teachings you sheriff two questions. The first was the greatest gift. Whoever received second did you earn it for It was life and no other word so for him is greatest, gift was life and he didn't earn it. That's correct. Thank you how much I love the fireside chats and send greetings to Otto all the way from northern Sweden bye, bye, bye! Thank you. That's very sweet thinking left open the door because Snoopy is gonna, get the anxious about not seeing his mother. Ok,. Good and now, for the first time in a long time, we have an empty bed. Where is Otto Is easy easy is, I guess, he's with his mom right: ok, helping its head.
See he he's been walking in, maybe he realizes they. They they began without me. All right be that, as it may be there anyway, so waters The greatest gift that I ever got well, ok. So, of course, life is a gift. Above I was sought. The thing that I would have thought of. I would have thought of health. I mean that's illicit, I to be honest. I pinch myself and how many gifts I've been given, but many people have been given health and many people we obviously everyone's be given life. Everyone living has been given life and obviously everybody will die so that gift we'll go, although I do believe in an after life out of talking about afterlife one time, but that don't be good tool but off the top of my head.
I was given. I was given clarity as a gift at a very early age, because it meant a lot to me. I would hear people speak. Would think what are they really mean? What right and what is wrong? Moral clarity, every type of clarity, and I was given a gift that was given a gift, obviously to speak. So I I know that I've been given gifts. I know they're arenas that I don't have any gift. I draw a picture, for example, the same primitive level I did when I was in kindergarten. I have not advance deaf since kinda garden. The ability to draw. But there are people who are obviously everybody. Everyone has gifts, everyone the trick is to
now figure out what they are and then use them to do good. Ok, what what's our timing here. Arrive. Gene Mckinney Texas, fifty four years old other than the according to you play any other musical instruments Oh yes, the piano, but not about really poorly. I haven't played it in years. What I realized. I came to love classical music. When I was in high school I had already been. The accordion, that's crazy why Rewire took the accordion, but I did there was no Are you my family? You could even re music and I didn't I refused to do homework, so my parents had taken musical instrument. I said fine. We looked up instruments in in the than the telephone directory of what was called the yellow pages and the first one was a four
Corti him, so I took accordion when I fell in love with music. I realized I would never play the piano so immediately took piano Cosette. That's this, though classical music for accordion. Ladies and gentlemen, a grand entrance is now being made by the hero of our Fireside chats Otto great to see a great to see you everybody's happy to see. Now it's like, we had a it was in a vacuum that he filled Good timing really good timing, so I realized I would never play the piano well enough to meet my Standard so, but I did start teaching myself to read scores and I taught myself in high school and I studied it, rest of my life to read orchestral scores with the hope that one day I might be able to conduct orchestras that dream has been for
filled, culminating in my conducting a heightened symphony couple of years ago, at the Disney Concert Hall in LOS Angeles, one of the most prestigious holes in the world. I was very honoured, Ok, let's do work one more here. Now, all that almost limits. I will take a long time that one, the one from Indianapolis remember that will take a long time. Laws. Are forty six stood Guard Germany, hello, Dennis I would you explain whether almost no conservative voices and practically no conservative political, parties in Germany, PS, I'm living in Germany, but I'm from Bulgaria, they are once you mentioned that feel sympathy for my country. I was so happy to hear that I'm a very warm spot for Bulgaria. I have always had and for Bulgaria's, one day off I'll talk about why, but, but I do anyway,
Look there. Slow conservative voices at almost anywhere on the continent there, be summoned England in the UK,. I mean there were some, but but. But, as we understand conservatism in the United States, social and economic conservatism, virtually have not. There is a guy in Germany. Caution who has a great deal here as a great podcast you should I'll go to whip, he is a german speaks, perfect English and he is a true conservative voice in Germany. I think in the world I really want to see him succeed here. He's is terrific. But the unfortunately be european mindset has has said
world worldwide, one not to or one has rejected a lot of the premises of of what we in America call Conservative, including the idea that you that your love, the nation, urine the nationalism which could be used for good or evil. Like anything else, everything could be used for either good or evil. Kate came into disrepute so that died. The idea of big government arose in Germany in the late nineteenth century. In order- and you know why I keep Germans for moving to america- they were basically bribed. Socialism is bribery. Vote for us will give you more stable Tree will give you more will give you more will give you more, will give you more and that leads to the end of societies
for many reasons, some of which are talk about another time? That's a good one to talk about two, but the my hope is that Prager you will touch enough people in enough countries that dough these great values which are universal can make a better world. For every body. That's a nice! No to end on all right. We all see a next week. I'm them is Prager thanks for watching. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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