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Fireside Chat Ep. 12 - Cultural Appropriation, Religion, And The Joy Of Hobbies

2019-02-04 | 🔗
Dennis Prager is back for another Fireside Chat! Topics today include cultural appropriation, Dennis’s views on religion and atheism, and the many and varied hobbies of Dennis Prager! Recorded on May 25, 2017.
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Everybody Dennis Prager here is the weak and kills me welcome the fireside chats aid. We the fire going. We do so does an honest to goodness fireside chats. Just talk about life. Take your question. And enjoy life. Where's, our music, we're gonna. We look. This is frenzy How light up? Will you? Listen? Woe Don't blame me, I didn't pick. It right! This is a great theme. That's what we should ahead from a guy named Procopius.
Let me just say my drug of choice. Since high school has been classical music. I admit our guy thanks very much for the musical opening, greater with you that I say who I am sure. People have an idea that I mention my name, no Dennis breaker As I like to say on the radio peas in ammonia already, gee are by the way that is fun to do when I'm booking a ticket, and the women usually a woman. It is in also, would you smell your name, sir? the european ammonia are Agee are, and what I do is I wait to see. Will there even be a chuckle, and I like it when this, Chuchula means they're alive and their responsive, but half the time is no trouble. It's ok. No probabilities are afraid They may be afraid if they chuckled will I be offended that they're laughing at my last name wriggling, MRS peanut, everybody
Peanut has always toy fell. Poor thing. I let him out of the room. We welcome the fireside China want to talk about something that I take. Your questions show here's your story. I talk this about I talked about the summer radio show today. If you didn't know ever national radio show up in new radio for thirty five years as thirty four thirty four years, one of the two and you can look it up or get the apt to hear the show. But I talk about a lot of good stuff three hours a day. In any event, I talked about something. Very very I won't even I was going to say dispiriting, but it's more in dispiriting. It is its depressing in in both its too.
Tell a terrorism and its stupidity cultural appropriation in in Oregon in Portland They are driving white people out of business if they have a restaurant, that cooks or bakes or in any way prepares foods of other ethnicities. Did you know this? No, I'm asking you might listen, not you not you. I know you know, no, the folks that I mean you you looking at me now that you know this is called cultural appropriation. I can't think I cannot think of something stupid. I would have thought it was a satire, but this is the latest absurdity that the left is come up with
so you must understand. If you are white, and you open up a a burrito shop. They will try to do. They will try to drive you out of business in Portland No, I don't, I don't even want I dont get it it's not just that I don't agree, I dont get it. What does it mean? If it did, a non italian makes opens up. A pizza place is that cultural approach nation, if a non juice, bakes beagles, debate, Bengals here, what else neither its boil who says Boil Beagles, given the smack.
Let think about it. Ok, I'm, jewish! So if you open up a bagel shop of you appropriated by culture, let's say you have what's wrong with it, but is appropriate, mean took for your own. What that is one of the great MRS of Amerika I remember a in Delhi, Ella years, but twenty five years ago I thought this was a beautiful seen. A black waitress was explaining to a japanese customer. What crept last war grip bluff ass he could tell from the centres is like some jewish dish, which gives you instant, heartburn sites like that. You have to bring comes. If you eat, crippled, but I saw this and I thought it a beautiful. This is America, and it is America and that's why the left Haiti, because whatever is beautiful about America, the left seems that eight one
possibly be wrong about. None Mexicans, making burritos non Jews, making Bay Non Italian, making Peter what could be worse with it, but with you you want to see if it is it aside from absurd, it took its racist. What your ethnicity comes with the food What is that even mean that you tie in definition of Europe, this city, and from robbing you're ethnicity by making your food, isn't it a compliment? It's a compliment. It's not an insult! That's a compliment. I so like what you do I wanted emulated by the way. Why fight? Why, if I'm eating it is it not? Cultural programme
nation. You can't make a burrito with your white, but you can eat a burrito with your white. Maybe that's wrong, but we want a few half mexican and half America as millions of people are in the United States one pair. Mexican and one parent is american? Can you have a burrito shop, then we're getting into Jesuitical inquiry. Tell Munich this course week about. Does the burrito have to be burrito when have hot dog. And by the way, what if they want Afy Mexican one of a mexican
in Mexico or in America, Mexican, american or just mexican Mexican, does so hot dogs is that cultural appropriation. What it when I was in Japan, I went to a breakdown in concert: strap unease, musicians, role playing a in austrian german composer, such cultural appropriation. How dare the reason I raise this is that I need you to understand how sick we're getting because the left is getting so so crazed it so so race preoccupied Cultural appropriation, they were, they were too well Yale professors of basically got kicked out of Yale, because
I think somebody wore a. The sombre rural or something to a Halloween party- and they said it's no big deal Now- was the end of their tenure Yale and they were big liberals but leftism hates liberalism its. I think I've thought about this at a far such a difference between liberal and left its huge, but the left to take and over, and it's a very dangerous thing for any society, there's another reason enough. Why would anybody think about it? I'm gonna go once the deeper. Why would any body devote time to trying to. Dr white own businesses, out of business for serving breeders. Think about it.
Why would someone in here's the answer their board? I learned I learned in college reading a book on philosophy how import Boredom is in explaining a lot of human events there board. We need a course. So here is here's a Prager resumed for you. Causes are to the left. One oxygen is to biological living beings with there is always a hysteria, and there is always a cause and they there
what's the most likely cause a month. This is this. Is the latest cause because the people who fight this who fight cultural appropriation, their, I believe that they're empty inside and they have to fill that emptiness with a cause it. So it doesn't matter what the cause is so long as it's caused again. Cultural appropriation is a good, it's a good thing- it's one America's based on Germans, bring their foods here and then everybody eaten the Irish bring their food. Then everybody, each the Jews bring their foods than everybody eaten them be about Tino's their foods than everybody eat him, that's the beauty of it! That's beautiful, not ugly!
turning the inverted moral world of the left. Next time you hear fish with your young person. You hear cultural appropriation, so what's wrong with that, what could possibly be wrong with it is that the highest compliment. I so love your cuisine or some of your art. Right so love your your your clothing that I want to emulate. My thoughts were today which truly morally upside down all right but see or what you got Ronald, I Ronald Dennis. Why do you always demean atheists him after all, Ass, the system, an atheist ism, don't have a book telling us to go out and kill infidels
ok, I do demean atheists at my men I dont demean agnosticism, so dont want the two together I dont demean atheists. So you were precise and I salute you. I do not mean the people. There are some very fine people who were eight just as there are some very ugly people who are religious. I fully understand, my say it all the time, but I do demean atheists. As I asked Charles Crowd hammer whose an agnostic and major intellect. I am. I asked him one of my dialogues with him. What he think of atheists and end He really demanded he. It was fast. In the guy's a psychiatrist. You know. Went to Harvard Medical School is a tremendous background in the sciences. And he's a major truly a major until I say that often- and he got paralyzed than a diving accident at Harvard when it was.
Twenty one years old and he's been in a wheelchair ever since Am I didn't know what he would say and he said it's the least. Rational approach to the issue of God, or one of the least rational doctrines he's ever encountered to believe to assert there is no god you could doubt, and so he be in the middle. I understand all that, but to assert there is nothing out there. It everything came about on its own. It's it's! I do I I I. I don't find that a and intellectually respectable position, its, I think, it's animated by emotion, not intellect, but I don T mean atheists. Some nice people can have what I consider to be foolish positions. It happens all the time
so the other part wait I gotta go I gotta get to the other part. Can you give me that back because it was a second part of that question here. It is here as yet After all, agnosticism an atheist em. Don't have a book telling us to go. One killed infidels well God believing religious person- and I don't have book telling me to kill infidels either. I bite. My bible is the old testament. Does this thing in their says, kill infidels, there's nothing in the new testament telling Christians to kill infidels So don't saddle us with what others made believe they're they're book tells them get so you're, not being intellectually fair. When you do that, and remember atheist track record is is not great Kay the communists, rapists and they killed more people than all the Christians who ever lived already. What's the next one,
rapid Bradley Dennis Prager you claim to the best men, wages, zero dollar, zero sense, but please explain why would stop corporations Donaldson Warmer Walmart, from cutting employees, wages to a very low level. People wouldn't work. That's right! That's what that's what would happen at a certain point? Unemployment insurance would give you a better a better wage. Then then ten cents in our that's that's. What's the the market economy and a people's people having an option to receive assistance, otherwise What's to stop them now, what what is to stop? You say the minimum wage, forgetting the minimal way. Why does any company not give terrible wages? They pay? What it is, what it is worth what your labor labour is worth nobody's gonna work for ten cents an hour. So they can hire anybody attend zero in our and the
The person who would come for one dollar an hour. It is probably not the most reliable worker. Generally in life. You get what you pay for. Just remember in the nineteen seventeen the New York Times, editorial was the right Minimum wage, zero dollar. Zero sense. That's when the mean four times at page was liberal, not leftist. Now it's leftist now it believes in a minimum wage. Nor high Lauren Dennis Did you say that love should never be unconditional in a marriage, while I've said it should never be unconditional anywhere, not just the marriage but and it s a psychologist and marriage. There is that disagree with you, but would like to further understand your position. Please elaborates ok,. I don't think we disagree.
I am sure that you have had women or men for that matter who have been abused by their spouse. Have you council them to continue to love their spouse? Of course not. I hope you haven't, and I doubt you did. Why not, then, if you believe, an unconditional love in a marriage, why wouldn't you tell a spouse who was being beaten, or or emotionally abused verbally abused. Oh it's marriage. You gotta, give the! spouse unconditional love? You would never say that You would probably say at a certain point, get out that marriage and stop loving that person. It's not healthy for you. It's not morally right the day you get married, We don't even understand it the day before we get, married or in every in any other relationship, is their unconditional up. Unconditional love means no more,
how you behave? I love you. I understand it. It's not moral! It's not healthy! It's not psychologically sound. There's nothing good about the idea, I have a wonderful marriage and I had a troubled merits: I'm not I'm not holier than anybody here, but I will tell you I believe that I I do renew. Giving my wife's love every day. I I I I believe that I need to earn my wife's love every day and makes me a better husband cause. I don't take her for grain, If somebody gives you one condition, love you take them for granted, because it me there's no conditions under which they won't love me any more. I don't believe in it's a terrible idea, just a terrible idea. That is why, were you push your religious views on everybody? That's hilarious
this this. I really want to deal with Travis High Travis greatly here from it The EU must use all the murder throughout history that has been done in the name of Christianity. Ok, it's a particularly odd question, since I'm not christian I'll deal with it, but you probably thought I was christian. What religious? What is it pusher religious views? What first of all, I do push religious views, on everybody. I agree with that, but I don't push any one religion on everybody all I want people to. I want people to believe that there was a god who demands they behave kindly and justly to other people and who will judge them after they die. Just like Benjamin Franklin, I have the exact same views about God has Benjamin Franklin, so I am happy now
so I hope I answered that part. In fact, people are surprised at how often you know. Often I get a call on my radio show all through my career. Then it just want to say it. You know thanks. To you. I went back to my catholic church thanks to you, HU. I went back to my Methodist church. And I'm a Jew, and then they say you know, but I felt so they pay people really. What prompted you said. Well, believe it or not, a jewish guy named Dennis Prager he's the one who convinced me, and I I get great joy out of that- I'm not trying to make everybody jewish. I want juice to be good Jews or Christians to be good Christians. That's what I want and I want those who were not. You wish not christian, to be good ethical monotheists, like Benjamin Franklin to believe that there is a God who judges us. At minimum. I want people to believe that God wants us to live by the ten commandments and will judge us accordingly.
How do I excuse all the murderous throughout history has been done in the name of Christianity. If you have ever, found in the million words I have written in the millions of words I have said on that are recorded once that I have excuse. Murder by anybody, Christian or otherwise. I will buy you a car, not a model car, a real drivable car, a new one, not even a used one. Ok, how would I excuse it? It's the casting in fact, there was no evil like evil in the name of God, that is the worst evil possible watch aye, Sir Red on the ten commandments, Prager University that come where I teach the commandment do. Not it's not do not take God's name in vain. Its do not carry God's name in vain. I know the biblical Hebrew well and it's about doing evil. In God's name, the only seen God says he won't forgive. So when a crook
General Muslim reduce murders in the name of God. That's that's the worst thing you can do one moment I wanna trick of her. Measured out short, I want to just say it is sad, but I keep perspective here in the Eu the nations of sadness of life, its low okay. So if let's say premature. Death is a ten. This is eight point o one. Ok, I have my. I keep my balance here. Next l hum, that's a nice name or a woman. He allay J m. How you do an l hum Dennis I heard you say you show them having a mid life crisis can actually be a good sign. Can you explain that yet
Remember saying that, but I'll explain in a if I This is what I meant as that. Midlife crisis is G What have I done with my life? It's a good question for people to ask good. I think you should ask it not just the midlife. He should ask at twenty twenty two. It's it's a great think. You should ask it it's, We should ask at any age what of what am I doing with my life? What have I done with my life? So in that sense, if I set it, that's what I mean Then it's what are some hobbes of yours? Do you have some advice from people trying to get into Hobbes? That was from Eric Erika I love you. Do I have Hobbes. That's almost like saying: do why have shoes? I have more Hobbes than shoes. I might add another Schumann,
But what am I Hobbes? Let's in order of importance photography I have. I got into photography at twelve with a little Kodak Box Camera and why, and it was a blessing to my entire extended family that I got into it because it ended up That I was the only one taking pictures of the family most of the pictures that my family, my parents, my brother, have had I took, Of my grandparents of cousins, my parents, because I always took pictures. It was a blessing, but I loved it. I don't know why I can't answer: just fell in love with it because I'll tell you what she I have no talent in drawing none. I if you said Dan
draw a house. I would draw the exact same thing. I druv for a house in kindergarten, big box. With little windows, all boxes themselves and their door to be a rectangle box with a door and that would be out when I do a chimney to I'd always have a chimney. I know how to do it to me. That was it. That's I'm no better today than a kindergarten, but I of art and photography was my way of doing some order, as well as recording what I saw. So that's that. One I now by the way, for those of you into photography, and only those of you went through photography will even know what I'm talking about. I just got a medium format, camera, and that was the biggest expense I ever did on a camera, but the pictures or beyond description. I music has always been my having and by the way
for those of you interested, I will be conducting at the Walt Disney Music Hall that very wonderful central music place on the West Coast in August. Sixteenth, I will be conducting. You should get tickets because it even if you have no interest in classical, music I'll make the evening interesting, but that's how at how much I am into music and was since high school that I I I thought myself to conduct them. I am, I do know how I mean I'm not a professional, but I know how, let's so, music, photography people say, reading readings, not a hobby and will think I don't look at reading is a hobby reading is like air can imagine not reading.
I mean, if you want to include it. That's fine travelled here. That's a hobby been one hundred thirty countries and fifty states. I'm serious traveller. I love travel. What else o fountain Penza love found? Pens I haven't written with a ballpoint pen. Since I was about eleven years old, my older brother Right wrote with a fountain pen. I fell in love with it never gone back anything else. Speakers- Oreo, oh, how do they forget that, of course, of audio equipment, a great stereo system, I love music. I want to reproduce it is greatest possible. That's the only a splurge of money in my life has been on an audio system. I don't really care what car I drive. I don't need to see the fancy and fanciest car. I like safe cars that I can fit in them, six foot four, but other than that. I don't really care, but this
has matter to me spending money, those of you who grew up with mp3 files. You don't know what great music sounds like you, favorite, music, gonna, meet forget great music. Your favorite music on a great system would blow your, go to an audio show when it comes to your city, and then you ll see what I mean. But I did I do another Hobbes. I think so I'll tell you. You know somebody should ask what I don't like ready. I don't like a day at the beach. My view is that beaches are for sand crabs humans. That's why God made pools, so we would swimming pools.
Second report gives a boat lives. Oh yeah advice. Yes, I do is an interesting. Is an interesting question. Try everything this is the best way to live life. Try everything when I was in high school. I did know schoolwork one of the greatest decisions of my life and that no schoolwork. Instead, I just open myself up everything in life. That's right, taught myself photography and all these things or for myself how to read symphonic scores I can conduct. I did. I was uninterested. I was injured. Didn't in what we were learning in school, but none in studying for exams or doing homework. So I did everything else. I read about everything else been a blessing in my life. But I I I even subscribed I'm proud of this I subscribe. I grew up in New York City. I subscribe to the new
Your city ballet for a year either in high school or college. I remember, I'd zero interest in belly. I mean zero. And, I'm sorry to say I still have zero, but I did give it a try. I in fact subscribed to the ballet that's what you're gonna do try all these things. Try photography, try coin collecting, try what every whatever is out there. That's the way to get into it. That's cute Tarleton asks Tarleton who was Dennis Prager. The answer is exactly Will you see right now? There is no other than his prey. That's who it is. If you hear me on the radio read. My stuff watch me out these at sea. My videos, that's me
Has anyone whose associated with me is there any difference at all between my public persona and my private? the only difference is I'm slightly goofy year off camera only slightly, but but slightly, but that's it this is this. Is I don't even know how to not be me, I if you said fake, I couldn't take it. So that's who I am, I care deeply about good and evil. I hate evil and I love good. That's my biggest single passion in life. That since I was a child, I really want to beat up bad guys. Do I did by the way got kicked out a school in high school firm act as I was who is the biggest kid, so I really I would beat up bullies and
still beat up bullies, understood verbally and in writing. I hate police, but that's it. That's who I am What is your favorite sport and why my favorite sport to play was racquetball locked, it love playing it. I did it for many decades. Let us anymore, because I probably be hospitalized given the in the inevitable toll of of psychiatric if over the course of years, although the not perfect condition, I work out three times a week, but I but I couldn't I could probably play racquetball, but I don't want to risk it, but anyway. That was my favorite sport to play. I love playing tennis too, but I preferred racquetball alike, racket sports. Obviously I hated playing basketball. Don't start me on that, but my favorite to watch.
Was was and remains hockey I'm a big hockey fan. I don't even care if they I care of my team winds or not, but if my team isn't even in the playoffs, I watch every game that I can. I am just mess. Rise. I I admit it. This is a little odd sounding, but I dont understand. I understand people can't stand sports totally understandable. But I dont understand people who, like sports and dont like cocky its permanently interesting every minute of it it's moving, but any cash. That's my favorite to watch final question That was it. What is your favorite sport and why? Oh, yes, I told you why cause it's just relentlessly. Interesting by the way. He is an interesting thing for you, this combined with the previous one who was Dennis Prager. So I'll, tell you something about me that I don't think I've ever told publicly,
I wouldn't hide it. It just never came up, but now it's coming up When I was in high school, I went with Gunnar rate I was raised and I grew up in New York City. I went every Sunday night that there was a guy. I went to a New York Rangers Hockey game went, they met the old Madison Square Garden. That seats were dollar, fifty just barely afford them. Whenever there was a fight- and I dont like hockey- but whenever there was a fight every body, stand up and cheer for the fight they loved the fight they and they were cheering extensively. I soon for the ranger to beat up the other guy, I remember, being the only person in Madison Square Garden that at least that I could see who didn't stand up? I didn't we
I want to be among those cheering the fight. I went to see hockey not not boxing, so that was that's a memory that I have the time to set their way to tell everybody sat down in the game risen. Well anyway. It's great be with you, don't forget to visit Prager you dot, com also making a movie on what's happening in an hour and our universities and you could see what it's about it and no safe spaces dot com while making when Adam Corolla, whose very special, and very funny human being, and I think that those about does it. Doesn't it see next week, thanks for being with me,
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