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Fireside Chat Ep. 123 – The Search for Racism

2020-03-09 | 🔗
This week’s episode is inspired by a story out of the University of Montana and their cries of racism where there is none. Why do people have the desire to find racism in every aspect of society? Answer: Humans cannot be happy without meaning; so when you lack meaning in your life, you invent false evils to fill the void.
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Hi everybody I'm Dennis Prager, my home, my dog, my fireplace my life welcome. This is called the fireside chats. I do it every week and it's very important to me and it's become important through a lot of people. So that's a great combination. I just talk spontaneously from my heart and my mind. One without the other was a problem, but both are important and they work in tandem ear in good shape. Am I take your questions and fascinated by your reactions on on the internet? Some of you said that you would have discovered this and then binge watch two comments on that. First, it's a great idea. What I said in the first hundred are just as important is what I meant.
Say today so, and very little is dated the stuff hopefully will be built will be viewed for a long time. The other is that it. You can't really binge with much of what we were figuring out. Mathematically. what are their a hundred thirty? How many are there almost a hundred? Almost a hundred thirty, so that's the there each about a half hour that would be sixty five hours. So clearly you would need to sleep, eat and relieve yourself. So you it, sir, it's not fully possible, but I do hope you watch a lot of them. These.
Or important chats these fireside chats. So I will begin with something on my mind and I'll. Tell you it's on my mind. This is a story from the University of Montana and they had for Martin Luther King Day. In the, U s- and I say in the: U S: as many of you were not in the: U S, for Martin Luther King Day, they had a an essay contest. The the Department of African American Study, Your black studies, automobile exact name, sponsored it right, an essay on the legacy of Martin Luther king. What that means to you, so they About this and the winners were announced and massive objections, I mean massive arose as a result of, and before I say as a result of, let me tell you what the
elections were this was racist, so, on my radio show, I actually said to my listeners? If you can guess why why something racist happened. in you deserve an award even by producer, who is very bright and does this every day with me had no clue. My engineer had no clue. Why was it? Racist was a huge, important lesson here to be learned on the absurdity of this charge, because the four winners were were white white females, as it happens so now you're probably wondering why is that racist? It was for the whole
college behold University, and it was what is the legacy of Martin Luther King mean to you so number one. I would think you wouldn't want white students to respond to the legacy of Martin Luther king. That's the best thing you could get what, if only black students responded, that would be a real problem, so you would think there would be celebration of the fact that white students submitted essays. Now, why did for white girls or for whites win, because only white submitted essays as it happens month. is overwhelmingly white and the Euro,
our cities- overwhelmingly white. So you would imagine you will get a lot more white responses than non white responses that it was so bad visa v. The department of of of black studies put up the pictures of the winners. they took them down. The pressure was show great. They took them down. The girls got death threats of laughing, but you should cry This is beyond sick. It's beyond sick! You couldn't make this up. It's so sick. about the reason I am raising. It is because the there were huge lessons to be learned from all of this. So far,.
Girls, right on the legacy of Martin Luther king. No black submitted an essay. These were the best essays, the girls one. The pictures were immediately taken down because of the attacks that its racist that whites one the contest. What is all of this show? It shows that what we have here,
Is something I have so often noted? There is so little racism in the United States of America that the left searches for it. Why do you think there were so many hoaxes like the famous or infamous Jesse Small, let oaks the black actor, who said he was attacked by shrubs, supporting whites a two way em when it was zero degrees Fahrenheit in Chicago, in the end that we make the whole thing up, they made the whole thing up. He engineer the whole thing or the vast majority of the case. Is to the best of my knowledge that the vast majority of these famous racist cases of a swastika, a black kids, dorm room or renew.
hanging on the campus were actually hoaxes. If you, Google, race, hoaxes on campuses or race hoaxes in Amerika, you will find incredible number of them incredible. I keep a list in my own files Oh yeah research, category at why why? Why would anybody have to make a hoax because they so little racism? You feed Jews in Germany in the nineteen thirties ever invented Anti Semitism hoax hoaxes. The ideas is a bad joke, because there was so much real jus hatred know you had to make up any instance of Anti Semitism, but they make up
Lot of instances in the United States, because they so little this so little that the University of California has issued a list of micro aggressions. You could see that on the internet, or I wrote an article on a check that out, though the list of might there called micro aggressions why they micro cause they're, so tiny, the people who say it don't, even though its racist, for example here is an example of of what the universe we have California has declared racist. If somebody says you know, as far as I'm concerned, there's only one race, the human race. Now that's the most antiracist comment you could make correct. That's racist.
It's it's it's an upside down world upside down. Morally and intellectually. Why do people look for racism? This is the question I ever since I was a kid. I always everything I heard I would ask: why does the? Why is the more interesting question to me why why would people live and breathe the desire to fight
Racism where it doesn't exist or sexism or any of these isms, why? Because it gives their life, meaning. That's why? That's it that's the answer. The left, not liberals, always make a difference, derives meaning from finding or manufacturing evils to combat every one of us would like to fight, or at least have somebody else, fight evil. I do I hate evil. That's why I hundred percent supported the killing of Solomon, solemn money, the vis blood soaked blood, thirsty mass terrorist, who is the second most powerful man any ran that is fighting evil. Fighting racism on campuses is make believe evil when you don't fight real evil, you fight make believe evil. This is a huge lesson in life and that's what the left does. There all make believe evils the rape culture on campus. We all know that fraud and I'll tell you how we know it's: a fraud costs parents and their daughters, the campuses they don't believe it would. You send your daughter to a place where she had a one in four chance of being raped. In some cases they say one in three, of course, not of course enough. You play russian roulette with your daughter, getting raped. Nobody believes that its if it's a fraud is bigger fraud as the campuses, a racist, America's racist. But this gives these people, meaning they have. They live in what we call the post, judeo christian world. They have rejected the traditional sources of meaning in the west and certainly in the United States in the United States, is a vast amount of meaning that came from being a jewish Christian, affirming via the Bible, Religiosity God, the ten commandments. All of that the wisdom of the Bible and from America, America gave people a lot of meaning. This was, as Abraham Lincoln said, the last best hope on earth that what's that's one: animated Americans, God we're we're gonna, be with all our faults. And of course, Americans have faulty Americans are human, but with all our faults, we're gonna try to make a place. That is that as the symbol of freedom, which is why France gave America no other country, the statue of Liberty is, America has always stood for more liberty than other places. This a beautiful ideal, but America is now considered just awful by the left. Religion is considered. Awful Christianity is considered awful, Judaism is irrelevant and that's what's happened so they get meaning from fighting, make believe evils. This fills their lives and that's why the University of Montana was attacked for white girls, winning the Martin Luther King Essay contest. It's actually a beautiful thing that.
whites wrote about this. Hardly racist and here's the point: if of blacks had wanted, they would have said. Look at that. That's racist, only blacks, take more Luther King seriously, no matter what they will come up with that line. Okey dokey the search for meaning is a big e, our rights time for a video question which we open with, and here we go either Dennis prayer First member John here as wondering why dont conservatives embraced the take care of the climate agenda more back to you. Thank you. Thank you. Well, there are two issues here and I dont know if you may take care of the climate or take care of the environment, because you showed an invite.
mental sign on the year on the recycling can that you were that to show in the pit in the video so actually will be having a Prager you a video on that three subjects: how conservatives care about the environment tremendously? Why wouldn't we I mean just on purely selfish grounds? Do I like dirty air, do conservatives I mean it think think of the absurdity to two quite dont conservatives care about thirty Air could we love breathing thirty ere. It fills us with joy and and and dirty water, all my guts out. If I have a clean water and the dirty water.
Take dirty water anytime. I mean the absurdity of it would at what do we want to give to our children and grandchildren if not, if not a clean environment? So it's that's not issue. So the climate issue was very complex. That's a much more complex issue. We actually from speaking for most conservatives like.
I speak for all. We have an answer if you believe and I'm ambivalent, I don't know the answer I do. I do believe the earth is getting warmer. I don't know if it's. If it's catastrophic, I don't believe it's catastrophic. I think that the left record of hysteria is such that I find it a little difficult to trust them. On the latest asteria they've been saying, we have twelve years for earth to survive since one thousand nine hundred and eighty something every twelve years is a new twelve year lease and we're doing quite fine, more peep, living more helpfully eating better than in the history of the planet earth. So I dont share that hysteria, but we
an answer, if its. Indeed, if carbon dioxide is the problem, that the key and the hysterics say it is or even the the non hysterics. If, if there are such people, we have an answer called nuclear power completely clean hundred percent clean and ninety nine point: nine percent safe. Nothing is one hundred percent safe, not crossing the street. Not driving or not waking up and going into the bathtub, where a tremendous number of accidents happen and in India more more people die. Let's put it this way. More people die each year from falls in the bathtub than from nuclear power. Seventy percent of France is powered by nuclear power. Any problems air, so it in a few sites me Chernobyl or whatever it it doesn't answer the question Chernobyl was run.
The Soviet Union. The Soviet Union couldn't care less about their the human beings under their jurisdiction and they built a completely faulty thing. It's absurd to use Chernobyl as an example and in any event, far fewer people died from Chernobyl than anybody ever would have imagined. So nuclear power is the answer any one. This is. This is really important. Anyone who says we have twelve years to to exist or we have or or carbon emissions present a an existential threat to earth who is not an advocate of nuclear power is only I I've stake my reputation on that assertion. You really believe there are twelve years left and you won't. You won't advocate nuclear power.
then there's something wrong with you. There is, then you don't take wrong word seriously. Nuclear power is the answer, your a fraud- and I never almost never use that word and I'm sorry they get angry but because their rent, the bigger, make havoc these these people with only turbines and and solar power, which cannot possibly give us the power that we need and the turbines or a very big problem in and of them. So I mean just on one little thing, but it's not so little. I mean the millions of birds that these things kill and many of them endangered species. All of a sudden, the left doesn't care about endangered species, its fastened
but it, but there is an end, their ugly and end they they they don't work nearly as well as people wanted, but there was something that works. Seventy percent of France is powered by nuclear power is clean and the latest incarnations cleaner than ever and it handles the problem of nuclear waste even better. There is an answer if you really believe that carbon emissions are gonna were destroyed the world, so I can't believe it's like if you were, if you were drowning, if you were really few really thought you were drowning, your sip ship s, sunk and along comes a boat, and you say none of them. I don't wanna be saved by that both then clearly, you don't believe.
Your drowning ok hope that dealt with an import next Jeremiah, thirteen Eureka, California, I Jeremiah hello, Mr Prager. What am I doing? resolutions was to watch every fireside chats. The man No, it is a cliche now but pad out O. For me, it is equally shape. I paid him a lot by the way I paint a much more off camera than on camera. Just for the record, but he's the man. Do you think public schools should teach creation? God bless. Thank you for your time What does it mean? Teach creation, I assume you mean, teach the know- that the biblical notion that God created the universe now.
I I don't know why it is a bad idea to teach what science knows and to teach what science doesn't know so and cannot know. Science cannot know why there was a universe. Science can tell you a lot of things. I love science. I think we need to learn science, every religious person. I know things. We need to learn science, most of the great DES scientists of the past, where religious. In any event, I dont know what would be so bad if they were a class thought about the biblical view of creation. That was the view that formed the western world that there is, in fact something that transcends nature, that made nature. Nature can't make itself and science will never answer how it all started. They can't and it's not an answerable question.
Science can tell us a lot of things. I am alive thanks to science. My most many people, I know- are alike thanks to science. I love science, but there are limitations
can answer a lot of things. I can't answer how we should live a life science can tell you what's good and evil. Science has nothing to say about good and evil, which is the thing that bothers me, the most about life, because there's so much evil science can't give you wisdom, you can give you knowledge and we need that knowledge and we should use it. But but the Bible gives you wisdom read my. I beg you. Are you whether it's you in Eureka or any of you watching? If, if I interest you, please read the rational Bible, MIKE my commentary on the first five books of the Bible, two volumes, Iraq Genesis an exodus. I explained this obviously in the Genesis chapters, why it so important how it changed the world it gave the world purpose. If God didn't make the world, if it's just here, then its pointless its purposeless. That should be. That should be obvious. Correct.
What's the point we're all a coincidence, I am a coincidence. Jupiter is a coincidence. Any any cut galaxy is a coincidence. The furthest star from earth is a coincidence, after all, are made of stellar matter. Why am I more important than a star much bigger than I only if there is a creator? In the final analysis,. So yeah, I don't know why that shouldn't be taught it's not part of science, but it might be taught hey. This is the route of the west in the world. That's pretty important! Richard thirty seven Malaysia High Richard in Malaysia, dear Sir, I'm from Malaysia. How have you been here? Yes, I have been I've been to a Kuala Lumpur and I have a great time ass. It happens.
And I would love to come back. I enjoy watching your fireside chat every week ever since I got to know your. U two page wonderful. My question is: what is your take about Algeria I'll, explain that and would you consider making one? Thank you for your answer. Ally is when Jews move to Israel that, as the term fort and
I consider it very very strongly in my area in my youth I did very I I I thought I might even do it. It was such an exciting idea. If the two thousand years, the Jews have their homeland back, there's nothing comparable to what in world history a Christians find this incredibly meaningful to, because it means God keeps his promises. So it's it's a big deal, but ultimately I am deeply attached to the United States and and this experiment in Liberty, not that that Israel doesn't have liberty, but this is a unique experiment, people of every background in Pluribus Unum from many one. I love this country very very much, and I am grateful to this country very, very much and I believe its value system. It is universal and I wrote a book on that. Still, the best help why american values can be a universal eyes and our great if you watch the visa, if you watch the fireside chats where I interviewed Prager Force young people from how many countries twelve countries was eleven countries, and that was that was powerful and they they they know these values are applicable to their countries. How we do it
time Mikhail. Twenty from Uppsala, Sweden, the longest Prager and ATO got him. Surprise there even saying MR prayers. Now it's gonna soon be hello, ATO and your friend Dennis greatly. If the frequency of Otto is rising, that is absolutely correct. What are you do on the Sabbath? What do you think about Christians and gentle celebrating slash observing the jewish Sabbath as a Christian? What can I do to observe the Sabbath and keep it wholly as the Bible commands should bunch alone to you and the Prager family? Thank you very much, sir, how old you, twenty year old in Sweden, boy what a pleasure to hear from Sweden to actually thinks the Bible is worth living. I I eat! You have had a very sensitive issue here and again. Please read in this case my exodus commentary cause. I spent a great deal on the Sabbath commandment. The Sabbath is the only ritual commandment than the ten commandments. That's how important, if you believe it is from God the ten commandments. God thinks it is that's a big deal and yet half the christians- and I'm talking clergy, catholic and protestant that I have asked are you do you feel obligated? Do you think Christians are obligated to keep the Sabbath fifty percent of said? Yes, fifty percent of said? No one, I've asked for decades. It's a very interesting question. Of course the Sabbath was a big deal and christian life. Of course it was Sunday the Lord's day, as it is called a supposed to just Sabbath cause. It's it's the day for Christians of the resurrection of Christ, and so they would, but they would have a Sabbath on the Lord's day that the word for raw for Sunday in Russian Voskressensky means resurrection. So it's it's there, obviously tied together in the christian mine, but a lot of Christians understand that there is another thing at work here: it's not contradictory just another thing in six days: God created the Heavens and the earth veto if they take it literally, but if what, if it's at six six hundred million years, so what are we gonna do? Have a Sabbath? Every six hundred million years obviously have to be it in the day format so and on the seventh day God rested, and if you keep the Sabbath, it is a sign.
that I created the Heavens and the earth. That's a very powerful, a statement about the power of the Sabbath. I would just tell you this. Of course, I think you should do take it seriously, either Sunday or Saturday. Of course, I think you should its life changing. That is a day of the week. The you know, I I don't even read the newspaper, I don't I don't watch tv or listen to the radio. I I too not of the world. I spend it with if my family is around my family, if an and always with my friends I have had, I have every Friday night, a Sabbath dinner and every and virtually every sometimes among them,
Odin and I'm speaking, but but I am I'm on Saturday with the same couples for the last twenty five years- it it's it's lifesaving. I know that it is a reason for my health, my vigour, my love of life, to tune out for a day a week and just spend it with friends and relatives it. It is an astonishing. gift in my life it is it is, it is so life enhancing too, as it were, leave the world what red on the internet. This is the beauty there's a lot of bad things about the internet. There's a lot of good things form for the internet. You wouldn't know me, so it's a big deal. A button
I've written a thousand columns and one of them is called higher than the angels and I think you'd love it just put in Prager higher than the angels and it'll come up as happened about twenty years ago. Whenever it was, I was offered tickets to a very big baseball game for the team that I was rooting for, and I was so excited Cosette was the playoffs and in championship series, but I learned it was Saturday afternoon and I didn't go. I don't go to a sports events on the Mai should both on my Sabbath, and I explained why, in this article I think you'll find it very moving and to have this day what it does for family life, what it does for friendship, nothing, nothing else. Does it like this does so. Yes, I think you
Take it seriously TIM fifty five Coral Springs Florida, hello, Denison Otto. I don't want to go to your head. This morning I was listening to your discussion on what have you set in private. While I agree with most of your premise, I have always felt that what you say in private as a window to your true beliefs, please explain why. That is not significant EU. Well, first of all, this is really I have a column on this subject, but you say and private it's on the internet just wrote it just published but there's another. I didn't discuss this in my article, but here's a very interesting thing. I don't really care what your true beliefs are. I care what your actions are. As I wrote in my column, if you dont like Jews and say you know like Jews, but you treat Jews. Well, I don't care, I mean anyway, it's a silly thing, like a group.
I dont like a group: they were nice, jewish, not nice, Jews. There were nice questions, not mice, questions there were nice, Belgians, not nice, Belgians, I'm! So it's so someone of an odd thing, so I dont really care your true beliefs. I carry your true actions. A lot of people have wonderful beliefs and their awful human being This notion of the of the well, I know you if I know your beliefs isn't in true it's one of the most common misconceptions of human species. I know you if I know your beliefs, no you don't you Only know me if you know my behavior, that's all that matters.
There are people who all why love humanity, I love humanity, and then they treat people terribly selfish and an obnoxious they're beautiful beliefs. That's that's why people fell for communism. It sounded like a beauty the full belief, so it slaughter two hundred million people all, but it's a beautiful belief, beautiful beliefs, don't matter to me beautiful behaviour, matters to me so that the premise of the question, which is completely understandable- ninety percent of humanity thinks, if they in, if they know you
beliefs. They know you they don't. You are known by what you do. What was it in the new testament James said, its faith without works is dead. Why is dead? You? Don't you don't believe just cause, you don't have works. That's right! That's correct! You think you believe, but you don't not. If you not behave perfectly behave. Well, I'm not I'm not in the business of producing saints. I just want to producing good people, so this is poor too
of my private thoughts not only to private thoughts and an end statements, not tell you what a person's character their belief stone, even only your behavior tells you tell me who you are: that's it the number of people who who were who believe in good things into do terrible things. Oh my god! It's legion! We have. We have over done it gee well, is even take the racism think from the beginning. All whites are racist. Let's eight furthest nonsense, but let's say it were true. Let's say it were true The question is: how did they act? That's all that to that, I would feel that about
group group we are. We are spectacularly naive and and and foolish because wisdom doesn't mean anything anymore, where you taught wisdom Elementary School High School college, so one Courson, seven wisdom that have taken pretty rare. They don't even offer Europe your told what preferred pronoun to use but you're, not given any guidance about what matters. This notion that your butt, leaves tell us who you are is just wrong. All righty, every body out is a time to show people listen to this. I just found out about this right before the broadcast
apparently just want you to know what is it Prager you pretty, and I did so was he getting as he is out on our inner Prager? You had shaken off with the hat lemming, giving me here. Alright, let's see here, I didn't even know about the show that people want to give thirty five dollars a month which, in America's tax deductible by the way, because it's it's a it's a five hundred and one c three ocean. Look at that a very good and very sweet little nice letters Prageru and you just put it on and auto out of your the good man. You good men on. Oh, yes, always not used to wearing a hat
This this is clear anyway. Ok anyway, now you know he's not a stuffed animal. He often doesn't move at all during the broadcast and some people, I think, he's stuffed he's not. all right, so they're more or less it's a beautiful had. Actually I didn't realize really nice and there's something else in this is a typical box. You get two different buck. Forty four times a year, that's a lot of stuff for thirty five dollars a month. So what else is there? This is theirs.
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time. Anyway. Listen folks, it's great to be with you. I love to hear from you. Please do not only the formal questions, but if you have reactions and I'd love reading them thanks, I'm Dennis Prager and I'll see you next week, if we're watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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