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Fireside Chat Ep. 125 — Coronavirus: Panic or Pandemic?

2020-03-13 | 🔗
You can't expect to live a full life without assuming some risk. There's a spectrum between precaution and panic, and if isn't well-calibrated you can miss out on the best things life has to offer. March is fundraising month for PragerU. Help keep our videos free by donating at https://www.prageru.com/
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Hi everybody, I'm Dennis Prager. This is my home, my office, my dog, I don't even have to introduce him any more. Everybody knows he's Otto Otto knows that when the camera arrives, he goes into position. It's a very funny thing to see. Actually we should try to actually video Otto getting into position at one time. It's very funny anyway welcome. This. Is my fireside chat and it's a chance for me to just talk to you a completely spontaneously. It's not scripted, there's no teleprompter it's a chain, It's for you to know me better and ultimately, through your questions for me to know you better as well, but obviously for you to know me as as a person and not just as person, offering ideas obvious that offer ideas, but it's it's it's very real. I love real and that's what this is about. So
I'm going to talk to you about something happening at this very moment. Normally, I dont address immediate issues, because I want every one of the fireside chats to be important five years from now ten years from now, that's actually something that is important to me that these things want to have a life of their own a by the way. In this instance, it should have a life of its own, because someone to talk to you, philosophically about an issue- that's happening at this moment, specifically covered nineteen. And that is the corona virus, so There is a massive amount of of panic going on I'll talk about America right now, because I want to address specific countries that have been more effective than the United States, but the United States has been affected about thirty people, they say have died from from the corona virus.
And I don't agree, for example, about closing down schools, universities, all public events- I don't. I don't support that. As it happens, I think You continue to go to school by the way. The irony is, the younger. You are the less likely you are to be affected by the corona virus, at least in America, and- and I assume where it is very rare if even exist, and that that kids are dying from the illness and in most cases, contract to in any serious or measurable way, but Nonetheless, the latest is Harvard has cancelled classes for the time being, always very lively, because there was a delay and he who knows what do you think the answer to that
question to a dog? What do you think is generally? I know some of you will find this offensive, but there's nothing to be found in the answer is not much in that's the beauty than the annulment Emma troubled by by things as much as we are anyway back to the issue. So I why don't? I agree with the school clothings, for example. Why? I don't know why don't we Erin. I panicked over this as so many are an is the as the me. We are and others are
the answer is its philosophical. That's why I talk about a philosophy of life so much every every every time I talk. It's really about a philosophy of life, my philosophy of life in this regard o interesting. He may not want to know my philosophy of life. I don't know how he's reacting. Be that as it may, my philosophy of life- and I have many philosophies of life, but one is to always use reason. Reason is a gift. If you will of nature, I dont think nature makes reason. I think it's a gift of God, but it, but that's not my issue for four right now, but it is a gift and we should use it. That's why I dont. Like panic. I have said on my radio show for years. I fly constantly. I fly virtue every week of the year. It averages out it at least, and.
I have on rare occasion for it what if the plane went down- and it's obvious everybody thinks about that- and my first thought is always I fear people screaming more than I fear the people that leave the plane going down. I really I really hate panic. I I I hate the irrational or the Anti rational, there's a tremendous amount of non rationality here. Let me give you an example. As of this moment, of course, this could change and I can end up wrong on this issue. I fully acknowledge that. However, as of this moment, thirty kids have died of the corona virus baby by the time you see this in a day or two with this or or next week. What have you watch it? It may be more than that, but its thirty now do you know that
or Americans that have died this season and it's not over the flu season, this season from the flu accord to the sea they see the centres for Disease control in the United States. Thirty, four thousand, approximately thirty four thousand Americans have died of the flu last year over fifty thousand Americans according to the sea BC died of the flu. Why was there no panic over that? I don't think you have a very good the answer to that question. I don't think anybody does that's a lot of people write and and and hundreds and hundreds of thousands were infected by it. Millions in fact, excuse me billions tens of millions were affected by the flu so white. Why wasn't a media giving us numbers about dead from the flu? this year and last year and the year before I I've, never gotten a coherent answer Why are we getting numbers on the corona virus, but not numbers on the flu
numbers are so much greater. I dont well you'll see well because this could lead to something far greater than than the flu. But that's what I heard in the asked about Sars and about the swine flu and an about other outbursts of viruses that have taken place, but none of them lead to anything catastrophic. Obviously, every human that dies prematurely is a tragedy, but that's true for car crashes, that's true for cancer and that's true for murder.
It is true for all premature death, so why why all of this about this I dont know the answer. I just don't know thirty people how many people have died this year in the United States from snake bites. I dont know I should have looked it up before before thought you, but but that there is, there is certainly a number. So I I am I'm someone baffled boy. He is definitely alive. Wired a day is getting you. I think you want to get in the best position for the camera which, which I I admire about him. I think it's a good thing, but I again on a one of think, want his fame to go to his head. So White Y, all of this about this and closing
watches when I think about past generations of Americans. You know this was supposedly the land of the free in the home of the brave, that's in the American national anthem. But we're not us breeze, we used to be an were certainly not as brave as we used to be. Maybe that's part of the reason. Maybe people are so used to the idea that life is guaranteed, that any slight deviation from the norm is panic inducing I have. I gave a speech yesterday everybody everybody showed up. I showed up. Obviously everybody showed up. I shook hands with with at least forty people, and I hugged probably twenty people strangers just yesterday.
And what is my philosophy of life. My philosophy of life is a be rational and and and a be rational and b, that playing its safe can injure your ability to love and enjoy life. Let me give you another example this this will, I think, really hit home. I have been taking people a to Israel on trips. Let the last one like six hundred of my listeners from around the United States to israel- and I have been I betrayed
owing to his real and taking people's Israel for many years, and people will call my show when they will say Dennis. I so really want to visit Israel, the holy places and so on, but that Dennis I'm not gonna go until. I am sure that it's safe to go well, it's been safety, go my whole life and my whole life I have been visiting. Israel has been completely safe. What does that even mean completely safe? What is completely say crossing the street is not completely safe. Clearly, driving is not completely safe. There's no such thing. So these people who were dying to visit Israel and have not done so they have allowed fears to stop them from living life fully. I don't I never have. I want to live life fully. I don't take ridiculous risks
I wear seat belts whenever I drive not wearing a seat belt is, is, is much more dangerous at this point, certainly than the other than the corona virus. I wear seat belts, I would not take a motorcycle, over the Grand Canyon alike, some people do, I dont believe in in in going to danger for danger sake. I wouldn't I can't buddy it's not my thing to climb mountains above all, but if I did I'd much or I would climb Everest the the rate of death in
in every climbing is very high, so there are risks that I dont believe people should take, because it's just risk for the sake of sometimes for the sake of risk, sometimes for the sake of ego or thrill, and I admire people who could do that. It's very hard to climb a mountain, especially Everest. I understand that. But but there are, there are risks that are so minuscule compared to the benefit. Like a visit to Israel like going to class, I mean I think people should go to class. I think people should go to meetings. People should live life, normally, yes, wash your hands more often, that's fine. I'll give you and I'll give you another example my trusty cigar, okay, so we always get some letters. I can't believe it. Then you know you smoke cigars. The risk of
in cigar. Smoking is so minuscule because It's not a cigarette. You dont inhale a cigar. It is done for taste not for nicotine, so I have enjoyed this since I was sixteen years of age Duff. One of the delights of my life in other words the ratio of the joy verse. Is the risk is so gigantic that I'll I opt for the joy now. That may not be true with alcohol, although I have I don't drink alcohol, but it's only because I don't like it, but I don't have a problem with people, can do it in moderation of doesn't affect them, but there will you respect? Given I mean the number of people who become addicted to it is very high in in sheer numbers, as you know, And they shouldn't, obviously they shouldn't be be smoke hit. Here's an irony, I am completely post marijuana smoking. So
people tell me, I know, there's nothing wrong. You know it's a marijuana grade and so on, and it's just a brute, a relaxing and so on, and so people who will be ok with something that no question my please with young people's brains that than that The reason by the way, I'd never took drugs. When I was a kid, I knew, God gave me a good break, and I wasn't going to tamper with it so there is an example of the thrill Of marijuana or the joy of marijuana versus the risk of marijuana of tampering with my mood and my brain, it wasn't worth it you everybody to make these decisions. That's fine, but I have made my decision to live life. I love life. I live it. I experience shit I have travelled around the world. I've gone to place is that our are far risky
then there is real. There are places, however, that I thought I wouldn't go that the risk is too great. I acknowledge it. I wouldn't visited IRAN as as a well known American Jus, it is a pretty stupid idea for me to visit. He ran. Ok, I acknowledge that, not a good idea for iranian Americans or iranian Belgians were Rami infringement visited IRAN. You never know which which of you they will, they will simply kidnap, but I am a big believer in living life fully and not playing it safe all the time. That's it I don't want to. I don't want to court unnecessary danger, but I dont want just play it safe. You will let you will lose out in experiencing life. I am. I am. I feel that about everything,
I was divorce them. I got remarried and I know the pain of divorce and and yet it is worth it is worth getting into a good marriage, even though you know the pain of of a troubled Barrett, People will tell me I don't want to get married. You know my parents were divorced, so I get them out of your parents. When a car crash. Would you stop driving the these attitudes? I dont don't make dense to me level live life fully. You take a risk. If you get married, you take a risk. If you have children that is correct but you take a bigger risk, not getting married and not having children that you will not have lived a full life. You should try to
married, you just try to have children. That is a fuller life. Ask anyone who has done it and they will tell you it's a fuller life, but you court danger, you are theirs. If you spent you have children there's risk is, is the risk that they will get sick, there's risk that they will die. There was risk that they will be. Alienated from you there's risk that they will be troubled. There is a lot of risks and having a child, but I don't want play it safe and not have children. So that's that's. The attitude on the on the corona virus. Thirty thousand, thus far this year dead in America, from the from the flu and all the status. You're telling me all were up to thirty twelve or in Washington State alone in one nursing home. If you repeat the p, who are dying it? It's not! It's not a killer. If kills but it's not a killer. If you have an up, a pre exist in condition
and or your very old. Yes, it's not a probably a problem. It is a problem for many people in those categories getting the corona virus. That is true, but with those this means of this its Wilson. Very, very old people fall and then they break their hip and that leads to the complications and am downhill trend in their life? What are they supposed to? Do not walk so this? This is. This is my philosophy of life and I never get spooked by the media, the media as a rule stink the day. No, that is a very liberating day. Okey dokey, let's go, such a move on here to your questions. Ok, now all right, go to where the first is always a video question and
There we go. Take it away, Dennis? My name is undrawn like I am twenty years old and I'm from Valley, village and my questions you is considering the hovel. But I still believe I've spoken, dying topic right now, but I still believe I still consider myself airspace spiritual under village, very religious. Do you of any personal opinion or view on pennants were, as you use, punish yourself for this is that you have done. Thank you and I love what you do all thank you and dramatic. I love what I do to my lab say that Of course, I love what I do or when I do it well, I do it, for I feel, is them because I love it anyway, show yeah well pennants in in the sense of being regretful and trying
to undo the that the sins or the bad things that you have done as a very noble thing, at every noble thing by the way can be carried to an extreme. It was interesting that use the term punish yourself. I would need to know exactly what that means. When you say punish yourself, the task in life is The polish yourself, the pets task in life is to change yourself, not punish yourself. If you have done something wrong and by wrong by the way, I I I define it as wrong against another human being, so the first thing you have to do is to the right: Thing without human being poligized for exactly what you did. Not just say I'm sorry. If I hurt you, it doesn't mean anything it does it mean You don't believe you hurt them, that's what it means. I give you an answer, I think I mention this on on this there, the
a vice provost of diversity and inclusion at Purdue University road despicable lie about me in the exponent. The Purdue newspaper a month ago, or so he wrote that he attended by each should produce last year, and I said that slavery was not a bad thing. That is, is. Pure. Why, as can exist it it's it's some Times lies have a colonel of truth. But this does not even have a colonel of truth, for, as I to this man after You got a lot of feedback from my listeners. I wrote him. He then he wrote to me well that's what he thought he heard and so on, or so I was using namby pamby, nothing letter. I wrote back Among other things, I wrote: do you know anybody who doesn't think slavery was a bad thing? Have you ever heard anyone actually saying it?
how do you make up something so absurd? That would be like my saying I I dont think murder is a bad thing. Slavery is pure evil. Who would say it's not a bad thing. So made it up now he is still not. He wrote, He then another letter, because the president of Produce has been getting so many letters from people including produce graduate. What gives here. How did you have? Is one of your officials make up this lie about this this man Prager And and show hee hee, hee me a letter well. I guess I misunderstood, and let you know, but it was is the letter was a joke. He said it publicly, but he only wrote me privately to do penance. To get back to your question. You have to do the right.
If I lie about you publicly, I must retract the lie publicly right right, so people don't know how to be penitent. That's that's me army, you undo the damage to the extent tat you can that you did and you apologize to the person that you hurt okay Joe, Seventeen Omaha Nebraska, USA, dear ATO, and his owner correct. My teacher told our cause a few months ago that it is impossible? For black people to be racist they are minority in America. How would you respond to this thanks for your time We'll find this interesting Joe? I was told the same thing when I was in college. Told us in the seven these in the nineteen seven bees, a black can't be racist.
And I remember thinking- am I in the twilight Zone a black cannot be erased. So what does that even mean? So if a thump, if a white hate blacks, because their black he's a racist, but if a black hates White cross their white he's not a racist or hate to spam because there has spent not a racist you all this is this: is the the left's contempt for blacks. They are not held to the same moral standards that whiter. That's all it is. It's pure left wing, contempt for blacks and division. By the way, I know that not a well it's only where this power, what does that have to do with anything that the visa, a bunch of Jews, Jews, keep getting beaten up by blacks in Brooklyn?
and it's very under reported, but do you could look it up Tell me the that's or they anti semitic. Are. These blacks, doing this picking out identifiable jewish people in Brooklyn and and beating them on screen- encourages them. Is that anti semitic or can a black not be an anti semite either the our thing is absurd that, while an and if they really believe it, then a black can be racist in Africa, but a white can't because whites don't have power in Africa. Blacks do but is not stupid. Yes, it's stupid. Everything from the left, the stupid everything I find this incredible to say, but it is true not from liberals. This is a left wing idea. Liberals don't fight the left, they should cause their allies or conservatives not left us, but that's a separate issue too
I've given in a whole Prager you video on the difference between left and liberal, that got I'm excited I got. It sir? You never know what went on a will react to, but buddy here's, my passion, I think that's it holds good. All good on a life is good news. Ok, all right: Chloe, fifteen Charlotte's, town, Rhode, island. Your opinion. What is the most dysfunctional family in the Bible PS? Give out o er rub for me. I just gave me rub so both dysfunctional family in the Bible. Here is what I note,
my Bible commentary, the rational bible. Why she so excited? He very really does that its Megan. Just between you and me, I see as a thing for me in any way right. Little all good, all is good at most is the beauty. I write this in my commentary on Genesis, Ray family and Genesis, Genesis, series of stories about families, among other things, every will. Every family genesis is dysfunctional, starting with the first one right Adam and Eve they have came. Enable Kane kills able as printed Functional when one son kills and others are right and then continues all the way to Joseph and his brothers, his brothers, throw Joseph in a pit ends then Selleth as a slave. They hated him
Jacob and saw hated each other from the womb. It's just it's just endless. And you know why? Because the Bible is a source of wisdom, it is and unfortunately the dish- functional. Family is a fairly normal family. Some families are not dysfunctional and their lucky, but many are so, nobody gets the award for most dysfunctional family, Bible in my opinion, all right here, we go what's our time factor here. Oh really, why. Frances twenty three Leland North Carolina High, then, is the first time I heard you was about thirty. Ago. Your show was When you are one of the hosts on W Abc in New York. I, yes, that's right. You had a running austrian all week. That was premise, something as follows: for a man to be
a good person. He asked the control his sexual urges. What does it take for a woman to be a good person? You care, saying that you would give your answer on Friday show, while I missed that Friday show he's been waiting thirty years and I still wondering what your answer is. You should be listening to my show a Prager Toby I get every show without commercials break it they'll be about gum and of you anywhere in the world? Listen to my my three. Our show each day, a half the time is there. No commercials Prager Toby adopt come anyway. I've I've talked about this. I love the podcast Cason Prager, you keep it up. I indeed I am As this a very important issue Everybody knows what their sons have to control. What are you, daughters, half the control and the theory to into it?
based feminist age is nothing girls, a terrific we'll girls are not terrific and boys about terrific boys can become terrific. Girls can become terrific. Girls have to control their emotions. Boys have the control, their violence and their predatory sexual nature. That's what that's! What you have to teach her daughter, just as you have to teach your boys. Otherwise, by the way she won't be a good person and shall never be a happy person. Right. I think. Should we take another one? What do you say? Ok, very good Michael fifty, nine, we Texas, hello, Dennis I've recently discovered the enjoyment of listening to your fireside chats. Thank you. Least till howdy Howdy
I was wondering your thoughts on the ever increasing influence of celebrities on politics. Will that's a new one too. That is like a first was at his knees to getting the corona virus. You know sneezes or a big thing. I you know, I hope you know fact guys. I hope you don't leave depressed anyway. The ever increasing influence of celebrities on politics, because fame has. Come has rendered people important in the past actors and actresses were justice famous and just as much celebrities as in the present time movie stars is there call movie. Stars goes back to the beginning of movies, but people did not confuse fain with importance.
That's today they do p. There are people who were famous for being famous they're they're, not even stars. They're, just famous that's why so many kids in America, Wanna be famous. Am I then, what do you want to be famous, for? I don't care, I say well what, if, what? If how to be famous for the most hamburgers eaten and then our fine fame has become an end in itself, which is tragic cuz. It doesn't mean anything if you're a famous actor except that you're, a famous actors, all the beans, That's one reason: there is another reason for the influence of actors is because, in the past actors didn't think that they had critically important insights into life, they knew that they could use. Fame to visit hospitals to raise funds for charities. They were they would behold evenings. Clarity raising for four kids,
with diseases are done by actors and actresses. Now they use their faint cause. They they are, they have self deluded into thinking. They are important, Tinkers so that Robert De Niro will get up at the academy awards and cursed the president of the United States, using the F word. Why does he do that because he thinks he's important and he thinks that his insight is a the president is so significant that it is worth expressing to the world like we care what he thinks. That's the problem they think they're more important than they are. It is a beautiful thing to be a great actor or actress, but it is not a beautiful thing to think that, because you are a famous actor or actress or baseball player or whatever it might be that, therefore, you have something truly significant to say.
The world you're entitled to say it, but were entitled to say it's insignificant. All. I want to remind you that this month is fun raising money for Prager you. We need your help to keep everything we do free. We are a force for goodness in this world. That's the whole purpose of this Prager, you project help us out, go to Prager. You got com and make a donation about half of all of our money, comes from donations through the internet or call eight three three Prager you, if you're the United States or go to than is Prager dot com and click on the banner there's a lot of ways that you can Through an eye, I thank you in advance. It's really important that whatever you can give, even if it's a small amount, it is very, very meaning It was so thanks very much I'm Dennis Prager.
And I'll see you next week. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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