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Fireside Chat Ep. 129 — Morality: Does It Come From Science or God?

2020-04-09 | 🔗
Can you guess which topics elicit the most mockery? God, religion, and morality. In the absence of a rational argument, mockery takes it place. Dennis responds to those comments and asks whether science is able to offer answers to life's greatest questions: knowing right from wrong and good from evil. Enjoy! This episode is sponsored by the T. W. Lewis Foundation. To learn more, visit https://solidgroundbook.com/ 5-Minute Video Discussed: https://www.prageru.com/video/was-it-wrong-to-drop-the-atom-bomb-on-japan/
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Hi, everybody I'm Dennis Prager. This is the fireside chats. Every week I come into your life, which, right now is a different life for all of us. This is my home. This is my study, my dog, my fireplace and I ve been spending a lot of time here for the last few weeks, because there is really no place oh, I do go to my radio studio to do my daily radio show, I feel, a very the moral commitment to those three hours and try to bring com and reason and encouragement debt to people's lives self. If you ever do not if you dont know, and your ever interested it's easy to hear my radio show either on a local station in the United States on the internet in the United States and abroad,
anyway. I want you to know this session of the fireside chat is brought to you by agenda. Donation from Tom Louis who offered a wonderful book. One of the ideas that we talk about a Prager. You are in his book. The book is solid ground, a foundation for women in life and the interesting thing and the important thing about this is when you are young in particular, you need You need a map in life, but you need more than a map a map Tells you where you are, but you have to think right. Where you wanna go, that's called wisdom. Miss this book has wisdom in it. And it said the five characteristics for long term. Success goal setting helping others, self awareness, personal character, hard work,
In the President of Arizona State University, said all lives require road maps to move forward Tom Louis in his fantastic story. Solid ground, outlines a journey for life that can inform us all. That's the president. The virus state, so I just wanted you to know about this. That this is the perfect time to read by the way, is there's not much else you do it except watch all fires I been John Fireside chats and Prager you videos. So I have a few thoughts I want to share with you where's that sheet of of people patently- there was the usual amount of work. Criticism in mockery of car. My son I made about science and scientists, you know virtual, Every Prig EU video gets a fair number of negative comments. People who don't like what we say, no matter,
how gentle and rational it is no matter how credential the speaker therein be people who What pack does their whole websites that attack us and that's a compliment because obviously we're having a big impact, and so people who differ with us? We would like to take us down and I I fully appreciate that fact. I understand that I am it, doesn't I don't lose sleep over it, but is a very interesting phenomenon that you probably would not have guessed. So you know we have video on every subject, accept as it happen the natural sciences, we're not going to teach bought me. Your chemistry or biology certainly can do it in five minutes and that's not our intent. We want to give wisdom, we're not we not there too, to sing
Leah give data or knowledge we are there to give knowledge of history, or we have videos on on very important figures in history which are fascinating, whether it's Walt Disney or George, Washington or or or whoever it might be. Booker T Washington is one of my favorite people. Show weed we don't have anything in the natural Sciences or math. For example, we understand that, but otherwise we talk about everything money. You think it's the most hatred of all the subjects I mean defended the free market and capitalism and America. And an end to all sorts of issues with regard to
to morality in then a lot of personal issues, a lot of male female issues. You know what gets the most, not just hatred but mockery is any time we put up a video defending the existence of God or making the case for biblical values, our words values rooted in the Bible, the judeo christian values system and the like. That's what gets the most mockery and again not just hatred but hatred, and mercury and I always wonder still wonder, why not completely certain why it is, but I think it's part of aid of a Brainwash that has taken place that has convinced
a fair number of people in America and in the west generally that religion is for stupid people. This is truly want. A lot of people have been taught. And believe that, if you are intelligent and rational, you cannot be religious that They are a sort of mutually exclusive idea, so there for when we present in ideas, I do, for example, in my Prager you videos on the ten commandments. Is a mockery, especially here's one. How do you know that murder is wrong. If God did not say, do not murder, Here's the irony I have debated this Oxford, I've debated this with with professors who are atheists, we all agree if there is no. They agree that the irony, if there is no God, you don't Murder is wrong. You can possibly,
It is wrong. You can believe it is wrong you, you can offer it as as a great value, but you don't know it because. It's not knowable. You can know that this is paper. Paper has a fixed chemical, physical quality. I can prove this is paper I cannot prove murder, Israel, you can believe it is wrong and I certainly hope you do, but it's a belief though I believe God said it is wrong. You believe you said it is wrong or or your society. A Senate is wrong by by any notion of logic. It is obvious that if there is, if I'm admitting it if there is a God who said murder is wrong. That's a lot more
an objective reality. Then I believe murder is wrong. This should be completely non controversial, as atheists have acknowledged this ever since they started debating the issue Thou bill say well look, but you know there is no God, so I'm stuck, I gotta figure out how it out and get people, not the murder. That's an honourable position. I respect that, but but you can't deny that God saying do not murder is a lot more powerful than society says, do not murder or the cops say, do not murder or my conscience. As do not murder, okay, so that this just mocked all over the internet. As you can see, what was the name of that woman? The the comedian yes unmet, Samantha be mock that right now. Ok, but that's all see, but whenever people
mark and that's all they do, I know They don't know how to deal with an intellectually it's, because if you can, if you can, Demolishing argument, intellectually, why would you use mockery? Mockery may make you feel good, but it is not persuasive you. You have not used reason. You have used insult and an alike, but it It is not. It is not an argument. So apparently I spoke about remember exactly what I said, but I know what I think. So I assume this is fairly accurate where I mentioned that is It's a science and scientists are scientists. Apparently this was too complex a thought for a fair number, people who thought I was the writing science, when I was saying that scientists are humans, like everybody else, sighing
this, as I said, run the gamut of brilliant, and wise too stupid and foolish just like plumbers and chiropractors and dentists. And over drivers than any other group signed. These are not one whit wiser than than electricians, but we think they are because people believe in science, not, just in science. In its facts, each to o is water. But in science as the answer to life's questions. Science does not answer life's questions and answers, students such as why it does a cancer cell metastasize want is the gravitational. Pull up the sun on the planet's that site,
it's an only sites can answer. I dont look to the Bible to figure out the gravitational pull of the sun or how to deal with the tasks using cancer cells. I don't know one religious person who does so it's a non issue. Signs, as I say even said, last time, Men of science, women of sites have saved my life. Be paralysed and perhaps dead if we're not for surgeons right. This I was getting paralyzed and seven hour surgery and its great great surgeon. I saved save my left arm because of what what's happening in my back congenitally. Ok, my gratitude to doctors. They is a scientist. If you will is enormous. But I dont assume that any of my surgeons have a better take on capital. Punishment
or the size of government then and everybody else and that's all knock on them. Why would they? I dont go to a surgeon for wisdom. Our society. I go to urging for knowledge about how to correct a nerve problem in my spawning. Why? This is why why why all the bukharin, because I that science is a substitute religion for many people, it is. So they say. Well, that's ridiculous sciences. Fact basin religion is faith based the moment you say science tells you anything other, though, with other than facts. It's a religion. If you say, if I see me, what do you believe in and your answer, science than science is functioning as a religion. Science doesn't tell you not to murder sites,
to tell you not to steal sciences and tell you not now not to do you think bad it doesnt tell you to do anything. Good science has nothing moral to teach us that some are not. On science FI study. Geology do I know good and evil. If I study chemistry do, I know good and evil domestic. Andrea, tell me out, or my parents. But all of this is new to so many a secular people will go to college. This is all new. So, instead of dealing with what I say they market is a classic Dennis bigger makes conservatives look retorted see. That's it. That's a deep thought now. You know it's interesting, You can say a lot of things about me, but I very really have been accused of being stupid just for the record, wrong we in the whole litany of stuff, but I am not particularly stupid. I actually
We have been blessed by God, Gordon Nature, with a good mind and a good brain if he wished. Deal with me in a debate, if you wish to say you know what praying It wrong when he says X Y receive because the following reasons: a b c, that's an argument, but Prager makes conservatives look we're It is not an argument it's sort of, Forgive me a master battery thing. You feel in saying it- and it brings you pleasure, but it doesn't achieve anything except giving you pleasure, Should I be more inclined to shows you how this person has never thought that anything that I have said through. Never these old brand new I'd, be more inclined to believe Peer review test data, or thousand year old book written by she porters.
But there was not one religious person who believes that you you, you were in peer review, test data from the Bible that shows you. How foolish this comment is present was never for this through okay, so the you learn: thou shalt, not murder, thou shalt honour your pay. It's now shalt not steal, love thy neighbour is thyself from Peer review test data. Of course not. You learn nothing about good and evil, which is the most important question on earth from test data from Peer Review test data. But this is this is the ignorance that pervades secular world. So often, not always so often. The Bible is a source of wisdom, not a source of peer, reviewed test data. That's why the comment is a non sequitur. Ok,
This is infuriating. Science is not a religion. It's a method to use empirical evidence to answer a question you write and for people for whom that is all sciences. It is not a religion, I didn't. It's a religion to everybody who believes in science its. If you, if you say what do you believe in? I believe in it? In my case, I leave in God and in Judaism, is in the Bible or or Christianity. Obviously for a Christian and that's that my belief. So what is yours so few say science? Then it is a religion, if you believe in science is opposed to use science to find out answers to a political questions? Of course you should a soda. Why to create this antagonistic relation between science and religion. I dont have any antagonistic relationship. You ve creative, whoever wrote this, I don't have it for
on one moment. There is no intention. Mystic relationship you feel there is because you mock, presumably the Bible. I don't mock science. I know how important sign since its saved my life and many of the people, I love that's pretty good. But it offers zero wisdom. There was is them is how to live a life. What is the difference? between right and wrong, We know the limitations of the Bible you made No, the limitations of science, that's the difference. We dont look to the Bible for science. You shouldn't look to science for morality or wisdom. That's all I'm saying, but the moment think science tells you anything other than science. Then it's a religion as regards scientists. I already said:
if you believe in science, scientists function if Edward subsides, is a religion for you, that's as another, That's all you need in life, which is what a lot of people do believe, just what science I haven't answers. No, you don't. You only have the answers to scientific questions. That's all. So scientists in those case, that's why people sell what's listen to the scientists? No, let's listen to the scientists only about science there were not the United States and the rest of the world should should destroy the world's economy because of the corona virus is not Only a scientific question. Science tells me about the virus. Wisdom tells me whether or not I should destroy. Tens of millions of lives put people in this
These have more open lloyd. You do you know that their spousal abuses increased in France by a third since the ice. She began there and and very similar figures in the United States. There are huge repercussions for shutting down society. That's not a science question, that's all Is this question? Science has nothing to say about that question, but we looked scientists but the scientists decide how long. We're going to shut down or society. I have no interest in there. Telling me how long we should shut down society? I want to know their information about the virus. Then I Wise people. To decide what. Or not, we do it. For example, scientists made the atom bomb. Scientists did not this and whether the atom bomb would be dropped on Japan. Two when world war to lay people did, people who had no clue how up an atom bomb is made this
I made the atom bomb. They did not decide whether to drop it. She, our video on the morality of dropping that bomb by the way which saved not only a million, at least a million lives of Americans, but problem, we saved a million japanese lives. More Japanese were killed at another bombs over in non atomic bombs over Japan. Then, in the end, the atomic bombs over Japan. That's a very important analogy. We didn't their is, should we drop the bomb, the President of the United States, the commander in chief who was
I'm a scientist or military men decided name was Harry Truman, that's the way it works in life. You give me the information or what I request from you. Then we will decide what to do without your input. They did not ask the scientists whether to drop Here we go again, science is based on test and religion is based on faith. So what that's correct, therefore, why, as I said, Size till you are your parents, you know what science you know. You know what nature tells you major says: the survival of the fittest. You know that the hospital is the most on natural thing in the universe, because its survival of the least fit it's the opposite.
Of nature, the opposite, if you let major guide you which that science science is the survival of the fittest. Should we apply it to human life, then close every hospital. This is sad because I am raising issues that in your lousy, high school and allows a university education were never raised; it is it is. It is a tragedy that This is new to so many of you watching this. It is a tragedy. These are the issues that should have been discussed in high school in college. But they're, not so it's so new to so many you mock instead of say, wait, let me try to. Stand. What he saying is there, is there or is there? A rational flaw in what he saying that anybody
You're calling me retarded is not effective. Students sought a rational response to a rational arguments. Where do you get good and evil from science? I do get that from the ten commandments. I do get that from love your neighbour as yourself love the stranger. That's what we get an that's! Why the western world abolish slavery before anybody else? It slaves, which was terrible, but everyone had slaves. So the only moral question is why If anybody abolish it not, why did anybody have it. If an evil is universal, the only question to ask is: why did it end? Not? Why was it there? Ok, what's Time because I spent a lot here- and this is really important- stuff- twenty two now much time for raw human ay, but
Let's start, at least with the video question, what this is like magic reading a book on Houdini now, so it's on my mind. Hey, guess, venomous Jackson come here, I'm eating Elsie Networks, Antonio Texas, remember Prager force. My question is: how can a merit. In Spain, common morality in a time where the divide between religious and secular is so prevalent. Jackson, great question, The. The divine first of all, a few answers for you, Jackson, one is The divide in America is not between the religious and the secular. It's between the left and the right. There are religious left wing people. And there are secular rightwing people. Vast number of my fellow conservatives are or are not the not religious. Just so with that's, not the device.
I have much more in common with a conservative atheist than I do with a left wing Jew and I'm a Jew just the way it is safer. Christian, conservative Christian has far more in common with a conservative atheist, then with a left wing Christian. That's just so the division is not between the private revision, America's not between secular and religious. It's between left and right now is that doesn't that's the most important answer, but this visit another answer to your question and- and that is that the can serve active secular, individual, at least needs to respect the importance of God and religion in american history and to conservatism the truth is:
conservatism will not succeed if it remains godless for more than a two generations they just not because God will punish you or any nonsense like that, but be as America is rooted in the notion that our rights come from God, it's in the declaration of independence, our rights don't come from government debts, hey Revolution of the American Revolution right still come from people rights come from something higher than people. If a conservative can except that I understand that, but it's a problem for conservatism Mimi conserving the american value system, which is, I call the amount trinity on every coin. In God, we trust deplorable Dunham from any one and liberty. The belief,
that God wants us free. This is the greatness of the american revolution. God wants us free that that was remarkable Then they got that idea from the Torah from the third book of the Bible Leviticus, which is on the Liberty Bell, okey dokey. We still have time. Corina Brooklyn New York, eighteen years old, hello, Corina High, Dennis we could that she responded, love listening to your fireside chats now, it's not funny The way of some interesting thing this is video. But she wrote. I love listening, not watching it's a lot of people, listen on podcast, but then they don't see Otto here.
All right- that's fair anyway c and listening to the fireside chats. Thank you Corina. They bring a lot insight into the topics that are occurring in today's America. As a college student, I was wondering what subjects you would suggest to study to become a good citizen and a successful individual p s. I chose architect and civil engineering as a major slash minor, and I will reading irrational Bible soon, smiley. There's a smiley mean not really. I just thought I'd at a smiley to a nice thought. Ok. So here we go ass, architects German civil engineering, which are obviously related, is a very wonderful, a major slash minor, but you asked what would I suggest a study to become a good citizen? Amis several individual. I I I believe everybody should should major in history. If you don't know what happened
you can't possibly know what's happening, it's not possible! Think about it. If you came in his eye, I love the fact that these analogies come to make is that I think it analogies overtime. If you came in to a movie in the last, Ten minutes would you have a clue as to what is going on here in the last fifteen minutes of history. Hours of history have taken place before you. You can't possibly understand the movie. If you don't know what happened before the last fifteen minutes,. It's a simple is literally a simple as that the Eager is astonishing I'll. Give you I'm one of the most dramatic examples is how utterly ignorant most people are about.
Greatest mass murder machine in human history, communism, sheer ignorance, most people know about the Nazis, which is again thing, although even that is starting to fade and communism, I wonder how many of you watching in high school or college can identify Joseph Stalin. Level only on Trotzky or Vladimir Lenin, if you can't you, your education has been awful just awful and it has been awful in most cases its true because their intent, the intention today's to indoctrinate, not educate, I'm sure you know a great deal about carbon emissions, but if you know about carbon emissions and not stolen, that is one perverted for
of education? That's indoctrination, not education, so I think history is critical. Then you could minor in any all sorts of other things success. Individual well with it. That's the way to become a successful individual is to study wisdom and that certainly not taught in our universities are high schools by and large, with the end of of of biblical teaching of teaching the Bible. What What is the one of the wisdom books that people weren't by the way, I think there's other wisdom to anything? It's the only form of wisdom, but it was the big one for Americans and for the west and is less and less wisdom as people have abandoned that book. Abraham Lincoln almost never went to church, but he read the Bible every night. I think we're good.
Well. This was a passionate session really important by the way. This is an example of something is, it might be worth watching or listen to again, because those concepts that I offered their really there their basic and simple, but their new to most of you. And they they need to be heard, and then you go oh yeah. That makes sense. That makes sense. So let me know your reactions and by the way, if, if you are curious about wisdom, which is the key to a better life, please do read my rational Bible. It's in a way to. I have some explaining the greatest thoughts of history and it's it's good stuff and while you're stuck in your home, it's good agree,
your good listening, get along on audible anyway, any government smoke signals Braille, large print screen. Rational Bible. Anyway, I wish you well it's it's a difficult time this than I that we're all going through
Please no, the the great great phrase this too shall pass when good things happen. People think they'll go on forever and that's a mistake with bad things happen. People think they'll go on forever and that's a mistake. This too shall pass. So good luck, look forward to seeing a next week from my home, I'm Dennis Prager thanks for watching. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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