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Fireside Chat Ep. 132 — "Until It's Safe" Means Never

2020-04-30 | 🔗
The fear of pain may hold you back from a joyous life. And so Dennis's advice of the week is: Don't take unnecessary risks, but also do not let fear, safety, or mortality completely preoccupy you. "Playing it safe" leads to its own undesired consequences—and pain is a part of life. You can't escape it! View the PragerU image Dennis refers to on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_YpH1iAonK/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Watch No Safe Spaces here: https://nosafespaces.com/ 0:00 The Word “Safe” 1:17 Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks 3:00 Don’t Let Death Preoccupy You 4:42 The First Time Dennis Conducted 7:36 If You Play It Safe 8:44 The Word “Safe” On Campuses 9:30 No Rape Culture On College Campuses 11:08 Don’t Let “Safe” Take Your Joy 12:42 Dennis Was Sent To The Soviet Union 15:33 Otto’s Boredom 15:52 The WWII Generation And Safety 17:01 Nothing Is Perfectly Safe 19:19 Blame Capitalism For Economic Hurt? 21:32 Arrogance In Dismissing This Solution 22:06 Government Does Not Produce Wealth 22:32 Economic Recovery 24:08 Choosing To Disobey The Law 27:01 Covid-19 Effects On Marriage 29:29 “Until It’s Safe” Means Never
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Hello, my friends, I'm Dennis Prager. This is the fireside chats comes to you every week, even during quarantine,. Which means am I allowed, or even say this, that people come to my house to make this video possible that risk that I'm taking is breathtaking. Lucky, I buy now many of you know my view, and I will I will win you to read by columns on this issue and to well listen to past or watch past fireside chats. You know, I think some words need to be set at the hour. About the word safe? So we have a meme now up at Prager, you and it says until it's safe means, never.
This notion of the pursuit of safe is life suppressing true for your your own individual life, and it is true for the life of society. I always give this example. I have been taking visitors to Israel for many years, and this is a typical call that I get men I have for decades Dennis. I would so loved to visit Israel, but I'm just going to wait until it safe. So, of course, this this proceeds by decades, the current corona virus, quarantine and lack of Sense of safety- and I always told these people- I said I don't understand what that means until it safe then you'll never go and sure enough they never went, and I
God, I've been visiting their like I've gone there over twenty times. I have never. I have never led my life. On the basis of until it's safe, I don't take ridiculous risks. I dont believe in that I wear a seat belt every time, a minute car, that's a ridiculous. Risk because if you are in a bad accident, the chances are overwhelming that seat belt can save your life? So of course I don't I don't. You I don't do bungee jumping out about- maybe maybe that's completely safe, but I mean unnecessary risks are are pointless but but
In order to leave a full life, you can't you you're not on earth to be safe. You are on earth to lead a full life. You know, maybe this is a good time to remind people and I'm not being facetious at all. Everyone dies every one, and I knew this when I was young. I why I started writing about the afterlife and the whole question about that when I was in high school. I thought about these things, and you know course. It's very it's so remote when you're young. That correctly, it should not previously. You of course I something wrong with you. If that preoccupies, you went when you eighteen years of age, it doesnt preoccupied and I'm way beyond eighty years of age, but but I no its inevitable, and so I know- oh, that I don't want. My
stone as it were. I don't want my epitaph to be. He left A safe life it's like another epitaph, I dont want he ass he have as little pain is possible. I d Want pain. Am I I'd like safety, but I I don't live to have a painless life and I don't seek to always be safe. I don't even know what that means. Then you don't live. I went to a hundred, any country, some of them were not super safe and anyway, nothing is we're safe. What does it mean safe? Each state is safe, doesn't exist, they were there, there are degrees of safety. Clearly, but anyway, that's not the point. I never think about. That's part of the reason I've lead such a rich life is because I dont think what safe
I'm just a little example, which I never I've never talked about, so I've Ike. I have conducted an orchestras for much of my adult life periodically. I will love. I raise funds for orchestras by conducting a symphony with them, for example, as I did the best known was it the Disney concert Hall I conducted the Santa Monica, simply orchestra. I taught myself to conduct when I was very young. I did learn how I am not a professional conductor, but I think I do pretty pretty ok first time, though, that I did it? I wish I dont get nervous. Ok, I don't stand for the ten thousand people and it's like talking to friends aid. These things don't make me may make me nervous, but I was very nervous. The first
time. I I conducted an orchestra and it was a rehearsal I was so nervous. I was actually dripping sweat onto the score. I'll, never forget this, as I swore droplets fully what the score, and I am I don't sweat like that. It's just that and, as I said, I get nervous but I was, and I knew it because that's not my field, standing up in front of people who, who are our professional or advanced nonprofessionals so I knew this is my field. Can I do a good job? Can I can I show them. I know what I'm doing. I was aware of that I did was I didn't play it safe place it's safe would have meant. I didn't take the invitation to conduct an orchestra that would have been the safer thing to do.
And the truth is at my very first rehearsal I was so nervous. I lost the place in the score by the well. Never forget the orchestra fell apart and I I looked at the orchestra. I myself am, I said I'm really embarrassed, but on the other hand there is good news and bad news. The bad news is, I lost my place. The good news is the fact that you fell apart means you were actually looking at me. I met with so sincere I this vision that they were giving good totally ignore me. They watched the his violin, who is going to really the first violinist the concert master? Is there call that post? what do the real conducting and I would just be there with a baton, but it really wow wholly crow,
they really are following me. So anyway, I didn't play it safe. By doing that, and that's a good example. All of life confronts you with these questions. Are you gonna play it safe? You play it safe. You don't get married, you play it safe. You don't have kids That that's that's playing it safe. The real risks in getting married, the real risks in having kids. You know how they turn out to be the greatest power in the world. How do you know they won't have a debilitating illness. Even if you like despair in the world. You can't do anything about that. The sole! I know how bad this notion of safe is in a semi individuals, life, And you may societies life till it safe. So I won't I won't travel to it. Is it safe?
to go on a cruise in our people now or last out of court, I'm going to go on a cruise with with listeners, day. They allow cruising to begin again the vets, but you know, is it safe? What does it mean? Is it safe What people really says is perfectly safe. That's what they really mean or take the issue of of. Of the words safe on campuses, Safe is used to suppress, to suppress, thought. Oh well, if we have a conservative speaker it, we need a safe space. That's how we got the name, Of the movie no safe spaces, which you should, you watching at some point during your during this time. Available, my own no safe spaces, dot com- it's a really through movie without Adam Corolla, myself in it. But the movies is is beyond both of us, but. Obviously were written a y,
safe spaces is about safe spaces. It's what they say. This is EL the word to suppress freedom on campuses, Heather Mcdonald, this brilliant, brilliant woman, from the city journal, one of the great dome magazines of our time. Heather Mcdonald went to a campus or was it or it is she I am an also another woman, Christine hot summers. They both when the brilliant woman and- went to were campuses and one of them were both of them spoke about this, not just not true that campuses, our rape, culture. By doing this proof, it's not true cost parents and their daughters. There would you send you, daughter to a rape culture. I mean it's so obviously a gigantic lie that that campuses- and I don't why campuses I hate defending them, but I do love defending truth campuses or not. Rape, cultures. It's it's it's just its
I can pick lie so that these two women in the indifferent speeches went to speak about this, They opened up a safe space. All women who just hearing them. It's not a rape culture would feel unsafe. Why would feel unsafe something wrong with you. If you feel unsafe, because a woman came to college to speak about the statistics about rape on campus, that it's not a rate culture, if anything she's data making feel safe, that's the irony People go conservative, speaker comes. They go to a safe space where they that you know their given. Lee dough and hot chocolate and endless, off animals, I'm not joking, that's what they do, one for people who were eighteen to twenty, years old on average safe. The It has become a dirty word in my I never use it at such an interesting.
I never use it psych, it's it's! My that's why I live fully twice. One of the results are happy persons, because I live a full life I'm just thinking of her trivial example, but life is filled with trivial examples. Right most of life is not major moments. So, if if I am at a restaurant and my my fork or knife falls, I pick it up and use it. They rushed over? give me a new one, like I'm flirting with death. If I, if I take the fork from the floor. In my view, is there's no reason to come over. The fork fell on the floor. What are they pick up? The diphtheria, my gonna get pancreatic cancer from from a fork that fell these these things
I am not troubled by these things. There are things that are unsafe. It isn't safe to curtail a whole countries rights, that's not safe, that's the irony! This is its will, is what I was going to talk about, but I'm I'm I'm keeping it on safe. The safe word is canoe is going to suppress your joy of life, usually the Vive. It's not safe. God, one idea when I, when I twenty one years of age in and by the wind, is it visit a kid in movie who acts me at twenty one the great scene I was sent to the? a way of union, then Soviet Union to see Margo religious items in to Soviet Jews and test. Our goal: names of Jews who wanted to escape out because it was it, was a particularly anti semitic, place and I went for four weeks because I knew
I knew russian and I know he Bruce. I was the perfect person to send it effort for those reasons and hopefully hub Anyway, I went was it's safe. It wasn't safe. I was I was. I was the totalitarian state smuggling, things. They don't want religious item smuggling out things they didn't want. They can out names of people who want to leave. It wasn't safe, but I thought it was one of the most important things I've done in my life, not to mention what a rich, what a rich experience that it was a life a life for me experience.
By the way it was shown not safe, I'll, never forget. I called my dad. I was in England for the year studying so I didn't come home when I supposed like came over a month later, are supposed to come home in September to finish College of the United States, but I came a month late to go to the Soviet Union September that year, so I called my father in those days. You didn't make transatlantic phone calls. If something can how would he Skype and. And and and faced. I would always let alone phone calls. It was a very expensive and very difficult. You yadda tellin operate a call and an EU that you get through anyway call my dad was. I have spoken twice that year. That was it. We did write letters, though anyway, so I told him tat I M going I'm gonna. Do this in the Soviet Union telling you could not and if we want to tell Mommy says I am not telling your mother because she she won't be at peace for the next month. She won't sleep,
and so he made up an excuse that I'm staying in England for an extra month and didn't know. I was the Soviet Union till I arrived back in New York. An amazing story actually and. Got nervous. Then hello, mom, I'm here, I'm fine, but yes, it wasn't save. You know my father said I ll. Never forget this to his great credit said. You know, I spent the two and a half years on a ship in world war to fighting in the Pacific. So if you give up this month, ok, it's clear: he doesn't find this riveting. In fact he finds it. It s. Sleep inducing my hope
This is only true for ATO and not you. Ok little fell in a best right anyway. He said you know. If it's ok, I took risks for for freedom and for four ideals and for America you take this risk. That was his answer here. He was but, but he enlisted in world war till he didn't have to he. He was old enough to avoid the draft and Amy had a child, but he enlisted when we play some being on a ship in the Pacific transport, he would bring over Marines too too were to islands are around the Japan in the Pacific
Though those were really targeted because the Japanese wanted them sunk wasn't safe, the you know they call the World WAR two generation, the greatest generation. They are great generation, the greatest doesn't matter. They were great generation. The last they ever asked in their lives was. Is it safe at an end? And now, when I think of of how the words safe, is, is the be all and end all word. Is it safe remember asking that that's why I've let a good life a full life. That's what you should want to live these are whips at college telling you about a safe space there cowards making you cowardly, that's the irony,
they don't led full lives and they don't want you to leave a full life, and that's the same thing now. Is it safe. Last Friday night I went for a Sabbath inertia bought dinner, which, with seven friends at that at home in Santa Monica California, I assume that against the edict of the governor of California so. Was it was it safe. Of course it was safe. Was it ITALY, safe, nothing's perfectly safe, but it was so If it wasn't a strange people, I know, but but I don't want to deprive myself of life during this time, people For the Easter Service in the United States, they went east to service in their cars in the church, parking lot and the police,
gave them summonses, they stayed in their cars. How could that not be safe?. We're we're going crazy on the on the safe issue, was going is going to make a police state? That's my worry. Because in the name of safety everybody drops other considerations like a college so well Generally speaking, that's not the question you can ask: is it safe, but it shouldn't be the determining element on what you do in life pick the fork up and use it. Ok time for your questions anyway, get that mean it's a Prager you right. Until it safe means, never ok
time for your video question, arrive whips as per the wrong thing. Here we go here. We go again at Rio. I'm aim is eighty dad, I'm sixteen years old, Anna Prager force Influenza and I'm from Shylock Michigan. So I was just wondering: how do you respond to people who blame capitalism? The economic hurt during this whole pandemic. Well, thank you see me. As I was saying earlier, I was Mr Megan. You are a young woman, not a girl. It's it's great compliment. You just radiates maturity and with their maturities one of the most beauty,
The things in the world and when we meet one day, thank you for being on Prager force. Now that I can't tell you how depressing not you. Obviously, the question is that people say this: how on gods earth is capitalism responsible for the fact that the government mandated that people not work. What? What is the connection that is almost like saying? If I took a baseball bat and broke your me,
and then said you know it's a baseball, that's responsible, but it's not baseball. That's responsible! It's the one who wielded the bath that's responsible. The government takes away tens upon tens of millions of people's livelihoods and and and the gun It's not blamed capital is blame. Capitalism. Didn't legal capitalism gave them their jobs that tell you that They made a living thanks to capitalism, the lowest animal, am I right in the western world was the United States thanks to capitalism. What's the solution have the government. I, where we body that's communism, that's what I think a lot of people would like. That's no question. They should be honest, but but this isn't. This is absurd.
Are we doing guys that Snoopy, that's the other dog? I hear I hear the pitter patter, Ok, Nathan you'll probably want to let him out Everybody would like to see him. Is there any way that you could get the or would be? We would have seen them or K into the password. So I checked this week. If we turn the camera will be cowboys by by snoop. Take care. At least auto hangs around cuz he's totally out of it. I mean the guy, since we didn't even give her sleeping, but we don't give him a sleeping pill just for the record. Okay, it's the government created one hundred percent government created prices, one hundred percent and if it's solved capitalism will solve it. Governments do not produce wealth; only capitalism produces wealth. No cap.
Muslim, no funds to the government ebon or even in London, fourteen years old, hallo. Even how smoothly think America's economic recovery from this lock them will be. The you think of the free market will enable a swift and advocate recovery. To the extent that they will be recovery, will only be the free market. All the government could do was pitched is print Mormon Do you understand young people? I want you to understand something when you think o government government, the government is done in the United States. It is printed, it is just printed trillions of dollars. A trillion is a thousand billion. You know what that means. It means the dollar will be worth less. So what its literally taking money from people's paychecks
that's what you could buy with a hundred dollars before it will take a hundred and twenty dollars to buy. Now. That's! What's that's why this such a thing as inflation? Listen! If you keep printing money, you could solve every problem. Theoretically be government is going to ask you to come to haunt you the people, your age, even whether it's in the UK or in the United States, because if it takes on so much that somebody's going to have to pay it one day or or it will economically collapse, do I think they will be a quick cavalry! I have no idea. I truly have no idea of area to very tough. I'm not I'm not a profit. I don't make predict I only know what needs to be done. I dont know what will work. Ok,.
Jennifer thirty five. This isn't a question sorry to send this way, but are you aware that it is not wise to boast that you will not be following a law? Almost of whether the laws logical reasonable or how easy it is to follow, it is still the law and you are bound to follow it. Your your most. Previous fireside chap- I guess on your most, you mention you- would rather have a fine for wearing a mask and will not be wearing one. Yes, this is a minor law, but I just wanted to point this out to you. Two very fair point, your question: I didn't say: wouldn't: wear masks and a wooden we're mask outdoors. That's that's that's absurd. I take walks outside my house. Am I am I am. I am alone, and there was I This is a real tension in life. We have to be law abiding, but if you're too law abiding when when bad things happen
you don't want people or biting the best people. In Germany in the thirties, didn't obey the law, the best, but when the Soviet Union, from nineteen seventeen too, to nineteen. Eighty nine did not obey the law. It's a very tough question. What about by the way, what about all the states that make our cities that make sanctuary cities and violate american law by doing so with regard to illegal immigrants, did you have, rash them. That question- and I dare say that's a much bigger- he'll about violating the law. Then further, I wear a mass taking a walk alone indoors If I go into a grocery store. I will, of course, all aware a mask because I'm near or people in its indoors I I understand. Fourthly, Cancun end. If you'd on my I'm, not unlike an a razor an issue what a store I totally get it, but for people
a jogging walking alone it taking a walk with their with their. Why for their kids that that that's it's it's absurd and added there's a certain level of absurdity that I will have been too when I prepared it take the consequences. Civil disobedience and the United States has a very, very, very and noble history right, Rosa ports wooden sit in the back of a boss, because the disgusting law of government will accept this. In the back of a bus in India, in sons, some southern cities in the United States should she obey the law says so its attention, I admitted it is attentive. Everybody just obeys laws. They agree with its very you. Have chaos? That's true. The other hand, if everybody obeys every law, you have no morality. So it's it's it's it's. I admit it is itself. It's a tough issue.
Will twenty nine Providence, Rhode Island, dear mister, pray, Prager, Renato Otto? This is to you so pay attention. I hope- view your family and your canine companion are well on this drawing time in America, aren't you in America You are, I am single, but a topic caught my interest. You mentioned that worse rates might go up due to the lock down in fireside. Chats episode. One thirty one episode is this: when thirty, two, have you ever considered the opposite scenario might occur and rates. Oh down due to the rest, the lock down forcing people to face their marital problems instead of going out and committing adultery, which leads to divorce. Thank you for taking the time to read this question great question. I think you're right. I think that some couple will in fact resolve of their issues by the way told you about adultery.
Thinking something else when I read your question its vote, we impossible right now to have an affair and and show people who were having an affair. Having an affair? Now I mean they're they're home with their with their spouse, a presumably and there's nothing they can do about it. That might in fact make both members of the affair rethink the affair. So you are quite right. It could go in the other direction. I think it is yet another direction. This Michael, I think more people will marry as a result of this.
Because people who are alone are thinking whoa. I I think I would rather be with somebody who's committed to me and and their right. I thank God that I'm in a happy marriage in and it's a joy to be with my wife here I would not want to be alone. I wouldn't I would have visitors overtime, that's It's still a separate issue which is still not you're, you're, still not your spouse. So there may be three results: some divorce, some reconcile and some people the fighting to marry or thirty. Perfect timing. Ok, lotta great questions left, which is,
always good so my friends safe, is not the way to leave your life mean there is unsafe, you're, not gonna, presume you don't it's. It should be operative thing once again, the meme up at Prager, you is until it safe means, never. My came up without end in one of my radio shows end and it's it's a very it's a good line. I'm gonna, let somebody heard it and made it. This is a wonderful meme out of it by the way I do want to remind you is sincere and home any way. Give give a thought to my my book, the rational Bible, I've two volumes out: it's it's life changing and it answers a lot of these questions about these great ultimate questions of life. So give it a try. The rational by
either Genesis are exodus, I'm working obviously on the third, its can be five volumes working on the third volume. That's been one silver lining. I've got a lot of work done. I'm I miss lecturing. I miss travelling, I miss a lot of things. I miss restaurants, I miss I I will tell you what I really miss the mask does bother me, The same reason: the veil does its dehumanizing, we are known by our face, I don't want Americans or any other people to get used to wearing a mask. This may be a necessary evil, but it should be for a very limited time until it's safe is not the time we should stop wearing
Ok, everybody I'm Dennis Prager. This is Otto. We both thank you and see you next week. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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